Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 23, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBgR Two Officers {Named By Legion Head; Auxiliary List Tu-n appointments wore made by Coorgi: B. Lewis, cortinuuidur of 'Xiuigauick post. American Legion, it was announced this morning. John J. Shcrklnn htis been named stilts I'tintl cifllcei- nru! C, Arthur Fugor .sui'vlcu 'olllcer. Other, ap- pointriii-nts «•!!! be nu'ide in the notir future. Mr. Lewis sakl rv number of nu-iiiborM of the post and auxiliary will attend the department com- •nuiiulei-'s btaiquut In New Haven Oct. 7 Mrs. Ethel Wcbcr, president or j tht, 1 Auxiliary, today nnnotinccd the ^ullowing appointments. Amerlcunism, Mrs. Mnuel Gunnouil: child welfare, Mrs. Maude .Leu-is; community service, Mrs. Thi-ressi Cagk'.v: constitution and liy-luw.x, Mrs. Ellen G e r b e r(!l iltstlnguishcd guests. Mrs. Anna Noldr; education of orphans of vetenins. Mrs. Mae Brodcur: Pnn- Anu'i-icnii Study. Mrs-. Au.gust Anderson: gold star mother, Mi's. Catherine Desmonci; grave i-eglsAlso: Sick and relief. Miss .Ruby t rat ion, Mrs. Margaret Passack. iFroi'iiiuii; legislation. Miss Ann 'U'i'.-iving; membership, Mrs. Anna .Vorris; music and uniforms, Mrs, .Ktlu'l -Simmons; memorials, Mrs. Margaret Maxwell; national news, .Mrs. !Vnrl Lomoine; national do- JVnse. Mrs. Alice .Robinson; past juvsiilunt-i' parley, Mrs. Ruth \ViILVIX: poppies. Mrs. Udnii Glddding; publicity Mrs. Mtiria Duly: rehabilitation, Mrs. Mary Vnn Vlan- di-i'n; radio. Mrs. Susan Ericson; trophies and awards, Mrs. Emm Trrstrail; w;u - ,'ictivitiL'S, Mrs. aHi riot Juniele; coupons. Mrs. Kutr- orint' .fladclift'o: girlii' work stnt chiii,rmuti, Mrs. Mary Ratkicwich and post wui* Amuricanism, Mrs .Uc.---.-iii' KitxpEiti:'*:!;. Woman VOhib Has Listed Many Events (Continued from Pnjrc I) Clifford A. Tceplc, Chaii'mun ot cortimlUccs: Hospitality, Mrs. Philip Thompson; legislative, Mrs. Lawrence J. Matzklii: house, Mrs. Marshall H. Long; door, Mrs. Everett T. Rogers; scrap book, Mrs. Margaret McAvoy; year book, Miss Colette M, Daly; war -service, Mrs. Albert Holmbcrg; war relief, Mrs, Clarence Fenni- rnan; bonds and stamps, Mrs. Mur- tln "', Lynn; federation, Mrs. Clifford A, Teo.ple; auditors, Mrs. Michael J. Honun and Mrs. John E O'Donnell. I-roreruni lsm-1045 . .Si-pt. 11—Garden •Dcpnrtnnont. Oct. '2— Garden Club Meeting. 9—Garden Department. American Home Depart- Roosevelt Will Deliver Campaign Address Tonight Oct Oct. 12 ment. Oct. 1C—General Club Meeting. Oct. 19—Music Department. Oct. IP—Junior Woman's Club Oct. 20—Literature and Dramatic Art Department. 0—General Club Meeting. 13—Garden Department, 1U—Music Department. 16—Junior Woman's Club. 20—General Club Meeting. •I—Guest iVipht. Dcpart- Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. DL-C. Dec. 1-i—American Home ment. Doc, 21—Junior Woman's Club. Jan. 11—American Home •Department. Jnn. Jnn, Jan. Jan. ir.r.tic IS —Membership Bridge. IS—Music Department. ]S—-Junior Woman's Club. (By United rres-O President Roosevelt makes the first political speech of his fourth torm campaign tonight. Mr. Roosevelt will deliver the address at a dinner at some 700 leaders of the AFL teamsters