The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1954 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 6, 1954
Page 10
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FIGHTtNStHS The present administration attack on the farm Support program is difficult to ^"^"^-^ Vice President Nixon and Agriculture Secretary Benson have both gone on the radio »n an effort to bring pressure to bear on Congre« to tower the parity support-figure* and otherwise Sabotage the entire farm program. They now declare that the present price support program is an "economic fallacy." This is not at all what was said in the last presidential election — quite the opposite in fact. If that fa the way the administration felt, why wasn't that statement made to the middle west during the campaign? There are a great many "economic fallacies" connected with government- tfhere are many, typte" oi Ict&ity* which receive direct government subsidies, such as ship bunding and airlines, and many oiheis who receive aid in one form or another. Perhaps all of them should be eliminated. ; In the case of agricUtturej, the general idea has not been to subsidize th^faitttfcr,, but to |n- t sure him a fair income in Jean years as wefl as good ones. By so doing, the general purchasing power of the fanner is maintained consistently,, to the benefit of,the great industrial centos whose products must find a market The farm program should eertainlr be subject to adjustment and to Changing conditions as they take place. 1&& the present Ife&t'that {ft 'shaping ttp > Congress ever the farm bill isjiot just a proposed readjustment; fc ? fook/mare3te*an efcort to wipe 1 out all of the benefits for agriculture that have been evolved! over, the past 20 years — to turn, back the wheels of progress. Th* agricultural areas of the, nation rfiii have some Mends in Washington, but they are not .found among the inner circle of the present ad-, ministration. . * * * f • GUATEMALA HAD A REASON Norihwood Anchor — For the. last ^-eeks tbfe government of GuatemfM critized by United States officials and buying (or accepting shipment oO arms! iet Russia. ^Phy'on earth,does Guat" arms?" his been asked, over and over unless Guatemafc* {ntea^s to attack some neighbors and snreatt Communist rule in America;?"-, . U That sounded like a reasonable question — *a| the tune. But this past week it has developed! tha4 lliete ! wis soid Wsisbn' kSr- Guafehyia's im-> porting arms. Our. little, -"p^ack. sheep" neighbor in Central America, needed thesatsLfroUJci bcr- self. against an impending revolution — now well underway. Ail ol «hici» mates the jolks who'd bqppitalk-, ing so lcHy46^"pre^'^.%Jeertauily ; we Vint U> ! keep tra«Jc«f WIT neighbors! and be ready-W feelp them when hels il needed and asked for? 1 but in* the future we might be better off if we made SU^E we know all the facts before we started criUcizing. /.• t : ---. %: :' ' ••-• '•" " i' f i Somebody > always, wiffing t* tend a helping band — especially if yo\i have trouble opening yoqr poeketbook. •.. „ . n - j* ' '• - : * -»".*» F • . • ^Mgona Upper PCS <Rahtcs 111 B. Can Street—Phone UOO—Algoca, Iowa Entered is second cUss matter at Uve paKuilsre *t Alcecv*. !o»a. usder Act of Coofrca o! M«retv X if^r Issued Tueadavs ia 1954 By THE UPPER OES MOINES PUBLSHIKG CO. R. B. WALLER, Maaagiag Editor C S. ERLAXDEK. Advertising Manager A "GIANT RADICAL'' Robert R. Young, whose complex fight fof control of the New York Central railroad ended in success for him, has been termed a "giant radical." ; The word 1= radical" has been Interpreted So mean long-haired, bomb-throwing individuals who breathe anarchy. Technically, however, a radical may also be just about anyone who has a different idea on most any subject than do the majority of folks, or anyone who presents a new idea* Mr Young seems to fit in this latter category. He has long