Oroville Mercury Register from Oroville, California on October 23, 1940 · 1
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Oroville Mercury Register from Oroville, California · 1

Oroville, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1940
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Homecraft Institute Opens To Record Crowd At Monday Club 3-Day Progra Jane Barton Brings Home Making Ideas VALLEY FORECAST Unsettled tonight with light rain north portion Thursday partly cloudy moderate temperature southerly wind (Additional Weathsr and River Data found on outlined Pago) VOLUME 47 No 251 Oroville California Wednesday Evening October 23 1940 Established 1873 Large Crowd Present Many Gifts Ways to Stretch Dollar BULLETIN With the Monday Club haU packed with women the Mercury Homecraft Institute this afternoon experienced the biggest opening day attendance in its history Extra chairs had to be brought in to care for the crowd By VERA DAVIS Promptly at the 1:30 opening of the Monday Club doors today community homemakers were lined up for seats at the first day’s conference of the Homecraft Institute sponsored by the Mercury-Register and Pacific Rural Press Again this year Jane Barton brings the institute and streamlines the programs in tune with the times She calls her 3-day conferences today Thursday and Friday All-American Homemaking Harmonies The fast-moving series of afternoon talks sets the tempo for Rhythm in the Laundry Color in Decorating and Stretching Your Pood Dollars Today found most of the “steadies” and scores of new faces In the audience This afternoon Mrs Barton carried out the program by “tuning up the household” with “first aid to the cooking” in which she prepared a meal in one kettle This was braised beef and a vegetable medley with walnut tomato salad and a fruit fudge pudding A dessert prepared this afternoon was something different which she calls Fruit Tart Serenade It was an orange and fruit mixture in a baked shell NEW DISCOVERY A brand new method of jelly-making experiments for which have been going on in Mrs Barton’s own institute at Pacific Rural Press Homecraft headquarters was demonstrated today This is a method of filtering and highly successful and practicable A vegetable color schema for the kitchen and which has received acclaim at all the Institutes was demonstrated today with Mrs Barton’s smart color combinations for all rooms in the house ‘ For diversion the game this afternoon was Scrambled Recipes Games will be amusement for a brief time each afternoon Although many women have al- (Continued on Page 3 CoL 2) Check Writer To Face Trial CHICO — (VNA) — Frank Eugene Dill 23 charged on four counts of forgery was bound over to the superior court at a preliminary hearing before Justice of the Peace James William Morgan this mom-ing Dill is accused of passing four fictitious checks each to the amount of $1750 on four Chico merchants last Wednesday using a falsified draft registration card to do this He had signed the name of Dr J H White to the cheeks His bail is set at $2000 cash or $4000 property bond Assistant District Attorney Andrews prosecuted Dill has admitted passing two bad checks in Woodland- U S Protests To Bombing WASHINGTON— (UR)— The United States today formally protested to Italy over the bombing of American-owned oil properties in the neutral state of Saudi Arabia by Italian warplanes President Roosevelt Will Speak TONIGHT AT 6:15 PM over All CBS And NBC Stations Butte County Democratic Central Committee Vote For New Deal Is Vote For Libertyj Willkie Invades Flynn’s Bailiwick For Speeches Tonight To Confer With At Smith By LYLE C WILSON ABOARD ROOSEVELT TRAIN AT WILMINGTON DEL— (UR) — President Roosevelt opening his home stretch drive for a third term said today that a vote for the New Deal will be a vote for “liberty” Mr Roosevelt spoke from the rear platform of his special train while enroute to Philadelphia where he will deliver a major political address tonight He recalled that his victory in Delaware In 1936 caused surprise and expressed confidence that the state will remain in the Democratic column this year In Philadelphia the President will inspect defense projects at Frankfort Pa and Philadelphia itself prior to his political address at 6:16 p m PST FARLEY STATEMENT The address tonight to be broadcast by the major radio networks will be the first of five major political speeches he will make before election He began his campaign with the support of former Postmaster General James A Farley the man who managed the 1932 and 1936 New Deal campaigns In a statement issued in New York Farley did not mention Mr Roosevelt or his running mate Henry A Wallace but appealed to democrats to follow his lead and vote a straight ticket on Nov 5 FARLEY LUKEWARM ’ His statement was in keeping witlf his statements following the