Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 22, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. 1944 s lightning Caused Much Damage At Harvard, Mass. Harvard. Mass., Sept. 22—(UP) ; — .Lightning sot u costly fire on a •JUtrvard farm. The early-morning blu/.e destroyed 3f> head of cattle and two ponies. The barn was leveled, rio .was n nearby silo. And (10 tons of hay were lost. The damage iamountod to about S'LO.OOO, The home of ISnrl Stone, who 'owned the property, wati wived. But only after firemen from Harvard. j\ycr and Fort Downs had pumped witter from a. brook 1,000 feet Charges Are Denied By Ex- Gov. Hurley Jiwiiy. It costs about S-IOO to furnish modern hotel room. As We WERE SAYING.. M per eent fewer farm workers KTI:W -M per cent more, food ||C - ttvtvn l.'MU-Ci than between Sign nn a rural bulletin board: "Young chicks ch'.-ep." If yi.u think nu>s|. American homes lire furnace-heated you're wrong. For it's about half and half between the fui'tmce and the old parlor stove. Tons of American grass seed xre bring planted in Italy to lold down the volcanic dust vhich Is a component of the .oil and harmful to a.ireraft i_-n glnes. Today's anecdote: A srrgcaut- iiiijur hulled 11 recruit tvhn \riin aulileriiiK furtli In hattle dn-ss I conspicuous brown Mines. Where (TTTl ymi get those hues-. 1 " "I had them in private ife, sir." answered the recruit. Anil what were ymi In private fe?" "I was on the slock e.\- ni;o, sir," said the unhappy remit. "So. And did you have silk hat us well'.'" "Vi's. sir." Tlii-n,' salt! the sergeant-major caustically, "why ilmi't ymi wear that also'.'" Inti' tlie recruit'.••yes cauu- a Icuk of mingled hnrrnr and Incredulity a- he replied i|iiestli>nlngly: "\Vlth linnvii shoos. sir'. 1 "—Daily Trie- graph (l,i>iulnn). Tnklng n leaf out of their wn.t<M--hnrm,> s!vt"r ships, the new fjcuim-linor luxury planes will onrry first, second and third-class passenger. As li prayer wheel, the American tin can plays an Impurtant part In the religious life Tibet. They first paste a prayer mi It, then whirl It mi a —Tele. The inure whirls, the infirn prayers, and the nearer tn heaven Is the prayer. When the muscles lire, they set the can over :i hrcmk so that the running witter will turn It end- Sdld Channlng Pollock f Coronet): "The more I come in contact with modern youth, the more [ regret that nowadays both the paternal hair brush find the paternal heir are so rarely turned bottom-side up." When you ihnt'l know which wtiv t<i turn, lurn to I he I'KIl- SO'NAI, I.O.AN nKr.AUTMK.NT of .N'augatuek National Hunk, Viui'll find here a genuine desire to see your financial prol* lem as ymi see It. und every effort made In give you the kind of it I'MKSONAl. LOAN that fits yiuir circum-tauces and u/.f.lly I" pay. All loan interviews lire friendly, private, i-i.iifidentlal. Most of them— ariiiinil 0" tier eent, \ve wiiulil vity.—iire followed hy our prompt «'K. And liy prompt, we mean thai, our loan cheek Is usually In the hands of the borrower within 21 hours nf his upplie-.i- l.'nn. \Ve charge hut Sti per year per SIliO borrowed, and ctve ii full year to repay the hi small, convenient month. ly Installments, non't. h>t fi-su iif embarrassment prevent yoi from getting a IIKIII that yoi may Imdly nerd. For, :is indicated iihove, ii'e usually suy yes, iitiil our nos lire stild MS nicely us we know how. Write, phone SlWIi or cull for your Naugatuck National VKKSONAI- LOAN, A musical critic on n Detroit pnppr summed "P a pRi'form- nnee of th« night before with: "An amnteiu- str'ng qunt'ti't pbiyed Brahms here last, evening- Brahms lost." The nliniHliince of food found In Normandy by the Allied Invaders was due to the fact—accord- Ing to a French explanation— that, otir forces walked Into a rich agricultural area :it harvest height, when transportation hail broken down, and crops could not lie moved. !N'o one has yet weathered tho y.torm hy Ktre'mlng at the wpiithpf, —• Wesleyan Christian Advocate. NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Federal Deposit InMlirnncct Corporation l-fnrtfnrd, Sept. 22—(UP)—Former Governor Robert A. Hurley charges that accusations (.hat he was uiacli: a vice-president of the NArragniist'tt Machine company in l-'awtuckct. li. .