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us ii lam Si i on th evening of the shooting; went there of my own accord; went In at the side door: THE SUPERVISORS. wers taaen irotn toe uuuuia aou pas Latest Dispaf ones. The Seetetjr Taste tk Ptoee tav sw air. xv. jix.

Ajioya, iVHM le Young the safe, and not knowing that supposed all the bills bad been entered that Iat ladspeadsait Ptwsajrterlax anu mM ox sos) cisrsa oi tna nmna ai r. "by Mr. Pro. I Dreypolcher and Mr. DowtIm! mw Ir.

Ckmrela AdspUss ef the Cesisla- Pre si Chlrzes Preferred HsLnlfln. Full Eejrcrt of To day. ceedim. tallest List ef OfDeers, Last evening the old First Independ hay been allowed. a ximuurcs is darsl Mr.

Kay, who wm present, said to Mr. Marsh. Your number should bo isenu ana several poUo omeera. Th otfio was erowded did not ee Captatn I Lee don't rsmember eelng Ur. Buckley there; mw no pistol; Cause of the Crisis In j- Germany.

Rapid Growth of the Silk In ent Presbyterian Church, which will never be known by that name again, waa Bills Clsvlsmod ts sees Palel Ir- TrstlmAnjr latradaoed for tn Poepl tbe 29th instead of th 30th. No bills ow mi cauea my attention to tbe fact that a pistol wm there; officer Meagber crowded on the occasion of the estab dustry. refwlarljr Report ef the Jeidlel Deoa Interest Taken la the CtMi HC8AI V.73ATH PARTY. A atsxrpria ta Miss Llasi Bishop At Hajeyaad Affair Ust ef Pay I tlelpaata. The first party given under the auspice of the Floral Wreath Social Club, took place bast Saturday evening, in the form of a surprise party, given to Miss Lizzie Bishop, in honor.

-of her 17th birthday, and wm a complete success in every particular. During the lady's absence from home in the afternoon, the parlor was handsomely decorated for the occasion with flowers and evergreens, and the word Welcome," tMtefully arranged on the wall. Directly opposite wm placed a large horseshoe of no wets, in the centre of which tu tbe figure "17." At 8 o'clock the surprise rs assembled at the residence of Mr. H. P.

Bradley, and lishment of the Unitarian Society of Oak' land as the natural outgrowth of the en m.rf Cevsnsaltte Mlseellasisesis were audited that day. Mr. Hanifin Bat here is the offlcU paper. Kay That is th 30th. Matters.

nowea a package ooDtalning a pistol; did not find a belt on the person of the de eeaaed i Mr. D. A. Smith ia still at th of. no; I wm present at tb autopayi Dr.

Dennis wm tAere; th inquest wm held th day of th shooting from on to eight o'clock; the witnessee were called from a Oo Saturday th Jury In tboaa of tb People vs. I. M. Kalloch, charged with tb terpriee. Dr.

Stebbins preached eloquent sermon from tbe text, "For there France Forbids Importation of American Porke (Tund- Mr. Hanifin. It) Wo, it is Jnly 1st Now gentlemeni all the The Banks righting the in Bill. murder of fjharle Young, wm Com is one God, and one Mediator between The Board met thi morning at the bill were fraudulent and taken over in Iletd. Prosecuting Attorney Murphy Ood and men the man Christ Jesus, Chambers in tb County Court Hon) at an Illegal And fraudulent waVk and it is list famished me.

Prosecution eblected. which wm listened to with great inter opened th case, briefly alluding- to th trsgiy, and outlining th vldanc to th dnty of the District Attorney to com CABLEGRAMS TO THE TRIBUNE. 10:40 A. preMot Messrs. McClaae, Hanifin, Clement, Myers, Marliu, WM mence suit for the recovery of the Defense stated that th question asked to test the witness's memory-.

Objection withdrawn. introduced. All th witnesses war than Excluded from tb Court room, except th money. Mr. Martin The Hayward bill BTJNE SPEC1AL THE TB.

Green and Chairman Dusterberry. The; minutes of the preceding meeting were GERMANY, -Bismarck's Dwteatsxl Mearara. Berlin, February 21st. The cause ef one. testifying.

MU STIVEit another bill entirely. He wm only paid the amount allowed by law at the time, Tbe pistol wm produced at the Inquest; cs n't say whether juror bandied the pistol; Mr. Lloyd handled it. The knife wm handed -to th jury fur read and approved. Tb report of thai from thence proceeded to their destination, corner of 11th avenue and 12th street, Eut Oakland.

On arriving there. the recent Cabinet crisis wm follows: and that is why th bill came up as it Judiciary Committee, returning the re- Wi tb first wititM aminsd. II mad examination. TheTJalted States Ideas oat Central The Lower House at the Landtea had did. porta of the Auditor and Treasnrer as th autopsy oa th body of tb dcaed a hearty greeting wm extended to all as itness Have been Coroner for this Pacific Mr.

Hanifin Whatever may be said est. After an invocation and singing, A AClIIKESS MEETlNU Wm organized, and Mr. Charles N. Fox, Chairman of the Committee, reported that the first thing the Committee did, was to secure a home and ascertain the condition of the property of the old Independent Church. "We find," continued Mr.

Fox, "that the real property is subject to a mortgage of $9,000, not yet due, and that the mortgagees are unwilling to accept payment. The pMtor of this church worked hard and faithfully, spending his own income for the on tb 24th day of April Iaat. Thar waa correct, and that of the lloepiul Com oounty three years but December. Persona of that bill, it makes no difference in the a ballet wound under tb right noetril; tb mittee, approving Dr. Burdick's report.

Washington, February 21at The House Committee on the Pacific Kailroad are allowed to be present at inqueati my tbey Antered. Alter the usual introductory ceremonies and congratulation, the happy -throng ktined in sincine "The amended tbe Gorernn'ent bill on Local Administration. The amendment entrusted Supervisor thereof to the Local Council instead of tbe Landrath, pro-' -posed by the bill. When returned to the ball carried away two front Uth, Massed general question; tbe Strong bill was outlawed and illegal; the six months had were received and adopted nnder the uei-uiy ia often present, 1 Re direct Messenger Smith drove tb held a meeting take action on (tbe let toward and served th jugular vein. Th bead of report of committees, ibe -in expired; why did all these men Sweet By and By," at the conclusion of which as Lizzie wm called forward wagon containing the body to the Morrue.

ter of tbe Auditor of Railroad Afoounta, diciary Committee) reported as follows Lullet wm produced weighed 83 grain. Defense hi acted to. nrnduction in evi POOL THEIR ISSUES Cen- Mr. irencb, relative to thie on the Upper House, Von Eulenberg accepted and preseoteS with several gifts, among them being a wreath of the choicest I' Yug died from hemorrhage. th coaoffta, Just at that time? tral Pacific Railroad.

