The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on February 25, 1982 · Page 10
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 10

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1982
Page 10
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A-10-Tl: T: vr., fb. 25, 19 32 Thwt., F . 25, 15 "2 IVledfly fighters won't use tree stripping Sacramento bureau SACRAMENTO - The California Department of Food and Agriculture won't repeat its massive program of stripping host fruit from residential area trees to combat the Mediterranean fruit fly this spring. "We don't plan on doing much of it, if any," CDFA spokesman Roger Blake said Wednesday. "If there's any at all, it will only be in a block or two around a larval find," he said. "We're going ahead and telling people to plant their gardens." CDFA will rely entirely on aerial spraying of a malathion bait mixture to eradicate Medfly in the shrinking hot spots of the 3.9.'ksquare-mile quarantine area. Blake said. During the spring and early summer of 1981, platoons of California Conservation Corps members and volunteers stripped hundreds of tons of host fruit from backyards in the Santa Clara Valley. At that point the department was relying on an integrated pest management program which also involved ground spraying in an effort to avoid aerial spraying over a heavily urbanized area. But the discovery of large numbers of Medflies and larvae forced Gov. Jerry Brown to scrap the program and order a squadron of malathion spraying helicopters aloft to do the job. The Medfly program has cost the state about m million to date, and CDFA Director Richard Rominger has been expressing confidence eradication will be achieved next year. The last Medfly find was Nov. 20 in San Mateo. CDFA is currently spraying 194 square miles in the San Francisco Bay area once every thro? wotks and 26 square miles in the West Covina area of Los Angeles County once or twice a week, depending on the weather. Film actress Virginia Bruce dies at 71 after long illness LOS ANGELES AP Blonde actress Virginia Bruce, a onetime Ziegfeld Follies girl who went on to become a movie star in the 19:30s and 1940s, died Wednesday. She was 71. Bruce, former wife of film great John Gilbert, reportedly had been in poor health for years. She passed away at the Motion Ficture and Television Country Home and Hospital in Woodland Hills. She lived in Pacific Palisades, about 20 miles south of Los Angeles. Cause of death was not immediate ly known, hospital officials said. Born Sept. 29, 1910, in Minneapolis as Helen Virginia Briggs. the actress was best remembered for roles in such films as "Woman Trap" in 1929, "Jane Eyre" in 1934, "The Great Ziegfeld" in 1936, "Love Honor and Goodby" in 1945, "The Reluctant Bride" in 1952 and "Strangers When We Met" in 1960. The latter, in which she played Kim Novak's mother, was her final film. Bruce appeared in dozens of films during her movie career, which began in 1930. .,.. n.r mi J V- LJ J ...... J'"1L.l l sacra m o ti t o summary A Summary t Miw Aetna w)imdy, ftb. M THE 6QVERHOR Appointed to Citizens Committee w Alcohol Beverag Control: Jerry A HcoK, 34, Of Laguna Beach, Wry F. Thompson, 42, ot Los Angeles, James F. Viosher, 33, of Ben Lomond, Thomas J. Clark, 55, ol Long Beach, Joseph Sonchei m, 2S, of Los Angeles, and Parke D. Terry, 37, of Sacramento. THE SENATE tilh Introduced Stage - Would permit Public Utilities Commission to exempt from rate and route regulation passenger stage corporations providing paratransit services for civic, charitable or human services purposes dr transportation as an ancillary part of recreational activities, when it