Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 12, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1896
Page 5
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•' ,^ : ''^':/'' v A'p,;'^^i::'',#':';...J-.'^'V;!?^ 1 ;"-'^ S|Y,;V;'^p'K^te A;' ^O'ff^f^'^'j^fe?^'^'-:^':'?^^'^ ffl;^;>'>l;'^;"''vr/^V : fr^2£i!^ THOUSANDS -OF- PAIRS -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back if dissatisfied with your purchase. StewDson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. Patent Actable Mrella Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER THE NATIONAL L. A. W. HEET. Thousands of Wheelmen at Louisville This Week. The National meet of tlie League of American Wheelmen' at Louisville this wouk has attracted nn Immense crowd of devotees of Hie wheel. It is estimated that there were over fifteen thousand visiting wheel-men. In the city yesterday, and this number will bo greatly increased today nud tomorrow, when tJie races begin-. All tlw crack racer,* of the country -will be there, and as the Fountain Forry track ds the finest and fastest ever built, it is confidently predicted that there will be a number o£ world's records broken. John' S. Johnson and his racing partner, .T. W..Parsons, lha Australian who defeated Klmurornmn last winter, are already, on the ground, and" Eddie Bald, Torn Cooper, Kimlwll and Hause, the Swede, w.ill arrive today. TJie cyclists of Delphi, have asked for a. sanction for races at that,place on any date betlwceu September 1 and 13, and. a number of other Indiana towns have asked for sanctions. Indiana leads aU other states in point of numbers in attendance at the meet, there being: al- most'two thousand-Howlers roistered at the meet -headquarters. The visitors- are being welitaken care of by '.he Kon- liicklans. THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK INDIANA. -OF- OAf I «'A ' *^5 i. J. Murdock. Pre». W W. Roj«. Caih. J. F. Brookmeyer, Ai»t. Ca»n. • a me* 5 1 j f » I. F . D1BICTOB3: ' W. H. Brtnglinrtt. '• *• » vte • • , . F. YMKIS, w j wl]Mn . Bp.nkln* In al: Its DepartJaents promptly and Stockholder. Business Change. .TflTttefl Bcfthoor bflfl purcfcusc-u tne Pelton meat market. He now occupies ,ne n*w room Just erected to the west of .the old stand, and' If to his Intention to run a first-daw shop and handle a full line of 'fresh and salt meat*. DAILY JOURNAL 'WEDXESDAYTAUGUST 1271800. •Wanted.-A girl, at 900 High street. Gea Harrison has the flnwt line of hammock* In tbe city. By smoking!the. Columbia cigar .you amy receive a $23 prize. They must bo' closed out. Thcss shirt waists at 25-cents on the dollar. —Trade Palace. ' Tlie steel ceilings are befog placed in Hie Central building by Slax Jennings. A scaffolding fell Monday, i Injuring several men slightly: There will be. a regular, meting tu- .algnt at Hie r'nk of the Logauspori Me- Kin!*.'-.- chili. 'It-Is-urged-that all ini-i-n-- 1>crs > T.rfpetit. The annual picnic of Michael's col- lege'will be held on the campus Thursday. There will be a speech'by i'x- Mayor B! D. C Read. , The argument In the case of Pogle against the Logansport. Oil and Min- •ing-Company, was-heard in chambers yesterday by Judge Lalry; • . Awarded ,'... Highest Hooors-Wortd's F«U. GOING BACK EAST. A family of four, enrouto from: Kort orUi-,.Texas,.to Patterson, N. J., was given lodging at the jail on. Monday evening. They had no money and were certainly a pitiable -looking crowd. Tlie father was sicklya.nt! they. 'had.