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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 3

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 3

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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peak upon Grape and the Cbil-. dres'a Teeth. Bandar school at 12 A. tt. crnmirv.

TELEPHONE. 0a. wono uummo wnstoat cast 1 Horassh os Trade Marty iV SGIi FROM RED MODHTAH YUEYARD. Recommended by the Best Phyilcians THEO California and Foreign WfflES and LIQUORS I 915? Washington Street TELEPHONE Ko. S63.

OliD INF AN BURGUNDY, OAIiSERNET. HOCK. RIESIilNG. GUTEDETj, fiACTERNE. ANGEXiICA, SWEET 3IUSCAT, MALAGA, TOKAY, MADEIRA, Fine Old Brandies and Cognacs! Special attention Is called to our Fine Table Claret and cn Sonoma White Wine, oax.

Our PORT and SHERRY are superior to any in the market Physicians and Druggists are specially lnrited to examine our fine stock of liquors and brand ies uk mvuivaj ana iamiiy purposea CHAMPAGNES. Mcmk's Extra Dry, Pommery SEcTr Moat Chandon, f. Bumillee, and the Calitobhia Eclipse. BEER. Badweiser.

Schlitz. Anheuser. and the roi. brated Pabst Brewing Co. 's Blue Ribbon Select r.zpon (tne nnest ooiuea Deer in tho world.

Sole asent for Barton and Onestlor. Bo- Wines. Scb ramNbereer Wines. Mclvers' Hiumn can wose, niues.i Tan rsuiers. KOTICE The Utmost care beinir In bottliog only the "Purest, Besttelected and neii apa proauce 01 me most renowned vine- yaras in mis hiate, we guarantee oar goods to give fall satisfaction.

$2 50 PER GALLON. 6os 98 00 6 50 eejs 4 60 6 60 4 00 ".8 S0M4 00 8 60i4 00 8 00 MtOBTlGNAN CLARET ZIN'VANDIL AND HOCK. WHITE 4 60 VTN DEORO 4 00 -4 09 -per gsX 75c 1 00 WHITE WINE fOcM 75c HOCJC.i 75c100 GOOD TABLE CLARET, Pare RED MOUNTAIN VINEYARD, Situated in the Foothills, Stanislaus County. A Committee of the Legislature on the grape and its product says: "It seems impossible that better Wine or Brandy oould be made than that produced at the Red Mountain Vineyard." It needs onl to be'saM that the soil of this vineyard is volcanio la Its orlsjla, and bancs produces pure Wine and Brandy in the highest degree of perfection. W.


Watches and Jewelry Repairing a Specialty. LLHAAS, FURNITURE. HOLIDAY GOODS. New and Useful Articles Art Furniture, Portieres, Lace Curtains, Smyrna Rugs, u' Carpet Sweepers, Etc. fffmGie your friends something beautiful, and some-thirg that can be utilized in the household.

McGOVERN A HILL, loeo Badway. FnniltiiM, Carpets and Wall Paper I 400-402 xathst. CARPETS, IiOUNGES, PABLOK GOG Hatters that Caaao before JTadge Best shew to-day Charles Johnson who was arrested yes terday lor stealing 20 cents worth of table furniture from MUloclar's restaurant was today sentenced to thirty days in the City rason. Elan Estes. Chetolored porter arrested on complaint of Herbert Mjlier, who states that Estes stole $20 from his purse, was called in court this morula and his ease was continued to v- George Morgan and Leo Cuddy, the small boys who committed burglary at Ains-wonh's grocery store, pleaded guilty today and will be sentenced en Monday.

Eichard Gresbam, arrested for carrying concealed weapons, explained today that be was on bis way home, after aiding in a High School entertainment, and judgment was sospended, Ex-Jailer Morrison and Lent Share will have their cases heard on Saturday next. Mary Traynor, who it is claimed has been masquerading about town in men's clothes, was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment. Ah Jim, who stole a ham from Coahing's store, forfeited $25 balL When the James McAllister battery care was called today, it was stated that the prosecuting witness, Mr. Jackson, Is at the point ot death. The case was continued to January 13th.

