The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on March 2, 1981 · 13
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 13

Kansas City, Missouri
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Monday, March 2, 1981
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Mark Hamill (left) will be back as Luke Skywalker and Bernard Behrens Vader (right photo) also will have a new radio voice: Brock Peters James will portray Ben Kenobi in radio’s “ Star Wars” series Dastardly Darth Earl Jones was his voice in the movie and David Prowse was his body ‘Star Wars’ to blast off as a radio series Monday March 2 1981 Page IB Know your antiques Ralph and Terry Kovel © 1981 Rtgteltr and Tribune Syndicate uilt designs can be of several I types some of which re- quired more skill than others The 18th- or early 19th-century quilts usually had a large design such as a tree and a small geometric border The designs changed with the times and the borders became larger and larger The center design got smaller until the middle of the 19th century when the pattern was an overall geometric design The log-cabin quilt was made using rectangular pieces that were joined to form a large piece of fabric the crazy quilt was made by joining irregular pieces Block quilts another type were made in squares that were joined together The square often was decorated by applying a cutout piece of another color fabric One popular block pattern dating from the 1840s was the flower basket Sometimes the baskets were filled with flowers other baskets were made with geometric designs on the sides The handles were made in several shapes Each basket pattern had its own name such as basket of daisies cherry basket grandmother’s basket grape basket or breadbasket By Gerald B Jordan sar TV-fdio critic On the big screen its impact was awesome “Star Wars" was truly state-of-the-art a technicolor adventure looming larger than life an event well worth waiting for six times (once in the rain) in impossibly long lines Radio will take the space saga one step further probing deeply into the most fertile regions of the imagination projecting “Star Wars” on a boundless theater screen: the mind "Star Wars” brought Oscar-winning special effects to the movie screen ana the 13-part series to be presented on National Public Radio could generate a revival in enthusiasm for radio adventure serials The 1930s radio broadcast of HG Wells' "War of the Worlds” touched off panic in some regions of the country Fiction had a firm grip on the listening audience in those days The rat-a-tat-tat of machine-gun fire the eerie creak of the door leading to the “Inner Sanctum" a By Darrell Sifford KrtgM-RkMw NtwtfMpvt It was in the blistering heat of summer when Grant my younger son joined my wife Marilyn and me for a one-week visit with my mother in Missouri He had flown in from Charlotte where he is a senior in accounting at the University of North Carolina One day at sunset as the two of us flopped beside the barbecue grill with beers in hand he mused: “Here I am at 21 and I know that I’ve already had the highest standard of living I’ll ever have I'll never be able to afford the things we had when I was a kid— a nice house in the suburbs two cars all of that "It doesn’t seem fair No matter how hard I work it’s out of my reach The economy has made it impossible It’s almost like I’ve come along at the wrong time” Is it true that young people today are mired in a pothole that has obstructed no other generation? Is the great American road which has beckoned onward and upward now bending downhill for them ? If that's the case where will their motivation to succeed come from ? I presented my questions to Dr James P Smith associate professor in the department of counseling psychology and director of the community vocational counseling clinic at Temple University in Philadelphia In a nutshell here’s what he said: cloud of dust (on radio?) a speeding bullet and a hardy "Hi-yo Silver !” became the hallmarks of radio drama Beginning at 9:30 tonight on KCUR-FM (89) and continuing Monday nights at the same time “Star Wars” will make its bid to reclaim some of the glory of ra dio’s heyday Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in the film and Anthony Daniels who played See Threepio (C3PO for the illiterati) will re-create their roles in the radio series In the opening episode “A Wind to Shake the Stars" we are introduced to Luke an adolescent whose life is guided by the archetypical rural stern loving aunt and uncle Of course Luke wants adventure particularly after his friend Biggs Starfighter returns home after training at the Imperial Space Academy This is the backdrop for Luke’s joining forces to rescue the captive lovely Princess Leia The characters take on unique personality features in the radio production because their voices tell the story and listeners are not thrown by the assortment of funny faces and overly homespun hair- Grant hit the target right on the bull’s-eye Tomorrow isn ’Ingoing to be bigger and better for most of these children although many of them haven’t come to grips with it “Always before there has been the idea that if you came from a lower-in-come family you could do much better and that if you came from a middle- or upper-income family you could do at least as well" Smith said “But except for the really exceptional kids this now is a piece of illusion— because of