(., because he could obtain a federal loan for the con- cern'are "politics, pure and simple." Hurley, who is running for reelection, says "these attacks have been inspired simply because I am a candidate for otllce" and adds that hi: has a. "pretty Kood idea" who is responsible. The former governor says the Rhode Island war plant obtained the two million dollar loan from the Federal Reserve seven months before he accepted thu $:12,UOO a yi.-ar vice-presidency. .He says he took a job outside Connecticut for two reasons, llrst his desire to help the war effort, and second, he says, "so that it could not even be implied that I wus taking fi position for favors done in the past." Stafford Springs Doctor Acquitted Of Theft Charge Stafford Springs. Sept. 22— (UP —Former- Medical Examiner C. P Bard has been acquitted In bor ou;,'h court on a" charge of omncv. •/.lenient by a public officer. The 72-year-old phj'siciun hac .boon charged with stealing $>1C from the body of a man who com milled suicide last May. Borough Judtfe Harold W, Bruct said that the state "did not pr.pvc or attempt to prove," that' the doctor had "converted this money to his own use or that of others." However, the juclKe found that Dr. Bai'd had been no^lijrenl in Kindling the money, and that the only remedy for such a situation was his removal from office., This s done some tinto aj,"o by the county coroner. SUDDENLY Xew York-, Sept. 22 —(UP) —The presiclei; 01" the Sinclair Refining company—Earli! \V. Sinclair—died suddenly lust, night, apparently ns :!io result of n tiourt ntt.-iok,' He was 70 years old. GOV. UKICKKK IN MAINE Bangor Maine, Sept. 22—(UP) — Governor John W. Briekcr of Ohio.—Republican vice-presidential candidate—opens a New England tour tonight. Briekcr wil speak at Bangor after a brief appearance in Boston. Then, he returns to Boston tomorrow Tor the keynote address at the Republican state convention. NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Now At The State Portugal has been an independent state since Ih-c 12th century. 'Rose Shop* Four great attractions arc featured in the' stage show opening today at the State theater, Hartford, lleadling thu show is J.'i!t«r l.orrc, in person, film star "of 1(10 screen hits including "Casablanca," "Tin; Mask nl IJiiuitrios" and his nij\vi.'st, "Arsenic ami Old I.ace.." Attraction No .2 Is .Stan Keiilon and his hand, ill- reel from Mob Hope's radio slioiv, featuring Gene Howard, romantic halladeur and John Carroll, trumpet star. Attratiou No. ,'i is radio's foremost character comedian, "Vnppalu" Cohen of "Abie's Irish JSuse" radio show. Also on the bil is' Anita O'Hay, "America's No. 1 swing stylist," and ot.hi.-rs. The screen attraction is "San Fernando Valley" with Koy lingers and Dale ICvans. 'Plane Spotters Are Planning For A Large Picnic Arrangements arc going forward rapidly for the outing and picnic of. the Airplane Spotters group to be held at the Raytkwfch farm on MMlville avenue, next Sunday. The committee ^consisting of J. C, Kaylkwich, Jr., Howard Egglcy, Daniel Oenicko, Lester Gunn, Mr. and Mrs, Robert Lyons Mrs. Henry JBagloy Tracy Noble, C. Arthur Pager, James Farrcn, Howard Thurston ami John«J. -Sheridan, has poetically completed all arrangements for the event. • Events will start at'l o'clock ixnd will continue until dark and there will be n full program of sports events .-in addition to a compre- •Jicnslvc picnic spread. '•' IC V is expected that between ]!30 and. 200 .persons will attend the event; .which', ••promises to be the largest'of its kind ever held by the local organization. . Hose .Shop's famous " prices" hi-lp iiiollii'i-s stn-tch their rhildriMi's clothing hudt,'- i-ts \vithout making any sacri- licc in QO.ALITV: Girls' and Teen-Agers' COATS i-itiu^ nrw colors and warm, sturdy fabrics, Tim- inii's, Chcsti-rfic'lds, >Jn.\y and .l-'iltcd models. .S u e d e s. fli'i-ccs. <:amcls and plaids. Siy.vs ~ to IU. $14^s World War II Veterans Fight On Home Front GIRLS' DOUBLE DUTY SETS l)o<iJ»lc duty cuat.s, warmly Interlined, with tnutcliifig ski pants or laggings. ect your.s nnw, while .-locks and Ki'/.es ru complete. SIZES 7 to 12 to GIRLS' LEGGING SETS Princess style, rayon lined and warm- J ly inti-rlilu.'d. Suc.'di'S, fliM'ecs, camels, » plaids and Tlmmics. l.esxinjjs havi- s •/.ipprr fasti.'uiii^s to fit snugly and * trimly. J I Sixes 2 to .'( to JUMPER & JERKIN SETS rl.