Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 22, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1944 NAU&ATUCK DAILY NEWS Haven Jail Investigation Has Been Completed X,-w ICavon. Sept. 22— (UP)— , Stan 1 Ki'fi'ivi- Carl Foster has com- r l,.;i-i Ins investigation into con,:is at N'' s w Haven county. Jail, W !n'tv -> Vt ' prisuiiern escaped last Jll!U .. Hiirh Sheriff J. Edward ;]:iviii. «Mo runs tin- jail, was the jyt of almut oO witnesses to te»i:y ilvi:'iiin ""> Nuct'et Inquiry. iiier svitmvws included guard's, luv, funiK-r jail o'.'t'iclals und a ninl"'!' ot'iiri.'ionorji and former in- iti'*. (!»,• o:' tin- escaped prisoners, on aCter his capture, llifil prisoners were ublu to obtui unit"'' '- U - Lll - C 3ail ' brau «' ilt '" b >' 'n <-'s) aaaiynea to outside \vorlc Purchasing Agents To Meet Monday The Countr PiircliasinK Agents Associa- ,, >C ° Ucul wil1 ' holcl Un- mectinK fit the Watcrburj ry club. Waterbury, Conn. on iucsidny, Sept. 2G, IO'M The cltib has offered K o\( privil- W«s lor all p. A.'s wl-.o are K olf enthusiasts for the afternoon, pt-eced- K the evening meeting Dinner will be served at 0:30 p m. Ihe speaker or the evening will Professor Hubert Greaves and is subject will bo "Public Spe ;l l<s and the Business Man " ' Lovely Youthful Hats — that lend CHARM AND DIGNITY $ 3.98 i Others SI.98 to SG.98 • SAILORS • PROFILES « BERETS • BRETONS • FORWARD BRIMS • WATTEAU BACKS Headsiaes 22 to 24 • BLACK • BROWN • NAVY • PURPLE • FUCHSIA • GREY, ETC. Handbags 31.98 to $4.98 Conn. 49 CENTER ST. Congressmen Going Home For Campaigns '(By United Fresn) Congressmen arc heading homo for reelection -campaigns after an" elj,'ht-weQk session on Cupitul|Hill. But before adjournment yesterday, both Houses formally approved a resolution commiuiny 'the United Slates to support a policy of equal access tu news throughout thu world. The rcsohil.ion also c.alls for non-discriminatory rates and ui'g'cs for the transmission of news and for equality in distribution. ding international matlevs — President Roosevelt is reported to have received a recominandu- lion from his advisers on France that General Charles De Gaulle's French committee be speedily ,"uc- as the provisional jjovern- nient of France. The recommendation also is said to propose that France bo given an equal voice in Allied councils ,on all questions concerning the occupation and future of Germany. A step in that tiruction was taken yesterday when the President appointed Jet'- Cuffory to be the repre.scn- ativu of the United Slates 10 the De Ganulle group in Paris, Caf- 'ery will have the parsuanl ran); of ambassador, Meanwhile, the issue of freedom 'or India is back in the Woshing- on news. Chairman Syud Hossain >f the National Committee for Inlia's Freedom declares that EriL- in cannot, as he says, indefinite-, y retain a stranglehold in India. n an open letter to Prime Minis- er Churchill, .Hossuin charges i.hat (either the Indian people nor the utside world is prepared to tol- rate India as a privulu preserve t' the British empire. On the home front. — the War 'ood Administration' has ari- ounced that the government .set- side On butter will be suspended torn the end of Sup! ember until' e.\t spring. 'But although the on-. 1 tire butter output will bo avail- 1 able for civilians during the winter months, the W-F'-A points out thu.l the luiuer production has declined and supplies are expected to continue tight. On The Air Today :• '' • . .'