determines it would be in the public interest to do so, SBI532, Garamendi, D-Walnut Grovt. Unemployment - Would increase weekly unemployment compensation maximum from S136 to SI46 between Jan. 1, I9U, and Jnn 1, i4, and to ' on or alter Jan 1, 14 and incrutt rHtmNr ot ms rnm 'f to J? a torn) as benefits ao not ec eed three-fourths, instead of one hail, of wages, Leroy Greene, CH-OS Angeles. THE ASSEMBLY S its irttreduced Heliport - Would direct Division of Aeronautics to study ways to develop a public use heliport system, AB2W; Mountioy, R-Monrovia. Pregnancy - Would make it unlawful for employer to refuse to hire individual because of her pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, and require employer to provide up to four months pregnancy leave of absence, ABC; Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles. Relocation - Would prohibit private owner developing, rehabilitating or converting property under the Community Redevelopment Law from displacing low- and moderate-income renters until suitable housing it available; AB2804 Maxine Waters, LHos Angeles. Perking - Would require parking facilities to allow at least 10 minutes after end of time interval which is basis for charges to allow time for parking and exiting, ABitOi, AAountjoy, R-Monrovia. Rentals - Would declare intent of Legislature to establish additional public hearing requirements on proposed conversion of rental sr'ft uti'H (o cordr.Ti!n!,.!Frts on land owned bv county but leased to private interests, ABRtf, W.oore, D Los Angeles Cattle - Would require courts, incnmml proseutions for wrongful killing of cattle to order restitution of fair market value of the came at the time of the killing, AB297, Margutti, R-Livermore Eggs - Would require regulations on egg standards to conform to federal regulations, and require regulations by which eggs which do not meet sue or appearance standards can be sold directly to consumers for their own family use, ABZ74, Thurman, D-Modesto. Forest - Would rename Timberland Preserve Zones as Timberland Production Zones, and set forth policy to reserve timberland so as to ensure its continued availability for growing and harvesting, discourage premature or unnecessary conversion ot timberland to urban and other uses, and discourage expansion of urban services into timberland; AB7770; Sher, 0-Palo Alto. Aviation - Would direct Division of Aeronautics to review aviation regulations and report ways to reduce delays and unnecessary paperwork; AB27?i Mountjoy, R-Monrovia. Cats - Would make It unlawful for any person to keep cat over age of four months unless collared with identity tag; AB2795. LHos Anieies. CiMfnt - v0)id require CaMornn Highway Patrol oHirerj to be citiens of United States prior to employment, and memtiers appointed prior to effective date of this ad who aren't to become so at earliest possible time, AB291, Mountjoy, R-Monrovia. Heat - Would require Public Utilities Commission to regulate every corporation and person producing or developing geothermal resources or its heat for sale tor use in generation of electricity tor sale to public; AB2755, Kepilort, D-San Diego. Marshals - Would authorize counties other than San Diego to consolidate sheriff's and marshal's duties under whichever office both would be most efficiently administered, AB27M, Katz, D-Sepulveda. Horse - Would delete J 100 per-day limitation on collection of license, excise tax or tee on racing association conducting racing meeting, and require deduction of 0.33 ot 1 percent from all pahmutuel pools for distribution to city or county where race held, AB27M; Tucker, D-lnglewood. Mudslide - Would require Division of Mines and Geology to identify, classify and map geographical areas with unstable slopes to identify areas with high risk of mudslides, AB777V; Moore, D-Los Angeles. Antenna - Would revise regulations on community antenna television; AB7778; Moore, D-Los Angeles. 