Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 24, 1881 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1881
Page 4
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OAKIiAND DAJJLiY J2TVTSHEN"Gr TBIBUHB, THUBSDAX MAIICH 24. 1881. daltkind (Ertutinrj tribune TflE TRIBUNE has a circulation, more than doabla that of any other papr published in Alameda ttrn4 tor Uarrltr a ItCH . m eVaa-fa THURSDAY MARCH 24 WHAT MT FOTta f AID. :'nLIllB BT afXIlaeT.) By tba mersst chance. In the twilight (loom, la the orchard path he met m- la the tall t grass, with It fklnt perfume; And I triad to pM, bat b mele no room; . Oh! I triad, but ha woold naA, let ana. Bo I aloud and blush ad till th grass grew rod. With my ifaoe ban', iluwii above It, Wliila ha tk my hand as ha whlspsring selil How tha clevar liftsd Sicn pink, sweet head To listen to all that my lover said! Oh! tha clover In bloom -1 love It! la tha high wet grase went tha path to hide, And tha low wrt leave hunic over, If ut I aoulil n"t aa on either aide, for I found tnyeelf, when I vainly triad, In tha arliia of my steadfast lover; And ba bald nia than and ha raiaod m) heed, While ba tlieed tha th before ma. And ha Iwfced down into my my and aald Mow tha leave boot doea from tha boughs o'sr-heedj T Hateo toall that my loterMuI. ,Ohl the leaves hanging lowly oar me. Hail ba moved saida but a littla way, I could surely than have passed bim. And ba knaw I navar tould wlah tu atay. And woujd not hava haard what ba bad to,eay, Oould I qnly alds hava cast him. It ass almost dark and tha moments aped, And tha searching night wind found us; Rut ha drew ma nearer and ha softly said How tha pMra, swset wind, (flaw atill instead To Mateo, io all that my lover aald. Oh! tha whispering wind around ua. 1 am ure ba knew, whan ha held me fat, Thai I mniat be all unwilling-; For 1 -tria l to go, and 1 would hart passed, Aa thft nlcht waa com with tha dew. at last; Ans the thy with IU atara waa filling; But ha cUeed ma close, when 1 would hava fie I And be aiade me hear hi lory. And Hi soul came out from hia lia and aald Mow the atara crept out when the white moon led.T To listen W ell that my lover sll. t Ob, the isoon and atara In glryf j ' tl I know thai the grave and tha leavaa will not tell And I'm aura that tha wind, precious rover. Will carry hla em-ret eo aafelv and well That no being aliall ever discover One word af tha aiany tliat rapidly full From th soger Up of my lover. And the (noun and atara that looked over Miall never reveal what a fairy-like apell They wove round about ue that nltfhl In tha dell. Ju tha path through the dew-laden clover; Nor echo tlia hUpers that niada my heartwell Aa they fell from "P n'f " llnrac Urttley. HEjf OWW LITTLE BOOM. l(crj In my osn little room; Pair as a Illy in bloom That la hat mother dear said, Juat see how lovely It look! Her are my deak and book. Hare la my own little bed. Thiols my sswing chair; Thai la my work-bo, there. Everything I ahall uae; Tliliiihle and clr and thread, BIKking-ball darning I dread! Ktasry, needle to choose. ' l Boon aa I learned to aew, Mend my own linen, you know,, . Take all tha care vt my own, lu0ng- and making my bad, Mother alwaya haa aald, "liter ahall room all alone.' Hot that tha children may Not be a lowed here to I Ian Hefnetiiiire wben they Ire Rooii; Rut v hen I'm reading, you know, Konir'injr and ahoutlng they pa; Then I want aoiituda. I Hera I ahall often ait, (Mother eaa read or knit!) Keung my hook on I hia iheif; Her my hlnlle will iwlug Jtlght overhead, the ilear thlnr, Miliglng away to bluieelf. i . ' ' Picture? O yea, I tittvrti ' Thia la "8t. Margaret, Nona of them coatly, but dear Thl la "Aurora" and thle- I III la 1 ne I u yinaie a n wa, Ad "Jaaua and Mary" heia. .'Her In tha Winter time , ,1 ahall hava Ivlea lo climb; " I A ad my llermoaa roae, 7 All through the w intrr In bloom ' Jlow It will brighten my room! , i I ahall forget that it anowa. '. ' 1 ' .Thia pretty etudent lamp' aalna; l may ait up until aiue, ! Hut I akall Join mother dear Till 4 eotna up for tha night, , Ho I inr candle ahall light t'Blea aha alia with ma bare. i Bometimea, my friend will coma in; Vary Boon I ahall bein Aking them duty to eonia, Hert I mam to "receive;" ; O, you mat laugh, but believe! or thia la my home In m home! j. ' UarrUt MtEwn KtmbmU. rOUTICAL AOttlCOLTUAg. ' tig a op t " Moliero. Tha farmer tlirougb tha freahly furrow 'd land Htroda to tod fro; and at aaw h step hla hand Teok from a aat-k and acatter'd on tha plain llandfula, to left and right, of w hem ten grain. "What la ba doingT" aak'd a child, whom thera Ilia tutor bad lad forth to breathe tha air lietween two leaeone of arithmetic. "Juat aha thou eeeet him do," tha tutor, alck Of tha child'e frauuent queathina. paaviahlr HeiJkad to thia one. "aowliif hia field." " WhyT Tliat ha may reap.1 "What J" "Corn," tha tuba- aaid. "To make for thae. child, black, unbntler'd bread When thou hael mielieiiaved thyaelf." Tha cbild fkjmewhat aha had, but atill unreconciled To ailent Ignorance, pauaaii, bluah'd, and than "la Bowing dimcultr ba aak'd agalu. To whu h ktat queetion, valuhf mora than onea Reiterated, not the Iraat ree-ponee ' Tua tutor delgn'd. ij Soma few daya afterward. Flaying a!ore about tha garrian-awani, Thia child upon the gravel, with a atake ' Pluek'd from tha ahrubbery, contrived to make Butali aalniio furrow; baviog fill'd (for lack f any othnr mora appropriate aack) With floeat pand his little pillow case, A Bwaen prise; and, aire wing o'er aack trace Uraved la the s-ravei bv hia tiny amid. JUmUulaof aandbasow'd 'twist neaps of mud. "What art tnou doing, fa-ii? a pretty mean: Unoiilng mr gravaJ-walka!" In grave di trees Th ohiid, to whom this chiding voice amieaJ'd. tVied. s4bing. "rather, let me aow mr ncldr "rruoi Buoh a Bald," the father, laughing, aald, 'What dot thou hope t reap, faullT lry biaeB Dread, The ehild rofiiieu. The father laaghad