The Daily Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina on November 13, 1938 · Page 4
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The Daily Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina · Page 4

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 13, 1938
Page 4
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 193S THE DAILY TAB 1 " 1 ...... - m I . . "Violin Recital To 'AMERICAN AUTHOR "Faiist95 AiTsnuged. lit Modem Design Answer to Previous Fczzte Ee Offered Today Violinist BULLETINS PiUiClCtt INST? AiLfMAjN aIpi AiNflDpiDr iH O PjC sip o TnLiAiv EripLiPiojKiE pEiNlsiuicncriojPtgiisr; Tigr": ishrjAlp tie p SIP U NQSjT E PrELKlLlNl cej ainialTa ISO A ATLjMjlfTp 'fjPf , , 7 A L)T aJdM HriOlPIERA A, P A R Gil. 1 E jDlE 1 PjAjC A RlE M A NOA PlOLJfe I ITJE S T RIaIg ElDlVrfStU ClCIEIStS V v 12 He is famous for his characters. 15 To permit. 20 To resound. 22 Passage. 24 To marry "again. 25 More fastidious.. 27 Organ of sound. Sneaky. 35 Pertaining to tides. 26 Warbler. 37 Oleoresin. 38 Bulb flower." 39 To clean a' floor. 41 Smell. 42 MorseL 43 Opposed ta odd. 46 Streamlet. 47 Skin disease. - 48 Baseball nine 49 Sins. 53 Musical note. HORIZONTAL 1 Man who wrote "Main Street." 12 Mentally sound. 13 To concur. 14 Land right. 16 Mittens. 17 Scraped along 18 Network. 19 European shad. 21 To scatter. 22 Insertion. 23 Believing. 23 Dogs chains. tO Pattern block. 31 Suet of sheep. 32 Credit. 33 Orblike. : 34 And. ' 36 You. 37 Newspaper heads. 40 He was awarded the prize for literature. 44 Old garment. Freshman Basketball Starts tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Tin Can. -Varsity, Coed Fencers Important meeting tomorrow night at 7 o'clock in the small lounge of Graham Memorial. Very important. All those interested must attend. Seven Minute Contemplation Period -Assembly room on the second floor of the YMCA building at 8:15 a, m. VERTICAL 1 To depart by water. 2 In. 3 Promontory. 4 Gibbon. 5 Glass marbles. 6 Annoyed. 7 Reedy. 8 Guided. si"' . 45 Box. 50 To plunge into water., 51 Every. 52 Potato masher 53 Clan symbol. 54 Falsehood. 55 Pertaining to the ulna. 56 Peaceful. 9 Used up. 7 57 His novels ex-10 Part of pose current Roman month, social . ; 11 To surfeit. 1 Arlan Coolidge who will present a violin recital in Hill Music hall this afternoon at 4:30. The public is cordially invited to attend. John Camn McNair -Lectures at 8:30 tomorrow night in Hill Music hall on "Science, 'Religion and the Growth of Man." Annual British Debate Hill Music hall at 8:30 tonight. Dr. Mildred Morgan Tea in Gra-.ham Memorial at 4:30 today. Talk on "Intelligent Courtship" in Methodist church at 7 o'clock tonight. Personal interviews at YMCA tomorrow afternoon from 3:30 to 5 o'clock. "Intelligent Marriage" at 7:15 tomorrow night in the Presbyterian church. 70 Animal Sculptures By Anna Hyatt Huntington are on exhibition at Person hall art gallery through November 25. Arlan Coolidge Will be featured in a violin recital at 4:30 this afternoon in Hill Music hall. Tab Heel Staff There will be an important meeting of the entire staff tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 sharp. Freshman Friendship Council Will meet at 7 o'clock tomorrow night in Di hall. Yackety-Bucs Will meet tomorrow at 1:45 in Yackety-Yack office to try to form a team. Hal Ha! Arlan Coolidge To Give Concert At 4:30 In Hill By RUSH HAM RICK Discriminating concert-goers desiring to hear melodious tunes coming from one of the most beautiful instruments now in existence are cordially invited to attend a violin recital at 4:30 this afternoon in HOI Music hall by Arlan Coolidge who will appear as a faculty-artist visitor. He will be accompanied on the piano by Rudolph Pitta way, formerly a member of the faculty of Bennington college. After he was graduated as a Ph.B., Professor Coolidge went to New York and during the winter of 1924-25 worked for the theatrical Shu-berts, playing in various orchestras on Broadway. He was a member of the group which provided incidental music for a show called "Starlight," was with the large orchestra which played the score accompanying "The Lost World" during the long New York run of that silent movie, and for a time-also was a member of the orchestra with "Artists and Models." Probably it is consciousness of his present professorial position which causes him to mention that last engagement with a measure of diffidence. PLAYED IN PHILHARMONIC During