The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1954 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1954
Page 9
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Tuesday, June 22,1954 The ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Tuesday, June 22,1954 3VEKT1S1NQ 'in ,the Algonf f" Des Moines rescues more ies hi Kossuth county thai) othef publication. _ WAfS WONDER SHOWPLACI Friday, June 251H > Leo and His Pioneers Saturday, June 26th , , Jules Herman and His Orchestra Sunday, June 27th Billy May Orchestra Featuring Sam Donahues Adm. 1.61, plus tax, total l.BO Tuesday, June 29th Miss Cerro Gtordo To Be Crowned. Jules Herman Wednesday, June 30th. Teenage Dance 'Jules Herman CHttIS REESE- A Will* tit ThU, * Lllll* ol-Thal; Nol Much at Anythtao. Yep, we're going to have- parking meters in Algona one of these first days) according to the city council, because on account of that bunch of gents has passed ari ordinance which provides for the, installation of the' joke posts from which the council expects a return of $20,000r And it's my notion that when the council, the city administration, provides for the installation of the joke posts every ,one of them just, so .to speak,' resigned as a councilman because oH accouht of there won't be any re-elaeting of the gents who forced the joke posts upon us. I have heard dozens upon dozens of citizens declare .that there wouldn't be any squares marked for the council members of today 1 . But the joke post ordinance may have been one way for the council to discontinue countilmaning instead of offering resignation or'declaring they did riot Want the job again, so to speak. ', " -^-o—• • One thing is certain and that is that it was not a popular stunt the council pulled when joke posts were voted into Algona. I have only heard one man speak favorably for the project and, by the way, he is a member of the council. And there is no question but that installation of the joke posts is going to be costly to Algona business. I have been doing some arithrhaticing since the joke post question was brought up in the city hall ana acted upon, by the'council. And IS Sizzling fflfflHRffilffli %. ' * *, '•'•'. ^" ^ * ' BUYS for the RELAX IN PENNfY'S CASUALS! GIRLS' KNIT SWIM SUITS ' Sizes^-14 * In the swim of things this summer! An • acetate latex, cotton k p it suit for girls. Flattering Shirred Frontl Red - Blue - Green - Gold SWIM SUIT SAVINGS! Just i look how littje you ;. pay for,; swim suits'now! This figure loving acetae faille latex, ,. with - softly shirred front panel; stay secure straps; lots of flattery! It's yours in many grand colors! Buy Today! TRIM SHORTS FOR GIRLS IN PLAIDS! SOLIDS! Gay array of woven plaids, checks and solids in all colors! SANFORIZED COTTON TWILL SHORT SLACKS For Wdmen! Sizes 10-20 Sturdy cotton twill short slacks in summer colors: BLUE - CHARCOAL*-LIME ''Enjoy Summer in Penney's Cas&als!" GIRLS' CANVAS OXFORDS Sizes 4'/2-3 Cushiony Crepe Soles SaniJUed Lining, Washable GIRLS' RAYON-COTTON PANTIES I have 54 names, farmers, ,whom I quizzed as to what they thought of joke posts in Algona, and 'it's a cinch .they were all plenty plainly opposed to the joke posti As one gent who , farms nin,e' miles from the county seat, and .of a family of eight, stated: "1 sure don't intend to do any mbre trading in your toWn when there is a cash penalty to meet. It's not the dime that I'm charged when I come to Algona, but it's the principal of the thing, dig tip when I visit your town. And my neighbors feel the same Way. We can spend bur money in other towns." And in the ordinance the council' shouts "The narrowness of the streets and volume of traffic on the streets in certain sections of the city" and also "A parking problem is created .because Of the habit of numerous operators of motor vehicles to • park for unreasonably long periods in con-- gesled areas of the city"'and also "Previous attempts .to regulate traffic and parking . have not been as successful as desired." And I checked the present parking spaces jand when the jdke; posts are installed there won't be one-single inch of space increased because on accptfnt of the instal*' lation of the joke posts do v not widen traffic space. And the reason "numerous operators Of motor vehicles'parked -for long "periods" was because there were iiot enough of police or checkers to keep a check on the parking and what else would you expect? And it's a cinch when the joke posts are installed there will have to be at least four additional men on ,the force to check the joke posts. One man, or two men, just can't do it. The city now has a two-hour limit parking in the loop, but as there are not enough of checkers the limit means nothing. And the joke posts will mean nothing unless the force is increased to proper check of the joke post zone. 3 For Sizes 4-14 White —Mint Pink -* Maize — Green — Blue -* Lilac 1 large Selection-Girls' Peasant Blouses 98 59 Sues 3-6x Sizes 7-14 === White Color 1 LADIES' CRINKLE CREPE SHORT GOWNS Outstanding §olid Colors - Blue Yellow - Green - Pink - Size; S-M-L • NEEDS NO IRONING* 1 77 Yes, 1 sure hate to see the loss in business and trade which our 'commercial interests will experience. ".You don't have to take .my Word for: this, jiist ask any .town of 7,000 to 10,000 inhabitants what happened when they put in joke posts, there are plenty bf out neighborhood, and the conditions may easily,be seen. In fact there are several towns hear Algona that have suffered .financial loss and have turned the •joke posts free for packing. And I predict—that within two years after the joke posts are installed in Algbna we'll have a new membership on our council and the joke posts will be turned loose for free parking. As for the money spent for them and for the money owing for them —• oh, what's the use? . Police Card File Proves Value ' Information on file at the Algona police station contains thousands of cardsw hich carry 'up-to- 'date information about Algona citizens, past anti present. Its •purpose is to serve the community in times'and stress or when individuals need help. It has been neatly organized and kept up-to-date by Jim Egli who has spent many hours on the project. Its purpose is to help those in need. The name of nearly every person in Algona is in the file. Recently Jim's efficient record keeping paid rich dividends. ' When Mrs Fern Hardgrove died Monday morning, immediate effort was made to contact mem- bers'of the family. One of her sons, Wallace Hardgrove, had recently moved to another part of the country. He had not notified his mother yet of his new location. A brother of Wallace, Jerry, contacted local police officials. Sure enough. Officer Egli had measure of satisfaction ... reasonable price ...complete understanding World's most modem Modern^power! Dome- shaped 'combustion chanv bar makes new Dodge truck Power-Dome V-8's the most efficient truck engines! .Thrifty Dodge truck 6's, too! Modern comfort! Roomiest cab on the road! Most hip- room and shoulder-room. Best visibility of all, tool Modem styling! sleekest, 'lowest built lines of any truck! Dodge "Job-Rated" trucks look like a million- can turn on a dime I Winners In Boys State Elections A belter deal for the man at the wheel PERCIVAL MOTORS , South Phillips St. * Phone 612 Elected officers of the 1884 Boys State at Camp Dodge were (loft to right, Mated), Joe Troutman, 16, Alffona, secretary of state$ Caesar Smith, 17, De« fctolne-, governor; David Walkef, 11, Oskatoora, lieutenant goyerno* Standing are David Stevens, 16, Northwood, secretary of fcgrtoaltnrof Al Brenaccke, 11, troaawerf Allyn Sog&vd, H EUsworth, aadltovf and Barry Ober« attorney; the his finger tips. "Wallace Hardgrove, 1615 South Ervoy, Dallas, Texas—Occupation, works for Stovill Printing Company of Dalla." , In a matter of minutes a wire was on its way to Texas, and Wallace was present at his mother's funeral. Ringsted - Algona Divide Games Ringsted and Algona playground teams split a pair of games at the Athletic Park last Wednesday night during a triple- header. The first game pitted the north half of Algona against the south, and as was the case in the first meeting, the north came through with a 9-4 win. This contest featured the little peewees. .In the regular* peewee game, •Rjrigsted downed' the" locals. '6-1, Dirk Hansen got 'the lone hit for the locals. Dick , Zwiefel, Lee Gronbach and Lynn Hansen hurled for Algona. The midget game went to Algona, 4-2, as Dave Richardson went all the way on the hill to get the win. Cecil Schilmoeller and Ron Briggs each lashed out doubles in the well-played contest. Three more games are on tap tomorrow night (Wednesday), with the first one set for 5:30. 