Windsor Ledger from Windsor, North Carolina on January 1, 1914 · Page 3
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Windsor Ledger from Windsor, North Carolina · Page 3

Windsor, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1914
Page 3
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, NOTICE ; pv virtue of the power-and author- ily given by a certain mortgage deed; executed by, NeUonJpender: and wife Beula Pender to'P.TV; Perry, whicrj is recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of Bertie county, in booV 152 page 530. - the following real property will be sold at public auction, viz: h4 A certain tract of land Wing Jh B ser- tU county, and Windsor' township .mt nnd defined" as follows: The house and lot on which Nelson c Pent er and Beula Pender now live and upon s. mm m t r Viv livpd on January stn, vjL4 adjoining the lands of Frank Watsdn. t n Rnd Harrv spivey, located ton VJ V J - - 1 RTnnnt street and containing 2 acres more or less. Piaa nf sale court house door m Windsor. Time of sale -12 m, Monday, Jan. 26. 1914. Terms of sale cash, , This Dec, 20, 1913, P. T. Perry, Mortgagee, T Gillam & Davenport, attorneys. I have iust returned from the north of up to date goods, for .the Fall and Winter trade. i, LA D 1 I handle a full line of Arrow Brand Collars all styles and styles, also a complete line of shirts a good assortment and ail sizes. Pure silk knit ties and all kinds, of up-to-date four in hand ties, a splehdid assortment at 25 and 50 cents. 1 have the exclusive sale of buy no better shoe for your comiorL ana are aosoiuLeiy For men I sell the well-known Walk-Over Shoes. rm ji t - j t T j m i xneir auraDinty ana comiort. i nave styles to suit; tne young. THOSE ABE JUST A FEW OF STORE YOU WILL FIND ALMOST ANYTHING YOU UALL FOR.I DMAKE : IT A POINT TO TRY TO CARRY SUCH GOODS AS WILLISATISFY THE BUBLIO. I desire to thank for a continuance :.NQTICEi Under and by virtue of ; the powers Contained in ;:a certein mortgage deed executed to the undersigned by. A." J. Punning Jrl;.' and wife Lettie tLJun-hing; bearing date of July 8th. 1913 given; to secure, the papment of 2,notes by "them given, iwhith' notes 'fell 'due on Oct: .8, 1913, tpe ; said notes remain ing unpa,d the undersigned mortgagee will sell at' public auction for cash at 12 m.V on the 2nd day of Feb, 1913, at the court hoifse door in Windsor, N C, the following real estate lying and being in Roxobel township, Bertie Co. N C, adjoining the lands, of Wm, J Hoggard, Granderson Hoggard, G W, Parker, B C Vick, Mrs, W C Harrell, - A f! Harrtll; find ntJiprs. .' Knnndfd aa follows: on theiiorthby Granderson Hogtrard. W J Hoggard, and others; on the south by A J J. Parker, Sam Mosley, et al; on west by B C Vick, Mrs. W; C Vick. and others and con- or less, which ' taining. 469 acres more was formerly composed -Mrt i L'nAnm oo To n t. tract or t)U acres; iNo Z, known a& Asa s ""j" sB 1 ss i ins: 118: DRESS Ziegler Shoes for Ladie's wife or daughter, They have the v style and sona. THE BEST SELLING GOODS I GARRY. IN MY may call for in my you for all past favors and trust of same, ' I P Parker tract said to contain 244 a- cres; iNo o, renown as tne JSdgar lano said to contain 100 acres; No. 4, known as the A J Parker land, said to contain 75 acres ' : " ; -r,, ' t The above land is sold by andwith the consent of the Bryant Timber Co morgagees of which the undersigned was president at the time said mort era era tit a a oritron tr1. Krr : tttViVi' f"!-km jpany deed will be' 8igned to the pur- chaser . Terms of sale, cash, or its equivalent Place of sale, court House door.'in Windsor .. : 4 : ' Time of sale, Feb. 2. 1914, 12 in. This Dec. 31; 1913. : . R. J. Dunning. - Mortgagee, i j Alex Lassiter, attorney. : : - ' ffJOLDS & La GRIPPE ... 