The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MAHCH 10, 194* BLYTHEVTLL1C <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 3UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople TIME 1O HOLLOW A HUMP OR HUMP A HOLLOW.' THE PART MDU MOVE MELL. {A.3OR, IT AIN'T A IT, IT'S A COWOLSIOM -«-. IT OMLV MVTSTH& UI&HSPOT6 ~ FeeiA LIKE TW& 0OX WE UPRIGHT PlAMO CAHA& li\J/ EGAD,6li&Te« t "WArtK VOU FOR YiAJR "BrXNK. 1 *lP CAUSTIC,(?£MARK&/— tHE GARMENT Will. HAVfcTO8& OiRXteD IM AUVM S/AROOS SIZES,to BE SURE.'— BV TUG WAV, SHALL \yt DROP SOME FLUID OlsJ t '.uu,...1 IT AsiD SEE MOvrt IT -^ ''^' REPELS ?f Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election Anril 5. 1949 For .Milyor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R JACKSON I'"or Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C CATES J. W. ADAMS ;^A By Bob Wade and Bill Miller QUEEN ^i^Es ^^•^© *f ft** W«4« D'vd 1.41 M,U»,_ c^ioborW fcr Mt > if "vet. IMC InvolveJ In Third Ward JENNINGS BAILKY LOUIS Q. NASH Fourth n'i.rd (Two to Ije Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE At DRE1FUS 7i ^ I-|OU. VI bo «< nbnuf I* dr U lirn the Conu ln^rthrr n^itln ho IH *n»? r vlniitK yc nnr-|»ii]d rtc»l l« no humr. Joh r key r »<i-re (n nm •rnrrheri NI m-h. Thru they V <• r n n n h it n [ I n B find *'njr .Inrdnn't r» In tk«r IcnKlun in the world n&M XX 111 r l"*UE coupe swervcci lo the right, mil iiruund Ihe parked cprs and hurtled without a pause onlo Co- achclln Street. At the corner. John Henry spun the ear led and gunned off down Dale toward Highway 99 and escape from A?.ure. Sin squirmed around for a last took at the hotel. "Johnny!" she squealed. "Hurt yourself?" "They're following usE" The Mercury raced recklessly onto Highway 99. John Henry flicked his eyes at the rearview mirror and swore definitively, f big black Buick sedan danced tne polished surface. It lookec like Vernon behind the wheel. Sin studied her husband's t r o w n "What can we do, honey?" "Let me think a-minute, M John Henry begged. He kept the accelerator flat against the floor mat. The shivering needle of the speedometer rocked past the black 60, heading for 70 with no hesitation. John Henry's cheerless face went suddenly incandescent. "The ranch!" he shouted. "There's a crowd al the ranch. They can't do anything lo us in a crowd." "But, Johnny t that's where—" "Faye's back at the hotel — we've r PHE Buick seemed to be lagging behind. John Henry, keeping anxious watch in th* rearview mirror, lost sight of th« big black car for moments at a time ns they raced up and down the rolling hillocks. The highway now curved slightly to the south. They were nearly to the dirt rond which led to the Bar C Ranch. John Henry strained his eyes for the Juncture of the two roads. At, last, he sighted it, rushing at' then; at seventy miles an hour. Vernon and the Buick werr hidden behind a rise ol ground. He ammcd on the brakes, easy al ist, then harder. Tires screamed T protest as the convertible becked its headlong rush and lowed down to fifty. while," he said. "By the time he linds out we're not in front of him \vo'll bo in snfe company." A few minutes later the H;u- C Kaiu-h sprawlud before Lhe windshield. • • • r PHEY whisked under the IOR " arch, up the driveway past the tamarisks and oleanders and came to a stop in the parking area. The drove of n tit ended automobiles had vanished from HIP rocky pns- lure. "H'm," mused John Henry, "1 hope the place isn't closed." They didn't knock. John Henry had no admittance en id nnd he didn't want to .summon Sidney. The door opened easily, sliding silently into the dim foyer of the ranch house. The Cono^vcrs stepped in tentatively. "1 don't hear anything. Yon don't hear anything, do you?* 1 Sin pressed the point nervously. "It's in a back wing. That's where everybody is." They crept cautiously down the long gloomy corridor and John ilcnry pulled aside Ihc drape, Then he fell happier. Tin nujih the heavy arched door to the gambling salon he FRFvCKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER How lo Ettcape "Now let's have your nine bright ideas about how this should be fixact .before 1 start it. not after the project is completed!" MUSCll.LA'S 1 J OP ClUl'l III* TlIU ('uri'dll By AL VEUMEER.j, d. Tax John Henry braked, gassed and wung the whe«l simultnneously i*he Mercury bounced off Highway 99 onto the dirt rood. It skidded in the soil sand, swayed sickeningly (or a moment, then righted itself proudly to shoot oft at right angles to the highway. Fifty yards off the pavement, Conover brought the coupe to a complete stop behind th« screen of trees. Sin peeked out from behind her arms. "Johnny! What are you stopping (or? They'll—" John Henry waved her silent. He was half-turned in the seat, watching what he could see of the main road through the back window. There was a furious rush ot .sound and the Uuick sedan tore by them, its driver's eyes fixed unswervingly on the highway ahead. Vernon was alone in the car. Only when the black car had topped another hump in the ground and disappeared did John Henry blow out his breath. He grinned al his wite and let out the clutch again. The Mercury could hear the familiar raucous song of the juke box and Hie clnng of the slot machine just inside. "We made it all right, honey I" he cried joyously, seizing his wile by one hand, lie threw open the big door and plunged into the ns i no. They stopped short on the Ihre.