the summer of 1925, Professor Coolidge played with the New York philharmonic at the stadium concerts under Willen van Hoogetra-tin. When Fritz Reiner of the Cincinnati symphony was guest conductor during that concert series, he engaged Professor Coolidge to play with the Cincinnati organization. For two years he played under Reiner, also studying at the Cincinnati conservatory. Application for a fellowship in the Juilliard Musical foundation in New York being granted to Coolidge in the fall of 1927, he returned to New York and continued his playing, principally in the violin but also taking courses in theory of harmony, piano, chamber music and so on. These studies continued for two years, and he was then awarded an exchange fellowship under the Institute of International Education which led to a year's study at the University of Vienna. During the trip abroad, Professor Coolidge Up-To-Date Tastes Are Adhered To In Production By JESSE REESE "The old order changeth, yielding place to new" is the philosophy which Opera-On-Tour adopted when they planned their production of "Faust", which will be the Student Entertainment program here, November 22. Modern tastes in theatrical productions have been adhered to in choosing the actors, singers, sets, costumes, dancers, as well as the chorus and orchestral background. Mrs. Harold Lehman, niece of the Governor of New York and modern music patron, in fostering Opera-On-Tour has employed such forward looking artists as Marco Montedoro, scenic designer for the Radio City Music Hall, to plan all sets and costumes; Felix Brentano, assistant to Max Reinhardt, to cast and direct the productions; Vladimir Shavitch, who introduced the idea of synchro-opera in 1934, to conduct the singers and blend rhythmically, tonally, and dynamically their voices with the orchestral and choral recordings, perfected by Dr. Theremin. GREAT DESIGNERS Montedoro, who had shown his modern tendencies in the costumes and sets of the Music Hall productions, has shown the same tastes in his designs for the staging of Gounod's "Faust." Brentano, whose ideas of staging are also removed from the hackneyed has chosen a cast of young, attractive, talented, people singers who can act, actors who can sing. He has considered the fact that the modern public is overly tired of the middle-aged, buxom prima donna, the histrionic poses of the tenor, and the stereotyped devices which have always accompanied the production of opera in the past. He has substituted a fresh, modern conception in the staging of opera. . Vladimir Shavitch, conductor, contributes the recorded synchronizations of the London Philharmonic orchestra, under the- baton of Sir Thomas Bee-cham, and of the massed choruses of the Covent Garden opera. He and Dr. Theremin have perfected their sound apparatus to such a degree that by merely moving his hand Conductor Shavitch can blend the recorded orchestration and the vocal rendition into complete symmetry. By means of the sound tracks the old method of touring with fifteen average musicians has been eliminated. Opera-On-Tour has . attempted to T" 4 5 r 7 5 5 10" . , f 51 si fLlr 34-551 51" Jfe . " - 57 55 " SSPfr 3m 4U4l Al 143 41 i 454G 147 4d N9 5T rT57 ' 1 1 I I I ' 1 1 t I 1 1 jg On The Air By Waltes Kleemax Loses Patients Faithful To The End . White Dog', Mascot Of Local Firemen, Has Tragic Death To you from us, the three most popular songs of the week: 1. "At Long Last Love." 2. "My Own" and I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams." 3. "While a Cigaret Was Burning." 1:00 "A Midsummer Night's Dream," WPTF, dramaT 2:00 Lauritz Melchior Sings on the Magic Key, WPTF. 3:00 Round Table Discussion on the Mediterranean Situation, we hope, Carolina on WPTF. 5:00 Richard Crooks interviewed with new Met auditions, WPTF. 6:00 Helen Hayes, Conrad Nagel, in "Stars in Their Courses," WBT. 7:00 Jello program, quivering with laughs, WPTF. 8:00 Bergen-McCarthy and a far from wooden show, WPTF; Daily Rime: No more people terrorized; Just "Pickwick Papers" dramatized. Orson Welles, WDNC. 9:00 Boyer and Ida Lupino in "Prelude," WLW; Jose Iturbi, symphony, Jussi Bjoerling, WBT. 10:00 Heidt or Morgan, WPTF or WLW. SIGMA XI GROUP WILL MEET HERE THURSDAY NIGHT Village Pet Dies In Attempt vTo Ride On Truck Carrying Body Of Deceased Friend By BILL RHODES WEAVER Nine years ago J. S. Boone, assistant chief of the fire department, hearing his white English bulldog whimpering in