6 Of 6 doses 606 will break Vy case of Chills & Fever Afc T flOrlnnerrit acta nn tfie liver better than Calomel and doea not jgnuc-vir biu&cu. i utc V. with a- ful-1 line and Children. You can Everybody knows of t n i -l , ' - tne oia man as wen as store. i. -x : ''';:----"rto?ICE , ". ;-' '-rrrT--fT "r;.;:t NOTICE - - By virtue of the power vested in me - ; By' order nf : V:"""- ' " -by mortgag, deed f rom Jaib MelU&. ; BertK,- CQU 1 f"? Wof AnA wife LiiMnla Melton. I wl Sell at; made. .he special pupuc saie-at-ine court? nouse fiwr. .wi? iuwu ui i4iiuouir .ci v'f 'vk of land rknownVas; the, J S, PafVer hplace. in Snakebite township, said contain 42 1-2 asres, on the 2rd '.day of Feb.'-1914; ? For full descTiptforfvof said land see deed from T B, Bazemore to Jacob Melton.'" T J; , V jk, - . - - - " t. i. - J Place of r sale-report' ' houss y door in Windsor, N. C. ' Time, 6f sale, 12 m,; Feb. 2; 1914 ! Terms of sale, cash.-This Jan 1. . 131,v;;: i'c' plP&i MSrtgageefJ NOTICE Ly virtue ' of v the po we r ? and author- Jty .giyen l&ijxin vdeed oCilbaet ?arah Williams, :; to J. H. VMatthews. Kacee, which is; recorded m the office of the Register of Deeds for ; the 'coun ty of Bertie, iri book)172, Ipage 69 ct -seq. the following property will be sold at public auctwn ;to the highest bidder for cash, viz: ; .! . : First. That certain, tract of land known as the Johnson land, ; ad jpmihg the lands of Jordan Cherry, Sam oVer-ton, W: D. White and ptbers, and con taining 10 acres more or less, , and : si tb atd,on the: publfe road Old Poor Hoase to :Beiria VUtalfand being the land conveyed ' by V Marcus Johnson andfe tphb and by Thomas Williams conveyed to A-lbert Carter; . v - . Second! Oh? 6hi line engine, And one Giant Pe ker, which Albert . Wiliiams purchased of the Isternational Harvester Go: and which were f brmerjy sed SbV H. C. VVaters ; ' and head! blr&cattlei consisting of 2 cows; 2 broke steers. 2 unbroke steers; 3 heiTers- and 2 calves ? the same' being all the cattle owned by Ait ert Williams on Dec, 2nd. 1912; ; The above evscribed land will be sold at the courthouse in WihdsbrPNi C. on Monday the 2nd ;day of : Feb. 1914 at 12 m, to. the highest bidder for cash; . The abeve described person al property will be sold at the " ilome Place ; of Albert Williams, where he now lives, oa Friday, i the 23rd day of January 1914,Ufto the highest biider This the 29th day of Dec. 191 , J..H. Matthaws, Trustee. Winston & Matthews, attorneys, i notice --if-Myr, Bo virtue; the pwirnH authori ty given by a certain deeq 6f trait ex ecuted by Tom Carter and wife Ma, gie Carter to Joseph Cherry J trus- tee, w.nieh is recorded in book 166, page 337, -Bertie Rebister of Deeds Office; the undersigned? trustee will, on Monday, the 2nd day of Feb. 1314, expose for'sale at public auction at the court house door, in Windsor, N. C, to the highest bidder ; for cashV the folloiving defcribed tract of land and persenal property in Bertie county;' N. C towit: . ' That certain tract of land in Cashie Neck, on jwhich Tom Carter and ife now live, adjoining thelands or drew Speller, Austin Watson and others and containing 46 acres ' more or less, and being the tract of land con veyed to Thomas; Carter by deed from J. Et J Tadlock , and wif e las same appears of record in book 118, page 502, Bertie Register of Deeds office to wtucn reference is made for further description, ; . - second, All of tne atock 6f goods, wares :and merchandise in the store of Thomas Carter on the aforesaid land: one cow and neifer calf, one dark iron gray more, named Lucy, s which 'said Tom Carter purchased of Ed Perry. Flace of sale court house door in Windsor, , .'. , Time of sale -12 m, Feb. 2d 1914 , Terms of sale cash f " The above proporty will be sold sub ject to air prior incumbrancer thereon to Said above mentioned deed of trust. This Dec. 29 th; 1913. . : v Joseph B. Cherry, trustee Winston & Matthews, attorneys. , NOTICE. Having this day qualified as 'admin- istratrix" oh the estate" of W.1 E. XJone- land deceased, late of Bertie County, N. C, this is to notify; all persons hav mg claims against the : estate ; of said deceased to present them to the un dersigned on or before the 28th day of I Dec, 1914. or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery! All .persons mdepted to said estate of said deceased will please inake immediate1 payment This. Dec. 28. 