The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1954
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 30, IAKK.) COURIER NEWS FAGB THTRCT Polio Vaccine Must Now Pass Acid Test (Continued from Page 1) vaccine will work is easy—antibodies. Antibodies are nature's policemen. They are tiny protein particles, circulating in the blood, which can combine with and disarm an invading germ or virus. When some germ attacks you, your body starts malting antibodies against it. If you make enough antibodies soon enough, you win the battle. If you don't, you become ill and sometimes die. Once you have made antibodies, you usually keep them. You have your antibody factories all set up, ready to go to work at a moment's notice. The antobodies against one kind, of germ or virus work only against that specific disease agent. It is now known that most of us by age 15 already have antibodies against one, two, or all three separate types of virus which can cause paralytic polio. We made them sometime in the past when virus invaded us. Most of us never knew we had the virus. Once you make antibodies against a virus, you apparently are protected for- life against that type of virus. The purpose of a vaccine is to make you set up antibody factories by giving you dead or safe virus. Dr. Salk has been testing his vaccine on children for a year and a half. Of nearly 5,000 children vaccinated so far, not one has become ill with any fever from the vaccine, or even had soreness in the arm receiving the shots. Blood tests show the vaccinations can create antibodies against all three types of virus, even in children who had no polio antibodies at all before getting the vaccine. They kept these antibodies, in what seem to be protective amounts, for at least seven months. That's the length of one polio season. But Dr. Salk has just made a heartening new find. It seems that the first one or two shots of vaccine alter the body's antibody mechanism, make it more sensitive. When the third or booster shot of vaccine is given sometime later, antibody production soars sky-high. Some children even got more antibodies than they show after natural infection with polio. And Dr. Salk has a -little evidence that natural exposure to polio after one or two shots of vaccine may act like a booster shot of vaccine. The sensitized antibody mechanism may be triggered into quick, high production of antibodies against the virus which is making an invasion. These are reasons for thinking that a few shots of vaccine can give life-long protection. Whenever live virus came along, the antibody policemen would appear in heavy force. Children in the test are getting two shots of vaccine spaced a week apart, with the booster shot four weeks later. Actually there may be a better timing or spacing for the booster shot to create the most protection, and this question is being studied. It's also possible that only one initial or sensitizing shot is needed, followed by one booster later. Well, you may ask, if the vaccine creates antibodies, why is there any doubt that it won't protect the children? There are two questions. One is whether there are enough anti bodies from the vaccine. The other is whether the virus can attack nerves without going through the bloodstream where the antibodies are standing guard The evidence is that most of us get polio because the virus enters the intestinal tract, then gets into the bloodstream, and then move on to attack the nerves. But there is evidence that sometimes it can bypass the blood stream, thus escaping attack by the antibodies. The tests on thousands of children will help show how often the virus may attack in this manner rather than through the bloodstream. But there is a hopeful fact here too. It is that spaced shots of the vaccine may produce so many antibodies that some "spill over" from the bloodstream into peripheral nerves. They would thus be standing guard along nerve pathways against virus which did bypass the bloodstream. (Tomorrow: How the vaccine is made, how the tests are being run.) RED CROSS (Continued from Page 1) G*raldine Bratcher, Btytheville Produce Company, Mrs. C. B. Lunsford, Clyde Robinson, Mrs. C. M. Gerrald, Mrs. C. Modinger, Bill Stancil. $1—Jane Ross, Mrs. Frank W. Nelson, G. M. Wilson, Mrs.. James Lentz, W. M. Wallace, Suzie Williams, Annonymous, Mrs. Eugene Mays. C. E. Hulsey, T. J. Nance, Laville Stanley, Mrs. D- Lunsford, Mrs. Anna Lunsford, Gladys Frei, Anonymous, Rhodes Grocery, Mrs. Bert Trumble, Mrs. E. E. Hardin, Mrs. Lucille Arends. Mrs. Ike Miller, Mrs- C. W. Af- flick, Mrs. C. M. Smart, Mrs. Bruce Ritchey, Mrs. James Terry, Mrs. R. W. Vrska, Mrs- Joseph Sweat, Miss Julia Irene Brook, Miss Arden Ferguson, James Fisher, Mrs. C. L. McFarland, Mrs. Lloyd Stickman, Mitchell Johns, Thomas Woodyard, Mrs. Kathleen Thompson, Mrs. Oliver Coopedge. ' William McLeod. Mrs": Perry Darby, Robert McGraw, Embry Wilson, Mrs. Francis" Bowen, Miss