The Daily Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina on April 10, 1970 · Page 3
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The Daily Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina · Page 3

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1970
Page 3
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u ! ! Friday, April 10. 1970 i THE DAILY TAR HEEL Pcc Three Many Oscar Nominees Still Around 7 af 77 P & ij m A a arfiv.iai 7U j i .... O 77"T7 0 9 L Li L C 7Z2 1 TTD V it W ' 1 9 Vi i I f . if f I hi 'IT' ByMaryBurch i4rs Editor CHAPEL HILL . . TELL THEM WILLIE BOY IS HERE (GP)-Robert Redford stars in what should be your best bet for Chapel Hill movies this weekend. (At the Carolina, check the theatre for starting times.) THE COMPUTER WHO WORE TENNIS SHOES (G)-A light-hearted Walt Disney comedy for all the kidies, but it isn't as good as LOVE BUG. Curt Russell stars. Runs through Saturday with THE BATTLE OF CABLE HOGUE (R) beginning Sunday. Jason Robards stars as Cable with buxomed Stella Stevens as Hildy. The movie needs a few more funny one-liners, but the comedy of the horse vs. the horseless carriage is priceless. (At the Varsity, check theatre for starting times.) DURHAM M-A-S-H (R)-You can't call Elliot Gould Mr. Streisand any longer after his outstanding performance in what looks like -J . i. ,v-4 V V y i ROBERT REDFORD lt's a switched-on laugh riot! WALT DISNEY...--; S PRODUCTIONS' . ' .' -.'.:.-ij:-'..'Jr JECHMICOLCR' Halt Oaa FEATURES: 1-3-5-7-9 COMING V - A - G - II CROSSWORD PUZZLE .. . . - ir. ". -,; 7 r.V,-; c.JJ ACROSS 1-Scottish caps 5-ln music, high 8-Small valley 12 Century plant 13- Falsehood 14- Roman road 15- Breakfast food 17-Physician 19- Chores - 20- Points of hammer 21- Discover 23- Army meal 24- Lubricate 26-Number 28-Sunburn 31- Chaldean city 32- River island 33- Earth goddess 34- Things, in law 36-Handle 38- lndefinite number ... 39- Mountain lake 41-Animation 43-Portion 45-61 home-run. hitter 48-Mark to shoot at 50- Mislead 51- Singing' voice 52- Beindebt 54- Plumlike ' fruit 55- Remainder 56- Church bench 57- Lampreys . DOWN . l-Dip!omacy 2-Appellation-tf Athena 3- Little piece 4- Searches 5- Everyone 6- Chinese mile 7- Spread for drying 8- Chcps finely 9- Bear witness to 10-Man's name Il ls mistaken 16-Snakes 18-Unlock 22- Long for 23- Substance 24- Possessive pronoun 25- Anger 27-Contend 29- Mature 30- Recent 35-Beg.:ns 36- 37- 38- 42- 43- 44- 12 15 19 21 24 25 26 31 34 35 36 3? 40 43 44 43 51 55 Distr. United i iS ST HOFFMAN, VOIGHT IN one of this season's best movies. Even TIME gave M-A-S-H a raving review. The topical action centers around a Vietnam hospital. (At the Center, shows at 1, 3:01, 5:09 5:02, 7:06 and 9:05.) THE ADVENTURERS (R Please Harold Robbins, spare us your bedroom fantasies about the beautiful, rich people! Candice Bergen, Oliva de Haviland, Alan Bedel and Bekin Fehmiu star in, hopefully, "the worst of 1970". (At the Yorktowne, with shows at 1:13, 3:01, 5:02, 7:06 & 9:10.) MIDNIGHT COWBOY (X) Well, whatdoyouknow? The Academy isn't as out of things as we think. They bestowed the well-deserved Oscar to be the best film of 1969, MIDNIGHT COWBOY (despite the X rating). Definitely a must if you haven't seen it. (At the Carolina, shows at 1:13, 3:11, 5:09,7:09,9:05.) GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS (G) Peter O Toole really deserved an Oscar for his performance as Mr. Chips (but establishment John Wayne won MONDAY EVE, 8 p.m. HOWARD HAWKS' TWENTIETH CENTURY with CAROLE LOMBARD JOHN BARRYMORE PUBLIC HEALTH AUD. (Pittsboro Road) Admission $1, or by subscription ($2.50 for 5 films) Answer to Yesterday's Puzzle Mm ' PjAjR! iMjEjRiEf fAlTlEF A L. ELJA R!6 AUl OIRjE SIP L TTf S ,GA T ' j A A sit ie w ;g Kffrfti A RIK) a i WAp e rlh o pC; a gOsie r lit aImFk ir RJE A PpfyttE A Nf 'E RjE ; jR I AI jSTA!Gl.jN.A.P VVoody plant Measure duration of Ruler 40-Jargon imitation Heavenly body Healthy 46- Sacred image 47- 0bserves 49- Uppermost part 50- Condensed moisture 53-Pronoun 10 111 14 17 18 20 22 23 27 29 30 332 33 37 33 41 42 45 46 47 49 50 52 53 54 56 57 Mi Feature Syiuiicat J8 1 3 i 1 -J 'MIDNIGHT COWBOY" it). The original film version in 1939 won an Academy Award for Robert Donat (over nominee Clark Gable for GONE WITH THE WIND) and made Greer Garson a star overnight. Petula Clark plays a London music-hall performer with a "troubled past" who .marries the fusty Mr. Chips. (At the Northgate, shows at 2:15, 4:35, 6:55 & 9:15.) If r77 ea ieBBii. By Bobby Nowell RALEIGH Led Zeppelin landed here Wednesday night and showed over 7000 music lovers at Dorton Arena why they currently are the hottest commodity in the business. The Zeppelin certainly the second biggest "name" act ever to hit the Capital City (the Rolling Stones played here in November, 1965 will I ever forget?)-gradually worked the audience to a near-trenzy in a two-and-one-half hour show. By 11 o'clock, everyone in the place was standing on chairs, yelling for more. The Zeppelin responded with two encores. It was a dramatic and satisfying conclusion to a concert which for a long while seemed headed for disaster. For most of the first half of the show, the crowd sat on its face they simply weren't digging the sounds put down by the British quartet. There was a lot of ferreting up and 1 Festival The Carolina Folk Festival, sponsored by the Carolina Union, will be held on Ehringhaus Field, Saturday, April 18, beginning at 12:30 p.m. In case of rain, the event will be held in Memorial Hall. Sorinn Pod Hook IN PERSON ON STAGE: ORANGE NON-STOP FLIGHT Five great hours of pop rock Sunday, April 12, 1-6 p.m. -lii iLjiiJ LkiiiULlk.J Lccctsd On East 79 Highway Between Haw River & Burlington ADMISSION: $1.50 Rain Date April 19 P f EOT m 5TILL "1 I ( KOPE'THAT J i RALEIGH ANNE OF A THOUSAND DAYS (G?)-0 its 10 Academy Award nominations, it won only one for costumes. Still, it is one of the best pictures of '69, starring Richard Burton and Genevieve Bujold (both nominated for Oscars) as England's King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. (At the State, shows at 1:45, 4:10, 6:40,9:05.) MAROONED (G)-Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna and David Janssen star as three astronauts who are marooned on another planet and must be rescued in 55 minutes in order to survive. The movie won an Oscar for special effects. (At the Village, shows at 2:06, 4:29, 6:50,9:20.) BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID (GP) Burt Bacharac won two Oscars for his musical score and best song,"Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head." Everything Bacharac writes turns into money (and rumor has it, he can't sing well enough for the shower!). Paul Newman and Robert Redford star in one of the wittiest and most delightful westerns ever. (At the Varsity, shows at 3:15, 5:10, 7:10 & 9:10.) PAINT YOUR WAGON (GP) A funny musical western about a woman (Jean Seberg) who has two husbands (Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood) in i down the aisles by kids too young to possibly appreciate the music, furthermore, during some of the quieter moments, there was a lot of talking above the music, which visibly annoyed Lead Guitarist Jimmy