Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 21, 1880 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1880
Page 4
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OAKIiANB DAILY .EVENING- TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2i; 1880, (Miami (Kwmna Srihmft TUESDAY DECEMBER 21 - Wened by Carrier at ISCts. a. Week THE TRIBUNE has a circulation more than doable that of any other paper published in Alameda County. DTVEBglOKAL PHILOSOPHY- A philosopher sat in his easy chair, Looking as grave as Milton : He wore a solemn, mysterious air. As he Canada balsam spit on A strip of glass, as a slide, to prepare For a mite taken out of his Stilton. Be took his microscope out of its case. And settled the focus rightly; The light, thrown back from" the mirror's face, Came slimmeiing upward brnrhtly; He put the slide with the mite in place, And fixed on the cover tightly. He turned the instrument up and down, Till, getting a proper si flit, he Exclaimed, as be gazed with puzzled a frown, 'Good gracious!" and "Highty tighty ! The sight is enuugh to alarm the town: A might is a monster mighty"' From t'other end of the tube the mite Regarded out scientific. To the naked eye, as you will guess, the sight Of man wag la 8t terrific; But reversing $ie micntscopic made him quite The opposite of max ni tic. "One sees the truth through this tube -o tall," Said the mite' as he squinted through it, "Man is not so wor.derously big after all If the mite world only knew it!" MORAL. Whether a thing is large or small, Dejenda on the way you view it. THE OLD MINER'S CABIH- In the old, old days when the miners' crew Held sway o'er that crumbling pile; When the walls of stone unbroken stood In a country new and wild. When the grand old pine w ith its giant arms Its softening shadows threw O'er the roof of shakes, o'er the chimney wide, And gave them splendors new. When the soft, low tunes of flute and song Re-echoed the favorite hymn, Through the mountains hih and canyons deep, In the twilight soft and dim. . Now roof has crumbled, and'walls are cleft, Ths rude old chimney's a ruin gray; O'er the dead old cabin the ivy twines, The dim past merges in the bright to-day. No more shall the favorite song be sung, No more the notes of flute rewound, Its departed glories no more return, The golden sands they sought are found. Now the wild coyote and mournfufcowl Replace the hymn and joyous airs; No more the pine its shadows casts O'er the spot where dwelt old pioneers. Finance & Commerce. Daily Eve.vixo Tribi nb OrFics, ) jTues lav; December 21, 1SS0. (' Nrw Fork. Decsraber'21. 1830.-U. S. Bondi, s, 113; 44's. Ill 5 s, lOlJ; SUi,ng Ex cnaoKd, 4 S0i4 Stiver Bars, lllj; Money, CJ per cent. Stocks, strong. Western Union, Ts j; Pacific Mail, 52J; Mariposa, i; Wells-Fargo, Uj. New York Central. 1441; Erie, ilh: Panama, 425; Union Pacific, 10i; do Bonds, 115; Central Pacihe,84i; do Bonds, 114J; Lake Shore, 12oi; Northwestern (com), 124 J;St. Puul, 122; Northern Pacific. 33J; do preferred, 64J; Orsgtm Navigation. 131; do 1st, 1071; Sutro Tunnel, l Okaiher 12; Standard, 21 J. California Wool, steady. Spring fleece, 35 gSS c; hurry, 20(23e: pulled, 33ta45c; t'H dip, 18c24c: burrv. l'19c. 1 Whale Oil. quiet, firm, 553Sa$; Winter bleached. 60o5c; Sperm Oi'. strong, $1 t $1 10; Winter blea hed. 1 15S1 23. Hides, strong, at 22ti2?c N. Y. Wheat, unsettled 110 116; N. Y. Flour, dull. Liverpool, December 17, 13S0 Good to choice California Wheat. 9s lOd.irlOs Id. Unroof. December Is, 1880 Consols, 93 11-10 98 13-16; U. d. bonds 4's, 117i, i'?, 115$; 6 s, 104J. Financial. SXCHAS9E. London Bankers'isi xty days (349 London Bankers' short 49 or London Commercial sixty days 50; "iO Paris Bankers' sixty days 6.20.t Paris Bankers' short R.1ia Berlin, etc., Bankers' sixty days 95 J t Berlin, etc., Bankers' short 9ti 93 Niw York Bankers' demand Jd New York Bankers' transfers 30ei J New York Commercial demand J Disttf Par ' MONET. Bank rates. '. 8 (10 Commercial bills, prime 6 t 6 J Call loans, against mixed securities 5 .a 7 Call loans, against prime securities 4 (g 5 bullion, etc. Bar Gold 890.3905 Bar Silver, not ui.dor 997 fine.dis, .A3,glsl V ct Mexican Dollars 91 U. 8. Currency par(J mill premium standard Dollars i disc, to par Half-dollars. . . i disc, to par Miscellaneous niocua and Bunds. BONDS Bid. Ask. Spring Valley Water 102J 1031 United States-4's 112J BARK.;. Sank of California 132 First National 109 CITY RAILROADS. North Beach .. Omnibus ! latter Street - Gjary Btreet . 65 IJISCRANCS. Western S6 Fireman's Fund 102 Home Mutual 102 MISCELLANEOUS. Giant Powder Company Atlantic Powder Company 55 California Powder Company 110 Vigarite Powder Company Vulcan Powder Company 50 Oakland Gas. 34 J San Francisco Gaslight. 74 Capital Gas 54 1C3 SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. SAN rRANtlSCO. .December 41, 1880 ARRIVALS. Monday, December 20. Stmr Orizaba. Johnson, 3 days fnj San Diego, etc; pass and mdse, to Goodall, Perkins & Co. Stmr Ferndale, Ross, 20 hours from Moro Bay; produce, to Johnston & Veasey. Stmr San Vicente, Goodall. 