The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1954 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1954
Page 12
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; J6fy CfttfffdfMtftufti , MHWfES The city Council met in special sea- iien June l t ld54, at,2:00 p. m. with the Mayor and all Counclfmen present. This, being" the time and place fixed for hearing of adoption qf plans, specifications and form ot. .contract;for construction of a Sewage Treatment Plant and sjttte'm'of collector sewers; vtn -KKtoMlctftA \imfa fMann. '. f 'i • ;" objection* were made. prang, spec- A- HeTioiatlott, abprovlhf piansj Ificatlons .-'and form -'• 6f dotilract, read and adopted. . . , All bids oft,file for construction of sa'ld plant ahij .sewers vweje opened, read and tabulated from the following contractors: Ubpert Bros, Inc., Boone; Acton .Const.-Co*, lne, ( St Fault. Henkel Const. Co.,, Mason City; Walden Bros 1 ,,' Iowa Falls; Chambers Const. Co., Lincoln; Nebf,; Normoyle & Berg, Rack Island, 111,; R, V. Leary Co.,, Des Molnes; Peter N. Kruse, Spencer; Oiel' lefald Associates, Inc., Forest City; Kobe Engineering Co., SioUx City; Spencer Const. Co.. Spencer. The Council then proceeded to a consideration of all bids In consultations with the consulting Engineers, Buell & Wintef of Sioux City, Iowa. Meeting, adjourned to 7:00 p. m. to accept bids. •'*.''••. , The City Council met In adjourned session at 7:00 p. m., June 1, 1954, with the Mayor and all members present. A Resolution awarding contract to Weldeh Bros., Iowa Falls, Iowa, for $277,450, for construction of Sewage Treatment Plant, was read and adopted. . The awarding of a contract for "construction of the collector sewers was left for further study. Meeting adjourned to June 3, 1954, at 7:30 p. m. . • . •- * "The City Cbiiriril met in special session June 3, 1954 at 7:30 p. m. with the -Mayor and all Councilmen pres- • ent. ' . In regard to several complaints the Engineer was instructed to obtain the estimated cost of tiling two open ditches. Ordinance No. 353 providing Ing mete: for the installation of parking meters, was adopted oh the second reading by a vote of 5 to 1. • • . The Mayor then read a statement vetoing Ordinance No. 352 establishing a City Planning Commission. The appointment of a City Weed Commissioner -was referred to the Rules and Ordinance Committee. Opening Spruce Street, request for curb and gutter on Oak Street and cutting the corner at Main and Commercial Street' were discussed with no definite action taken. The Council authorized the firm of Buell & Winter to furnish a resident engineer in connection with the construction of the sewage treatment plant. Ordinance No. 352, fixing rates for natural gas furnished by the Perry Gas Co., was passed and adopted on the third and final reading. Meeting adjourned to June 10, 1954. :,.., ; .- • . ,''# -, '• . The City Council met In adjourned session on June 10, 1954 at 7:30 p.-m., with the"'Mayor and all Councllmen «. S. Norton it Son, mdse. 374.40 Kohlhaas Hdwe., supplies 1.57 Advance Publ. Co., legals 12.08 tipper Des Molnes Publ. Co., legals Keertatloft Fund 48.00 Donald Cook, labor 30.98 Bill Dewel, labor : 30.20 Iowa State Bank, tax -— 8.40 Ray Colberg, painting 74.80 Globe Ticket Co., mdse. - 8.21 Thompson HajHvard, mdse - 38.00 A. y/McBonald Mfg. CO., mdse. 4(.38 Lalng & Muckey. repairs 20.84 Richard Mathes, mowing 11.25 Fred 'Beerman, swings 71.51 und Stewart Albright* salary i..i.±.. 94.80 Cretoj-Unlon Electric, elec. .._ Is).70 L8ing & Muckey, repairs 1.92 Pratt ElectrlCr repairs 2.84 Swartz Hdwa.,, supplies „_>. 