advocated elimination of some of the ponderous methods of railroad operating which were all right in earlier days but have become extremely cumbersome in the days of modern competition from automobiles, buses and airlines. When the new chairman of the New York Central talks, he sounds like some of the orators of old who attacked all that they thought was wrong or detrimental to the masses of the people. He spe-aks frankly of Wall Street and banking control of the railroads, criticizes operating methods 'tbit 'are obsolete, the time required to buy Uckets, the red tape in making a coast-to-coast journey by rail, failure to modernize equipment and speed up freight deliveries, and a few things of a similar nature. It has been noted for some ysars that the quickest way to change a radical to a conservative is .to-put him in charge, and we shall watch | with inferest the progress of Mr Young i-\ his new role as head of one of the nation's largest railroads. •'•'•>' ' • SMOKE 1M OUT During the past week or so, some of the most interesting news stories to come from ,Wash* ington have centered on disclosures of improprieties and downright crookedness or stupidity, or both, in connection with the handling of government contracts. * i : ID some instances be reoderrag a sttvice to the f ip- le* cartoons, to say nfthtng of tie fusing tftat^ild Bave to be given the trifcestntn tfti^t out of ffiem whatJwFlt was you wanted in the first place! « « * . As near as "w» can gainer, thai "e*e and tooth" business means; __^*_ . Jt -»..-_ Mtt~l*.^L.M*4. «b«*^..' role, to dat|. ^" ^ not run into any *<>«*• no time for Amanda to self! ''."«, « * . > ; j 'A Setf'drt(nt makes a el In The Laige Size Economy Package of She as Jferee "week, bete per- rfCTi *M.u* =t «• •*- '**--*•"'""*y ——— — * _ fonaed. Xe-wlswds were Mr and Ecsss Wwdtes. Mr ana Mrs efe PeSSit and! ME aaxi Mrs tr WeisbrodL roui were uu»- u«ij~j."j» "., hey*re a bit oft the tonvboy side —but they do get their costume jewelry by performing a mtte uUicensed dentistry on live All of which brings us to Amanda Blake. Under ordinary circumstances, that would be delightful. However, in her present role as the" fiery leader .of the Get's keep the record straight) Turcowomen in Walter Wangars "The Adventures of Haifa Baba, Amanda is about as cuddlesome as a neurotic bobcat. ' . .. ' •«:•"» Bui we're setting away f*»m the tigers' teeth! Ordinarily, thafs recommended by health specialists. Though in thurms- tance, teeth and tigers have long since parted company, and the assorted bicuspids and molars have become trinkets decorating the gals who did the separating. Amanda, being the leader, falls heir to the:' choicest incisor* eleven—to be exact 'Gilded and strung together in a neater ahgnr rnent than their original owners could ever manage, they draw across the lovely Blake forehead There, they yawn harmlessly a a hostDe world beneath a hairdo that would send Antoine into convulsions. ^. In 'fUji W «B^ek^hiiri_ Mary Smith.,of modeling ,thi of an BUI aSked f areeast from W contract, iRK-0 granted his , request HVll now concentrate on h.s »lSte of ReiUy" radio .show -and tsTV version. now being produced on Jhe Hal Roach lot in Culver City. « * * . , The middle name ' el Robe*t FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES JULY S, 1»4 » * * Two car accident* in Kossaali county claimed two "lives and brought injuries to eight others during a week of tragedy that , ; „ , . 'the defections seem to point to ^officials from the \ ..want democratic administration: in others they t seem to point to people -coni»eck*d with the present Sr«s>ublican ad- nunistraikktu A doesnV; matter 31 * '** ;ed ? or stpsxd faartriiling of govr - , ^^_'-^-- i«i_i.kj i^ dealt with IB Uj*a *M»<U§.^ ;*^r"-*- *'.«»"««^ , ••»••-•••• -• 7—;—y -— n|3y.? r^gardkssi' U what 'partyf or . . Wj;isi«|Bpeen!td4 \ \ \ \ : .' : ~'~ 'i »* »J^iJ «vk» -*rr,.