AMUSEMENTS. A Straight Tin" far the Oaya Jaat Before Chrlarmaa. On Monday and Toes Jay evenings Of next week James Powers and bis company of fun makers will appear at the Oakland Theater in that' greatly talked about farcical success, A Straight Tip. The Comedy is sparkling and original and what is more it has' a plot. John J.

McNaily of the Boston Herald is the author of A Straight Tip and the thread of the plot is the universal love for horse racing. He has deftly woven into the story many incidents common to the turf. A feature of the play is the race track scene with all its accompaniments. The comedy is a sort of farcical satire in three acts of race track and hotel life, with a dashing young masher, foil of tricks and clever resources as the principal character. As for the company few are better, and it includes, besides the well-known Powers, such celebrities as Peter F.

Daly, clever little Emma Hartley and Delia Stacey, from the Casino, New York, Eloise Mortimer, Emily Btowe and the famous Clipper quartet, besides many others. The costumes worn by the ladies were all designed by Redfern, and it seems as if Manager Stilwell his made an unusually good selection for the days before the holidays, in A Straight Tip. STEVEDORES ON STRIKE. Trouble on the Water front Because of "foreign" Workmen. There was a strike ot stevedores on the water front this morning, but before it assumed any very serious aspect the trouble was satisfactorily settled.

A shipload of bitumen, consigned to the Oakland Contracting Company arrived and Manager Cochran made arrangements to have it discharged by his own men. The stevedores, however, when they discovered the new force on the front, objected to any such procedure, but at first no notice was taken of their appeal and the work of unloading by "foreign" men began. This, however, brought matters to a crisis and the stevedores all struck work. The matter was, however, settled by Manager Cochran withdrawing hia men and turning his work over to the resident onion men. Chicago Market.

Chicago, December 20. Close Wheat, steady; cash, 914; January, 91t May, easy; cash, 52; January, 514; May, 5Z4. Oats, essy; cash, 41; January. 41; May, 4745. Pork, dull; cash, $7 75; January, S9 95; May, $10 97H- Lard, dull; cash, $5 70; January, $5 75; May, $6 374.

Barley, nominal. A Unllty striker. Matt Bush, the Emeryville striker, who was tried yesterday in Justice Snook's Court for battery on Charles Van Hofen, an employe who took the place of a striker, was found guilty and fined $25. A GREAT TOY MART. All the Hoveltlea of America and Knropo at Jones Basar.

Jones' big bazar has been a perfect hive of business during the past few days and especially at this time. Such a collection of ingenious toys, wooly animals, all manner of bicycles and machines, fancy figures, etc was never seen in Oakland be fore. Allot these immense stock of toys and useful presentation goods go at the old prices, not withstanding the Mc Kin lev bin. oner sens iota oi goods and sell them chaep. He has a big trade and he holds it by charging fair prices.

xou will miss it it you go to Ban Fran cisco to buy toys when Jones' Bazar is doing business at the old stand. Jones it the man for the children. He knows what they want. There is no misrepresentation at Jones' Bazar, one price to all. What Caasea the Growth of Saperflnons I Hair What causes the growth of superfluous hair opon the face among the female sex is still a mystery, which is only partly solved.

The two probable causes of this unnatural growth of hair, which are so far recognized are either hereditary or are dependent to some extent upon uterine reflex. It has been noticed, except in cases of heredity, that this unpleasant deformity is mostly found in unmarried women between tne age or z5 and 30, also in women who nave passed tne menopause and wnose faces have been free un ta this time from any unnatural growth of hair. There is no remedy to destroy superfluous hair permanently except "by electrolysis. Very often ladies come to me and say that removal of superfluous hair by electricity is a 'aiiure. with tne assistance oi a magni fying glass I soon convinced them that the nair which 1 removed did not return.

(Communicated by Dr. Kauffman, 1118 Washington street. Holiday Candles. As usual, during the coming Christmas holidays, the largest and most eleeant candv boxes and rnH bnakein will rut found at Lehnbsrdt's, 471 Fourteenth street next to the Postomce. Oakland Dispensary, Located at 1152 Franklin medical surgical service free 9 to 10 a.

to 4 p. Pianos! Pianos! Pianos! The largest assortment and lowest prices. Installments or for cash. Pianos for rent. Before buying call and look at our stock.