4.46 A. F. Van BJiyen, seed .j. iti 114.75 ( Debt Service fund Iowa State .Bank, interest _—812,50 Meeting adjourned. Mrs. Horace D. Clapsaddle Mayor Attest: Ivy D. scuffham, city clerk LOCALS Mr and Mrs Jack Clapsaddle recently visited at Burlington with Mrs Clapsaddle's parents, Mr and Mrs George Sherrin. Mrs Sherrin returned with them ami will spend a few days here. Mr and Mrs Ray Krebs and family spent four days fishing recently at Ashby, Minn, and reported a fine catch. Mr and Mrs Albert Weishaar were visiting recently by Mr and Mrs Paul Gruebel, brother-in- law and sister of Mr Weishaar, of Lacona and Mr and Mrs Chas. Harrison and three daughters of Oskaloosa. Mr' and have been Mrs Cleve Stewart visited by Mrs Ste- present, except Hutzell. Ordinance ept No. 353, providing ing . mete for the Installation , of parking . meters was read and adopted on the third and final reading, by , a, vote of 5 to 1. A Resolution was Adopted, instructing the City Attorney and: the City Engineer to prepare, proposed plans, specifications, form of contract, notice of hearing and calling for bids for parking meters. , , ,... In regard to requests a motion was passed to break the curb and gravel the parking near the Presbyterian Church. ' The salary of Richard H. Groen, Police Officer replacing Floyd Anderson, was set at $250.00 per month. Building permits were granted to C. E. Priebe, Wilbur Courtney, Wm. Runchey, L. J. Nelson, J. D. Burns, Thomas Lee, C. L. Bailey and J. T. Roberts; the application o£ Joe Heid- erscheldt was tabled. A contract was awarded to Gjellefald Associates of Forest City for construction of a .system of collector sewers. At the request of the Board of Education the Street Commissioner was instructed to place 'No Parking 1 signs on the east and south sides of the high school and in front of the Annex; cut the corners at the Annex and the corner of North and Dodge Streets; and to break the curb on the west side of the Bryant School. The City Attorney was instructed to draw a Weed Ordinance. Cigarette permits were granted to Dinette Cafe, Hood's "Super Valu, Consumers. Clayton & Rusk, Algona Hotel Co.. Barry's Recreation, Smoke Shop, Johnson Lunch, Friendly Inn. KofTee Cup, D. & D. Cafe, Wagner's Diagonal Grocery. Hagg Turner Post, Hawkeye Lanes. East End Grocery. Frank & Em's Place, Johnson House, Algona Coffee Shop. Chuck's Food Mart. Monaco's Cafe, Ray's Jack Sprat, JHonsbruch Drugs, Tigges Drugs. Thuente Pharmacy, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Grottes Cafe. Beer Permits were granted to the Algona Hotel Co.. Barry's Recreation. Smoke Shop, Johnson Lunuh, and Friendly Inn. The salary schedule, was adopted for the playground and swimmhiB pool. The following claims were allowed. General Government Fund Nancy Sands, salary 27.32 Lewis Ferguson, eng. 16.77 Iowa Slate Bank, tax 23.00 John Carroll, services 456.03 Max A. Conrad. Treas., dues 90.00 Koch Bros., supplies 10.93 Mason City Blue Print, plats 0.01 Algona Reminder, supplies 3.32 Advance Publ. Co., legals 53.93 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook. salary 111.70 Fred Gronbach, salary 7*7.16 Albert Pergande, salary _._ 96.86 Herman Kruckenberg, salary __. 94.50 Merlin Hansen, salary 89.77 Richard Frambach, salary 75.71 Glenn Burtis, salary 88.77 Lewis Ferguson, eng. 132.30 Harry '.Vard, labor 75.60 B. P'. Ric^wrdson, labor 10.78 Iowa State Bank, tax 38.30 Frederick Post Co., supplies 14.83 Robert Deal. sa;ving .-_ 10.00 Botslord Luniher. lumber 30.21 Bradley Bros., repairs 9.78 Greenberg Auto Supplv. supplies 3.44 Hilton's Service, battery _.- 17.00 Kent Motor Co., truck 787.26 Kohlhaas Hdwe.. supplies _.. 18.92 Lyle Mathes, signs 22.50 F. S. Norton & Son., eoal 34.00 Pratt Electric, repairs __ 11.60 Swartz Hdwe., supplies ... 15.13 Elmer Dole, gravel 1139.77 Road Usa Tax Fund Elmer Dole, gravel 1935.08 Iowa Truck & Equip. Co.. repairs _._ 22.70 Henke Mig. Corp.. mdse. 46.90 Bituminous Materials, premix -.-197.52 Kossuth Motor Co., repairs 108.73 Mid-West Service, luel -.74.77 Percival Motors, repairs 4.65 Russ & Ky's, gas 116.85 Standard Oil. gas 86.40 Public Safety Fund A. C. Weishaar, salary 130.32 Albert Boekelman, salary 143.79 James Egli, salary ...126.39 Raymond Krebs, salary 117.29 Floyd Anderson, salary 11.13 Abner Egli. salary -.108.13 Iowa Slate Bank, tax 39.90 Jam-is Egli, labor 12.00 JerroJd F.idc, repairs -_ 5.00 Greenberg Auto Supply, supplies 26.64 Wellendorf Garage, keys 2.'80 Frideres Service, gas — 2.68 O. K. Rubber Welders, mdse 61.04 Wagner's D-X, gas 6.03 Viking Oil Co.. gas -.. 