union. The speech will be curried from the banquet hall ot Washing ton's Hotel Slatlur ovo.r two nationwide radio hookups 1(NBC and CBS) at 9:30 p. m. eastern war time. The president is •expected to challenge what ho Is reported to consider Republican campaign inis- rcprescnUitions. Meanwhile, Governor Dewcy has attacked tho Roosevelt administration on its social legislation. Spcuk r ing before some SO,000 parsons in Los Angeles last night, Duwoy charged that the Now Deal"has not gone far enough with social and economic security. The Republican presidential nominee advocated, a five-point program for tlie expansion of .unemployment insurance and old age pensions, rr.cdi- caV'aid for tho needy, job placc- ;iont and aid for returning Hcrv- cemcn. Today, Dcwoy is heading eastward for another major speech it Oklahoma City on Monday. Republicans are continuing their efforts to smoke out the details of the Pearl Harbor disaster. Rcp- -usontativo Ralph Church of Illi- On The Air Today . 1:00 p. m. WOK—This Its 'Hallora-n WJZ—Scz You , .'•• WABC—'Grand Central Station WA'TR—News; Melody Time WTIC—News TVEAF—Adventure . Ahead 1:13 p. m. WTIC—Marltct Report WABC—Grand Central; .News. WATR—Billie Rogcra Orch. . 1:30 p. m, WABC—Rejjoi't to the Nation WJZ—Jazz Concert WTIC-WEAF—Iiidinn.i Indigo WATR-WOR—Lopcx. Orch. •J.:I3 p. m. WATR—Carnival WEAF—News W1CAF—News WTIC—Michigan vs. Iowa Pre' Flight 2:00 ,;i. m. •••••• WOR—Mcln tire Orch. WATR—Braves vs. Reds. WJZ—.Grout Lakes vs, Purdue Literature and Drnmnt- i nois, "indicating GOP dissutisfuc- German Troops Hurrying To Get Gut Of Estonia (Ily United .ITI-NX) Oivvniin troops art* fleeing from Ksti'iiia this morning In two different tlij-(.'r:tjt>n.s, Sonii- of the defeated Na/.is are ir fur .E.-<H)iila's west const in of cjjcjiping liy st>a. And .s ;iro dashing southward to- h(,[jr uthi- w;n-il the narrow corridor that con- ni.-i'ts Kstcmifi with the Latvian capital (»f Uiga. British Rescue Band Of Sky Troops (Continued from Tnge 1) IClNewhrri? on [ho lone: front — Hie- h;ittli- <jf the Gorman border in ^-"i;:g well. first t trtidps .-li'n consolidating thuir grip on the nt-u-ly \von .N'fi/i tVictoi-.\ town Ml' Stolbut'K—G 1-2 mile.s east of Aiu.'h'?n. I''arthc-r south— tanks and UinU tlcstri)yi-rs of Gonoriil Piirion'. force inflicted a snia-Mhing clofea'. nn a hii; C,i:rnian armored detachment that tried to throw them liiicl: fn.m tho Mcuthe river line, Ai-riKiK the channi;!—H cluster of Ocrmnti robot hombs fell on London arid the .southern English counties last night. The missiles caused some casualties, A headquarters announcement says Allied military government do- l.'i'-limenUM are sweeping aside Xnxi I.-LV/H and organisations throughout the occupied parts of thi: Reich. The units, acting under powers of I'.enerHl .Kisonhowur as .supreme authcirky, are clamping down tightly mi German civilian activities. -Vcn-uniformed Nji/is who help the German army or .hinder the Allies will (if executed, The death penally applies al.Mo to thieves, lu'ilcfn, spies and *«il>«t(;iii'S." P'isenhower has ordorefl the mili- lac.v g'/vcj-ruiicnt to titkc control of al -N'u/i fiariy funds. He directed ;i temporary m'.upvnalvn of regular