-iids and solid colors. All chuico woolen fabrics. Jerkins have button-down vest effect. Sji/.cs :i to 1-1. 98 to $598 \ Children's SKIKTS J Finr wm>l, full and pleated » Is ami soloids. Chuhbics V-~,y> j Fine wool, run and pieaieu » ..';••„ \ { plnids and soloJds. Chubbies } / -?- v -V<?''A > iiicludi-d. Sizes 1 to Ox *2,W J ^"'"'^- \C\' » l " *- ! ' s - S' 7 - 1 ' 1 * 7 to 1(i *-'-«*» I /-•^^••'"•A^? 1 " * :! " w - s / \\ ^ { SIS5KS 1 TO fix J I $2.29 - $2.98 SIKKS * TO l(i $2.98 - $3.98 BOYS' KINGKHTII' COAT* Fine fleece. J'"ly front, <|illlted \\n\nx and slush pockets. .Si/.o.s (i tu 11!. $13.95 BOYS' ALL WOOL SNOW SUITS Ski pants have v.ipper closings, il> top and adjustable shoulder straps. Solids and plaids incln •nl. Knitted wristlets and anklets to keep out the snow and cold. Helmet to match. S to 8. $13.95 , ^ BOYS' LEATHER \ \ } J CAPESKIN JACKETS J * I-'lunuel lined with zipper » » front and sport back. Kxtra j s warm for extra cold days j t ahead. * i joo'/r AI;L WOOL SWEATERS j Slipons and cardigans. I.onjr i or short sleeves. Bright Fall ! colors. 3 to l(i. i Sixes .1 to \» S11.95 J $1.98 to $3.98 1 WOOL MACKIXAWS S(»llds ;i'i4l plaids. 'I <lerp, ro*uny pnckcts. Zipper Imoci (not .shown ) . S i'/.rs 8 to 18. $10.95 up BOYS' HAT. 'COAT and LEGGING SETS Fleeces, tweeds, camels and Navy Meltons. l>Kjflni;s have •/ipper clnsiiiKS. » to ». $15.95 up Beaver Falls, Pa. — fiJPl- EiK-hly-sis vuturar.s m" World War :U arc now ;it work in Llio Curtiss- \VriKhl propcllfr pliint al B'.-u-. J J ;i., in linu with I he now vcler.-ins' snr\-ico recently set up by Curiiss \Vrishl in Washington. Unable to rerve rmy lonRor in the armod forces, they an: puttin tht:ir olTfirts inlo lui-nin^ out ])i-o- pellyri] for bombers und lS/^htoi-3. - :'hir:y-iwo of the veterans arc former bladusmrn. and nli are mukinK the transition from mili- Un-y to civilian life easily, accord i.-i^r to thu supervisors at the pliint. v,-bo say the men show enthusiasm and are conscientious workers. Some wore injured on the batlli:- ilold, and others were disabled in accidents .it training cum p. One 1'nrmer fi^ht'U- with Lho Ma!-inc Third Division, who w:is awarded a prcsidonlial cit.-i.tion for br.-LVery Linder .'ii-c. is n-ju- ,-jn' Army Air Forces test co-ordin;:tOr at the Beaver plant. Anoliie: 1 veCC'rnn. Tiiomas Bruce, of Eeavcr Falls, only .slightly hnn- j dicnppcd I'jy an nrtillciyl leg, has I returr.eii to his pro-wit,] 1 job at a thre.Mu mill machine. His lei,' ^^•ns amput.'Ued as ,-i i-.-sull of an accident wiule in soi-vicc. UANKKIt Boston, Sept.. ^2—(U P)—Death has taken H Boston investment banknr and bi-jkor. l-(e was Alliort 12. Good of Cambridge, who died at a hospital last night. Gu'jd W;LS (10 years old. Sc^cntoon stales require there shall be at lc,-ist one representative in Ihu lower house for each county, and one Mt.'.Ue, Maryland, requires not less than !AVO. His Last Picture ROSE SHOP .87 South Main St. — HriR. Gen. Theodore Kooscvelt, •Jr., is shown outside his command post on the day he died while on active service. (Intpr- niilional) Storm May Be A Handicap Here It was feared today 'by street department officials that another heavy rainstorm such as visited Naugtituck last night may bci a great handicap in clearing the streets of debris from last week's hurricane. Branches from felled trees arc loft at the side of the streets to be falcon care of by street department pieltup trucks but l.-tst night's heavy rain also filled gutters with 1 leaves and small branches, that may clog storm sewers, causing much additional wnrk. A few more clear days it is felt will en.-i.ble street department workers to get borough streets back to normal, bui another rain sto;'rr. soon will not help even a little bit it was indicated. Says Jalopies Will Dominate Postwar Roads Detroit, Mich., (UP)—America after the war will bo 11 nation full of jalopies, according to Joseph W. McDougnJ, president of Mille MfR, Co., loolmukcrs.' Hardly •'< passenger cur and very few trucks will be less than three years old, Seventeen million of the twenty- six million motor vehicles on the road will he seven or more years old, he said. Auto repair facilities will expand vastly when (,'os, tiro, 'ind other war restrictions arc removed. "From the standpoint of opportunity and in view of the sm.'illness of