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Oakland, California
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A OAKLAND SEPTEMBEB 1893. TUESDAY' EVEOTNG, HOTELS. COTTOLENK. ADVERTISEMENTS. tjot-ai fortune ct a year from his mother, who was nearly' ninety years- old MtLLIQNS OF; when she died.

The heir bis wraith la mmmmm I HEVAIIH MID a grandso-u a boy of eighteen, who la now at Cambridge. The vast property ha owns in London "was bought one of, bis ancestor in: the sixteenth century; tt va -nullum wnm osiy an-ouriyicg raira ioncroa.v it 2 1 CORN SUV The Cbu nt of Monte Crlsto Pales Besides was Gladstone who made hha a duke, bttt since then he and the! Grand Old Man EgsS" Strd. Est Emdiaj tsi Fnd I- have differed and are not friends co mically, Eighth akd: Hrisoii' Sts. Nabobs. Pleasant sunny rooms, single 'and THE Oil.

MAGNATE. Tears ag-o, when the oil excitement. was OAKLAND; the talk of the country, fortune were extsoite. Table first-class. Soper-inr srctrniTnodntO" for tenant.

Liberal terms' to permanent boarders. Home business especially solicited. LI HUNG CHANG RANKS FIRST. Particular Attention Pud to Boarders. I Ladies' and Gentlemen's Riding Horses TlUnnm lit (.

li I Oft made and tost. The days of CoaloU Johnny may never return again, but in all the history of the world there never was aa instance when: paupers became millionaires so rapidly as then, John D. Rockefeller 'made his vast fortune, which is estimated at- over $180,000,000 out of oil as easUy as the farmer's wife gets pin money from her chickens. His golden Rice ROBT. GAY PROPRIETOR.

He Owns Pawnshops and Fields and Is Worth I I' ir -x HACKS AT ALL HOURS. BIGNEY O'BRIEN Proprietors. $500,000,000. eggs were laid by obliging refiners, who naa to do as he said or go to smash. BRUIKK ODIEL Originally four brothers came from Germany in the middle of the last century and settled in New Jersey.

They formed quite a settlement in Plainfield; but towards the close of the last century they UCK. COL NORTH'S GREAT 1 RE-OPENING! began to separate. One branch went to New England, another came to this State, while a third went to Pennsylvania. John Duke of Westminster's The D. Rockefeller and brothers come, from the New England branch.

The New Tork in Qas Rates Rockefellers are poor. There are lots of Fortune Mostly In London. UNDER NEW This hotel, under the proprietorship of Mrs. Home, sad the management of If r. M.

ackia, with a dininr-room 1 in charge of Mr. P. Verri, will be eon- ducted as a first-class Family Hotel. Elegant Rooms, single or en suite. Table first-dasa.

Klerator eatiaac on Niata Street, N. W. Cor. Washington 9ttt Rockefellers in New Jersey but they have not yet acquired wealth. One great grandson of one of the four brothers is still living in Plainfield." He is almost a hundred years old.

Godfrled Rockefeller, who travelled by wagon with, his family to Shamokin, died in 1818 in Ignorance of the black oil treasure under his farm. 'if After knocking about, John D. Rockefeller, whose father was a physician, started a commission business. He was On and After OCTOBER lsV1895, the Price ol Gas will! be Reduced to the Following Rates Who are the richest men in the world? It is doubtful whether one person in a hundred could answer this question offhand. Certainly few would put at the top the name of LI Hung the great chancellor of the Chinese Empire, yet Fry your food in Cottolene instead of lard and it will be free from that greasiness and "richness" so distressing; to dyspeptics the flavor will be delicious instead of rancid, and your food will do you good.

Put it in a cold pan, heating it with he pan. Cottolene reaches the cooking point much quicker than lardcare should therefore be taken not to overheat it. Follow these instructions----you will never use lard again. Gen-Jo Cottolana hi trademark "Co. toien" and mtrr't head in cotn-plaHt wreath on mtj Ua.

Maui only by FOR that is where he belongs. After careful then twenty-two years old. Oil was the ho search and investigation, the New Tork I principal article in which he-tfealt. Sunday World has arrived at the following' list, which may be accepted as authentic: i $2 started a refinery in Cleveland, Ohio, and organized a company which 'is now the Standard Oil Company. From this beginning he has achieved immense power and weaKh.