-burled one of 'their children at Kansas Cltj'. The father met with an accident while at work in a faetoo" in Texas, and was rendered unable to work. They are on their way East where they have relative*. SENT TO, CINCINNATI. Some time ago a boy named John Sullivan was locked up -here, and it was .found that ho had left thfe homo provided for him by a farmer near Grass Creek, The boy had been' na Inmate of an orphan's home at Cincinnati. Last •night' lie was placed on a train bound for that city, with transportation, nnd he was probably' met -at Me destination by tine agent of the orphanage, to which he promised to return'. THE PRODIGAL ANDCALF. The colored camp meeting now In progress at the park promises to be Interesting Sunday. At 10:30 a. m. services will be held, and In the afternoon a sermon will be preached on the return of the prodigal son-. The fatted calf will be slain and served to those attending the services. BICYCLE RUN. A bicycle, party, headed .by Willie WbiM-fleid,,wUl lcavo,Zi ; nn & Co.'s es taibRslmieat this evening at 7 o'clock sharp, and ride to Royal Center nu<] re turn. All wheelmen who wish to take part In the ride are cordinlly Invited. OVERLAND TO GEORGIA. will-IUker and ...family of Gnlyeston iinve disposed of all their personal prop erty wit-h the exception of a team and wagon, which they will use-in an over land ti'Jp to Georgia, where they expo*' to-locate. . MOST PERFECT MADE 40 Yc«s the PERSONAL. John Carrcll'is at Keystone on busl n«ss. • ,': M'iss.Clara.Rcod is visiting relatves a Blanche Duffy of Burnettsvill Is vtel-ttng-ln the city. : ." Dri'J. 7'. Powell was..InIndta-uapoll yestwday.pi twsJnesB. . . . ; The Rev.,D. J?'. iVutnam is expected home from his Eastern "trip today. Prof. Schneider, a Ft: AVayne mnsi •claff was the^guest of.;M..Fornoff,. sr, -yesterday. " . , Mrs..R. M.:Riordon 'and children.,.o Indian Territory are .vtelttog Mr;'-'I: .G..Patterson and family,., . .'.• S.-.A.- B. Copeland,..wh.o.was. th ., t of IrtMide .here. returMd lo lie •homoat lndiuBapoll8,ycsterdfly; (.-•;. i. ' Prof.'-Hammoiid of the Howe-MJIitary •ac'ademy : at Limn, Ind., accompanl& by Arthur R KeeeUng of this city landed yesterday at New York, after each. Logansport '^ ,,,_,_- , , E. H. Anderson Is at.'Mii'Ho'n elrttivee."' ••••'- * v ' v ''-•'•'"'• • Eli Hughes ol' Hartford'City was tare -estwd'iy. ...';, " ".'." .' Miss Cud Close Is'v.Isitl'iis-;'.M,!ss; Alice 'oon-iz at Marion. Delphi. Times: cturned from L-. . . . , Max Shpphaitl ilws'returned'fcoiri'-an ntlug ait Lake Mntfnkuekee.- .'••• Frankfort Times: .Qeof-ie-' Belle w,? was in Loga.n«port Sundaj o'n-'busl'uess. Fred G rover of W.abasi.O'ias .rofuruea and resumed.Ills w.otlc.at .tha^umituro actory. • .••••:, '•••' * ..•••.••<•' ••-.. .. J/E. Bowers of Chicago J* visiting his grn'ndmotliev, Mrs..'Mary: Black, of .East lich street. ' 1 -' 1 ' 1 Prof. G. W. MiehjierwII) 'go to Warsaw today to "addWs^'^nieeting of ichool teachers, ,,.,. u .... ...:.>., >„..,. 0. E. Johnson .and lUuMly, are at Vuderson, for a vj8U,;w4t-b-,,->liei.f^inIly of Dr. W. P. Brick.ley.v.-: -. :„-. :•:->< •:--, John Newlor, PanhWdle xspcratbr at JarJOB', was the guSt^r'a'sister, MM. lohrer of tlite city, Suntlay.' Mrs, J. D. Fergiwpji ^a'lX, 1 ;" daughter -.-ill go to ST. Joe, MI<$.,,,rJ>?'i;iFf c>f,.thc week for a few weeks' out Ing. f;r . Mtas Amy Rogers hns-returaed to -her- iftnve at Fort Wayne nftsi-'nvlsft-with. lie family of her nncle/^-'G: "Rogers, Deck Howo and'' :( G&0!*it'b •_ Hartley will go to Lake' Ma^nk'iic^e' the. last •i the week to spend; r vfeiv..wepk$'. v.i- caition. • • J ••:::<" ;' .-•.;'.Miss Gertrude BlaflsinjEliiinii-and Mjss Emma Corn-well- renirned.'. h'-omc last Hlglut from an cxteuded-'otiihit-In Mich\; <v I.-.; /• .:'•>• ga-u. Miss Belle Logan . liais .gone" lo her ionic at lnd!n.na,poMs'.a'Kprl|i visit with 'sister, Mrs. Robert'.HumiJh.VC.ys in lie city. '.'::>: •-• •;•/.-. •.••: Ms-,--. Indiana FulkowUllvetnvn today to her home at Speiicc'>, ilml../attei- .1 visit wtlli 'her daughter, ' 'M«.'