Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 23, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1944
Page 3
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u T SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Thr»t rch St.. Michael's IJcv. A. K l.ewi.s ,-i-vici>s at St. Michael's ,n Suiulay, Sopt. 2-1. itith al'ler Trinity, will be us (.Ylcliriiiiun of the Holy :i MI 7:",o a. m. Sunday ....i,.I in I hi- parish house at 0:Iih u ; .,. Mm-ium: pr.'iyer <md si'rmon .', n ;i. :n. Sermon subject: "And I, !-. nl I'.impassion on hor." M,,n.lay: "-'•I-" 1 I 1 - '"• St. Michael's IiiiM '- :1 parish house. •"in-silay: '':•!•"> P- ni. Altos and \\,-iii;i-sd,iy: 3:30 p. m, Jr. Gon. -I-!.n:: i-lass in choir room. S:00 ui. Sr. Confirmation clus« In •;•;•.-..i.-,ii.iv: 7:20 p. m. Troop 7, ; .-; A in parish house. !•'i ,.'..-iy. J 1 : 1 '!) a. in. Holy Cum,,..,.,,11. St. Michael's anil All An, ;.-. 7 tit p. in. Ltoys' Choir. 7:15 ,,;• t'.ir'.s choir; entire choir at .',• i 1 . -ii. i'r. .Mi-ii'lay. Oct. 2nd, there will .. .1 i::. 1 .-ting of the Xew Mavnn ..- : ..!i-.-i>'i'ii!'y r.rnnoh Woman's ..v,! i: v in tin- National Council Naugatuck Methodist lt«v. T. Uruilloy Church school, Marshall Long superintendant, 9:-l5 u. m. Annua! Rally Day service of the Church School at 1.1:00 in the church sanctuary. Members of the church school will take part In the service, Including Fred Moeckel and Roger pastor's talk is en- parish li-.i(i.-<a, New !iii-.iC at 11 u, ni. Ha- Sfalcni Lutheran (AiiUu-itaiiu S.viioil) \\illi;nn K. Kniiulln'ri;, 1'ii.stor s \!.-...-.ili Sumlixy after Trinity. .[ l-'.aisir.g I*iv:;Lrus (Juhn f'urltfin Nelson, George nn. .,i:.y, Sept. 2-1: 10:00 a. ni. Bi,-ii..i.| and Hilili.- class. lO-.-l," l-'.iv.;lish scrvioo. Church choir Floyd. Th titled, "In Training." Marshall Long and Ray Yarrison are in charge of the departmental promotions. The service will conclude with a Survlce of Dedication. Teachers for the Church School for this year include: Muriel Booth, Mrs. William Booth, Mrs. T. B. Longstal't', Mildred Brown, Everett Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert MacFarland, Mrs. Francis Zettle- ineyer. The monthly mcelini; of the Wesleyan Service Guild will be held tit, the parsonage, 15 Frederic!; street, on Monday, Sept. 25th, Byron Hunter • is the at S ]>. m. speaker. Tho Mission Study Group of the W. S. (-. S. svill nice: at the homo of .Mrs. William Umlaut', 122 Oak strout, on Tuesday, Sept. ,2GUi, at S:00 p. m. The Woman's Society of Christian Service will meet at the CuUL-ch on Wednesday, Sept, 27th, at 2.-30 p. m. .Beginning with World Wide Communion Sunday, October 1st. the Mutliodist church will have a six weeks program of Church Loyalty. This Sunday afternoon, Sept. 2-ttli, teams will visit the people of the parish anil Invite them to these services, Among those who are tho Women's Activities—Personal '& Social First Meeting Of Woman's Club Monday, Oct. 2 The Naugatuck Woman's club will hold its Jlrst meeting oC the club year on October 2, 19-M at 3:00 p. m. i\t the Hop Brook club. It will be in the form of a. reception and tea with greetings from state ofllcurv. Mrs. Raymond E. Baldwin, is expected to be an honored guest. Mrs. Philip Thompson, chairman of the hospitality committee, is completing: arrangements for the tea. Her committee consjsln of the following members: Mrs. Norman J. Carlson, Mrs. Howard- Olson, Mrs. John Helm, Mrs. Fridolf Carlson, Mrs. Milton Lent, Mrs. Adrian Olson, and Mrs. Ernest L. McKen/.ie. Mrs. Leon R. Corliss, new president of the club, will preside for the Ih'St time. Letters, Cookies To Be Sent To Service Center From Salem-Luth. Church The servicemen's committee of the Salem Lutheran church wi moot tomorrow afternoon at o'clock at the church and disrate utters, cookies and coffer to th Juthcran service center, Ayei Mass. Tho shipment is made -the las Sunday of every month with th following men in charge: C. S:il mon.son, K. Gerbur. Kmil A'ndui 1 son, A. Lo'rentx.son, V. Holm, and Rev. W. R. Frenclborg. Recent Bride I."I" I-. Loiters, cookies visitors are: Mrs. tine, Mrs. William Frank Valen- Umlauf, Mrs. Martha Andrews, Mr.s Harry Rog ' I crs, Mrs. Ralph Floyd, Mrs.' Roy ['or sot vioenu'n. Com- r. Salmnnson, K. Gerber, j K 0m ig, Mrs. Myrtle Donovan, Mrs. Ami,•!