Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 10, 1881 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
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Thursday, March 10, 1881
Page 3
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OAKLAND JDAJLLiX T111UU1UZ, THTOSDAY. 11A.UCJ1 10. 1C31. THE 1IHLL0CII CASE. Tho rrMi-t v.Vlfth TtiiT tf the, t. Trial. Fur ther Efidenc of D Young! , Threat. Agalnat Dradnt1 - i. - Family. OneaftXVard ChamsT Ilia Stavte- jt Xr- Devla, the) :tVssily Paaleiaa of Dr. KaUeeh, Tw tifiMTae TmMruiui nf the Dafaadaat -Going Flablng, Re lieve 1IU BUnd. Alter receaa, James M. 1 arker waa re called anj questioned closely with regard to tli threats referred to liftbe morning. II stated in reply that be had told Be Young at th tint of hU making th threata, that ha would communicate them to th defendant. I RICHARD ORAT Called, and wu questioned with regard to c rtain paper bearing railroad bfficial marks. Tli questions were objected to by coun aid tir the prosecution. Th Court The . question has already been ruled upon. Mr. Hi-htun I think not. roar Honor, We rapoe to prove that a box of pain r.hlete were ehipiied to this firm and ctrcu- lated by them, and tnet on ol tneae peniphltiU waa received by defend ant on the verv day of the shooting. Now. we are entitled, without putting the defendant upon the atand, to prove every fact that operated upon defendant' tulnd. We insisted upon intro ducing evidence ae to threats, aa tending to ahow the at te of defendant a fear at tne time of the .hooting. Now, it la for your Honor to take Into consideration whether, if a paiephbTt waa published-reflecting upon defendant's father and famttyrit would not ahow a. malicious disposition of deoeaaed toward defendant's family. Secondly, wbethett it would not tend to act aa a pro- vocative upon defendant's mind. Now, ia not the'act of importing and circulating a ...... .1,1.. .t KL fUw4m Infinitlw Mj. ntriking than mere word, ven though they may be threata. We submit that all (. dence of a motive or reaaoa for a homicide honlii be admitted. After a long argument, which laated for over one boar, Mr. cauiporii aaia : as i understand it. it ia attempted to prov that Cjiarle J Young had brought to thia coast a pamphlet, not mentioning de fendant at all, but, perhaps, reflecting upon bia father. Even if th'a alleged pamphlet waa iuiported here, it would be no evi-denoe of aelf defence. It ia not offered to lie showm that he waa ever eppriaed of the -Importation of thia pamphlet. If any thing dJ affect bia mind, it is the receipt of the I pamphlet: that it waa 4 a acur-tiloua tjaturerand that h bad information aa to deoeaaed a connection with It. The receipt might be admitted, but not th im rmrtatlfn. ' Thia evidence can threw no light upon the atate of mind of the defendant at the time of the .hooting. The Court s Jateined the prosecution, and ruled the question out of order. , Defendant objected. Mr. Highton then offered to . make the iroof by a Mr. Dixon, that these partlcu-ar pamphlets, addressed as stated, were actually received, handled and examined by hiu Mr. Murphy objected to th testimony on the same ground a the previous question waa objected. The Court sustained the objection, and the defense excepted, ;nnrrT sHxairr j. a. tcm Waa nxt called. He testified that he waa standing with Deputy Sheilff O'Brien at the time of the shooting of Charles De Young j before the clothing store in the Ckronide building; I beard some shooting but I would not be positive; there were-f five or six shots nred; sounded aa if they came fiiom Hush street; aaw something in le Yoeng's hand; saw the defendant outside the building alter the .hooting, and Raw him arrested by Mr. O'Brien. On cross-examination witness testified that he? thought he aaw a pistol In De Yonnic's hand, but could not swear that lie did.j I . UK. 0. F. BUCKLIT Waa nTxt called. He testified that his. office wan diagonally opposite the Ckroncile office; that he waa requested to go over to th ollfc as somebody had been shot; went over ahL,saw le Young lying upon the to r of the office; did not see any police officer after be went in; did not as any pistol; remained In the office a few mlnutee after De Young's death. Under cross-examination, witness testi. ed that De Young was dying when he reached the office, and that be lrd about fir minutes. j DR. I. WORSHAM Was aext called. He testified that he went tortbe Chroniclt office with Dr. Buckley on th night of th shooting, and ther about ten minutes; that be aaw Mr. Lloyd there, and. Captain Lees, but did ant kaow bim; heard -an Inquiry for, a j'i.tol made by Mr. Llovd. Upon croas-cxamlnatfon witneas testified the aatne as in the direct examination, and at the close of his testimony, the Court adjourned until 10 o'clock this morning. ij Tn-day'a PreveeeUitr. ' To-day Is the thirty. fifth day of the Kalloch murder trial. The crowd waa detained at the foot of the stair leading to the main entrance o7 the Cocrt-rootn until the doors were opened. Only two or three ladies were present, the number having Lee a very much reduced. , At fiv minute past ten Bailiff Clough opnd th Court I lr. Kjklloch was not present at th opening. . ; Mr.I Uighton-Ther wm a little testimony given by officer . Ward, which I omitted yesterday, la Mth be eU that be beard four ' but on' re Section coocludod i t Kve t;n C've; never t--t , ! stancLrtg en a i cr wht-n It ... l 4. Mr. Cainpi, I tiwat t...uk ther I anvti.lug o-ntifc . ry. ' , ' , , Sir.' IlighUHi i -I, a w'tseas) states that hs has reiresi. 1 L,a recoiieetion nine t).e in niest, I think we are entitled to his orit iil statement. "r ; ' ' DR. ORoT K. DAVIS . TestifiedUave resided here since 1857, off aoJ on resided here eontianally since j 1871 am a pbysiclaa for the last eight year in this eity and count vj knewtbe lte Charlee De Young 1 v Ki't and hie brother also; for a number i t in .ntt-a prior to the sbootiag reaidsd at V'-'J Turk strait, near Jones; met the De Youngs frequently on th Turk streetcars going and coming from town; they need to get on at Jonee and Leavenworth streets; couldn't say bow often I saw tbem; met them frequently; knew L M. Kailoch. the tr f.ntUtit, foraiKiut five years; think he came : her after hie father have n the family jhys!cia it Dr. .....:.