12 hours from Moss Landing; produce, to Goodall, Perkins & Co. Br ship John OHJaunt, Powles, 9i days from Calcutta; jute and gunnies, to Degener & Co. CLEARANCES. Monday, December 20. Stmr Dakota, Morse, Victoria and Port Town-send; Goodall, Parkins' & Co. Stmr Geo W Elder, Lachlan, Panama; Williams, Dimond & Co. Br ship Oimara, Simpson, Queenstown; Parrott A Co. Br bark Carnegie, Nisbet, Queenstown; Parrott A Co. Br bark Yarra Yarn, Kerr, (Queenstown; G W McNear. Schr Ino, Lemao, Punta Arenas; F J Schwartze. DEPARTURES. Monday, December 20. Stmr Dakota, Morse, Victoria. Stmr Geo W Elder, Lachlan, Panama. Stmr Ancon. Ingalls, San Diego, etc. STEAMER MOVEMENTS. TO ARRIVE AJfl. FROM. DCS- Los Angeles Hueneme December 21 Oregon Portland Oecember 21 Wilmington.. .. Panama Decern ler 21 Idaho Victoria December 2:5 Senator F.ureka December 24 City cf Peking.. .China and Jaan. . . December 24 Anoox San Diego December 25 Kewbsrn Mexican Ports December 25 Los Angeles Hueneme December 2H Columbia Portla-.d December 2H City of Panama. . Panama Dccemler 27 Zealandia Sydney December 28 Humboldt Eureka December 2i TO DEPART. Baal. DSSTIXATIOS. DATS. City o IT Y Sydney December 21 Belgie China and Japan December 21 State of Cal Portland December 22 Loa Angeles Hueneme December 22 Humboldt Eureka December 22 Onxaba San Diego December 24 Senator Eureka December 27 Oregon Portland ....... Bee ember 27 Ami. way ports. SUN AND TIDE TABLE. High Water. Low Water. snn Large. I Small. Large. Small. It IS 1 17 IS 19 Mam 10 30 U (5 11 43 0 14 e to 1 s a 11 MPS 3 33am fi os 4 4: 4 18 5 02 8 44 e 2s 7 03 7 IS 8 33 "I 1014 41 0 4lAK 1 22 1 M t 78 J S 3 23 114 42 II 4 42 11 43 12j4 43 13 4 44 M 44 BIRTHS. SODEESTAKD In this city, December IS, to the- wife of F Soderstand, a son. EOOEBRCHT la San Fraocisoo, December XI, to the wife of O H Eggebrecht, son. - WALTON In Saa Francisco, December 20, to - the wife of John Walton, son. 4 49pm 27 8 03 5 39 7 14 7 46 8 19 8 S3 FINCK In San Francisco, December 19, to the wife of J W Fines,, a son. SCOTT In San Francisco, December 16, to the wrfe of H Scott, son. THOMSON In San Francisco, December 19, to the wife of J H Thomson, a son. BIEDINUER In San Francisco, December 19, to the wife of Chas G Biedinger, a son. POWLE? At sea, on board the British ship John Oljaunt, October 29, to the wife of Capt T O Powles, a son. I BECKNELLIn Merced, November 28, to the wife of J K Becknell, a son. CAIN In Auburn, December 11, to the wife of Thos Cain, a daughter. MARKS In Vallejo, December 15, to the wife of F V Marks, a son. POLIFKA At Michigan Bluff, December 15, to the wife of Emanuel Polifka, a daughter. ROi-'flFORD In Sacramento, December 16, to the wife of J C Rochfo.-d, a son. SILBEHORN In Redwood. December 16, to the wife of C H Silbehom, a daughter. THOMAS- In Grass VaHey, December 16, to the wi'e of J M Thomas, a daughter. MARRIAGES. WILLIAMS M EE HAN In East Oakland, December 20, Thomas Williams, of San Francisco, and Mamie Meehan, of Brooklyn. WHITFIELD CHRISTIE In San Francisco, December ), VfJliam Whitfield and Mary V Christie. i CLARK DLTCHER In San Francisco, December IS, Frederick A Clark and Sarah L Uutcher. DEA THS. PRINGLE In thisicity. December 20, Jemima, beloed wife of John Pringle, a native of Scotland, aged 32 years. MYERS In San Frnncisco. December 19, Prank B Myers, a native of Conntticut, aged 34 years. WILSON -In San Francisco, Dee-ember l'J, Thos, son of Capt James and Johanna Wilson, a native of an Kraneafco, aged S months and 22 dava. ! CLAKKEY In San Francisco, December 20, Thos, son of John and Bridget Claffey, a native of San Francisco, aged 2 years, 10 months and 11 tlavs. I HEINS In San Francisco, Decern tier 20, Henry Heins, a native ! Germany, a;,red 20 ycais, 4 months and 2S daf s. CHASE In San Fmnciscn. Decemlier 20, Harriett Newell, widtjw of Henry Chase, of Wor-chester, Maes, aged 42 years and 10 months. O VERLAtiU fA ssEXUERS. aSTWaHD-BOl'SD PASSING OMAHA, NEB. Omaha, Neb., Ded. 20, 1380. Following are the through-bound firsS-claas passengers on to-day's train, leaving at 12 35 P. M., to arrive in Oakland Dec; mber 24th: G T l.von, Oswego, New York; George L Bailey, Providence, H I; -Mrs M 11 Storey, San Francisco; Sirs W H Kin.pi. Placer ille, Cal; H J Rogers, New York; Henry Linden, Buffalo, N Y; James Rathbone, Montreal; W L Curran, Milwaukee, i Local Postal Arrangements. Arrival and closing of mails at the Oakland PosttfSee on and after Monday. Nov. 22. 1SS( CLOSE. 8:30 A. M 11:30 " LSan Francisco M.i 7.50 A. 112.20 P. M. 5.20 P. M. i 7.50 A. M. 11.20 A. M. 5.20 P. 4.60 P. 7.50 A. 9.30 a. 4.00 P. Sacramento Stockton.. . San Jose . . . 