again. "My littis thou sow at thy nuld l vain fly aowing aand expert not lo reap corn." lbs boy bung down hia head, with lace forlorn; "Jiut 1 had nothing elae to aow," said be. The tathea fell Into a reverie, lie waa a atateainan; or mm aall'd him so. ' The fruit of Time with fruitful aaad to aow Waa bis prof onion. Me bad labor'd late And early In tha service of the Htata. Ivetwaen tha olfioa and tha Parliament Had Ml deep lurran wherein Tints aow'd earas Oa hia owa forehead. Nothing but gray hairs, Orave haitita, barren honor, Joyltae atrtfa, Orew In tha) faded Bald of bia owa life. -Ami, for the Bret time In that Ufa, this dsy. Pain d by the-etifht hi own child at play, , The pensive father aak'd himself, "Aback, What hava I bf the bottom of my sack 7" i: -Owa ilrrtdUX. t - - 1- - SHXPPIIfO t WTE UJOElf CEe AN rnANVIfCU....Ma.rcla Hft, IBB I j A KHIVA LH. WaasaaosT. March tX ktmr Alex Dtanrma, Ton Ilelme, 24 hours Putnt Arena, etc; pass and andes, to Oajudail. ferkiaa v Co. ntuir Los An galea, Hannah, tl now from Sa ra; pass and sudaa, to Uoodall, Perk in A Co. khut CoaatituUon, IMaeoll, II days fruau De- artur liay: IU tuna eoal. to N Btebaxa. t'.kta Jane A raikeejburg, Andarwim, tt day tmra bnwluhi; naaa aad andan. be Joe A Co. aw hr Aiiiua, Jorgenaon, M boava frosa Caspar luaa'wr, uiu arisen, lor Taitolu, r hr Ueo Louis. Juchtcr. It hour from BUH wator Ova; 4ft earda wood, to Ulgglae a UMlina. kk br haw Vork. Jim. 1 hour from Point Reyes; M has butter, to Wooeter, Uubbeil Ob t CLXARASCfS. WsesaaaaT. March TX t'mt Oriaaba, JoejBMVst, aa Diago; CoodaJl, I . m Ntxin Beod, WaUaoe, Astoria, aUmpaon I -'. t Kr I lauited, Mortessmsj. Baa Bkvs; i I .lea, HirARTURlS. WulMitr, March tl. i fan CmatinHave, riaido, H r hawpnrt. Plum mar, Wtii i ri Aurora, Prttchard, BeatUa. ' I reewe. Meara, Oork. i -rk mry (i'tover. CeeMMir, Port tHeuovary. r t City, b-t, Howeaj's I swdlng. r I iiiik. Moras, t'mixiisa. r a fttefiMM, linaa. Timber Cava. r i - eut'r, Peteraoa, Caspar Creek. - j IjnrtlMi, If (tmlaotdt. i. J I.. ? iKi.er. . ' i --, !- :iiO. StXAUZR MOTXMKBTS. TO AKJUTK raoa. -...Baa Dtagt. . . Portland ....Maxioaa Porta. - BaMg. Aaooa Columbia. New bam... Oonatantina Hi Oeo W Kldsr.... Panama Humboldt Knraka Oriaaba Baa llego".... TO DEPART. ABB. MaHWSTKia. ra ...March 17 .. March 17 Loa Angeles Eureka Oregon Portland A lax Duncan ...Little Kiver-.. Ancon - Ban Lneara .... ...March fM ...March tV ...March SO ...March SO laho Pugwt Bouna.. Coaetantine., Hueneene And ml norta SUN AND TIDE TABLE. H. W. Larga H. W. bmall. L. W. Large. L. W. Bmall. , flun Bun B. m a I 7 t SO S 0U 4 OB OK B 17 7 11 sr S OB m 17 k BO B 4t 7 4U B AO 9 44 in a- B 10 an OS 10 OS 11 IS 0 XI ra 1 t 27 S tl 7 4T m 0 11 8 SB 9 45 11 Oi M04 Alt S IS 0 13 M(B 4 14 4 IS a I SO X 47 I U ne p to 4 l o 17 REAL EST A TK THA A FACTIONS. Tha following real eatata tranafara reoonlad lo the Ueuorder'a OBIoa. Alameda Connty, March tt. Ital, are reported by Mis at Hmtui, Manners of Haotwda. SSbm. C W Kallogg nd wife to Wm II Oil. kerlng E WaehtngtMi, Z0 8 fin 11th, a 80 k VU, Oakland ouiet claim. B 6 C W Hathaway to Alameda Co - Birch at. fm Telegraph av to Broadway, Oakland To. I G Redrlnl at al to Mama Hania .- 1 P B Htlllcr to Ellen, wife John BcoU UA 13. blk 540. Oaklsnd I D W Moody 'o Marls A H purr Lot 1, blk M. Central Land Co. Oakland 560 J W Cud worth to savings Loan Society Lot SI. tract aOx. Oakland C W Kellovg ami wife to Wm Petri Kant Washington, lo nn lltn, b iow quiet claim .. Baml J Clarke, Jr, to A UtIUlin and C P K K Co SLOT acres, portion Whitchcr biks S70 aod 371. Oakland. tueeOiilhi to Ha -ah A. wife Jaa Gillie - LU C and . Mk 4. Alameda Park Hu, Alameda gift... Moruaaoaa. John Bvott and wife to Kllen WaUon Lot IS and lart l. blk bM. Oakland f 2000 a U Bnilth to Win Rice fl acrea, ortioii plot 1)4. Kl Valle da Han Joee Kane ho, tra t N of same, and land in Contra Costa Co silOO Roliert Parker to Joaquin Percira- LoU 5, II ami Iz, blk I, K fan Leandro . .. 3000 Geo W Mroith to loa Watermai. crop on portion Mac 0. Tp S, M K S E, and portion Bee SI. Tp , 8 I H 9 i E. Murray To iooa OVERIjA ttt fASSENUERS as-rwaaa-soraa raaaisa vBABs. aaa. Oaana. March ZS The following through paa' sengert' passed here on to-day'e train, leaving at- II Ij r. to arrive in tiaaiano siarcn ztn: U A Craw, Portla-Kl, Or; J A Thompson, petite Holbrook, U MiMgrove, B Held, A C liarriaon, Hon PranciM-o; James U Walker, Mis Walker, Han Rafael; John Minto ami wife, Toronto; Mr and Mrs Jenks. Waller Jen lis. London: J Hidalgo and wife. La Pax, Lower California; B J Hciber ll. h. I'hiladell-hl; U L Montifomery , loaonsros; V Hoffman, Cbkrago. HlRTHly. , 8EWARU In thisciiy, March 20, to tha wife of Hon Ueo Seward, a daughter. WOOD In Han Praaciaeo, March SO, to the wife of Matthew Wood, a da.chter. LAMPK In Ban francisco, March 11, to the wife of Caiitaln P Umm, a daughter , t'OLOMoN In Ban francimro, Mart-b 23, to the wife tat laador Bolomoc, a daughter. PErEKH In Han Kranciaco, March tl, to tin- wife of Oeo U Peter, a daughter. MARRIAGES. EL LEU A RD -THOM.WM In Kan Francisco, March Id. C P P.llevard and C M Thomson. IIANHEN 8IMONBON In Hsn Kraneisco, March 11). Cha V Hansen and Maria Bimonson. NKLLUf- RIKO-la Han Kranciaco, Uylveetcr W Nellie and Llsxie A Hied. WILCVIX - WKAVKK-lu Han Krin.ii.