A resolution CLAIM Or WILLIAM BROWX, dence, because disposition of clothing since homicide, and that all the clothing was not WM to- Mr! Myers Who? To the Honorable Board, -The claim' adopted instructing the Chairman, th amendment. A few minutes after wards Rommel, Clerk in tbe Ministry ef Commerce, Bi-marck's special department. produced. flowers, presented by the President, Mr. E.

P. Sweeney, in behalf of tbe Club. good of the church and went hungry, l'r. Dorr, wm a worn: Wm la th 'Chronicle office th evening of tb 23d of of Wm. Brown, for 199 for service Mr.

Hanifin Franc, Hayward, Strong Butter- getter with RepresentativM Objection overruled and exception taken, until misfortunes overtook him to such a Cross-examined. unusual nnder and HalL wortn ana uiclcey, to call in stated that Bismarck's presence wm pre person A pril Saw th body of Charles Young; rendered and material furnished upon the Redwood Road, in Redwood District, be clothing was found nnon the deceased. degree that he wm compelled to cry nut for bread. Then it wm found that the consult Upon the Attorney-General and Mr. Myers Hall's wm a part of the after which all joined in the merry dance, which wm interspersed with games, recitation, vocal music, till about midnight, when all retired.

vented by illness, and read a paper to the' lountl on tbe body knife in a-scabbard. Mr. Reed I recalled for Drosecntion. tween Tebruary 22d and June 12th. 1875.

with him to the legal remediJ rrsnxbul. They all cam up after the and other property. Moved the Ixxly to proper church wm indebted to him so Saw nothing in defendant's hand when he offect that Bismarck cauld not consent- to entrust th-s supervision of th Cotnmuna Duerr claim that was allowed, and it to be taken under tbe Thurman the church really owes about S13.O0O. entered. Tbe presenting and firing waa act, or after expressing themselves; highly en referred to the Judiciary Committee of the Board, in con) unction with the District Attorney, has been duly considered, and was supposed the rest would be.

fhe old society felt unable to carry this United tbe work of a second. under the general la wa of tbe to irresponsible bodies. He would subedit tertained and satisfied with theeveuing's Mr. Marsh The bills were put in at Urosa-examlneL it wm abnat ten sec burden and have taken the necessary of tbe ritatea, to prevent any diversion! festivities. Among those present Were: we have the honor to report that onds from the time defendant entered the that time to be in before the funding of steps to dispose of the property for the net earnings of tbe Central Pacific to Ladies Mrs.

C. Sulsberg of San Fran I. Tbe servioe rendered, and the mate tbe indebtedness. office, fired the shots, and left. Experi purpose of paying the debts, and they rial for which said claim is made, was cisco, Mrs.

H. r. Bradlev, Mrs. J. M.

the bill to the Emperor, but would Insist on its revision in the Government's meaning, before applying it -to other Provinces. The House wm thunderstruck by the announcement. A semi-official paper stated Col. Gibson In this matter I wish to are authorized to convey it, subject to the ment by Ittghton, who held bis watch. Witness spaced eleven seconds.

Witness unauthorized. 1 Brown, Mrs. V. R. Van Pelt.

Mrs. O. leased roads, in prejudice of the lidn of the United States, and to consult with him generally in regard to allegations on the 2. That the work wm not performed mortgage, to him. Xben it can be trans appeal to the courtesy of the Board.

A Section of the Code has been referred wm asked to repeat the experiment and ferred to any society that will purchase try to imagine the incident of the shooting upon a public road of the County in which the general public are interested, and said subject made by the Auditor of Railroad to," to recover money illegally voted, it at a fair valuation. XSow. a Society Sunday evening that Von Eulenberg had already resigned. ami guess the time. Accounts in his recent communication to illegally audited, or illegally paid by theituying this would usume the mortgage vritnesu: wm in tne company claim cannot therefore be paid out of th General Road Kunrt.

I jiurKutjj naif aepi me ciothee since: there were bullet hole in th clothe. Da. T. H. UJCNXI Teetified: Charles Young In hie otlic on th evening of AprU 23d.

Wm la my office opposite when, the hoU war heard. Went to front window saw the Ohronidt onoe full of arnoke; Immediately went ot. Mr. De Young wm lying on to Ho or in the arnia of a friend; biornl ia.uing from hie mouth. Knew he W'J dying; did not live more than fifteen or twenty minute; witnessed th antoxy the following morning.

E. B. HEED, Sworn Knew Charlea De Young In hie lifetime; wm in the Chronicle office tbe 23d of April; went there with G. I 8pear; aw Mr. De Young; came in a few minutes after mv arrival: etoo.1,iU Treasurer.

The first is the Duerr the Secretary of the Interior. Tne sub- Stemming- tit Crisis. Berlin, February 21st. The Crown a. nat at tne lime saiu work wm ner- bill you have reported on that.

ent to the linsh Theater, Committee is to report on the! subject ana pay ur. Hamilton, reeling sure that this can be accomplished by the formation of a Church that will not stand formed, and material furnished, and aim I hail been informed by the Supervisors ent to a cigar store, and then went to Prince, Frederick William, ia actively pro Thursday. when said claim was presented. Lo-nit that the claim wm a just one and the the Chronicle office. Went there to get The New Bill on tattle Disen une 10 mere wm no money in moting a favorable issue to the crisis caused by the resignation of Von Euienberg, the one of the iiainphleta against Dr.

Kalloch, Board desired to pay the bills if they cut off from all other Churches, but have some fellowship with them, your Committee have sought to point out in which Washington, February 2tst. A sicial aid Koad District Fund out of which to which the clerk of the cigar store told us pay Mid claim'. We therefore find that could be paid legally. I wm personally informed that they were under consid Minister of the Interior. committee on cattle diseases Will, this about.