7.50 A. M.;12.20 P. 4.00 P. M.I 5.20 p. 7.30 A 11.30 A M.I 8.30 A. 12.20 P. Vallejo, Calistoga, San Rafael, Napa, San (juentin. Saucolito, Alcatnu, Ari-gi'l Island,' Santa -Rosa, Petaluma, Lake ille, Eu reka, Cloverdale, llcal-ls-hurg, Oregon, via S F.. 8.30 A. M. u.;;o a. u 4.00 p. M. 7.50 a. M 12.20 p. m 5.20 P. M Virifinia City, '.'arson, Ren. via S. F 4 11.30 a. m Benicia, Virginia City, Car- son. Eastern Statu, and points on overland R. R. 9.30 a. M. 11.20A. watsonvuie; saunas, uuroy Hollister, Tres j I'itnns, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Soledad, and juvints oil S. P. C. iR. R. Lathrop, Santa I'rt)ara, San Diego, Los Angeies, Tucson & pts on S.J. K.R Berkeley- w 7.30 A. M. 8.30 A. m 4.00 P. m. 12.20 P. 9.30 a. m. 11-20 A. 4.00 P. M.' 5.20 P. 7.30 A. M. ' S.30 A. 5.00 P. M.j 3.40 P. 11.30 A. M. 10.C0 A. Alameda and West End... Alameda and West End. . . . N Tcniescal and Lafayette. E. P. M AKSELLl'S, Postmaster. Miscellaneous PIONEER PLANING MILLS ! Cor Broadway & 1st St. , CA.Xa. James E. Blethen, Prop'r. DOORS. SASH, BLINDS. MOULDINGS-FRAMES, And every description of MILL WORK on hand and made to order. Oakland Iron Works No. 511 & 513, 2d Street. IVES SCOVILLE, PROPRIETOR. I am now prepared to do any and all kinds of machine work, tteam engines and pumps, railroad ars, wheels and axles; granite stone dressing machines, Kcnville & Bartlett patent waching-machine, the best in use. Repairing of steam engines and steam pumps promptly attended to by the most skillful workmen. Thankful for past ! favo.-s, I shall continue to deal justly and promptly with all who fa or me with their patronatre. Parties desiring quartz mills for prospecting will fi..d it to their advan-age to call and examine a new stamp mill at my shop IVES Si OViu,K Proprietor Oakland Gaslight Co. J. Wkst Martin. ...1 W. W. Crane, Jr... Jas. Frerborn VAX Lekr Kastlanb. F. II. ElCHBAL'M President . . . Vice-President Secretary . .Superintendent ...Engineer TItUSTEE8: J.Mora Moss, John W. Colemari, James Free born, W. W. Crane, Jr., J. West Mirtin. The office of the Companv is remOAed to Union Jank Building, Corner Ninth and Broadway, Office formerly occupied hv Union Telegraph Co REMOVAL ! j The office of the Oakland agency of the PACIFIC MUTUAL Life Insurance Co'y ! Has been removed to 469 NINTH STREET, At tlie office of the Oakland Home Insurance Co CITY MARKET Oyster Saloon & Restaurant ! ELEVENTH STREET, OAKLAND, A CAMPBELL.. J Proprietor Wholesale rnd Retail dsalsr :h OYSTERS, CLAMS, AND SHELL-FISH ! 3"Gcod Meals at all Hours&)L WINES VNO LIQUORS. Families, Public and Private Parties, Hote and Shipping and Kestaarants upplied. ARTIFICIAL STONE RAN SO ME, 1031 Seventh Avenue. E- O- X . IS. TAX XT ARCHITECT!; HAL ORNAMENT MAKER Centers, Brackets, etc, 1228 Broadway, OakUncL. tZW Whiteninsr and filasteiing neatly repair THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THS 8TGCK-holders of the Co ion National Bank of Oakland will be held Tuesday January 11th, 1SS1, at z o clock, r. M. at uie tsanking House. H. A. PALMEK, Cashier. December 11, 18o0. 55 Feed Stores. NEW FEED STORE WTT.T.TAMl SAOEHORN Wholesale and Retail Dealer in FLOUR, HAY AND GRAIN Sixth St. BzMsdway Goods delivered fresi of charge toall parte of the city Coal Dealers. SEATTLE COAL. JUST RECEIVED Tola's GENUINE SEATTLE COAX Direct from the Mine. T. H. HENDERSON, 413 TENTH ST. NOTICE TO On and after Thursday, December 16th, the price of Wellington, West Hartley and Scotch Coals will be $17 per ton in all Coal Yards of Alameda County. NOTICE TO COAL DEA m ! 400 TON'S Eastport Coos Bay Coal Ex-Scfir "Emma Utter" Now Discluu-giiig, For Sale In Lots to Suit by J. HOMER FRITCH, Wholesale Agent. 413 Eleventh Street. COKE ! Cheapest Fuel Send j our orders to the Gas Company's Office, Second Street, near Broadway. Only 75 Cts. per Barrel Livery Stables. Livery, Sale and Boarding Stable 370 11th st., hot. Franklin and Webster Bts. , Oakland. HORSES. CARRIAGES, BIGGIES AND Wagons foment and s.ld on Commission or trails. Good gentle horses for riding anil driving, always on hand, for sale or hire. THOMAS A STIBBS, Managers. THOTaAS BEACH Proprietor DEXT IC a T B L. K Cor. Central Aye. and Harrison Sts. Opposite Grand Central Hotel, Oakland, Cal. First-class livery of every description oduoie frees a socially. Miscellaneous. I. ALEXANDER Late of 845 BROADWAY, below Seventh Street, Oakland, is now permanently located in his NEW AND SPACIOUS STORE CORNER OP Seventh and Washington Sts. Where his old TRADE MARK the Has been nailed to the mast to tstay. Newest and best stock with the lowest ruling prices. TRUNKS and V ALISES at MANUFACTURERS PRICES ! I. ALEXANDER, Cor. 7th & Washington Sts FURTHER REDUCTION IN PRICE GAS AT A MEETING OF THE DIRECTORS of the Oakland Gas Light Company, held on the 21st day of October, 187!, it was resolved that the price of gas be reduced U $3.50 per 1,000 It to take effect loo and after the 1st dav of January, 1876. JAMES FREEBORN, Secretary. CARLSON di CURRIER, Amenta, 5 565 Market Street Su Francisco MTTIXER'S OPTICAL, DEPOT! 