-n, March la. Captain P B Wilcox ami Jennie B Weaver, both of Oakland. LAMAR LEWIS -In Ban I'rancisi-o, Marsh 22, I has w Ijtmar aiio Mr Amanda M ia-wis. DEATHS. HATCH In this city. March 24, Mary H-.k. wils of Jabes HaU-h, aged 41 years and u months. Ba" Kuneral from Firtt I'nitarian Church (lata lnJeiendentBATL'KDAi, at 11 o'clock. Interment vrivatr. PABiKTT In East Oakland, March fa, Emma Louisa Neal, beloved wife of If II Paaaett, and daGghterof Daniel K and Julia A Neal. ANUKHhON-In Ban Kranciaco, March , Pred Anderson, a native of Uermany. aged 66 year and s month. LEAHY - In Han Pram-iero, March 23, Dai.icl, son of Ianiel ami Hanorah Leahy, a native of Hun Kram-iaco. ased S month and S days. 8PIEKB- In ban Kranciaco. March 21, Jennis C Hirers, a native of new York, aired So years. Kl N MIAN In Ban Kranciaco. March 23, Catherine Kliiigan. a native of Ireland, aged 4& years. TILTON-ln Ban Kranciaoo, Mrs Julia Tilton, a native or Hew llamnsrilrs. aged 89 years. LEE In Ban Kranciaoo, March 23, M) ra N Lee, aged Tl years. c. L. Jongs. WB. t. HtHILTOS. HAMILTON t JONES UNDERTAKERS. IIMIO Braaelwaiy. Oakland Pine Funeral Purnituis a Specialty. P. 8. Parlors, Receptacle and Embalming RiMwn for bodies of non-reaidenta. Par-titular attention paid to disinterring and transportation of bodies. Deal h recorda of oasaatariea at Maryavilla, Yuba Co., Cat. Vaxxl WM. T. HAMILTON, Crstar mt Alanaadn, CasmtFt Has not reiaoved but ia atill to ba found at 1112 BROADWAY, Between 12th am! 13th sts. Everything mquslta for funerals. Metallic and Imitation Caskets, Cofflns, Shrouds, and Kobes, Uaarss and Carrisgaa. Orders attended to day or night. A CaaisTBU. Vlu sr Btarw Tairant ahoutd bo atoppad. Negleot freqaentiy resuHs in an larariililf f w ar Dtawnaa) er Own mptU. BBOvVN's BROMCB1AL THOCUKM! trw owrtaitai trtwo rellel lai Astatsiaai. Braweltllla, Cwwfc ha, Catarrev, Cawssinsptlra staid Tltraat Ulsoaawa. ror thirty year tha Trachea hava bean fweomaBSnded by physicians, and alwaya give perfect aatiafaction. They are not new or untned, out naving beast ibbhj ay wioa and ennatan. waa for aearly an entire generation. they hava attained well-merited rank among tha fsw staple rememee. of tha a- fsiblia Mpaakers and Mlaiara ra uae abas to clear aad stranirthea the Vale. Bold at ti eta. a box every a here. (Carpet Item II a tr- Stirinit Is here, and now is the) time to hava your arrwta renovated. Th beat n.schlns U 111CKKY k DOWLINOS, ' 'Vh irtccntb street, near Franklin. i' irxt-e laviaworkand rimctermte) chargea. JORDAN BRUTHERH. earpeotera aad emtntctora, JO Twelfth street, b twaen Franklin and WabaUr straaU, Oak-Land. Particular atUntion paid to fitting od storws and offioea. Door and window acraans mala to order. lstwaa Cfaerrjr Toatls Paa taw Art aroma tie cotnbinsAioa for tba urenar. ation of Ue teeth aim! gum. It is far ufasriyr to Any waiAratkm of iu kind In tba markru ia urg-e, nanosoina opal pota, prios 60 eenta. i- Kir Ubowan clssvntMl or dyed at STED-S. 1011 Broadway, Oakland. HALr- t DR M0TTS LIVER I'lLLS are the beat cathartic ragulators. If. 8CHKLL.HAAS takes the cake for arlltng nooaebold gooils cheap for lliscellaneous. Oakland Gaslight Co. . Was? altam.. jr. wcaasa, Ja.... Vaji Lama KaartAa r. tt. BanaisacTt... rritUHTJCICH! 4. Mat Moaa, Jsess W. Cxil.sssa. J, barn. W. W. Uraae, ix i. West af ! fjoaapaaj Is rsasinl sa DnlonS Dank BaUdlng, Cisrasr MUth awl iaaw. Orlbis hnssilir wcasisaeal wt Uniwej Taias?ap Cm . TtXTTXaVX OB March S March t March M , March 7 ..March t7 ... ...March 2a ,..Maruh SO a TnWawlBBaBt ssasa IYssj M-srtta. I AXimCTt'sVAt, OUNAUElf T Zl A IX C XI . filters. Brackets, ate. 12"! X!r.,isrjrv Ci TavAd, i T" i -r 1 j -;!. H-t - t r-":J Rjiilroadj. Cs ' fa Ra Ra Ssvit rVstnclaeas avxtd Caa satclamaT krssry Tttv, 1BB1 ii BAH.T ;iJsi- bv l.t sua raaso-o. OatawS Waarl. Baa baaasre. lias. Warm rlaav BWtt NORTHERN RAILWAY OABQUIH1X BOOTE. - 3ATLJ lEaavvt Baaaay ft u f.h ui tAS't ss s.-v jtt ss s.ssl naalaaS Waael outui iaoj h Maa rabta. ri.rf, Baruaas, ui.ia 4tT4lsl I Av hi ts is if t.ll t II 17 t.tiliiisnii , talS 4aJ I14.W lite A M Kxeuratua Tickets, at Redacaal Batae toKaaPa- ate aad Martlmasonoay by tba OS a. M.'rala. FERRIES AND LOCAL TRAINS. "To CAN FRANCISCO" Dal!. HmUrjt aseapiert. sAlanseda Pasaengersehange cars st Oakland. I - I 1 TO aaatAiTD. . at l to fS ss S a A. ST. a. m. oe.iu 7..SJ . a. 4.00 10.00 0S.IU 7.00 7. B.00 4.40 t.00 . 10.00 I9.W II.UO 110 lt I2-J0 7.O0 S.00 .. 10.00 b l j b7.; bS. bV. r. d 7.30 bs.M &. so; AOS t..-o! io.oo IB.W UJJ0 II M r. a. r. a.l ID l.oo, .K t.00,1 4.l t ool t.m .fs b.3r t.ool 1.00. 1. m 2. U0 r. m. .on 4.40 1.00 I.W 4.00 4. JO 11.00 12.00 r. a. l.oo 2.08 101 11 SO t. m. 12 10 l.0 l. 4.M M.J A bl.S-bAl bo.- t.00 1 4.00 4.U0I 4.00 4.00 1 4.30 1 7.00 a oil s in 17 .(ti 7.00 .20 HIO 10.40 4 JO bll.46 10.40 S.10 .v in 4o A. W. Change Uar Wea: 1.00 II. BI. bl4 bl 1.41 1.00 "Alanieila 1 engera change cars at Oakland b8iinda excejite.1. CREEK ROUTE FROM 8 AN KRABCISCX) Dally: :15, and 11:16 A. Id.; 1:16, and 3:1 A, and 6:16 P.M. Daily, except Bundaye: 7:16 A. M. PKUM OAK LAND Daily: 8:16 and 10:15 A. I.; 12:16, 2:16, and 4:16 P. M. DaUy, exce4 Sundays: 6:16 A. si. The Oakland Long Wharf will ba open for the passage of teams, etc., also of live stock only when properly haltered and led. The creek route rates will be applicable to I his route. A. N. TOWN K, T. B. GOODMAN. tMi.8uDt. Oan. Pass A Tkt . Act Coal Dealers. GOAL! COAL! COAL! EENTON COAL Just Discharged from Bark "Montana," For sal in lots to suit, by T. H. HENDERSON, 413 Tenth Street. COKE I Cheapest Fuel Bend your orders to tba Gaa Company's Office, Second Street, near Broadway. Only 75 Cts. per Barrel Miscellaneous. Absolutely Pure. Mads from Ora a vream larvar. Ho other prcuaratioa snakes each light, flaky hot breads-or lujvnrlosai pastry. Can be oaten by dyspep, ties without fear of tba ills resulting froes heavy Isaticaatibla food. Bold only la cans, by all a locate. Sot ai, Baboio Powaca Co., New York. The Homes of Oakland Cor. 9tai idWataiAgtoB, J. DePue & Co. MJBLISHEBa. J. DEHJB X; 1XTED. WK DKSIBJC THK 8EK TICKS of ntaUtreat renUrmen aad ladita to solicit aabacriptiooa for the IrrusATtoiAi, Rrrisw Maa ana a or Asuxucab Hanoar, and Itaaaaa EaccATMNiAai ttoarrBLT, fa every city and toem la Use United Btstsa. Larra eeanailssiiisi paid Bess pies of all three saxrkidicaJa aaast tor 43 issita, cs atthrr for U cwota. Write for terma. JU H. B A UN KM ak CO. 111 stsxsl I IB Wtlllsissi ., W. V CktltaLrwst'a Catrrlataro Mataiaxtatetary. CHILDRE2T8 CARRIAGES AND WAOON8 aasds to order. Irvss wheats iiai wroaght kroa fwraiahed toe old wayoesi asd BSLitloa. sto- pairs af all kinds Bob, w XL. TsWBUrT cu., Carriaars Makers. aSaxokasartha aad t.brast Makara. Fan Kara rspaiisd; 130B TaAaxtaph asw aw aad Ux Broad way, Oakland. ; GET YOUtt ASSAYING DONE ASSATTNO as sil its hraarhra, and wqrfcieje; lKtaa4 ISO (a A4 peaaa al tMre, riven whew dwred, at ft t sirwt, betweea til. Sr. &.'