Haw Mr. Dreypolcher; didn't know bira at the time. Two or three persons Mid claim is not a proper or legal cnarge H. Bishop, Misses Mamie Sproule, Clara and Hattie Sulsberg of San Francisco, Nettie Tichcnor, Carrie Pray, Mattie Bangal, Jennie Van Pelt, Cora Raymond, Hattie Pray, Theresa Eagan, Nellie A. Brown, Bertha Raymond, Ida Wilkins, Ella Eagan, Emma Pray, Lulu Brown, L.

Bradley, Emma and Lizzie Bishop. Gentlemen Messrs. V. Van Pelt, Charles Sulsberg, J. M.

Brown, George Sulsberg, Fred. Schafer, J. Knox. W. Sulsberg, IL P.

Bradley, Howard Brown, R. Sulsberg, O. H. Bishop, E. P.

Sweney, Wm. Yarrington, J. T. Yarringtoa, Edward Lenox, Fred. Miller, W.

Bishop, E. D. Van Pelt, M. Siesbuttle, James Brooks, Charles Achard, C. Le GaL A.

Van Pelt, Frank Cordan, Edgar Wakeman. Theo, V. Yarrington, Elmer Howell, Henry Murr, Ernest Warren. afternoon, report a new bill designed to direction it was desirable' to attach this organization, and have instructed me to present to you articles designed to form against tne uounty eration for a long time, and I presumed it wm complete. That I didn't report meet the objections against the priginal were talking to Mr.

Ureypolcher. tie wm at the counter on the Bush-street side; W. B. Clkmkxt. signed.

It relates only to pleuro-pneunionia. wm a delay owing ta the fact that Al- a branch of the poke to him on the subject of iMunphleU, The Western and Sou a western viso Mid the work was done ana he Did not get a copy. Wm there about CMITARIA.V CIirRC'H believed the Board had ordered it. Senators will insist on an amendment against tbe counter facing me; Mx-r stood Wning against the south wall. The lnr to minute.

Mr. Charlea De Young In this city, the object of which is to be but it wm not on the minutes. w. S. McCla.hb, J.

J. IlANiri.v, Judiciary Committee. K. M. Gipjtos, District Attorney.

MR. HANinS MAKP.H A CHARUB. Upon the presentation of the report, include the Texas fever and all contag- came in just as we were going out we met biiu. We stopped at en the corner wm swung open and a maa entered, presented a Ut.l t- I There wm also a letter from Alviso to ious diseases. With this amen anent it the cherishingof Christian institutions, of forming a branch of the Church Univer rbe I can't say that we steped Duerr authorizing him to do the work.

"Young's face and fired; nothing was said would pass the Senate, but its ichunces in bMk. We were five feet from the door. a the time; 1 moved out from the counter It could not be paid on the District Road Fund nnder the law. I shall the House are very poor. The withdrawal We were very near the corner of the Mr.

Hanifin said that in hunting up the na Mr. Do Young paused behind me. of the original bill is a seve counter. We exchanged the time of day blow with him. I leaned upon tbe counter to tha Board i.f Health Tho who mi Koimi unci wm nreu over my boulder; the third shot was tired as Kai- sal, and maintaining a place of public worship and instruction.

A constitution was then adopted of which the following wm the preamble: Recognizing all the sympathies of a common Christian faith a faith reverent, Comuiis- HTASD BY MY REPORT. The claim of Strong I fully reported I POLICE COURT. directly after meeting flr. De Young. red the sioner ot Agriculture has requl locu passi me in pursuit of Mr.

De Young. My face wm injured by the second i record on the "Subject (of the claims he hail found several other claims which wore not properly allowed. If Mr. Hayward wm entitled to his account Mr. Brown wm entitled to his.

but it wm Governors of Eastern States to nterdict on. It was outlawed, bad been rejected by tbe Board, and the six months had Hon. John Yule, Judge. Proceedings had February 21st: Christie Harper, the the exMrtation westward of calves, My right elbow and Ms left arm were upon the counter outside. Mr.

Sear stood cIom to both of ue. I jiade a jocose remark about the pamphlet. We all laughed. That wm the first tbingr we ORBIT BRITAIV. Tha Warrhif Land Laasa.

Loxpon, February 21st; Tbe Timet Dublin special says: Tbe prestige of the Land League has sensibly declined. People are beginning to fear it less Outi rages have almost entirely ceased, aad the payment of rent has increased. A Cabinet Meeting. London, February 21st It is understood that the Cabinet considered the Land Bill for the first time on Saturday. One subject of tbe deliberation of tbe Council wai whether the Government could not potione the Army Bill until after the passage of the Land BilL Resaminjr Work.

London, February 21st. Six thousand colliers in Wigan District hav resumed work. Many resumed work in Hadley District. The military and the police protect the workers. i i TURKEY.

The Boandary (tnastlaa. Rome, February 21st. of the Ambassadors of the Powers at nople are to be presented to the Port to pluro pneumonia exists in the Eait. elapsed. When it came up the discussion wm whether the bill had been re not evident that Mr.

Hayward was entitled (o it. The Wire Fenee Monspoi talked I asked him for a copy jected. If the bill was a mistake, and United Chicago, February 21st. In th no ne wm so cloae. After tbe third shot, Younir pMsed through the fratej and when the fourth shot wm fired, le bad hi pistol in bis band trying to cock it he was holding it with both hands; be he wm on his kneea behind th gate; saw no pistol with him when the first shot wm i When th" fifth hot wM fired, Mr.

behind the counter, and Mr. Urren That bill of Mr. Hav- did not get one; Mr. De Young said he the same facts existed, they might re States Circuit Court, udges Driimmond had none; did not tell where we could consider it wara is an cm Din allowed over a year and Blodgett to-day refused a reb j-inn in get one. Mr.

Green You will remember that ago, part oi it wm allowed at on time and th rest of it afterwards, Wire the celebrated cases of the Barbed it that time there wm a bill before the Mr. Hanifin I don't know when uv immense Fence Manufacturers, in which rvailoch wm close to him and shot down at I nil he My he saw one 7 Objected to by prosecution. Sustained. Witness lie said he had none, and knew nothinir about it. Did not want the Legislature on the subject, and we de devout, and cheerful; of human breath, friendly to human life, its duties, its trials and pleasures.