-.huld. The Juke box was li up crimsonly and blared noise o merrymftking but the greal squ room was empty of gamblers. Only two men reruninecl of Ih crowd that John Henry had ex pectcd to mingle with. "Well, look who came," sau Barselou from where he stood be (ore the one-armed bandit. He ha pulled down the lever and th machine made buzzing sounds, stopped whining with a click an Ihen a flood of quarters began t pour from the melal mouth. "Jack pol." commented the < man a n c3 got up from li i s i m promplu seal on a covered far table. It was I lie plump waite from the Ship of the Desert, bi dressed now in a brown suit. got her car. And Lieutenant Lay's lurched forward over the uneven one fat hand he held a revolver. nt the ranch, isn't he? It's the I road. "I think we shook him for a (To Be Continued) (Open An Account HEIFliS MRR| [IrEifus . . . Wear Diamunrfs :tiii\\i:M \i\i\ M The metal nickel has chemical uroperties like those ol structural .steel, but it i.s so ductile Hint It can bo worked into intricate shapes. I19MJ II KUPKIt. 4% HOME LOANS Klbcrl S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society I'hone 622S ErcnlnRS SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Rellcr Signs • Betler Service 80S North Pranklin ['hone 3203 THE GRAVES COMPANY njEALTOD v S Real Estate - MortaacjeLoam- Insurance -,^ r ^, 4 BLYTHE\1I IF THIS 15 M#/ AMD THEM 5URC A V vou PUT IT •jUPPF.RV \BACK1N YOUR SUCKHR/ \ MOUTH ?# IT POPPED OUT- OF MY HAND roURy TIMES/ VIC FLINT Tied Up in Style By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE / HONfcY, THAT MtAHSVOO'RE GAGGED MITVI TME lATEST WOfiO IN BATHING. MJIT5 AND BCHJND WITH A COUPIE Of PACI5 CKAPEAU5 / THAT'5 ' 1CALLCUU5.' TO lit HSR UP WITH, HASH. / / and Feathers was forced into action. SOME SCABVES. THEY'RE 1A8EUSD COSTUME DE BAIN LA FUUB* TURBAN IA F1EUR WASHTUUBS . They (Jft Hie Word By LESLIE TURNER'";;: l.o'- S COTTON FARMERS Chemically ilclinleil collon seed gcnmnjilc quicker, plain ind plow the same week. Reduce chopping expenx »nd produce more cotlon per acre. STATE CEUTiriEI) VARIETIES AVA1I.AH1.K , I). A P. L. No. 14, per au Lb. Baj $10.00 I), i 1'. L. No. IS. Per SO Lb. Has 10.0U Stoucville 2 H. Ter SO Lb. Bag 10.00 Slonevllle 'i C, Per 50 Lb. Bar 10 - 0(l i Kowdcn 11-B. l>er 50 Lb. Bae 10 - ou ! Hall A Half HUbrcMl. I'er 3D l.h. H*i 10-00 : (taker's 100 Will Resistant. Per 50 I.b. Kan 10.00 Paula. Per SO Lb. Raj t"." 0 Empire. Per SO l.h >Ba S 10-00 Come in ami plare vour nrtlrr or rrt vmir «;nnpl.T today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 8.16 Blvllierillc. Ark. Phone 857 lira in lies: I.carliville. Ark.. IliirniTsvlllc. .Mo. and Senalh. Mo. /' i KNOW It W1LU ML WORK/WU KIN 1ELL OH. EASV! VOUR CWE BKOU6HT BESUUT6_. CMWVS FMHER. WKEO TH&.T HE'D TftKE HEE HOW! OUT SPLINPIPLV, (\NI>1 P « HERTHFGOOD . _ E>.SVl ML 116 WEEDED WAS I GKtM! Htott... VOU TO CONUIMCE tlllAHOW \ SOUWDS A BIT VITftL THIS 16 1OCAIHV 1 \ FllPPAUT, ItlO! PEHNV EECEWE5 THE CARIE. SEWf FOR Glfi WILTV IMPULSIVE CRONIES. BUfiS IUJNNY A IV.iclical I'liimliur Hy FUED HARMAN j i Phone 3075! "I'm prepaid!^ My pop got o loan from GENFRAC CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION and paid ior me before we left!" TUDEBAKER. Here's Your Truck! DIDN'T \/ THERE'S CNOW YOU U PUHLENTy ERE *s /YA. DON PLDMSER.) KNOW A.BOUT BUGS/ / WE , PETUNLX .' HERE'S THE X MWW.' THAT LEWC.' I OUGMTA BE SIMPLE /i A THEfCe'S JUST^x ONE THING / ' GOTT* FIND jV THA.T? OUT FIRST .'y ^— ^ TH' PLACE IN THE BOOK WHERE IT TELLS HOSV, Al.l.KY OOP Ikliind the Sccuc.s SAVE >£U ^IkH V / MIND~IM ( siE' V-iiZ.y P-AH, By V. T. HAMLIN IDONT KNOW. 'PP-* HOW \ FXTHEE.- \VE'LL ' DID V«J \JD5T K\VETO' MAKE CUT. [ BE PATIBNT.' PAUfiHTEe . e H?^C^\ ^-Sf '*^t- L-v 1 - 1 7 There's a new kind of Operating Kconomy in every m size and wheclbase of the New l!)in Slti<lcliaker w Trucks. Come by today nnd look over our complete ^ line of '49ers. m Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studetakcr Dealer" Railroad & Ash I'hone 2195 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES PRX.TW Hcdccoral ions By EDGAR MARTIN ", 'STUDEBAKER 1

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