Windsor Ledger from Windsor, North Carolina on April 16, 1914 · Page 4
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Windsor Ledger from Windsor, North Carolina · Page 4

Windsor, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1914
Page 4
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iursday at entered at 'the Post-Office as second class tnail matter S, W, Kenney, Owner, Ed. and Owner FIRM LIFE SCHOOL FOR The most important stlp ever made for Aulander a id. vicinity was accom ernoon when pUshed last Wednesday afi the , mass meeting assembled for the purpose of deciding on a school site, voted unanimously to adopt the Farm L'fe" plan in connection whh the Usual high school curriculum. The possibility of securing his agricultural department, and until a few hours previous to -the neeting, the public generally were not acquainted with the provisions of the State Department with reference ko establish ing such practical met hods- in our Schools. Through the work Of Prof. J. B. Thorne and Mr. W S. Dunning week to dis-. J. Y. Joy- who went o Raleigh last cuss the situation with Mr her, it was learned that such & move was possible for Aulander. With the assistance of Messrs. Cias. H. Jenkins, Prof. Herbert Ea ly, Hon. ,C. W. Mitchell and others, plans were made for establishing th is 'farm life school. In the mass njieeting when the proposition was put to the voters, a unanimous decision in favor of the new plan was made. Mr. Alderman of Raleigh in a short talk informed the convention of the purposes of such a school, howMt could be how it was to be suppor obtained and ed, and men- tioned the requirements to be met by the community desiring such a course The reauirements briefly were that riot less than ten acres of land shall be provided, that $2,500 per year shall be guaranteed for the support of the School, that a sufficient sum shall be expended for buildings a itl dormitory to properly care for ihe students. The latter requirement, a dormitory, was waived when the department was assured that adequate provision would be made to take care of students until a dormitory could be built some time in the future. Thej recent bond issue for the school provides $12,500 for buildings, and M'i .Aldermen Btated that the sum or $5,000 was available from the department at 4 per cent interest makiig a total of $17,500 for build-ngs ard site. Also the sum of $2,500 anrually will be provided by the State for the support of the institution. The old school site when sold should add something like $4,000 to the fund. The special school tax will amply make up whatever is lacking in the matter of funds. This new plan is known as the "Guilford County Plan" and is somewhat different from the regular Farm Life" plan, the latter counties desiring .such a applicable to .school, whilt: the former makts concessions in favor of communities intending to establish such schools. In brie this depart-education in ment will be a practical agriculture and domestic econon?y than which nothing would be more suitable or desirable for this section. We are an agricultura people, surrounded by some of the best land in the State, and the establishment of this school is a long st sp toward the development of this community in practical work and usefulness. The people of Aulander have never voted oft a more momentous c uestion and it is to the everlasting credit of our people that this propositiqu was unanimously supported. There are only a few schools of this kind in the State, and Aulander has reflected honor upon its citizens by having kept apace with the demands of modern education and having made such a step in the beginning of the new era, Others will follow in all sections, bat Aulander is proud of itself in be ing numbered among the pioneers in this move. The 'question of a location for the school was next taken up, anc inasmuch as the provisions called for a majority vote of the registered voters, the matter reverted back to the committee automatically. When tr e vote was "announcer1, the vote stood 55 for the T. J. White tract and 47 for the J. D. Rice tract, while a majority fill) bf the qualified voters is necessary for a decision. The committee will meet in the near future and 'decide on the site. . NOTICE I have on hand in thd office ' of Reg- later of Deeds for Bertid Co., one thou sand copies of pamphlets containing constitution, proposed; amendments, etc., for distribution, to give theses pamphle Would be el ad a out to anv pne who will call' for them. , W. fe. Pritchard. AULANDEIr Announcement; -i ; ---V; - v. I take this opportunity-of announc- ing mvst lf a can(4idate Senator to represent empties of Bertie and Northamoton subject tothe Demo- i cratic primary. If eterVo' I will serW the people of the district and the. State j to the bestrof my abilitv. V T. T. SPEIGHT, Card To the Voters of Bertie County : . . I hereby announce myself a car di date for the office of - Sheriff, subject to the action of the . Democratic primaries. If chosen by the people for the office, I