>-.<.n. A. Lorenf/..-.-.)ii, V. I [.[jinn Valontine, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Don .mi iv. .-vpi. -.,: f.:w p.m. ^ o- ilk l Umlaul', Dr. A. C. Wontworth, Miss Mary Emerson. Mr. ar.d Mrs. -. \V. l''renclheix. Sept. -."-: 8:00 p.m. \Vo- .•isinn Sot-ioty. Hostess: l.undin. 70 May Ave. -jit. -tl: 2:00 p. m. The .\u\vtown State Hosi'-| p. m, Bible school icach- •-I'lici-t 1 .-^ meet, .Final moet- .!•'• ni:\v* cours*.- begins, ( s...';iy, Sopt. 27: S;00 p. m. :-,H-nil)i:fship class ^church) .l-i.v. Sept. 2*, 3:30 p. m. -..; choir. 7:30 prm. Church '.-. S.-pt, 2D: 7:00 p.m. Luth- Church of Christ Scientist WATKKIitJKY (Ciinirr lidlnics ami Slilt-liell Avei.) Sunday siervices, 10:4j a. m, ami ;i. m. Sr.mlny school. HT;.lf> a. m, v.Vdni-sday evening meeting at S •Krali'.y" will bo tho subject of :•• for Sunday, ..-;.! i inlu-r 2-lch. •• l-.i. O.ikl.-n Text Is from James :i",'. "Kvcry -rood sift and every ..•!•'.-;•( gift Is from nbovn. and >!:•.. iM linwn from the Father o" ',;••••, \\ith \vhorn is no variable '. -i . ncit her shadow of turnlnj;." .-;. (••ftiiin.f from thi> Eiblo in '.V'li' tin- t'olKiwitiK: ".t know that Yiv.i.i-vi'r C',<xl docth. It whnll bo •!• i-vrr; nothing can bo put to . 1'i'ir :my thinK taken from it: nd i ;iM.I rldftli it, that nion .should .ir'i.irn him." (Eccleniastcs rcLitivi-! pa«s.'tf,'os from the li.'Mi Science textbook, "Sci ar.i.1 Hi'alUi with Key to the 'nr.-.-r bv >r;ir>- Baker IScldy, l,- Hi- fnUnwlnK' (pp. 'ISO, 207): j-:ilil<! diicl.'U'us: 'All thlnffs i.uidi- by .Him (the divine i : anil without Him was not in 1 / :ii;itli: Hint wan mntlo.' .; th,.. i.ti-rnal verity of divine •!... .There is but or.e primal 'I'hi.-ri-l'ure there can bo no fruin any other cause, and r.-ir. In- no reality in ruif,'hc fl.H-s not proceed from this .'mil vmly cause." Fred Mowrcy, J.-tr. and Mrs. Paul Bobble, William Calvert, Clarence O'Meura, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maci-'arlanci, Mr. and Mrs, Pcrlcy Brown, Mr, and Mrs. George IScll, Mr, and Mrs. Chester Eosworth. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Learner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Borne, and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Druw. The Church Loyalty Campaign will conclude on Sunday, Nov. uth. Full Gospel Tabernacle J. M. Koinhurdt 0:'lo a. m. Sunday school, Hifrh school and Biblo class. 11:00 a. m. Devotional service. 7:30 p. m. JSvanfrclistio. with an inspirational sonx" sorviuo. Immanuel Lutheran Church Kev, JIarotd Lucas, 1'ustor Engagement Of Rose De Carlo To Philip Rubane Announced Mr. and Mrs. Pauqualc Do Carlo of !329 South Main street have announced the ent'ilcement of their daughter. Miss Rose Do Carlo, to Philip Kubano of Rost street, Wa- torbury. No date wedding. has been set for the Troop 58, Brownies, Meets Monday . The Brownie troop, No. f>S, will meet Monday, Sept, 25, at 3:20 p m. in St. Michael's parish house. New System Of Compulsory Auto Insurance Proposed Boston. Mass., Sept, 23—CU P)— Compulsory automobile insurance may in tho future be based on i mileage traveled rather than ncci- -0:-lfj a. m. Rally Day service. There will be no Sunday school j dent experience by '/.ones as is the week, but the children this week, but the children will meet at 10:30 to join in the church .service, Holy Saviour (Tolish National CuMmllc) .IJev. Louis J\lic/,nrou'NkI and Masses celebrated at S a, m. 10:30 a. m. St. Mary's (Rninnn Catholic) Kcv. TlioniuN M. Griffin The Masses at St. Mary's church are celebrated at' 7:30, 9:30 and U a. m. present, practice, .Registry oillcials said that, the now system was proposed by the state commissioner of insurance. In lining out his ICMn rcgistra- j Lion blank, the motorist will be