•••••. i , * 4;;»() p. in, WAEC—Navy Pi-jgrum WATK—Ulliul and Albert WT1C-WEAF—•Backs tatfc" Wife WOK—News . . "VvJZ—Blue Correspondents 4:13 |i. ill, WABC—Malincc; New? WATK—Time Out for Music WOR—Sunny Skylar WJZ—Don Norman Show WKAF-WTIC—Stclltt Dallas 4:,'SO |). in. WATR-WJ2—NCWH VVEAP-WTIC—Lorenzo Jones WOR—Food-Home Forum WABC—OCf the Record •!:•)"» (>. nt, \VATR-VV,1Z—Hop WEAF-WTIC—Widder Brown Great stars in great radio plays ny great writers Is the keynote o» the gala fall season on "Cavalcade of America" over NBC Mondays nt 8 p. m,. e, w, t., with Walter Huston as host. "Cavalcade" will present Bob Hope. Prances Laneford (shown hero, nncl Hope's entire overseas troupe, on the Or.i.. 16 broadcast. ;8:SO p. m. . i .WEAF-WTIC—Duffy's Tavern WUJX—rFreedom of Opportunity WATR-WJJZ—Meet Your Navy WABC—The Thin Man . . »:«() p. in. WABC—It Pays to be Ifrnorant WEAF-WTIC—Fi-urtk Munn Show VVA'i'H-WJZ—Gang Busters VvUK—Gabriel iHeattcr '• j>:15 p. in. ' WOR—Screen Test ., '«:SO p. m. WKAF-WTIC—Puople are Funny WA.BC—That .Brewstci- Boy : WATtt-WJZ—Spollight Band W.OR—Double or Nothing 10 :W) p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Boston Blaclde . WOR—Boxing Eouts WABC—Moore-Durante Shoiv WJZ-WATR—News 10:30 p .111. WABC—Stage Door Canteen VVA.TR» Music ot Belgium WTiC-WEAF—-Bill Sturn, Sports . ll);4fl ]>. m.. WJX"—Continentals WATU—Voice of the Army WEAF-WTIC—To be announced 11:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News, p. 111. WEAF-WTIC—Harkncss of Washington . WABC—Joan Brooks WATR—Emil Vancla's Orch, WJ,j/->—Korn Kobblcrn 11:30 p. m. WTIC-WEAF—Author's Playhouse WILL AID FARMERS Hartford, Sept. 22—(U D—The Disaster Loan corporation is prepared to extend financial aid to farmers whoso properties were damaged by last week's hurricane. A representative of the regional office at Boston—Gcorjre Black— will tour t-.ibacco plantation.s to ascertain damage to shed* • and crops. Orchard owners are advised :o apply for loans to straighten trees bent by the hijrh winds. Tax benefits wore granted mom- lie i's of the armed services hy 32 siati!X so far in 10-M. SIX ROOM HOMES (FOUR BEDROOMS) OF INDIVIDUALITY AT THE GLENRIDGE ESTATES Quinn & Chestnut Sts. Naugatuck, Conn. GOING FAST *• POFTT BE TOO LATE! • • • Revelation In Modern Suburban Living. • • • Restricted Community, Beautiful Wooded. Residential Section. • • • Permanent Construction of Pre-War Design and Workmanship. • • • Houses May Be Purchased on Lew Monthly Payment Plan or May Be Rented 5 Model Homes Ready For Inspection Daily and Sunday 0 A. M, to 9 P. M, Each dwelling- in plot approximately GO x 150 ft, Plenty of garden and yard space, • Look At These Many Features WABC — Raymond Scott Show H-.IHI |». in. WEAF-WTIC— When n Girl Marries [ WJZ-WATR— Tcn-y and the Pi- j rates WOH— Uncle Bon WABC— fun with Dunn !i:lf> p. in. WEAF-WTIC— Wo Love and Learn W.TZ— Die]; Tracy WATR— Melody Review . ... WOK— Chick Carter G:,'!0 p. m. WABC— Three Sisters WEAF-WTIC— Plain Bill WATR — Jack Armstrong WOR— Tom Mix Show 5:-l~> p. m. WABC— Wilderness Road WEAF-WTIC— Fro nl. Tugo Fan-ell WATR-WJ2— Sea Hound .' WOR — Superman 0:(IO p. m. • All Stations — News • , 0:]!i p. m. ; WABC — Murray Orch., Chorus ; WATR — Dinner Music • ; WTJ.C— Victory Is Oui- Business WJZ— Elhol and Albert WOR— News; Inside Hollywood WEAF — Serenade to America (i:Hn p. m. WOR— News WTIC— SlricLly Sports \VEAF-Serenadc; Bill Stern WJZ— Whose War? Sports; Band WATR— News; Song-.s C:45 p. m. WABC— World Today WATR— Pleasure'-. and Profit WOR— Stan Lomax; Sports 1 WJZ— News WTIC-WEAF— Lowell Thomas . 