136 Montgomery St. near Bush, 8. f. Specialty for 80 years. Established 8. F. 1B3 wholesale and retail The moat complicated cassa of defective vision horong-hly diagnosed, free .of charge. Compound Astigmatic Lensea ! mounted to order, WTWO HOURS' NOTICE" Consnmers Coal Railroads. Cs Pa Rs Ra Sam rrsvnolaco avnd Ssm Joae. CommsBciac Monday. Nor. 39, 1880 DAILT r.M. i i.oo t-ao s.xx e.iu BAM FBAHO'O. Oklud Wauf.1 8aa Lpaaadn. nun. Vans Spring Saa Iom. 9.S5I 4. OS t.4S S.17 ., oe 8. IS T.la0 4J7 9.S IJA 10.11 u 7 1S!1.8 NORTHERN RAILWAY CABQCINKZ BOCTK. I I I DAILT P. P.M 11 U71I K.1D 7.10 4.00 J H 7 so St Baa FrmnalMO OkUu Wharf Oakland lattan till Pable Pinol. Ifutinet, ; 10.06 .40 4.10 J 20 7.40 ( 4 04 S5 8 6.00 4 t8,l till .47 S.48 4 M 8. IT Ar H. 11. S S.S5 I 1 8.47 11 S3 JS 11 11 10. W 5.48 Lt! t.n Excarston Tickets, at Rediice4 Rates to 8an Pablo and Martlnes.Snnday by tbeT.ifOA. m. train. FERRIES AND LOCAL TRAINS. "To SAN FRANCISCO" Dailv. u M M 3 a aw noi OAS-LAUD Broadway o go 3 H S 3i A M W. 40 M.W 8.00 10.00 12 OO t M l.WJ .30 4.: R.J0 A. f. A. H A. W. b5.20 6.00 ' 6. SO 7.24 7.54 8.24 8.M 9.24 9.51 10.24 10.54 11.24 11.54 P 12.24 124 1.24 1.54 2.54 3.24 i.hi 4.24 4,';4 6.24 6.E4 6.2-1 6.64 8.00 9.10 10.30 b5.40 b6.30 7.30 8.30 9. SO 10. 11.30 P. M. 1.08 7 CO s 00 D6.10 b7.:0 b5.00 b5.4 6.25 r. "! b.30 2 5 8 aOi 7.44 8.44 9.44 10.44 11.44 . sr. 12 44 1.4-1 2.41 3.44 4.44 6.44 6.44 7.50 9.00 10. i blO.30 7.eoi P. u. M. 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 3.00 4.001 b7.30 r. a 1.00 3.00 4.00 6.00 5.001 6.1JC A. n 7.15 ' M. 6.00 b7.20 8.40 9 55 Gbanse Oers West Oakland. B Srtndnyt excepted. Alameda PassenKerschanse cars at Oakland. From SAN FRANCISCO. Daily. TO 0AALAITD. S3 m S3 a. M. b6.10 7.00 7.(0 8.00 8.50 9.00 9.W 19:00 lO.ffl 11.00 11.30 12.00 P.M. 12.S0 1.03 1.30 2.00 A. H. A. M. A. II. be.ie 8.00 10.00 12.00 P.M. 1 30 8.39 4.30 5.30 06. 3T 7.001 8.00l 9.001 10.001 11.00, 12.00 P. M. l.ooi 06 10 06.10 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.:1 11. SO p. u. 12 30 1.30 8.30 4.30 S.30 6.30 7.00 8,10 9.20 1C.4I bll.45 8.00 10.00 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11 30 p. a. 1.00 t:.ii b8. b9.30 8.00 4.30 3.00 3.3J 4.00 4. 6.ro 6.' 6.00 S.iO 7.00 8.10, 9.20 10.40J bll.4o p. v M.38 b4.M 8.00 4.00 6.00 2.601 b5.:to 3. on 4.00 5. 00 b6..j0 6.00 t6.80 6.00 b7.l 8.10 9.20i 10.40 A. H. 8.00 P. M. S.00 (Than e Oars West Oakland. b"IM5l "Alameda ias!citfers change cars at Oakland. bSnnfiays eccted CREEK. ROUTE COMMENCIXG MONDAY, NOV. 29, 1SS0, the CREEK FERRY will run daily as follows: FROM SAN FRANCISCO Daily: 9:15, and 11:1ft A. 51.; 1:15, and 3:15, ainl5:15" P.M. Daily, except Sundays: 7:15 P. M. FROM OAKLAND Dailv: 8:15 and 10:15 A. M.; li:15, 2:15, and 4:15 P. M. Daily, except Sundays: 6:15 A. M. The Oakland Lung Wharf will be open for the passage of teams, etc., also of live stock only when properly haltered and led. The creek-route rates will be applicable to either route. A. N. TOWNE, T. H. GOODMAN, Gen. Sunt. Gen. Pass & Tkt. Airt Banks. THE OAKLAND BANK OF SAVINGS j Subscribed Capital, - - $950,000. Paid cp Capital and Reserve j Fund in Gold Coin - $496,350. DIRECTORS E. C. Sessions, W. E. Mil ler, S:imuel ilerritt, Henry Rotrere, A. W. Bowman, J. E. McElrath, K. E. Cole Francis Dlake. . Fika-vcb Committkb E. C. . Sessions, A. W. Bowman, W. E. Miller. E. C. Skssioks, .... President W. W. Garthwaitk, .... Cashier TERM DEPOSITS REMAINING THREE full months or more, will be entitled to dividends of interest, which are payable semiannually. No entrance fee or charges made for bank books. Loans made and a general banking business transacted. Exchange and Telegraphic Transfers at current rates. We also draw direct on London, Dublin, Paris and Berlin. Allow the best market rates for sold and currency draft on New York. Collections made and proceeds remitted at current rates. San Francisco correspondents, the ANGLO-CALIFORN1AN BANK (LIMITED), and the BANK OF CALI FORNIA. New York cor "spondents, the NINTH NA TIO.VAL BANK, NEW YORK, and MESSRS. LA1DLAW & CO. Union Savings Bank Cor. Broadway and 9th St. Oakland. Capital Paid in Gold, - $450,000 Doard ok Dirrctors A. C. Henry, J. West Martin, John C. Hays, D. Henshaw Ward, William Meek, W. W. Crane, Jr., E. A. Haines, S. Huff, Samuel WikxIs, R. S Farrelly, Chas. W. Howard, R. W. liirkham, Hirani Tubbs, J. Mora Moss, II. A. Palmer. J. Wbst Martin President H. A. Palmar Vice-Pres. & Treas. Interest allowed upon all deposits remaining three calendar months, beginning from the 1st of the month succeeding the date of deposit. No Entrance Fee. Remittances from the country may be made by Express, or Check upon Banks in San Francisco, and book will be returned. Loans made only upon Mortgages, Real Estate, and Bonds. Certificates of Deposit issued, bearing interest payable at the date agreed npon. FIRST NATIONAL BANK of OAKLAND S69 BROADWAY. Capital Authorized, - $1,000,000 V. D. Moody President Chas. H. Tsokblt Cashier Board or D;rbctor8 O. M. Fisher. Thomas Arthur, J. E. Ruggles, B.F. Mann, A. J. Snyder, W. P. Jones, V. D. Moody, C. H. Twombly, F. K Shattuck. Transact a general commercial banking business. Sight Exchange, foreign and domestic, for sale. Union National Bank Usies Bank Blilbino, Oakland. A. C. Hktry, ...... . - President H. A. Paumxr, ------ - Cashier Deposit accounts opened in gold, silver and currency. Exchange and telegraphic transfers on New Yor'.i in sums to suit, bi gold or currency at current rates. Funds deposited witt our correspondents in New York or San Francisco, paid here. New York correspondent, Chrmical National