^I.-;M. jordon. ''...' r'-•',•''. .',',' Tlio family o-f Charles 'Mrsliali;'who have been spend Ing-.tlie .sjnnincr.';a't Lake. MaxJiikuckee, will re^vn. homo the last of Hie week, '-'.. :• * :,-.:!.v..'. C. Co-wnn of Georgetown,'.111.; is v.tei-tiing his brother, jgiartT/ftfr'thls-ctty. Sirs. R. J.. ^'erls of Om'h'li.a,'KiibV, \vllo :nis been the guest of fHetjxls'Jieije for lie past few weeks has returne.il 'fo. Ji^r home. ',. .'. ' -i.io.i' •*>••'. ' .. •. —..'iri.rr-i.: ! There will hs a soimd*mouey club or- canlzed at Lucerne -tomorrow night by the Hon. W. T. Wilsonl ''''• : - •MJss May Wai-nock p.f.-j)he Trade Palace has returned to .k<M;k ; -agpn after a vacation-of a month. 1 -. •> *:>:• . Yesterday was the .fiftieth anniver- sary'of the ,bi.r.th:.of'•iCounty>.KecoTdL>'v; Jacob Wright, and the event •wns-qiiiet- ly celebrated. • ' . MOON PHOTOGRAPHS'; • picture" Jnit Taken at the ParU Ob««rr" atory Exoul AUOtherp. The moon has been brought closer to us.' That is an announcement which science will appreciate} ,rI>rJ.t: i! »,*? °- e moon, as the nearest ofjjUl pjanets, that science must first look-for, Inereaise, of bur knowledge of s.te11ar geology,, and geography. Therefore,-, c.verj,,. successive step by which.science.leadens th« apparent space between the, moon 4nd our eyesight U an invaluable, slep : in.ad- vance.' ' • '. ..,..:';••"' ^s--:-:."V • The instrument SiJiteh.-has.,.accp»- plished Uiis last result i^^the^Mcal jointed equa-torial at th& r ol>fi«-r>;atorj-of FarlB recently consta-nctcd :Xinder :the auspices of M. Loewjx |lie, ; vic-e..pi«8i- dent. For two year»..bo.an"dl>i? i ,assist- anta have been. carr.y^B# r on :J the mosi persevering Btudies, itbCy-niinutest researches as to the pto*icaipqnditions of the moon's surfooe: .-.Jlgj haft found the optical qualities of the.instjument superior to anything,.heTfittofore.knoAvn, Henoe the map why* te.Uia.'', ( j.ust published is the most imp^J^trfeOfint addition to astronomieaJ-scicncc, He has been able to bring ot»» th«l\imir surf ace with so minute a preXa«dt»inud:soclcai> jy.defined that it wdU^ be 'impossible to construct a more'tiSK'fligcnt orifaJth- f ul map of our own-(*16be;:-".ln (the atlas thus obtained the"erttrtei'itV.v.icc P^- den't of the obserta'toryf-has-.-found_ a., means of ouUining/forius'tlfe-g-jological histor}' of our satellite'*" ;>^' It Is so'difficult toit-mlfc the ravorable atmospheric condltlob^toigraduatfe exactly the duration wMheiexpoifurfe according to the brilliancy of tAedilMrent zones that Messrs.-i'L-oew.y; rPuisseaux 1 and' Le Marvoh ha-ve-only-.been, -able to talie half a dozen. r .perJcct:pliotogTaphs, as the result of - twoe-yeai-p' incessattt vigilance. • ' -'""'• -''._. ii.--">' •: ; ".-; One of the photographs represents the moon in her first .'.quarter. .This gives a; good idea.ot-thtJgeneraliphy- siogoomy of the moofi'KSjiriace. In the region of tho BOutlc-poksl-Uie greater amplitude and depth of the circles,.those circular giiUiea BO-characterlstic of the moon-and of whic^lhe^earth.boasts bo e<i \iivalen-t-, aiid flij?liBl^^s c oiT6'Bpoiid.iii^ to Uidee. gt^t i dej>rejsston^ r .^H*^? 1 are Vnii«*tfi ~^"*>'' '• w*\lli» ^.rt-wtliTdfl' r thie iwrtii CulMfu 1§ Light Wool Suits for $5. A Most Remarkable Offer Here's a New List. .', Previous'iib't R'evoked | Qc for 33c Boyfl Sweaters. :-, c for 25c Ge')iuloid : 'aiid Fiberloid ..,.-„ Collars. . - •.':.;•.:*..; I 8c for 40e Cellulojd'and Fiberloid Cufle. . . : ../'..J,. 8c for ,33c l'.3,c' for 25c B*lbrI(t(ran'Half Hose. tJ8c' for $2-B*al'al). Wool Sweaters. 9c for Ific -BiaoK and Ta'ij. Hose.! 25c for 50c Caif B.e)^:.;'' 1 '' 25.b 'for COo an'dl'7'3c Eqys and Cbild- . ren'B Straw .S.ats-' 1 '" I. Q.C for 25c 'and SSo^B^VB^and Children's Straw Hat'j'.