shall try to give them the same courteous and efficient service that I have endeavored to give in the past and I pledge to the party; my cordial support whatever vshould be the action of the voters. This March 16th. 1914. JOHN ' W,. COOPER &l Card To the Democratic Voters of Bertie County: I hereby announce-myself as a candr idate for the office . of Treasurer, subject to the action or the Democractic primaries, I "ask the support of all good Democrats and give the following reasons as my claims for the nom-iiiarion, I have all my life been a con sistent and earnest Democrat and have ever used every effort for the success of the party, I come from a township (Whites) that, while it has been loyal to the party, has not for years been represented in any of the offices .in the gift of the party. Should I be nominated I shall use every effort to bring out a large vote for the whole ticket; and should the voters in their wisdom, fcee fit to name some other man I pledge the party the same loyal support that it would have from me should I be named. JNO. C. BELL. Merry Hill, N. C. R. F. D. NOTICE North Carolina In the Bertie County Superior Cuurt Julia Chamblee vs Geo. Chamblee To Geo. Chamblee: The defendant above named will take notice that an action entitled as above has been comme need in the Superior Court of Bertie county which is for divorce from said defendant, and the said defendant will take notice that he is required to appear at the next term of the Superior Court of said county, to be held on the 4th Monday in April, it being the 27th day of April 1914. at the court house of said county, in Windsor, N. C and answer or demur to the complaint in said action or the piaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said complaint. W. L. LYON, Clerk Superior Court. W. R. Johnson, attorney. This March 3rd, 1914. NOTICE North Carolina In the Bertie County, Superior Court. C. E, Collins, Plaintiff vs. M, T. Smallwood, Defendant M. T. Smallwood, the defendant a-bove named, will take notice that an action entitled as above, has been com menced in the Superior court of Bertie county, state aforesaid, to obtain judgf ment on certain mortgage indebtedness, and to foreclose said mortgage executed by M, T. Smallwood to C, E. Collins, of record in the office of the Register of Deeds for Bertie county in book 125, page 359t and for the application of proceeds of such sale to payment of said mortgage indebtedness conveyed therein and the subjectionof which is asked in strict foreclosure are as follows: A certain tract of land in Bertie county, N. C. and Windsor township, known as Lucie Parker tract of land and residence and being the land she purchased of George Gray, . ' containing , Six acres more or less, lying on the tight hand ! side of the Neck road leading from Windsor; and the said defendant will further take notice that he is required to be and appear at the nex't term of the Superior Court to be held for Ber tie county in the courthouse, in Windsor, N. C., on the 8th Monday- after the first Monday in March, it being the 27th day of April 1914, 1 and anr swer or demur tothe complaint.of the J plaintiff in said action, or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said complaint. ? , T 1 This March 16, 1914. V W. L. LYON. -, 1 Clerk Superior Court, Gillam & Devenport. attornevs. a & r e n, C r y ruu i-LtiuiiEirs - OA T.ORiA Announcement, After careful consideration .of an from quite a number of my most influential friends of this town and various other sections of the county,. that I become a candidate for County Treasurer to succeed Mr. A. V. Cobb, the present incumbent,, who has informed me that he, will not ask for renomination,. I have' decided to announce myself a candidate - for the office of County Treasurer, subject to the Democratic primaries to be held on Saturday, May 16th; 1914. ' If nominated and elected to said office I shall endeavorrat all times and under all circumstances, every day in the week, to serve the t-people of Bertie countj, with the same degree of promptness arid courtesy that has always characterized my conduct in per-senal business affairs. 1 As to my Democracy it is now and has always been that of the William Jennings Bryan and Woodrow Wilson kind. No better, no worse. As for my claims against the party I haven't any. It has always given me and my family fair returns in, good government for all the strenuous efforts, privations' and labor that I or any of them have ever put in it; notwithstanding my father was a life long Democrat, born and reared , in Bertie county, raised six Democratic sons, fought four years in the Confederate army in defense of it and other southern' counties and at no time did he, nor has any of his sons ever before, asked for an office at the hands of her people. The office'that I am now asking for, while very important in itself and to the people of the county, pays such little salary that it is impossible for one living out of Windsor to give dai'y office service such as I propose to give if