The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1949
Page 13
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BLYTHEVII.I.E (AHK.) COURIER NEWS I - "S ,,V'.^' lite res Volcanic Island [appears Into Sea ISLUNGTON, N. ?,., March 4. • Falcon Isliiml—smnll uninhab- |volc'Hinc member of the Tonya advice was contained in iiigton yesterday from the Naval frigate Havvca. The Hawea reported Indications of underwater volcanic activity and 8 strong sulphurous Mnell when it reached (lie .vpot where the Is- Knlcoii Maud was heaved u|i by to Die Navy ullicf at Well- ' a ivilcAUlc cruptlun In October, 1885. IABY CHICKS Hcallliy, Slurtly !• Buy Ihe Best' • Master Mix Feed None l-'iner Lewis Poultry •I 19 Kasl i I'lioite :i: NICOZ1NE NlfO/I.NK, a Dr. first product 'Ol uormliie imllt'it, <-ontjtn« nlcotlnr hf-dloiiil* and phrnothlKtlnt. A <-»i(ihiiialion ol ihc*r three Inured. (<-JlU, HI I'. S. I), A. It-its, WAS 99?J oircKIVf In rrmuviiit <•«.••! «nil r.>iinil»oims. MCOXINK comes In [joHdiT lor llofk Itratnient (irt levilt ajiil laljirH for Indlvldiul ilusiui. Woods Drug Store fust what you need to OR LEVEL DIRT FAST! • You can't lu-M a IJaiuiscr All mis rot Purpose Blade for grading, clean- DITCHING Ing feed lots, terracing, ditching, filling gullies, or moving snow. Attaches quickly (» Ford Traclor. Lifts anr! lowers by Hydraulic Touch Cnnlrol. Iteversible hl.ide adjiislj fur angle tilt and pitch. See one soon! TRACTOR REVlRSi! FOR • ACKtllLlNG Russell PhillipsJractor Co. Allen Hordin, Mgr. |S. Division St. Hione 2171 WHAT MAKES THE ..STAOTENA? ~~-^^K^^m*^i^^~ PURINA .CHICK , LSTARTENA CONTINUOUS BISEARCH IT All ADDS UP TO &?/>6V7<lW«? RESULTS ...AND THAT'S WHY IT'S AMERICA'S FAVORITE Wilh (oday' 8 cost and ladiy'. pTO f fl opportunity you can t offotd to feed your chicks less tW th« bestl We honestly think that Ihere'* no chick siarUr belt.r than Purina Chicle Startena. " In every bag of Slarfena you gal ih, p uiina know . how and reaearch that mean retults. Qualify ingredients, scientific blending of lho«. laboratory and [arm rea.arch-lh.y ma k. Ih. diff.«nc.. the folks who feed Punna Chick W. can tell you many o{ tha outslQndin r . cord ' ™kmg, Siariena ha, alway, b.. n goorf-bm , hU year ,1 , belter lhaa fver> fw Ljf- ^ Q ns for you, Startena and all your chick needs STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN 4493—Telephone— 4493 L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY M Block So.lh W USD A Coins Word, 'Chemurgy;' It's Use of Chemistry to Find Broader Scope for Agriculture By Duuglas Larson XKA SUfT Corrrsiwiiilrnt WASHINOTON. 'NEA > — "Clienl- urgy" Is a word Him limy become very popular In Die next.few veins. Coined by scientists nf the U. S. Idtnaiy Department of Agriculture. It mentis I The the use of chemistry to nud greater use?; for fnrtn products. Chemurgy already Is responsible for the giant soy bean Industry, with nil of Us by-products. io nninc just one benefit. It helps the Cnrmer and makes life more comfortable for everybody. One of the most significant chemiueical projects under way In U.SDA laboratories mlfiht help (o relievo the lircnvhiK drain on U. S. petroleum reserves. It's n brand new approach to Hint old idea nf using i'U'ohol. made Irom waste farm pioduns. as automobile fuel. The fanners ami (til companies hav o( the water can be taken out nl fiend-, mid when followed by quick 'freezing I hey lose none of their llnvor. Tesis on oilier vegetables have .shown similar resuKs. Or- cooklns restores Ihe water, list of chcmuiKicn! discoveries Is Ions. A continuous proffss of manutacturinu turpentine nnd resin has been developed lo sup. plant the old batch method nnd will revitalize the whole industry in the south. Sensational work has been dune in developing t-cttain cotton plants that produce excellent, flbve for lire inbrics. The goal ts to have every collun farmer raise a specific type of coltojj (01- a specific industry. A new pecun niaac nom dlins ( wastes has been discovered thill win > I jell almost anylhim: without ihe U of A Develops State Farmers Tomato Especially i- » «• CN Fitted to State \ CG J Bia Dr °P KAYKTTEVILLK. Ark.. M« r . 4. '••l'» A nesv VAliety of lomalo, e.sjn>- I'liilly lilted lo Arkniisnx conditions. WH.S unnomicfrt rcmuiy by Dr. U»iv-n S, Kills, director ol (\\t Uni- versily ol Aikimsns A«;i ImlUuul Experiment Ktmloii, It lia.-i txvn named fortune. , ''!!,' ""''' v " l(c 'V *'»* developed y , . V, M '. w ""- s - ol tht u "'y™"* 1 ' l'«'(.culune umi forestry , ''""' '.'"'"'I' Hp ""^ " ls •'I""' 1 !'' <llv>J "' nW(? ''"' """"im-li.1 KI«I«-M "" d linm(> S«"ici>ci.s. It LI (he rc- ••'"ll ol a crass between nulueis ftml >'«'> America, winch was develo* "d „ [fvl ve nr.s mo by I he US De- )Mr t,,,eM ol A«,ic,nllnve. W B Tl.