democratic national convention that he would support the Roosevelt-Wal-lace ticket although opposed to a third term Efforts of some New Deal democrats to get Farley to take a more active part in the campaign hayemade little headway Most polls and reports from the political battlegrounds Indicate that OOP candidate Wendell L Willkie has increased his strength but New Deal confidence does not appear to diminish WILLKIE REPORTS Willkie enthusiam developing in this final fortnight is based on reports that his campaign is winning recognition in such states as New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Ohio Indiana Illinois and even Michigan Shoppers Pack Bombed Store As 200 Trapped By WALLACE CARROLL LONDON— (UR) — Women shoppers crowded a London department store today elbowing to buy perfume and cosmetics hit by a new sales tax while firemen and air raid rescue squads dug through tons of debris to save 200 people trapped In the store’s basement raid shelter Two hundred men qnd women employes of the Store were in the store’s eight-section basement raid shelter during the night when two high explosive bombs wrecked a part of the building collapsing a part of the ground floor onto the shelter An oil container bomb set fire to the debris Firemen worked for hours to get the fire under control while rescue squads dug through the smouldering ruins to reach the shelter Oroville Swells Iron Lung Fund Oroville contributions have swelled the Chico Lions Club’s fund to purchase an iron lung for use in Butte county to $350686 Dr C C DeMarais general chairman of the campaign announced in Chico today Latest Oroville district contributions were announced as follows: Oroville Junior Chamber of Commerce $50 Lone Tree schorl $131 — — Bidwell Bar school $294 Oroville schools $6686 Richvale home department $5 Dr DeMarais today denied rumors that there would be a charge for use of the lung It will be available free of charge to any resident of Butte county he declared Plans for purchase of the lung will be discussed at the Lions club meeting In Chico at noon tomorrow —DECLARES ROOSEVELT ABOARD WILLKIE TRAIN ENROUTE TO NEW YORK— (UR)— Wendell L Willkle headed east today for a “one night stand” in New York City He scheduled a dinner conference with Alfred E Smith the 1928 Democratic presidential nominee whom Franklin D Roosevelt twice placed in nomination as “the happy warrior” Hammering away at the war issue and at alleged failure of the new deal to keep promises to the electorate Willkle told a capacity crowd of 28000 in the Chicago stadium last night thst If President Roosevelt’s “promise to keep our boys out of foreign wars is no better than his promise to balance the budget our boys already are almost on transports” When Willkle invades the territory of the Democratic organization of Democratic National Chairman Edward J Flynn to speak at the Bronx Coliseum at 6 p m Pacific Coast time under the auspices of the Willkle clubs and Democrats-for Willkie He has another talk at 9 p m (6 p m PST) at the Manhattan center and a nationally broadcast speech from 10:30 p m to 11 p m (6:30 p m PST) before the New York Herald-Tribune forum at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel The forum speech will denounce concentration of power in the new deal BLOOMINGTON IU— (UR)— Sen Charles L’ ?“y' tf’t the Roosevelt administration has “stabilized poverty In city and coun- olives to be processed 'try alike’’ today accused the New Deal of using "Tammany machine methods” to woo the farm vote The Republican vice presidential nominee said a third term for President Roosevelt “may sweep us into the totalitarian current”1 Wisconsin Democrats Would Bolt SPRINGFIELD 111— (UR)— Henry A Wallace charged today that the “Republican tariff” impoverished the American farmer and called for affirmation of New Deal farm policies “to strengthen our country against world economic upheaval” MADISON Wis— (UR)— Wisconsin democrats chagrined by Henry A Wallace's inferential endorsement of U S Sen Robert M La Foliette (Prog Wis) for re-election threatened today to break with the national administration in November Wallace democrat candidate for vice president gave La Foliette the endorsement in a speech before Young Democrats last night after consultation with the White House Four democratic candidates for state offices walked out of the hall before Wallace's speech when he confirmed to them reports that he would endorse La Foliette Francis McOovem candidate for governor said he would consider withdrawing from the gubernatorial race leaving the field to Gov Julius P Hell who is seeking re-election and the progressive candidate Hell received more votes in the September primary election than the democratic and progressive candidates combined The endorsement was regarded a? an alliance between the national democratic