-! since he has been in this dty; 1 tbe defendant frequently and at-f ' t r wn professionally, same ae th i 1 aleaya thought the) defendant 5,4 -i a very nervoua tmeeranent; up to t e t .o of t!is ahooting of his fathor he i i ya of a pleasant socjal,dlpoiiUoo, a. r i (. t!. re was a great chanre; h be- i n an I pevUn and resUsaa; met I i.n ! ,. I'r. Kalioch was lying on a sick I -d an 1 aiu-r he came back fruaaKoonra: t ' . I I met bim, Lia face was fi ashed t v .s nervous, rstUe end nneesy, : ' eyes were CjnKsted; he seemed to t rmnl deal unn the injury that i i:. .. t-i uin his fui!y:couldo't .. i s m Uw Kurmi he aeeuieu nnea.y a 1 : t ' e"r-x ':. ui to the time i . of le Young; he seemed to I fns-nt!y snet-bimat bis ii' Tfc leconilti.b m ; i.e wm Bioit aiwara acting i I v 1 : I a rr Ue 1 f i t- - ! t would end seriously; he spoke of the Indi rect Injury to hi family, and of the injury which resulted to the health of hia wit and motlien the longer I knew him th more morose and unsociable he became; I used to try t reason with bun, and tell him that all would be righted in time. . He dwelt a good deal on the .object of tit shooting of hie father, and of uie premature eonnaemenc oi nia wue, caused by nervous agitation, by which she nearly lost her life; fsh was m Sonora at that timet have been speaking of the ditto ol thlara that existed np to th 23d of last April; thought sb kept getting worse u anything; Bf action snowea mm .a -..I a. . a 1 to b la one phase of Insanity. IJ rose-ex. mined: uecame aoqusmiea wiU L M. KaUecbat bie father's rest denoe about five veers airot think It on Mission street; I resided at 11 !8 Sacra mento street, about two mile from Kal loeb's house; went to the house when sent for; sometime four or five time a week. and sometime once in sis months: Mr. Kailoch went to Vacaille shortly after I became acquainted with him; i after hia return he ' took a room In tbe Metropolitan Temnle: I . bim on HundaTs. and he sometimes visited my office on business; he then went to Honors and remained then two years, I thiok; aaw bim after tbe ahooting; his eyes were bloodshot; never traveled from Sonora to1 Sacramento, and don't remember If the dust would make a man- less bloodshot; have beard him . reach at the Temple, of bleb, he became assistant Pastor after his return from Honors? he. spoke -ood sermon for a young man. He hie father's clerk at the Mayors office and used to aee him there; he fre-nuentlv came to mv office to see about hia child, who waa ill: we were so ms what of congenial temperaments and we need to go n batting excursion to lAk Merced; three or four montha after his arrest I saw him at the county iail; two days after the shooting he came to my office on business; w talked on a variety of subjects, about going fishing when tne season opened; he seemed t . anticipate irood sport: .aid he thought the- . diversion would ease bis mind; have prescribed for Kailoch' on head troublee rusk of blood to the head gave bim belladonna and iKnacia; thia was within three or four weeks previous to the shooting; did not ffo to see bim at tbe jail because ousineee would not permit, and for other reason had intimate relations with the family. lie-direct Mr. Kailoch 'a child was sick. off aud on, since Mr. Kailoch returned to the city; that Is the child th defendant represented to ms as having been prema turely bern. . O. What were- your other reasons for not visiting him at toe jail? untected to and overruled. Witnees Because I expected to be called as a witness. Hr. Hiffhton We expected to prove that a lew hours previous to the shooting. a detective visited all persons bavins' re latione with the Kailoch family. Witness Treated Kailoch for oppression and rush of blood to th head; prescribed beiLvlona for congestion of the head, and ignacia to calm the nerves and on account of loss of memory and dyspeptic symptoms. To Mr. Campbell--Did not ear that brain troublee caused dyspepeia; cerebral irritation ia a diseased atate. perhaps from a ruah of blood or epilepsy; epilepsy Is net entirety m nervous disease: it muigi De called a partially congestive disease; don't think it la at all times a disease of tbe ner vous system: it is a brain disease: rave beliadona three times a day for congestion; 1 practice on the homeopathic system; gave bim beliadona: and gave bim nux- vomica for const! patiou and mental acti vity during sleep. Dr. J. Mearee called, and testified -Have resided here about ten yeai s; am a cian and surgeon: am Health Officer n thia port; have been examined in Court on matter of insanity; was examined in tbe Wheeler case; have been examining physician for the ioaans; have not given extra attention to th subject of insanity, ex cept when examining physician; Maude- ley- on itetponsiUUty In Mental Disease," is a very high authority; Kays and Brown's Medical J oris prudence ar hib authority) Blandiord is also; the American Journal of Insanity baa a fair standing; Dr. Edward Jar vis is good authority. ' j v Mr. Jlighton stated that b would read to th witneas certain passages from Mandsliy. Objected to by tbe prosecution. I Mr. Hiirhton The reading waa allowed in th Schroder and other ease. (Bead Section me. Civil Procedure. I The Court You may ask th witnees the meaning of certain indication. ; Mr. Higbton -We desire to present testimony to prove Irresistible Impulse bafore . the Jury - for their decision. In these works all the varima kinds of insanity are discussed, but all we desire to introduce is that portion which refers directly to irresitible impulse. We desire to call the attention of the witness to certain passage and ask him if he agrees to them. The law of common sense and loe;ie show .that the jury should be placed in the position of experts, i Every time an expert baa testified it has been a usurpation of the functions of the jury. When they ' have all . th I fact befor them they are as competent to decide a any witness that can be placed upon the stand. I What we desire to do ie to call the attention of Dr. Mearee to short and pointed passages from thsse works, and ask if be agree with them. .- Th Court I suppose this witness may go on describing this disease from a medical point of view. I; don't think it is necessary to read the authorities. Yon can have an exception which will make your position secure. i Mr. Higbton We would rather have the testimony than th exception, your Honor. He then stated be would read pages 133 and 144 -of "Mandsley's Besponsibility of Mental Disease." - -- To the Witneas Do yon agree to thl4r aot '". j " - . i - Objected to, sustained and xceptjorts taken. ' , i Dr. Mears was withdrawn, and asked to be readv so testify at 2 o'clock. - Mr. Uightanw-We will now read to the jury several pages from N. MaadsleT; Objected t, and sustained. ; V LCTTBJOX UCkTHT.' ' Called, and testified Am dty and County Attorney; have 'resided here and in Oakland sitae 187- I know the defendant I. IX, Kailoch; formed Us acquaintance ahortly after th shooting of bis fathsr by Charles De Young. t , . .' . .. . ; 4 il j acted to, and overruled. . IXavve known him and his father since) that time; think I knew of a controversy between Mr. De Yeong and Mr. Kailoch prior to the 23d of April, 1880; had aa in-terviewwith some one representing Charles De Young, with a view to winding ce that controverry on th same day De Young was shot, about 11 o'clock the interview was with Beo ben H. Lloyd, at my office In tbe New City Hallt be earn there to endeavor to eee what oouki be don about stopping tit fend between the two families, Mr. Lloyd