elected. But due to my location I can afford to do so and if nominated and elected, and my services prove satisfactory, I will ask for it. but one more term As to my ability, experience and etc.. will say that I have served seven years as town commissioner of Windsor and six years as town treasurer, both without pay, and the latter without bond am now treasurer of the church in which I hold membership and have been actively engaged in the mercantile business for twenty years, therefore I earnestly ask you, each and every reader of this announcement for yoiir valuable support in this instance, thanking you in advance for same I am, Yours most sincerely, - C- A. COOKE. A Card. This announces my candidacy for the office of Treasurer of Bertie county, subject to the Democratic primaries. If nominated and elected, I will maintain the standard of efficiency the citizenship of this county is entitled to. Very respectfully i A. B. BURDEN. Aulander, N. C. NOTICE Having qualified as administrator estate of George MacDonald, deceased tate of Bertie County, North Carolina, thisis to notifv all persons having claims against said estate said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned on oi before the 16th day Masch, 1915, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery all persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment, This March 18th 1914. ' .M. B. Gillam, administrator: ' GeoageMac Donald, deceased Jno. W. Davenport, attornev. - NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF NA- x THAN HOLLEY. Having on the. 20th day of March, 1914, been duly qualified as administrator upon the e4tate of Nathan Hol-ley, deceased t hereby give notice to all persons holding claims of any kind against the estate of said Nathan Holley to present them to the undersigned at the. Citizens ' Bank in Windsor,, duly verified, before the first day of April, 1915, or this notice will be plead in bar of any recovery Jthereon; All persons indebted unto said esate" are required to make immediate payment. . ' . 4 ,' ' . This March 20, 1914. M. 3. Gillam, Administrator of Nathan Holley. Winston & Matthews. .Atty's. :GSOI3iES-D"SRl' .Will cure your Rheumatism Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps, Colic Sprains, Bruises, Cufs; and Burns, Old Sores, Stings of Insects Etc. Antiseptic Anodyne, used internally ancl eiternally. Price 25c, Deeus Mr. Editor : As a country ; boy 1 1 wish tb say. I m for Stephen W.Kenr ney for Rgisterof : Deeds and I can give my rafror-s for it. v ' - He has edited the Windsor .Ledger many years and nas madj a succese of it." There is not, a good, cause that he does not advocate. . He is speci ally" interested" in getting- relief for the farmer. I; believe, his paper has done more for schools" in this county than anything else. Did you ,ever notice how kind, and i encouraging he speaks of the efforts of young and old and e courages us all to betr things. He dors not favor the rich and great over the plain people.. He is a plain working man himself and knows 'how to sympathize with others who work. For this reason he believes in giving, every man a chance." Then besides he loves bis home county and her people. : It seems i to me he is "always watching out ': to find when some Bertie boy or girl has done ' something to our credit, I think the Register of Deeds office is very small honor to' gi e him for his . years of service e people of Bertie county. I hope they, will give him the office. Hedeserves it. " . ' ELI -TODD, - ' , ' Windsor, R. F. D. - v -v v To the Democratic Voters of Ber tie Countv This, is to announce, that I am a Candidate for the nomination! to the House of Representatives in the next General, Assembly; of North Carolina. T- There is only one plank in my platform the will of the Democracy of the State and County. , ; ' Very respectfully Alanson Capehart ;. Roxobel, N. C "' Announcement. To the Democratic voters of Bertie. I am a candidate for the Democrat-ic nomination for Register of Deeds (subject to the Democratic primaries) to succeed Mr. W. S. Pritchard, who has public announced- ithat he will not be a candidate for reelection. - I have been in this officers Deputy Register for fourteen, years. Was appointed Deputy by Ir. E. E. Ether-idge, served through his administration and then with Mr. Sol Cherry until his death,, and since that time have served the Present Register. I hope ina satisfactory wray, as I have endeavored j to perform my duties so as to merit approval - ; ' - The efficiency of the Register of Deeds office under the past three officers under whom I have served, is known to the people of Bertie county,' especially to all those who ha've had business, with the office. Experience in office, ttnowledge of the records and familiarity with the affairs of the coun ty I think better qualify, me to serve you in the eapacity for which" I ask your support in the coming elections' ' I trust that ybui acquaintance with me and my .service to the public in the past will commend me to your support and