He is a strict Baptist and his given two millions to the Chicago University. With his family he Uvea per 1000 Cubic Feel 500,000,000 180,000,000 100,000,000 Li Hung Chang John D. Rockfeller tuke of Westminster. Colonel North Cornelius Won 100,000,000 quietly in this city, a most unassuming 1 1 EUREKA HOTEU THE N. K.

FAIRBaNK COMPANY. 81 lostt. 100,000,000 1 man. 8. W.

Cor. Washington snd Serenth Sts. Tork Wirrrxa. Proo'r. 100,000,000 Mm Tart, In spite of Rockefeller's enormous wealth hi rtaritiea are large, and his Sunny room; first-class table.

Rites' ft a day. special rates by oay, weea or moutn. wife and two charming daughters as well give away many thousands of dollars; each vear to oersons who they think de-i $1,080,000,000 Think of it! Over a billion' dollars. Enough to buy a bicycle for every man FOR GAS USED IN COOKING RANGES AND GAS ENGINES 1 THE MERRITT of the Duke of Westminster and possibly Li Hung Chang, the other nabobs are ervine of more than alms. An instance in the country.

Yet -it is doubtful If any occurred some weeks ago, whee the fou comparatively young men. hiiriNTi nt a. former schoolmate of Mrs, of -the modern Croesuses gets any more How much will they be worth when First Class Family Hotel. pleasure out of life than does the average they ale? Rockefeller were sent to one of the best boardlna- schools in Ohio. Many strugf I gllng churches, and not all of them Baptist either, have been not only put on THE PRODUCEJARKET.

'JJ Jg jpQr (foe TllOUSailtl their metaphorical feet, but kept standing by Rockefeller money. I Mr. Rockefeller's family Is very must cal. and there Is a home quartette, con man, who works hard for six days, and sleeps and eats well, and rests on the seventh. No nightmares over great hoards of gold, and lying awake to checkmate the schemes of other millionaires.

A man can only eat so much, whether he is a prince or a pauper. In fact; the tetter's appetite is ordinarily far and Mrs. Alexander Elder desires to inform her friends and the public fftu-erally that she has taken th? management of the Merritt Hotel, northwest corner Twelfth and-Franklin and will conduct it aa a first-class family AoteL. Special atention paid to the table. Well furnished sunny roomrj central location; rates reasonable, WHEAT AND OTHER GRAINS.

WHEAT The Rybhomene takes for i slstlns- of father, motherland daughters. Where the consumption equals or exceeds 1,000 cubic feet per month, i and four istrlneed Instruments, and the Cork 65.907 ctls. valued at $51,000. Exports from this port in August were! works of Brahms, I Chopin and Saint 596,428 ctls, valued at (571,511, making total Saens are interpreted by them in a man ner that would be creditable to many exports i thus far this crop year of valued at i symphony clubs. Miss Edith Rockefeller has a privail The market Is more or less nominal, as was Labor Day in the East, from which hansom, and.

when In town, may be seen Mihufictoses of ABM AGES and WAGON no Quotations were received. No. 1, 91U92c per ctl; choice, shopping almost any day or visiting the hospitals or her friends. The family care 95c; lower grades, 8fxgi90c; extra choice little for society and dive almost piainiy away ahead of the former's. Then the pleasure of sleeping in a solid gold bed, certainly after one's eyes are closed, is in no way superior to dosing on a $2 cot.

LI HUNG CHANG'S MILLIONS. But two of these multi-millionaires Inherited their fortunes. One is the Duke of Westminster, the other is Cornelius Vanderbllt. Hung Chang alone is in danger of losing his, but then his head might go, too, and a person without that necessary ornament wouldn't enjoy even cracker. for milling.

97HcJ1.02H. lr Call Board gales. in a large hut comfortable house. THE RICHEST VANOERBILT, Laundry Wagona and Physicians' Ftisec ns a Spaola tf. Fepainng Dons at the Shortest Notloe and All Work Gaaraated.

331 EIGUTU ST. Bet. Webster Harrison Informal Session, 10 o'clockDecember Cornelius Vanderbllt Is probably the tViHftlAa nt th nnn of William and 900 tons, 300, $1.004. Regular Morning Session December I 100 tons, 1.00; 900. tl.OOU: 600, $1.00.