representing De Young's side, and I represented the Kailoch aide; I don't know if Mr. De Young was under indictment at that time; 1 communicated thia conversation and ha remit to Dr. Kailoch after the shooting; Dr. Kailoch knew the Interview was to occur and it object. Q. What took place at that Interview! Objected to aa Immaterial. - Mr. 1 1 Ik b ton I think th evidence is very ssntoriaL If ft ts shown that Mr. Lloyd showed vindictivensas. it -would have an Important bearing in the esse. Th Court ev err led the objection. Mr. Lloyd cam into this "office at 11 o'clock and we sat down; I said that Mr. De-Young waa the proprietor of a great paper and Mr. Kailoch the Mayor of a great dty and that the antagonism between them ateated mock turmoO. That I had heard of a pami hlet about to bo leaned, which would cause considerable trouble, and perhaps bloodshed. ' We talked about aa hoar and resolved to see what could he don, and agreed to meet oa the following morning. I did not aee Dr. Kailoch da that day, but expected to meet him aext morning. . ' , Ooae-examtneJ-I first apok of th matter to Newlanda, who communicated with Mr. Lloyd, and the aa appointment was made wlLh me by telephone; dont remember that Mr. Lloyd and I spoke abnit Dr. Kailoch or hia family. The Court then took aa adjournment to h'i- est one o'clock. Iro'.Vlyn I ve t' Lod?, Ko. Z2 -tr t..;h tTt ' -x I . '. i:. of p., "s --' i t . 1 CF HEALTH. Favrale Ba.wl sg of Uk Beeatataf a r-Kv tmr tMm XXoatai ao rmmrwDr. Learler Caatelei InlM f Beatlaay tfc Ul ' kkMl ae IwsafBeteat-IUawrt -tne Sasiltmrr taapoetor, "Th Board, or Usalth held a meeting in tha Citr Hall last venin2. Th meetiog waa called to order promptly t 8:10, Mayor Blethea In tha Chair. Preeent Drs. Brown. Lsgler and Wool aev. and Citr Ensiaear Morgan. Tha minute of th previous meeting were' raad and approved. "T". Dr. Brown, of the Committee on Sewerage and Garbage, filed a continuation of hia report. Dr. Lester reported on the capacity of the High School heating apparatus, from a preliminary examination, it waa con cluded that tbe heater was not of sufficient capacity to comfortably heat the school. Tbe Health Officer reported th num ber of death for February to be twenty- six, and th annual deatn rate per thou sand, 8.91, being the smallest for the month of February in aevea year, ex cept that of 1878, when th rate was 8.82 per thousand. Tha greatest nam ner of death occurred in tb irrsi Ward. Tha largest number to propor tion, in th 8eventh Ward. One caae of small-pox was reported during th mootn. The number ol ooutagious rti s waa 'reported much smaller than heietofor and decreasing, ' probably owing to the effective sanitary measures taken. Th Sanitary Inapector reported toe number of premises inspected.' oz number of reiaspectiona, 219; private complaints attended to, 25; nuisances abated. 64. The Committee on Com merce-street newer and on garbage damp were allowed further time to report. It being stated that it would probably be tha last time that Mayor Bletben would preside over th meetings of : the Board of Health. Mr. Morgan moved that a vote of thanks be tendered the Mayor for the efficient and courteous manner in which ba had presided over the delibera tions of tha Board. To motion was carried by. an nnanimoa vote. Dr. Woolaey. in connection with the fore going resolution, paid a nigh compu ment to the Mayor for the intereet ho had taken in the proceedings of the Health Department, which he considered one of the most important department of the Mamcipal Government. lie con sidered it a wise action on the part of the Council in that sanitary matters bad been left entirely in tbe bands of the Health department. The meetiog then adjonrnod. WHR IS THE WOMAN? Taio Mterjr oftfe Wtmi. who Lcsped 1st (he Bar Prebakly aHMi- Ka Parther Pmrtlemlars Am aaoaynsoas Letter, The story that a womaa had jumped into the bay from the feiry-boat Oakland a short time since, created considerable interest at tha time, and ha excited much inquiry sinoe, particularly as the alleged suicide occurred very soon after an attempt of tha same kind had been made by a lady on tb boat aud train, and was ".frustrated by officer Brown aud others. Upon inquiry so positive evi dence of anything of tha kind can ba found. When it was reported that a woman was overboard. Captain Hngbes, who waa in command, a topped hia steamer, put out a small boat, but SO OKI OOCLD nl FOUND. Upon questioning those on board, the Captain could find no one who saw any on jump over and ia ofhe opinioo that the whole thing waa a sensation gotten op by soma one on board. A ladjr- weot to the bar and procured aome peppermint and water and then went upstairs. and was afterwards missed by those who bar on the lower deck, and that eeems to be tha whole of tha story. Tha bar-keeper noticed nothing peculiar in the actions of tha woman and she would probably not have been noticed at all ex cept that she was in a part of the boat not ordinarily frequented by ladies. Last week Captain Brown received tha following letter. If it is intended as a C' e it is meaningless, but if any woman been miseed her friends should : immediately come forward aud notify the officers: THI MTBTXRIOVH LXTTZR, March 4,-18il. Captain fUeamrr Onldnnd Sir: Will you please get the full description of the young woman who jumped from your boat oa Wedneeday night at 8:10 T. M. Was she afcort, with very light blue eyes, brown hair, round face, dimple on chinT If fou oouki se officer Brown, he would know if it was the same who attempted suicide last week and give a full description. .Will yon please put description in the paper, but not as though I had written. , A iRVaUD Wao Fs&aa. (Private, please.) is USTCSTUSATl ACCSIST. Gearsr Tartar, Rasa Cttr Prtvraa lata Last night, aboat XI a'olocR, Mr. George Taylor, tha City Fonndmatar, started ia hia baggy from hi residsnse, Nat 1275 Market street, ia search of a physician for hi, Wife, who waa taken lit On Market street, between Twenty-aecosvl and Twenty-third, there ia a sewer aadergoiaji repairs, and for scene ressea tha proper guard were not ia poeiUoa, and Mr. Taylor,, who was driviar rapidly, weot p'nto tha ex oavatioa. II was 'completely stunned by tha Fall, and remained ia an aaooaecioaa atata . for several hoar. He waa discovered by Lieut.:, Greene, who rendered ' him temporary asaistanoa. Ha - received a severs cat on tha head, several of hie teeth were knocked oat and. hia hip bruised. The ia juries are not of a dangerous natnra. Tha horse was badly hart ia hia efforts to extricate himself. ' Tate BaaeltaJk's Partr " . Camron Hall was well filled last evening with tha aTjasabara and intimate friendaof Oakland RebekahDejre Lodge, L O. CL,F The programme cooaiated of mnaical and Lterary exercises, aad tbe numbers were well received. Tbe vocal sola of Mr. T. A. Brittoa (in costume) from Girofle Girofla," waa given with much fervor aad tha acting waa perfect,' The exercisea concluded with the laurh-able French comedietta of A Cmp - Tea with tha following east: : "Sir Charles 8eymoar, Walter EL Gxavee; Scrog-gins.