< ex"'""^ lhat I * m "" <1 |XWWM « S "» "' ihe jewel nnalltios ol Uuuers and ; in adrtinon. Im.s inhoiited a hi"', i degree <>l will'C i mm p.,,, In Farm Prices Lirn.K KOCK, Mmrh •(. (,l'i — Arkansas fnriil(-r« Imve felt tllc- itioj) In jivk'e.i. I'rli-e.s jecvivoit tjy fanners lust niunih (or Uielr xericiiltinc IIKI- '"•en kicking Hint one around for | ncwl for sii".ar. II promises lo ue- vears. Up until now it has never | come nn excellent food and cnndv been found practical lo use alcohol \ covering. Fitsarlum wilt in a real problem in most IMHS of Arkansas, uccordtn.: 10 Wall.v the disease Hve.s in the sol) for .several ye.-ti.s, ll :.•: especially trouule.some on Jield^ where tomatoes me jjimvn fre- Aleol.0) Injerled The new approach of USDA scifn- .Ms is n method of injectins nlco- iol into the cylinders of a car when > Is Roinj; up n hill, starting, or in .iber need of cmergrncy power. Tins would eliminate ihe need for lii(!h test or premium casoline. they ay. It would save petroleum, be- •aiise In the rennliiR process you set more regulnr gnsoline from a barrel of cnide [ictrolcuin than you pet whe gasoline. ""' 1C 1<J U '° 1 Ilint can ivj Mir imiiiuvi-LiH'ms uini can r]ie np^\ ] ue made in modern living llniiugh I exlcn.sively when refining It lor high test Wldespvead use of the alcohol injection method would permit the bij; nfimiin companies to rerluce ciras- tically their production of hi^h octane tias, and thereby ulve ihntn estimated 10 per cent more naso- line from their crude petroleum. Previously some bi£ nil companies either tnrurd up their noses at the idea of using alcohol with pnsolinc ur foupht h. B u t with d)minl.sliiiiq petroleum reserves nnd new hl»h compression motors, now they are .suddenly interested. One auiomo- blle maker ts following the tests closely, with the thought of mnk- nlcohol injection a part of standard cquiomcnt. A large taxi company in Chicago plans to try it on a fleet of cabs, and there arc devices on the market which enable you lo adapt the idea to any car engine. Only Small Tank Neeessary Making engines that use alcohol injections is relatively simple, the scientists say. And only a small tank for the alcohol is necessary because very little Is used. The Injection Into the cylinders Is automatic when Ihe pull on the engine increases or for stnrthiR. The driver has lo do nothing with If except occasionally nil Ihe tnnlc. Experts working on the project believe that II would be very effective on the higher compression engines now being held back by shortage of hish nclane fuels. Tests Indicate that alcohol Injection Is practical and economical. Excellent results are reported bv private persons who are using It on their cars. A grade of alcohol produced from waste corn cobs and other farm products is used. ChemuiKy also is about to revolutionize the. frozen food business Although the sale ol frozen foods has increased enormously since before the war. the industry is limited by the. high cost of transportation, II requires refrigerated 'rains, trucks, storage places and display counters. This is obviously very expensive nnd limits its ability to compete with non-frozen foods. First Kuultit Good Chemurgy is attempting to discover how much water can be taken out of food before freezing, without nrTectlns taste. In an attempt to cut down the high cost of transportation and storage. First results have been excellent. It has been discovered, for instance, that 50 per cent Farm Youths To Observe 4-H Club Week varlely has been tried throughout the Mute and through the .south, and U lias performed well wherever urown. [ Seed of the Immune variety Is I avallahle from n lew commercial companies. Watts repoits. In addition, the experiment stutloti has R supply nf seed for distribution. The Women's chriMInn Temperance Union srew out t>( the women's crusade, started in 1873, by the, women of Hillsboro and Washington Court House, Ohio, lo fisnt, .saloons. Mississippi County's many 4-H Club members will Join with n|. most two million others throilKh- oul the slate nnd nation in Ihr observance of National 4-11 club which begins tomorrow. -> - * -..,»...