May has aotually more money than he knows 100, $1.0714: 100, 500, $1.07. what to do with. iHis magnificent house PER Afternoon Session May 100 tons, $1.07. facing Central Park is eagerly sought by 4KI Hv Hits Franklin McClelland. CABINETS i December 100, Xr- 1 1 I III CYCIJ VlflllVl -W una viceroy of the Chinese Emslra he I daughter Gertrude s.

after Miss Rocke BARLEY Futures 'are lower. Offerings 665 1 2th ST. I are liberal and the demand Is slow. The was for years In a position to accumulate feller, the greatest heiress In the country. In spite of the newspaper stories about i fctock in.

regular warehouses is 5840 tons. wealth of every sort. With his five hundred millions he is the owner of great rice an increase of 2471 tons in. August. CUELLIN 52ViwV-c per ctl choice.

POWER AND ROOM TO LET brewing, 62t470c; Chevalier, 'PHE MOST FAVOR BUY LOCA rgfy AH5 JL Uornar lantk na uiiiQifoii ni for No. 1, and 6075e for off frrade. Call Board Sales. I Informal Session, 10 o'clock No ner wonderful beauty, she Is really a plain-looking girl, but she has been educated abroad, and has an undeflnable charm.

jThis perhaps comes from her common sense as much as anything eljae. The Vanderbllt money Is inherited, snd the system bearing the name, is supposed to be worth near three hundred millions, of which this favored son owns a third. M. N. HARTMAN.

Propritoc Regular Morning Session December For Light Machinery and Manufacturing: Purposes. OAKLAND IRON WORKS Second and Jeffnraon Street 500 tons. 62c; 700, lc; 300, 61; 100, 61 Afternoon Session December 200 tons. fields and Innumerable pawn shops, which are the most profitable. In the districts where he resides he is looked upon as a veritable god.

Hundreds of slaves and servants wait on him, and except when he Is called to court to visit his employer, the emperor, he passes his time studying. Everybody knows that the Chinaman has to earn his spurs by brain work. In China any young man who attends strictly to business has no horror of losing his place. He has to pass examination, but they decide simoly whether or not he is to climb the ladder or stay where he Li Hung Chang is a self made man and climbed the ladder himself. The wealth he has accumulated is the reward of his rnmRiii VftnilarWit floes not care for I OATS-Over 6000 ctls came in yesterday.

18 tTNiyuusAn week very dull with another car of East that kind of life, except for the pleausre The market is heavily stocked. The sup-it gives his family. He finds, most pleas- P1 on hand is shown above. I -ure in the quiet of his library He wants Milling. 95cJl: fancy to be left severely alone.

He enjoys par- I to choice, common to ern at hand. 1 Restaurant Oystar Htusa Live turkeys, for gobblers, 12W130 ticularlv a month's walk in the Swiss Ty- gray, 77-4S2c; red, 6o7DC; per lb for hens; geese, per pair, rnuio Surprise. Slfill.07t4 per ctL 475 TUEEf SHAKESPEARE. the Norweeian forests. COKN-The market is quiet and un- Vet: Meal in Town "5 a a Hnvw IVhllA hn i.

aiiVtapplher tn all thn anHnl Changed. ducks, per dozen; hens. hsp5 per dozen; roosters, young, $4 per dozen; do. old, tl5; fryers, $50; broilers, 2.60 et3 for large and ll.snig'R for small: pigeons firm at $1.5031.75 per dozen for old and for young. at.

Newnort. Tronvlllft anil ntiher Large yellow. H.0E(ff $1.15 per Ctl; small he does it more for the social round yellow. ll.12V4en.15; white, ltt-10 per ctL Me'als ul AH a. Mgi Lao tc uaosa Ctoiu Win, Liquor 1 Ciirira I Private heonu fur adla 1 Prtiat rri, Catuicii Co AKt.AVn GAME Nominal.

SAN FRANCISCO" MEAT MARKET. Wholesale rates for dressed stock from RYE 75S24c per etl. per ctl. FLOUR AND MILLSTUFFS. Net cash prices are: Speaks of girdling the earth in 40 minutes Our girdles are not large enough to GIRDLE THE position of his children than for himself.

The wealth of Cornelius Vanderbllt is estimated by those who know him intimately as eighty millions. While he apparently real lxa the responsibility of the control of this vast sum or money, he knows, too, that Its posscrslon caJrles with it the possibility of great good, and his quiet charities and real kindnesses of the slaughterers are as follows: hak- Family extras. per jbbl; BEEF First quality, 65Mec; choice. $1250 ers' extras, supernne, kkl I 6e; second quality, 4o; third, do, 34c industry. Rumor says that a large part of his money is Invested in English consols snd American railway securities.