Potter Bishop, 1165 Washington street Found the place to get Christmas gilts. Muller's Optical depot, 135 Monteomerv street, can Francisco, J. L. Ltoh Bon's mammoth auction and Broadway. house, removed to 15th Do you know Theo Gier can be found at 915 Washington st.

i Caaurntas candies in puzzling varieties Maroon Glace, California and French crystal fruits, of many kinds at Bacons' 865 Broadway. Prvxt thatvia astonish you; in McKoe tract; en new elective road; halt-hourly trains to SanFrmeiseo. Win. J. Vingee, 460 Eighth street.

Pmre BoUdar Caodloa Made fresh every day at Lehnhardt's, Fourteenth street, next to Postofflce. UaxucAun Float. lew family I use. 8001771 Bughtlt damaged cloth at 10c per yard, at great fire sale, 867yingtqn Tst Cali wine So a glass at Theo Gatr's. Young People' Society of Christian dearor 6:30 Strangers arrwel At tne Qeraan Methodist Chorea aw.

A. Lemkaa wilt preach. Ja -the moraine: "Chiiat the Way." In toe eTeolng: "God Bees All Things." Apworth League meeting a7F.n. The Theosophical Society, will be e4- dressed ereninz tf Mrs. M.

Third CtSleaca- Subject: "Adepte." Meeting nsaal in the- eyusrogue, corner Clay and Thirteenth streets, at 7 THE BLASDEL MNE. r- a The Ex-GoYernfcr Applies for Railroad. Franchise. A petition was this afternoon Jd with the City Council for a franchise vi a street car line, to be operated by cable, horses, mules, or electrieity.TThe route is as follows: Commencing at a point In (he center line of Perk street, at a point where the Meets street canine from Alameda terminates on said Park street, running thence northerly along the center une oi rare street to Twenty-third avenue, thence to the northo east bonndarv line of the city. The application is made by H.

G. Blaa- TEACHERS ELECTED. A ItcMMor to Pnaelpal Weedmaa i Brought From Ghleo. Mr. White, who has been teaching school at Cbico, has been elected principal of the San Leandro school to succeed Principal Woodman, who has been elected principal of the Tompkins school, vice G.

W. Frick, resignea. i Miss Dora Helms of San Lorenzo has been been elected to a position in the Vista scnooi near uvermore. P. Crosby of Centerville has been elected to a position in the Harris school, near Livermoref The Coonty Board of Education this morning; granted 8ampson C.

Phipps ot irvington college a men- scnooi certificate and recommended Miss 8arah Morrow of; Lorin, Miss Fannie M. Hender son oi tneaotate uniTerstty, ana A urea W. Sanford for life diplomas. RECORD OP UNARRESTED. A Barglarr.

and a Bobbery Committed Last Wight. There I was a burglary at Adeline and Thirtieth streets last night. The thieves broke in and ransacked a residence there and threw into an adjoining lot what booty they could not expeditiously carry away. A traveler from the 10 local train lest night while passing Eleventh street and Twelfth avenue. East Oakland, was.

set upon bv half a dozen men who demanded his money. He restated and they ran, not before, however, they had badly hart the wno was -conveyed to Jensen's restaurant; Officers Wells and O'Hare made a search for the thieves, but without avail. THE HARMONIC SOCIETT. -t- A Notably Good Concert for the Begin I nlng of the Seriee. The Harmonic Society gave on Thursday evening fhe first concert of a series of six concerts to be given during this season.

The choral singing, directed by D. P. Hughes, was notably good, and the soloists were Miss Beatrice Priest, Mrs. Blake- AlTerson8igmund Beel, and W. T.

Ham ilton. Miss Minnie Weeks was the organ ist, and Miss Flora Kendall and Clarke W. Reynolds were sccompanists. Made at Blair Parti. If no rain fslla tomorrow the following programme of music will be fulfilled at Blair Park by the Fifth Regiment Band: FART FIRST.