* '• '•• . • Alpaca CoatB-aodi Duck Pants: INCLUDING SILVERWARE FREE. GENUINE Rogers Silverware Free. You need not take over $2 worth to secure choice of Knives, Forks, Spoons or Sugar shells and you need not take goods quoted in this lot YOU TAKE JUST WHAT YOU WANT. This list Is quoted just to give you an idea of How Cheap You Can Buy an* get a valuable piece of Silver Free. Everytime you repeat the purchase of Clothing, Shoes or Furnishings amounting to $3 or $3 cash you are presented with a pieca of Silverware nntil you reach the Limit, 26 Pieces ; in addition you will be presented with a Handsome Plush Case. Of Course" 3,'IG'O meters-' in the'norm west ana 3,uuu in the western, rogion.: .Below Alisnoensife' is .Werner, 72 kilometers in diam.eter;.Emd,almost perfect in its regularity:.. The most elevated points are -in', the-.'northwest and ore more than 5,006-m£ters,hx hedght. Only one part 'of tHe eentralanountain. is visible, on account'of the shadows. Near tbIs mountain' is :#;'large white spot which stands but?.by-reason of ita greater -brilliancy', morei.prominently than the spots all around it end occupies al- incist 50 square-Jdlometers. Xo other port of the moon, presents so.brillianta light. This wholeregion is lighterthan any other parts shown. The presence of-theee-.sp6ts-is,yery:instructive.to the student."-They-(cannot.be explained as being the effects ofjight, nor are they due to the color: of :.the'6ofli nor to -glaciers.. ,M. Loewy ,has decided that they are deposits of .ashes and lava, projected by the innumerable smaJl craters existing in this region, and he concludes that it lias once been .tie center of powerful volcanic ac.tion, ,;„;•- \; . Although, it .does>i.w>t seem, to him clearly enough demonstrated, M. Loewy •consents to admit with the greaternum- •bec-of astronomers that the moon pos- sefeses'.no^liquid.surface to-day, and that her atmosphere Is null- or hardly perceptible. But his concessions stop here. To his mind.the moon formerly, had water and air, w hi?fe.;«-ere the necessary :conditions:for the volcanic eruptions found there,, and consequently, though .•contrary to the theory,generally adopt- ied;r.volcanic eruptions- were one .of tlw constitutional, factors of the moon.—St. • I^uis .Republic., ,„,,.,. ?-^.;SIA,M:sA^PH;|RE MINES. tTaloe pf'Tbeir Product Ii In the QnantUj '' polo Kt& ^frST' J •t 1 Mauct-tn._A*«'^ *^r**»* «•••*•••-•— .gronpe wWoft ex^yltcri&vmti tocmr • c halM 1 <rfiii66t>*aln*^.'-- ri 'i':^'-,"'' 1 i • •*'•" .to Qfaa •*^gtx^,.K::te'6**y to study the ;nacall«i/iSiwailttes; of the lunar .map '. The. pailfiiJnine'rj are spread over on. 'area sUfinj'les.'bjr twcvand consist of 13 mining vil^es.,.the.''ch|ef of which are BiiW Taka^nd.liajv Dineo. These two are more, tjij-jn Jtpur,.,'miles apart, but they arc jqined'.b.y.'ap"oscellent road cut 'through;4b(i,foresi;ind well drained. Sapphires.i's.'ays'^hft Londo.n Times, are found all\oy,w^'iiiafiais,trict; the whole ^untr7^i'dX^aj^,(j'oledJ with holes sunk In the re*d..sQ!jI,do\p!n^to the sapphire layer. Former&'.lh|e.stones we're found quite near tbe;prfacev.but those places 'have long'sinlce.been; exhausted, ,al- .ihougb the BOTm.ese still continue to turn over the old. |^ea,ps in the firm conviction thaXpreplQUB-stones grow. Now . the stonerafe.'foiji-fd at> depth of from, "is to 23 fcet.;in ,a reddish, gravelly layer of varying •th'iick'iiessSip- to 18 inches. The pit.sup.k^s'u-iiiallj; some five feet in diajn,eter:;on(a'.elther. square. or circular. So'ii is raised ip bamboo baskets, attached-to tftVeHd' of -a balanced 'lever, and wfieff'tlje-sapphire layer is VeacHed the >irtffum; is carried to the nearest water antPtrtished carefully for stones. Not nK>r.e_than one shaft in three pays for its-.woi-liing expense's, but when thtVJ-uppbire layer is-struck the profits'l$i3esh-B large indeed.,-,',Tt Is all o questTonWl'ick^To^i^P.' 1 ^° rk out -one shaft'ocWfeVtwo ^f^hree men ••oaf. month.' -'T^w^pr three Burmesog^n- 't-rSUv g-o intoiipSi-tneysbip-'-'ftnd hire li'aos'miners'to WorK^S'r:tKeBi and sink ..ihe'shnftla^ijtBfsratP'oV-twdi.ticnls (two 'shf!lin.'TS\ei'ghyP*?'noe|:p ; pr.iSinches. Oc- 'casionallj-SEar^'frs, vof ..considerubla -.