-J. A, Britton; '"Joaeth,, U. F. Laeaa. Jr.; "Lady Clara Seymour." Miaa Ida Wilkin. The friends af Miaa Wit. kins, Mr. J. A. Brittoa aad Walter E. Graves, ware agreeably surprised at tha ea joyable manner wita which they performed their respective part. . The affair closed with a social dance, which waa kept up until aa early boor thia' morning. . - - .- " Rt.smajlleam TJity CsmtraJ Cs Ittse. . - The meeting .of the Cify Bepablicaa Central Cotamittee waa bald last evening i rooms No. 8 and 7 of Benitx Block, corner of Tenth aad Broadway. 'Tbe Cnairmaa, Wi'liam Collina, called tha snooting to order and was elected Chairman, with Jamee K. Johaston as Secretary and T. . J, King . a Treasurer. The following Executive Committee waa appointed : Thomaa 11 an, IL ti. Van Arman and J. W. Oaborae. After a conaultation by the Committee, a Bomber of j romiiieol Ilepubacana were admitted, adiresses were r&aJ by General lIaiIv"tLerh sjbI others, sn i arraar-mtn'i rr. '- f it tl e yo-r-t end 'active wr t i f t" -I. be . .- . ST. JSStPH'S ACACLMY. BaUaf r gor tka Manila ef "- ' tmavrr Progress as tha ateJaeat. . . Among tha proaperoas and progressive educational institution in which Oakland takes a legitimate pride, is St. Joseph's Academy. Aa a select school. it has a well-eetabliahed : reputation, which it uphold by earnest work and well-directed efforts. . It is conducted by tha Christian Brothers, and. claim to hold itself oa a line with tha moat modern improvements in th method imparting instruction. ' Tho Director, Brother Cianan, is a popular educator, who has been very ncoeesfnl elsewhere. aa d who evidently means to eueceed here. Aa a combined boarding and day school, St. Joseph's is fully answering tha' larga expectation of ita friends. Tha 'number now ia attendance is can-side ably larger than that of last term, and tha progress e fTected by he stu dents proves itself to be eminently satis factory. TTne Kev. Bro. ttettelin, of St. Mary's College, who is tha Provincial of tha Christian Brother on this coast, has spent all of the last five day in making hi official examination of th schooL Tba object aimed at in such nearcbinoi inquiries periodically made in tha Chris tian, isrothera academies aud oolleges, is, not only to ascertain tha exact condition of affairs, bat to provide for at-aver change or improvement that may ba deemed necessary. Tha teacher, as well aa the class is, as it were, hauled over tha coals without any material injury. The answering oi the boys waa as good as could be fairly expecteji of their yeais, and in many casee does them signal credit. The general result may be justly described aa extremely gratily- ing. l be gentlemanly deportment aud fraternal feeling apparent among the students, waa highly commended . by Brother ilettelin, aa it muat be by any other visitor. The good effects of having day scholars compete in their classes with boarders wbo have set noun lor study, were easily observable. The Academv is, ia short, doing exoelleut work, ana vivos promise of soon making for itself honorable record. Annexed is tb roll pf honor for February: First D parfment. Second Class Charles Smith, Eugene J. O'Connell, John F. Smith, Thomas J. Harrington. Second Department, First Class J no. S. a rett, Louis L. Arguelia, Henrv. P. Al varez, James P. Howard, Alpheus A. Redman. Second Class Manuel M. Eyre, Daniel J. Wheeler, E. P. Demp- sey. lhird Department, First Class Wm. V. fnce. Fabian Alvarez. Henrv Garfield. Second Class H. Melody, V. Sirvoceo, B. Camon, W. Wallace. OAKLAND BREVITIES. The steamer Areata 1 arrived with 200 ton of coaL Company A gives iU month! v social at Camron Hall this evening. evening Star Lodge of East Oakland will give a public social on the 30th. University Lodge. L O. O. F will hold an interesting session this evening. Oak Leaf Lodge, A. 0. U. W. of thi city will pay a fraternal visit to Valley Lodge of San Francisco on the 21st. The yawl VioUt has been fitted for the yachting season, and will take a trip round the bay on Saturday afternoon. Grass is growing on tbe mole at the Long Wharf, where the new ferry buildings are to be erected somewhere in the distant future. The new proprietors of the old T-amn Wharf at East Oakland are putting it in good repair. Already a pile driver has commenced operations. Measrs. Miller and Brown, the men who wre ioiured bv tha fa.1 in or of a rnnf at East Oakland last Monday are improving. They will recover. The wedding of Miss Dora Hirshberg. daughter of S. Hirshberg, Esq., of this city, will take place at the Masonio Temple on Sunday, the 27th inst. cslThe Citizens' Municipal Nominating Convention will meet at the Academy oi Music this evening, for the purpose of nominating a fall Citizens' ticket for the election on Monday. The pediment on the new Land and Loan Company' building on Twelfth street, between Washington and Broad way, la being ornamented with a raised seal of the State of California. Mr. G. Burr, a member of California Lodge, No. 1, L O. O. F., of San Fran- cisoo, and who was so severely injured a few days ago; is receiving careful at tention by the General Keiief Commit- Dr. E. T. Barber brought suit aaainat F. J. Bonney, yesterday, in Juatice Church' Court, to recover the urn of $38 50, for professional services ren dered. The claim was dismissed aa out lawed. An English bark laden with screen ing baa been lying on the bar of San Antonio Creek for four days. A lighter was sent daws yesterday to take off a part ef bar eargqaad aha will 'probably be got afloat to-oay. r lm swAt fc.saaltswes . 8aator Wateoe, af Nevada eoaaty. ia paying Oakland a visit. Ahbtaho0 BlaaChet. wbo baa charge of Oreeav Waahiagtoa Idaho and a part of Montana, has resigned on account of ill health. The engagement ia announced of Mr. Rutherford B. Hayes,. Jr., to Mis Smith, daughter of Win. A. Smith, Collector of the Port of Chicago. On the 23d instant, Miss Nettie F. Parker,, daughter of Hon. II. G. Parker, formerly of Carson, Nov., will be mar ried at the residence f her parents, at Oakland, to George Bond, a young merchant of Boston, Mass. Senator Dickinson of San Francisco Assemblyman Coleman of El Dorado an Alptne counties. Hon. Meeea Drew. ber of tbe State Board of Equalisation, and Charles P. Nataaa, a prominent Sacramento merchant, wr in this city yeneraay. , , : , General Jeaepb Lena, waa ran- fori the Vme-Preatdency on the Brecken- bndge and Lane Democratic ticket, tbe hero of many Mexican war battles aad Senator from Oregon, Is seriously ill at Rose burg. Douglas aonaty, and is not expected to lire through the week. Professor Ira Moore, of the 8 fate Nor-mal School, delivered a lectara before j the general assembly of students this afternoon, at 2:50 o'clock. Subject, "Haumbai.