organization and the progressive party headed by former Gov Philip F La Foliette and his brother the senator Sen La Fol-lette previously had announced that he would support President Roosevelt for re-election despite their differences on foreign policy La Foliette has been a staunch isolationist Wallace addressed a crowd of 4000 farmers and young democrats concluding a two day automobile tour of Iowa and Wisconsin VOICES FOR WILLKIE Joseph W Martin Jr 6:00 to 6:30 p m — KFRC Alfred E: Smith 7:00 to 7:30 p m— KFRC WENDELL WILLKIE i 7:30 to 8:00 p m KSFO and KGO Robert A Taft 8:30 to 9:00 p m— KSFO Charles L McNary 10:30 to 11:00 p m— KSFO OROVILLE WILLKIE VOLUNTEERS Th‘ Armys Members of the 22d Reconnaissance Squadron of Troop A man the machine guns on a fully equipped scout car for the United States Army just off the Larger Olive Tonnage To Be Pressed Here Oroville payrolls will be stimulated this year by the processing of about 20000 gallons of olive oil from 500 tons of olives which in the past several years have been shipped to outside plants The announcement was made by Harry E Drobish of Bangor president of the Oroville Olive Growers Assn members of which control the Drobish did not nalne the local processor but sold arrangements had been made this year to have the work done in Oroville on a fee basis The deal he said will represent over $7500 in pressing costs alone Packing and storage will add to this total Drobish said and he added that the association will also have between 100 and 200 tons of olives pickled locally CHAMBER DISCUSSIONS The subject of processing more olives locally was discussed several weeks ago at a series of Chamber of Commerce luncheons At that time Drobish and other independent growers admitted that a large tonnage of olives were trucked from tills district to San Joaquin and Sacramento valley plants where the fruit was pickled or pressed He said at that time that a deal was underway to have the work done in the Oroville district and in this project the chamber of commerce gave encouragement Drobish said that under the deal now arranged the association will pay a local concern for pressing and pickling but it will handle sale of the oil and olives itself OIL MARKET BETTER The association whose thirty members control between 300 and 400 acres of olives feels that it has a "favorable contract and that rising oil prices give us the opportunity of taking advantage of a good market” Drobish said “I believe that the olive oil market looks better now than it has in twenty years” said Drobish Pickling olives are being picked now and processing will start immediately according to Drobish Pressing will start about Dec 15 Drobish said The association also opened its doors to new members yesterday Members are being signed up by Drobish and Ralph Gray of Ther-malito Gray is secretary BENEFIT TO OROVILLE Drobish revealed that outside processors offered to purchase the oil olives from the local association The bright market outlook influenced the organization into deciding to have its olives pressed and pickled for a fee and handle the sales through the association he said Statistics show Drobish said that the olive industry in California this year is the most promising of any fruit industry Colored Orchestra at Antlers 10-23-40 Spout Car assembly line in over SO miles an can climb steep Free Press Free People LOS ANOELES — (UR) — Men cannot be regimented “unless the press is muzzled” in the opinion of Dr Bruce Baxter Portland Ore Methodist bishop who described the press as the “trustee of freedom” Baxter discussed the "power of printing" at a celebration of the 500th anniversary of Johann Gutenberg’s invention of movable type “By the press men have been freed from ignorance and superstition" said Baxter “In a day whn we are attempting to sort out the difference betwen Information and propaganda we express our indebtedness to an untramnieled press” Rain Needed Will Benefit -Citrus Olives Rain will prove beneficial to the Oroville orange and olive crops now maturing James Fitzgerald county agricultural Inspector said today “The olives have not been maturing satisfactorily owing to the dry weather and warm temperature” he said Picking of Missions has started in a few places with the harvest expected to get into full swing by the first of the month Rain will lncrease the size of the fruit and develop the color and will help color oranges and size them Fitzgerald said Picking is to begin about Nov 10 with a crop of 50 carloads $25125 Damage Action On File A complaint alleging malpractice and asking $2512485 damages was filed against Dr C Mgredlth Guernsey of Chico in superior court tills afternoon by Adella Myers and her husband William Myers The couple charge that the doctor failed to diagnoze her illness as resulting from an abnormal condition of pregnancy She said she