Los Angeles Evening Post-Record from Los Angeles, California on October 7, 1922 · 11
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Los Angeles Evening Post-Record from Los Angeles, California · 11

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1922
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m t THEY DIRECT PALOS VERDES PROJECT TO ByiVIDED Fight of Decades Ends in Tentative Agreement - Washington Oct 7— A tentative agreement dividing the waters of the Colorado among the seven states through which that river flows has been reached ending a fight of decades over rijjhfs to Colorado river waters For many years irrigation and power projects along the Colorado have been at a standstill due to the inability of the states to agree as to each commonwealth's share to waters President Hardirtg a year ago appointed a commission headed by Secretary Hoover to negotiate treaties between the seven states concerned to end deadlocks court salts and disputes between them Negotiations at the first three peace conferences failed " j Within the last month the question has been approached fcom an entirely new apgle Instead of basing claims on potential acreage of unclaimed lands which need water in i each state it is now proposed to divide the waters of the Colorado into two equal parts 'where the river v crosses the Arizona-Utah line This j ' proposal to which plenipotentiaries of idl the states have agreed1 tentatively pending submission of the treaty in their constituents surmounts obstacles In the way of a settlement on an acreage basis The upper states are not ready to proceed with reclamation schemes For that reason they objected to a combination 1 enterprise with the other states This plan reserves their share of Water for future use but enables the three lower states to go ' ahead with projects long hejd up Additional treaties between the lowest states California Nevada and Arizona will determine each state’s share to their Joint 50 per cent ill M Members of the construction and planning staff of the Palos Verdes organization (left to right) H T Qocy chief of the engineering forces Frederick Law Olmstead noted landscape architect Henry Clarke head of the sales force E G Lewis general manager Charles H Cheney city planner and Francis L Sellew sanitary engineer Wider interest was manifested this FINANCIERS DEMUR AT ACCUSATIONS Frank Thompson and H- C Staggs accused of forging note?? and of violating the corporate securities feet filed a demurrer to the charges Saturday in Judge Shenk’s court The men were Indicted by the county grand jury following investigation of alleged bank wrecking activities of Alva E Simith NEWMAN WINS RACE WITH LAW Harry Y Cohen known as the "Rev” j Charles Newman alleged “love pirate” and sWlttdler unexpectedly scored apeintjust as Deputy District Attorney Joos Was preparing to file a third charge against him ' Joos issued a complaint charging that Cohen swindled a Long Beach woman out of $100 by "ordaining” her as a minister Cohen apparently heard of the contemplated move and rushed to the offcfe of W A Jack-son president of the National Independent Spiritualists' association and paiqi him the $100 Whether Cohen can ndw be prosecuted on the complaint will be decided Saturday by Joos That Cohen has had a checkered career throughout the east and middle west sometimes leaving town with angry citizens at his heels was revealed Satuirday by Detective T W Cochran of the Nick Harris agency According to Cochran Cohpn'g full name Is Harry Wyanca Cohen and DOPE ARREST TIES UP CITY TRAFFIC When State Narcotic Agent Clement E Peoples went to a drug store at Sgxth and' Spring streets he had no intention of tying up traffic for 15 minutes “Frenchife” Berdo the suspect iWasn’t inclined to submit to arrest Turing a battle lasting 15 minutes traffic Was held up for five blocks PREFERRED JAIL TO FINE— GOT IT “I ' think that's too much I’d rather go to Jail than pay $100 Oghat is how A F Lacross 637 W&tl street began a sentence of 60 dayfe in the city jpil for reckless driving “ Judge Chetsebro Was guilty of the sentence ' he haa operated under the names of j Belmont Lewik and Newman In 1915 Cochran asserts - Cohen left Morgantown W Va after swin-i dling two sisters Estelle Hunter and 1 Anna Lyons out of $10000 Cohen is alleged to have "gone info a