1 - i i T1 orona courtroom closure fought Sun news services SAN FRANCISCO A San Francisco newspaper Wednesday asked the state Court of Appeal to open jury selection to the public in the retrial of Juan Corona, accused of slaying 25 farm laborers in 1971. Four other news organizations planned to file separate petitions today. Wednesday's appeal by the San Francisco Examiner followed a refusal by Superior Court Judge Richard Patton to open his courtroom while prospective jurors are questioned by himself and lawyers in a case that has drawn national interest. Corona, 48, is accused of killing the farm laborers and then burying their bodies in Yuba City peach orchards, about 130 miles northeast of San Francisco. He was convicted and sentenced to 25 consecutive life terms in 1973, but a state appellate court overturned the convictions in 1978. Patton, who also presided over the first trial, left the courtroom open to the public Monday as he asked potential panelists about their availability to serve for the duration of the case, expected to last up to six months. Tuesday, Patton denied a request by The Associated Press to inspect court documents in the case. Patton's clerk told a reporter the records would remain unavailable until they were returned to the court clerk's office at the end of the trial. Jury selection also was closed. The Oakland Tribune, the Sacramento Bee, the Hayward Daily Review and The Associated Press were expected to file additional appeals today. 0 ...J Hi O) - "Save every time you buy." Eliot Janeway World famous Economist and Author W) lb. Ground Beef Regular, dot not exceed 30 o fat content Bananas High In potaislu FM's Own Sliced Bread 1 lb. loat, White or Wheal Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 7''. oz. pkg. FM Brand- 28c 49 Farmer John Link Sausage 8 oz. pkg. "hmi ii im mmmiMCm!lnar 2.S9 Taylor California Cellars Light Wines 15 liter bottle Chablis. Rhine or Rote if jpm o lb. Fresh Whole Fryers U S D A Grade A Russet Potatoes 10 lb. bag. U.S. 1 i I. II wtMgSS v il&j FM Brand-Homogenized Milk 12 gallon carton ; t gallon bottle 1.85 4 of ! .4oMr -n t f-rearasot i k m 'tsas. i- i . ii Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup 10' oz can FM Brand 30c Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 32 oz. ar FM Brand 1.25 -iniralitrfB-li waamiiw wiwuTii anirwl'T"-'" "'" Marina Bath Tissue Pkg. of 4 rolls 2 ply theets FM Brand' Sliced Bacon 1 lb. pkg. f Avocados Large tlze FM Brand Large Grade AA Eggs 1 dozen carton (IT f" . .Ill FM Brand Frozen Apple Juice 12 oz can FM Brand Margarine 16 oz. pkg., quarters General Mills Cheerios 15 oz. pkg. FM Brand Tiitseoe 1.09 Star-Kist Chunk Light Tuna 6.5 oz. can, packed In oil or water jj sj3 Chlckefl Noodle Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup 10 oz. can FM Brand- . . 28c 1 z FM Brand Lowfat lMilk 12 gallon carton 1 oallon J bottle 1.84 Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent 22 oz. bottle 20t off label J: Kraft Miracle Whip Salad Dressing 32 oz. )ar FM Brand- 1.10 a a dfi f, -i- Ik4 ,1BJ fill?; ''if Heinz Catsup 32 oz. bottle FM Brand- 99c i ;1 Crisco Shortening 3 lb. can FM Brand' 1.75 1.25 Hormel Spam Luncheon Meat 12 oz. can Psbst Blue Ribbon Beer 12 oz cane, 6 pack j S iu-t 2,89 Blue Max Uebfraumilch 750 ml bottle 1.09 Silkience Conditioner 15 oz. bottle Regular or Extra Body FM Brand' 16 oj kottle 1.Z9 -I - 7. S3 Kahlua Liqueur 750 ml bottle FM Brand Tomato Sauce 15 oz. can Hunts 39 3 for 1 Grand Prix Frozen Shoestring Potatoes 20 oz. pkg. Duncan Nines Layer Cake ,, Mixes 1.5 oz. pkg. Assorted varieties FM Brand- 69' mm 2CC Yuban Coffee Regular or Drip 1 lb. can 3 lb. can 7.50 Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 17 oz. can cottSoe CHfctSfc FM Brand-Cottage Cheese Regular or Lowfat 16 oz. carton OZ. carton 1.59 leur! 