. b. n . .tt,t bvW.sm a n ttixs tHr in.s I.bm tail Jil IM tZ2 T3 ss sa -a sSil -3 2- 25 2 2f iss - S 5 3 Bro4lw" o I at i j a alia a. A. . . A. SI. A. at. sa.40 B.4J 7 001 I. 10 b7 i D't-OO ba.20 12.4 M.wl bS.su au bi.to ks'sTi bs.40 ba.00 1XA4 t.00 7 JO a. m. 4.40 .2A 9Mt 1M 10.00 I.SU to 7.44 maw T.aO 1M LM 1.10 0 8.44 1.00 7M tM talO.tol. .44 ' .00 l-24 LM LM lljai S 10.44 10.0b t-M AM AA) r. u. a 9 11.44 .11.00 t.24 AS4 tWI 1.0 S IX. 00 .4 4.M A40 1.80 E UM '.!;. -4 il t.00, ; t.44 M.-a 1.00 Il.M 124 I (.SO . b.I 1.44 '. 4.00 UX 4.M 7.il 1.44, tauol t oo f oo . fr a. 1.44 h7- .G . f.M flange Lw! e.44 lb7.20 10.M lra Vaat I 7.S0 I t.40 Oakland. . t M ., ,. . - rrofessional Cards. i EDGAR S. Kr.T.T.EY. TKACHER OF HUSICAL COMPOS ITION, Piano, and onran; room 64, Koberta House, earner Bth and Waahlnirtca streets, Oakland, Claas In harmony on Tuesday evenings. J. C. PL,TJlfKXTT ATTORNKT-AT-LAW, HAS REMOVED BI8 office tram 40V, Ninth street to Wilcox mock, Vtl wroaaway uaaianq. A.W. BISHOP, v m-bitn mn mvvrv & vrv D A An K s w. w.., 9 -I Broadway, Oakland, Wilcox Block. A. M. CHURCH, JUSTICE OP THB PEACE AXD COVEYAN- ear, SOB Bth street, between Broadway and Wash ington, uakiano. J. M. POSTON, TTORNEYrAT-LAW, L Office City Hall FRED- IV BUTTON. ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, AND NOTARY Public, rooms 20 and ti, 8M Broadway, i .... u .i. i a-ii... nikiini rvi wa. dvtviiui ainj r.s"" ."v'--i , . MRS. I IOZ rpEACHKR OF TIIE PIANO FOBTE, LES-l sooa given also in the French aud Uennaa lanirnatrea. lenna reasonaDie; izzz cagniu av, Oakland CaL French aitd Ccrniao IctU r tranji- lated; purfet-t discretion trutranted. D. D. CROWLEY, M. D. SCKOEON AND OCULIST. OFFICE, CAU-for ilia Medical Colletre, Clay, bet. 10th and 1th streets, Oakland. Ofl.ce Hours, 10 to 13 B. to r. B. TAGQART & DINQEE- 'XTOTARJES PCBUC. OFFICE 460 AND 462 XI tn A. O. LAWRIE, s EAR CHER OF JIEC0RD8. 812 BROADWAY, Oakland, CaJ T. W. MORGAN CITY ENGINEER, FOURTEENTH AND Waahinytoa streets. City Hail, otnee hours 8 to V and 3 to A Kesidence all Nineteenth street, between Prove street and Ban Pablo ave. OEO E- DE OOLIA 4'TTORNEY-AT-LAW AND NOTARY PUB-A. lie, with Vrooniaa A Davis. Room H Delgor Block. NW. cor. Brosdaray and th streets. R. A. REDMAN. ATTOItNEY-AT-LAW, ROOMS 17 AND Wilcox lllock, Broadway, Oakland, Cal. 18 NOBLE HAMILTON, A' TTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, OtlU, S!i0 Broadway, between seventh and kJfhlh streets, Oakland. NYE & RICHARDSON, ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, ROOMS 8, B, AND 10, 460 Eighth atrect. Oakland, Cal. A E CASTELLO, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, Uil BROADWAY, UES-hlencesW Market street, Oakland. WILL- H- BURRALL, N OTARY PUPLIC. COMMISSIONER OF Deeds and Conveyancer of 10 years' ex perience 1108 Broadway, Oakland, first door north of Oakland Bank. S- F- DANIELS, ' UOTICE OF THK PEACE, 864 BROADWAY; Oakland, Cal - WM. K. ROWELL, NOTARY PUBLIC. OFFICE, 1008 BROAD wsy. kesiJenoe, 410 Thirteenth street; nrst house east of Broadway, Oakland, CaL Auctioneers' Notices. WHARTON 6c BOYD AUCTIONEERS. And dealers In Second-hand Furniture, BBTWKBX 13TII A 14TU. Pay cash for second-hand furniture of every description. Sales at resiliences solicited, satisfaction guaranteed. Buy. sell, rspair and ex chang-e. bend postal card or call aad see us. Star Auction House ! RYAN fc MELLOR, 1114 Broadway, bet 12th & 13th Sts New and Second-hand Furniture, General auctioneers for Oakland and Alan la County. Bfwcial attention jfiven to the appraisement ef furniture and to house aaloa on the premises. Hi-heat Cash pries paid for aeouod-hand Furniture, houschold-cfferts, etc. i LYON tfc KTNSEY, MM k Heal Hsiale AUCTIONEERS 12, 014, 91C Waahink-ton street, Oakland. 043 Market St., San Francisco. Furniture sales on premises a specialty. The argest aeeortme n of fine second hand furniture on the coast at private sale, at auction prices. Sty rag-a for furniture at reasonable rates. Regal rr salcdar Thursday clock. BAN KITE AD fo SONS AUC1IONKKR8, Office, Broadway, bet. 5th and 6th GENERAL LICENSED AUCTIONEERS FOR A lamela County. Buy and sell Secondhand Furniture, and do a General Commission Busineea. Crockery and Glassware constantly on hand. Contractors. IsTIO-IiT WORK PAUL, PARKFB T CO.. RUBBISH REMOVED ON SHORT NOTICE (A now prepared to clean privy vaults, cess pools and yards oa reaeonaule terma, 28 Fil bert street, between first a n Tnird, oakk.ua. Order box at aocawest corner of Broaaway and Seventh streets. Box P. O. corner. East Oakland , nd Sevan Ui street, this side of P. O. at Point Station Mscellaneons. HAS THE LARGEST IPIAKO WAREHOUSE In the world. The building Is seven stories 100 j by 200 built of iron and brick. Wa have 1.0OO PIANOS For SsUo m InaUtl. 1 Bttsmt t tvlso LOOO PisvxttM TO RENT at LOW RATES. Rent allowed 00 j purchase for six months. I 1,000 Organs of several makes at great bar- rains. Ntvr PIANOS as low as B300. Also a largo stock of Second-hand Pianos foni F25 or to (300, oa 916 monthly Instalments. Bbeet mnsic lor tne muiion at halt r Jttca Call aad Judge for yourself. T. M. AntiseU & Co., Cor. Market and Powell 8ts. PIONEER PLANING MILLS! Cor Broadway & 1st St. A TT TaAJTO, 40 James E.Biethen, PropY. DOORS. KA51XE, BLLNDS. MOULDINGS. And rverr description of MILL WORK oa ihand tad mads to oraor. NEW C1TT M1REET. A BtsloraslM Onsrtaalty Cor sa. sAaunBooa. OS OK ABOUT THK nKST DAT OF March a sow city starkei will be opened kn Caaa- roa Block, oa rourteetn susct, near bi uausiy. It wul eoataia a Brat slssa Fruit fSssalL, Flah Stall. BoAcAssrs Btalljeallry cAail. CaalatUoaaty Uejpai laiaal, sjtsw aAsv trarttss desirins; Quarters In tha aaarket eaa sarare the saaae by appiring to MlLLKJt BltOtV, Bos. 13U and IB2S Baa radio aawansa. VO. lOlt BBOAD W OAHT.ATIP Steam Carpet Beating . 