Of course the last war with Japan put him in a queer position. Undoubtedly he will stop where he Is If he can. In any event were he to go away, he can land on several continents and still find wealth enough there awaiting him. While the money Li Hung Chang has accumulated has strings on It to speak, It is in his own name and is increasing, so reputable authorities say, at the rate of over $50,000 day. THE KlTRATE KINO.

Colonel North is an Englishmen. He is not a man of great refinement. When he was fourteen years old he could not read tor write. Like many of his sort he knocked about the world, serving sometimes aa common sailor aboard ships which ear iOU per uuu 1 1 iv CORNMEAL, ETC. Feed corn, I VEAL Large, 45c; small, 67c per lb.

MUTTON Wethers, 45c; ewes, 44c per ton; cracked corn, 24.605J25.50. OLD- -Ktf Popular Restaurant Is now being conducted by Mr. H. de Brelgs, the well-known aad popular caterer. A GERMAN BAKERY.

Will be added and a full line of bread and pastry of all kinds will be on hand 1 heart are known to The Breakers, the gorgeous cottage he occupies at 'Newport, is as handsome a country place as can be found anywhere. It is a veritable palace. Mr. Vanderbllt per lb. i HAT AND FEEDSTUFFS.

LAMB Spring. 66c per ID. PORK Live hogs. S3c for large. BRAN The stock on, hand is 241 tons larger than on August 1st.

The statement 4e for small and for feeders; dressed and his family generally spend a months of the year abroad. We are selling Silk do, 56o per lb. appears above. Jobbing at 11.50$13 per ton. WOH QUA.

TEA CROESUS. constantly. Furniture, fish, embroidery. MIDDLINGS Quoted at J15 for low Woh Qua, the great Canton tea Everything first-class. 1 hair dessing advertised in Tribune Clas graces up to 118 for the chant, has a fortune estimated at a 1020 BFOADWaY.

H.I DE BKzlGL iy FEEDSTUFFS Ground and rolled bar sified. 'fop. ied material from the old country to the dred millions. For years the trade li ley, oilcake meal at the mill. has been centered in him.

From the $25 per ton cottonseed oilcake. $24. A Good Place tof Drink. There is a great deal of regret ex girdles or 1 belts with handsomeSilver Buckles that used to bring 40c and 75c We are selling OUR SILK BELTS LOUISVILLE RESTAUR AUT. HAT Receipts were 1214 tons.

Choice hay keeps up but the medium and lower perienced because of the great raise that has Just taken place in the price grades are very weak. French and Farnilj Dinnsfs BANQUETS. PARTIES, LADIES DEPARTSI BNTS. ji I of efrtrs. wholesale as well as retail.

wa. w-icov oar. 1 But this raise does not effect the price ley, I5n: alfalfa, clover. new. He is a Yorkshire man and arrived in Chill when he was but twenty-three years old.

Originally a boiler riveter he found employment in the town of Hu-asco. At this time the nitrate fields of Peru were beginning to be talked about as fields for speculation. He had a talent for mechanics and mastered every detail of the business. After he had seen the fortune in the stuff, he raised capital, invested it and founded the fortune which it today rated at a hundred millions. He secured control of the nitrate beds and arranged for a water supply in that of a sherry and egg at the Oakland xs; compressed, Tiigw, stock, W.50;$6.

smallest settlement In Maine to the largest capital of Europe, tea is everywhere a daily beverage. Whether it comes by caravan across Siberia or by boat around the Horn and the Cape of Good Hope, it is as much a necessity as bread. Tears ago Woh Qua, who had worked himself up in (the firm iwlth which he wasj connected, looked ahead fifty years and saw the vast possibilities of the Every canton and district were mapped out in his mind as accurately as ever was the field whereon hostile armies were to meet. He knew not only the state of the crops. Chowder House, run by Charles A.

STRAW Quoted at 2540c- Iper bale. Open Till 12 OlO BROADWAY. ADDeldorn. 858 Washington street. FOR 15c AIID 25c John SlavlcK I BEANS AND SEEDS.

where a glass of-the best sherry and one of the purest of eggs may now and BEANS There is no further decline. While thev last: and at any time be bought for nve cents. nut tne market is very weak and dull. Bayos are quotable at S1.1P6.S1.20; small A Dreamt region. He needed ships and railways for whites, S1152.25; pea, 2.20e2.3B; larg- whites, pink.