Recognizing complete intellectual liberty according to the light that lighteth every man; establishing ourselves upon the common sentiments of justice, truth, and love, illumined by the influence that (iod in His providence vouchsafes to men, and especially by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we prescribe no limits, and no particularities, to the opinions, the convictions or the faith of any; but hear ily accord to all to hold such opinions, convictions, and faith as God shall reveal by His Word and Spirit, and by the experience of human life. part of the bill wm allowed. I don't In accordance sums of money are involved. ferred action on that account. The bill passed but wm not siued by the Gov want any partiality shown in the matter barbed pamphlet for anything in particular; went of the accounts.

I don't consider druuk, continued to 23d. David Heifer, drunk, fined $6 or three days. Charles Raushenberg, drunk, fined $10. Alex. Georgi and D.

Montan, battery, continued to the 24th. Sallie Haggerty, disturbing the peace, continued to the 25th. Thoa. Davis, on three charges of petit larceny, on motion of the District Attorney, wm dismissed. Chas.

M. Williams, charged with petit larceny, continued to March 1st, and a trial by jury demanded. W. E. Larkin, attempt at burglary, continued to 24th inst.

Jenuie Bumgarten, charged with vulgar language, fined 10 or five days. Ed. Bailey and Chas. Wadleigh, charged with vagraucy, continued to March 2d, and a trial by jury demanded. J.

Fernandez, E. Kane, Jas. Hill, each charged with petit larceny, were ajudged guilty, and were fined $100, $50 and $50 re with this decision, all the wire manufactured in the West i fringement on the Washburn ernor, and then we fell back upon your advice. an in- Moen Brown's bill correct, nor Hayward's. I Mr.

Gibson If the work wm done on a er the cigar man, said be thought I could get one there. The cigar man did not say he had a copy of the pamphlet. Don't remember who bevan the conversation re Manufacturing Company of Slassachu only meant to say, if one wm allowed! the other ought to be. I propose to be exact in what I say, and setts. It is stated that most of tn public highway, where the public wm interested, the Board had the right to draw manu facturers have already made terms with TO THE RECORD.

i on the Oeneral Koad und and not otherwise. I assumed that the action of the Massachusetts Company Here by the books, I rind work done; Doubts of Passing the KlvW and the Board wu founded on fact. Harbor BilL Alter the hfth shot, De Young arose and staggered up against the counter, when him in his arm and laid him bown on the floor, wher died. I he whole transaction occupied about ten or fifteen seconds. Charles De Young 'i 1 "hok during the whole transaction.

I be Jury were then conducted to the Ohroniclt office to view the premises, and toe Ur.rt adjourned until to-day. To-day's Proceedings. Th trial of I. M. Kaltoch, charged with the murder of Charle De Young, wm proceeded with before udge Temple, ia Department No 11 of tb Superior Court.

Tbe counsel for th defens ar If. IL Highton, and for the prosecution District Attorney Smoot. Assistant District Attorney K. C. special counsel lieu ben II.

Lloyd, Aleiander Camix day, with a view of opening negotiations on the boundary question. They will take cognizance of the Porte's promise not to commit any aggression. The Ambassadors have informed their Government that Greece should also be advised against? any hostile action. from 1875 to 1877, and allowed on June 29, 1880, to the amount of $1,780. Then IP THE BOARD WAS WRONU, February 21st.

The Sen it wm my duty to proceed and I cannot ELECTION OF OFFICERS. It being necessary to elect a Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer, and eight Trustees, agreeable to the provisions of the Constitution, on motion the Chair appointed Messrs. Grant, Phelps, and garding it. Mr. De Young said there hsd been other parties there on the same.errand, in substance; that wm all that wm said.

Can't remember all that occurred at the cigar store. Think now it wm my suggestion to get a iie.rni.hlet. I merely made the suggestion. There wm nothing said with regard te the fact of tbe pamphlet; no on said had seen one; dou't remember that anything wm asid while crossing the street; hav been examined twice in this case; not on this part of the question; there is a bill of 8 baa tea Frars for ate Commerce Committee has been all day over tbe River and Harbor bill, and $1.902 45 for work done in 1875 and escape it. 1 will do my duty, and if this Board or the member from tbe 1876, and another bill of John Hall on is rejecting and fighting amendments The Porte's lltlmalan.

It is said tbat the Porte hu informed June 10. 1880. Then there are spectively. The charge of disturbing the peace entered against Peter Corri-gn, Harry Lynvh, XV. Coakley, T.

Quigley, Jos. Lynch and B. Parattie, will be examined into to-morrow. Third Ward say so, I sm willing to il. Ti i 1 I pressed by Senators, which would liartlett, a Committee of three, to select the bills of H.

H. Strong foe Germany and Austria of the maximum cause its defeat, as there a roost deter After commence mo il uaa ueen sain i r. names to nil the various positions, that because Duerr bill was allowed all 1 .4 $2,3.12 75, which date away back. A I th conversation with Mr. De Younit VUbDUIh tnuu VV7lllUlllLtTO I J'UI LCll I lit? I he District Attorney reported adversely concession he is prepared to make.

They include the cession of the whole of The- turned uiion the Chronicle a newspaper the rest would be allowed, but this was not the case. names oi tne ana reeom- gentlemen, gentlemen, Address to She Men In Mr. Moody's on these claims. Mr. Hanifin then read from tbe official paper the report of Dis i mended tiieir election For Moderator, wm vv i i.

r' L. 11- after the talk i about the arophlet; have known Mr. De Young by sight for sixteen saly and portion of theEpirus, but the Mr. Martin Hay wards' work Porte refuses to cede Jamina or Melxevo. trict Attorney Gibson, in which he re all done on a public highway, but there br seventeen Years; lived near them; he ported adversely on the ground of his was no money in the fund to pay the bilL That wm why it wm not allowed.

b.llandD. S. Murphy. At tea minute to ten o'clock the jury took their seat and shortly afterward the sac used and 'his father. 3.