2?kS Xk. o atr X XT 23 . rweaiy-arst street, fcetweew Broadway and Ta. n avcuun. IrM PIANOS Miscellaneous. Ta 4 H 0 H CD o o Of CD o CM 0 55 H n CO LLl tb rJ ft CO Houses and Lots! FOR SALE LOW ON EAJbT TERMS ON THE INSTALLMENT TLAN ! ! $3t300 First-class six-room cottage with all improvement, on cant side o Chester atreet, near 12tb, lot by 125 feet. (Jjl er f A larie Oittaif e of 6 rooms and V-Jt,JvF all modern improvements, with lot 42 by 120 feet, cn the west side of Chester, north from Nninth street. r Ifin A large and well appointer two-rpy ,VV v story reshleuce of ten rooms- with suiierior accommodationr, on the east side of Cheater street, north froin Ninth. Lot 70x126; good stable atttched; a very desirable place. fTUNE LARGE COTTAGE WITH ALL MOD X? era improvements, on the cant side of Campbell street between Railroad avenue and Eighth street. Lot 44x100 feet. Terms easy. 4") "filf. One handsome new cottage of five ijG, HJU rooms, on the west side of Cheater near Ninth. Lot 31x115 feet. J0 AArt NICE COTTAGE ON WEST SIDE jPMijUllPpcraJta opposite Fifth street; liberal terms. The above Houses are supplied with all modern improvements. Only 10 per cent, required down' balance on easy installincnti at 8 per cent, inter; eet, six years' time. 7 O XI N Z I B C E K B I W Ne. ?66 PoraJta stroot, Oakland JOHN ZIEOENBEIN & CO. Artificial Stone Paving The undersigned is prepared to lay artificial tone pavements without the uae of the SchiJ-iinger patent. Parties desiring this pavement will find it MORE SATISFACTORY, BOTU IB DURABILITY AND PRICE The Courts have not decided my mode of la ing an infringement of patent, and partier using it will be amply protected frcra annoyance or prosecution. W. D. PERINE, B5fl Broad way SOMETHING NEW ! IF YOU WANT THE Best Soap in the World ASK your GROCER or DRUGGIST for Manufactured only by the NAVY SOAP COMPANY, 720 1st St., Oakland, Cal. Oakland Iron Works No. Ml 513, 24 Street. IVES SCOVILLE. PROPRIETOR. I am now prepared to do any and all kinds of machine work, steam engines and pumps, railroad ars, wheels and axles; granite stons dressing machines, Scevills Dartlctt patent waching-machine, the best in use. Repairing of steam engines and steam pumps promptly attended to by the most skillful workmen. Thankful for past favo.-s, I shall conti-iue to deal justly and promptly with all who fa or me with their patronage. Parties desiring quart! mills for prosecting a-ill &. d It to their ad van-a&e to call and examine a new stamp mill at my shop IVES Kvil.kJ( Proprietor V U HTJ 1 EH It ED UCTI0S ih- PRICE OF GAS 4 T A MEETING OF THE DIRECTORS the Oakland Oas Light Company A. of held on the 21st day of October. 1878. tt waa re solved that tho price of gas ba reduced U. $3.50 per 1,000 it to take effect Ion and after the 1st day of Jan- uary, 187. JAMES FREEBORN, Secretary. CITY MARKET Oyster Saloon & Restaurant ! ELEVENTH STREET, OAKLAND, A. CAMPBELL Proprietor Wholesale rud Retail -DBaklA :- OYSTERS, CLAMS, AND SHELL-FISH! A-Ocod Meals at all HonnTEl WINKS AND LIQUORS. Families. Public and Private Parties, Bote and ShiooinsT aod Restaurants upplied. MTTIaIaER'S optical depot 136 Montgomery St. near Basil, 8. F. Specialty for SO years. Established 8. F. ISSS wnoieaaie ana retail The most complicated cases of defective vision thorooghly diagnosed, free of charga. -CeampouAtd - A attentat tip j Lasnsos ! mounted to order, fTWO HOURS NOTICE" CARLttON sTA CURRIER, A.rwsita, R. B. HARD'S GEKLRA1 BUSIKESS AGEKCY - Mo. 4U Mat Strsst. lrtieoJar attentiesi rata to J bills, ate. Roferences F. K. 8hattock, J. B. ). J A WaZL W. W. Oamrosi J. Wast Martin, A- C. Heeay, Woodwarsl Tg- gar. fi. W. Haoosa. u. O. Co K IKK Tinning. Plaiabing, Gasfitting AKD METAL BOOFDfO DOKX IK ALL ITS esanrhns rMowoa, Baearaa, EaaA II Utst, aasK " aj faswl -- aass nnna, PtpssToAacaj, FISHER & CO.-HATTERS Ho, 8 rtattMury Street, TTIB-EBT AKHOUMCS THAT IS COSSK. tl mmamr af rachtetioo ia cost of asaamfactr ins;, they wiU troaa tkkt data redoes tha prios of CO UJ DC ftsUk Mstrksit Strt Sttm Frauaolassa tAeir suberb aad suiequaUed V A1 ri rer Cewt, BaTlaTB. THE OAKLAND BANK OF SAVINGS Subscribed Capital, - - $950,000. ' Paid mp Capital avmd Ressorwo Fnjid im Oold Ceia - V503,500 WltaVIUaS-E. u Hsssima, W. E. Miller, Samuel Morritt, Henry BVvess, A. W. Bowman, W. A. Aid rich, J. E. McElmth, R. . Cole, Prhncai Blake. FlBaa-CB OoaUfima B. C. Seanona. A. W. Bowman, W. S. Miliar. E. C. Sasaion, - - . President W. W. OAarHwam Cashier rflERM DEPOSITS REMAINING THREE 1 full moo tha or more, will ha onUtied to djridoiKuT of utsveat, wbion ars payabla semi-annoally. Na oatravxtoe) favo mr oxtavrsoa ansvdai tor TBsviak Vookav Loans made and a general bazikhir business transacted. Exehangs and 'Eelegraphie Transfers at current rates. Hi also draw direct on Lou don, Dublin, Paris and Berlin. Allow tha best market rate for gold and currency draft on New Yqk, Cnilectioua made and proceeds remitted at currant rates, bau Kranciaco corres- (LIMITED), and the BANK OF CALIFORNIA. New York coi respondents, tha NINTH NATIONAL BANK, NEW VOKK, and MESSRS. LAID LAW CO. Union Savings Ban uor. xsroavaway ana mi st, Oakland. Capital Paid in Oold. - $450,000 Hoax or Dutacroas A. C. Henry, J. West Martin, John C. Hays, D. Henahaw Ward, William Meek, W. W. Crane, Jr.. E. A. Uaii.os, 8. Hull, Samuel Woods, R 8 Farrelly, Chu. W. Howard, R. W. slirkham, Uiram Tubba, J. M ra Moss, 11. A. Palmer. J. Wbst Mitns Pnakl- nt H. A. Paumks Vice-Preaua. Irv i. Interest allowed upon all dciosits rer:ain:iiic three calendar months, beipm.inr from the 1st of the month succeeding the