* Many Arkansas clubs have plnn- j dam rs, are: national achievement, •vance Nalio " 1 ' 1 Committee on noys anil ! scholarship awards are offered, and tied special programs in obser of Ihe special week set aside for members o.f rural farm clubs. Some will Inimch Intensive membership drives durlni; next week while others have planned sperinl exhibits of the work of their club. No special program has been planned by North Mississippi clubs County Agent Keith Bllbrey has announced. Observances of the week will bear out the National 4-H Club theme "Belter Living for a Belter World." Newspapers and radio stations on both slate and national levels, arc preparing lo salute 4-H members during their week. Everything will be designed to tell the story of 4-H Club work, which to Secretary ol Agriculture Charles^ Hrannaii means: "..Better living to ihf young people who lake part in It. to their families, nnd their communities. It hns meant better living in the way of better foorl because the club .members learn what to grow and how to prepare il. Heller living In the way of comfort and culture because the boys nr girls in the family take an Interest In Improving the home. Many « community enjoys more of the good things of live because, ten years or so ligo. the 4-H club bo.vs ami girls brought In better livestock, i sincerely believe we have a belter rural America today because of the aims and accomplishment^ of 4-H club work." CHrls Club Wart:; better methods electric, KdliciilloiKil Foundation; canning, Kerr Oln.s.s; clothing, Spcol Col Ion Erlucutlonnl Bureau; rialvy production, Krn 11 Poods; farm sitlety. Geneva! Motors; field crops and limi-n loods. tmeriutional lluive.slcr; food preparation. Strvel; lorc.slry. American Porwl Products Industries; garden, Allis-CliRttncrs; Rirts' record. Montgomery Ward; home Improvement. Senr.s-Roebuck Foundation; knllllnn-crocheling. Spinner!:! Yarn; leadership, Edward P. Wilson; meal animal, Thos. E. Wilson; poultry. Dearborn Motors; soil conservation. Flresloue, ami ivaclu.- maintenance, stanoUnd Oil airl Qus Company and six alflllaleri oil companies. All of these national 4-H awards programs are conducted under the direction of the Cooperative Extension Service. duds wore six per cent lower than (iliialncd In January, Ihe Ci'jji Heporllm! Service said. THr drop was "Ihe most |iro- dicllne for any one month ce lie pncc lr"nd Marled down- July. 1114B." the agency ol Deparlmenl. ol AurlcuKuru UK Mtl'l I prices are about 15 per lower ihan ihe level a yea: ago, ii'itl Xi per cent, below the all lime high cst7ii)iis:ied In October, 19W The sei 'Viet also «ald lut month'* pi-Ices slipped about 17 per cent under the high level «t»bllsh»d after World War I. Safety expert* 8 ay thit «cldenl» in I.Diners cause enough lo/it tim» anniiBlly lo pioduce more than hill of the average annual VS. wheat c rop. The wolverine Is » member ol th» I weasel family. You Can Pay ANY AMOUNT at ANYTIME Notional 4-H Club Scholarships ore Boosted to $300 ^College scholarship awards huve been increased from S200 to »303 in nineteen nnttonnl 4-H program*, the National 4-1! Committee Ins announced. One hundred niitl twelve members having rating records in their project* will receive J300 scholarship awards totaling $31,600 at the 1949 Nnttonnl 4-H Club Congress in Chicago next Novembr r. Programs in which (he increased When you hov« an Equitable Society FARM LOAN This fitnioiis Farm Income Piivilcua it written into your loan agreement lo save you money nn<\ lo help yen own your farm lieo nnd clcnr, sooner, 5ff« IM /or low-cnxt, fln(orf/zerf /Oflin. TERRY Abslrarl & Rejillv C'o. 21.1 \\. ^S'»lnut Tlinne 2SBI Farmall Tractor ENGINE TUNE-UP SPECIAL! Tune-up Engine Clean Plugs Retime Ignition Check Compression Clean & Refill Air Filter Clean & Adjust Carburetor Adjust Fan & Generator Belt* Adjust Governor Adjusr'Tappets Adjust Brakes Flush Radiator Tighten all Radiator Hose Inflate Tires to Correct Air pressure Steam Clean Engine COME IN THIS WEEK TO INTERNATIONAL' HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH 2™ ST. PHONE8** Landowners DO YOUR DITCHING AND SPOIL BANK LEVELLING NOW Free estimates. The Triple "A" Program pays a portion of the cost. We wilt assist you in securing prior opprovcif nnd will prepare and submit to the Triple "A" the necessary forms to enable you to draw this payment. PHONE 31 n Offic. 3581 Residenct PHONE OR WRITE Missco Construction Co. Wilson, Arkansas ,11 I* H£- ~m^' flUIHEMENT FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE fe is often likoncfl to (lio construction of a Iniililinp. Upon the secure niiil sturdy foiljiilu- lion is liuill yi.iji 1 family, your home and eventually your retirement. Kiminciiil security giVL'S you tin; iiiiitorials with which lo build a h;i|)|)y life for .vnii arul your loved ones. Chat is why it is so im- imrtniit for yon to Imjfiti a regular'savings pro- KI'HIII. Conic in ami open a savings account today. FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank In Mississippi County

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