Kalloch, entered the Courtroom and took their seat at predecessor, Mr. room an having done recognized Mr. Hpear and I by name; the laugh wm about the facetiousnese of the ChronicUt not about tbe pamphlet; don't know1 anyone by tne name FRANCE. American Pork Importation. Paris, February 21st.

The importation kins Treasurer, J. W. Mackey Trustees, G. E. Grant, E.

E. Potter, C. R. Lewis. K.

W. Buck, C. H. Reddingtou, Carroll Cook, Joshua Barker, and Chat. N.

Fox. On motion of Mr. Fox, Messra. Tyler, so when the bills were presented to him. i no puis were referred to the of W.

O. Boice, of this citv; made Koad and Bridge Committee, and never the atteruey' table. Th Court opened promptly at 10 o'clock. The roll of reported back, and were not a legal claim of pork from America was forbidden because of the prevalence of trichinosis and the impossibility of examining cargoes, at port of landing. In view, of against tne county, lie then read from a statement to a reporter of the Coll, and also to the Alia reporter.

Mr. Spear wm with me at the time. He did not go into my house. I don't remember that I made the same statement to the Alta and Call jurors Doing caliel, Ur. IL Uorr wm 8ection 4,075 of the Political Code, giv ing the law upon the point.

mined opposition to the bill in tl le Senate already. They will rexrt it on Wednesday, when with only seven ds ys for its any delay would kill it. Its finrl passage is doubtful Views on the Treasarys tip Washington, February 21 it. The Western Senators express leir disbelief that either Folder or Morton will be Garfield's Secretary of the Treasury, and believe that a Wee tern man will be chosen, Garfield has ntimated already that he will nut violate the sentiments of the West on this point; Blaine's Sickness. Washington, February 21st -A dispatch says: Blaine has had a rel ipse, and is too ill to go te Mentor.

American Silk Mannfaei are. Washington, February The preliminary report upon the silk ma nnfacture of the United States, shows the ital value of finished goods for the year end ing June called witness. Mr. Highton stated that he had Objected to questions Mked of THE CLAIMS WERE PAID, a wltneaa iMt Saturday, to how many shots were fired. He stated that he would He continued, but just how they pawed reporter.

Recollect distinctly that I did not make-any statement that it wm my impression that Mr. De young tired the first shot. The statement in the Call to withdraw that objection. the Board does not appear upon the min 1'he Court ruled to allow the testimony 1 saw the District Attorney, and be said it could not be allowed then, and it was after that it waa allowed. It wm a different bill.

Mr. Hanifin There is no necessity for the District Attorney to get THE REQUEST OF THE BOARD, Or any member of it, and read the law wherein it is made his duty to commence the suits. Mr. Green Where will the District Attorney get his ground for the suits, or what part of them? He sent ia different reports on different bills, and we acted upon them. I refer to the Duerr claim.

Mr. Hanifin I refer to the Strong claim. There is plenty of ground for action in that. Mr. Meyers I voted and fought against the Duerr bill, and Mr.

Gree i was given to understand that if that a utee. I refer to this to explain my vote that effect wm incorrect. Mr. Highton called attention to the Call to stand It jrass Tbe examination of Dr. Dorr wm then on the Brown claim.

I cannot vote for it in justice to my bondsmen, who report. He argued that tbe report could commenced. At the request of the be read to witness for hi identification, prosecution witness produced th cloth' are liable, tb bondsmen of every member of this Board are liable for every ing of the deceased. They I propose to read the report published in the Call of April 23, 1KH0, to ascertain were accepted in Witness stated dollar voted away by the vote of any member of this Board. He If it is correct.

Mr; Campbell objected. Smythe and Phelps were appointed Judges of Election of the officers, and to count the bailots. Sixty-seven ladies and gentlemen having signed tbe Constitution, tbe Clerk was instructed to read their names, in order that the votes be made legal. On motion, the Clerk wm instructed to cut the ballot for tbe names recommended by the Committee, and they were duly declared elected. On motion, the President, Secretary and the three Judges were appointed a Committee to prepare the document, for filing in the County Clerk's office.

The First Unitarian Church of Oakland being regularly organized, the meeting adjourned. DEMOCRATIC SIXTH. The Club Meets mad Dissolves from the Deiteocracjf Into si Cltlxrn'a Movement, as It Were. The meeting of the Sixth Ward Democratic Club, held at Justice Daniel's office on Saturday night, after being called to order by J. Callahan, Presi that tbsre was a hole, evidently a bullet hole, in the rnht side of the head.

This Th Curt There no objection to next quoted from Section 4,086 of 30, 1880, was $34,410,463. The rinmber of Is the clothing that was on tbe deceased at th time of death. Mr. HiKhton objected that th whole resiling the report. Report read by Mr.

HiKhton. Witness (cross-examined) I never made factories is 383; amount of capital (real Oakland. The magnificent building of the First Congregational Church was crowded with an audience numbering nearly 1,600 gentlemen last evening. The choir consisted of about forty of our local singers, and rendered the hymus selected in fine style. The text chosen by Mr.

Moody for his evening discourse wm the Ten Commandments. He had written the Commandments on ten slips of paper, took them up consecutively, interpreting their meaning in a clear and vigorous mauner, recalling incidents tbat had taken place during his public life, appropriate to each subdivision, 'f Honor thy Father and Mother, and "Thou shalt not commit received particular attention, and many eyes were dimmed with tears as the eloquent speaker pictured the growing abuse of these commandments. In hi intimation, adultery wm a more serious evil than intemperance, and should receive more attention than it does from the public. Many a home is desolate to-night over a son or daughter ruined. A man who commits this sin is not hampered by society, but the woman is sent to ruin by bis act.

He may walk down tbe aisle of a church with his pure wife or daughter oil bis arm, and think all is hiddeo, but there is a righteous (iod who shall judge justly. Mr. Moody offered a short prayer, and then invited those who felt that they Were in need of prayer, to come into the inquiry room, while the congregation sang hymns 91 and 97, and then were dismissed. Ktnelle Mellvllle. This attractive, well-known and highly appreciated artist, with her unparalleled company, will appear at Dietz Opera House in this city, this evening, in the Royal Midily, with its fun and charming music, gorgeous costumes, ana the great gasie oi living chess.