civil, criminal and administrative courts. •\rt Department. Feb. G—General Club Meeting. Feb. J2—Garden Club. Feb. 15—Music Department, Fob. 13—Junior Woman's Club, Feb. 19—General Club Meeting. Feb. 22—Literature and Art Department. -March 0—General Club Meeting. Mtirch S — American Homo Department. March 15—Junior Woman's Club Mnrch 19-—General Club. March 22 — Literature and Art Department. April 2 — General Club Meeting (luncheon). April El—Garden Department, April 12 — American Homo Department, April 10— General Club Meeting (annual business mooting). •; April 19—Music Department. April 30—Junior Woman's Club. April 20 — Literature and Dramatic Art Department, Muy l-l—Garden Department. May 1?—Music Department. t .on with waiting for the miltary 1 oai'ds to report, -declares the pco- "lo want tho .fncts. However, ths evidence that the fact-finding is being accelerated is scon in a War Department announcement that Mfljor-Guncral Leonard Gorow has returned from Europe to testify before the Army board investigating the disaster. Tho OPA announces the end of, | bicycle rationing. I However, this little noto is not good news. , OPA Administrator Chester Bowl'os .says there simply arc not enough bicycles available to make rationing worth while. WEAF—Burn Dance (1:15 p. .m. WOR—Theater of the Air WABC—Sclvjol of the Air . !):;«» p. in. WATR-WJZ—Spotlight on Tuck or WAEC-WEAF-WTIC—President itoosuvelt 'J-AS p. m. WABC_Saturday Serenade Dance Orch.; Quick Quiz 10:00 p. in. •WKAF-WTrC—Wood-Kelly Show WOR—Rollini Orch. "WATR-WJZ—Lombardo Orch. 10:in-p. in. WABC—Correction Plcnsc WOR—Shady Valley Dance J«:3« |), ill. WATR—Man Called "X" WTIC-WEAF—Grand Ole Ojiry 10:-15 p. in. WA33C— Johnny .Lang Orch, 11:00 p. m, ALL Stations—News 11 :IB p. ill. WATR—George Sterney Orch. WTIC-WEAF—NCWH WABC—Abe Lyman Orch. WJZ— Dramatic. Sketch WOK—News; Weather 1-1:30 p. m. WJZ--Hoosicr Hop WOR—Brandwynno,. Mclntirc Orchestras. WATR—Dance Orch. WEAF-WTJC—I Sustain Wings WABC—Woody .Herman Orch. 12:00 Midnight WTIC-WEAF—News; Peluso Orch WOR—Lymun, 'Trace 'Orchs. Japanese Report Continued Gains «•• • '"<• .'•• . :. • ': In Southern China (ienenil Clnh J'riigrani I'M-l- Oct, 2^Reccption and Tea. Groet- ngs from Suite officers. Address; ,-li-s. Raymond E. Baldwin. Oct. 16 — "Managing an Overburdened Life." Dr. James Gordon Gil key. .Nov. C—"Twenty Years in Ja- n.i," Charles Winthrop Copp, Xov. 20—Literature Department. Poets arc'People," Anne McClure Inllman. Dec. -1—Guos: Night —S p. m. fderal Bureau of Investigation. Jnn. 15—Membership Bridge. Feb. C;—Current Affairs. Eunice Harriet A very. Feb. 10— American Home Department. "Make Over and Mend." Miss Frances M. Whitcomb. March S—Music Department. To be announced, March 19 — Garden Department. "State- Forest and Park Reservations." Speaker to be announced. April 2—Annual luncheon. Bernice F-CamsIer, entertainer, April 1C—Annual business mooting and Tea. Local Churches Take Part In UNRRA Drive (Continued from Page 1) John Bnkcr, Metropolitan Opera bnritone shown here, Is A lucky fellow. Ho has a different tcmmv guest vocaUst ench Sunday when "Steel Horizons" Is heard over MB3. Tlie girls are selected via local Mutual auditions trom coasr. to