March, "nero" IJberata Overture, "Militaire" Faerner "WbisDered Love" A court Gavotte) B. Abecasia Selection, "Eobert Le Diablo Meyerbeer Nocturne (Ai Dream) C. Wendel Walts de Concert. "Invitation a weber PABT SECOND. Overture.

Romantlque iKeler Bele Comic Patrol (Donny brook Fair) Selection, Traviata Verdi Concert Scbottische, Fortuna Frants Abt Medley, Plearant Memories Beyer Gallop, "Hitor Faust Children's Afternoon. The third Children's Afternoon to be given by the ladies of the Unitarian Church, will take place at Cavalry Hall, New Year's day, from 1:30 to 5 p. m. The minuet, music, readings' and dancing will be the entertainment. The proceeds of these affairs, erhfch nave become very popular with the young; folks of our city, will be used to purchase the stained-glass windows for the neif SuAday School chapel of the society.

iSald. by the Sheriff. B. 8. Fsrrelly.

recently secured a judgment in the 8aperior Court against S. Oster-hout et al.i for 82444 50, and a decree of foreclosure was entered in his favor. This morning Sheriff Hale sold at auction thirty acres of land situated in Murray towdship, owned by the defendant, to sattisfy the debt Mr. Farrelly purchased the property of $2,687 59. Willing to Plead Gniltr.

Leon Flores, who is in the Coooy Jail awaiting trial on to charges of burglary committed at IJvermore, has announced his intention of pleading guilty to the charges. He hopes to receive a light sentence by confessing his guilt. 'A Leading Kaight of Labor. St. Acgcbti5k, December 20.

John Delvin, of Detroit, a lea ding member of "the Executive Board of the Knights of Labor, is; here dangerously ill of pneu monia. HiS wife was telegraphed for. The Buty Footpad. A man was held op and robbed at the corner of Fifteenth and Webster streets on Thursday night. The police, however, will say nothing of the occurrence.

A Dividend by tbeTjndsoa Company. The Judson Manufacturing Company has declared a dividend of 20 cents per share, payable January 1st. Potato Miller Resigned. Special Police Officer Miller, who took pota toes has formally tendered his resignation. Cenaoreni of tbo Pmi a tJsfLer the lottery law framed by Con gress and the instructions given by the Postmaster General to his subordinates throughout the country, there is serious danger of encroachments on the liberty of the press that should be rebuked and opposed by the newspapers of 4he country without regard to party lines, These postmasters are instructed to act as censors and Inspect all second-class matter, and whenever the postmaster finds what he considers unlawful matter, or even suspects that articles are of that character, he is authorised to suppress the'publication and refuse its passage through the mails.

This dangerous innovation is claimed under the specious pretext of suppressing lottery advertisements; and so far the pub lic seems acqoiese without a pretest against this new assumption of power. If this step meets with popular favor then the next move will be to examine first-class matter, breaking the seals of letters in search of contraband publications or writ ings. II that be aecomuianed tnen we will rapidly forget the Louisiana State Lot-. tery in the" multitude i grounds upon which these postmasters can act as censors of press and people. Lexiaytoa (Ky.) JVew, Nov.

I t- To strengthen the hair, thicken the growth, stop its blanching and falling out, and where it is gray to restore the youth- nu coior, use tuu i jnmn itenewar. H. SchsUhaas' 4 parlor chairs. riin- CHOICEST GROGiii. DELIOACIE3.

4 4 Tlie Only Place to Oakland "WTiere tho Jjarseet Assortment of i( Delicacies can bo Found. 91 ljid raLEPHOmt V(K 663i SPECIALTIES. Bacon, i Pigs' Feet, miced HamV Boiled Haiii, Boiled. Tonsruci Salmon, Hackerel, Holland i French JOil FnrdineS Imported and Jiihericc.n CannedTMeats, etc Imported C. 'tt.

i-jDome'stie Salt, -AT 408 Eleven Breakfast. hunch, natin ciiddi irn nu cunon gur 1 Mkw wis uiiun a Terraphi, Salads, Iroga. s' Entrees fox Lancli Dhi: ICe'Ureaillf UaKeS, OJ.J 0.. rum niiiiM llarronGln Tbirteentti an? Pabsohs Glden Gats Tbac $10, 517.C3 find $20' per sst R. J.