Bank. Miscellaneous- R. B. HARD S GENERAL BUSINESS AGENCY No. 468 8th Street, Between Broadway and Washington, Oakland. Particular attention paid to the collection o bills, etc. References F. K. Shattuck, J. B. White, Chas. Eleey, J. S. Wall, W. W. Camron. J. West Martin, A. C. Hemy, Wood ward Tg-Zart, O. W. Bahcnck. C. McCloud O. C. KIRK Tinning, Plumbing, GasfittiV AND METAL HOOFING DONE IN ALL ITS branches. Stoves, Ranges, etc, SI 5 East Twelfth Street, East Oakland. Gas Fixtures, Pumps, Pipe, Tubing, Crystaliaers, Acid Tanks, AMERICAN DISTRICT TELEGRAPH CO. IOO Broadway Oakland A RELIABLE MESSENGER WILL MAKE daily trips to San Francisco at 9:20 A. a. 12:20 and 3:50 r. M. for the purpose f delivering letters, Invitations, light parcels, bay thsa Ur tickets, collect bills, &c, Ac D. M. DOUB, Snpt Mckenzie & uo. NEW YORK RAKERY 010 Broadway, bet. 8th an i 0th Btv. All kinds of Fancy and Ornamental Cakes. Parties, Weddings and Picnics supplied at short notice, German, French, Milk, and American Bread. Crackers of all kinds, tern Cream M order. Gosda delivered Miscellaneous. VV. J. DINGEK, E" REAL ESTATE AGENTS J. O. ELDRID6E, SAN FRANCISCO OFIICE, j OFFICE & SALESROOM Easton & Eldridge,22Montgom'y St 460 and 462 8th street, Oakland. He is prepared to make careful appraisements of Real Estate and Personal Projerty, take charge of Estates, pay Taxes, Collect Rents and make disbursements for owners and non residents. Business, Ranch and Homestead Property subdivided and sold at Private or Auction Sale in any Countv in the State. Will give personal attention to the sale of Stocks, Securltes, Personal Property Furniture, Works of Art or approved merchandise, at Public or Private Sale, on favorable terms." Heal E. W. WOODWARD & CO., Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers, St Helena, Napa County. California We are prepared to make careful valuations of Real Estate anil Personal Property, and give particular attention to the subdivision of Ranches and Homestead Property, and disposal of the same at PRIVATE OR AUCTION SALE in any county in the State. Stock, Personal Property, Furniture and Merchandise sold at public or private salmon favorable terms. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED, Mr. Woodward, (formerly of the firm of Woodward & Tag-part, Oakland) having had many yeare experience in the Real Estate busidess, we feel we can offer extra 'nducements to those who may desire our services. Agents for Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Companies, E. W. WOODWARD & CO., St. Helena, Napa County, J. O. EL.D RIDGE Merchant Tailors. BROWN & rVIc K I N N 0 N . MA 1$ Merchant 1018 rYi Broadway. - We Keep t 'I r.nNSTiNTI Y ON HAND A FTjrrLI., LINE OF English, French, Scotch American Goods, Which we are prepared to wake up to Order. Trimming First-Class; Style and Workmanship unexcelled. MERCHANT TAILOR! 1006 Broadway 3 Doors From Tenth St. THE BEST 18 ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST! I Bet up First- I class woik for li-ss monev than in San I Fran c i s c o. Call and satisfy yourself. REMEMBER THE PLACE, sjEmrxTxras bioc -1006 Broadway. Fine selection of Foreiirn and Domestic Cloths, Beaver and Cassimer s for dress and busiues suits made in the latest Stvk-.and warranted to fit. PraoilCKl MERCHANT TAILOR Is now receiving his Fall and Winter stock Frescb 4 English Broadcloths, Beavers, Wa! tines, Etc., Etc Etc. Alsc THE BEST t i .A AMERICAN MANUFACTURED CLOTH Which he is now prepared to HAKE UP THE LATEST STYLE At the Lowest Market Prices. A GOOD FIT GUARANTEED. Employine none but FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN. He (ruarantees Good Fits and Pei feet Satisfaction. Call and examine his Stock NO 1056 BROADWAY. Insurance. ALAMEDA COUNTY BRANCH HOME MUTUAL 3E" 2C 3E& S3 OF CALIFORNIA. Offics-9 Ot 9 Broadw'y, Oakland (Union Bank Building-., Reliable indemnity against loss and damage by fire furnished at the LOWEST KATES consistent with solvency and fair profit. Losses Promptly Adjusted and Paid. X'4r The income of this branch is deposited and invested in this county, a feature peculiar to the Home Mutual. R. H. MAGILLs Manager. CHAS. V. HALL, citj Agent- Hardware. Wallaci EtsrsOH. Haas EvsxaoM. W. & M. EVERS0N Successors to Geo. S. Brown Co.) Importers and Dealers HARDWARE, CUTLERY, TOOLS, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS IRON AND STEEL, N. W. Cor. Ninth and Broadway OAKLAND SAVE MONEY By taking your Job Printing to THE TEIBTJNE Office, l and 417 Eifrhta street. - atatsaiysaas .a . 'M 14 i. -ir .1 " ;TRWJ f r . Ma H'.tl'TiIK -Us-...' ;' 1 Conaoy nance GRANT I. TAGGART WGrEE, AUCTIONEERS- eSc AND Auctioneer ss j3xzra-zi3Ei, Estate A (rents and Auctioneers. Auctioneer "1 Professional Cards. J. N. PRATHER, J) EXTIST 305 KEARNY STREET, SAN r rancisco. FRED- L. BUTTON. 