Martha Ashford, Miss Cecil Cassidy. Chester Johnson, Miss Virginia Bowen, Joseph Sweat, Mrs. Herman Carlton, Miss Luna Wilhelm, Miss Gaye Satterwhite, Miss Melba Marion. Miss Patty Bosson, R. C. Devers, Jim Griffin, W. G .Alley, I. D. Leath, Nathan Richardson, Joe Crittenden, Ezra Snow, Herchell Riggs, Agnes Kinnell, Kathryn $ABY NEEDS THIS SHOE—Mothers all over will welcome the hews that a Dutch factory has started mass production of a new baby shoe that grows with the child's feet It's pictured above as displayed in Amsterdam. Gimmick is a detachable back piece that fastens on with snaps. Between the inside heel and the outside heel there's a strip of leather. Remove this and the shoe become* a half size larger. Remove both the strip and the inside heel and shoe is a full size larger. Roberts, Allic Coleman, Sadie Turner, Francis Quails, Grace Edwards. Tomato S5 — Harvey Tillman. $2—Lim Stanford, Marvin House, E. E. Elam. $1 — Audie Dunham, E. Myrick, L. C. Gifford, Jim Rebstock, Robert n. Lee, A. J. Mitchusson, Lewis Tillman, O. L. McAdoo, John Slagga, Bud Harshman, Joe James, George R. Hopper, Bob Sutton, Henry Freeman, J. W. Hopper, Johnnie Dingier, T. H. Holt. Gosnell $10 — E. S. Crawford, R. D. Hughes Gin. $5 — E. G. Crawford, E. E. Stevens, Roy McKay, George Hamilton. $3 — C. O. Smith, F, A. Dormer, J. P. Hocott, Malcolm Greenway. $2.50 — Mitchell West. $2 — T. M. Crawford, R. L. Max- Well, Guy Geans, John (Tip) Hollingsworth, W. H. Raspberry, J. M. Frankum, J. B. Lollar, Mrs. Neta Bunch, Charlie Cain, M. E. Cook. L. C .Dorris, Andy Bevill, Wesley D. Davis. $1 — Murrow Potter, J. T. Glover, Tom Crawford, Fred White, C. A. Moody, B. R. Pate, O. H. Fulks, Lester Reams, Roy Crawford, I. J Langley, M. L. Woods. C. Tom Grimes, F. E. Lucius, Mrs. F. E Lucius, Floyd Irby, Mrs. F. A Dormer, Floyd White, Mrs. E. H McMurry. Mrs. Lucille Baggett, Mrs. Betty Southern. Mrs. Francis Heckshere Mrs. Mray Francis Hemby, Mrs Woodrow Bryant, Woodrow Cook. Rube Bevill, Clifton Bevill, Wanda Bevill, Joe Bevill, Gracie Bevill Woodrow Bryant, Harold A. Davis, Lee Hill, Horace Allen. Mrs John Ed Grimes, John Ed Grimes, H. T. Moody. Yarbro $25 — William H. Wyatt, Yarbro Cooperative Association. $20—Huffman Bros. Lumber Co. $15 — Milton Bunch. $10 — G. M. Trimue, Spencer Bunch, D. B. Abbott, Jerry Hollingsworth, Valley Field Gin Co. $5—V. M. Brister, Clyde Gaines, Modinger Service Station, Mrs. W A. Hollingsworth, Ellis Wheeler. Richard Haynes, J. W. Stallingsi H. G. Bunch, W. R. Manley. Elza Wheeler, Alton L. Lair Service Sta- ffclENDlY SHOf STOftl HOUSEWIVES walk all day, fov« •very tttpi NURSES find Foamfread* the soflett, lightest, mott (ilent shoes «ver mod* I ILEVATOR GIRLS go up, and up in nal comfort t §EAUTlCIANS*«p M beautiful SCHOOL OIHS and corttr/s/i ^" n /("»•// in »"- Foamtnodtl Z. '• WAITRESSES eon ««fy» mbr* tabltt, took* m«r« tiptl Foamtreads' secret is a patented ''bubble sole" that breathes with every step, hot unique built-in arch support. By making your foot work, it increases circulation, flexes muscles, removes the main cause of discomfort. Yet your feet never touch rubber. They're protected by a supple leather insole, hand-laced to smooth Elk-tanned leather. Tests prove the Foamtread sole wears as well or better than regular soles. /List lOtMI Ijf MAIt •»•«. u.«. »AT. ofF. r» tf "taMtttrff* 0 10.00 Or* tion, Hollingsworth Grocery, H. G Matthews, Mrs. Eliza Gaines. $5 — Johnson's Esso Station. $3 — C. H. Stiles. $2.50 — Scotty's Service Station. $2 — Ernest French. Gene McGuire, J. R. Lambert, L. T. Burnham, Clyde Bunch, Jack Pollard. $1—Robert Thompson, R. Bunch, Victor Mallery, Joe Hoffstetter, Tom Haynie, Kathryn Mann. Half Moon $15 — Mrs. B. F. Gay. $5 — C. W. Garrigan, Clay Stallings, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Barnes. $3 — J. E. Johnston. $2 — Claude Duncan. $1 — H. C. Buck, Mrs. Louis Ingram, Mrs. Madrie Sullivan, Coy Tweedle, T. J. Buck. O. M. Mitchell, Ira Nicholas, Woodrow Alexander, J. W. Richardson, I. T. Walker, J. I. Gaines, T. J. Richardson, J. D. Needham, Andy White, Otis Austin. Mrs. W. R. Lightfoot. Huffman — Forty and Eight $50 — W. E. Hagan. $5 — W. T. Metzger, George Cassidy, N. C. Patterson. $2 — I. A. Harrison. $1 — E. C. Adkisson, Charley Adkisson, Rex Hughes, J. H. Farmer, B. B. White. Snow Causes Death DETROIT UP)—-George Black, 33, on his way to Receiving Hospital last night to visit a friend, slipped and fell on the snow, striking his head on the sidewalk. He was dead on arrival at the same hospital. 