'vf "UCIX'.cd'j.A BARS Gerber Strained Baby Food 4.2 oz. to 4.5 oz. jar Similac Ready to V Feed Baby eady tofeec Formula 32 oz. can Reg. or Iron to rl at FM Brand Lowfat Yogurt 8 oz. carton Grimaw' Niblat M,-1 L" Niblets Whole Kernel Corn 12 oz. can FM Brand' 38 Friskies Buffet Cat Food 6.5 oz. can Assorted varieties Tuf n Ready Paper Towels Pkg. of 90, Three ply sheets t, - Listerine Mouthwash 32 oz. bottle FM Brand- 1.39 1 Hni-l'.'Miit t--l Skippy Peanut Butter mwnni'1 Low Price Leadersliip fotL'enten and sion mGat msnus Creamy or Chunky FM Brand' 1.48 0"f c Oaf Gold Medal All Purpose Flour 5 lb. pkg. FM Brand 83c FedMart Meat Franks 16 oz. pkg. 14.S9 Canadian Club Whisky 1.75 liter bottle 29 Gorton's Frozen Fishsticks 2 lb. pkg. Silkience Shampoo 15 oz. bottle. Regular orExtra body FM Brandts oz. bottle 1.29 1 1"' j Fresh Rainbow Trout lafiaafL? lb. Fresh FloH Cnannar CIIa4 id Kraft afeS American Cheese Food 16 oz. pkg. Individually wrapped slices FedMart Swiss Cheese Random weight large cuts Big Value Pac Save 5C lb. 3 af) Mm0Jf ib. Frozen Turbct Fillets 123 Tf ' tpifa Dairy Fresh String Cheese 4 oz. pkg. 3 100 FedMarf Mild Cheddar Cheese Random weight large cuta Big Value Pac Save 5C lb. Sxrnpntn H" gsiajw Shredded Cheeses 8 oz. pkg. Mozzartlla or Cheddar JACK CHEESE Ever-Fresh Monterey Jack Cheese Random weight large cuts SUga i fm Brana- uranuidicu Sugar 5 Ib. pkg. C A h 1.47 Mi Q-tips Cotton Swabs Pkg. of 300 FM Brand' 1.09 -e V 7.29 Kamchatka Vodka 1.75 liter bottle Golden Grain Long Spaghetti 24 oz. pkg. SSil 2.47 pVnnrl.'J 4 Tablets B Pkg ot 100 4M,w Gardenia Mozzarella Cheese 12 oz. pkg. Riunite Riunite Wines 750 ml bottle Biano, Rosato or Lambrusco Tide Detergent ,. I 84 oz. pkg. i Gen Gardenia Ricotta Cheese 15 oz. tub .1-1" I i trl 1 ..e.f'n Meat, produce, frozen and refrigerated Heme not available at Magnolia, East LA., Atlantic Ave. or Manhattan Beach stores. pd mm FOOD STAMPS pm GLADLY ACCEPTED Hllll' Wa rtaerva tht right to limit or rtfuse sales to commercial dealers end wholesalers. Distilled spirits not available at HoJIIster store. STORE HOURS Weekdays 10AM-9PM Saturday 9AM 8PM Sunday 10AM-6PM Oin,d ooen Sjl III! 9PM Ind'O A Gnl.ll oorn irtfll 9AM 9PM LMS" itium 5i """ 1 ANAHEIM i ,m lti.a"ii'i'i COVINA cu'.T:.,. s.o.. t LOSANGEUS GARDEN GROVE B-cwihu'ttial St".fi 41 Ha-ow hi Chapman GOLE'A , . ,...(K.,.llDo, S frTie t lacoss 'in" "ia aa'wa iwi Mc4t.aie n'Sw-eOo i MUNTiNGfON BEACH AdamaSl iBiBftnanuftlSi i INOIO 1 4tOM,aJv at (. iinioi M i LONGSEACH E South tt tW ofLakratoMllvdi ' IS W Va" 0i9O F I Atlantic Aw t H O Anto ilvO i MANHATTAN BEACH at &aoiM ' ch i,'', 1 NOR'MRIOGE laio i Nwdotf St i ONTARIO N)nt Mountain Art ti llh St I OXNARD VinvfCd Art I '0 ' Budweiser Beer 12 oi. cant, 6 pack pCOtMA LmCanonttti iaiOatoo".Si l w-s SAN BERNARDINO It iai in HwjntanB ft Lincoln uaj OtanfaShowM iai f4.e.tde ' ,uat oft t ii I SOUTH GATE f !) It OtLOQChFlV TORRANCE 4 SWUi.MiHn ll ttnni nt'DtAmo ihOipn i.ant ' iLWMiWI 3f Q.S9 Gordon's Gin 1.75 liter bottle J n. Ra M M A V Uf. rcsipoi . Regular or Diet , 2 liter non returnable bottle Prlcea ttectlva Tuea., Feb. 23 through Tuet., March 2, 1982. n -! bJIIWsMMMMilkefllBkllk!

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