j asked to estimate his Ifl-M mileage | I'i'om speedometer readings. The | state insurance department, gave j no indication when next year's compulsory auto insurance rales would bo made public. MTIS. WM. FISKNANDES, .111. Mrs. Willlnm Fermmdos, Jr., the former Miss Helen Diamont, daughter <>f Sirs. Anna Dlanuint mid the l:it« Thomas Diumont of Cliff street;, was miirriinl lust month to William TVrnancles, Jr., nf Naiigatiick. The couple Is at present residing 011 Church street. Young- People Of Hillside Church To Present Program A special Youth Day program will be presented by tho Young- People's sucimy of the Hillside church tomorrow evening ut 7:30 o'cl-jcii ni the church. Miss Verna Anderson, presidont of the society, will preside, nnd Kev. G. 33. Pihl. guest ministcl-, will give a short address. Teachers' League Meeting Tuesday A regular meeting of the "Nau- gn'.uck Teachers' Loagua will be held in the high school, Tuesday evening, Sept.' :>C, at S o'clock. Congressman Joseph I'D. Talbot will speak on "Education and the Federal Government." Temperature. Report s Jr. Woman's Club To Open Season With Tea,Speaker The Naugatuck Junior Woman's club will open the Fall season Thursday, October 19, with a tea 'for m'enibers and guests. Addresses will be given by Mrs. Leon porliss senior club president, and Mrs Samuel I. Lyons, senior club vice- president. Mrs. D, L. Shounc wil speak on "Lite on a Road Plantation" , Miss Jean Holmberg, president, will preside at the session. Othei officers of the junior club this yeai ore: Vice-president, Margaret Baldwin; secretary, Jane Ruccio; treasurer, -Doris Songstacken; advisor Mrs. Goorgo Carroll.' Miss Dixie Lyons is •,chairman of the program committee and Myrtle Harding ."ind Florence Conovei arc co-chairmen of the membership committee. Phyllis Morris . Home For Week-End Miss Phyllis Morris, a student at St. Joseph's college, West Hartford, is spending the weok-end with her parents, Mr. and_ Mrs. Philip Morris of Millyille avenue. Betty Green Visiting In Boston Miss Betty Green of Fairvicw avenue is spending the wook-end with friends in Boston, Mass. Letters From Our Readers j Tt was mighty chilly this moi-n- ng, P.ed Hermins reports, with the temperature hitting -17 at G a. YI. Reel thawed out well before line of the clock, and looks forward to a barn dance somewhere in he stale tonight, Red gets warned up "sashayir." around and around, ind .HO doesn't mind the coolness f tho weather in the morning. Midnight 3 a. ni t; a, m 9 a. m 11 a. m IS •17 SO 5S St. Hedwig-'s d'olish lloniiin Catliollc) lluv. S. F. Nnhnvnjk The Masses at St. Hedwig's hurch will be celebrated at G:30, 0:30 and II a. m. Tho regular weekly vesper scrv- cn will bo nt 3 o'clock Sunday (fternoon. Cong-regational 'v. Kdwaril 1{. llanco i II Tin 1 church school will moot ,'it '•'•"' •>. in. for thi 1 junior, inter- •n-'li.-iti- atui sc-nifir departments iiv-hnlin:: all children nine years i' -i:;i- ar.d older). The beginner ':'! primary di.'partmenui (chll- i'' 1 " iinili-r nine yearn of age) will i" 1 - 1 -'it II d'olnek. in*.- worship will be held at .'•It. 'I'ho minister, Rev. F,cl- 'i'-'ir'i i:, rianco, will preach T." "'•""Uirii,- l.'or a City With Fou.i- f'nliin-n's sermon will b'e "Oet- 'in^; 1 I'lviTi," MUSK:: introductory voluntary, "''ri-lmli- ,-ind Knviio ir, F Major," •'• s - l::ir-h: "Gtidcamu.1," E. Tit- ''"'•'I-; "[''uguc a la Gigue," J. S. l:-'n'!i; iintlH-in. "Lot All Mortal : '' ll '-'-ii K'l-rp Silence." C. T. Hoist; J-.iyfiil We Adore St, Francis' (Homnn Catholic) Ilcv. ,1. -J. FitzKonild, Viistor Men Needed For Merchant Marine Larger Number Of Open Jobs Masses will bo celebrated in St. Francis' church Sunday morning nt 7, 0 and 11 o'clock. St. Anthony's Prospect. Conn. (Koinan Catholic) Masses will be celebrated at St. Anthony's church in Prospect Sunday morning at S and 10 o'clock. BEACON FALLS The War Shipping Administra tion announced today an imme diate nnd urgent need of men be tween the ages of 16 and 17Vi and 20 t'j 50 to train for duty with the U. S. Merchant Marine. Due to the lengthening of supply line.' carrying vital cargoes of war ma. turials to our fighting forces ir the European .theater of war, it is cssen'tia'l that every available seaman and merchant ship be used to meet the problem. In addition, ,1 largo pool of trained seamen will be ncccssarj for the moment when victory is assured in Europe nnd our strength is diverted to the Pacific, where transportation lines are so much longer and our supply problems intensified. United Church Rev. Hurry E. Ttiomns, Pastor Thc Everyman's Bible class will .