underwent two surgical operations before her condition Was correctly determined Ernest Clewe and William Morgan are attorneys Raps Employers Who Fire Men SACRAMENTO — (Ufi)— Reports that some employers were discharging workers coming within draft eligibility to avoid the obligation of re-hiring them at the end of one year military training drew the stigma of slicker today from Gov Culbert Olson “I feel that any such employer is pretty much of a slacker in starting out at the beginning of the draft program to Indicate he is not willing to do his part in national defense” Olson said Throws Eggs At CHICAGO— (UR)— Charles Mul- en- glneer pleaded guilty in municipal court here today to throwing eggs at Wendell Willkie and Mrs Willkie last night prior to WUlkle’s departure for New York “I am sorry to the bottom of my heart” he said “I had a few beers at a tavern across the street and some fellows got to talking about egg throwing I don’t know why I did It” Flghtlng Trlm Cleveland Ohio The ears can do hour over fields and highways and grades Board Takes Over Control Of Industry WASHINGTON— (UR)—' The most powerful body for government control of industry in peacetime history wafset up today to clear potential industrial obstacles from the path of defense production Acting under an act of Congress passed June 28 President Roosevelt late yesterday established by executive order a priorities board with authority to command' industry to produce and deliver defense materials ahead of goods previously ordered for private account or for rtf-port A few hours later the government acting under a more recent presidential authorization commandeered for the army air corps 110 warplanes built for Sweden but never exported The action formally protested by the Swedish government was taken on the grounds that the planes were "urgently needed" for advanced training purposes Although the priorities board Is endowed with broad power to enforce complete right of way for defense orders priorities administrator Donald M NelsoiC who ts also co-ordinator of defense purchases indicated that it would use the "velvet glove” rather than the “iron fist" to achieve its objectives FARM3NODALE N Y— (UR)— The ill) combination dive bombing-fighting planes built by the Republic Aircraft Corporation here for Sweden and commandeered by the United States government were being loaded today onto railway flat cars reportedly destined for the Philippine islands Soldiers guarded the crated planes Republic officials refused comment Natural Gas Rates Lower Oroville Marysville and Chico district savings on lower natural gas rates which are now effective will amount to $27150 annually The reduction in P O & E rate was ordered by the California Railroad commission following an extensive hearing POE officials estlmated the savings by other districts would be: Sacramento - Stockton $294400 North Bay-Solano-Yolo $214950 Hie reductions will total $3000-000 annually in upper California Electricity rates were reduced earlier in the month Rain Falling At Brush Creek Rain was failing at Brush Creek this afternoon It was learned at the ranger station there but no reports on snowfall in the higher mountains had been received Willkie ‘Sorry’ Arraignment on charges of disorderly conduct and assault with a deadly weapon was continued unt Oct 25 The Republican presidential nominee was bruised on the temple by a missile thrown from the crowd An egg sthick Mrs Willkle in the back and soiled her dress Willkie was unruffled and said he was "disturbed only that Mrs Willkie was hit” Hitler Aims At Climax In Movements Secret But Dealing With France Spain Britain Sees Attack From All Quarters WASHINGTON — (UR— Secretary Frank Knox said today the navy was prepared to defend any territory under the American flag and expresard belief that the United States had a “moral obligation” to help South America re-arm VICHY FRANCE — UR— Adolf Hitler was understood tonight to have proposed a conference with Premier Marshal Petain to discuss problems of permanent peace between France and Germany By UNITED PRESS Adolf Hitler appeared today to be mysteriously planning an early climax in Europe’s war The Nazi fuehrer was reported conferring probably near the French-Spanish frontier with Spanish General Francisco' Franco presumably on plans for intensifying Spain's collaboration with the long-threatened Axis offensive against Great Britain PlerroLavol French vice premier who talked to Hitler near Parts rushed to Vichy for a talk with French Premier Marshal Henri Petain and then— apparently after a decision had been reached— hurried back to Paris for further consultation with the Nazis INVASION RUMOR Although the French and Spanish developments appeared to point toward the Mediterranean the Nazi promises of an offensive on all fronts were recalled by a British air ministry