Page. However, the fault did not lie entirely with the crowd. During most of the time the band and audience were on different wave-lengths, the show was mostly Page 'It is useless, of course, to attempt, to .. establish a hierarchy of the world's greatest guitarists suffice to say that Page can do virtually anything he wants with a guitar (he used three different ones in the Raleigh show). Despite his virtuosity and the fact that it is Fiipus RUMMAGE SALE BY CHI OMEGA will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today at the Traveler's Service Station in Carrboro. LAST DAY FOR JUNIORS IN SCHOOL OF EDUCATION who plan to student teach during the fall or spring semester, 1970-71to complete student teaching application forms. Forms will be available in the lobby of Peabody Hall from 9 a.m. thru 4 p.m. Any student who plans to student teach next year must complete Maleigli 'J FETER O lOOLE AS MR. CHIPS the Oregan gold rush days (I always thought California had the gold?). (At the Colony, shows nightly at 8, matinees at 2 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.) Co: his band, Page should not have devoted the spotlight almost entirely to himself. While the Briton was unleasing some very scintillating riffs, usually unaccompanied, most of the crowd was yawning. The situation became so strained that on one occasion no one applauded when Page stopped playing in the middle of his "White Summer" solo. He looked back at Drummer John Bonham and shouted curtly,., "Thank you very, much" which was followed by a smattering of applause from the rabbit ears in the audience. Tut, tut, Jimmy. After all, this is Raleigh, N.C ' The show finally got off the ground after Page stepped back these forms. THE BAHA'I FAITH will show a 30-minute color film, "A New Wind," about their faith tonight at 7: 30 in room 146 of N.C. Central University Student Union. INDIANAPOLIS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA with violinist Erick Friedman will appear in concert Sunday, April 12, at 8 p.m. in Memorial Hall. Tickets are now on sale at the Union Desk for $1. ALL MEN STUDENTS interested in serving as counsellors at Freshman Camp next fall, come by 102 YMCA to pick up an application. Interviews will be held Monday, April 13, at the "Y" from 7-9 p.m. Applicants with last names A-L will be interviewed from 7-8 p.m. Those with last names M-Z will be interviewed from 8-9 p.m. Any applicant who cannot meet his appointment should Fin PR ULik t i Uii efs r, fm r r ii '! lb Ctzlend&ir E " ' i I t ' . J MIDNIGHT COWBOY (X) At the Cardinal, shows at 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. THE ADVENTURERS (R) At the Ambassador, shows at 1:30, 4:45, and 8. i BI itzes .cer and became a member of the Zeppelin again. The first true emotion from the crowd was generated by an excellent rendering of "Thank You" John Paul Jones, the least heralded member of the Zep, got a standing ovation for his work on the Hammond organ. (Jones also played organ on a fine new tune, "Since I've Been Loving You," which may appear on the group's third LP.) After that, the band waded through "What Is arid. What Will Never Be." Into "Moby Dick" and Drummer Bonham got his. If we must have 20-minute solos on the skins, Bonham has the right idea: he kept his audience attentions firmly riveted on himself and vents so indicate and an alternate time will be set. "On Baile's Strand" and "The Collection," two one-act plays, will be presented by the Union Drama Committee April 15 and 16 at 8 p.m. in the Great Hall. ANY STUDENT CURRENTLY ON FINANCIAL AID who has not received his renewal application