Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Boyle Misses Checkup and Loses Friends (CARNIVAL B* HAL BOYLK NEW YORK (AP)-G€ttlng m annual medical checkup is * lead* ing status symbol today—parties larly If Jt turns up a rare ail' ment no one else has. ! wondered why old acquaintances were cutting me dead in the street, and strangers fled from me at cocktail parties. Filially, an eld friend took me aside and said: "I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but it's your own ATHLETE'S FOOT * HOW TO TREAT IT- Apply instant-drying T-4-L. You feel it take hold to check itching, burning, in minutes. Then in 3 to 5 days, watch infected skin slough off. Watch healthy skin replace it. If not pleased IN ONE HOUR, your 48c back at any drug Store. NOW at Oteo Drugs; Hawthorns Drug Co. fault people have begun to avoid you. You've let our set down dreadfully by failing to get your annual medical checkup. "This leaves no common ground for discussion." I protested that after my last checkun five years ago the doctor told me t was "medically uninteresting." "I'd die rather than let word of that get around in our crowd," I said. "Oh, surely there's something wrong with you by now," replied my friend cheeringly. "Get another checkup." So I did. Remember when all the doctor did was to make you stick out your tongue and say "ah," thump New for Back to School Cinderella DRESSES the big hit silhouette.., SKIMMERS Cinderella Fashion's latest rage is the skimmer, the lovely loose* line silhouette. We've skimmers for school, for play, and for party-going. All in wonderful easy-care cottons. sixai 3 to 6X, It's the jumper dress Cinderella Equally ready to jump into school— or autumn leaves! Pretty -as -can-be bowed white blouse, topped by a smart gay colored jumper. Both parts, equally easy to care for, of course! t!s*i4 l»»X. tins 7 to 14, •4" e 5 ti Back to school with flair Cinderella The Early American Look brought up to date! New, longer puff sleeves, demure button-front. In wonderful, easy-care, foulard print cotton. i i sbM 4 to 6x, tixot7io14, *4 »e OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY 9:30 A.M. TO 9 P.M. you on the chest, listen to your ticker, and then tell you to take a dose of Epsom salts? These simple days are past. Medicine is on the assembly line now. My doctor didn't make me say "ah," at all, but eflamined me from stem to stern with instruments I'd never tten before --and don't want to again. "Well?" I asked, when he had finally put me back on my bare feet again. "You don't have athlete's foot, and your scalp seems okay," he said. "But everything in between is suspect." "And that means—?" I whimpered. "Just a few routine hospital tests," he answered consolingly, as I tried to remember the name of my friendly neighborhood undertaker. Routine? They X-ray you, stare at your gizzard through a fluoroscope, pour liquid chalk and other chemicals into you, run your symptoms through data processing and computer gadgets. Then a pretty technician needles you and draws off enough blood to put the American Red Cross over its national collection goal for 1963. Finally they strap you into a death-house-like machine called an electrocardiograph that snitches on your madly pounding heart. As you lie there listening to the pretty technician talk about her vacation, you try vainly to think up some famous last words. The only phrase that comes to mind is—"pray now—pay later." Several days later, after the doctor had reviewed all this medical machine gossip, I crept cringingly into his office for the verdict. "Well, if you give up your boisterous and profligate ways, and settle down to a calm and sensible way of life," said the doctor, "you should last for a long time yet. But, of course, this is no guarantee. I don't have a pipeline to the Lord." "Yeah, doc," I mumbled. "But just what exactly is wrong with me?" "Specifically, you're at least 20 pounds overweight, and you have a protuberant verruca on your forehead." "What's a protuberant ver­ ruca?" I pleaded, wiping my brow. "A big wart!" I should be the life of the party in my set from now on. All they have is colitis, ulcers, hypertension, or here and there a rampant thyroid or a cobblestone- littered gallbladder. But me—I've got the only protuberant verucca in the crowd. And I intend to make the most of it! Do your small fry like to make their own cinnamon toast? Keep