15-Yeor-Old Killed In Outbreak Of 'Juvenile Warfare' PHILADELPHIA, W)—A 15-year- old boy died of .gunshot wounds early today shortly after he wns hit by a bullet fired from a speeding automobile as he talked to two girls on a street comer. It was the third attack within 24 hours in what police described as a new outbreak of juvenile "gang warfare" in North Philadelphia. Robert Blocker died at St. Luke's Hospital as all available policemen were ordered into the area to pick up all teen-age boys walking streets. A total of 40 or more were taken to a police station for questioning within three hours of the shooting. WAEN1NG ORDEB IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI. COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Mirlcy Logan, Pltf. vs. No. 12«W Marvin Logan, Dft. The defendant, Marvin Logan, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer th* complaint of the plantiff, Mirley Logan. Dated this 29th day 01 March, 1954. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By OPAL DOYLE, D. C. B. C. Meadwos, attorney for Pltf. Claude F. Cooper, Atty. Ad Litem. 3/30 - 4/6 - X3 - 20 Save empty lipstick tubes for holding bobby pins and needle*. ASKS FOR MCCARTHY'S RECALL-Leroy Gore, editor of the Sauk City (Wis.) Star, holds a cop, of his newspaper in which he calls for the recall of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Only 500 of the 4000 petitions he printed are left. A recall election on McCarthy's senatorial post would reouire 400,000 signatures, collected 'within a 60-day period. £. German Reds Demand Big 3 Withdraw Military Missions BERLIN (/?! — Walter Ulbricht. strong man secretary of East Germany's ruling Communist party, demanded today that the Big Three Western Powers withdraw their nilitary missions from the East German Republic. He told the opening session of his Socialist Unity party's first convention in four years that maintenance of Western military missions in the Soviet zone was ncompatible with the sovereignty he Russians proclaimed last week or East Germany. In another bid for the long - [enied Western recognition of his Russian - dominated government, Ulbricht said the East German Re- )ublic is "ready to take up normal iplomatic relations with these ) states''—the United States, Britain and France. The three Western Powers now have military missions in the Soviet zone under the four-power occupation agreements but do not recognize the East zone government on the grounds it is not representative of the zone's 18 million Germans. Ulbricht in effect offered them the chance to keep their military- observers in the Eastern zone only as military attaches to accredited Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth, drop, slip or -wobble when you talk, eat, laugh or sneeze? Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps. FASTEETH. an alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates, keeps false teeth more firmly set. Gives confident feeling of security and added comfort. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feel- Ing. Get PASTEETH today at anjr drug counter. DO CRAMPS give you that monthly look? Why lit till-tili nlitry, "wntt" tfciw In ynrr iy«s? Does your mirror show an older-looking, worn-out, nervous face during: your "bad days?" Why Jet Tn«n eee that you are suffering: from monthly cramps? Try a, little Cardui each day as thousands of vromen do. Let it help build strenjth and resistance so you have less and less misery each month. Some eo through periods without feeling any discomforts at all. Also helps relax jittery nerves—sleep better. Look. feel, act younger, more normal all month. Ask for Cardui. (Say: "c<irrf-yem-<rv«"). MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANCE OF LIFE CARDUI diplomatic missions. Ulbricht's demand was one of the first fruits of the Soviet declaration March 25 that it would henceforth assume the same relations with East Germany as with other "sovereign" states. PIGS WITH APPEAL! 707 W. Chickasawba me on over for It's Mountain Grown and naturally richer! comparMl to luwr flavor«d brands Hurt you m*y wed Copyright J. A. F. C Co, 1954 With give s you «•**" -thnolurchorlagl n '" ' transmission full-time Power Steering "on duty" every mile you drive to flive you great new ease in steering and parking. Protects you from road shocks, gives you precise control on bumpy roads and lets you park with only one-fifth the normal effortl yours in the new '54 Be one of the first to drive the " power-packed" new 1954 Plymouth! Let us show you the newest power advances in the fow-price field- a great new transmission combined with an outstanding new engine, and the finest power steering and braking. You'll see how Plymouth's new power makes all driving easier, smoother, safer, more enjoyable than ever before! Drop in or phone today for your demonstration ride. Plymouth 0lv«» you wld*st ehole* of drives I PowerFlite fully automatic no-clutch transmission; Hy-Drive, the lowest-coat no*4hift driving; Automatic Overdrive, and Synchro-Silent transmission. PowerFliti, Hy-Drive, Automatic Overdrive, Power Brakes and Power Steering each available it low extra cost See your local classified telephone directory! look under "Automobiles" Plymouth headquarters for value

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