BEE 1058 Eroadway. Clli-l Harness clean' i. jtromptir. at low tr. Co.H Conoord Hare; HAEjNESS 1 lbs OmrcM A Hew Faster Called-IM Jfcesaes.

rpea "Wale te Faeters Wl Base Tbelr XMsee At the UnlTersallaf Chapel, West street, below ttreet, the peator. Eer. a Qoodenough, will preach at Jl a. x. Subject, "Strength and -Teong Peoples' Society ot Christian Endearor sating at 605 t.

h.u Preaching in the Methodist Chtrch at Temescal at 11 a. and 7:90 r. x. The 8ixth street Methodist 8onday echoo! commences at 3 r. if.

In the hall on Sixth street, near Market. Ear. E. 8. Chapman D.

wiU preach tomorrow morning craning at the Brooklyn Presbyterian Chorea in Oakland. The morning and erenme ser- Tieee will be appropriate to the holiday sea-eon. The subiect of the erenine sermon will be "How to MaU the Most of What Etmaios of This Year." Excellent musks at both The Christmas anniTer-esry will be on Tuesday evening, December C3d, at- which time the members cf the school and any others who choose to do so, will bring in offering for the poor food, clothing, In the First Methodist Church tomorrow evening ao appropriate programme of Christmas musio will be rendered by the choir, the selections being as follows: Hymn, What Mean Those Holy Ahthm. "And Them Were Shepherds' W.RGoete Due and chorus, "Ever. Blessed Child Eejoice" AthoUc Hymn, "Brightest and Best of the tons of the Morning" Anthem.

'Nasareth'. 7.... Gounod Brian, "Hail to the Lord's At the First Unitarian Church a Christ tnas service will be held by the congregation and Sundar school Special Serrioes have been arranged, Including Lhnstmaa carols and eenpture lessons. At four o'clock tomorrow afternoon Union Sunday school servicer will be held the First Congregational Church. The service will be partlclpsted in by the Bon- day schools ol all the central churches of Oakland, and) the exercises will consist of Christmas music and short addresses by the pastors ot the various churches.

Miss Carrie Frees Snider will give a recitation and the orchestra will play two overtures. The offertory will be acello solo by Fred B. Gntterson. 1 At the Pilgrim Congregattonal Chureh In Seat Oakland. Christmae praise services will be held tomorrow both morning and eysning.

Special music-will be rendered by the choir, consisting of Mrs. A. A Dew? inc. airs, nenry weineroee, aiiss urace Lottie Gardner, Blake Alverson, A. Eedfield, JV.

Van Boskirk, H. A. Melvin, Howard Baker; Miss Mary Bough, organist iu A. Ked field, musical director. At the Welsh Presbyterian Church there will be preaching at 10:30 a.

by Rev, Moses Williams. 8unday school after the eervices.and preaching at 7 1. u. by Bev. X.

J. Boberta. At the First Methodist Church, cornet rourtaenon and Clay streets, the pastor, it, uuie. wiu preach at iux. and 7 :30 p.

V. Morning snblect: "How to be Fishers of Men." Evening subject Christ and Modern Thought," the last of a series of on The Bible and Modern Thought." 8onday school at 12:45. Young jfeopie Meetmg at oun. a oordiai wei eometoelL Bey. J.

B. Campbell of Ban Francisco will preach in the First Presbyterian church to-morrow morning and evening. At the Second Presbyterian church the Bey. H. Bice, will preach on Sunday as ttsuaU Morning subject, "The Willing Bool's Response to the Attraction of evening.

"The English Bible and the Roman Catholic Church." The pastor will preach tomorrow mora-. Jng and evening at the Chester 8treet Methodist-Church, corner et Ninth and Chester streets, two blocks north of Center! Station. Evening subject: "Who is All are invited, seats free. Rev. H.