trance” with the $10000 telling the sisters he would find a “sure fire” investment for them He is alleged to have left town wlthdtrf providing the investment or returning the money MAY BURY POETESS IN POTTERS’ FIELD Minnie Strong disheartened poetess who hung herself two weeks ago in Santa Ana will be buried in the potter’s field Saturday unless friends provide funds at once rThe woman toqk her life after receiving countless rejection slips from publishers An hour after she died a j check arrived id payment for one of j her poems OFFICIAL FACES SEARCH LIGHT Accuse Him of Obstruct- ing Justice A county official who it Is alleged vhad illegal relations with youthful autp thieves in their cells in the county jail before he would ’ ment of the hotel arrange for their release is under investigation by sleuths of the Automobile Club of Southern California Grand jury charges of obstructing justice probably will result Officers of the Automobile chib and county officials who are investigating will not discuss j the case but it is believed actiorWs imminent Kaid Head(iarters Ai letter from one youthful bandit to another telling how thfe official had used political influence to "spring” open jail doors and how he had "worked” certain other officials with leniency appeals was discovered in a raid by auto club detectives on headquarters of a gang 5 "If they get you” thejetter said “see He'll fixit for you either by getting a light sentence or a parole" Officers Angry Law enforcement officers say' their efforts to convict youthful crooks are ’frustrated by the man under investigation A county official can be rfemoved from office under Section 772 of the penal ’ code for misconduct or he could be ejected by a vote of four of the five office holders The accused man always has been able by political influence and the power he wields in his official capacity 'to block efforts to oust him or regulate his conduct TORCH CAUSES FIRE A painter's touch caused a $10000 fire In a vacant home at 125 East Twenty-eighth street according to a report made at the fire prevention r X 111 Saturday Woman Nabs Man for Reckless Driving Mrs Emma Tierney 1030 West Eighth street arrested J C Woods 600 East Thirtieth street and charged him with reckless driving She alleges Woods drove into her car at Ninth and Hope streets DEFRAUDS WOMEN MUST GO TO PRISON For defrauding three women of $1646 H E Murray auto salesman was sentenced to 1 to 14 years In Quentin Saturday by Judge She One woman was a widow of 80 week in development plan of the Palos Verdes project as a result of the announcement that field headquarters of the organization will be established within a few weeks at the Redondo Beach hotel Redondo Responds Announcement was made by E G Lewis general manager of the Palos Verdes Estates that the board of trustees of the city of Redondo had authorized a bond issue of $125-000 for the purchase and improve-The city trustees fwiil lease the property to Lewis for three years at a rental of one dollar a year The hotel will be the headquarters for the members of the planning and construction staff ojt the Palos Verdes organization including Frederick Law Olmstead landscape architect of nation wide fame H T Cory head of the engineering staff Charles H Cheney ity planner 'Myron Hunt chairmajn of the art jury aqd Francis L Sellew sanitary engineer - It was pointed out by Lewis today that approximately one hundred and fifty draftsmen will be employed at the tract within a few weeks Here’s Letter Emphazising their interest in the development plans of the Palos Verdes project officials of the Rer dondo chamber of commerce sen1® the following letter to Lewis yesterday : "Redondo Beach chamber of commerce again desires to express its enthusiastic appreciation of the magnificent work in city building you have Undertaken in the Palos Verdes project S "We desire to continue to co-operate in every way possible with your plans and to facilitate your work in Redondo Beach Our every energy shall be directed to the earnest support of the board of Truteea of our city in carrying the bond issue for the purchase of the Hotel Redondo Tract for Palos Verdes general headquarters a future park We feel that this is Che beginning of the greatst period in the history of Redondo Beach” MAKE RECORD SALES In 12 clays $600000 worth of