statement giving details of tlie massing of German vessels— with bows specially altered to facilitate landing of tanks and guns— for an invasion of Britain The air ministry supplementing an earlier report that Royal Air Force bombing raids had affected 90 per cent of Nazi war production capacity sold that hundreds of self-propelling barges had been concentrated along the European coast in line with Nazi invasion plans DENIAL FROM VICHY Despite the mystery surrounding the reported conferences the French Vichy government vigorously denied that the Nazis could bring both Fiance and Spain into an offensive against the British fleet in lire Mediterranean The government emphasized that it did not intend to re-enter the war Britons also were concerned about developments in the far east (See Page 6) where political speakers urged the Japanese to move against the Dutch East Indies before Britain or the United States could intervene in order to assure oil supplies necessary for the war against China — — CLOAKED IN MYSTERY The Axis powers persistently and mysteriously hinted at imminent developments of utmost importance Nazi attention was centered on Spain where It was Indicated that an Important meeting was planned THE FRENCH FLEET French officials at Vichy continued to deny vigorously that France had any intention of entering the war against Britain or against any nation except to resist any attack on the French empire and Berlin was silent on reports that Hitler was seeking to bring the French fleet— or what is left of It — into a naval offensive against Britain WP Train Hits Pullman SACRAMENTO —(UR)— A westbound Western Pacific passenger train early today collided with the rear pullman steps of an eastbound passenger train at Del Paso near here slightly injuring a woman Mrs Bennie Timmons of Crescent Mills only passenger on the pull-man suffered a contusion over the left eye The westbound train struck the rear steps of the last car of the pull-man which was sidetracking Demonstrates This Maxim N ORTH SACRAMENTO — The quick thinking of ed him out of a tough spot when his high school English teacher ordered him to make a minute and a half speech "Silence is golden” he said and then stood before the class for the remaining 90 seconds without another word Colored Orchestra at Antlers 10-23-4o War Cohen Refunds Cash To Quit Mystic life Announcing his Intention of giving up his "work as a spiritualist” and turning detective Harry Y Cohen self advertised clairvoyant and mystic whose “buried treasure” readings ran him afoul the law was released from the county Jail today He said he was returning to his home In Denver “I'm going to give up this business" he told a Mercury reporter "There's no money in It And besides It gets boring having to listen to the troubles of the whole human family” PAYS UP FREED The plump little man who collected money for readings under the name of the Rev George Baker was released after he had paid Harry 8 Hills justice of the peace $130 taken from Mr and Mrs J T Taylor of Willows who were much interested in his story of burled wealth and $8 taken from O j Kober of Oroville He also paid the expense incurred by the eounty in returning him from Livermore where 'he was arrested on the Oro-vllle complaint Cohen spent 23 days in Jail here VEXED WITH FROM He was sentenced on Oct 16 to serve six months but Hills told him that all but 30 days would be suspended provided the money taken from the Taylors and Kober were repaid The court indicated later that Cohen would be released earlier than the 30 days provided lie repaid the money In high spirits Cohen expressed his pleasure today at the treatment he had received from the court and Jail attaches He had a good word for almost everyone except Aage V From bay district pastry cook and owner of a gold finding machine whose charge that Cohen had taken $76 from him on the pretext of showing him where to use the apparatus was not sustained at Cohen's trial H J Suender Dies In Bakersfield Harry J Suender about 28 son of Mr and Mrs Harry C Suender of 1356 Linden avenue died suddenly at 2 a m today in Bakersfield where he was visiting an aunt George Dyer a neighbor learned by telephone His father had gone to Bakeis-fleld two days ago-to bring the young man home but the younger Suender’s condition had grown steadily worse Mrs Suender is in Oroville The body will arrive in Gridley by train tomorrow Dyer said and will be brought here by Hamilton and Riley SIMMONS Famous “20 v MATTRESS With 20 Outstanding Advantages:— 1 — Made by the Makers of Beautyrest 2 — Reinforced Border -r X 3 — Tempered Inner-Springs 4 — Insulated with Protective Sisal Pads 5 — Ventilators J Ration and 15 other exclusive Slmmo features that make this t “Mattress Value" of the yea $1975 Box Springs to Match $197 HILL’S

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