Wythe, Pastor. The United Presbyterian Church has purchased the lot at the southeast corner of Eighteenth and Castro streets, 60x170 feet in sise. for $6000, and a building will- be erected upon it during next spring. Good Will Chapel, corner of Filbert and Seventh; preaching at 7:30 by Rer, 8. Q.

Emerson. 8ubjeot, "Antidote for a Chris-fdan' Discontenu" First Congregational J. Mc-Lean, D. pastor; Rev. 8.

G. Emerson, assistant. The pastor will preach in the morning; subject, "After Thirty Years." At 4 P. x. onion service for 8onday Schools, music acd addresses.

la the ereniog, annual Christmas praise service. "Wonderful" will be the subject of the morning sermon at the Market-etreet Con rregationai Church. The pastor, Bev. G. H.

Merrill, will preach. The- services, both morning and evening, will be in com- xnemoratkra of the birth of Christ. There will be a Christmas concert in the evening, In which the Sabbath School will- participate. Christmas services will be held in Park Church, Loriu, morning and evening, on Sunday, December 21st. In the morning Ber.

G. B. Allen will preach an sppropri-ite sermon. In the ertning a service of song, consisting of quartets, duets, solos Sd choruses, will be rendered by the, choir 8onday 8chooU -s English Lothern service Bet. Philip Graif pastor, at California Hall, on Clav etreet, between Tenth 'and Eleventh, on (Sunday at p.

k. Gospel Hall, 475 8izth street, Tbetween Broadway and Washington. Free lectures on the "Tabernacle of Israel In the Wilder- nets, or God's Dwelling Place Among His People," by Donald Ross, Scotch erangel-ist, efening, 21st insU at 7:30 o'clock, and every evening (excepting Sat-nrday) till farther notice, illastrated by xnodeL All are welcome end seats all free. Come, and bring your Bibles and sjd friends with yon. At Pilgrim Church, 1517 San Pablo ave sue, Bev.

George Greenwsll willpreach mornings at 11 o'clock, evenings at 7:30 o'clock. Holiness meeting at 3 p. v. Asbury Methodist Churcfaf Sooth, the pastor, Dr. Boyns, will preach in the morn Inc from 'Occupy Till I Come." In tiie i evening the subject will be "The Advent ud Our Duty." ijW'' Bev.

Bobert Dickson. D. Istely of the Centennial Presbyterian Church of East Oakland, has received and accepted a nmnlfflani eall tn thaehnmh nf Olal. Ven- tura coonty, and will enter upon his work mere at once, tror ma reason ne nas ae- etined an Invitation-to supply the church St El Cajon. His address la NordhoK CaL Ray.

George B. Rieman, the pastor of the Twentieth street Baptist Church, near Ean Pablo avenue, will preach another pictorial sermon, uiustraiea oy panoramic nam tags, Sunday Rev. Dr. Alexander Calhoun of San Jose will occupy the pulpit of the First United Presbyterian Church, on Harrison street, pear Fifth street, tomorrow at 11 a. x.

and 70 p.m.-Morning, subject, "The Lord's -in connection with which cruar-' terly communion will be Even leg subject "1 Am the Lord, Thy God," Tr. xx. 1. 1 8abbath school at 10 x. v.

a. be preparatory service will be observed at 7 :45 o'clock tbis -evening at the church. Df. Calhoun will nreach a sermon nav. O.

H. Tracv. castor of the Free I aptist Church on Twenty-first street, be, gan Pablo avenue and Brush street. i 1 rreach Sunday morning, December isL at 11 a. it.

Prayer and praise earviee la te evening at 7 0 e' clock, conducted I IIecock will preach in the1 Eighth -xue Methodist Episcopal Church in the on "Spiritual and i.aessing Churcn' and in the even-r ci "One of the Few Men' in Whose There Were no Blemishes." Strangers i are cordially invited; A. Runyan will occupy the pni-" a First Baptist Church, tomorrow la we evening tas pastor wui H. SCHELLHAAS' ERNST H. LUDWIQi un THE MODEL AMEEI0A5 CATEBEE, li06 Batter Street. 8.