7:00 p. in. . • WABC— I Love iv Mystery WJZ-WATR— Happy Land WEAF-WT7C— Music Shop WOR — Fulton Lewis, Jr. ..... .• 7:15 p. m. . ..' • t " WO.H — Answer Man WABC — To bo announced WEAF-WTIC— News of 1 he World 7:30 p. in. WOR — Keep Ahead ' ;. ' WATR— Phone Your Answer WEAF — Roth Orch.; Chorus WJZ — Lone Ranjjer WT.TC— Quiy, of Two Cities WABC— Friday on Broadway. 7;'iri p. in. WATR— Red Cross Program WEAF— News 8:(W p. in. WABC— Aldi-ich Family WJZ- W AT .R— News; Parker- FranK Sinatra, shown norc, is originating his new Wednesday radio show In New York for a scries o broadc.tsts (beginning Sept. 27)' al 0 p. m.. e. w. t., over CTRR. WABC— Mildred Bailey Show WJZ-WATR— Van Cleave Variety WOR — Galloway Orch. WATR— Sign ore WEAF-WTIC— News; Mr. 'Smith WOR — McGrane, Stern Orchs. ; WABC— 'News; Strong- Orch. WABC— News Olson 'Orch. 12:»(l ;u in. WTIC- WEAF— Three Suns; Leo Sims WJZ — Herman Orch:; Showcase WOR — Lee Castle Orch. WABC — Johnny Lonj,- Orch. Body Of Victim Of Hurricane Is Recovered Stoninpton, Sept. 22—(UP)—Tho hurricane death loll in Connecticut has reached eight with the recovery of tho body of Albert L. Ryder of Wethcrsficld from Lonp Island sound. Ryder disappeared, from Nianu'c while securing n boat with 15-year- old Morton Spencer of Hebron. Spencer's body was found last \veck. Still beinfr soujrht is Mrs. Fred- crick Scnkbcil of Hartford, whose husband died during the storm ut Old Lyme. BOKROWKD KOHES WOR— News; Sunny Skylar WEAF-WTIC— Cities Service cert .Con- Sprinpticld, Mass., Sept. 22 — CUP)—The Massachusetts Supremo court retains its diprnity—oven if it docs have to sit in bonowod robes. Five justices — sitting at HVimpdcn county courthouse in Sprins-field — wci-e loaned judicial Kowns when l.hoy lost theirs en- route from Boston. K:in!tar.v SI-WIT, City U'ati-r. GII.H and Kloptricil-y. S f'nalN uf I'hmtcr TlirfnifflifHit Ilfiisr-.s. I'iromuiiical lint VVati-r llvatillAT ""I Air lli-;tl.iiiK S.v.slcni KciiiiDinlcal Hot Wilti-r full WciitliiTst rippcil Ddnrs. '.i-adcr.s !iin| GiittfrM. Diirnlil,. Aspliiill Shiniclo Ttfx f >i-Miinn-nliil Shutters. f.'iMKTi-tc Stno!)H lintli Trout nd Sidr. s l'l'-vmll<K and C'tirlM. s l"'''i;il Mitnlti-tirc :iin> UJlra Modern Elrctricnl Colonial Light and Knocker nt Front Kntrnnco. Modern Until and Kitchen. T>omcstio Svifiicc Kitclinn CaliincfN. S|i:irinns Clolhos and T.inpn Closnts, with doors. Iliu'It In ^ViiPtian Crystal Mirror Modiclniv Cal»inft. Inlaid I.inoli.'Utn. Many Klcictrlcal »:u-.n riiiffs. IlniiliK- Floorinjr—S|..;cial Onlc. All Wax Finished. INmriMl Cfincrntn Foiiiidntlon, 1'rovldliKr Spacious Cellar for Uir/ro JlccrnaUon lloom. J^loiloni Ptiimhlnir Fi.vtliros. KOOIII.S Beautifully Ijocoratcd. Mail nelivpry to Your Door. Laundry I" Biisoincnt FII.A Insurnil 'Whatever your gift • problem our gift stylist. Miss 'Manzo. can' he'.p solve; it. The gift ' collection at cor.vbnicntlv loc.if.DCi Clvnc's, hns been; thoi;ghtfully assemble-:! to meet' every need. Must a few steos from lixchin; 3 PI; 29 H a fr Ison THE, Heavy Turkish Towels 49* T-argc six.c bath towels at rjuick- dryinfr, fluffy cotton terry. Firm Jong wcarinp weave. Choose from solid pastels, colored borders or plaids. WASH for G. C. MURPHY CO. •••..