1913. . Rachel T.CopeUnd, - Administratrix of W, E, Co pel and in i Holder, pending whro! ur vr" "Kgms and hn.ho j Arthur S Wi '' r J,""IJU, hpr unJZm'-L6 Oaniels and to iPa a hi' . .7 - and Mrs. bv a r M-fnt innie Maua Hw- : er.. bxA. C. Mitchell, . their next of !x.parte to th I wm o. - .o.c an puouc -auction to th. ' h.ghef t bidder.., for ca.h. Cfore tta court, house dbor in Wind',?!; TJl on Monrtav o.u j 7" " m. 1914 .:.:T!r-' U?: ry,- hhuui mp rn Am .. . t s The B. p.,B. on the Windsor lying in front of -. . towit. . ' vneiry tract of land and , Republican road, . the A r . - gaceadjoining; W.S, Cowaud's land. mi..,aaary v. Thomas land, the Dorsy Evans ple, the Aaron Cherry-home place, and others and containing 233' acres more or less and devised to-Wm." A Holder and others, by "Mrs: ED B " oherry. - ' Plfce or MlS-court house door in 1 . inasor. '.TiW:Oi fial'er--12 mA Mnnrta PoK ; Trms of sale--cash . , . " i Thi Dec. 31." 1913. , ; Francis D. Winston, Commissioner' Winston & Matthews, attorneys ' , . ' ' NOTICE OF SALE. ' By yirtue of ( the power and authority iriven. hv taf tain mn-rrm. A I executed ljy W. H. Leath and wife, Lydja Leatl!, to J Bi Nichdlls & Bro. , ' of record in the office of the 'Register - p-w. KVUUVJf, ill XIV - page; 176.: we will, en the 31stf day of; Jai,rl9l4 at 12 m. at the- court house of Bertie county t! in the 'town of Windsor. N. C.,; sell to the highest bidder for cash, the, following real and ' personal property, 'situated and lying in the county of Bertie, state of N. C: 1st. That certain tract of land on - which W, H. Leath now lives, adjoining th lands of fW. M. Sutton and tri.--. d.--' l : i i l ii-. ucn i jr uuiueu i ueua auu t Jueing tne same lands deeded to W. H.' Leath by W M Sutton and for better , description reference is made to said deed of rec- ord in 'Bertie county Register of Deeds 2nd;ipne ' ddrk, mule ?bought of . H. :: P, Sewelf by the said Leath,ialLfam- - ing mirjjetoent3 said' Leath,' - alt cops of every kind that said. Leath raised acd housed from the aforesaid lauuo uuiiug iuc jcai xcrxu, ; auu uuw ? ; Placeof sale. -court house door in Windsor. . . , - Tirtieof sale 12 m Jani 31, ,1914,' V Tarmsof sale caih; r tf 1 J. T. NICH0LLS, ; pro, and the owner of said x mortgage Gillam & Davenport; attorneys. . NOTICE . ' Having qualified as ; administrator with the will .annexed of Mariah Smith. wicc,;dec( ased, late of Bertie, county, N. C. this isv to notify al) persons having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them t$ the under- '. signed for payment or Before the 1st dsy of Jam 1915, or this notice wUI'; be plead in bar of their recevery." : AH . persons owing said estatewill please make immediate payment to me,' - . This Peel 29, 1913 V, ; 3. D. PHELFS,7 Administrator. Maria Smith wick Winstpn & M at the ws, attorneys . ; 8CCTT8 are aggravated during climatic changes because the impure blood b incapable of resistance and tfAinr A.;;:v i . , - " TV' seems useless-but the fame of ScbtW Emulsion tor relieving rneumansm is based on logical principles and scientific .; facts. This oil-food promptly makes active, red, life-sustaining blood corpuscles and its body-buildin g properties regulate the functions to expel poisonous acids. ' Scott's Emulsion, witK careful diet for one month,. will relieve the lame muscles and stiffened joints and subdue the unbearable sharp 'pains when , other remedies fail;' " v Beyoare of, alcoholic imitations arid insist on the parity of SCO 1 1 'S. AT ALL. DRUGGISTS A oi luieumciuiu 00 iWiimiiiMt4 1

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