The Chico Enterprise-Record from Chico, California on November 21, 1966 · 3
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The Chico Enterprise-Record from Chico, California · 3

Chico, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1966
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f l - -- fU ' QOa 1 Stock Market in First Major Dive In Past 30 Days NEW YORK (UPl)-The stock market niffered one of Hi wont declines In man than a month today The United Press International stock market indicator showed a loss of 117 per cent with 1425 issues crossing the tape Of these 1015 declined and only Grass Roots Head Georgia Gubernatorial Controversy Denies Offer of To Be Heard Dec 5 by Supreme-Court Legal Assistance 3A Chico Enterprlse-Reesrd Monday November 21 INI WASHINGTON (UPI) -Thet Supreme Court today scheduled 200 advanced IBM was the big loser In the electronics Motorola also moved lower Issues of color television makers generally declined Steels fell (Tactions in most easel General Motors paced the lower autos falling to new low for the year Du Pont lost In a weaker chemicals sec- tion Northwest and Braniff were losers in the airlines Lockheed FORECAST — Tonight showers are expected along the northern and central Pacific Coast the southern Plateau and over Florida Snow is forecast for the north and central Plateaus It will be colder over the Pacific Northwest and the northern and central Plateau regions Wanner temperatures will occur in the Great Lakes region and the middle end upper Mississippi Valley Little change b ex- VATr Fyrfanot pected elsewhere A few minimum temperature forecasts include Denver 32 Los Angeles 55 New uiwa kAviHiinp Orleans SB Phoenix 52 San Frmciico 44 nnd Seattle 35 (UPI Fotocnst) - formal hearings on the Georgia £ P“tor I governorship controversy lor SLuS 9° 9hurcl £Dec 5 putting off settlement of dented telling meniben of the U dispute unUl it can hand mhJLC W? " nibsequent ruling In Nghta Organisation that he of-Letting e timetable for the aU? FrS!f contorting parties to submit ltots paid legal assWant to the preliminary briefs and written ni 11 the Court stayed a jeiCtfniLWM "L 5tt”' iower federal court's declration It would be unconstltutkm-lor " ture to Rev I decW deadlo between Mr DemoCTSt Lester Maddox and t XT Hw“i cu- sss throuh biformal com-munlceton between Court John F Dnvis and WTT Z(kSMUk Indicator 11-11 l UPI MtrM Mkitar If VMM PrdM WwlHlS I Tddy' ctnna mi erk ClWM af N NYU (I traded awM tv Out) ran I itrvka mm M 1S tram Fri- tw'i claw Uilna April I ittt prktt a 108 bait Hit Indicator cMad May at U U Ikara V taunt Advancta 70800 Decline 150000 1 UnchamaS MOSno Tata) M4JM01 lafimatlanal I The Weather V UaHaS Pratt Daw Janta fine atm: JB Mutlriato 1111 rhim ll34i m ratlraadt IN’ A afl r Mi- 11 hhhiim lisa dH mi Orland and M 1 local Hi ll aH IV) rvsji- 145 milUanl wflulCy Mid-Valley Temperatures High Low 59 47 60 44 63 horn ttmttrrd nrHk If Han lharai Frdiv AIIM Owmkal 11 Alht Chahnart )' American Caa 4t Amarkan Metore 1 Amartcan ImaHina fit Amarkan Taltahand 5U4 Ampaa II Anaconda ltk A-wctaM Orv Coadi lit BathMwm Waal WV Campamr tl U runwikk M Cautomia Partin HH CaltrBlIiar Tractor JWa Caranam Wi Chicaaa Roc bland lit Chrviltr M1 Crana Camaanv J Crawn Zaiiartacft 41 CrucWt Had lib Dew Chtmkal 51 Du Pont 114 Ear fora Aktint tJto Eaotman Kedat lilt PakcMId Camara HI Ptoranaard HU PMC Caratratwn S4t ford JO'r Cantral Ekctrk fMt Gonoral food 74H Control Matara 41b Cantral Tnaadana 41b Gaaraia Pacillc Sit Gaodvtar 44b Granite Ctty Waal iro Cravlwund Caraoraltan 14b HawWit Packard 4ib M tuokww Machinal M till Naruailar lit M Nicfcfl I) M Paper N Jahnt Marwllla tab Janaa Lavfhlln Waal 41b Kelwr Alum Cham IP HannacaN at Kroeor lib Lianv fb LiMv Owtm 41' LWooft a Mveri IN 1 Lackhtid at Macv 4T i Maama Cenatr lit McKeiien ReMInt Alt MobH 47 Manbamary Ward tit Merrill 17 haiwnal liKirit 41b Naflanal Lead II Now York Cantral 4M OHn MaWiWwn 3H Pacific Cat Wi Pacific ItoMkw Mb Pacific Taw lit Packard Bad 14b Pan Amtrican M JC Ponney Mb Ponn RaHrnad J1 Pmka lib Phiihai Port Mb Polaroid lll'k Proctor A 0 