a container with a cup of sugar mixed with a tablespoon or two of cinnamon handy so youngsters can sprinkle the mixture on the toast. By Dick Turner 1R for those who A now antl-perspirant that really Work*! Solves underarm problems for many who had despaired of effective help. Mitchum's Anti-Perspirant keeps underarms absolutely dry for thousands of grateful users. Positive action coupled with complete gentleness to normal skin and clothing is made possible by new type formula devised by a young genius in pharmacy and produced by a trustworthy 50-year-old laboratory. Recommended by over 500 leading department stores and thousands of drug stores. Satisfaction guaianteed. Don t give in to perspiration worries; try Mitchum's Anti» Perspirsnt today. Cosmetics — Street Floor "I got Junior quiet. Mom .. of tape . and I still got half a roll left!" Smocked Matchmates! 357-N Ideal traveling" companions—this easy-to-smock gingham tarn and clutch bag are a welcome addition to any wardrobe! No. 357-N has complete direc tions and diagrams for smocking set. To order send 35 cents In coins for each pattern to Creative Women, care of Galesburg Regts- ter-JWail, 319 . VanBuren St., Chicago 7, 111. Add 10 cents for first- class mailing. Print name, address with zone style number and size. Hickok Family Holds Reunion At New Windsor NEW WINDSOR — Among the 45 relatives who attended the Hickok family reunion Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Hickok, were: Mr. and Mrs. Vern Airy of Osceola, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Hicks of Charidon, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Brown of Peoria; Mr. and Mrs. William Whitlaker and sons of Toulon; the Ivan and Wilbur Nelson families of Cambridge. Also, Mrs. Lowell Nelson and daughter of Orion; Mr. and Mrs. Park Hickok of Knoxville; Mrs. James Scalf and son of Galesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hickok of Woodhull and the Wayne HicK- ok, William Johnson and Rex Garrett families. Net Gain LUMBERTON, Miss. (AP)-In an attempted burglary of a diary bar here, the owner Fred Tyner came out ahead. Tyner discovered a man putting silver in a paper bag by the cash register when he was awakened about 3 a.m. He grabbed the man as he ran by causing him to drop the bag of coins. When he counted the money, Tyner discovered there was $1.55 more than he had left in the register. A nearby grocery reported the loss of a small amount of coins the same night. Want Personal Advice Write To Galesburg's Own enn Penny for your thoughts appears every Tuesday and Friday in the Galesburg Register-Mail Quotes From Today's News (Reg. U .S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International NEW YORK - Mobster Albert Anastasia, quoted when he ordered the killing of Arnold Schuster, the man who had turned in Willie Sutton: "I hate squealers. Hit this guy." OROVILLE, Calif. - A construction foreman here, whose men have been frantically digging for gold (some has been found) during lunch hours, evenings and weekends: "You can't stop 'em." OTIS AFB, Mass. — The Rev. John Scahill, asked for a description of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, newest addition to the first family: "They all look like Winston Churchill." Goiesburg Register-Mdil, Galesburg, 1.1,1. . Thu/sdoy, Aug. 8, 1963 7 Proper- (Continued from page 4) powerful, efficient action In • drug Is a step away from harfnlessflcss, It is to be expected, too, that dramatic accounts of disorders attributable to the taking of certain new drugs will appear and will cause general alarm. The sober analysis of cause and effect relationships is constantly being undertaken by the best minds in medical science and the government licensing agencies. THIS PROBLEM is made more difficult by the fact that many disorders occur spontaneously in a person who just happens to be taking a certain drug, and by the fact that the patient is often taking other drugs at the same time. Very few drugs are so specific in action as to have no effect other than the one desired. Aspirin, for example, reduces fever, deadens pain, lowers the blood sugar level in diabetics and exerts some actions similar to those of cortisone. Some of these effects depend on the size of the dose and how long the drug is taken. Even though this drug has been used for more than 50 years, the mechanisms of its various actions are