4 TTORXEY-AT-LAW, ROOMS '20 AND 22, H.'i'.t: liruadwav. bctaccn Seventh and Eighth streets, Oakland, Cal. MRS. L. T.OZE mEACHER OF THE PIANO FORTE, LES 1 sons given also in the French and German languages. Terms reasonable; 1222 Eighth st., Oakland Cal. C. H. STREET. ,4 ttor: J. e..nl, TTORNEY-AT-LAW; SEARCHER OF RE- ls; 476 Sth street, Oakland. Office hxurs, s a. m. t4i 5 r. m. D. D. CROWLEY, M. D. SURGEON AND OCULIST. OFFICE, CALI-fornia Medical College, Clay, bet. loth and 1th streets, Oakland. Office Hours, 10 to 12 M. to 5 p. m. GEO. W. REED, ATTORNEY-AT-1. AW, and Notary Public. Ottice: Law Ottice of A. A. Moore, Esq., Room 10, Union Bank liuiUling, Oakland, Cal. W- J- DINGEE. TOTARY PUBLIC, OFFICE 4(50 AND 4C2 8th street, Taggart l)inuree. A. O. LAWRIE, s EARCIIER OF RECORDS. 812 BROADWAY, Oakland, Cal HIRAM P. BROWN. ATTORNEY - AT - LAW, ETC., OFFICE -rum No. 6 and 7, "o. 911 Broadway, Oakland, Cal. T. W. MORGAN CITY ENGINEER, FOURTEENTH AND Washington streets. City Hall. Office hours S to 9 and 3 to 6. Residence (ill Nineteenth street, between Grove street and San Pablo ave. GEO E D GOEIA A TTORXEY-AT-LAW AND XOTARY PUB-lic, with Vroronan ft Davis. Room S Delger Block. NW. cor. Broadway and IHh streets. R. A. REDMAN, A TTORXEY-AT-LAW, ROOMS 17 AND 18 Wilcox Block, Broadway, Oakland, Cal. NOBLE HAMILTON, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Otfiee, :"i6 Broadway, between Seventh and Eighth reets, Oakland. NYE &. RICHARDSON. 4 TTORXEY-AT-LAW, ROOMS 8, 9, AND 10, 4f0 fclghtn street, l aKiaiiu, tai. A E CASTELLO, A TTORXEY-AT-LAW, 426 EIGHTH STREET, Oakland. WILL H BURR ALE, XTOTARY PUPLIC, COMMISSIONER OF Deeds and Conveyancer of 10 years' experience 1106 Broadway, Oakland, first door north of Oakland Bank. S F- DANIELS, USTICE OF THE PEACE, 864 BROADWAY Oakland, Cal - WM. K. ROWELL, "VyOTARY PUBLIC. OFFICE, 1008 BROAD-J( way. Residence, 410 Thirteenth street; first house east of Broadway, Oakland, Cal. Miscellaneous. Absolutely Pure. Made from Gra e uream lartar. No other preparation makes such light, flaky hot breads, or luxurious pastry. Can be eaten by dyspeptics without fear of the ills resulting from heavy indigestible food. Sold only in cans, by all grocers. Royal Bakiso Powder Co., New York. JAMES MCDONALD, Agent, DEALER IN J SCHOOL BOOKS, Stationery, Novelties, Fancy Notions, Cutlery and School Supplies, miscellaneous and Juvenile Books. Removed to NEW bTORE on FOURTEENTH STREET, Near Broadway. The best and cheapest bo store in the city to visit. Artificial Stone Paving The undersigned is prepared to lay artificial stone pavements without the use of the Schil-lineer ; patent. Parties desiring this pavement will find it HOBB SATISFACTORY, both nr DURABILITY AXP PRICE The Courts have not decided my mode of lay-ins; an Infringement of patent, and parties nsing it will be amply protected from annoyance or prosecution. W. D. PER1NE. 956 Broad war sal M Yourselves by makinsr money 11 I 11 when a golden chance is offered, fTt F I r thereby always keeping poverty I I Wm mm I from roar door. Those who always take advantage of the good chances for making money that are offered, generally become wealthy, while those who do not improve such chances remain in poverty. We want many men, women, boys and girls to work for us right in thir own localities. The business will pay mare than ten times ordinary wages. We furnish aa expensive outfit and all that you need, free. No one who engages fails to snake money very rapid, ly. You can devote your whole time to the work, or oly your spare moments. Full Information and all that is needed sent free. Address STINSON CO., Portland, Maine . Sr royal ks.j j 1s Auctioneers' Notices. WHARTON & BOYD AUCTIONEERS. And dealers in Second-hand Furniture, BSTWKSN 13TI1 & 14TH. Pay cash for second-hand furniture of every description. Sales at residences solicited, satisfaction guaranteed. Buy, sell, repair and ex-changs. Send portal card or call and sea us. Star Auction House i RYAN & MELLOR, 1114 Broadway, bet 12th & 13th Sts New and Second-hand Furniture, General auctioneers for Oakland and Alameda County. Special attention given to the appraisement ef furniture and to house sales on the premises. Highest Cash price paid for second-hand Furniture, housetiold-eflects, etc. LYON & KINSEY, UCTIONEERS K 912, 914, 916 Washington street, Salesrooms Oakland. 943 Market St., San Francisco. Furniture sales on premises a specialty. The largest assortmen of fine second hand furniture on the coast at private sale, at auction prices. St 'rage for furniture at reasonable rates. Reg-ulrr saledav Thursday clock. BANEHEAD &. SONS AUCTIUNKER8, Office, Broadway, bet. 5th and 6th GENERAL LICENSED AUCTIONEERS FOR Alameda County. Uuy and sell Secondhand Furniture, and do a General Commission Businees. Crockery and Glassware constantly on hand. LAYTON, THAYER & CO. Real Estate Agents & Auctioneers 477 NINTH ST., OAKLAND, Will pay particular attention to sales of Real Estate at AUCTION and Private sale; also to sales of FURNITURE at residence, and outdoor sains of every description Express Companies. OAKLAND TRANSFER CO. BAGGAGE CHECKED AT HOTELS AND RESIDENCES. OFFICE: I O I 4 Broadway, Oakland And Mason's Store, Sixth avenue and East Twelfth street Brook! yn and San Francisco 10-cent Pk'gD. 16 Post street j - t Fnrnitnr, Pisunos, flag-i gre etc, transfer.