F. 1 81 i. i lyl Ijf BUT TOUR SHOIS Direct from the Manufacturer, Ann SAVE 25c on the DOLLAR Wo have Ladles' OKNUiMS YRENCB KID Shoes from op. and GUAKAXTKX KVERT PAIR. On Own fclalca Men's and Boys Shoos are the boat to ho had.

and EVERT PAIS ARB GUARANTEED. Give us a Call and Secure a Bargain. P.F. 1053 Broadway, Oakland. One door above Eleventh.

Bign ot the Big Boot. Branch of our store, 812-614 Market Bt, S.F. Do not get into the wrong atore. ITOo Kot Get Into the Wrong Store. We Have No Other Store in Oakland.

Velocipedes, Wagons, Hocking Horses, Toys and Dolls, Plated Ware, Fancy Goods. We are receiving daily the latest nov elties for the coming season. Our several departments are filling rapidly with attractions for the little folks. The young and old at THE LOWEST MARKET PRICES JONES' BAZAR! Cor. Ninth and Broadway, fin Basement) WE SELL YOUMANS HAT Westover Co III7-III9 Broadway, Oakland, Gat, HOLIDAY GOODS! A FINE ASSORTMENT.

H. BOWMAN Druggists 951 Broadway, Cor. 9th Street. A Eichwede, Muhr Co Fancy ni staple Groceries, FAMILY WINES, And Liquors. H.W.

Oor. Beyentli and Adelins Streey TIpboa 6. rear Balls. SNEISEMINARY I FOE B0A2DIHG AID DAY PUPILS 068 Twrlfth Street, Oakland CaL. Next term begins January 5, 1891.

O8T-ON BROADWAY. BETWEEN NINTH Mj and Twelfth streets, a diamond Ths oader will snitably rewarded by return-tas; same to O. HUNT, Oakland Horn in. sa ranee Co. de20-lw WANTED A OENIBAL 8EBVANT.

MTJ8T be a good plain cook. 122s Pablo aTenne. d20-Sta TLAT 074 ROOMS, COMPLETE 1 for one block from each loeal train. ml tare rvrrZ desirable. A.

G1LBEBT8. 900 Broadway. HOUSE FOR KENT AND FURNITURE FOB blocks east of Tribune Ad- diessABC box this deao-nrxj- rj 1ABGE LOT8 IN THE NEW XLEC-IOU trie Heights tract, $150 to 250 per lot, on -turau! heMtifiil Tlew ef the be and mountaina: one naif block from rrattrale line electric railroad, and only flra minutes from local trains. For bargains see E. W.

DAVIS at once. Twenty -third avenae station, Oakland. NOLAN IONS of ue state tor Meaiaaal Purposea. gsi ANQEUCA VI DE ORE. est FRONTIQNAN.

GRAPE BRANDY. 'e eo a RIESLING BRANDT (1875) SHTRRY SOo per gal. Wine Vinegar, 25c per gal. Eleventh Streetand lOOe to loos Washington fla. HOLIDAY GOODS.

for CHRISTMAS GIFTS, Seven Days Longer $2000 tVOKTH OP Christmas Goods AT A SACRIFICE. PARISIAN 'i NOVELTY BAZAR, 1 i 1163 Washington NKAB WOTJBTKKNTH STBKKT. THE GREAT 0Mart! The largest and best stock of TOYS ever, seen in Oakland may be had at JONES' BAZAR. This mammoth establishment is crowded with all the novelties of America and Europe. Tricycles, Wagons, Bicycles, Doll Curves, Wooly Animals, Rubber Dons, Bisque-Figures, ilbnms, i Plnsn GoodsVetfc.