const. Borough Ready For Paper Drive (Continued from Page J.) Funerals -Funeral of .Mr*. Anna John-ion Funeral services for Mrs. Anna Johnson, 71, widow of August Johnson of 27 Andrew avenue, who died Friday, will be held Monday at Friday, will be held Monday from 1:30 p. m. from the Buckrr.ille'r funeral home, 22 Park place, to St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church at 2 .p. m., Rev. O. H. Bertrtin ofllcititing. Burial will be n Grovo cemetery. Friends may call at the 'funeral lome this evening from 7 v to 0 o'clock and Sunday from 2 to 5 and " to 3 p. m.. . Fiim.-ral Of -To.soph Stankievvlcz "Clothes should be delivered at the nearest ollice of Diocesan Bureau of Social Service. "The Rev. George At. Grady has been appointed general chairman of the campaign. "With expression of good wishes, I am sincerely yours in Christ, (signed) Maurice McAuliffe, Bishop of Hartford. Churches in the borough have made plans for the collection. Parishioners of St. Francis can deposit their clothes anytime during school hours at the school. St. Hedwig's parish lias been collect- V- r OR—Lee ; clothing for Polish relief for the past several years. Rev, S, J. Xtiluwajk said, and will also collect for the UKRRA. St. Mary's has also made arrangements. It is expected the Protestant churches in the borous'n will also collect, clothing dLiving the week. The national quota is 10,000,000 pounds by October 7. Sargent Gets Stay To Sept. 30 The In AViitirtiitry ni PIERPONT'S 1,*.l> IIAVK Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 funeral of Joseph Stankic- wic'/., 11 Wood street, who died Thursday at tho Lutheran home, Platts Mills, was ho!d this -morning at S:15 from, the Fitzgerald funeral homo, 320 North. Main street, to St. Hedwig's church, where a Mass of requiem was celebrated at 9 o'clock by Rev. John U'anat. Burial was In St, James' come tL*ry. Andrew Sargent, '12, of 399 North Main street, received a continuance to September 30 in borough court this morning. He is charged with assault, after being arrested on complain: o:' his wife Tuesday, after alcgedly beating her. Mrs. Sargent was taken to St, Mary's hos pital. whore she was treated for lacerations of the scalp, bruises about the face and arms, and a possible fracture of the skull, Sargent .is under a $200 bond Judge Thomas Ncnry presided in borough court this morning. Mrs. Sargent's condition at tho hospital is reported "good." Couples File Wedding Intentions SMOTHERED BV Falrflold. Sept, 23—(U P)— The I'our-months-old daughter of a soldier noiv serving in the European theatc'r has boon smothered by a pillow which toppled over in her crib. The child—Gcraldino Braun, daughter of the Andrew G. Brauns- of Southport, was found suffocated in her crib. « BOOKKJEKl'JN'Cr » ACCOUNTING KM5X7XG CLASSES 'rcntice Hull Course. Mon. and Wed. Knroll now. rhouc '1-S7.72 Post Junior College FOR Tins BEST IN- DRY CLEANING Two couples filed wedding intentions at the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John,; George Gil- mnrtin, 413. Fox street, Watorbury, and Mary F-i'".7/natr-ick of -58 Aetna street, and Francis Kelly, DC, Riv- crsiffo drive, and Margaret M. Hur- loy of Oak street- .recording intentions. .BUI' WAR -BONDS A>-£) STAMPS WEAF—Musienna WABC—-Victory F. O. B. •J':3fl p. m. WOK—News: Cy Walters WEAF—Football Game WJZ—Sex You WABC—Purdue vs. Great Lakes 2:45 p, m. WOK—Indiana v.s. Illinois 3:30 p. ni. i W ABC—News; Football •t.