SUgSL-D; reds, transporting tha stuff and also arranged I but how they could be transported to the She passed me by, I knew not then the BALTIMORE RESTAURANT And OYSTER HOUSE. Square Meals at Square Prices 463-465 SEYEHTH STiC 3TL15; blackeye, nominal; red kidney. for the capital necessary build them. I different markets. He was an mvaiuanie Seeine- the vast fortune which was to be I man.

I From the Junior -partner he a- Her looks gave certainly no- time to pause, nominal; Limas, S5S5.25f butters. SL80 hls. he availed himself of his opportunity, I sumed control, He was shrewd and soon ji.90 cti. and when war broke out between Chill I found himself in possession and control SEEDS .90 per cti. SEEDS -) New brown mustard. thej cannot last long! at such attractive prices. SO MUCH FOR BELTS- Equally attractive are Our Bargain Prices in; watched her. only this ana nouung per cxi new yeuow mnsTaraj X1.7W&J2.15; more; 1 1 She entered Lehnhardt's Famous Candy Store. i Rooms lor Ladles anJ Private nax. xz.z5j2.6o;.

canary. raJ4c ner lb: alfalfa, nominal; rape, l2tt; hemp. 4o Families. per id. Leave' orders for removal of garbage.

DRIED PEAS Split peas, i 44c; the M. MARC0V1CH eta, with the Sanitary Garbage Corpora tloa, 458 Nintn street, leiepnone zoa, raw product Is 1 J- Imported marshmellows TOe a pousd at CHILDREII'S DflESSES In this Department POTATOES The continued heavy re THE LOUVRE. rL-Finest Lunch and' 8upper Resort la Oakland. Pabst Beer on iraught, Under Macdonougb Bulldlng. Brunings, uu waaningtoa.

near uu at. ceipts have resulted in 'another decline. and Peru found an opening for accumu- of the business, which for years was un-latlng more wealth. He got control of rivalled the railway, water and gas works and Every agent paid him a commission, other corporations, which he managed Every pound of ta grown in the jCeles-most successfully and made paying prop- tial Empire had sooner, or later toi come erties. After the How of wealth to him or to hte agents.

It was won-whlch tumbled. Into his pockets, he re- derful Incidentally he started a turned to England, leaving his business in banking "business in connection with his good hands, and then proceeded to different agencies, himself. rr English- merchants offered him .4 gor-. Although ne Is a chief figure at the race geous time if he would come to th Con-tracks now, he is too busy a man to aim- tlnent. But he steadfastly refused all ply ait down and look on.

He is Interest- these offers. The next Paris Exposition ed In many new schemes; most of which may! cause him to change his mind; at have, proved more than His' least so he wrote George Francis? Train recent defeat for. election to Parliament the other day. In. any event he Is (one of he takes calmly.

He scatters money lav- the richest men in the world and does not ishly. The Prince of Wales has become care who knows it. his intimate friend. His racing stables The Sage of Madison Square Is well scare among the best In England. His ouainted with Woh Qua.

and describes we 8weets 75c(gjl: Garnet Chiles. 4335c; Carpets, rugs and endless novelties In Saunas wss; river Bur- household goods at these hard times banks, S040c; Early Rose, 3035e per ctL 'J. I won eon, Dirieenm ana ONIONS Lower at 4555c pickle on Broaaway. i have counters wei ghted down with natty Perca' 1 Dresses back ions, 8550c per ctL VEGETABLES Dull; not materially Failure of Jones Bazaar. -The familiar stock of the above is being changed.

rsrMn. wnnirM am ATintahiM mt wairw.1 sold at half price by the Grand Rule Ba- Sot for and Riir: ern I caar. for Its realtors, inow xor a treat, at and high sleeves) which rl i I YET-. r. 60oc per sack; per nox ror Ber-IJonea wuiw.

country house is In Marvel. him as a-most polished gentleman who ELECTRIC keler. Sl.2Sen.75 for Alameda; tomatoes Tnureenwi. THE DUKE OF WESTMINSTER. I speaks several r-.

languages, anowno. thmnrh lnterCOUSe wrta mo raisjcvt. Storage at J. Lyon SV Son's fireproof we are selling for 50c Each from the river, 3080o per box; from the bay. 4O60c; summer squash, green peas.