-ncet nt tho church at 9:30 o'clock I'.rothoven; concluding vol- j w i tn president Clayton Dubols in "Skutch in K. Minor," K. charge of the meeting. Morning hour Of worship service will' be conducted nt 10:<I5 o'clock, with Kev. Harry E. Thomas, the pastor, -etiolating and delivering the sermon. There were about 11,000 photographic studios in tho U, S. in 19-10 employing 20,000 persons. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Itcv, O. II. lli>rtrnm I'- in. I:, m festival service at 2:30 will be no morning.wervlce (,•• the annual mission sf-rviee in the afternoon. ft. Tiotj.'n of Now Haven nt this In the evening tho Christian En- meet nt the cleaver society will church at 7 o'clock. Wll > ;>ri',-ir:h tho .sermon s [;;'<:i.-il t-vf.-nt. _•'"' - r . mlii-ian Hour Is hoard every Siin-Uy ul . J2:SO _ Thc RcVi A R. '^vv/.inann will address the international auriirncc on Sunday, bas"'•'-' his aduri>ss on "—the- theme: " lv i'pli'xnd, Uut Not In 'Despair." avenue. St. Michael's (Uonian Catholic) Bcv. .loromo Cook, Pastor Thc Masses for the parishioners of St. Michael's church will be celebrated at 8 o'clock, 9:15 o'clock and 11 o'cjock on Sunday mornings in the new church on Ma;f.o Hillside Congregational K«v. Paul W. Teterson Next Sunday the Hillside Congregational church will have n friend of long standing as its guest minister. Rev. G. E. Pihl of New Britain will occupy the pulpit in the absence of Rev. P, .W. Peterson, who is guest speaker at the annual conference of the Young People's Federation of the Eastern Missionary association. Rev, Mr. Pihl will preach at the _mornlng service at 11:00 o'clock. In'the evn- ninf, r the Young People's society is presenting n special Youth Day program at 7:30 o'clock. Miss Vcrna Anderson, president of the Young People's society, will preside and the guest minister will bring a short address. The Sunday school will meet at 9:45 a. m. The mid-week service will be hold on Wednesday evening at 8:00 o'clock. Thc meeting will be devoted to tho study ,of the book of. Genesis, chapters eleven (o thirteen. On Friday evening Boy Scout Troop No. 6 will meet at 7:35 o'clock and tho choir will rehearse at 8:00 o'clock, Hartford. Sept. 23—Tho various offices of tho United St.v.cs Employment Service, agencies of tho War Manpower Commission in Connecticut, had 2-1,291. job openings on order from stale employers n.s of Sopt. 1st, State Manpower Director "Wir.ia.rn J. Fitzgerald announced t-jdiij'. This was an increase of S.5 per cent from the 22,295 job openings as of August 1. Some 1-1 areas in the stato reporter! increases in the number of job openings on order, the report of the Wnr Manpower Commission for the month showed. Fort Miles. Lowes, Delaware Sept. 11, 19-1-1. Vnugatuck Daily News Dear Sirs: I received your little note book n the mail and was very to cceive it. That little note boi'-U for .ddressos comes in very hnndy to ;ie. If you only knew how much appreciate things !iketnat.-I feel should apologize for not telling 'on sooner that I received it. I ,ave been quite busy.' I have seen iy name in the paper quite s few mos. I moan in tho Naugatuck .Daily News. I think that the Naugatuck ,p»ily News is a ve.