should come by 300 Vance Hall and pick up these forms. Deadline for summer school applications is April 15. Applications for academic year 1970-71 must be filed by May 1. Students are now receiving aid who wish to apply should also come by 300 Vance Hall. PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM will be held April 15 at at 4 p.m. in room 215 Phillips Hall. Dr. Nathan W. Dean of Vanderbilt University will speak on "Quarks???" i riot "f nfira TA GHflDUfliE it i k La b 4 La W " iiiLiLaU ill GREENSBORO THE (Xh-Vincent D A N E D cined ;r.t ultimate fllrn spectacle Luschsno I V . perversions Genrar.y. (At in pre-Naj!i e Janus 2. 4:20. 7 shows at 1:40, 9:40.) THEY SHOOT HORSES. DON'T THEY (M)-G: Your won the rnov ies only O-scar for his role as sadistic emcee Rocky. Jane Fond3. Susar.rah York and Michael Sarrazin star along with Red Buttons and Bonnie Bedele as dancers in a 1930s marathon. The movie is depressing, but excellent in its presen ta tion of an even-o ne-f or4ii mse I f m icr om i c world that was the Depression. (At the Cinema, shows at 1, 3:05, 5:10, 7:15 & 9:20) THE LOOKING GLASS WAR GP)-Christopher Jones (I bet he wants to forget 3 IN THE ATTIC) and Pia Degermark star in this John Le Carre story about espionage and the generation gap. (At the Center, shows at 1:20, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15 & 9:20) I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW) (X) This is its last week in Greensboro and it left Durham last week, so it may be your last chance to see it in this area. Is it art or is it trash? Regardless, it's one of the most talked about movies of the decade. (At the Janus I, shows rowci his pounding. (Ginger Baker, take note!) Zeppelin, in its "final" number, turned "How Many More Times' into a rock-and-boogie medley starring vocalist Robert Plant. It contained snatches of "Stormy Monday," Muddy Waters' "Long Distance Call," and a "talking blues" a la James Brown. By this time the crowd was completely won over. Their screams brought the band back onstage for an incredible "Whole Lotta L o v e , ' ' an d then "Communication Breakdown" and "Good Times, Bad Times." Driving toward the finish of their second American tour, the Zeppelin picked up $25,000 against 60 per cent of the gate for the Raleigh blitz. They are expected to gross $650,000 on this tour which began March 26 and concludes April 19 in Las Vegas. That's a lot of dough, but this band works for it. They gave the same two-and-a-half hour show in Charlotte Tuesday night (with only one encore) and that's a lot longer than any other "name" band will work. Including the Rolling Stones. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL MUSIC Duke University Varsity Glee-Club BENJAMIN SMITH CONDUCTING April 10, 1970 8 P.M. PAGE AUDITORIUM WEST CAMPUS Adults $2.00 Students $1.00 UUbi r rm t ': ' i 'j r- w f f9i f rm .jmp. fll-.v 10. 7:15 1 i.2 BLOODY M K-te Barker trl-ned bv Shc'tsn :-r who took her h her torr hrr,n-bxV! a .1 rai J fou e!I than. r.-.v: in Chico . Ma Fcstker's family tha as together." ;he COS NIK i d e a . i At, is. "Th together close to CLYDE i "er AN!) I. 5:45, 7:30 M-A-S-H Terrace, sho. 9:10.) i in -At vs at 1, 3. 5 9 THE ADVENTL'KEIIS (R)-At the Golden Gre. shows si 2. 5 X S. SHELLEY WINTERS clZ'OIIIicL NOW PLAYING 1:45-3:22-5:11 7:00-8:49 "One of the year'i 10 best pictures!" Roger Greenspun, N Y. Tim s (( ROBERT REDFORC KATHARINE ROSS ROBERT BLAKE 'SUSAN CLARK "TELL THEM WILLIE BOY IS HERE" n 9 s .A Law j6 hJkHk m P f p f j nvm r. m ft n fir-' : A : Vl . ' ... : .: I-1. 1 i

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