-ed to and from Oakland, Eiooklyn and all parts of the city. ' t 3F& XT 3V k: s To or from San Francisr for FIFTY CENTS "Whitney & Co's OAKLAND SAN FRANCISCO. ALAMEDA and BROOKLYN 1 t EXPRESS, rpHE ONLY COMPANY TlAT FORWARDS I Packages, Orders, ctc on everv half hour train to and from San Francisco; TRUNKS 50 CENTS. Pianos and Furniture moved by careful and experienced men American Dist. Telephones Answered by us No. 855 Broadway, Oakland. Branch Offices- - 431 K earner St. and 3 & 5 Commercial St. ! San Francisco. Undertakers. Wftt. T. HAIY1IL. I Or. TJJSTDSrLTA.BIEIIl And CORONER for Alameda County, .... SUCCBSSOR TO ... . HELMER & HAMILTON, NO. Ilia BROADWAY, BETWEEN Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, Oakland Everything reqnisite for funerals Metallic and Imitation Caskets, Coffins, Shrouds and Robes Hearse and Carriages. Orders attended to day nicht Miscellaneous. VACCINATION ! ....AT TUB. Health Office, With Bovine Virus Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and From 12 to 1 o'clock. Thursday and Saturday Evenings From 7 to 9. HAS THE LARGEST PIANO WAREHOUSE In the world. The building is seven stories 100 by 200 built of iron and brick. We have 1,000 PIANOS For Sale on Instalment ; also l.OOO Pianos TO RENT at LOW RATES. Rent allowed on purchase for six months. 1,000 Organs of several makes at great bargains. NEW PIANOS as low as $200. Also a large stock of Second-hand Pianos from 925 up to $300, on $10 monthly Instalments. Sheet music for the million at HALF PRICB Call and Judge for yourself. T. M. Antisell & Co., Cor. Market and Powell Sts. -av m Outfit furnished free with full instruct-Ql I I lions forconducting the most profitable I I I business that any one can engage in. jfj I The business s so easy to learn, and our instructions are so simple and plain, that any one can make great profits from the very start. No one can fail who is willing to work. Women are as successful men. Boys and girls can earn large sums. Many have made at the business over one hundred dollars in a single week. Nothing like it ever known before. All who engage are surprised a he ease and rapidity with which they arc able to make money. You can engage in this aeiness during Tour spare time at great profit. You do not have to invest capital in it We take all the risk Those who need ready money should write to us at once, ah lurnisneti iree. Aauress mils a, vu. Augusta, Maine XtTO 03E3 X THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE STOCK-holders of the Union Savings Bank will be held Tuesday, January Utn ltmi, at 1 o clock P. M., at the Ranking House II. A. PALMER, Secretary. December 11th 1880. PATRONIZE EX 33X3 Tba PIONXER of Oakland. Ail kinds GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS On hand. Traveling Trunks Md Satchels, Ladies Bathing Hat at -LOWEST CASH BATES. O. HIR8HBHR&: V jBKOADWAY near 12th Street, Oakland Legal. Notice of Sale of Real Estate. - TN THE SUPERIOR COURT OP THE CITY and County of San Francisco, State ofj Call- ; Department 9, Probate. i In the matter of the estate of H. K W Clarke, deceased. Under and by virtue of an order of sale duly made by the above entitled Court in the above entitled matter, I will sell at private sals to the highest bidder, and subject to confirmation by said Couit, all the right, title and interest that said H. K. W. Clarke, deceased, had at the time of his death, and all that his estate has sines acquired, by operation of law or otherwise, of in or to the undivided one hl( of those three certain parcels of land situate in the township of Alameda, County of Alameda, State of California, and respectively described as follows, to-wit: 1st. Commencing at a redwood stake marked 'S. E." at the southeasterly corner of the tract of land on the Encinal of Saa Antonio hi said township conveyed by Chipraan & Aughinbaugh to John C. Hays, John Caperton and ThotnasP. Johnson by deed dated 27th November, 1861 and running thence north 33 degrees 3 minutes 'east, 23,053 chains; thence north M degrees 62 minutes west, 10,137 chains; thence south 33 degrees 3 minutes west to the southwesterly line of aalt marsh and tide lands as fixed and determined by the State lioard of Tide Land Commissioners: thence southeasterly along said last mentioned line 10,137 chains to the point of beginning embracing the tract known as the "Llewelling Tract," and other lands, in all 30 acres, more or less, s 2nd. Beginning at a point in San Francisco Bay distant 28.03 chains south of a granite monument set on the west line of section 18, in township 2 south range 3 west, Mount Diablo base and meridian, 40 chains north of the southwest corner of section IS; thence according to the true meridian along Alameda basin south 68$ degrees east, tt-17 chains; thence across tide lands north 3 00 chains to the shore line of San Francisco Bav at ordinary high tide; thence along slid shore tine north S7J degrees west, 3.40 chains to post marked 251; thence north 26 degrees west. 4.80 chains to a post marked 252; thence north i dejefees west 1.70 chains to the west line of section 18; thence across tide lands south 9.04 bains along the last named line to the place of beginning. Being a tract of tide lauds in San Francisco Bav, designated as part of lot number twenty five ( J5) in section eighteen (IS) of said township, and containing an area of three and mnety-hundredths (3.J0) acres. 