64.58 Kossuth Motor Co., repairs 159.62 Hilton Service, mdse. 256.15 Ira Kohl, salary 20.00 Algona Fire Co.. service 212.00 Fire Engineering, magazine 6.00 Kohlhaas Hdwe., supp.'Ujs 4.95 F. S. Morton & Son, supplies 2.55 Pratt Electric, repairs 13.12 Sanitation Fund Reiner Helmers, labor ._. _ 20.48 Lawrence Weig, labor - 15.43 Algona Ins. Agency, ins. 18.82 Funk & Dcim. supplies 3.60 Dau's Garage, repairs 6.85 Kossuth Motor Co.. repairs 6.50 Viking Oil Co.. gas 16.30 East End Foundry, mdse. 154.00 Botsfoid Luinbei. mdse. - _. ..- 9T7j Ready-Mix, concrete wart's brother . and sister-in-law Mr and Mrs Austin Fox of South Laguna, Three Arch Bay, Calif. They also spent some time with Mr. Fox" niece and husband Mr and Mrs John Simon. Mr and Mrs "Tiller" Nelson came from Chicago, 111. to attend the centennial celebration. Due to the crowded conditions here they had to drive to Humboldt to secure rooms. Mr Nelson is a former resident here and a classmate of Tom Stull and A. L. Long. Mr and Mrs Everett Beckers, oi Cedar Falls spent the Centennial weekend here. Mrs Reckers is .the former Marian Corey sister pf Mrs R. I. Mawdsley. Mr and Mrs Marl McCall had as guests during the centennial celebration their son-in-law and daughter Mr, and Mrs James Griffith and John and the letter's brother-in-law and sister Mr arid Mrs Frank Schroeder of Des Moines and niece Helen Osier oi Chicago. Mr and Mrs Marl McCall left July 13 for Des Moines where they will meet Mrs McCall's sister Mrs Edith Reaser, former resident here, who has been in Detroit, Mich., several weeks visiting her son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Darwin Reaser. After a visit here with Mr and Mrs McCall she will return to her home at Glendale, Calif. Tom Stull came from Glendale, Calif., to attend the centennial celebration and has remained to ! ', ' • ; Cfentenni<31 Floats Progress in culling grass is ably portrayed by Algeria's veteran lawn mower sharpener, Bill Ludwig, and his son. In the .float above Bill is shown at left as he sharpens the sickle Ased in 1954 lo cul grass, and the son operate* a mod' ern day sharpening machine for lawn moWert.—(Upper Des Moines Newsfoio). . . . , ;.<. - centennial celebration, .„„ fdrmet Algsftani wh6 from Cedaf Rafcida to .attend the tentennial celebration were Mrs Bertha Cowles Quarton, Tyerrel Ingersdl and William Quarton. Mr and Mrs Matt 3dis6r had theJr sott and daUghter-iin-law Mr and Mrs Robert Selzet of Arties and their son>in-la# arid daughter Mr and Mrs Matt Kelsh f>f Owat- tonha, Minn., as Centennial weekend guests. Mr and Mrs Jack Hilton of visit longer with his brother and sister-in-law Dr and Mrs Claude Stull at Corwith. Mr and Mrs John Gisch were visited recently by Mrs Gisch's parents Mr and Mrs Frank Mescher of Bancroft. Madonna, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Gisch, visited recently at Bancroft with her grandparents Mr and Mrs Frank Mescner. Mr and Mrs Elmer Poiler had as recent guests Mr and Mrs Victor Applegate and Mrs Scott Moore of Ames. Mr and Mrs E. M. Richardson are being visited by their son- in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs Walter Jacobson of Los Angeles, Calif. Mr and Mrs Albert Richardson are expected soon from Camp Petersburg, Va., and will visit the respective parents Mr and Mrs E. M. Richardson and Mr and Mrd Paul Parkins. Albert is being transferred to Camp Carson, Colo. wife. Mr and Mrs Karl Willason were visited recently by their sons and dauGhte'rs-ih-law Mr and Mrs Don E. Willason arid daughters Sally and Sue of Waterloo and Mr and Mrs Bob Willason of Omaha. Mrs Alice Clayton has had Mr and Mrs Robert Steils of Bakersfield, Calif., as guests. Mrs Steils is the former Rachael Clayton. Other guests were Mr and Mrs T. G. Peterson of Mason City. Mrs Peterson is the former Mildred. Clayton sister of Rachael. Mr and Mrs Ronald