Everybody knows game oi ii and personal) invested, looms. the political code, touching on the responsibility of bondsmen. I do not think under the law any member has a right to vote on bills illegally. If theee bills have been paid, it is the business of the District Attorney to prosecute the mat the considerable consumption of American pork by the lower classes, the French Gov- eminent will try to devise a lees stringent, but sufficiently protective method. Investigating-th Arms Affair.

Paris, February 21st. An extraordinary Cabinet Council meeting took place this morning. The Republican Left, in the Chamber of Deputies, will meet to-day to consider the statement published in the British blue books, recording the reported promise to sell arms to Greece. ttusaiA. An Imperialist View.

London, February 21st. The Ageneie Rutc says: The practical English mind, will now choose between the chimerical danger of a Russian invasion of India and -the reality of the vast and impaaaabl regions separating the two Empire aad teaching them to live in GREECE. Calling- Oat the Reserve. Athens, February 21st. A royal day cree has been issued calling out the reserve troops, General Morro being ordered to march northward.

The largest college ia Athens has been converted into a military hospital. SOUTH AFRICA. 1 any auch statement. I never had my attention called to any auch statement until now. i allowed the other bills would be, but I didn't vote for it.

8,467. The greatest number of bands employed at any one time during tbe year The District Attorney The St rone Mr. Kalloch entered the office imme was 34,440. The total aniouni paid in ter, and I call his attention to Section 4001 of the Political Code, concerning the powers of counties and how they are wages was $9,107,835. House.

claim wm illegal beyond (juestion. It had een rejected and barred by the six months' limit. diately after! the conversation. Mr De Young wm facing Montgomery street. He wore dark clothing; saw nothing peculiar about hia appearance.

I wm talking with Washington, February 21. MeMahon exercised. I intend to do my duty in Mr. Hanifin It was presented June 23th, and subsequently referred. He offered a resolution asking the Secretory of the Treasury for the full particulars of the him at the time and looked into his face.

My attention wm attracted to the defen tb premises, and I will show the members of the Board before I get through then read from the report of the0 District Attorney in the matter of the Strong refunding of ten-forty bonds id 1879, to dant by his entering the door. The door wm opened verj quickly; first saw the pistol when it wm presented to Mr. De whom sold, in what amount, coit, market that I have no personal feeling in the matter, but expect them all to act with me in doing what is right. Now, in the matter of I bill. The question was then Called, and Mr.

value, and all the correspondence with the Young' face. Have not read any alleged Hanifin moved that the report of the syndicates and banks relating thereto. Judiciary Committee and the District THE STRONG BILLS, honogrephi report of my testimony, have only read what wm in the papers. Tbe previous testimony of witness wm Adopted, Attorney be adopted, and Mr. Brown's He received $1,092 50, and those bills A bill was introduced by Warner to re ail by Mr.

Hkrhton. reirardinir entrance) create a 1'oard of Fiscal Inspection to of Kalloch. claim be rejected. The motion wm carried, and the Board took a recess for one hour. were not allowed regularly.

Afterward his attorney put in a bill which wm watch over the collections and exienditures Witness -r positively do notfemember. My testimony all the way through was of the treasury; to consist of thre members, Aftarssos Messloa. The Board resumed its session at 1:50, allowed. But what is a thousand times worse, I find, in looking over the bill, 1 that the only claims entered on the Clerk's books are entered on Jnne 30th. that Mr.

Kalloch entered the office with th pistol in hia band and th arm extended. not more than two to be from ose political party; to be appointed by the President; Timet for an No Slg-as of Pases, London, February 21st. The insiders the sign? unfavorable early peace with the Boers. Messrs. Marl in, Clement, McClane, to hold for life or good behaviorJand quali Mr.

Hirhton proposed to read testimony Green, Myers, Hanifin and Chairman Now, admitting they were allowed that fied ineligibly for any other office uuder the of witness in the Polio Court. Dusterberry being present. Objected to by the prosecution. The Government; to be 40 to 55 (years old. dent, with C.

Kelly Secretary, disorganized as a club and reorganized as a citizen's meeting, and all who were interested in the war against Republican rule were invited to join. A number signed the roll. Addresses were made by Mr. Murphy, W. W.

Moore, Col John Scott and Councilman Gill. Mr. Moore thought that tbe Sixth Ward had been neglected by the Council, and had a right to name the Mayor. Mr. Gill wm in favor of a citizen's movement.

Mr. Murphy spoke in favor of invit-iug all parties to beat -the Republicans in the coining election. Col. John Scott spoke in favor of inviting the various Ward Club of the city to join in the citizen movement. A motion wa made by Mr.

Burrell to invite tbe various Ward Club to join in the citizen movement. Carried. The change from the Democratic to Citizen's Club waa made on motion of Mr, Moore, and the old officers were retained. The following Committee wm appointed to call a citizen's mass meeting: Messrs. Gill, Lynch, Murphy, Burr all and McDermot.

and the Merry Midshipman. It an day, I find they were audited on Jane 29th, the day before they were allowed. Can any gentleman explain that? Mr. A communication from Nutting Son. Tbe salary Is left blank Mho go will be that immense.

1 o-morrow evening. ii document proposed to be introduced wm not a public document, and wm inconsistent. The Banks Pre trail in reference to extra iron work, on the Hall of Records wm received and placed plendid, melodious and attractive spies ilaoino then produced tbe bills, and ap Cleveland, February 21st. fTl.e banks Defense When the testimony of a wit- comic opera. The Vhimcn of A or- proaching Mr.

Merlin's desk said, "Here, on file. have joined in telegrams to the! Kepresen- ness ha bean taken down in short-hand. you can see for yourself; you were a Mr. Gibson said he wowld report 'nandy, or The Belles of CorneriOe, will be rendered exactly they were pre- tatives and Senators and the President, member of tbe Auditing Committee, and it may be presented to him and the question Mked. Tl this report correct, or not?" against tbe bill and pretest against it at all times it wm not properly itemized.

protesting that the Funding Bill, it yon can tell something about it." Th reporter can afterward be put upon ty Valasbl Now 1'atent. A patent has been granted to W. WILSON for GAS VALVE and SEWER TRAP, which affords absolute protection from Sewer Gas, that deadly enemy to life and health. San Francisco architt-cts have generally adopted this new invention. It is called the PACIFIC GAS VALVE AND SEWER TRAP, and MR.