-<r,<r rvthJT things the gpvemr _ beeir buying medical tablets then ship- ind&chifta,-. where the medicine rotted bei ~tA •-.'. LLJL 1 -"I «iiU.«4J i,iA~.»*f1 R«M»n^!tioned cause1 have •-^ —~»« S*^- pui'chaaed and shipped to also saw a 10-year old boy in the Des Moines river. The accidents happened less^than a day apart and were not due to heavy Fourth of July traffic. * ' * * A new school bouse was to be built four miles west of" Fentoa. according to an announcement. Martin Hantelman bad been contracted to build the 28x32 building with full basement Bancroft's Junior Legion nine gained the right to enter the district tournament with a resounding 13-i win over Hurt. Moultca Bitched a four-bitter for the winders, who banged out 11 hits '~ Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Turcoman warrior-women bv fee law of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!" That's whv there are no Turcoman dentists- This ancient custom was taken from the desert tribesmen and anyone who could take ANY- is "Orville." His parents him in honor of aviation eer Orville Wright. Inclden .any!" Bob had his own pilot Jcense before he was 20 year «id. . ,;.- ;.- ODD FACTS DEPT.:... We'r getting better bartendcts thes days! Charles Watts, who plaj> many bartenders in pictures. f He's M B,»' Wl<:A,, and tt.! B. and aiptasor at Origfife Stats 'Onk Universities before the - wliich TELL THE STORY b« FAMILY by a ANDY CRAWFORD General Agent Phone 1193 or 1209 Algona, Iowa IOWA FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Mary m o m , creation after) one -of h«r more tmposing'nightmarel.* *It- is pur- oosely cut short and wild to emphasize > 4 Tutcojtfomanish feto- atv demanded of Amanda in her role. Deep, rough-cttt) patches, chopped at random from her, luxuriant, red.thatch, were snipped out with alL the carefree abandon of "a *Kansas twister wending its way through a strawberry ipaUh. B"»ween the feline dental display that drapes her dainty brow, Sid the windblown fright-wig effect^ it is doubtful' if! the normally charming Amanda wilt retain enough of the Blake personality to charm j a near-sighted gopher snake! i !-j >....'> But, it's all to Aha i name Art. When; Walter 'Wanger brought her to .Allied, Artists .for a oart in "The .Adventures of Hajii Babai" this - high-budgeted Cinemascope production, offered - ^ueks were purchased at high prices, and U was j later -dlscovfcfei that the ' "~ " ' r< soli | -sold for originally. Three and one-half million dollars worth of corn was purchased in 1953 for shipment to, Austria, but jonly 5600,000 of it- ever arrived in Aus"1 s - FH-*- investigations disclose that operating expenses have included party girls st $50 a night. A public office is a, public trust,,but the^e are always son-.e people in either party who would ijse that trust as a means of feathering their o'.vn :r.ests- We hope they do not succeed, regardless of KITTING THE LOW SPOTS Iowa Falls Citiien — There's no doubt but that '.he Eisenhower sdnuniitreUcn is going thrcitih cae oi its "low scoli-"' Its f:re:^ pcL.-y is -_r.<ie.' pressure. It is iiirjy in the m^sds ef many Americans slid si lacks the support cf aon c-f our old-time allies- Tor Ih* most part, the purchases were made in small ities, indicative that no orgies were being planned." 