homesites and business sites have been sold In Goodyear park owned and being sub-divided by the DeWitt-Blair Realty company E L Duffy former newspaperman has been placed in charge of advertising Goodyear park is served by two 5-cent ear lines and is 10 minutes drive from Broadway Close to it the board of educa--tion will within the next year build a combination grammar and high school to cost $1500000 ' Erection of-three stores and two residences commenced In Goodyear park this "week V SOUTH-ENDERS r WANT IT THERE The north-enders and the south-enders are still at it ( Just a few days after a new movement was started to place the civic center project north of First street a suggestion is made to place it on Washington boulevard between Figueroa and Grand J S Patterson supporter of the plan says that the Plaza civic center would prcuee a "great folly” Uses No Oil Methods A bald barber can’t sell hair restorer because he has no head for business I Water isn’t the only thing that can’t successfully be mixed with oil according to Carlin G femith subdivider jxC Ri® EastmonJ Tract? dn Whittier Bcndavard Another thing that doesnt mix well with oil he says is real estate So when Eastmont was opened and t pfeces of lots were fixed there weren’t any oil promoters unit wizards free busses eats or "tabernacle” talks Close to Oil “We are close enough ’to producing oil wells to give the average promoter with long shot idea heart failure for not following his advice" said Smith “But our business ismot even distantly related to the oil business We are offering Eastmont lots as home-site values We are selling lots for homesites at prices below the actual value of the ground for residence purposes If there isr Any oil it wiij go to the lot buyers along wi£h thS profits they will reap thrd'figh the rising values of the land The ol possibilities '-didn’t enter into the fiking of our prices Neither does it enter into the selling of our property-We are giving every lot buyer a bigi value in the land If each one gets an oil well in his back yard some day we’ll be glad of it but he doesn’t pay us a cent for the possibility or whatever chance he has of getting it” Few Weeks Old Eastmont has been opened only a- few-weeks yet families are already living In temporary homes con- Business is sweeping over this -section The property embraced in the big tract is directly opposite the site of the Union Pacifiers new shops where millions of dollars will be spent ' "Hundreds of people have found that building a temporary home and saving rent is the only chance the average wage earner has of making a real start toward independence" continues Smith "The mon&y saved in rent will pay for the Jot and leave a balance evepy monjh” i— — — — ii 1 1 ii i maTm mu—— I — —i iiniyni SHE GETS HER DIVORCE Al Mrs Daisy Hall ! Judge Summerfield her husband Byron Hail humanly cruel” and asked vorce “The evidence produced warrant a divorce on the cruelty” commented the jue jThen as the woman wafe tui sadly away he added “I Will you a divorce however on j§ ground of non-support” 5 — Many a man goes to chi on Sunday to get a onen supply of religion SPECIAL TRIP SUNDAY s Clip This Coupon V This coupon will be exchanged for round trip ticket to Maywood Pacific Electric Station Sixth and Main and is good for auto tli rough Maywood and the Central Manufacturing District ' Good for Sunday October 8 1922 Only9 i Name if Address Main 7113 MAYWOOD Owners and Subdividers “Laguna Land & Water Co” 410 West 6th m 15245 GRANDDAUGHTER IS FINDER OF SUICIDE Mary Zensch 60 of 404 East Sixty-fourth street committed suicide b inhaling gas She left no word of explanation Her body was found in a hallway by her granddaughter ADJOINING BELVEDERE GARDENS ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF WHITTIER BOULEVARD ON WHITTIER BOULEVARD in the CENTER of the greatest home-building and business district building that Los Angeles has ever seen bar no sectiory In the last 18 months 10000 people have come here and values are rising daily POPULATION INCREASE is the vital factor in causing increase in value WHEN and this is certain the Huge UNION PACIFIC SHOPS come in on one side and the Huge UNION PACIFIC YARDS come in on the other side with an expenditure of over $6000-000 THESE FEW LOTS OFFERED SHOUW) DOUBLE IN VALUE f£ig lots with cement