Jenkins and the former's mother Mrs Elsie Jenkins, nee Elsie Urcli, were 'iere recently from West Concord; Minn. They were guests of Mr gnd Mrs Irving Urch and Mr and Mrs Gardner. Anna Ingersoll is. now at the Roberts Nursing Home. Antoinette Bonnstetter who has been living with her will continue staying there. Mrs Ella Potter came, from Chicago, 111., to attend the centennial celebration and is making an extended visit With Mr and Maurice Bartholomew. Dr. Evans has returned from Iowa City where he had surgery for the-removal of a,, cataract. He has made very good recovery. His daughter Mrs R. Tingley, R. N., of Sioux Falls, S. D., was his nurse and she is remaining here for a time. Mrs Evans visited her son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Wallace Evans at Crawfordsville during the doctor's hospitalization. Mr and Mrs John Thompson had as guests recently the letter's uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs Myron Hill of Sioux City. Mrs Hill is a sisteV of Mrs Elva Coon who makes her home with her son- in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Thompson. They are former residents here. They also had Mrs Robert Dailey and daughter Linda of Davenport as guests, but this group were house euests of Mrs Anna Hill. Mrs Dailey is the former Shirley Hill. House guests of Mr and Mrs Thompson were Mr and Mrs Fred Coon of Des Moines, Mrs Paul Blome of Seneca, 111., and Bert Coon of Mason City. Carol Finn visited recently at Burlington with Sally Pierson. The girls are classmates at Iowa State College, Ames." Mr and Mrs R. A. Davidson were visited recently by Mr and Mrs Gordon Larson and children Gordon Jr., Linda and Douglas, of Renville, Minn. Mrs Pearl McGuiite and children of Des Moines visited Mr and Mrs John McGuire and other relatives and friends a few days recently. The Rev and Mrs Earl Burgess were here recently to attend the They are former residents here, the Rev. Burgess having been the pastor a number of year;s ago returning later as district superintendent. He is retired from the ministry and is located at Sac City. He is continuing some work in church interests. Mr and Mrs Joe Shephard and children Susie, , SallyV Joe and Steven pf Omaha, Neb. attend, the centennial celebration and stayed at the Algona hotel. Mr slid Mrs Georqe Powers were vifited recently 1jy the latter's mother Mrs Jessie Aman, of Cherokee. Mr and Mrs A. L. Long concluded a visit here at the home of their' son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Carson Taylor and went on to Hampton where they spent the 'weekend with Mr and Mrs Clarence Achilles. From there they went to their home at Davenport. Mr and Mrs John Homer are being i visited bv the letter's uncle Dave Beck of Shelton, Wash. A sister, Mrs Vern James and Ted came from Bradenton, Fla., and will be here for an extended visit. They were joined here by the father William Beck and Mr and. Mrs Leonard Beck from Dickens. Mr and Mrs ;Millon Dahl were visited recently by Mr and Mrs Merle Pratt and sons of Fairmont, Minn., Mr and Mrs Cra: u Vinson and children of Rock Rapids, Mrs Helen Vinson Still•nan and friend Miss "Willie;' Stone of Oklahoma City, Okla. Other guests who visited more briefly were. Mrs' Anna Dahl, Pearl Dahl and Mr and Mrs Ed Peterson of Swea City, mother;, .sjarter. ,and brother-in-law , and sister of Milt. .. . Mr and Mrs Ernie fJodfredsop had former Algonans Mr and Mrs Andy Godfredson, brother -and sister-in-law of the former of Buffalo, Mo., as guests during ^he Wititerset were Centennial weekend gues'ts 6f the fbrmer's br^ ther and sister-in4aw Mr and M*s Bill Hiltdfi. ; , „ Dale Cltne of the City Cab' Co. has rented the Mrs Elizabeth 'Post house on East McGr'egor. st. Mr and Mrs Melvin Shilts were here frorft Omaha, Neb., for the Centennial celebration. Melvitt is a son of the late Frank Shilts, barber here aMiurriber of years ago. He is in service and will; be retired on pension in twenty-one months. . -. Mr and Mrs Craig Smith have been visited by the letter's brother-in-law and sister Dr. and Mrs Edward Meyer and children Marilyn and E. 