the economy” Smith offered this personal example: “My father in the ’50s was making 25 percent of what I’m now making but he had a big house a servant and a gardener-even with three kids in school Now I’m in middle age and making four times what he made and I can’t afford those things For somebody younger it’s illogical to think that he will do any better ’ ’ College students today especially those from middle-income families are styles Chewbacca's growls become less a novelty and more his truest means of expression Ben Kenobi takes on more noble characteristics than the scraggly hermit we saw onscreen The music of course still is sensational Best of all the theater of the mind enables us to feel the powerful tug of the tractor beam from battle station Death Star and in that regard feel the triumphant relief when the cantankerous Millennium Falcon belches a suitable concoction of rocket fuel to effect a dramatic escape It's difficult to imagine the graphic optical show “Star Wars" being played on a better stage than that intensely creative forum the human brain Because the film was a monumental undertaking these 13 half-hours represent what could be the most ambitious radio drama ever presented The production a joint venture of National Public Radio and KUSC-FM in Los Angeles was done with the cooperation of Lucasfilm Ltd George Lucas who produced 'Star Wars” and its sequel "The Empire Strikes Back" made the radio rights available to the University of Southern California John Madden who directed the radio production said the emphasis in “Star Wars" was on action and adventure-true to the movie theme Because the story is familiar the radio audience will get a more detailed introduction to the central characters The public radio presentation of “Star Wars" will include new characters and events that did not appear in the movies Among the new material is an episode describing how Artoo Detoo (R2D2) and See Threepio meet “Star Wars" comes to radio at a time the medium is enjoying a resurgence of popularity when radio drama is returning to claim a generation of faithful listeners Hamill who plays a youthful Jed-di hopeful said his involvement in the project paralleled Hollywood's possible rediscovery of radio as a dramatic medium “This is a labor of love" Hamill said "It’s an opportunity for me to work in a medium that has been denied me simply because of my age " Question QMy velvet doll even has a molded velvet face The hair is lifelike The name tag on the bottom of the right foot has the words “Made In England by Norah Wellings” The doll is 15 inches high and it has glass eyes What can you tell me about it 9 A Norah Wellings worked in England from 1926 to about 1960 designing the dolls that were made at the Victoria Toy Works in Wellington England The dolls were made of fabric with stitched jointed shoulders and hips The faces were made of molded fabric papier-mache or stockinette She specialized in dolls that looked like sailors or Scots Current prices Listed prices are recorded from antique shows sales flea markets and auctions throughout the United States These prices vary because of the conditions of the economy Buttonhook sterling silver $1250 Doorknob brass inscribed “Public School City of New York” $10 Occupied Japan bisque plaque colonial lady in relief $20 Fiesta relish ivory six parts $45 Pewter candlesticks about 1865 8 inches pair $125 Pressed glass cakestand Shell & Tassel 10 inches $68 Area shows Antique Show and Sale sponsored by the Antique Dealers ’ Association of Greater Kansas City 11 am-lO pm Friday and Saturday 1-6 pm Sunday Kansas City Trade Mart Admittance $2 Fifth annual Spofford Antiques Show and Sale 11 am-9 pm March 13-14 noon-6 pm March 15 Kansas City Market Center 1-435 and Front Street Admittance $350 14th AFS Antique Show 10 am-9 pm March 21 11 am-6 pm March 22 Platte City High School Gym 1-29 and HH or Missouri 92 exits Admittance $1 Where to write To list an antique show in this column send the details— date time place sponsor and admittance charge— to Star Style The Kansas City Star 1729 Grand Ave Kansas City Mo 64108 To write to the authors of the column address your letter to Ralph and Terry Kovel in care of Star Style The Kansas City Star 1729 Grand Ave Kansas City Mo 64108 Losing sight of the American dream For young people economic reality has wiped out visions of higher standards of living Young people are being forced to aim not for bigger and better things but for what they reasonably can expect in the inflated economy of today Smith said Gone are the days when a plush suburban home a station wagon and a sports car were reachable goals at the end of the rainbow Gone even are the days when young people could move into a big house and realistically believe that their incomes would increase and permit them to buy life’s frills later In the future Smith said people will be compelled to stick to rigid priorities Much of this is happening already “You find people who are buying in the best neighborhood they can afford and knocking out everything else” he said “They don’t have furniture They don’t have two cars or silver or china and they don’t go out for dinner all the time Other people are choosing to buy row houses so they can afford some of the other things they want” Such trade-offs always have been a fact of life for many people Smith said but in the future they will be essential for almost