-. ._:^.._-.'.-•-'-"hj-j.nSiicr..,but .tho sop- •,vnlue b(?eaiiVp.-of'tft qf ttypirv-'" j>jan tity than be- iKpxcellence. the >'jx>t tai';-th« : f f OF"'l *i P!i^r,mpi;e-tnediepcstspot in " ::,.„,.'„ .i.iii.'i^iS'iiimKosi'd to be to-the Joiirniiit' I'BfirV'VfiP'.Bot-tona lies'.. 4,055 ! JatliomX.y^vi-Ki 1 of wrif than five- miles r 'i-ie'nMi-th''tfie •^W P ^? 1 ''"°X* D * waves; " '.1 o •.i.^''l6.i^Sy'flJf8V™P ll * lp '" report of has Ptoodiw rotjft,-iri-"eaien. ior vncro » 7 -bi-Pcj-^3'nto':r%\ftj^of.^'a. deeper Bonnd- i fbi x t1J.?n^i«jlft?e^S-lK4n triade. ITja on Doard the Hritish shipi'enguin.isall the more interesting for the fact that it bears out the result of previous -"- re- as searches, showing curiously enough .t-does-that the deepest parts of the sea are not far from land. Deep-sea sounding h-is come of late years aaexactsciofiS3i|gjpe]f. One curious feature of it, and one which is Jittie known, is that the "leads" used have to be constructed wiih especial strength in order to withstand the enormous pressure of the muss of water which bears down upon them when they lie upon the bottom. So great is this pressure that the sounding apparatus in ordinary use would be crushed. _ r-— SALOON IN TWO COUNTRIES. Inienlon. Arranccm^t for the Tblr,ty on tho Hcitc.in Uoriter, There is a.n ingenious saloonkeeper who conducts a place in a little village on the border between this country and Mexieo.says the Louisville Commercial. The village is half in California and half in Lower California. There rre two bars in his saloon, one on the south and one on the north side of a large room. The dividing line between the two countries bisects the house, and one bor is located in Mexico and the other is located in the United States. The proprietor pays big license to both countries, but still makes a handsome living out of the business. He has suspended all the way across the street in front a unique sign. On the linited States side it reads,' in letters a foot high: "Your first and last chance. On the other Bide, in Spanish, it expresses the same idea. The saloon is known by that name for miles around, and many an eastern tourist who has quenched his thirst there wUl remember it,. It is a great resort for "cow punchers" of both tar tiona who work in that territory. Hence many is the bloody fight that takes place there, and few are the ones brought to justice whose crimes/are committed there. A Judge'* tt«ply. At one time a delicate question as to the construction of a statute was discussed before the venerable chief Justice of the New York court of common pleas; Charles P. Daly, nnd after elaborate arguments on each sidethechief justice decided the question in open court, giving his reasons in a.fe--VweU timed remarks'vfhicb caused a lull in the courtroom. The silence was;Speed- 'ily broken by. tbe successful attorney, who stood up and said with an air,.of patronizing approval: "May it please yonif honor. I, for one, nguee with you. entirely." The chief justice, with a twinkle in his eye which betoken?.dW» enjoyment df the joke, but a pcrfetSHy grave face, quietly removed his glasses, and, amid a breathless silence, said: .1, have; counselor, generally