'J. of Chicago. They have also been at Whittemore with Mrs Meyer's parents Mr and Mrs J. M. Fleming. Linda, daughter of Mr and Mrs Smith returned with them to Chicago for a visit of several days. Mr and Mrs, John Hargreaves came from FederalsbUrg, Md., to attend the centennial celebration and were guests of the former's mother Mrs P. H. Hargreaves. for the army. the brother Phil Hargreaves also came from San Pedro,. Galif., and other visitors were Mr and Mrs Ralph Elbert, Wother^in-lawand sister 1 df the men and Mr. and Mrs Gilbert Hargreaves, the brother and his wife. John and his wife were accompanied by ,Mrs P. H. Hargreaves and went to Cedaf Rafaids for a visit with Mrs Clafa Bafl, sister of John. Mt.atid Mrs Howard Plall had as Centennial celebration, .guests the letter's • mother 1 Mrs " Emma Platt arid his brother* and sister- in-law Mr. and Mrs .Harvey Platt arid Ka"thy of -Neoshb, Mo. Mi and Mfi .J, D. Sur^S left July 11 on-a" two week's vacation which spent at Lake Dewey, DoWagiac, Mich. They will 'be joined there by Mrs Burns' brother-in-law and sister the Rev. arid Mrs R. A. Bufrell of Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr and Mrs J. D. Burns had as guests recently Mr and Mrs Jack Kipsch of Pontiac, Mich.- , :V,, / Mr and Mrs Russell Maxwell were visited recently by the latter's parents -Mr and Mrs C. E. Maxwell of Eagle Grove. , Mr and Mrs Albin Spongberg had as Fourth of July weekend guests their son and daughter- in-law Mr and Mrs Vernon Spongberg of Davenport and their son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Thomas Thompson of Des Moines. Other guests were Mi and Mrs Cecil Harsch and -son Dean. Mr and Mrs Harsch have been living at Long Beach, but are moving to Sacramento where the son Dean is flying instructor M*s Bailie Larson had as guests recently her daughter and rranddaughter Mrs Clarence Cal- 'igan, Pocahontas, and Mrs Yetta 5lson of Montana. , < Mf and Mrs George karsort wefe visited recently by Mr and Mrs Bernard O'Brien of Whittemore, Mr and/MrS Irvm Reutzel of Fairmont, Minn., Mr and Mrs Joe Bowers of Bancroft, and John Bowers of Swea City. ^ i.yie ia»is, «•••* Yarqa wei- son of Hartford, Conn., Mrs Seg- Kohlhaas, Ellen „ Carlson, with Bertha j'ohftsort of Cedaf Rapids who is vacationing a, fortnight at deaf Lake, ' MiSs Johnson is well known here having been Kossuth county auditor a nuinber of years, latef-going to Cedar Rapids where She operates a nursing home. Mrs Ellis is making an extehded.'Visit hero with her sister Mrs Kohlhaas. Mr and Mis C. L. 'Livingston and Mr and Mrs George Nfewland. have been visited, by Mr and Francis Livingston, Linda Nancy and Maureen, of LaPofte, Ind. kl Cll \&L\- I 1 \~\.li VV* VUlll|.f V^Ml.JiJil, •w*v*v. •• — _ and will be accompanied by his reunion at the Methodist cnurcn. BUDGET ESTIMATE SCHOOL DISTRICT . NOTICE-—The Board of Directors ol Community Sc-hool District of Burt. Kossuth County. Iowa, will meet August 3, 1954. at 8 p. in., at Schoolnouse Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expend! tures for the year beginning July 1. 1U54. and ending June 30, 1955. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be available at the bearing. Mrs. O. H, Graham District Secretary FUNDS . Us ll-'g w . -* — •„ ''•'-> III? Radar reaches out Jo locate distant unseen objects accurately. During the War, the utmost precision was observed to assure "pin-point" bombing accuracy. YOUR WATCH Today, the identical basic timing standard used in testing bombsights is used here to check the accuracy of your watch — riew or oldi -, EA HITTING THE SPOT! Newest diesel and electric motive power reaches new heights In transportation performance 4.. makes a hit with shippers. The magic of radar is matched by many new "scientific tools The Milwaukee Road uses to give better-than-ever service. New hauling tools such as diesel and electric loco-' motives for greater dependability . . . smoother starts and stops. New, faster communications tools, such as freight train radio and walkie talkies in yards. New safety tools. New mechanized freight handling tools. All are hitting the spot with shippers! r You can expedite your freight from, to or through Milwaukee Road territory by consulting yotir nearest Milwaukee 'Road agent. You!ll find him experienced- 'helpful 'aiiid friendly. : ; '•,''. ; {' • ' ' .. ,. ... ,. ,. ., loofc of fhemop/ SHIP -TRAVEL Industrial Sites If you ot« looklrig for a *!