-lu p. in. WATR—Air Lane Trio WT-IC—Barbara and Boys 4:, P t0 p. in. WTIC—Beldame Race; Workshop WATR—Races; Van's Orch. WOR—Belmont Races; Trio 5:(10 p. in. WTIC-WEAF—Your America WJZ—News; Concert Orch. •WOR—Uncle Don WATR—Sauu-day Concert WABC—Symphony Orch. 5:15 p. m. WOR—Rollini Orch. 5:30 p. in. WEAF—Rupert. Hughes WABC—Mother and _ Dad Castle Orch. WTIC— Quintet f>:4fl ]>. in. WEAF-WTIC—Curt Mas.scy WJZ-WATR.—Hello Sweetheart (i:OII p. m. ALL Stations—News 6:15 p. m. WEAF—Hollywood Theater WATK-WJZ—Spjrts WOR—Now.sroel; Er.trc Nous WABC—People's Platform WTIC—Studio Program (1:30 .p. m. WOR—News WTIC—Strictly Sports WJZ—Green Hornet WATR—Hits and Bits; Kowa (>:4f> p. in. WABC—World Today WEAF—Art of Living- WO.R—Stan Lomnx " WTIC—London News :00 |>. m. | WAEC—Mayor or the To\vr. WEAF—Voice of America- WOR—Guess Who? WATR—Blue Correspondents WTIC—They Call Me .Joe 7:15 p. m. WJ Z-WATR-WEAF—News 7::in .p, m, WABC—America in tho Air WAT.R—On Slajje Everybody WEAF-WTIC—Ellory Queen WOR^Confidentially Yours WJZ—RCA Program 7.-.I5 p. m. WOK—Answer Man «:(IO p. in. WABC—Kenny Bnkor Show WTIC-WEAF—Rudy Vallee Show WATK-WJZ—American Dance Music WOK— News •1:1.5 p. in. won—Music for Rcmombran.M WJZ—To bu announced 8.-SO.-p. ni. WOR—Cisco Kid WABC—-Inner Sanctum; News • WATR—Music Festival WTIC-WEAF—Truth o." Consequences VJZ—Stopak Orch. 9:IMI p, m, —Hit Parade; F.« Sinatra • ed their full co-opcnition. The collection will be made by tho Kaugatuck street department and every street jr. Lhe borough .will be covered. Superintendent Harold Murtiia stated. Residents are asked to tie up newspapers and magazines, and place loose papers in bags or other containers. The paper should be 'left on the curbstone in front of the houses and the street department workers will make tho col- •lections -as the trucks pass through' the area. 1 On Monday the collection wi include all streets on the East sid of the town, and Bristol Terrace Businessmen -on the East side nr askeci to leave paper, cardboard etc., on the curbs in front of thei stores and tho pickup will be made at that time. On Tuesday, houses west of tin river will be taken care of, as wil stores in the West side section. It is hoped. Chairman Fagc: stated, to collect at least 50 tons quantity thai to date has novel boon .secured in a single Naugatuck collection. (».v The Japanese report continued pains In their two-way offennivc against Kwangsi province in aouth- crn China. i An enemy communique claim,*) the Chinese river city of Wuchow lit the eastern doorway to the province how fallen to Japanese troops plungln;? 