amnia lit Radio Carp ' RonuMk Meal Vb RnaH lib Ravnalda Tgbarra Mb Rlwam Mb b Ravel Croton Cola Mb Safawav ad Mb Start Ramuck 4fb Shall Oil Mb Swrra Pac Paw tr HH-H Sinclair da't So Calif Edlwn Mb Soufharn PacNic Mb Standard OH Calif alb Standard Oil Indian Ob Standard OH Jortov Mb Sian loy Warner Sit Sludrbaktr 14b Swift A Ca 41 T4aaca Ilk Tidewater 71b Trantamerica Mb Union CerWdt 47b Union Oil Ca S7b Union Pkiik )7' a Unllod Aircraft 7 UnHod Aklkw n Unrtod Siam Cvmum R Unifad Watm Rubdor 4 Unwd S'afoi Wool J7 Varied M Woiforn union 11b Wtilmnnama Ak Araka lb Wmiinanama E Metric II Wadhmrfh Ifb Vaundtfawa lit fib mi- Paradise 52 Oroville 61 50 41 44 Data supplied by the US I Plant Garden Chico Orland Unit Water Users Association Orland Pacific Gas & Electric I Co Paradise and Division of Forestry Oroville rtve-Day Forecast Scattered showers Tuesday I Precipitation likely Wednesday and Thursday Temperatures averaging four to eight degrees below normal minimum and maximum Minim um-maxi-lmum range 41-61 National By United Press International Temperatures and precipitation for the 24-hour period rod-inf at 4 am High Low Preclp Albuquerque 65 27 Atlanta 4! 42 Bakersfield 65 52 T 04 20 50P Leader Ford Says Tax Hike May Be Mistake New York (UPD-House tepbblkan Leader Gerald R Fora said today a tax increase next year Today's Forecast Showers today and tonight I cloudy Tuesday with chance of showers High today and tomorrow 55-60 low tonight 40-45 Southerly winds qioradic I up to 25 mph San Francisco Bay Area: IN per cent chance of showers today and 40 per cent tonight cloudy Tuesday with 20 per cent chance of showers high today 1SS-60 low tonight 43-50 southwest winds reaching 15-25 mph at times Ml Skis ta-Siiklyon Area: lOccasionai snow today and tonight cloudy Tuesday with Ichance of snow showers: cold Sierra Nevada: Occasional I snow above 3000 to 5000 feet through Tuesday colder in south Fairbanks Fort Worth 'res no teiena Honolulu Kansas City Vegas Angeles Miami New Orleans New York Oakland hnaha Palm Springs Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Red Bluff Reno Sacramento Sait Lake San Diego San Francisco Seattle Spokane Thermal Washington Events in Durham $25000 Suit Filed Against Cat Owner TUESDAY 10 am — Bible study chapel Durham Community Church 7 pm — Durham Coin Club I Durham Memorial Hall 1 7:30 pm — St James Catho-llic Church school of religious instruction high school members Maurice Balaam residence- Durham Nelson Road' WEDNESDAY 1:45 am — TNT Tbps Dir- OROVILLE (E-R) — A cat ham Grange HalL belonging to Melvin Krushchke 10 am-l pm — Durh3m U-m Chico reportedly has a big I br ary Durham Memorial HalL bite 2-5 pm — Durham Library Also a mean temper accord- Durham Memorial Hail Ing lo Jennctt M George of 7:30 pm — Durham Junior Chico who is suing for 125000 Women's Club Gary Hunter Th complainant in an action residence filed with the county clerk 1 Pm- Purham Grange through the law firm of Skow Grange Hail Durham Dayton and Jones of Chico contends Highway he sustained that much bodily THURSDAY damage when "attacked clawed Thanksgiving Day and bit" by the feline FRIDAY The cat was described In the Pm- “ School dos-auit as having "vicious disposj-H- tion and possessed of danenous P "V - Durham Library propensities" Durham Memorial Hall SATURDAY I pm - Saturday nigh GREATEST WAIJtERS dances Durham Grange HalL Swedes are among the world's SUNDAY greatest walkers The national! 7 pm — Youth Fellowship fitness test in Sweden which and Junior YF Durham Com-more than three million Swedes munity Church have passed consists of Tour MONDAY consecutive days of walking up 12:30 pm — Garden Section to 35 miles a day jpntlurk luncheon Mrs Ann Cummings resided 23 pm — St James Catholic School of religion grades 3 at the church 25 pm — Durham LRirary Durham Memorial Hall 4-5 pm — St James Catholic Sclwol of religion grades 4-1 a the church 61 pm — Durham Library Durham Memorial Hall 7 pm — Rotaiy ftuh Dirham Memorial HaU CHICO L0D6K NO 113 1OOF REGULAR MEETING TUESDAY I PM V inking Birthren Cordially Invited Millard Divine NG Benjamin Franklin