the rear of the station, found her with a litter of pups. With a slight decrease in patients, the University health service is now housing W. Hollandersky, C. J. Sun-theiner, M. B. Burch, E. Prizer, E. W. Cole, J. Balding, J. E. Johnson, L. S. Olive, S. S. Whyte, J. L. Whitley, F. Godfrey, H. E. Bissette, J. L. 3Vardlaw, H. W. Abbitt, J. E. Far-rrior, S. Marsey, V. Nelson, W. A. Up-t ton, E. Thome and J. E. Pearson. . . ., i Round Table On Air Today (Continued from first page) : gram can be heard beyond its pres- - ent limits. The policy of the club is to alters nate students and faculty members - -on the weekly broadcasts and the v. Bound Table will feature a discus- : sion by Dr. Huse, Dr. Wiley, and Dr. -Adams on 'Trends in Literature as ilnfluenced by Varying Political Climates" next Sunday, Arrangements have been made so that the broadcasts can continue to be heard in the Graham Memorial lounge. Students and faculty members are requested to send in topics which they would care to hear managed to get about quite a bit, attending all the major music festivals of that year. Duke And State Members Invited To Attend Banquet The North Carolina chapter of the In the fall of 1930, he returned to Brown as acting assistant professor of music. Since then he has been fulfill every desire of a modern audi-encepwhose ideas were recently voiced by Robert Simon, New Yorker music critic, who said, "Me, I'd rather see and hear every opera, in every repertoire produced from scratch, with no references to the general traditions of society of Sigma Xi will hold its first Within a year all but one died, so the survivor, "White Dog," received all the attention of the fire eaters. At every blow of the siren White Dog would prick up her ears, to dart to the truck, jump up on the top and keep up a continuous howl until the big red engine reached the fire. It was quite natural to see her perched on the ladders. made assistant professor and head of the music department. The depart PITT AGAIN meeting of the year with a banquet in the Carolina inn Thursday at 6 'clock, Dr. E. T. Browne, president any individual work. It would be inter ment under Coolidge has been expanded so that it now is possible to major in music at Brown. of the chapter, announced yesterday. LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 12 Pitt successfully invaded the midwest this afternoon, regaining its stride with a 19-to-0 win over Nebraska. Duke and StSate members of the esting to encounter opera, stage directed and conducted by people to The program for this afternoon society have been invited to attend White Dog was a village character. ;he banquet and the initiation of new She loved children. Everybody got a whom the libretto and music were fresh scripts, and who did not know, nor care, how a piece had been per will be "Sonata-in A (K526)" by Mozart, "Sonata in D Minor, Op. 108" by Brahms, "Air for G String" by Fiorillo-Vidas, "Spanish Dance" by big kick out of her tail-wagging and receptive manner. members which will follow. Directly after the initiation ceremonies, Dr. Ireland was hqlding national tournaments as early as 1800. formed in the past. Perhaps these hy M. J." Hosenau will speak on "Im SICK, HOME AND OTHERWISE pothetical radical producers might Granados-Kreisler, "Pavane" by Ra- munity" at a meeting of the scien Last month, being infirm and feeble even offer the music of the composer tists in 206 Phillips hall. vel-Engel, "Scherzo, Puck and Ti-tania" by Severn and "Rondo" com and suffering from stomach tumors, as he wrote it, instead of as operatic conventions have revised it." the dog was sent to Washington for The first theatre, in this country was built in Williamsburg, Va., in 1716. URPOSE OF GROUP Purpose of the society is the pro posed by Mozart-Kreisler. - For Your Drug Store Wants PHONE 5541 Pritchard Drug Co. Prescription Druggists treatment. So disconsolate was she motion of research in pure and ap Print To Fit Nome, Alaska, is farthar west than away from herChapel Hill masters and mistresses, she was allowed to plied sciences. To be eligible for as not in the left side of the body. stay at the fire house. sociate membership in Sigma Xi a candidate must have shown interest This week one oi the firemen died, and ability in practical scientific and White Dog was taken next door PICK THEATRE - (Continued from page three) are usually pretty effective . . . But try and proniunce the team's names . . . Pity the poor announcer today . . He's warming up now ... Krywicki, Fortunato, Zaleckas, Yuravich, and so through the afternoon. Sunday so she wouldn't make any noise. As Candidates for active membership the fire truck, bearing the body of the must have done scientific research fireman, passed, White Dog barked. SO EASY TO CARRY was mom She tore through a screen door and and have had an article on their work published in a reputable journal. The two teams are out on. the field bounded to the top of the truck. now . . . Fordham in its maroon uni In rounding a curve', White Dog Grades, however high, m courses of study do not render a person eligible forms . . . Carolina is the usual blue was thrown off and her body was crushed under the wheels, and a and white . . . The crowd starts filing for membership. L in . . . And there will be a generous supply of Carolina rooters . . . Some Chapel Hill favorite died. The fire station is a mighty lonesome place Friendship Council To Meet Tomorrow these days. thing that was sorely lacking in the NYU game a month ago . . . Kay Ky- sor is on hand . . . He's taken the Allen Tate To Talk The Freshman Friendship council afternoon off from his orchestra to To Bull's Head Club will meet at 7 o'clock instead of 7:15 lead some cheering for our side . . . tomorrow night in Di hall. President Whoops . . . punting practice now . . D Youll like taking it with you everywhere ... on hiking trips, camping trips, to sports events. Weighs only 14 ounces ... five inches long ... slips into pocket or handbag ... or carries smartly in a case. Take all the pictures you want. black and white or full color ... pa 35 mm. motion camera film. 36 exposures to a loading. Enlarge perfectly up to 8 x 10 .. . Fast f: .4.5 triple Anastigmat lens and 125 to 1200 second shutter speeds. And Kazlo of Fordham is booting 'em Allen Tate, author of "The Fathers" and at present professor of English W. T. Martin will conduct a brief business meeting at which time an a mile . . . Nice one Stirnweiss at the Woman's College of the Uni MONDAY-TUESDAY Chester Morris Ann Shirley IN "Law of the Underworld" WEDNESDAY Zarah Leander "LA HABANERA" ' darstetlt fsliegendekunstlerisch eindrucksvolle Schopfung George just put his foot into a long nouncements for the trip to Greens boro on Saturday will be made. versity, will be speaker at the Bull's one . . . Fordham may be favored . . . Head tea Wednesday afternoon at But, Carolina isn't entirely lost . . . After discussing plans for this 4:15. Not by a long shot . . . Stirnweiss gala occasion that the Friendship Born at Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky, in 1899, Tate was educated chiefly at private schools in Louisville, and Sid Sadof f are having home-coming today . . . Sadof f starred at James Madison high school over in Brooklyn while Stirnweiss was a Fordham prep council at WCUNC is planning for the University's council, the organization will go in a body to a joint meeting of all cabinets of the YMCA Nashville, and Washington. He re ceived his B. A. at Vanderbilt in 1922 and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. to hear a lecture by Mrs. Mildred Jjiji i ... T: LCG The state of North Carolina cer THURSDAY Morgan. tainly looms big on the football scene Tate has lectured on English litera ture at Southwestern college in Mem FRIDAY SWEETHEART HP Ginger Rogers James Stewart in up here . . . Carolina is playing Ford phis, on modern poetry at Columbia ham here at the Polo Grounds . . . Interfrat Council To Meet Tomorrow "vrv-Acious lady university, and has been a member of sGMA CHI" and un-everything Duke tackles Syra the staff of the Olivet Writers' con cuse at Syracuse ... There go the SATURDAY The Interfraternity council will AIM M captains of both teams . .v. Watson ference. He has contributed to nearly all important critical magazines and is the author of eight books and the hold a meeting tomorrow night at and Maronic for Carolina and Ja WWt wcHH fr..l. toMti .... 1.00 Gene Autrey Smiley Burnette IN "The Old Barn Dance" 7:30 in 214 Graham . Memorial, to cunski and Kochel for Fordham . co-author of several others. FOISTER PHOTO CO. nominate members to the Student The boys are tossing a coin . . . Let's All of those interested are invited 161 Franklin St Phone 3176 legislature. ' get the game started and let's go CHAPEL HILL, N. C. to attend. Carolina. ?

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