(• for your builntn, oik ui. Wo bavo many do*lrablo localism. THE MILWAUKEE ROAD ROUTI OF THE SUPER DOME HiAWATHAS Chicago, Mllwaukti, 51. Paul and Pacific Railroad General 60.524.93 61l,5»:i.47 88,1-19 8.000 30.149 Total General Fund --60.52-1.93' 09.593.47 88.149 Bonds and Inturcst 2.090.00 2.030.00 Special Courses Fund -- 1.000.00 1.200.00 3,000 8.000 80.149 3,000 Total All Purposes ..63.614.93 72.823.47 91.149 8.0DO 83.149 Secretary's balance Julv 1. 1954: 1. GENERAL FUND -..340.050.55 3. Less Balance Reserved SI0.050.S5 SCHOOL HOUSE FUND ....... $1.019.37 SPECIAL COURSES FUND ... .- S iai.74 Number oi :>ersons of school age -.. 430 Taxable valuation. 1953 .. .... . 3.432.476 Moneys and Credits. 1933 $125,095 BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD Of FIB1NG TOWN AND CITY ESTIMATE NOTICE—Tiie To\vn council 01 Fenton of Kussulh County, Iowa, will meet August 2, 1954. tit 8 P. II.. at Community Center. Taxpayers will be heard for or agamM the following estimate of expenditures lor the year beginning January 1. 1953. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be available at the hearing. , Paul W. F.igler Town Clerk. FUNDS 111-' •- o j3 -j I •o,. -2 General . .. 3864.1)3 4112197 Street . .451)7.8-1 2239.09 Public Safety . .. - . 865.22 90143 Sanitation . .. .. .... 153.49 Recreation . . .. 81B.78 4;u. .j Utilities . ... .2197.112 6087.95 Trust and Agency . 115.20 ._ Street (Road Use Tax) _..... ._ ... Liquor Profit 37SO.OO 401)0.00 1050.00 280.00 (i&O.OO •liiOO.OO 2UO.OO 750.00 3000.00 1000.00 200.00 2000.00 4000.00 1050.00 286.00 600,00 1800.00 200.00 TOTALS 12612.18 14361.20 14686.00 4950 CO D736.00 Estimated Taxes per $1.000.00 of assessed value $1700 , Tii\jble valuation (19531 . _ ' ' 5360893 90.05 Moneys and credits (1'jj'Ji ^ $ •V/"OU can see (or yourself the gay and JL gorgeous styling that's sure to be the fresh note next year, too. And you can easily learn that here is power a-plenty—the highest V8 power, Series for Series, in the annals of Buick hi.story. But what you can never know, till you fry it yourself, is the feel of a liuick in motion. It's a ride as precision-soft and firm as only coiled steel can mqke it. / Yes, coil springs on all four wheels. And a full-length torque-tube drive for true tracking. And a massive X-braced frame for solid steadiness. And specially calibrated shock absorbers, V-braced struts, wide-rim wheels, a unique front-end geometry—plus a host of other betterments too numerous to mention. You feel the result of this advanced engineering every mile you drive — in what is literally and figuratively a Million Dollar Hide. You feel it in the superb and buoyant cradling. You feel it in the serene levelness of your going over ruts and ridges. You feel it in the precise snubbing of jars and jounces. You feel it in a*new kind of steadiness, handling ease, curve control. Only thing for you to do, we believe, is to come try this miracle of motion—and we'll be glad to oblige. That way you'll also learn firsthand about the style, the power, and the value that have made Buick such a best-selling success this year. For Buick today is outselling all other cars in A werica except two of the so-called ''low-price three." (Smart tip: With Buick such a beautiful buy (liis year, thjnk what a winner it's bound to be at trade-in time! Come see us this week!) WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM 105 N. Hall som<:\si:\ BUICK Algona,

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