flrw his amous kite on Juns 15 1751 Gty 20 1 69 64 6 63 61 67 75 71 43 61 55 78 80 43 59 61 56 66 65 66 61 56 46 74 47 13 61 50 40 70 53 56 55 66 60 33 51 38 59 52 27 46 49 33 51 54 59 53 47 39 57 32 J8 03 27 21 J6 02 48 03 17 Summary SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) California weather summary: A low pressure system was centered off the Washington coast and producing showers in much of Northern California Occasional showers are expected to continue Monday in Northern California today and tonight with some decrease on Tuesday There wil be snow in the mountains Cooler weather will prevail today and tonight Rain amounts for the past 24 hours included 48 inch at San Francisco 31 at Sacramento 69 at Point Arena 20 at Sa liras 19 at Paso Robles and 20 at Los Angeles Early morning temperatures were in the today a could pi prove to M Ihim be "a because amNMWMKMVtkwtanl 4 owed "sol In ether actions the Court: —Dismissed an appeal from Michigan charging the state's legislative apportionment plan was unconstitutionally gerrymandered in favor of the Democrats This let stand a ruling tor the Michigan Supreme Court upholding the apportionment —Let atqnd a civil contempt Judgment against the Prince Edward County Va Board of Supervisors which stemmed of 1190000 In private school from their hurried distribution of UN 000 In private school tuition grants to white parents during a school desegregation lghlin 1964 In today's formal order the to Mr Bojd $m at told them he had a friend K"ror “ nd Pftes was an attorney add he was cep IM tain if they contacted him he Uin II V rAiiiil would advise them Rev Boyd HIJJII U Je LUUI I said the WRO members must have misunderstood him because he wu suggesting the tragic mistake" from the standpoint of both business and abor Ford laid congressional Re-xiblicans would do everything n their power to cut unnecessary federal spending to avert tax hike President Johnson Is expected to decide soon whether to ask Congress to raise taxes as s means of calming inflation and financing the Viet Nam war In an address prepared for the 74th annual convention of the US Savings t Loan League Ford said “You may x sure that Republicans will nsist on deep thorough spending cuts as the best way to avoid a tax increase" Economist Carl Madden of the national Chamber of Commerce also said Sunday he favored reducing federal spending to slow the economy rather than increasing taxes Dial Homework System Planned RIVERSIDE (UPI)— The day of the forgotten homework assignment may soon be a thing of the past for Riverside students The Alvord Unified Schoo District which serves part of of Riverside has won preliminary approval to seek federa funds for s system that would allow students to hear taped replays on the telephone of teachers1 assignments and explanations in case they forget them after getting home If approved the federal aid for the dial-an-assignment experiment would be available under Title 3 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which provides funds for developing new teaching methods By dialing a certain phone number the student would hear a replay of the teachers' assignment and the instructor's explanation of how to do various problems (UviduMsairi not as the entire ITo Santa Bosan WRO organization ’ f He laid he auggested the WASHINGTON (UPI) - The women file Chapter 13 of the supreme Court today denied a Bankruptcy Ad and contact the hearing to Lester E Morford attorney for advtoe He srid the m Santa Rosa sentenced to attorney would be available to death in Nevada for flrstdegree them as individuals I murder The Rev Mr Boyd said her The court's brief older leaves was not against the WRO and as the state free to carry out the a member of the federally- pon-death sentence sored Grass Roots program he in proceedings bi the 2nd Ju-couid not become involved with didst District Court for Wa-any political group shoe County Morford pleaded “Anything that would jjuiltyjo an open charge of mur- n the Georgia case State A tty Gen Arthur K Bolton requested the stay of the lower court decision He said that unless