date of deposit. No Entrant)) T. Remittances from the country may be m.ule by Express, or Cneck upon banka in San I'run-cisco, and book will be returned. Loans made ony upon Uortfrapce, Read Estate, and B-mda. Certificate of Deposit issued, bearing interest payable at the date agreed noon. FIRST NATIONAL BANK of OAKLAND 969 BROADWAY. Capital Authorized, - $1,000,000 V. D. Moodt President Chas. H. Twohblt Cashier Boaso or DikBCTOsa O. M. Fisher. Thomas Arthur, J. K. Kuggles, B F. Mann, A. J. Snyder, W. P. Jones, V. D. Moody, C. II. Twombly, F. k Shattuck. Transact a general eominercial banking business. Sight Exehangs, foreign and domestic, for sale. Union National Bank Ubioh Bask Bcuiho, Oajluaxd. A. C. HsSkT, ..... . . President II. A- Palmkb, . Cashier Deposit account opened in gold, silver and currency. Exchange and telegraphic transfers on New York in sums to suit, in gold or currency at current rates. Funds deposited witr our correspondents in New York or San Fran cisco, paid here. New York Cusmical Natiohal Bajik. correspondent. Merchant Tailors. MERCHANT j TAILOR! 1008 Broadway J 3 Doors From TesUh St. ! THE BEST mmm IS ALWATS THE CHEAPEST! 1 cw-rfliAl'.' 1 get up First- class woi k for lea than in San co. Call S-f7 ' aau .tiafy yom self. REMEMBER THE PLACE, IBIVITZ BLOOS 1O0S Broadway. Fine selection of Foreig-n and Domestic Cloths; Beaver and Cassimcr s for dress and busiues suits mads In ths latest Style, and warranted to fit. BROWN & r.lcKIHNON. Merchant TuIL.E. 1018 Broadway. We Keep CONSTANTLY ON HAND Eng Ish, French, Scotch American Goods, Whl-h a .-e 1 1 ! to ine ut to Order. Trlm-n; r'irat Cla-ii; 3lj le aad wormanaaip nnexeslktd. Prsietle-I MERCHANT TAILOR Is now receiving-hia Fan and Winter stock FricI & EseHi. Beavers, Wal tines, Etc. Etc Etc, Also THE BEST AMERICAN MANUFACTUitEO CLOTH Which ha now prepared to V1KK UP THE LATEST STTLEat At tba Lowest Market Prices. 7 " A GOOD ITT GUARANTEED. ' asaaSBBBsaaaBBBSa' rnWi wm hat FIRST-CUtSS WOKK vrv Ha raarantees Good Fits and Pel feet Satisfaction. Call and examine hia Stock ffQ 1QS45 BHOADWAT. L Hard wart). AtAACS Evnau. Mau ETBaaoA. W. & M. EVERS0N to Geo. S. Brown Co.) Importers and Deale H AUD WARE, I CUTLERY, AGRICULTURAL ir.IPLET.TEHTS V. Wa Cr. Nimtlt svad BsevtHrmy 1 OAKLAND i - ' Lircry Stibles. Prafrlatar DEXTER STADLE8; . ' ' Car. Central Asw. and TTarrWon Stav ! Oraposits Orasst Central Hotel, Oat I ad. Cat, ' Wst-eJass over of oT daaerirt' a " SadJIs horses a se v. l. . to hire st all I 19 Legal, Administratrix Sale of Beal Estate IkTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEM. THAT IN Xl pursuance of an order uf th4 late Irobate Court of the City and County of haa Fraaeiaoo, htata of i 'slifornia, mads on tha 15th day of Sea-tember, 1878, and alao In pursuance) of an order of tha npertor Court of said city eetaity and Stat ntsde 0.1 the 18th day of March, IS, la the mat ter oi tne estate of v uium a. Btantela, deeaaaed, the undersigned Adminastratrix ofi said eatata. will sell at privets sale, for cash, and subject to confirmation by said Superior Court, oa or after Haturdav, tba Xd day of April, A I). 1881, all tha right, tHIe, interest aad estate of Ithe said William H. Stanisls, deceased., at thh time of his death, and all the right, tills and I Interest that the said estate has, by operation el law or otherwise acquired, other than or in addition to that of the salt) in testa ts at tha Urns of J his death, in and to all that certain lot of land King and being in tha city of Oakland, count of Alameda, State of California, bounded and! described follows, viz: ' i Commencing st s point on the northerly line of Division street, distant SO feet Easterly from ths noeihesst corner of Pine and Djvtsion streets; running thence easterly on Diriii street fifty feet; thence at a right anyle n rthSrly one hundred fert; thence at a rijfht angle (westerly Bftr 'eet, and thence at a right asitle southerly one nunoreo irei to tne pinocot commencement. ucea at exiienae of purchaser, in writing, and will be received al the ottlce of Tho. A. O llrit n. No. 324 Pine strict, room 12, or may be deiivcroi to tne adinusstratrix. por- annallv, or ma he nled with the Clerk of aaid Superior Court, Ieparttnent No. ANNA &TANIELS. Administratrix of the estate of W. H. MtanieU, deceased. Tlios. A. O'Brikx. Atuniey, Sit Pin street. 8. F. Dated March 19, 1481. Probate Notictj. P. THE SUPERIOR CjOUriT OF THE County of Alameda, State, of (California. Uepartment AO. 2. In the matter of the estate of Frink W . Steven- son, deceased. Notice for publication of time proving will, etc I'UBHUant to an order of made on the 23d day of March, A. appointed for said Court, D 1881, notice Iv herein given, tliat Monday, the 4th day of April, A. a. ibsl. at 10 o'clock a. of said day. and the Court Room of said Court, at the Court- nouae in the City of Oakland, in tbe County of Alameda, have been apiointea as tne time and place for proving the will of Frank W. 8tevriison, ilecraaed, and lor bearing the spphcation of Jane t. otevenaon lor I lie issuance u ner of testamentary upon aaid will, wheii and hers any eron interested may appear alid contest the name. ANDREW RYDER, Clerk. By U E Yaiks, Veputy Clerk Dated March, l.Ssl. Probate Notice. I N THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE County of Alameda, State of California. leiu-tment no. Two. Notice for Puhlicatioh of Tiniol Appointed for Provinir Will. A. In the matter of the estate of William Corniack, deceased. Pursuant to an order of said Coart, mvle on the 10th day of March, A. D. 1881, dotice is hereby given, that Monday, th zsth liay of March, A. D. Ibsl. at 10 o'clock U. u. af said day, and the Court Room said Court, at tlie Court Houne ' in the City of Oakland, in the County I of Alasreda, have been appointed as the time and place for proving the will of William tViriuacK, deceased. and for neai-inir tne application or Janet C. Cormack