found m my experience that the successful party agrees with the court." "Until" of » Parliamentarian. Two rather'good "bulls" are attributed to the late Sir George Campbell. On one .occasion, he had been calling attention in the house of commons to some abuse in Indian administration, and proceeded to observe that he had further revelations to make concerning other scandals, in comparison with whlcn tbls one was "a mere flea-bite in the ocean." Another time, when speaking about'military affairs in India,..ho declared that "the pale face of ,th« British soldier was the backbone of our Indian nray." . . 'Electricity In Heathen Temple*, - The temples of India are to be ligbtet with electricity, the example having been set by the great shrine of SJva,at Kochiearrie, near Mutwall, in Ceylon, and is to be followed: by the equally vajst and ancient foundation of tbe Na- •lukotta. In the same island.. -In no'.Jong time others will adopt the.same im- provemcnt.till all the holy places of the peninsula are so equipped that by pressi Ing buttons they can be Instantly illn- mlnated. Hk« a modern hotel or theater. The innovation Is'enough to make Siv» and -Vishnu and even the great Brahma himself gasp and stare. ; ' Fawll Mlorob*!. ' , . ' ' Bemakl Henaul t, the Prench scientist, has discovered fossil microbes in ; th« earliest geological fonnntions. SPECIAL EXCURSION .-To- NIAGARA FALLS VIA WABASH ^ August 18, 1896* Special Train Will Lf ave LOGANSPORT at 5 p, ID. August 18, arriving Niagara Palls at 0:35 next morning. ONLY $10. For the Round Trip from Logana- port. Tickets good on special train only. Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Bice—Pren. Geo. IV. W»ll«M-Sec, J. J. Hlldebrandl-Trea*. W, M, BlKhop—Humane Officer. F. S.' Bl<*. J. C. -Hauler. V. C. CotfltoufQ Gwi W Walters, J.J. Hlldebnndt, Peeked Justice. Isaah Adams. Mrs. W. D. Fratt Mrs. J. N. Nell. Telephone No. 33. Bejort caws ol cruelty 'o 8e«etai7. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Lou Kondroi is working at the Bap- nett. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents » month. Hammocks at yonr own price .at G«n Harrison's. Thomas Jackson and Fannie Foust. were yesterday b'censed to wed. The Elite Mandolin orchestra play for a dance Frldny night at Spencer park. Arthur N. B«ker of this city has been granted a patent on an improved eye- DeWI.lt JuslJcc will speak at the Red school howe tomorrow night on sound money. Twenty-one per cent, of men employed to our merchant service are unable to swim. A man will) a knife and a woman with a' pistol killed eaoli other in'a duel at Anuiston, Ala. In Ens-land :m<l VTalo.-s 14 por cent. of males and' 13 por cent, of females die' of consumption. A mortgagee has foreclosed ou> tie Baptist chiu-ch at Dn Boi.=, Pa., and is •rwnodcliDjff Hie buWiaig into a theatre. You need Hood's Sarsaparllla to enrich and purify yonr blood, create an appetite and give .sweet, refreshing sleep. . '. doctor 10 1,T>00 of one to 3,107; Ibe United Kingdom one to 1.234; but the United States 01* 10 wd. •T'iie'jjWtlo-n ofattomling.t.hoK. ol P. conclave at. Cleveland^'wlll be settlel at tlie Thsiwday. night meeting of Logan division No:' 2(i U. R. K. 1\ There wlU be a W. C. T. U, medal contest AnRUst 20rh at the BctWehent Presbyterian chiircb, six miles north ft the city oh the .Miciugao road. The Broad Ripple.bridge is nearingr coiupteHon notwlthstandinij- the fact tluit work has been, delayed .for several days"on ^account of the hlKli-water., A' 'thief srtdleNhe'.dlamond/'stiad from: the shirt front of the c'.wk. c'f'the N""" York'pqllce court while'the court in seeeloB and the clerk'.at;hi* : "--' . . U ,Jf,. ,

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