Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 22, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1944 NAUCfATUOK-DAILY NEWS * Personal—Social roiunie Troops Enjoyed Hot Dog Roast ^ / Tho thri'i 1 Urowniu Troops , with iv hottloK roaiit held n-cenlly in tin- yard ut tho home ot' Airs. VV Ultf'i" Klrliy, Ssvoonoy street Tluwi 1 pru.iont were Mrs. Thomas. Lynch, leader of Troop No, 00 Mi*. I'hillp .Kico, leader, Mrs I-'i-sinl; Halinsky, assistant louder Troop No. ,17: and Mrs. Nurmar \\\RH!, leader of TroO]* No. Sti and thi- l.-lrownios including: IjriMUlt, l-'lorence Phillips, Judith KoU-y, .foan Dunn, Carole .Hiiokott, Liiulu itcI-Ci-u, .Mary Juno Kovak- slii .lotui Scfjinton, Patricia Amlet-sun, Cht-fii; Weiss, Martha LiUiidin, Hel.iy Conover. .Donna Mnrnon, Card Gustafson Murtha Grun^er, Ethol Huyos. Sally Tliui-.ston, Anno P'oley, Mnr- ^iiri-t Froehlich, Mury L,ynn i.-iliioin, Mary Lynch. Joan tiwnm, Sivlly Walker. Mary IJeurclslcy, Kl«a-ior Stevenson. Cynthia .Baxter. V'lr^inia .Schlosscc, Jitcciiiolinu Arili-y, I'atricin ACcKcu. Gale .Knliru skv. Vn>k-t Guatafson, Yell Voane Kelly. Kileoii Philips, Grace Tfilbot, Wllnui Ann Weaving- Kathryn Kis- «inu, Arum ! 'i.stai-olli. Carla .Pep- (lenimii. t-Miso L,ind(.|uist, Sandra- Wiihui-wiis, Mnrcin fcsuxtor, Shir- Icy KnlU-r, Charlotte Wood, Darlene .Vi-lson. Kan-n Carlson, Virs'inia Kice, Udi-b.'ii'n Anderson. Mrs. Jack Moran Entertaining- Guest Mrs. Ji-unnette lirocious of \Vil- h.'vm.-piirt, 1*11.. Is visiUnt; Mrs. .lark T. Moran of Meadow street. Teams Chosen To Visit Church Helpers The Methodist church will have a MX weeks' -pi-oRi-Mm of chin-cl loyally buflnninj; with World Wid Communion Sunday on Oct. 1st. Teams have been formed at the local church to visit members o thu parish nncl Invlto I hem to at tend the services. Ainony the via itors are: Mrs.- Frank Valentine Mrs. William Umlaut, Mrs. Mur- tlux Andrews. Mrs. Harry Royere Mi-.-i. Ralph Floyd, Miv. Roy Rom'•K, Mrs. Myrtle Dor.-jvan, Mrs. Hel- :u Valentino. Also, Mi-, and Mrs. Everett B.irk- !i', Mr. and Mrs. Donald Umlaut, 3r. A. C. Weiitworih. Miss Mary Smoi'dcm, Mr. and Mrs. I-'red Mow- oye. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bobbie, William Calvert. Clarence O'Muaru. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muct-'arljuul, If. and Mrs. Perley Brown, Mr. ind Mrs. Cuorjrc Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Eosworlh, Mr. and Mrs. sri Learner, Mr. and Mrs. Mars' Borne, and Mr. and Mrs, Sumey .Drew. Shirley O 'Donnel Is Honored At Shower Rev. G. E. Pihl Will 3e Guest Speaker At Hillside Church It's Not Always Your Weight! RUSKIN CORSET SHOP MUM, st., «'ili.v. TI-I. :;-..-.-.• 11 Rev. G. E. Pihl of New Britain •ill occupy the pulpit, at the Hill- do Congregational church Sun- ay in the absence of Ruv. P. \V. torson. who i.s guest s'peaker at ic annual conference of the Young People's Federation of the Eastern Missionary association. flev. Pili! will preach at morning service at l.l o'clock. the • Miss Shirely O'Donnell oC Wai nut street, who will bo marrlec October 7, to John Mahan oC Scott street was honored Wednesday evening at a miscellaneous showei given al the home of Mrs. Thomas Mahan, 107 Gorman street. Those present were: Mrs. Frank O'.Donnell, Mrs.. Margaret Mahan Mrs, John Eickerdike, Mrs. Catherine ISIckcrdikc, Mrs. Frank Vurksaitis, Mrs. Merle Hyde, Miss -Dorothy Kramer, Miss Helen Patterson. Mrs. Francis Quinn, Miss Betty Green, Mrs. William Fleming. Miss Anna Sorchty, Mrs. Harold Ekbcrg, and Mrs, Thomas