everybody In this crunch to squeeze out every possible dollar some young people are jumping into occupations that "may not be quite so enjoyable ' ’ he said “The money sounds great at 25” he added "but how will they feel about it when they’re 50?” serious “They’re not goofing off” Smith said “They’re in college and trying to put it together and they’re under pressure from their parents to work hard and study hard because it’s such a tremendous sacrifice for parents to send their kids to college But the reality is that middle-income kids really are trapped “The other day I was talking on the train to a guy who was saying how difficult it is for him these days— and he has it good My God what a struggle it’s going to be for his kids when they become adults" How can young people make the best of the situation? Smith said it was important that they: e Lower their financial expectations “as to what they can buy ' ’ Be careful not to jump into a job today just for the money because the economy can trap them in that job for many tomorrows and rob them of an essential component of happiness: job satisfaction See Dream pg 2B col 5 Q Recently an item on television news dealt with veterinarians who use acupuncture I would like to know if there are any veterinarians in the Kansas City area who practice animal acupuncture Can you find out?— JM Leavenworth A On the advice of Dean Kenneth D Weide of the veterinary college at the University of Missourl-Co-lumbia we contacted Dr H Grady Young Ihomasville Ga chairman of the board of directors of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society He told us that veterinary acupuncture is the fastest growing modality the veterinary profession has available He recommended Dr Richard Buchli Ace Pet Hospital 204 W 75th as one of the most competent veterinary acupuncturists in the nation Dr Buchli has been practicing veterinary acupuncture for at least 10 years he said QI shopped at Cricket Alley in Independence Center before Christ- mas and the store had a "buy one and get one free" sale I bought a sweat- At your service At Your Service solves problems rips red tape hunts isn ’t possible to answer or even acknowledge all letters down answers and stands up for your rights when your we will consider every one and print the most interest-best efforts fail Send your request for help to At Your ing and useful Please plainly print your name address Service Kansas City Star 1729 Grand Ave Kansas and phone number with your request We’ll print only City Mo 64108 Phone calls cannot be accepted While it your initials and city er for the full price of $39 and got another one free This past week I took one back because it was damaged The salesgirl said she could not give me a full refund because I had really paid half price for each sweater In other words I really did not buy one and get one free but paid half price for both I was only given back $20 Is this correct?— JG Kansas City A Richard H George Cricket Alley vice president at Wichita head- quarters said the store could not stay in business long if it save you a full refund on one sweater allowing you to keep the second one at no charge The store refund policy seems fair to us considering the salesgirl might have decided the sweater you returned was the one you got free and no refund was due QI bought a 10-speed bicycle from Gary’s Bike Mart 10506 Grandview on Nov 5 to aive as a Christmas present At the time I specifically asked the employee who happened to be the owner ’s son if my money could be refunded if the bike needed to be returned after Christmas The employee said there would be no problem as long as we kept the sales slip I repeated the Suestion three times to make sure I un-erstood the correct answer Then I wrote a check for $16216 The bicycle was given but a duplication resulted and I returned it to the store on Jan 5 along with my sales slip I was then informed by the owner that only 75 percent of my money would be returned He pointed out a sign in the shop that indicated this policy He informed me that he was not responsible for his son’s actions Could you help?— LC Leawood A Rick Smedley owner of Gary’s said he stands by his previous de- cision He said the store policy of charging a 25 percent fee to restock all returned merchandise is plainly posted and any deviation from this policy should be noted on the sales slip He said he would discuss this with you further if you care to return While we could not help you and you may wish to consider Small Claims Court we are printing your letter so that others might benefit from your experience Q Responding to an offer by the Rawlings Co I ordered a 1980 World Series baseball on Oct 29 ana a 1980 All Star baseball on Nov 13 In all I sent $22 to Classic Baseball Offer St Paul Minn The checks were cashed and I have written two letters but the company didn't answer them The baseballs were supposed to be Christmas presents but it now looks like I am out $22 Can you help me straighten out this mess?— KL Butler Mo A The offer by Rawlings Sporting Goods St Louis was actually handled by a fulfillment house Spotts International St Paul Spotts said your order was filled but apparently became lost in the mail or was sent to the wrong address A duplicate order is being mailed with a return receipt so that the company can be sure you get the baseballs i

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