required investment, the auto repair station likely will prove attractive to those returning soldiers and demobilized.munition workers who have skill aptitude as mechanics,' McDougal asserted. "A. man alone or with hii buddy, uld t r et off to 11 start in this lino of small, business with a .rented Jlace and a. sackful of tools." McDougal, after completing a iiirvey, said that auto repairs in he post war period, while new car manufacture is restoring the pre- 'ar level, will amount to a billion Glint's yearly. '• ROGERS-PEET CLOTHES WILL KEEP A MAN FROM BECOMING THE FOR. GOTTEN MAN AT ANY GATHERING/ They distinguish a man because they're worn by distinguished .*'• men—they're distinctive in style because they're hand styled in the New York manner by trained hand craftsmen who know style to their fingertips— there's a real thoroughbred air to these clothes that gives a cosmopolitan the feeling he has as good as the world has to offer —Rogers-Peet suits and topcoats .$55 to $95. GIVEN J'AY RAISE Boston, Sept. 22—(UP)—More than CO employes of the Brockton Gns LJg-ht company have won a 1-2 cent pay raise. The New ttn land War Labor Board, ii.ct.inj,' on ;.i 3 to •) split decision, awarded the pay increase to correct what \va-s termed "a gross intra-plant inequity." The rise is retroactive to March 1st. FOUND NOT GUILTY Five stales, Alabama. Florida. California, fov/.'L and Texas, limit their counties to a maximum of one stale senator each. Mercer. .P.i., Sept. 2—(UP) — Janice Graham, a :n-year-old Mercer county farm jrirl, was actjuit- ted today of charges that she slew two women and .'i rnan or the farm of her employer la-st October TLh. Records I Courteous Service r.oVJNK KLKCTRIC CO. f. Church Slrc<n **+**+*+*•+> Ten states in which legislatures met in regular sessions in 39-J3 al.vj had special lefrislaftivo terms during T9-1 '2. Cf all ffifls, he'll appreciate a watch (.he most.' ! .Send him o»e. of these! Mail it now: It's a worthy practical jjfit! ! UNIVERSAL CUTLERY Oil Cloth Knives 50c Pallet Knivi-s 8Dc Cooks Fork.- 12-in. ..$1.50 Kitchen Slicer. 12-in. fl.M SharjH^ninir .St«v-l . ...SI-50 1'arinc Knives fTnn>..35c Clam Knives :«»c Oyster Knives 35e Other Knives from lOc up TEMPLETON'S Tlv.M I-1. KT< IN *> ro U N Kit vt.vri-:niiruY in. VI, :uxn (X.i T..II charEp) Summer Dance Program! For Friday, Saturday and Sunday Kveninjpi .IOK ROCK and H1« ROCK and RYE BOYS In rolka.s und Modern Dam Music Sunday Dancing T> lo 3 P. Jt White Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREEJ Member of Connecticut Restaurant Association 17 Jewel GENEVA WATCH Waterproof $ Shockproof ^ N*>n ^lagnet-ic liny it. on easy Ta> . lnc ,,„,,,,, Terms 110 SOUTH MAIN STREET, WATERBURY c/ri/l Krsliler . Mack COLONIAL DESIGN 1^ Opposite Kingshury Hotel — Phone S-ir,12 — ST "A We Are Now Celebrating Our 7th Anniversary . . . .-.ind we're mijfhty proud of the fact th.'it our larRO clienticle conlinuCH to recommend us. to their many friends. Our specialty of solid maple furniture has pained a wide reputation for us. ^ We now have the largest and most complete line of solid maple furniture in the city. Here You Will Find Solid Maple • Twin Beds- • Dining Room • Dinettes • Bedroom • Kitchen Sets • Springs • Mattresses • Occasional Pieces . . . .-.ill typical of our so'.id maple furniture and of ' course, all moderately priced. Visit Watierbury's Only Exclusive Maple Shop Where You Will Find the Largest Selection of Maple Furniture in Town! 'Shop Thurs. Evening Until 9 O'clock! Convenient Payments \ Arranged \ BUYING A NEW HOME? Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed »^*^^^»**w»»< QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving All Over The World " — UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. Help! Help! Several men arc noodod to worl; 2o hours a »veK- handling coal and xv «od. »no to restricli,.iis of the War Manpower Commission Wc cannot, hire more full time help Ulan we now have. The demand for coal from now until next Mimic cannot be satisfied unless wo do have more workers. Therefore , ); ,ri (imo ,,,,,,, is ,„,, on|v w . . to Hccomplish the job that faces us. Please see Victor Anderson, Foreman in our coal yard. . ' The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Phone 5236 ..

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