76easiof 80c (4 lot nood im 1 00 (A 1 6 1 00(5 20S 100 IN SOS 2 61 04 Ot Sf 604 eototot Tkliphojce mi ORIENTAL CHRISTMAS GO JAPANESE BAZ 1166 Broadway We are In receipt of Large Invoices of JAPANESE AND ORIENTAL lotiniv sf Kasr Voa1Haa Im Porcelain Goods, Japanese Turkey Platters, Cracker Jars, I ALSO, BRONZE AND LACQUERS Pretty Presents) for 2bri Where to Oo. If you are thinking of fitting up a house or getting anything new in the line of household supplies you should go to a store where all yenr wants can be attended to, and where you are sure of paying bat one price for your goods. Such a place is the store o( Henry Scheflhaas, at Eleventh and Franklin streets. Everything nader the son Is kept at this mammoth mart, aud it doea not tske long to decide that Scheie haas is the best dealer In the city. A Fortune la a Nickel.

etr It is not everybody that has the faeulty of saving money. Young men especially are inclined to throw their earnings away in a most reckless way. It ia easy to save money if one only goes abouf. Jt in the right way. and that would be to patronize the five cent stamp system of the Peoples' Home Savings Bank ot San Francisco.

Five cents et a time is hardly felt, but it tells in the end. Tna McKinley Bill will not affect the prices, we will dispose of the balance of our stock of cloaks. 867 Washington street. STOCK QUOTATIONS. 300 A1U 20 Confidence 4 9" 400 6fmx Del Mo 60 Belcher.

-1 Sttgl 36 100 Benton Con. 2 00 WO Exchequer 4,, 500 .1 .1 80 400 1 S0Q1 85 2t0 952 00 100 Bodie. h5 109 Justice. 95 1950 100 Chall 600 650C.O. a 801 85(250 Mexican i-252 SO 71 100 Mono 40 .21532 65 100 80 200 8.B.&M.C 90 DIED.

CRIST In this city, December 20, Elizabeth Crist, a widow, beloved mother of Mrs. Carrie A. Morse. Mrs. Luella Haskell, Mrs.

Ella N. Adams, Mrs. Klixa A. Whltiock. and Mr.

John Williams, a native of Springfield aged 74 years. 7 mantes and 13 davs. Filends and aequaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral TO MORROW (Sunday,) at 2 o'clock r. n.f from the First Methodist Church. Interment private at Mountain View Cemetery.

LEET In this city. December 30. Samuel T. Let, a native of New York, aged 62 yean. llockport lew Tork, papers please copy, ngr-runerai irom nia iaie resiaence Fifteenth street, East Oakland, at LM r.

562 MONDAY. December 22nd. SACKR1DER In this city, December 20, At-wood gackrldcr, a native of Norwich Ontario Canada, aged 67 years and 4 months. afUv. Friends and acquaintance are respectfully inVlted to attend the funeral MONDAY, at 2,30 9.

from his late residence 1302 Franklin street. HONEST If yon are going to paint and want to knowthatjyon get A strictly Pure Faint, either lmy; specify Bus well's Any color or shade, made ta order or either Inside or outeide The Painter haa only to "apply the paint Offleo, SalosvooSB aa4 Taetoir. SOLX MANrjFACTUREES E. O. iBUSWEIA CO.i Cor.

Broadway ana 4th Opposite the ol Records, Oakland. PAINT tJT i' 1 ir JCC 1 i I- rc i Remember Our Location, BeL OAKLAND I1L ESTABLJSD 1871. Sole' Agent for lie Golden: Lota 1450 to 1600 cash payment. to $650; Jcaah payment, Cmistiah A Tract, Bkrkelet; lot3 cash payment; the Celebrated Belu Ranch, EfacoTO. Kich land, S3d0 per acre; casu; tne ieieDratea uzxxs vt Leaitdeo; price $300 per lot; cash.

E. W. WOODWARD 903 u3rc Ssa Francisco OUcs: CARNALLrFlTZHUM-HOPKMS COMPANY. 624 L'arlet A (I 4. Agmt for-James B.

HUl Examine prices before buy- ing elsewhere. You can get no such assortment at any other store as at JONES' BAZAE- CcrJ KInth- and Broadway, mp AF? AN ES Ei ill DAY 0 Vssaa. Japaaese 1er Cartaias, Wlctar Wsrs, Coon ti LAblisHILDN aiiroAenmxi ome open ssu sr. si --f 4-''-.

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