- Two attempt bare been made during the last few daya.to burglarise the resi dence of Mrs. A. A. Shepard, Berkeley. Tbe first of these .waa anauoceaaful, though the window were tried ia aeva-ral pLeoee, aad attempts made to enter in ether ways. The second asasy waa thwarted by one of the family observing tha robber ia tne yard wbU attempting entrance, and.frigbteaieg bim away. The burglar was probably one of the several tramps who pa wbo bare been prowling ia tha week. the neighborhood daring tha peat Tha Berkeley train was thrown from the track near Point station yesterday by a misplaced switch. Tbe switch-ten der had loft bis plaoe to reeca a little child an tha adjoining track, and wi enable to reach his poet again in time to preventthe accident. " ( Flaw Almrasw : The alarm of fire last eight, at half-paatS, waa from box No. 18, corner ol Sycamore street end Telf r; h avenue. It was ca 1 1 y a c.f ..v. C. " I t t frs, !j vtsco? : ! t t c' .-'7 f t'.e rv ' : - f : '. : .:. l : t the L-::iscFAmr.:::i. - DfTRODCCTORT. Editor Tribcxr: - Living In retirement from the wide world, and having observed the gradual rise of Thz Tribcwr, I have concluded to prepare a series of articles ... . . . bioa x thin it wiu interest many oi your readers. . Tbess ; will emarace practical view oa living subject, th current areata of tb time, th present political situation, literary criticism, and whatever alas shall come within tbe observation of an Independent writer. ; My sole purpose In the papers will ba to add what l can to tne general interest of ThR Tribcsi; to do what I can to amuse aad instruct Its read ers and to belni advance tbe aeneral wel fare of one of the moat delightful cities 1n the whole world. " THR GOVRRROR'S FOLICT. At the opening of the last session, the newspapers all agreed that the Republican party, having control of both Houses, would be responsible for tbe conduct of the Legislature.' If ita acts were wis and henificent, it would be well with the Re publican party in the next campaign; if otherwise, it would be bad.. It ia unnecessary to here respect the unanimously. aavage expression of the public press. The conduct of the Legislature has been as bad as possible unspeakably bad. nnpreoe-dentedly, Infamously bad, in one of its branches. Aad bow. according to the area era! agreement at the beginning of the ses sion, it Is net very clear what we Kepubu cans are going to do about it. Governor Perkins ia much troubled in mind, 1 and is sparring for time to get hia head clear, The idea of winding up such an Assembly macbina for another run at public expense. is abhorrent to his moral senses, but the odious act seems -to be- unavoidable. At the time of adjournment most of tbe mem' bers wanted the extra seesion to begin immediately; but -the Governor thought they bad to go home, cool off and get lectured by their several constituencies, be fore commencing an extra session. -An the infliction seems to be inevitable, I do not clearly see what is to be gained by putting on the evil day. it will only add to the general sum of expenditure, an increase of mileage, and since tbe people have to be taxed for the support of a certain amount of political vagabondage, it might have been better to have kept them at tbe Japital, and saved the expenses ol transportation. THE OAKLAND BENRVOLR5T SOCIRTr. I am impressed with the fact that a great wrong has been committed in the recent attack upon the Oakland Benevolent So ciety. It does not appear that the Secre tary has misappropriated any of the funds. his offense consisted t solely for devoting bw whole time and attention to the bum item of the Society. If tbe income of the institution is small, it ia probably not the fault of the Secretary, and the development of the fact ia not at all credit able to the charitable impulses of tbe city; it a noma oe recoueccea, nowever, that toe society ie yet in its infancy, its very exis tence naving been hitherto unknown to a great many kind-hearted and charitable people. As it is one of the outgrowths of Christian civilization, any attempt to cut off ita slender resources and destroy it beneficent influence 'must be regarded as a crime against society. Mr. Sears is to be congratalated that he has not been yet accused of wearing out the old clothes that bave come into his custody, these having been the chief income from popular sourcea. it is indeed unfortunate that ill directed enterprise, from whatever motive, should have thus devoloped ludicrous facts calculated to make our charitable i-eo(Je laughing stocks ou the other side of the bay. THR OUTBURSTS OV KPRING. When Josh .Killings bad come to a cer tain place, be said he waa "aa near Paradise aa he could get by land." So much has been aaid and written about the pbyai cal beauty of Oakland, that I am almost afraid of ridicule in alluding to the worn-out theme. But when taking a long walk yesterday, viewing- tbe R-oryeoue drama of opening spring, with spring already dissolving into summer, I. could not help lifting up my hard and sinful heart in gratitude for the privilege of living out my last days in thu woodmusly beautiful place. The eye fairly grows weary of the bound-less opulence and unbroken continuity of green ana rea ana purple and gold, and longs to fall upon. some contrasting desert place. I am thinking now of what I used to ponder oVer forty years ago in the school-book "The stormv March has come at last. With winds and etouda and etunging skies; I bear the Spirit of tha blast That through the anuwy valley flies." ,And as we crowded around the red-hot stove, and the old log cabin creaked and whistled in the furious wind, and tbe hard-faced old master came round at intervale wjth his tormenting rod, that poor little ugly urchin, with .whom I have since become so well acquainted, thought not that the morning sun wasahedding his brightest glories upon a far-off shore where stormy March had -been transformed to soft and voluptuous June, aad where the child himself was to lie down at last to perpetual rest where leaves bave . no certain time to fall, and flowers do not wither in the north wind's breath. AaTKKiON. Oakland, March 6tb. Marprlee Pavrty. Last evening a very pleasant surprise party. was tendered to Mr. John Holler by his many friends, in honor of hia 37 tb airtnoay. MaaMxancuiR. ana game ware indulged in until half-peat ten, whan sapper was served and dancing waa again reaamed. It wasa varypleaa- anAir. among utoae present were the following: Ladies Misse Maggie Harmon, Mamie aad Nellie lawali, Maggie and Clara Stack. Lacy Harlow, Annie De Elan&r, Mra - Uoilar, Mrs, Frank, Mr.. Boeraaa,' GrnUeefien Meaar. John Holler, Frank Walsh, J. K. Baker, II. J. King, George and Frank Liebei, IL Stabba, Jamea Magner,- R. K. Harmon. Chee. Prank, W. Lena, Dl Nolan. Martin, C. LaaUe, W. Levy, Fred and H. Schroeder, T. Caraan, C. Bier- J.