for the issuance to her of letters tes- tanientar) thereon, wben and wljere any person interested may appear and cnnteA the same. A.NDKfcW KftUtK, UlerK. By Edw. C. Robissos, Ueputyi Clerk. T. V- liACHKtSKR, Attorney for Petitioner. Dated, March 10, 181. Express Compailes. OAKLAND TRANSFER CO. SAQSAQL CHECKED AT HOTELS AND RESIDENCES. OFFICE: I O 1 4 Broadway. Oakland And Mason s store. Sixth artnua and Easi Twelfth street Brooklyn .and San Francisco 10-c ent Pk'g D to Poet street. Fwmitwre Ptaaot, HJaATC1 re etc, r anifer.ed to and from Oakland, 11 parts of the city. ismuauyn ana To or from San Francisco fori fifty Centa. SAMPLki'S Piano and Furniture Headquarters at MAUVAIS SIC STORE, on 12th street, stand at SW. cor. lithand Broad- way. All kinds of xprcsntige one at the lowest rates. More than the otwt of xpressiure saved in the Careful handlinir of Furn ture. All mod- era aplications for moving Piaaoa, psckine and shipping-. Plenty of help for aackiiur and tuv paukinK furniture, uroers proaiptiy auenaea to if left at Mauvais Music Store, or at Aelney A Flint a Drug Store. I Whitney & Co's The only Company that forwards Pack aires. Orders, Letters, etc, on every half hour train to and from San Francisco and Oakland. Urn. Pis Tel. L Telephones answered by us Miscellaneoi GROCERIES. JUST RECEIVED Bine Front Grocery Cape Cod Cranberries, New York Alden Dried Apples Eastern Boneless Codfish. Also a fine li EASTERN CANNED GOODS ! For sale at low C. A. FULLER, QOOBrosvd r- 8tlv Browel.'s Patent Chimneys & 1TATIV i TB. WILLIAMS OWHEKJ FOft ALAMEDA sad Baa Joaouia eooAtiea. All persons Infringing- by soaking, using- of selling tha Abort named Chimneys will ba prosecuted. Tkto Best Vltrlflloat fAwwer Plpo stmel Tanrav Cot tja Ctaiawsvew Tapa, 8oo earn far Bmokey Chimneys, for. sale at LOWEST PRICES. Depot and offico corner of makliB ani lSUl ttk OaUaiiaI. SAMTTEL HTT.T; Branch SeirfixL?; Midline Offlce Wkite, Ullson, rToreaee, Pserlesa, -Crowa, Horne, Victor, Wsod, ani other , . T-., ,-. ssaoJoKkiwa.;' BoeeatsV-Havmsi MaeAxIavos faa tS ts tl. Naadlea, OS. aad Attarhaamta. : ICeKIKNOlff etc POWERS, Aii 474 TWELFTH STREET. ' AMERICAN DISTRICT ";.:' TEIXOBAF1I CO. BOO Br.slrr-""-"4-. 0L4 AUxtABLX MZSSENOCR WIU. MAKE daily trips to Saa Fraaciseo at 9HO a. u. 110 aod tM r. M. for to purpose of sVeli has letters, tavitationa, nst oarosls, tMtj D.'at. DOPB. fmpti OFFICE - BEnOVAL. rpHi office or "TnJ homts or oak 1 land' has been renwwed to tne souift corner of Ninth and Vi i -Um streets, land. Cai.f'jrtita, Ml) of 4 r i of ppce. r. o E Leg&J. CITY HAXis BONDS. Notice of Re demptlou. IM ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRO VISIONS of an Act of tho Legislature of the Btaaa c4 Califmia, entitled "An Act to authorise tho uif council r-f tho city or usKtaao to purchase land and srect a City Hall, aod to tasoe bonds of ia etty, and provMa tor tne payment of tho at Anorovad Marb 19l 186A. aald Ool havtnv heretofore duly advertised, In aooordaaee with the provisions of said Act, for tho space of three weeks. In a naamnar DnMlahad in said city, for sealed proposals lor the redemption of wo wnoie or any portion of S3S.000 worth of tne bonds iaaued under the above-named Act, aad no praposala bavin; been made for tho redemption of any of said bonds, i Mouce ts nereby given that there Is now In tho Buildinsr. Redemption Fund in tha fit. Twaairv the turn of f2f,000 in goM ouln of tho United States, immediately available for tho payment and redemption of booda iaaued under said Act. ahich said sum of 925.000 will be applied to tho redemption of aaid boods according to the aum- per o uieir una ! The bonds issued Tinder said Act. and tim. bered from one to fifty, both inclusive, will bo redeemed on presentation at tba office of tha Treasurer of the City of Oakland, in the City Hall of aaid city, at any time after tho data of thia notice. faid bonds numbered from oas to fifty Jhoth inclusive, ahall cease to draw interest after tfour weeks from the date of this notice. Hy order of the Citv Council of Oakland Clerk's office, March 2, 1881. JAMES DODS. City Clerk. Times copy . BAR BONDS. IVotioo of Tt odcmjitlon. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS of an Act of the Legislature of the State of California, entitled, ''An Act empowering- tho City Council of the Citv of Oakland to remove ottat ructions at the Mouth of San Antonio Creek, and to keep the Channel at aaid Creek open for Navigation," approved March 28th. 1868; aaid City Council having heretofore duly advertised, in accordance with the proviaions of said Act, for the space of three weeks, iu a new paper published in said City, for sealed proposals for tha redemption of the whole or any portion of 7,500 00 worth of the bonds issued under tha shove named Act. : And no aroposals having been made for the redemption of any of said bonds, i Notice is hereby (riven, that there ia now in the Bar Bond Redemption Fund, in the City Treasury, the sum of 7,S00 00. immediately available for the payment and redemption of hoods issued under said Act, which said sum of 7.VK) 00 will be applied to the redemption of said bonds according to the number of their issue. The liond issued under said Act, and numbered from one to fifteen, both inclusive, will be paid and redeemed on presentation at tha office of the City Treasurer of the City of Oakland, in the City Hall of said City, at any time after the date of this notice. i Said bondx, numbered from one to fifteen, both inclusive. shU cease to draw interest after four weeks from the date of this notice, By oraer or tne wtv tuncii. Clerk's Office. March 2, 1881. JAMES DODS. City Clerk. Times copy. JUDGMENT BONDS. Notice oT Redemption, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROTISIONS of an Act of the Legislature of the State of California, entitled, "An Act supplemental to an Act to authorise the City of Oakland to purchase land and erect a