-y interesting paper . to read.' I enjoy reacting it very milch. It's g' J O'' to pick up your".paper an 1 see .what the news is back home. I have been in tho Army for 27 month now. I have not read a better paper than your paper is. Well. I am doing all right so far in the Army. I am waiting for the time to come when I can be back in civilian-life again. Ar.d tho time will come soon, I hope. And I know you of the Naugatuck Daily News and the rest of the people in Naugatuck are 'hoping the same t,hii;g. i Well, I will say so long for no\ hoping to sec you ail in the nea future. I hope I will hoar fron you soon. Truly yours,' P.F.C. Winfrecd Taylor Btry A, 21st C. A. Fort Miles, Delaware. Naugatuck Soldier Now In Italy , f .. ~ • . ^ (Continued from Page 1) .ian mothers •with their little children come down and when we sit .down to eat, wo feel so sorry for them, that we never finish our meal, but give them part of it. Although they seem to have plenty to cat in the i way of vegetables and fruit, they have very iittlc bread and meat. And of course sugar and canned mine are luxuries. Soap and candy also arc some of the other delicacies. Even though we had to fight the Italians in Africa, I fee] sorry for them. Naturally they had to fight, but very few of them wanted tp. Of course they say that they never wanted t« get into the war. That goes for the Italian farmers, and those who arc born and broognt up In little towns all over Italy. But those who live in the largo cities and arc near t he scats of the Italian government, arc naturally over-ruled by the governmental heads. They arc the onp<s that were, first forced into the Army, with the idea of becoming rulers of a large part of. this side of the earth. As tho city men were imkmted, the countryfield farmer was eventually roped in. In talking with some of these poor farmers and their families, it is easy -.o see. that they wanted no part of the war, but wanted to be loft with their homes and farms. Tho Germans treated them pretty-bad. If they did not want to join the Army, they were left 'out ir. the cold with no food or shelter, is surprising- the number of people who actual.'y live in caws, ome of this -is clui; to tho war, ind then again some of it is due tho fact that they have been >omb<:d out, or were forced to live liore because they had sold their ionics for food and clothing. Right low Italy is having very bad Limes, ind the Allied nations i,h.-i.t h.ivr; m:ch will have 10 part with son>c of it, to take care of such suffcr- r.g. It. is not ton bad right nv>w in ho country, but this winter, will ind very bad times for 'the J'.al- an people, especially those who live in the cities. I could write about the war but I guess you have read enough about, thai ;n your paper everyday. I have been in it over two years, and I can tell you I am very sick of it. But the Germans arc really very much wsrse off so I can't complain. I honestly think it will bo over very soon. Giv; jy.y rt- g:\rds to the staff. Sincerely, Norman Cibbs. Corporal' Gibbs' address is No. 32170011, Ser. Bat. 91st, ArmUi, Fn. Bn,, A, P. Q. 251, Care of Postmaster,' Is'ew York. N. f. "Service For Veterans 99 1. My son has taken out National Service TJfo Insurance and he says it is "term 1 - insurance. What does that mean? Answer: It means that during the "term" of five years from the dale when it became effective, this insurance will pay certain amounts to the beneficiary named in the policy if the insured should die during that five year period. 2. Does National Service Life Insurance build up a cash value on which he. can borrow money or which he will receive when he leaves the service? Answer: No, because it is term insurance and (jives no benefits except in case the insured dies during tne five year period covered. 3. Can he renew his policy at .he end of five years? Answer: No, he cannot renew it under the present law but he can convert it into a permanent policy. 1. ' Will he have to convert it into a permanent- policy of the same amount' he is carrying? Answer: No. He can request any amount from 53,000 to 530,000 which is an even multiple of $000. Answer: His policy for tho K- year term period furnisher th« largest amount of temporary pro^ tcction for the lowest premium payment and he should keep it in force while he in in the aorvic*. and should continue to pay hl« : premiums after he Is discharged until he is settled in civilian Iff* and can afford higher payment*; on. permanent policies. . .