Malinn. Joseph Kezelevich Leaves For Camp Rucker Pvt. Joseph Kcxelcvich, who "recently completed his basic trailing at the infantry training station, Gump Wheeler, Ga.. has been spending a furlough with his vil'c on Lines Hill -and left today to •cport at Camp Rucker, Ala. Mission Society j Meets At Mrs, Lundiri's Marjorie Howard Entertains For* Dorothea Abele Miss Mar.jorie Howard . of G4 Park avenue entertained last night at her home at a bridge and miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss Dorothea Abele of Hillside-avenue. A buffet lunch was served. Attending were: Mrs. Ernest Mc- Kcnxle, Mrs. Robert Carmichacl, Misses Ruth Robinson, Blanche Thurston, Colette Peterson, Katherine Brosnahan, Mrs, Eleanor Snyder, Mrs. Gencvlove O'Day, Mrs. Robert Lowell, Mrs. Harry Ingram, Mrs. Fred Abele, Mrs. F. L. Howard, Mrs, Robert MacDonald, Mrs. Mntlhow Phelan and Mrs. Lilllan-Thcroux, One Tiny Voice Against Chaos The Woman's Mission society of he Salem Lutheran church will ncet Monday, Sept. 2rj, at 8 p. m. it the home of Mrs. Alex Lundin, 0 May avenue. Mr.-Mrs, R, Tobias Return Home Mr. and Mrs. Russell Tobias, who hnvo been in Charleston. W. Va.. for the past few weeks, have returned to their home on Millville avenue. Joan Glynn Enters Laurelton Hall Miss Joan Glynn, daughter Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Glynn Johnson street has entered Laurelton Milford, as a student. Wesleyan Service uUd Meets Monday The-Wesleyan Service Guild of the Methodist church will nieci Monday at S p. m. at the parson- ape. The speaker for the evening will be Bvron Hunter. Clayton S. Davis, Elnor Lutsinger, Wed Sept. 17th Mrs.. Fanny Bell Lutsinger of Cape Charles, Va., announces the TUirriago of" her daughter, Elnor Vlae, to Clayton S. Davis, S. C. 3-c, on of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. 1 'avis oC 15-1 High street, Nauga- uck. The wedding took place September 17,'in South Mills, N, C. Mr. and Mrs. Davis are' at present visiting in the borough with Mr. .Davis 1 parents. Dance Saturday At Elks' Hall Naugatuck '.edge. B. P. O. Elks, will sponsor ar.ot/ior dance ui-day evening at Elks' hall. SiU- highway postoft'ico. similar function Lo the car, was placed in railway service February ]0, 19-11, between Washington and Harrisonburg, Virginia. Mother Visiting With Earl Edler In IJCK'-, BclKiiim, Germ.-ui-lioinlw >vi;r« hiirsting in- thei streets :»ftcr the -Allied occupition.'Homes' were destroyed and ({ r «!»t Imildincs crumbled.. Civilians rushed about in panic. High up In ;i window, one smull l>oy—left alone in this ch:iot!c scene—cries for help. Shortly after this picture \v:i» Uiken ho was noticed by rescuers. (Intcrnii- tional) Earl Edler of New Haven road has as his guoKt, his mother. Mrs. Florence Prosser of Williamsport, Pa. - ' ' Two Warranty D«eds Filed At Town Hall Frank and Carmcla Presto have sold a house and lot on Tolles Squaro to Israel and Mary 'Rocio. according to. a warranty deed filed at the office of Town. Clerk Raymond J. St. John. Another deed recorded revealed the sale of .1 house and lot on Scott street by Joseph and 1 Florence Aukstblis to Anna M. Concourt, Temperature Report DIAMOND MERCHANTS FOR THREE GENERATIONS Red Hermans got a trifle wet last night, not too much—only from the top of the redhead to the very tips of 13 toes. But Red enjoyed th~ cool, fresh breezes today, and figures the clouds will go away permanently sometime today. They have been coming am. going nil day- long. Rod can gath er or disperse clouds nt anytime anyway. 