still poorly understood. The secondary actions of a drug are not always undesirable. One of the antihistaminics which relieves hay fever also causes drowsiness. This would be undesirable for a truck driver during his working hours. Yet, if he were to take this same drug just before going to bed, it might give him a restful sleep as well as relieve the stuffiness in his head. AVOIDANCE of side effects depends, therefore, on your doctor's knowledge of the drugs he prescribes for you, on his knowledge of your personal pecularities and your needs and on faithful adherence to his instructions. Given these ingredients your doctor can now give you relief from many conditions that were beyond such help a few years ago. Alpha Church Conducts Baptismal* ALPHA — Baptismal services were conducted at the Sunday morning service in the Methodist Church. Those who were baptized were Ned Nice and his two children, Nadim Carol and Alan Jay Nice; John Robert Kessinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kessinger, and Diane Carol Evans, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Evans. Taken into membership was Mrs. Gerald Nichols, who came by transfer from the First Methodist Church in Galesburg. Conducts Service At the Alpha Baptist Church Sunday, because of the illness of the pastor, Rev. Harvey Preston, Edgar White of Moline, who is a worker* with the Gideons, filled the pulpit. On Sunday evening, 120 persons attended the last of the series of summer film festival on the church lawn. The Rev. Mr. O'Boyle, Baptist Youth Fellowship sponsor for the Rock Island Baptist Association, took charge of the event. Youth night was observed when the youth of all churches of the Rock Island Baptist Association were guests. Following the showing of the film, Miss Elaine Killton of Orion, who is youth president of the association led the business meet ing. Devoted to Children NASHVILLE, Tenn. — John Tipton of Nashville Electric Service, explaining what happened to a pigeon which lighted on a high voltage wire, causing a 12-minute long citywide power shutdown: "There's probably nothing but a few feathers left." When you are using browned flour in a gravy, remember that the flour has lost a portion of its usual thickness power in browning process. RULEVILLE, Miss. (AP)-A mailman who refused to disap point children has retired after 39 years. O. E. Ward often left a stick of candy or chewing gum in the mail box for the little ones when there was no letter to take home. And when a Santa Claus package didn't arrive on time, Ward would check the post office on Christmas morning. If he found the package, he would deliver it on his holiday time. Ruleville friends, who liked his "beyond-the-call-of-duty effi- theciency," surprised him with a retirement party. Rosemary is the herb often suggested for lamb, but you'll find its flavor is also excellent with beef. BERL Watch Crystals NORD Replaced JEWELERS in 30 Minutes. Official C.B.&Q. and Santa Fe Watch Inspector 314 E. MAIN ST. Located E. Marie Shop "The Family Favorite" Serve the family their favorites OFTEN! Keep a variety of our Fresh-as-Spring Flavors on hand always. _. "OLD-FASHION" PARK DRIVE Ice Cream Large Assortment of Flavors SHERBETS • ICE (REAM NOVELTIES • HAND PACKED ICE CREAM • DIABETIC ICE (REAM ICE (REAM ROILS CAKE ROLLS New Pork Drive Dairy Store BROAD and FREMONT STREETS FRESH DAIRY PRODUCTS — LUNCH MEATS OLD FASHION ICE CREAM — PROCESSED CHEESES COMPLETE LINE BAKERY PRODUCTS Open 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. Daily including Sundays. PICNIC SUPPLIES Paper Plates - Paper Cups - Charcoal PARK DRIVE DAIRY East Losey at Whitesbor© Home Delivery Service Stern & Field SEMI-ANNUAL Clearance SALE MEN'S SUMMER SUITS All Brands Included Regular to $110.00 '28 - '38 Men 's Summer SPORT COATS Regular to $45.00 *14 '24 '34 MEN'S SUMMER PANTS Regular to $24.95 '7-'10-'12 '14 - '19 MEN'S BANLON SHIRTS Regular to $8.95 $4*8 MEN'S STRAW HATS Vi off Men's Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS Regular to $8.95 $2 88 BOYS' Walk Shorts and Swim Trunks Vi price MEN'S Walk Shorts and Swim Trunks 20% off BOYS' SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS Regular to $3.95 $2 44 MEN'S Knit and Cui-N-Sewn SHIRTS Values to $5.00 '2 LADIES' SUMMER Sportswear Vz Price Stern & Field Downtown Galesburg

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