-Mariia. , : ... -:, i : Yesterday afternoon the son of C. B. Rutherford was sitting on tha fence at hia borne, at tha corner of Durant and Webster street, when he waa terrified and alarmed by th noise of a whizzing ballet aad the thag , of tha misslo of death as it entered the board by his hide. The smoke indicated that i ta random shot came from the direction of Adam's Point. Whether the shot waa fired by accident or through carelessness ia not known, bat the boy bad a narrow escape. The bullet waa taken from.' the fence aad found to be from a rifle cartridge. Too much care cannot be exercised in the use of fire-anas, even in remote loealitiea. Btamat by (fee Party To tke 'Member e tX Oakland Camp, Army and Arery Jtrpmblicam Leagn Comrades: In tha approaching maaioipal election it behooves aa a Republicans aad Republican organization on that made itself felt ia the lata Presidential election to be on band and do our beet to aid in the election of the regular nominees of the Republican party of this city. Do aot let yourselves b inveigled into-any independent movement. v Remember, that although aetna of the aomiaeea may not have been - oar personal cboioa, that it ia oar duty to stand by tbe party of which we are aa Integral part. x B. JtRovR, Ftate Cogi'rnr ; Tne Haaplayaaamt af Caildran. ' It it estimated tha over 100,000 chU-dreo are steadily employed ia New York factories, many of tbem being nader 12 years of age, and aome notably those engaged in the mannfactare of artificial Mowers, having only reached tha age of live. - ,' .- ; - - : .- - The mannfactare ol tobacco furnishes employment to aneae 10,000 children. The girls are especially akillfal in thia tnduktry, and a miss of 16 en put np 13 grnea ef e' ewin 5 tobacco in tin foil and 2 gross ia pa-r in one dy. The wa-e pi i fneraJ.Jy avers- from tliree to t nr ' a wti'i, accvr .!lrj ta rs 1 s Latast DispatGhes. In.iiijniiti -.-- 4i UUflieiU O IU1 .UCSlCgeU UJ . . uuice-aeenerHs Oalifornlax Horiaa for Sara toga Baoet. Heayy Grain Exports from St. 4 Louis. - Still Another Mexican Rail way Scheme. SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE 1TeaeaeIens : Rnsla , far Places. Offielavl Nrw York, March 10th. The BeraWi special says tb rush for plaoe when Hayes came in waa a quiet affair beside ths bvely pressure for the past three days. Garfield has been literally overwhelmed. It has actually beea difficult to stand against or in the crowds that have pressed around him in the White House. . To relieve tbe great pressure he has worked each day about 17 hours. To-day he evidently saw that try ing to reduce thia flood waa like moping np the sea, and at one o'clock h went to lunch and then took -a nap, lea vinz word that he had gone to rest and would see no ons for the rest of the day. The fact is that the strain of the last ton days has been very great, and much rest is abso lutely necessary. He evidently feels that the business of office-seeking ia a kind that will keep and not pf a character which in the general interest of the public" requires speedy action. He is reported a disposed to move with deliberation in ail cases which he does not understand. Sc. I-oails a aid Clralst Experts. Nrw Yokr, March 10th. The Com mercial Bulletin's St, j Louis special says Merchants are quite Jubilant over the in creasing importance of that city aa an ex porter by tbe water route, as illustrated by such incidents as the departure the other day of the steamer Oakland for New Orleans with tbe largest tow of grain that ever descended the MiaeusipiH River, be ing a total of 20,847,900 pounds. This single cargo, we are told, would require 700 freight cars to have carried it on 23 rate freight trains and engine. Freight to New Orleans are much below those for which the railroads can afford to carry, but here the advantage in a great measure ends, because port charges, the cost of transferring the grain from bargeto steamer at New Orleans, together with enhanced marine insurance, and various other inci dentals, bring the total to a point which. other things considered, leave the Missis slppi exporters no advantage ever tbe ex porters of Atlantic porta. Tbe Hudson River Is open to Rockland Lake, but it is thought that Wednesday's rain will hasten the breaking up of the ice above that point. -At the piers of the Albany boats active preparations are being made for a start upon ths river. A profit able season Li expected by steamboat men generally. A few boats were announced to start for points between this city and Albany on Wednesday. California Hersee for Saratosra Races. Saratoga, March J.Qt,h. Secretary Wheatley, of tbe Saratoga Association, has received from E. J. Baldwin, of Cali-nia, entries of bay mare Clara D., six years old, by Glenelg, out of Tbe Nun, and chesnut mare, Jennie B., five years old, by Ulenelg, out of Regan. They are both entered in the Cash, Summer and Bagden handicaps, for the Grand Prize of the Saratoga and Morrissey stakes. Ha.ck.ey Baying: Pictures Bight and L-eft. Nrw York. March 10th. The Tribune says: J. W. Mackey of California has been in Rome bu j ing statues and pictures right and left. It is even said that ha thought of acquiring the Tortonia collection, and talked with Prince Tortonia about the price. Stoma mm the New Knarlanel Coast. Boston, March 10th.--A severe storm prevailed last night all along the coast. and still continue. A number of vessels are in distress. Thva Maim Be-aiatorehlf. Aug vst A, March 10th. The Fusionistsin caucus nave nominated K- A. x rye, of Bethel, as their candidate for United States Senate. - Jtariae. . Nrw York, March 10th. Arrived, the steamship State of Penntyi ania, ; Hjutboro, March 10th.--Arrived, the steamer Frina. Fortdnr Bat, March 10th. An Ameri can schooner, name Unknown, la lost, with all on board. Th Sam FrsLmeisoei Naval OfiBea. New , York, March 10th. A Herald Washington special of the 9th say: Tbe Naval Office at San Francisco, now filled by E. Q. Waite, wi3 be vacant In a few weeks. . Among th names mentioned for tb place is thai ef Joseph Evan, at present 8pcial Agent of the- TTeneoDspart- t ia Saa Prmaci'eo. " - : - 8aa's petnatea , . i. ?; . Brady say ef the Star rev. tee: - The con tract from La Vega to Alboqaerque waa let for the purpuee af expediting tbe snaila at $25,000. . It actually had thia result. The contractor waa J. B. Price, whose bid was th lowest one made.. ' In tne course of time it came to the knowledge of tbe Department that the mails were being carried a small part of tbe way over the old route: but the expedition contracted was nevertheless made. A. special agent seat to . investigate the matter, and upon hta report fi,UW waa retained from the . amount doe Price, .that being . tbe proportion - which would have been earned ever that portion of the route served by other contractors. ; As to tb charge of J. J. Hinds, that Brady received Postoffiee drafte front s all contractors for. bis -share ef tbe corruption fond, and that th records of the Sixth Auditor wiU abew, it, Sixth Auditor Mo- Grew says in n