City Hall, and to fasroa bonds of said city, and to provide for tha -payment of tba same, passed March nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight," approved March M, looa. aid City Council having heretofore duly advertised In accordance with the provisions of aaid Act, for the space of three weeks in a newspaper published in said city, for sealed proposals fon the redemption of the whole or any portion a. l u.l K ... . w h .J l a .1 w. -. J. .uv iwuua ihuoi "n MIC above named Act, and no proposal having been made for the redemition of any of said bonda. Notice is hereby given that there ia now in tha Judgment Bond Redemptioo Fund in the City Treasury, the sum of S,u00 in (old coin of the cniiea Btates, immediately available for too payment and redemption of bonds issoed noder said Act, which said sum of 8.1)00 will be applied to the redemption of said bonds according to tha number of their Issue. The bonds issued under said Act. and num. bered from two hundred and twenty-one to two nunared ana tnirty-six, both inclusive, will be paid and redeemed on presentation at I ha office of the Treasurer of the City of Oakland, In tha City Hall of said city, at any time after the date of thW notice. Said bonds numbered from 221 to 838. both In- elusive, snail cease to draw interest afteri four' weeks from the date of this notice. By order of the City Council. Clerk's office, March 2, 1881. i JAMES DODS, 1 City Clerk. , Times copy. Guardian's Sale of Beal Estate PURSUANT TO AN ORDER OF THE Superior Court of Alameda Oiuutv. Depart ment No. Two, of date February 7th, 1881, la ths matter of the estate and guardianship of Car, mel Ei-tudillo, Kslinda Estudillo, Deiphina Esto dUlo, Clotilda Estudillo and Isabel EstudUlo minors, notice is hereby riven that the undersigned, ruardiaa of the persona and. -estates of said minora, will sell on or after Saturday, the I 20th day of February, 1881. at private sale, to tho highest bidder, tor oash in United States gold coin, all that real property aituate In Brooklyn Township, Alameda County, California, bounded and described aa follows, to wit: Beginning on the northeasterly line of plot No. 7 (as the same is laid down and so designated on the map accompanying the report of tho referees In partition in the action of Wm. P. Toler st al. vs. Jose C. Peralta, administrator, et al.. commenced in tha IJtstatct Court of tba Third Judicial District of tba State of California, ia and for tba County of A lame, la, aad numbered oa the register of aaid Court as No. 6408) at a station On the southerly corner of plot No. ; thence along said tine 8 so deg R 4 aeVlOO chains to the northwesterly line of a tract .of land owned by E. P. Rodrigues; thence along aaid last mentioned line N 60 deg R 10 11-100 chains to the southwesterly Una of a road 26 links la width; thence along said road N SS deg 26 mla W SO-IOO chains to station; thence N 25 deg W 1 13-100 chains to station on the oa terly eomer of plot No. 6; thence 8 46 deg W 11 8-100 chains to placs of beginning: containing 6 Is ') acres, the same being plot No. 6 on said soap. . Also plot No. 23 on said map. described oa follows: Beginning at a station from which Station No. 70 of the Yg-nacio Peralta portion of tho baa Ail ton lo Rincho,aesaid rancho was patented by the United States of America to aaid Peralta. bears 8 18J deg W 88 link a distant; taonoa M 18g deg R along ph No. 24, as tha samoia designated oa aaid map, 2 1-100 chains to station; thence along tha southerly line of aald plot 71f dtg R 48 70-100 chains to station oa tho weateaty line of plot No. 16, th same being tba easterly lino of road No. S, aa shown oa said soap; thence along the last mentioned line 8 22( deg W T -100 chains to the Bortheaeutrly aorasr of pIcA&No. 22; thence M 711 deg W along tho northerly Una of aaid plot No. 22 48 AO-10O eavtna to tha placs of beginning; containing 79-100 acres. Said property win b aoid ia oaa parcel or la subdlvisiorJS. Bids or offers In writing for aald property, wools or in subdivinons, will be received sonally by aaid ruardiaa. at bis r 4dac at Ttmeeral, Alameda County, or saav be kaft at tho law omce of five a juctsusisoa, no. aso avagnta street, Oakland, or may ba ft lad with tha County Clerk of Alameda County at any time after tba first poblicatioo of this notice and before tha sale to made. - LUIS D. ESTUDILLO, Uoardiaaof the persoas and estates a the atiOTO Kotlcf to Creditors. ; E4U af MARY B, RASP, a'seesMSst. vroncR is hereby Citen bt the u- 01 deri-neal, adminawratrU of tho ananas of Mary B. Band, daesased. to too creditors of. aad all persons having ui I ill against tho said diniss ad, to exhibit them with tba necessary voochora. within four toatha after tba first publlcatiea of thia notice, to tba aaid sdmraistratrtx, at tba eroos of John C. Hail, ia the etty of Baa Fraa-eiaeo, tha paaea wawre tha hnsiasss of aaid sslsts will be coadacted. ansa oustjas. Administratrix of tha aetata af Mary B. Ksnd, Paled atOakhuad, Mareb 14. 18&Vr Lav Prlntiniv mO THE LEQAL PROFESS OS or OAK- X mad. Btaaa sssablishing ia tha printing hrsjiaesa, we feel highly tha liberal patraaaga bestowed by tot of tha A Isianrta Coaaty Bar, whoso savers raniy lean prsnpawaw. bsiisbbuj asaa a-sailswea, ia the en aeuuoa of all work entrusted with as. hava givea aatiafactiop. Wa hava ra. aently greatly enlarged oar office, and now possess aaors sen r appliances thaa any other astao- OaklaDd for Aha printing af IBrteta, TrsaaeriTSls. Cksnpaalnaa. Aaewera. and ail asants pertaining to Fsderal. htata aad District Uoarta. We furnish carefully corrected proof-sheets of all papers, for rsvknua. and permit no work to ro from tinaoffioa that Is not ia strict conform. it trivh the rules of Uie severs, C - la ennnectioa w n rmr t '-'verul l a 1 ' pnnf -.rsndi-''' rVi. e' -i i Her r Law . e- it I -vs a. I f f- i. ' ,n. r r . ............ Prrr!

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