3 a. m 67 6 a. ni 02 9 a. JTI G9 Noon 72 1 p. m 73 Allied Sweep Into Germany looms 1 (Continued- from Pago 1) American lines to the northeast. On the Third Army front—General Pauon is seeding his armored divisions -lunging eastward within 23 miles oC the Siegfried line. They run head-on into a gront concentration oC Gorman panzers massed on the open plains between the cities of Chateau Salins and iDiouxe. Dieuze is across the German frontier. The Is'axis resumed 1 battle in the area last night—after withdrawing yesterday inl the face of huge tank losses. The .struggle is now in 1'-<11 swing—with Ihe Americans slowly pounding- eastward and enemy-casualties mounting hourly. Xorth of the sector—Third Army infantrymen hacked out small gains in the thickly protected region around Sillegny—six miles below Met?.. To the south, other tanlc and infantry forces cleared the Germans from Luiiovillc—and pushed out along a strategic river 113 miles southeast of tlio town. At the lower tip of the. Allied line—-Yank columns pushed into the western end of ;he Bolfort Gap against steadily stiffening resistance. The GI's at last reports were barely 12 miles west of Belfort. Radio Berlin reports Allied bomber formations arc over Bu- varia and western Germany. Last night, the Allied 1,5th Air Force braved bad weather to send a squadron of bombers on'a raid 'of port installations in Salonika in Greece. . • , Tn Italy—Greek troops of the | Eighth Army that took Rimini Roosevelt Talks About Conference Held At Quebec Washington. Sept. 22—(U P)~" President Roosevelt says he and Prime Minister Winston Churchill devoted ,1 "great deal of time in Quebec to planning for the gradual transfer of more responsibility to the Italian government. He said plans were developed to prevent the Italian people from starving and freezing to death this winter. Mr. Roosevelt told his news conference that ho and Churchill also talked a lot aljout the future of Germany. But he said there could be no news on this phase of their discussion, at present. In the Held of international affairs, Mr. Roosevelt expressed satisfaction with progress being made in the Dumbarton Oaks international - security ' conferences, saying he thought the achievement of 30 per cer.t agreement was a darn good batting average. Bitter Fighting In City Of Warsaw Reported Today ' (By United Prww) A Polish communique «ayn the Russians have fouxht thtir way across the Vistula river at Warvaw n:id joined General Bar's Polish patriots in furious street battles ag.-dnst the Germans. General Bor sny» Russian plana* ain-have dropped food and ammunition to the patriot army—but he adds their food situation still is H'bvarious. The Germans reported a Soviet crossing of the Vistula and biter fighting in the Polish capital •esterdav. But a Berlin com- munique today says a second Soviet orce that .tried to cross waa rapped on river 'islands. Moscow as {riven out no late word on- the- Warsaw battle—saying there would c no official report until the #on- ral in charge was able to an- ounce the entry of the Red Army into the- citv. At. the. top of eastern Europe, the- battle for the Baltic republic of Estonia is headed for a rapid climax. A German mews agency says the Nasis already have bcjrun a withdrawal'in northern Estonia, Another German disaster looms in the south where Russian and Romanian troops' are sweeping alonjr the Romanian plains toward- the Hungarian border. Advance units last were reported only 17 miles 'from the frontier.