letter to Brady t ."I beg to state that aa er am in at ion of the records uf thia office does not ahow any payment to you or to your order, or for your benefit in aay way, or that yon bave been interested, directly or indirectly, ia aay drafts or or ders of aay eon tractor paid." ' Hinds is stated by Chase Andrews, ex-Senator Dor- , and S. B. Ellclna, to be a blackmailer whom Brady ordered out of bis house. f Tke Ualaas Paelfla sad Kamtav F .. Peel Tmelr Isame. "c- - ST. Locis, March 9th. A RcpUiea Ksnsa City special says: Thomas L. Kimball, Assist ant-General Manager ef the Union PaciSo Ra2road, C P. Vising, General Freight Agent, and C SteLLins, General Ticket Agent, arrived here to-day from Topeka, where they Lave beea for ta rirpose of et3 " -'.Ar.f a jx 1 V t p-3 tie Ui-1 n : 1 t'.e A ' ' -r., 1o-ri.', n a-n.l f,. r !".. r-.... ' IZ. : ' .,."1 r - Missouri river points and San Francisco will remain th same aa new ever both lines. There will be no- furUt between the "rival lines. vvirvaittSBl m afatr uvmiue f Chicago, Mrch 9t Therailro4vd ten I sawou oi ma nour is at nana. I in renn- I eylvania Company has with alarm Their vast -1 on jay uonidaad blascnem interests west of Pittsbargh vs aot been satisfactorily handled. permanent change has been decided on, bich to point to the consolidation meats of all their leased lines all de part- eat of Pitta- burgh under one strong m ement; with a view to giving tbe Gould inttrests a vigorous battle for tbe supremacy in the great empire of tbe West. . , I ' Ametnar Rlrxleaai BaUwar ; Chicaoo, ; March 0th, A i Timet Boston special ssys: Another Mexican railway scheme hae been matured in Boston, with a charter granted to a company with $300.- 000,000 of stock. . Among the incorpora tors are Mayor Price, Benjamin F. Butler, General Grant and two Mejxicana. The main line will run from Piedgraa Negras on the Rio Grande to the bay of Topao Bum jo on the Gulf of California. Caaserea Neaalnate4 foe Nesstsr. Muwackkr (Wis.), Marca 9th. --San a tor Angus Cameron waa nominated for United States Senator on thai forty-eighth ballot in the Republican caucus at Madi son to-night. : I ; 0BBAT BRIT AEV. " J Chamares In tke Britlshj Csblsnt, London, March 10th. The conduct of Playfair cannot be raised on la question of privilege, ani O'Donnell, therefore, sub mitted an amendment on the I House geiog into Committee, simp!y challejngiag tbe de cision of Playfair. I It was rumored yesterday thkt Gladstone, retaining the office of First I Lord of the Treasury, would resign the ChanceILrship of Exchequer to Hugh C philders, the Marquis of Hartmgton succeeding the litter as Secretary of State for War, and Lord Lord Derby succeeding Marquis Hartihg- ton as Secretary of State f ir India, and President of the Council of Iiiiia. In view of the conclusion jf debate on the Coercion Bill, the Extreme Liberals pressed the new policy to the attention - the Parnallites. It is v I . proiKfeed that, By studiously moderate opdoaition 1 . i tbe Commons to the Supply Bill. Home Killers should endeavo to oblitetate the strong feeling prevailing kgainst their conduct in England. This accomplished, and in the event that the Lsdd Bill should not prove thoroughly aatiafacjtory, certain Liberals will undertake to participate in an appeal to public opinion in the provinces. HiRe-raaUsg Blare warrants far Arrest. : I Iondon, March 10th. DParnell has promised to attend the great Tenant Rigbte demonstration at Enriskillen next Monday. The ULter Land League making great preparations fod the meeting, x-recauuons-are Dei rig taxed at armories and magazines. I The volunteers are graeually relaxing. and rifle-rooting 1 being resumed. Twenty warranto for arrests in the countv Weatmeath were issued yesterday. The bullion withdrawn froni the Bank of England yesterday wits for Canada. Lssdos sad lav-rpsl flartcete. LoMX)jr, March 10th. Cohsojs, 99 9-16 99j; new fives, 1038; Erie, 50. Liverpool, March 10th. Cotton stead ier. Uplands, 6 3-16; Orleank. 61. , Sales of 10,000 bales, including CGoO American. LATEST PACIFIC COAST 0 Li PATCHES. CALlFORNIi. FaOsd te Kill Himself. Sajt Burnavrxtdra, March 10th. William Rietzkie, a barber nere, wno is sick with the consumption. attempted to end his sufferings last night with a bu'let. but was too weak to bold the pistol, and the ball lodged in hia left arm It will not be extracted, aa he ia dying from the dis- ease and cannot but but a day or two. I THE DEMOCRATS AND CITIIENS. Nominations of Detefral tea to n "Citizens" Coaivaatlaai. A meetiog was held in the First Ward but evening, at Standefprd'i Hall. Mr. Underwood elected President, and Mr, Webb Sec- retary. There was a large attendance and mnch interest waa taKeo. The following delegates were elected to repre sent the ward in the Convention to-night e. r. Aiurpny, ueo. Cox. Davev. M Qumn, P. Hays, J. C. MUlan, r E. Roland, K Bornette, T. 1 Shred ing. Louis Giese, M. Richard. S. lenneberry, H. J. Underwood, JL J. W kbb. H. Mo- Avoy, T. Harding, Dr. F da, P. FitR- Patrick, J. Kearney. AI srnates, De Witt C. Lawrence. M Hanly, W. Walsh. The meeting then expressed itself unanimously in favor of J. C. Millan for Councilman for the ward in the fol lowing preamble and lesolutions, amid macn. entnusiaatn: j ' I - i WRR&RAS,Itis generally looneeded by the citizens and taxpayers af the First Ward, that ths present incumbent in ' tbe Council representing tbe Ward, has made an efficient officer, and that his record shows that be has protected the interests of his constituency," therefore deserves to be returned to the Conneil. Therefore be it ' BesalvetL That this Convention, com posed of the Ward Clubs, knowing and feeling the great services rendered to the First Ward and to the city of Oakland bv Councilman J. C Millan, respectfully re quest tnat tne delegation irbmthe First Ward present his name aa a (Candidate .to be Indorsed and ratified by the Citisen's Cnn vention as Covntcilman for the First Ward of toe city of Oakland - Mr. Millan responded ia a vigorons peech. .v.-- t-'tf ..- Mr. , Redmgton wtt faaoraed as tbe nominee of tha Ward for N. hool Direo. tor.' AdJrusee were aader by--J)r. Fonda, . Haya," T. Carshase, S. E Murphy and ether, eom;meatary to Messrs. Millan and Redinston. - Oa motion, it waa reaolvd that the sense of the Convention be expressed in favor of Mr. Carthage tor Library Trustee from West Oakland. :' ;'; After aome discussion as to ways and means, the meeting adjoari exL. -; - ? . Rxooro wajux' - ' ' f ; At the meeting held ia tba Second Ward, tha following gen Jemen ' were elected: . - Meaar. Watec n, Qninlan, Taylor, Smith, McNeil, Carey, G. M. Joavrin, Hamby, and Johnson., ; : i ";"?";yHrjt0 ward. - ' i At a meeting ef citizen of tha Third Ward, held, last evening, be .following delegate were chosen: E Najle, The. Caracal, F. B. Miller, Kiehblae Ball, W. J. Eden, M. J. Fusnigea. J. Balmf orth, T. McGanley,- D. J. Hirsobberg, J. J. White, J, C. Martin, t K if I FOtTBTH WARX ;.sj ; Tha meeting of the Fourth Ward Citi- -aena Clnb was held at Music Hall en Sixth street, M. J. Ryan, presiding, W. J. Donahan and R. II. G ana. Secretaries. Mr. Coberr stated that at motioa had been carried at tha previous meeting that only persona whoa names were oa tha roll could rote for delegate. Tbe President stated that the Secretary had loot th roll aad , bad gone oat for aome paper to make a aew one, and also that he hoped that key man who voted at the Last Republxaa primary, would not show his face in the meeting, and that every eCort wou! 1 be mads to prevent a!l voting, trf t t-y cst: c-f l I t'" I' .