125 miles westward from Canton. T)ie Japanese threat in south China apalnst the territory known as DJC Chinese seventh war /.one 'began early this month. The drive from Canton seeks lo join other enemy -forces advancing southward along: the 'Canton .to Hankow railway. • If "the two enemy forces do unite —the Juncture in effect will virtually cut China in half—tlshtcn- injj Japanese control over practically the entire. China coastline. Meanwhile the island campaign by American Marines in the Pa- laus, him almost stalled. Japanese, forces with plenty of food and: ammunition arc well-entrenched- in a mountain on Pelc- iu island—560 -miles east of xhe Philippines. As a result our Ma•inc invaders have made only slight •icadway against them. In ; the Philippines, radio Tokyo reports that the puppet government -of the island chain has declared -war on the Untied States .nd Groat Britain. The announcement follows enemy claims of a ccond • aerial attack on the Maila area.- • The new Manila attack is uncon- 'irmod, but General MncArthur's embers -have blasted shipping off je southern Philippines in n. DC"' hrco-way .assault ending- Thursay. • > • - • . Beacon Falls C«rrc»poii«lcnl'* Phone 4.'«4 COP Outing To Be Held In Seymour October 1 The Rcpubllcnnn will hold n.n outing al. Clark's farm in Seymour Sunday October J, it was reported this morning. The outing will feature talks by Senator John A. Danube)' and other suite Republican leaders. Cars will leave from the Town Hall at 3:3.0 Sunday uSlnrnaon. and anyone desiring 1.0 go, should be there by that time. Men's l>:i?uc M The Catholic Men's league will hold a meeting Tuesday night .it St. Mich.-jel'« church basement. Conlcth Kiernnn, president, announced this mor7iing. The meeting will start at S p. m. | Weather Report o Connecticut and Rhode Island— Fair today and tonight. Sunday fair except for some high cloudiness in the afternoon. Continued cool. JSfistpon to Block Island — Xo small craft or storm warnings -'ire being displayed. Women's Hold Municipal Jobs Is Upheld, Sept. 23—(_ _ bench of the Mn™™"^" 6 ? preme court han uphold ii ' of mnr-led women to hold p»l John. In a fftr-ronchln »lon, the jumic'-s decinrtd ' ' the dlxmlM&j "* Somervllle women who low jobs In 1S.% because u^ £ married. ^ M The Bcxtet WM nnd-one-hn)f year's hack i>n jj" ever, the supreme coint -*,',? 0 pl.-iin that this ruJinjf dora flict with a previous mnrried women m.'ty from servins: na school Victors in the Ion? court 1 were Leah M. Est/;^ g XuRKent. Emi!ie V/. K. Haxel'on, Ma»-y C. Franciu S. Lewis, former , of Som.orvfllo's public wnter departm':ntH. b<; Alembic Fall Event Committee Named (Continued from Page 1) Roosevelt Pays Tribute To Poles Washington, Sept. 23—CU P)— President Roosevelt has proclaimed October llth as Pulnski Day and October 12th as Columbus Day. The president paid tribute to the Poles who he said were the first to take up arms against our common foo. Pulaski Day will honor Count Casimir Pulaski, -a Pole who died lighting for American freedom in 1770. Columbus Day will commemorate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Also Mary ikalcs, Helen Andern. .Jeanne Bronnen, Grace Wood- Id. Evelyn Emery, Ellen Cooke, nr. Ford, Edward Hormonal, Edward Ploss. Marcelia Pnpc,. Kath- crinc Corcoran, Michale Di Bias, Hedwig Makowski, Arline Tomlinson, Alice Egan and Alice Murray, And John Titley. Mary Penrosc. Andrew Anderson, D.inlo Montanari. David Painter, Clarence Lund- stroni, Harold Stinson. Frank Lynch, James Mahan, Rose Roman and Mae Kzalunas. Also William Schncll, Eugene St. John, N'ordhill TCauges, -Robert Sheldon, Donald Cowan, Robert Kelly, Bert Scullin, Cha.