interest. With the assurance that if I am so fortunate as to receive the nomination and jelectron I will endeavor to perform the duties of Register of Deeds in a manner that will be cred itable. , - - ; lam, very truly yours." : A. C. MITCHELL Announcement 1 To the Voters of Bertie County; I take this method to announce myself a candidate for nomination for the office of Treasurer of Bertie county, sub-ject to the action of the Democratic primaries. If nominated and elected I promise faithful and efficient service. - Thanking you in advance for your siip-port arid influence I. am Yours very truly WAYL AND W. MITCHELL. Aulander, N: C. - ' ' . B. J, McGoogan, Me. Physician and Surgeon ; , 1 : Merry Hill, N. C - : GalJsL answered promgly night r day.M Phone at residenceT CHildren Oxy FOR FLETCHER'S V OAS TOR IA '"Go to the Pure Food Store Lewiston for Gardner's cakes. v....v'i:;"".N0TICE . This is to forbid .any person or per-' soris tolRmployv Joe Gatling by' the day orVmonth; or any part of a day for-the1 year of. 1914 as - he is -under contract; to farm on my land for the year '-f -1914; as " hei is indebted to ma or land irentw and two tons of lime. '''r- :l' 'r T. E. BEASLEY. : NOTICE: Nbrth Carolina, Bertie Couritv. In Superior Court Before the Clerk. Haywood W. C herry, Admr. of Samp- son cherry, deceased petitioner. vs Hay wood Wi Cherry, Rebecca Cherry, and husbandi Geb; Cherry, Clarissa Hog-gard,'. Sampson Mitchell, Silvania. 3mith;,'and husband,' Thomas Smith. Mary , M. :Bond and husband; Isham Bond, 'issie G; Bazemore and husband, Richard Bazemore, Thomas F. E. Mitchell, James W. Mitchell, Wil-liarr) J. T. (Outlaw, - William L. Outlaw UVIarina - Outlaw Nancy A. Lee aiua husband Geo Lee, Deliah R. Wil- son and .husband, John Wlison, Mary L. E.. Cherrv.'- Annie Bazemnre -anrf jasband Louis Bazemore, John S. I Spivey-, ; Wesley Cherry. Gecge Spivey, 1 Robert Spivey. Rosahna Cherry and: ( husband Aaron CheVry ' Hannah Hen- . drix and ' husband, jbidvrard Hendrix, Janie i Bazemore and husband, William J. . Bazemore, Jos.mC. Bazemore, John. A. JBazemore,. Lizzie Bazemore, Georgia Bazemore, A hnie L Bazemore and husband, Louis Bazemore, "and Lonnie Bazemore., an infant, heirs at law of Sampson Cherry, detceaed. The defendants; Sampson - Mitchell Salvania Smith ; and Thomas Smith' Isham Bond, Nancy " A. Lee and hus band, Geo. Lee, : Deliah ' R. Wilsor and John .Wilson, Annie L. Bazemore-and husband Louis Bazemore, John S. Spivey, Robert Spivey, Hannah Hen-drix and Edward Hendrix, Lizzie Baze-more, Lonnie : Bazemore " and Hesley Cherry,' and all other defendants in auove euuutu cause, wuo nave not baen served with personal summons herein', will take.notice that a specia-proceeding entitled as above has been commenced in the Superior court of Bertie county, N. C.,' to sell lands owned by Sampson Cherry, deceased, at time of his death, and which are described as follows: A certain tract of land in said county and state afore-said, and Snakebite township, adjoin- ing . lands of W. R. Cooper, John D Sm'vpv Kamnol f .hprrv'n tiira strt containing six acres more or less; and being lands described in deed from William. Daniel Cherry to Sampson Cherry, of record in Bertie county in Book 380 page. 162, for assets to pay-the debts outstanding against the estate of Sampson Cherry, deceased, the this Dur6ose. and having been exhaust ed; and; said defendants will take no tice that they are r required to be and appear, before the -undersigned clerk of : the Superior Court for Bertie county in his office in courthouse in .a tr? 'i 1 " 1 ' .1 .nii t , townoi wmasor, on tne j.etn aay oi answer or demur to the ' petition on file in this , cause, or the petitioner herein will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said petition. This March 16th, 1914. r " , . W. L. Lyon. Clerk of the Superior Court of ertie County. Gillam &. Davenport, ' -1 . Att's' for said Petitioner. NOTICE By virtue of ah order and judgment of the 'Superior court of Bertie county entered in a. special proceeding there pending wherein Wm. J. Acree, R. J. Acree,and Mary. T.;..PeeIe are petitioners; and Alice C. Tynes, and husband, J.. H. Tynes, , are; defendants, the undr signed Commissioners will, on Monday thellth day, of May, 1914, at 12 o'clock n,' expose to public sale at the court house door : in Windsor, to the highest bidder.. for cash,: the following bounded and described tract of iand in r Roxobel township. Bertie Co.. towit: .The Mariah Peele ; tract of land adjoining the land of Geo, T, Brown, Jgs Biggs, w P Herrell, the Edgar Harreli "tract, land, others and containing 961-2 acrs-more or less, 'apd being the land on which Wm. J. Acree now lives. This land is sold for partition among tjie tenants in common therein and set qut in "said special proceeding. Placej of sale court house door in Windsor, Time of sale 12 m, May 11, 1914 Terme of sale cash. -. This April 6, 1914. V J. H.. Matthews. . . , Jno. W.' Davenport, -. ' Comxnissioneri.

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