- i an ' 1 if t iv;i t (' : r ' ; ... i tian before the meeting; that oiJy tLc. j tinning the roll can rote on deles&tee. Chairman That is the ruling of tha Chair, and it will be enforced. Member I except to that ruling. -Chairman''. This nrrnyo srAXDs adjocrxrd . For ten minute to aign the roll, ao yoa can talk all yon please. Forty -eight persona signed the roll, and th Chairman called the meeting td The name of Thomas IL Kelly was challenged for voting at the Republican ' primary, and struck from tha roll. , Mr. Gana I move that a fergeant-at-Arms be appoiated to keep order, " We wm nij pWfUs in fcne rear oc ana hall to bo 11 dose the meeting. Chas. Lafferty was appointed Ser geant-at-Arma. . . - J. Coveaey moved that tha Chair appoint a Committee of Five to nominate . nrrKRir dkuuiatks.; , The Chair then appointed J. Coveney, A. A. Gilbert. J. E. Thane, F. Maltner, and P. A Cox. The Chair then, ordered a receas nutif tbe Committee ahonld report. The fire alarm Bounded darina tbe nro. oeedings, and waa vigorously denonnoed as an attempt to break an tbe meeting. After ten minute' deliberation tha Committee returned and reported the names of the following gentlemen, wbo -wer elected: M. J. Ryan. P. A. Cor. W. T. Sagehorn. R. W. Elliott. A. K. Coatello, J. P. Thane,' Jamea E. Elliott, E. F. Scott, J. M. McElroy, M. Ryan, a W. Oetchl, Mr. McTavish, A Hickey, W. H. Barrett, W. T.Carroll. Mr. (jtffi moved that the meetinc go into nomination for Councilman and achool Directors. Chair I understand that wa ware to . choose delegates on Thursday and make nominations on Friday. J. be meeting then adjourned. flFTH WAJtP. " - At a meeting of the citizens of tha VitU IT- I I & : r rt r ; xukii ii,iu im wBuiug, ixx. v uaroer was elected President, and John Lynch Secretary. - The following delegate ware elected: . C. H, Rio. W. M. Vance. C E. Miller, John Lynch, W. 8. Taylor, E.H.Hamilton. f - k . - i-v ii.m vfaau. ... i. Th o- lh w, n.. , r. I . w.wv MMm mm . Van Winckle'sHallon Broadway, in tha -Fourth Ward, as it was not possible to get a hall in the Sixth. The meeting was called to order by Jeremiah Calla- ban as President with James Fitaiminona -as Secretary. Tbe following delegates were elected to represent the - Ward in the Convention thia evening: Cbarlee -McCleverty, L. DriscoU, Thomaa Welsh,' Wm. Boswell, Jamea McGiveney, W. H. Lee, M. McDermott, Louia Chartrand and Owen Lafferty. After the election, it waa moved that the delegate be instructed to favor J. K. Bletben for Mayor. Another geatlemaa amended the motion by placing the name of Hon. -Israel Law ton before the delegates as their choice. Another amendment was made suga-estiag J. C Martin, and after- some discussion it waa resolved to send the delegates to the Convention' an' pledged. On motion of Mr. Moore, tha following geotlemen, who were the next hiKhestoothe ballot to those elected. - wer declared to be alternate entitled to seats in the Convention if any of tha mv..l. .U. 1.1 1 - . . T V Cl icuiMi iiwuiu um ftisoub; vacuo Ottusu aud J. W. BurraU. Mr. Gill suigested that the meeting adjourn to meet in Maaio Hall; this ,-excited some discussion, and the meeting , finally adjourned to meet at Hibernia Hall on Friday evening. SRVEMTH WARD. - " -. Aa a niMlinif K 1.1 u. ViMtM..1.' tTii - 1-- ... vwim wan giwaca Chairman, A. L. Gnrney, Secretary, and the following-named' gentlemen elected " delegates: Charles K Allen, A." route, W. C. Mason, Henry Hayes, V. S. Northry. George Harrington. O. CL Kirk, J. C. Sullivan, C C. Marsh. T. W. Badger. Mike Sullivan. A. Welch, J. N. Bailey, C. H. Eastman, A. L. Gurney. Tbe delegates were requested to meet at the office of C. C Marsh. 62S East Twelfth street, at 4:30 r. to-day. - ' EL SOBKANTE DECISIS:. ' The Mint Server Disanwra-rael mmm Set Aaid and m New surrey Oratnd. There ia now aome probability of the v mooted title to tha well-known El Sobrante tract will be settled to the tat fisaction of all parties. The case Waa sometime since referred to the General Land Office, and the Comniisaioner haa decided that the survey made', by Dep uty Surveyor Minto in the matter of tha Rancho El Sobrante, Juan Joe Castro ' and Victor Caatro confirmees, is disapproved and aet . aside, and directs the Sarveyor-General to execute a new aur." vey, to embrace tract on to six incla. sive, as designated by the ' Boardmaa map, and lying above ordinary hgh. water mark. He is also directed to embrace tracks aevea to tea inclusive, A, B and ;. C, tract eleven three timer repeated, tracts twelve and D, excepting tha patented land of La Boca, Pinole and the patented Lands of. San- Lorenao east of the ereat bend - of the San LnrnnaA Creek, bat including that portion of tha -Saa Lorenzo Rancho lying north and west of the Saa Lorenao Creek, and including also other tracts and parcels of land lying within tbe general boundaries ' of tha larger tract -of territory herein described that may be outside of tba patented rancho of San Antonio, San rablo, Fioole. Valenoia, and Moraga. except aa aforesaid. '.The point has been taken and - considerable testimony ad-daced aa to the number of league which -would - b . included in a survev thus mad."-Tbo trant of El Sobrante beinz made to two persona, they could take under... the c ' ruzatic lawa eleven' leagues e&cli,-. foaa; t' e e : "ce, it -aeem proLal.l " t; t t e st? ordered, would Le far' .!. a t .. . but ivoaiJ it ctcop-I in r " twest. two! '--::. alia we. 1 1 I lairaa.. w,:.l hnvm the r -'.t ' f to that cxtci.t, t S" ' r the public eWnuua. . i.. a I . to the honorable Secretary . rior through the office of the General of California mast ba or before May 7, 1881. ' Tha decision t. the oommiaioner ia now on record an 1 ca file at the Surveyor-General's . o.ce. where it can be examined at aar time. : Speeial Bavrjrmlma.- Ia floor oilcloths and English tar'-"T carpets; ioo ana iuui avroadway. east . between 11th. and 12th sts. Cbr. ScLrt. r. - IL SCHELLHAAS take the ezS.e t selling boos. bold goods cheap for caMi. Kew To-dzy- HfXaGghlin & 'aSatata, - t-mm aad ,Xaa . Braksra. Vow oflariag several gpsdal Banrsina c- X7. rieiur- lUstarr Pitiu aid C Deeds, Mort e. . e. . - oa reasonable tcruua. 1 i T AnGADE D l acsnd ? t 1 SACZi-r:;Tj r

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