-les Kcvit. Rudolf Anderson and Leo Carroll. Electrical Lig-hting Equipme IIOMIl 'KM WITH Victor — Columbia _ Records SWAN ELECTRIC CO Whatever your girt problem ou; gif; stylist. Miss ifauao. ca.-; hcb soJve it. The giri collection zs convcnicr.tJy located C.'yne's, h?. s beer, tljoughifully cssembJci to meet every •Jest a few steos frocj Eicb»nc-= Pf 29 Hoprliorv THE. ACCORDION CONCERT and DANCE presented by DOMENIC MECCA Sunday Evening, September 23rd, 1944 at Ji o'cloclc Ke;ituring: 1'. F. C. ANTriONV MECCA - MKCCA ACCOKHION BAND John Bucclii - >"ick MOCC.-J - Paula I'orxio Clis>.rl«'.s Conner, Tenor Anthony -I. M.-tsono. Masli-r of Ceremonies FRED BREDtCE AND Ul-S ORCHE.STUA ST. JOSEPH'S AUDITOKIOI, W:Uorbury, Conn. ADMISSlOX G2c - TAX 13c - TOTAL ~r,c Free to nil Servicemen in Uniform: Tickets at Door or .Mecca Md*.ic Store, J03 limlc .St.. ".Vaterbiiiy D. LIEBERMAN | SO CHl'HCII STREET ? rrtffttt+t+Ji Heavy Turkish Towels 49c Larfye si/.o bath towels of quick- drying, fluffy cotton terry. Firm long wearing -weave. Choose from solid pastels, colored borders or plaids. WASH A ^ for CLOTHS G. C. MURPHY CO. Church Street Naugatuck; Conn. LISTEN TONIGHT WTIC Ht ' * P. M. Governor John W. Bricker Jii.-pllblic.ln Vico-rresidcnuul Introduced Uy Governor Raymond E. Baldwin WATCH X .lltn-KI^KV HEI'AllllXO William Schpero 3RD -CHIiKCII ST. — 1 1-llKhl Up — J,AT-EST MODEL SILEX O.OFFEK MAKfrK ' SCHNEER c *•*•* CREDIT JEWELERS *& • -ItUY AND' S.AVK 'AT THE- Highland Grocery 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TKI,. -IS«n ROCCO KAHO, Tron. SIX ROOM HOMES (FOUR BEDROOMS) OF INDIVIDUALITY AT THE GLENRIDGE ESTATES Quinn & Chestnut Sts. Naugatuck, Conn. GOING FAST — DOFTT BE TOO LATE!] • • • Revelation In Modem Suburban Living. • • • Restricted Community, Beautiful Wooded Residential Section. • • • Permanent Construction of Pre-War Design and Workmanship. • • • Houses May Be Purchased on Low Monthly Payment Plan or May Be Rented . 5 Model Homes Ready For Inspection Daily and Sunday 9 A. M. to 9 P. M, Each dwelling in plot approximately 60 x 150 ft. Plenty of garden and yard space.; *V'.!3r ; !;";.• Look At Sanitary Sewer, City \V;itor, Gas and Electricity. 3 Coat* of riiiKtcr-Tliroiiffhoitt; llnuses. Economical Hot Wafer Heating Unit. Hot Air -Heating; •System Economical Hot Water Unit Wejitlier.strippcil Doors. Insulated. Leaders and Gutters. Durable Asphalt Shingle Hoofing. Orniuncntal Shiitlors, Concrete Stoops both Front and Side, Landscaped. Sidewalks and Cur'hs. SPPCl Fi.V^ W ' lrC ., !ind mTa M0<lcr " Electrical Colonial Light nnd Knocker at Front Entninc*- Modcrn Bath aim Kitchen. Doinostic Science -Kitchen Crtbinotx." ". Spacious -Clothos and l-iiim Closets, with door*. Unfit in Vcnolfan Crystal Mirror Cabinet, Iniaid Unolcuin. Many Mectrical B.-U-.O I'liiR*. Tloublc Flooring—Special Oak. All \V.-«x I'mircil Concrete Fonnutaljon. Vruvidinc Sp Cellar for Largo Kecroation Kooni, Modern Vlninblng Fixture*. •Rooms Beautifully Itreorutcd. Mail Delivrrv to Vonr «oor. l~iundr.v in Basement llnancing-

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