sidewalks and curbs water gas electricity graded oil paved and graveled streets for as low as $475 Systetn low operating expense and-desire to close out a Tru$t enable us to sell so cheap FREE AUTOMOBIL E— REGISTER NOW j COME! SEEL SAVE $200 We intite comparispn and challenge any one to show bigger values based on what is heiie and what is coming to this district $2500 coming it $1000 a Month Buys -a Lot To Get' There: Whittier Boulevard 5c yellow car to end of line Auto waiting rn-walk one block east to office at 5009 Whittier Blvd By Auto Out Whittier Blvd to the tract DON’T FORGET L0FTU3 LAND CO Office -J- 420 Pacific Finance Bldg Pico 1543 SENT ON 3 LONG TRIPS WIFE QUITS That her husband had sent her away on long journeys three times thinking she would not retutm was the charge on which Mrs Mary Jackson was granted a divorce Saturday from Charles Jackson “After I was sent away three times” declared Mrs Jackson “I began to think he didn't want me” "Your suspicion is quite justified” commented the court in granting the decree REFUSE $5 FOR ' ELECTION WORKERS Loud jrumblihgs have been heard from the' election board workers who received only $1 apiece from the city for their work in the primary election ”We Want more money” Is their ruraoreddemand 'v But council refused to grant them $5 for the general election as Councilman Sparks suggested - — Build Your Home at Carthay Center TTils scientifically planned subdivision of 136 acres at Wllshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue offers magnificent inducement for artistic low-cost distinctive nomes —-Large lots as low as $2000 all improvements $aid — Improvements the finest wide paVed streets and boulevards imposiftg parkways all wires underground beautiful ornamental lights its own railroad station unique shopping center near L A High School' —Only 22 minutes from city’s business district direct car service by Pacific Electric Convenient to beaches farFe) COMPANY Herman W Heilman Bldg (Main Lobby) Tel 123-63 Tract Office Mission Bungalow on Wllshire Blvd just west of Fairfax Ave Tel 769-780 v&t n qi voni witli vision i’ decision up QD QG 5fare Temporary Homes Permitted WHITTIER BOULEVARD i j Be Sure You Take the Bus Marked Eastmoht UNION FACIFIC D eVelopement 5l6 Acres opposite V x Rent Slaves- Figrure your rent for 12 months It’s gone forever Your stake is 12 pieces of paper Purchasers of Eastmont lots are living comfortably in homes costing only $275 plus labor You can build it yourself Suppose you? pay $650 for a lot — $65 down — $10 a month This means $175 the first year Insurance Bm interest and taxes mean another hundred But the total expense the first year is oftly $450 How much rent did you pay? By paying rent to yourself at $40 a month for a year you will own your home and owe a balance of only $475 If your wife iswilling let us show you the light Low $25 Deposit $10 per Month Gas Water Electricity Improved Streets Included in the Price Eastmont values are skyrocketing Prices & fe the lowest they will ever be Eastmont is on Whittier boulevard abutting the new Unio'n Pacific development assafring a mighty payroll and increased demand for homesites Don’t hesitate Make the JpIG decision today Listen dn! Get This Earful Mr Kinder invested $160 eight ijnionths ago plus $80 in payments He has already sold out at a $300 profit Mr Gasad paid $680 on his lot in 5 months We paid him $1400 for it Mr "Rhoades put up $280 and got a check for $855—a profit of $575 Mr Bagwell paid $250 profit to Mr Green eleven7 months ago Bagwell got at check for $2935 Lucky? No! He just used his head Mr Keenan pail $150 cash and made 14 payments of $15 each He got his money Lack with $2600 profit Get Your Before You Get Left— -Come Out Today 25 Minutes From Broadway — 5c Transportation Buy an ’ : wm Eastmont Economy Cottage $100 Down-— $20 Per Month Built to Sril From $1200 to $1350 Including Lot Como and See It HOW TO GET THERE BY STREET CAR — Take Stephenson Avenue ear East on Seventh Street to end of line Our bus and autohiobiles are waiting there -‘ BY AUTO— Drive out East Seventh and Whittier Boulevard (formerly Stephenson Avenue) to tract ' r Be Sure' You Take the Bus Marked Eastmont Incorporated 304-5-6 Union Bank Building Eighth arid Hill St Phone 822-271

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