« Send your questions to "Servic* for Veterans" column, carcofNau- j-ntuck Daily News. "Service for Veterans" office, 20P Church St. •:• ..1 •*: Shoe repair shops in ;he U. S. in 19-10 numbered 50,300 and they employed 67,900 persons. ~>. What- kind of policy would he receive? Answer: He can apply for National Service Life Insurance on the Ordinary Life,' 20-pjiymcnt Life or 30-Payme:n Life plan. G. When can he apply for conversion into a* permanent policy? Answer: Any time after the insurance has been in force for ono year and before the expiration of the five-year term period. 7. Do you think he should convert his policy while he is in the .service, just .-xs soon as he returns, or after he has really settled down into civilian life? Twenty Autos Were Destroyed By Fire In Maine South Portland, Maine, Sept. 23— (UP)—Twenty used automobile* have been destroyed in a gcnoml alarm fire- that swept two- wooden buildings on E street. Total damage was thought to exceed 150,000. The blaxc—that swept a thrco story wooden building and a two- story annex—destroyed about KO,000 worth of merchandise owned by Sears Roebuck and Company in addition to the 20 automobTlen. The vehicles were owned by Samuel—a used car dealer. Thirty other cars owned by Silverman were stored in the yard around the building and escaped serious damage. T'iremon saved an adjacent six- family dwelling from the flame*. T1IIRTV 'INJURED Martinez, Cal.,' Sept. 23—(UP)— Thirty persons have been injured in a crash between a Greyhound bus and an automobile near Richmond, California. Attendants at Richmond hospital say passengers on the bus suffered only minor injuries. There were no fatalities. CHRISTMAS CARDS FOIl SENDING OVERSEAS ARE READY NOW! Sweetheart Husband Brother TRICE lOc TO $1.00 I Friend Pal Others SELECT THEM NOW MAIL BEFORE OCTOBER 15TH The Card and Gift Shop SWEENEY'S It's Not Always Your Weight! SERIOUSLY INJURED Hollywood, Sopt. 23—(UP)—Mrs. Betty Hofman, wife of famous pianist Josef Hotmail, is in critical condition .from injuries Buffered when an ambulance' taking her to T. hospital collided with a coupe. Doctors at St. John's hospital in Santa Monica, says Mrs. Hofman s suffering 1 internal injuries. RUSKIN CORSET U'li Sn. ,M;iin Si.. SHOP V.'lliy. TH. :i-.-,ill FIRST STEP IN EASY WALKING- To make your home more attractive —> Did you know that you can make • small room look larger by the proper choice and placing of colors? Come to us for hints on modern Paint Styling. Murphy Painfj CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Luxor ttfO Norwash Shoe Store i LIMITED AMOUNT SHOTGUNS n.nd 22-CALIBRE AMMUNITION NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY BUIT.DINQ Tel. 5212 A GREAT CHANCE TO OWN YOUR OWN HOME No Down Payment! LIMITED TIME ONLY-^INQUIRE TODAY > f OPEN FOR INSPECTION m LOVELY BERKLEY. PARK • SOUIWNGTON \ BERKLEY PARK is a brand new development of modern homes. Here is your chance to live in the country and still be in the center of things. FEATURES 1. r^argo landscaped lot. a. Five <5) Complete rooinn. 3. Modern Kitchen — Kitr.hpti rnliinots nnd 11 n 8 foot; linoleum <!raii<1>n:iril with sink and tub combination. •1. Spacious CloNi.'ts. !i. Compact hathrooni. 0. Inlaid linoleum In kitchen :iml li.illi- room. 7. Tlireo (!i) sjKio.lods liodrooms ;in«l o»ic unfinished room on the -second floor. A MODEL 11O.MK completely furnished open from 9 A. M. to 0 1\ M, every day. Telephone Soiithlngton 152 s, C"/.y llvinir room. n. Onk flonrs throujrhout, JO. Insul.-iJed ro«>f. 11. Infci-natioiial he:itiiiRr Kysloni. K) Inch poiired con- 12. Foundation — crete, 13. Conorele 1,1. Gutters .-Hid lender*. li>. Hear cellar entrance. BERLIN STREET OFF BERLIN AVE. (BERLIN AVE. RUNS TO THE EAST OFF MAIN STREET) ' SOUTJHINGTON

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