E. G. JONES, 1001 Webster street, is Agent for this Real at ale. O. C.

LOGAN, 467 Ninth street, ha upon, his lists some very desirable property both city and country. lie is prepared to make favorable exchanges of city for country property, or of ranches for city lots. I now stands, will prove fatal tional banking business and HOW THEY WERE ALLOWED. Allowed, blank ordered paid, blank; tbe stand to tsstify to the accuracy of the trao script. tl tbe Na-the pros urge tbe rCBUC ROADS.

A petition from citizens of Murray perity of tbe country. Thev Mr. Campbell It ia a private in tbe sum of blank dollars; and above President to veto it. Snaw Starns. report, not published In any form or shape.

If that paper (a for the jiurpose of contradicting the wit ness. it should be given to witness for bis township for a public road wm received, bond approved and viewers ordered appointed. Messrs. Daniel Inman and Hiram Bailey, with the (bounty Surveyor is the. date.

He then produced tbe record of andited accounts, book IS, which showed they were audited June 29th. Tbe minutes of tbe Board were New York, February driving of the clothing wm not produoed. Huatalned by tb Court. Witnese There wm a hoi In th right breast of th coat. There wm a hole in tbe undercoat.

I did not find the balL Defense objected to the last answer. Sustained. Witness Th bullet remained In the clothing. I did not strip the body at th ollioe. Heart-bed th pockets.

Found a knife fastened to the vest under tbe right arm. Witness produoed bowie knife and sheath, and explained how it was fastened. Prosecution offered th knif in evidence. Defense admitted the knife in evidence, but objected to the clothing. Witness to Mr.

Campbell Th clothe have been In my possession since the hooting. The Court reserved It decision on the question of introducing tbe clothing in evidence. Cros-imind Wm Coroner at tb time of the shooting, Tbe clothing wm Irodticed at the inquest. Defense read i tracts of Ir. Davis' statement.

Witness I did not My anything additional to that. 1 cfnse read phonograph la report of everything Dr." Dorr Mid at tb In- pieat. in which he enumerated articles on his (D Young's) body. itnsss I am quit sure that that re- 1rt la inancurate. If I omitted mention-tig the clothing, the retmrt ia 1 can't say the report ia correct, air.

I examined the ciothee the aatne night that the body wm taken to tbe Monru. Did not accompany th body from the Chtnmicle office to the Morgue. 1 r. Dennis was at th Chronicle otfioe: Don't know whether assisted or not. I xaruined all th pocket I dob) all such cases.

I may have overlooked some pockets. Can't My If I examined the jux kats of the trowsera. Can't eay If I etamiuedthevest pocketa. Cant recollect if I i anytlting else beaidee knife in vest. I have a record la my office of all the property of deceased persons.

I only enter property of value. Never enter cigar, etc I hav her a literal copy of all that found on the body, including "etc" This Is a copy from' tbe property book. Have not compared tbe copy. omit entering nnlmportant article found on de-r. ae.l.

Want to tho ilorgue la advance) tfie body. It wm stripfisxL I did not in r-t remove the clothing any mem 1- A. Hnuitb, removed the clothing, or td. Kound nothing bnt a shirt next the body. D't recollect wha wm I when th bidy WMatripped.

may be exercised tn examining ingof rierson who dies by violence. .1. heeler arul W. T. Hamilton were present when th body wm stripped.

I'oxnd only an undershirt next tb bodj tw portion of the process; I bave I ire. hers the hat, overcoat, and nnder- of the deoeaaed did not rayaelf i d-ciiition of article found I it wm 1 written by a deputy; -1 the 4uits; found out blp pocket; a the other; dont remrrnher i' a in the vest; I retained the i my Mwiun, and two weeks I Lirn- i them over to il. II. I -it then, to lam l.y a deputy; I it tt.t articles found on sa evi (of the sea- examination. and Road Overseer, were appointed snow storm, about the heaviest son, prevails here.

BslUsa, Defense That would defeat th very then read for June 30th, to substantiate viewers. Another in same form from his statement, and Mr. Hanifin then same township wu received; the bond not being sufficient was, on motion of New York, February 21st. The amount Mked Can any one deny that these object of th prosecution: The Court I think th report should submitted to tbe witness, ia order that the may recollect th precise questions referred to. Western of bullion received here from tne New To-day.

bills were taken oyer to the Auditor's Mr. Green, referred back to the petition mines during the week wm $303,146. office and andited one day before they ers for correction, and the petition placed on file. It being half-past twelve, the Court ad ta Agra. were allowed even if tbey were MASONIC I NOTICE.

journed for one hour. 1st. No Harrisbcrg, -February Air. Marsh la explanation I wouldwav Mr. McClane brought the attention of fight.

quorum yet in tb Senatorial Qceenstowx, February 21t tbe Board to the bridge on Adeline street at Temescal creek as not being in a perfect condition. Arrived, Afleraaem Tb door of th Court-room having been THE OFTICER8 AND MEMBERS OT Oakland Chapter, No. Zft, K. A. are hereby aotiAed to meet at the Maaoai Teaiile.on TUESDAY.

February t3d. at Mr. alyers Where, doea the money opened for the afternoon session, impatient crowd filled tb room in a moment, Tb croea-e lamination of Mr. Reed wm that thetnlla, and here is a long list jof them, were taken over to the Auditor's office. Mr.

Ryder took these bills from the rest and put them in the safe because there wm a bond to be filed. When .1 took tbe bill to enter them I did not know these were there. Every bill ex cept these bills went through the nsnal coarse. These were only si tine for come IromT i Arrived, i Arrived, City of Berlin. i i Maria.

i Plymouth, February 21st. Letting. New York, 21st. VilUde Marteille: i The Chair Out of the General Road Fund, if there ia none in tbe district. resumed.

Witnese wm examined to his half-past II o'clork, to assist In the dedieatioa ot tb new Maeooie Tempi o. Ail Royal Arch ata-sonssre requested to attend. By order of the H. P. K.

H. BBOOKa, Reeretary. Cajreel Caaiss Changed. On Saturday a man wm passing along Fifth street near Adeline leading a dog, around the neck of which wm a piece of baling rope. He met the city official whose business it is to capture stray, vagrant and truant canines.