3d. Begmmnt; at a point in San Francisco Bay distant 20 chain South of mnll. mnnnmamfc set on the East line of Section 13, in Township 2, South Rane 4, west Mount Diablo meridian 40 chainsnorth of the south-eaxt comer of section 13 thence according to the line meridian across tide lands South 8.03 chains to the Alameda Basin: thence along Alameda Basin N. 65 degs , 61 minutes W. 11 05 chains: thence across tide lands N. 3.33 chains; thence E. 10 chains to the place of begsining. Being a tract of tide lands in San Francco Bay, designated as Lot number 32, in Scctio 13, of said Township, and containing an area of five and 68-100 (5.68-10O) acres. 1 ill make such sale on or at any time within six months after Friday, the 31st day of Decern-her, 1880, and written bids or offers for said property or any parcel thereof, will be received at my office which is at rooms 9, 10, 11, No 530 California street, in faid City and County of San Francisco. Terms of sale. Cash, in United States Gold Coin, on confirmation of sale: acts of sale at purchasers expense. San Francisco, December 11th 1880 HENRY C. CAMPBELL; Administrator of the Estate of H, K. W. Clarke, deceased. Notice to Creditor". Estate of ABRAHAM C. BROWS, dectated. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY TBB undersigned, executors of the last will and testament of Abraham C. Brown, deceased to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within ten months after the first publication of this notice, to the said executors, at the office of Nye & Richardson their place of business, No. 456 Eighth street, Oakland Cal. W. B. HARDY, STEPH. O. NYE, Executors of the last will and testament of A. C. Erowh, deceased. Dated at Oakland, November 22, 1880. Certificate of Co-partnership. Know all men by these presents, that we, Grant I. Taggart and W. J. Dingee, residing in the City of Oakland, County of Alameda, State of California, do hereby certify and declare that wc have organized and formed ourselves in to a co-partnership, and we coveaant and agree each with the other to be co-partners for the purpose of carrying on-and conducting a -eneral real estate, auction and commission busiuwss in the County of Alameda, State of California, under the firm name and style of Taggart & Dingee. That the principal place of business of said co.paitnership is situated in the City of Oakland, Countj- and State aforesaid, that the names of all the persons interested as partners in such business are above stated and signed hereto and that such partnership .-will continue and be in force until further notice by 118. i In Witness whereof we have hereunto set four hands and seals, this the 1st day of December. A. D. 1880. GRANT I. TAGGART. W. J. DINGEE. Notice to Creditors. Estate, of J. MORA MOSS, deceased. TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY THE JJl undersigned, executrix and executor of the will of .1. Mora Moss, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within ten months after the first publication of this notice, to the said executrix and executor, at the residence of said executor, to-wit: at number 1323 Harrison street in the city of Oakland, in Alameda County, State ofCalifornia. JULIA T. MOSS, DANIEL E. MARTIN. Executrix and executor of the will of J. Mora Moss, deceased. Blake & Blake, 418 Kearny street, San Fran, cisco, Cal., Attorneys for executrix and executor. Dated at Oakland, December 20, 1880. Contractors. PAUL. PABETE A CO., RUBBISH REMOVED ON SHORT NOTICE Is now prepared to clean privy vaults, cess-pools and yards on reasonable terms, 628 Filbert street, between First a. it Third, Oakland. Order box at southwest corner of Broaaway and Seventh streets. Box P. O. corner. East Oakland , nd Seventh street, this side ot P. O. at Point Station Miscellaneous. Teutonia Hall ! 416 & 418 8th Street, Between Broadway and Franklin sts., BOCA BIER ON DRAUGHT 5c. PER GLASS THE ONLY PLACE IN OAKLAND WHERE THE GeDiine Boca Lager Beer Is sold fresh from the refrigerator, also Schlitz's Milwaukee And other Eastern Beer, GUIRADELLI & PETAB, Importers and Dealers in all Kinds of FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WINES and LIQUORS Mo. 1072 Broadwaj, Corner of Twelfth street Oakland, California. 3 Depot of D. G HI RADELLTS Coffee, Chocolate and Spices. NOTICE OF REMOVAL PEOPLE'S MARKET, ; OWEN LAFFXRTT, Proprietor Has removed from 2d bet. Broad way and Washington to 667 and floD BROADWAN. ( Best quality meats, vegetables and poultry at lowest market rates. Goods delivered free ef charge. ALWAYS ON HAND- I MONEY TO LEND .vpom...... ' 1 MORTGAGE SEC U KIT t OJTLY At Current Rates. r Office of GEORGE D. IdETCALF, Loan Afsnf Notary Public and Commissioner, ' - BOOMS 13 E 13 DELCEB BLOCK , Northwest corner Broadway and Wo sts. NO. 10.1)8 BROADVAT sz V 1 'I

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