22c per-lb; string beans, l2c; Lima N4ns. lWWc; bay cucumbers, ISO 25c per box; pickles, 5065c for No. l. and Iron building st reasonable rates. Particulars at our store.

15th and Broadway. nonnous Interests In Ixndon property. nfund ot knowledge. He lives in a Is no only the richest of Great Britain's magnificent villa on the edge of Canton Wines the choicest, liquors the oldest, at S040e for No. green okra, 3S50c; egg W.

M. Watson ft Go's. 1006-S Washington LIGHTS ClfT. 2o40c: cabbage, 7brx-c per ctl; I feed carrots. 3C40cV garlic, Z8Ve per lb: street.

SEE THEM peers, but also one or me oesi tucea men ajnd entertains persons ot aa naacman- la England. His popularity among all ties. If an Englishman is his guest he classes has been gained not altogether In will be made to feel at home by igetting politics or In the tangled webs of diploxn- as fine a roast of beef as the English club acy, but in the hunting fields. He would ever, furnished. A of European as soon race with his tenants as with a wines Is part of his commissariat depart- Marrowfat squash, per on, Mme.

Lefebore-Hopper. Delegate of the French Alliance of Paris, has re BUTTER. CHEESE AND EGGS. opened -ner aaaiy, senu-weeiuy ana lot of princelings-. Once he was master I menu "TheArcade BUTTER Prices fell off a little yester-1 w-aklr classes of conversation.

Same A rood share of his money like -part of of the "Glorious Cheshire Hounda and Telophbne HaflT day. There was more butter on the mar-1 low rates. Pure French, natural meth-ket. I od. Rapid progreaa.

S48 Myrtle st. Creamery Fancy, Z4e. wK sales or ex. I near Tenth. the fortune of LI Hung Chang, is Invested abroad.

His vessels are numbered by the thousand, and as a matter of fact he commands more ships than the admiral of any principality. His children have tra mt K(: (Mflodi. 238 Ser lb. I once won the blue ribbon of the No other living man is a better Judge of r'j'Xhorseai -t Grosvenor Is his family name, and his descent is traced to an' illustrious house which flouriflhed in the times of ODalrv-Fancx. 202lc? good to Choice.

I A MOW aumAU-xne rar-ramea es Washing! 13c: lower rrades. 1718c. per to, I tablUhment of California. Buperior eut- had their educauon nnlshea in Europe, ri-til 1m7ir ner IDu-rf 1 sine. DUBUiui tarmimir amm Firkin per ii-T -V- the mountains.

Regular Franca dinners KTas Ftauiev mllor new0Tc: com. I Bundaya. 3arden and arbors. Strictly monl to good IS. dull 4e: Toung lrst alaaa JWedjwm-ycsvrs flreet.

uet ta a.m.. I znsasant VaUsy road. Talepbona TSSL k-t. Jr man' conquests; He is over seventy and are more than half clyiusec-er rath-years old, but Is as young, apparently, er nioderntsed- i as spring His father was a There 'are, 0t other and he himself waa created; a vidual fortunes such as those of Baron uke in 3874. His Income Is Variously s- the--Asters and clmated at from-five Ho 'seven" hundred The two latter, Jbowevef, are.

Jointly own-thooeand pounds a rear. If even, nhe ed by half aidesen members of the family, ama.ller fl.rure is eeceoted. It weans that and while the smnX itself la great, it would i EOGSi-Prtcea show. no rurtner change. il Fancy Eastern.

per doxen; fair 1 17, -ti -V' 7V to choice Eastertu M'TlSc; duck egxn, JtiC WCriU 3 1CSZ3 lfnc: store rancn r' vi: 1 7 rnZ: WEIES-il-IQIIOES per doaen. two mflUons and a alf of dollars are Us not make each member as ri -as either annual He owns the land on of the six men mentlonedafcov? if It. wete which many of the principal markets are to apportioned amorf thenu TAnybody ltnat1. IIlS: ancestral seats are many can be wealihy who ksp to save his 1 Ui untoxindei. mcey.

i l-i c-i ti en fortune 1073 irroal wr. cor. ICti r. POULTr.Y A.sT GAIII-. tLa.

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