it wu granted lower court proceedings would continue and he would be unable to devote the time to speeding up the appeal An election may be ordered by the district court and the voters of Georgia may return to the polls in doubt u to the validity of Georgia's constitutional procedure for election of a Governor and in doubt as to the validity and necessity of such an ordered election” Bolton uid them off welfare I'm the Rev Mr Boyd uid Health Department Imimmization Clinic Scheduled at Willows 40i and low 50s in Northern California Then a three-judge court convicted him of murder in the first degree and fixed the penally at death Hie Nevada Supreme Court affirmed the conviction in 1964 Later Morford brought a ha-baei corpus action in the 1st Judicial District Court for Firm f o Post Bond to Cover Trading Stamps FRESNO (UPI)— The embeL tied Thrifty Green Stampi Co has announced il will post a 9150000 bond with the state Division of Corporations to provide for stamp redemption The company recently dosed its 14 redemption centers in Northern California' following a "run” on the centers by stamp savers Attorney for the firm Vincent Todisco said Saturday the posting of the bond appeared to be the only procedure left for redeeming outstanding stamps He uid (the company baa withdrawn its application for license renewal became of financial difficulties A hearing by the Corporations Division on the renewal wu scheduled for Nov 30 in San Francisco Todisco uid he does not know how many books are outstanding Each book wu worth tl-38 lie said inquiries regarding redemption should be directed to the state Corporations Qxn missioner monthly immunization clinic willl't w Feb 21 1966 be held from 9 to 10:30 am kMby the Nevada Supremo Court morrow at the Glenn County' Health Department at the Wu-gecutions in capital cates should lows Airport Ibe authorised only on the basis Diphtheria whooping cough U pend jury indictments and tetanus polio smaUpox a nd rot by the f ilii of criminal inmeasles vaccine will be offered formation according to Dr Lucian Coquet I Morford 22 an itinerant farm Meules vaccine is offered tol worker from Santa Rosa admlt-children between one and six ted kidnaptr Jack Foster 23 years of age Medford 6re and his bride of — lone day from a Reno motel He PlTTA Purlor RfthnM I forced them to drive around raid ranur nuuucu Mart Despite Two Policemen £ SAN BRUNO (UPI) - Two1 armed robbers held up a Sant 4-H dubs in the US have Bruno pizza parlor eariy today about 2200000 members despite the presence of two policemen Patrolmen Richard DeluechlJ 26 and Dave Prielipp also 261 walked into the restaurant Mustache's Pizza Parlor in the course of a routine check Suddenly Dducchl felt a pistol pressed against his head - I ‘Til shoot if you don't drop your guns" said one of the bandits Both officers complied and the robbers shackled them with! their own handueffs The bandits left with the officers' guns and $2500 from the restaurant's safe Lunar OrHter 2 Still Returning Pictures of Potential Landing Sites PASADENA Calif (UPI) -America's photographic Lunar Orbiter 2 continued today to return Ugh quality pictures of possible Apollo landing sites on the moon "The pictures are really good consistently high in quality" said a spokesman at California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory The spacecraft started Us picture-taking last Friday The 850-pound vehicle will continue snapping pictures until Nov 25 then will read out or send back all the pictures it has taken while whirling around the moon Arizona Man Killed In Los Banos Mishap LOS BANOS (UPI)— John H Wilson 49 Somerton Arlz was killed Sunday on a onocar accident west of here Highway Patrolmen said Wilson was westbound on Highway 152 when he apparently lost control of his vehicle ran oft the roadway and struck a telephone pole Chico Lodge No Ill F I A M SECOND DEGREE Tuesday November 22 7:30 pm REFRESHMENTS VWIm indeed Cardladr IdvdaS James H Roberts WJL WHY STAY HOME? 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JLU-H AA l i

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