• -.;',-^ I . Church Street J -' \- Naug-atuck, Conn. Arrangements For Union Service On V-Day Complete Protestant ministers in the borough have completed plans for a union service to be held at 8 p. m, the day peace is declared in either the Eastern or ,t;ho European theaters of war, it was announced ;to- flay. The service will be hold. at the Congregational church, with nil ministers taking part. ' . Tht entire community is invited (o attend and share in the service. Cooperating ministers are Rev. IMward R. Hancc, Rev. Arthur Lnwi.s, Rev, William R. Frondberj;, Rev. Paul Peterson, Rev. Harold Lucas, and Rev. T. Bradley Long- st.-ift", with the latter acting as chairman of arrangements. "We call the day Lh».l war ends- V-day," Rev.' Longstaff said. And to the degree that we will have achieved victory, there will be rejoicing and thanksgiving. But there will be much ahead-that will demand our continued efforts. The termination of hostilities in -Europe still leaves us with '-be burden of the war in the'Far Eaut. Even 'then, the 'peace has still to be achieved. The disillusioning experiences of the years following'1918 attitude us we approach the oppor- mu.kc for IL numule tinii prayerful tunities and problems of the prcs- cnt postwar world. It i« with thix in mind that the Protestant churches of our community are uniting in providing this service of worship which will give expression to th;i7)ksgiving, penitence, spring from a vital Christian faith,, intercession and dedication, which v ''bc Methodist .churches and probably many Bother churcho* will be opun for prayer »nd meditation on V-day, Mr. Long«t«.fr »Ud«d. STRIKE ENDED ' , - _ •_'••• • >i •Stockholm, Sept. 22— (UP) — Th« Danish Prcmi Service .- report* that -• it a general utrlke in Copenhagen street cam and rnjlwayji arc oi- TK* on normal Hchedulcn. Service uayu police atatlof* throughout the city are cooperating wJlh tho GoKtupo And ** guards. .l^ji >+++++++4 i ACCORDION CONCERT and DANCE ; presented hy DOMENIC MECCA Sunday Evening, September 23rd, 1944 ut 8 o'clock . ; J>. F. C. ANTHONY MECCA - MKCCA ACCOKDION ttAND John Biicclil - Nick Mecca. - Punla J'crxlo ... Charles Conner, Tenor -Anthony. .1. MaKonc;, Mai,U:r of Ccremonlnm .- . . FRKO.BRKniCE AND IIIS onCHKSTUA : ' ST. .lOSEPll'S AUDITORICM, Waterlmry, Conn. ADMISSION r,2c - TAX 13c - TQTAT* tSc ., Frc-o to all Servicemen in Uniform; T!ckr:U ut Door or M<-cc:t Music Store, 20:< Bank St, ;W»terhury "Waterbury'$ Friendly Department Store The winner and many seaton- champion Sable Blended Muskrat Coat Plus Feueral Excise Tax A fine fur that leads the field for beauty, warmth,-and wear, fashioned into^a coat of^enduring loveliness. This full length Sable- blended Muskrat Tuxedo with huge turn'back cuffs, is an investment worthy of your selection. Sizes 12 to 42. SECOND FLOOR • ' ^^ 100% Botany Wool Coat Style "" "V Classic V16-95 This superbly tailored classic is a faithful 'stand-by for every woman Slim, soft, definitely becoming, it If • li^'ht enouffh to wen; 1 at once, and Inter under a coat. Fashioned in 100 % Botany wool, button down tht front, lonp sleeves, club collar, and false flap bodice pockets; Colors art Moss Green, Cadet "Blue and Rasp-, berry. Sizes 18 to 42. SECOND FLOOR

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