A palaver ensued, ani the following pantomime was observed by a distant spectator: Man leading the dog puts his hand into his pocket, withdraws it, stretches it out towards the maa sitting on the wagon carrying tbe canine cage, whose finger closed convulsively over something and then go into his pants' pocket. He alights, reaches into tbe cage, pulle out a Newfoundland pup half grown, hands it to the nun on the ground who looses the rope from hia dog's neck, transfers it to the pup, hands the other dog to tbe pound man, and each goes bis separate way. It is thus that public officials are sometimes corrupted with eota, and the official honesty tampered with. Can theee things be and overcome us, sented on the boards of the Bush in San Francisoo, with nothing left out, Mies Mellville in the leading character. Reserved seats for both entertainments are in demand.

Mauvais music "store will be open to-morrow to accommodate purchasers. The Oakland. Camp. Quite a large meeting, under the management of he Oakland Camp of tbe Army and Navy League, wm held at headquarters Saturday evening. An Advisory Committee of one member wm appointed to look after the politics of his respective Ward.

The following members were then appointed Executive Committee for the ensuing year: F. M. Cushing. M. W.

Woods, J. A. Edwards, P. W. Bellingall, L.

L. Bromwell and James Hill. A committee to prepare suitable resolutions on tbe death of the late Alexander GimmelL wm appointed. The Adjutant was instructed to prepare a list of the members absenting themselves from the Camp assemblies, for tbe purpose of transferring them from tbe active to the reserve corps. Camp then Taasral as Warn.

Ceedyastr. On Saturday, the attention of- the charitable wm called to the condition of a family at Oakland by tbe name ef Goodyear. A few of the citizens of Oakland responded at once, and through the labors of Messrs. Driakwater, Harrison and Miller, of tbe grocery house of Miller A enough wm raised -to pay the funeral expenses, Mr. A.

Chabot donating fifty cents. The family are very destitute, and now want Food for tbe mother and her young baby. The little boy wants clothing. Any article left at Milier k. Co.

will be delivered at ouce. recollection of hia testimony in tbe Polio On motion of Mr. Myers the matter referred to the Road and Bridge Court and bis lamination before the the bond to be given, and it wm not Coroner' Jury. Committe, with power to act. given at that time.

I think they were ThariaaaaafaCaankla. 1 The different parts of a coihinon Objected to by tb prosecution. reguiariy allowed in the board. Oakland Tare Vareln. Tbe coming masquerade of the Oak at.

alaMptt'e CaisircJa Fsvlr. The Fair at Uarmonia Hall, Alameda, Mr. Hanifin replied WHT DO THAT KOT ATTXAJt land Turn Verein, which take place Saturday evening ImI, was a success. a THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF Lorftr No. SI, are jCSTheesby aatisVd to meet at th Maaoera Teoil.

oo TUESDAY. February tt4, st half past It o'clock, to assist ta the dertinatMM of tha now Mason tc Tempi. All Master Masons ars eordially IbvIUmI to attend. By order of the W. M.

1. T. OARnrKER, Beerytarv. The different departments were well Here is the official paper, there are your minute; why is it that the Strong bills, which were andited on tbe 29th. do not managed: Fancy table.

No. 1, by Mrs. Saturday, February 26, 1881, at Gar-mania Hall, will be one of the moat attractive affairs ever given in this city. A new variety of costumes will arrive here in time, from tbe East, which will McCulfy and Leiere; table No. 2.

by Mrs. MeMahon; table No. J3, by, Mrs. eclipse anything ever worn upon occa etc die-flame are well worth ptudy aad teach as much. If you carefully look at the flame of a candle buruiSg steadily, you will see that the flame bonsists of three parts: I.

A blue, scarcely visible outer soae or mantle, and) where the combustion is completed. 2. An inner bright or luminous, where soet is separated. 3. A black coo in inside, consisting of the unburst gM given off by the wick.

The candle ia fact a small gu works; the wax pr tallow is the material which is distilled, the wick is the retort where the distillation goes oo, and higher up anl outde of this the gas burns. 'You can show this black Cone consists of anburnt g4 by taking a small bent piece of glass i'fe and put-the end into tbe l.k ntcr t-f the REST UuUSE Of KOOM3 AMI Quincbard, Embroidery table, by Mrs. and Mis Fernaadea. Refreshment tables, by Mrs. Kelly and Lewis, Misses' Himker and EarL Postoffioe.

by Misses I bath, rood era knprovomenta, ail ia trt- sions of this kind, including entirely new characters. There has been an unprecedented Mle of tickets. Sartesse Accident. William Hansen, the proprietor o(the Valley Dairy, met with quite a senoas appear in either? The paper is paid well for reportiag them and your books are supposed to contain a record of what is done here. Now, who took- those bills over i Mr.

Marsh I sappoee I did. I generally took all th bdl over. Mr. Martin I would Mk Mr. McClane and Mr.

Clement whether these Nil were not regularly allowed ia the Board. Mr. Clement I think so. Fannie Boyd and Katie Fitzgerald. A complete list of beacons, buoys.

accident yesterday. Upon getting out eiaas crxier; looatlon very daatrahie; 8 rtuim'. ealk trout a. station; sun Id every room: yard ia rear and lawn a frut; i month, water likcluiietl. t4 6 fur sale; earrwts nearly new Vv at rent r( pcu-Ues desiring to boy lunrtarv; j-r i-e i i ill c-rpeia on flor sivi -i If arnhad lor luttr'.

a-i'i-n I. tin i 1 Revolving Wheel, by Mun'lJzxi Boyd. Soda Fountain, by Mrs. Wellington. Grab Box.

by Alias. NulliTa. Two towers, and other day-marks, in tbe Twelfth LihthosM District, embracing the sea coast and bays of this State, corrected up to December 21st last, has been issned from th Governeot Print pot tidiee were voted to tb two of his wagoa at Seventeenth and Telegraph avenue, his foot wm caught in the brake and he wm thrown upon the sidewalk, sustaining a severe gtih upon the liirk c-f 1 is fcea lie was I i ve i 1 and were awnrded tn 7 That is my recollect- ing Of anl copies will be famish r. To-rr i i irrfc pm St St t' I -a i.

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