1 That's the way the first week's business at the new liquor store went. .' Gin seemed tc be the biggest seller, due to the fact that it is a lighter drink than whiskey and brandy, and not only that, it was lower in price. The business was run pretty much as any retail store woulQ be. and still is, although there aren't any charge accounts. Intermittent rain that fell for 24 hours previous to the big 4th of July Celebration at the fairgrounds served only to cut the crowd a little, and those that attended came away very well pleased. There were two good baseball games in the afttraoon, Titonka downing St- Joe, 9-0, i and Bancroft taking th* measure 5 of Algons 8-1. The dance in the AmrndTBla-ke her, best showoa^ Ml^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THANKS FOLKS! Your wonderful response lo jour recent Ponliac DemoBstraiion Month was warmly appreciated by We hope you wiD continue lo vmt us in ihe furore and let us help you wilh any of your needs. , , DEPENDABLE AS TIME ITSELF- WATCH OUT FOR HAY FIRES TH& NQ1 CAU^E OF BARN FIRES \$ • „*i SPONTANEOUS IGNITION qf4JAY. CHZCK (^ \THSE SAFETY STEPS PURIHGliWING SEASOH <**-. ^ •-) s io-.r -bc-at '.r a: ! evening attracted a large crowd "" .~ o erhias ' oi pieasure seekers. -•=¥ - - - - i NATIONAL EDITORIAL AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives. Ir.:. 920 Broadway-, N'ew York 10, K. Y. ce ijrU: i- r :-a ti-i •:• ^--~ f±>fz det«r-it^ved tc. i; :M c-*-r. •»-«:.-. T-JC c'-iisx ejcarrtpje *'. th= rt:.T.rst U. c: c-:_r«, Jhc V!:Ci--..->-Ar^-.y r.a^nii — ~-:-.uh ir* itr:;i;v a Hio^c-:^ c.irty f:^'.:. ; Susan Frid««f 90* he« hand Scsul-t :n a wsshzng machine ^ \ wr:nge: d JWR at 5s. J->e a^d «v- | J i era: =:: r .ches were required w> i -xcic :he wound. > « • » 1 Everett Ackerson. son of Mr ••---A Mrs Clarence Ackersoa tsl \L,-,xe Reck. ieU oi Cus por.y and I Line Roc*, fell &:' his pony and • li nten"»t'rs' s*rv« us W. A. M=Donald was wstalled i c-rei-ifc.-it --'. th* R**z?r ciu'a, u:-:-fric:n.i Herman Hauberg- Pierured above are two of Algona's pretty young girls who did the drawing Friday nigbi- Ma»l« Oakland, 1SS4 Charity Ball Queen, is at the lefts Har Homs*y, handsome bachelor car salesman, who assisted the our SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. On* Year, fei »av«nce _—_ _ C.J'5 Bath AiK>:u pijwra- ui c-iir-au-i-.-ii. JH: >«»,- ... $5 X Sm^le Ccpi*i ._„. ISc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH Oae Year in *dhraj-.c-e .., „— *i.i« B^lA JCtfO'l^ EXlptf rS LTi gx>f\^i^ r .71—^Itftf^, 4-C£ f^Jti __ tj (jig Ko MJ fajSC-ftj>t KXt ^5-5 t ****^ 4 PKf^l.t^'i-1 AOVrRTISING HATES OFFICIAL CITY AMD COUNTV NEWSPAPER c::;-i :-i-"--:.i -..-..i i.v- r.-T. i-_:rr. s_pp;n ever, ir. the j Chriiti*n*»n, manager of s, a When sbii Ceaienniil U over and JB----- Ctea;»*r.*a it Mason CHy. tCniik-i B- Thatcher, West Bena. " •«- i.s eiccsei v:c* p^rfes-dent: Good tefephone nianivers are jiwc «s important as choosing tiw right spoon tor the *>up. If you're on 4 Btrty Un», U«»n hriedy «^» yo« tM«ia * iphMW <all—hang up quickly |rv4 ouMliy if in* Uas's ui use. Giber tips fix good party-line aervke: spaa» out your c&iU, repuuae the wcetvw carefully, five up die IXM for «n«- geacy calk- Recaeqhyr. p*ny Una counesy L» catcMa^. N Beli Tekphoae Ccmp&ny. were heki IB « week, s»4 S£p«*P* "^^ The Repub- I s --4ji» cussed '; :* ? D R- *«;.-_-§ tiiaJ «ae Dsa*s»- Sc-iU «•«* -fadfitA-JBg USA« w»> I bick «i prosperity *i ih* ex -" ^ _________ is nexl; and JU1 Clapsaddl«. daughter of Algona't m»yoi. is drawing one oi the lucky numbers. Glen Shank car department head, at the right. » holding the box of numbered ticket* which totaled well <?ver 1.000. And Here Are The Winners Edwin Wichtendahl, U« lo^< IV Set Veima Nebon, Tdonka. Rorbequ* S*P»4 MTV Aj^en W»f«tert, Rod*, Iwsse** S«t Marvin P. Kramer, Bode, $100 Certifieaie ChoHes laf>pe, Bvt $100 Oirtfe Morgan. M?Vem*. $100 Wohw tteer* Jr., Alg«iia, $100 CertHkut. C. H. BtwWey, AJpMMfc $100 C«rtifkate FwriiM St. J*h«. lnr»fP»«. $»0 Certificate $40 CertHka* $50 . she presafcat tw I** .i£5 -:-i it* nskfailfe r— » irltcUiL fejjsitcsaBj' fav- us* cons-wsj asaa Wm. ludwig, $40 C*ft;?ka*e * • • Algona Implement Co. Pootiac — Cadillac — . LEAKY ROOF. PONT PUT UP WET 0(2 GREEN SPREAD HAYs^ EVENLY IN - '••*•*• i i in i i fnipf' «/ IM TO EIGHT WEEKS §TP%M*E . £H!GJ< HAY •&» Kossuth Mutual Insurance Assn. "•*?•

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