- Onj:c across the border, the Allied troops' Thm will have a virtually clemr IMKmile p»th to the Hungarian ctplUl of Budapest—obstructed only by th« Tiiiw river and whatever detente the flceintc enemy can.oflfer, '• Hungary *l«o. It threatened by Soviet force* drivinK.,, down -from southern Poland against the Slovak border. . / In Yugoslavia, Marshal Tito announces his partisans are march- Ing directly on Belgrade after an advance to within 20 mile* of the capita); ' ' . . • > At the bottom of the . eastern front; the German* are - reported continuing: their ait- evacuation of the Aegean islands—especially Crete. Reliable information »»ysj the Nazis are flying personnel'from the islands 1 to the Cruek- mainland: Condition Of Local Man Is "Poor" Tho condition of'John J. Ford; 182 Scott street., wae reported •poor" by authorities at St. Mary'* hospital this morning-. Mr. For<l was' admitted to the hospital earlier this week, reportedly «uf- "crinff'from a heart condition. Ho is beine. treated by Dr. V. P. Duffy. UNDER SUSPENSION" Boston, Sept. 22—(UP)—Twcnty- e'ven Bay State filling- station 'operators are undcr_ suspension for acccptlnij- counterfeit ration coupons. The OPA charged that moro han 'JOOTOOO gallons were trans- erred Illegally by the dealers, who yerc forbidden lo operate for peii- 'd.s ranging from 15 days to the u rat ion. + BOY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS O— Weather Report | O O Maine, New H.i.nipsJ)ire, Vermont, Massachusetts, , Comiocticut and Rhode .Island—fair and much cool- ei" tonifl-ht. Tomorrow fair nncl continued cool. Snstport to Block Island—Small craft warnings are being: displayed for the wosi 10 northwest winds 25 Lo 30 mph. diminishing- slowly tonight. Extended l;"orocasb | The tomper.Tlnrc in New £mr- j land during the next five days will | average from two to six degrees | bc'.ow tlie seasonal normal. Except I for nioderately warm wciithe ATondny, tcmper.ituros will con •Jnue on the conl side throuchou ;he period. Tiie normal teinporatui-a for Eos ton and New Haven, Connocticu during the period is Gl degrees Burlington. Vermont, Concord New Hampshire and Portland Maine — 57 degrees. Nnntuckct Massachusetts—GO degrees. East port, Maine—5-1 degrees. ormfit- BRASSIERES $1.75 up One Reason Why American Women are the Worlds's Best Dressed . . . r FIRST STEP IN EASY WALKING- JEWELERS .-.^, SILVERSMITHS SINCE I90<» 68 BANK STREET girl's fondest dream is of die thrilling moment she and her chosen one avow their love. That is one of the reasons why considerate men have traditionally fulfilled that breathless moment ... so it may be cherished forever . . . with the most valued of all beautiful gems — the diamond, We present only diamonds .of brilliance, beauty and depth, in settings worthy of their quality. DIVIDED PAYMENTS IF YOU PREFER, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST 7/ieie Art Typico/of Our torg* and Vaiiad Slock, Bui May Not-Bt Avoihbh at All T/rnw have entered the southern edge t of the Po valley. An Indian division of the Eighth Army seized the capital of the tiny state of S.irt Marino. 'The ancient republic has declared war on Germany—and its 900-inan army went into action /or the first time since the 15th century. The San M.irir.o troops—who wear hifrh plumed, hats andi shining swords—are cor-1 t rolling Nazis nnd Italian Fascists, JJ and handing- them over to the j J Allies. i CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR SENDING. OVERSEAS ARE READY NOW! Sweetheart rIUCE {. 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