3 Algonans Go . To Convention Three members of the Algona Sproptimist Club will attend the biennial convention of American Federation of Soroptimist Clubs at Banff, Canada, from June,25 to July 5. Mrs Frank Zender, Mrs Frances Grantharr. and Mva Fred Shilts will leave on a chartered train from St. Paul to the Canadian Vacationland. Mrs Zender and Mrs Grantham are attending as delegates and Mrs Shilts; as a member of the regional nomination board. Cresco Chums The Cresco Chums met at the home of Sandra Stephenson with Shirley Sorensen assisting. 'Dorothy Gade, called the meeting to order. Arlene Kramer, Beverly Gerber, Carol Hum, Dolores Eisenbarth and Rosemary Kramer were on the program. The song, "The Last Rose of Summer," is from the opera "Martha." LuVerne Youth Wed To No. Dakata Girl, June 18 LuVerne—Mr and Mrs Henry Marty, son, Carroll, daughter, Marie Kay left Thursday morning for Bismarck, N.D. to attend the wedding Friday, June'18, of their son and brother Pvt. Wayne ^Marty, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. and Miss 'June Asplund. Their son the Rev Howard Marty of Clinton, Iowa, their daughter Mrs Edward Link and daughter Karen of Genoa, 111. arrived Wednesday night to accompany their parents, brother and sister to the .wedding of their brother. * At Canadian Wedding Mr and Mrs Don C. Lichty of Chicago, Mr J. L. Lichty, Miss Grace'LictityVMr arid Mrs Phil C. Lichty went to Domain, Manitoba, Canada to attend the wedding of their niece Miss Grace Norma Harrison, Saturday, June 19 to John Douglas Parr. The bride is the daughter of Mrs Beatrice Lichty Harrison. Club Election Held The Frog Hollow Birthday club met June 17, with Mrs Alice Hanifan and daughter Anna. Guests were Mrs Donald Morris and Mrs Al Smith. Election of officers for next year took place. Mrs Van Hansen, president; Mrs Herman Hansen, vice president and Mrs Mil(ton Davis, secretary - treasurer. Those observing birthdays were Mrs Earl Detmering, Mrs Herman Hansen, Mrs Phil Henderson, Mrs Milton Wilhelmi and Mrs Lloyd Larson. Observing Wedding anniversaries WPVP Mra Arlo McGowan, Mrs Herman Hansen and Mrs Jess Jergensen. 4-H Club Bake Sale The LuVerne Live Wires met June 14 in the town hall. A demonstration- on baking was given byE laine Rockwood and Ada Tobey. a talk. Marcia Stone gave Audrey Hanselman and Aslong Hjelmeland reported on girls 4-H camp they attended in Clear Lake recently. A bake good sale is scheduled for Saturday, June 26. Refreshments were served by Elaine Rockwood and Ada Tobey at the close of the meeting. Good Will Club The Good Will Club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs Clyde Proclamation... In recognition of the pioneers who first settled in Kossuth County one hundred years ago and in recog- nition of the efforts of the many good people who pioneered in the fields of agriculture, business, industry, education, religion and other activity contributing to development of the Kossuth County community into a place of opportunity and good living we proclaim that July 4, 5, and 6, 1954 be designated as Centennial days for special observance of 100 years of progress and new resolve for work in future years for the continued improvement of our community and people. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Kossuth County Dudley, co-hostess Mrs George Schnetzer. Three guests were Mrs Elmer Schnetzer .and Mrs Art Kraft of Renwick and Mrs Clarke of Galbraith. Canasta 8 Met Canasta 8 met Monday evening in the home of -Mrs Carl Grt>h/ Mrs Henry Groh of Livermore was a guest. Awards went to Mrs Gilbert Rowen, Mrs John Ramus and Mrs Steve Baker. A gift was presented to Larry, the new son of Mr and Mrs Gilbert Rowen. Contract Bridge Party The .Bid-N-Bye. Bridge club was entertained in the home of Mrs Edward Lindebak Tuesday evening. Two tables of contract was in play with honors,'Mrs Earl Hanselman and Mrs W. Raymond Legler. Mr and Mrs Robert Griffith brought her parents Mf and Mrs Hal Roger to their home Thursday. Mr and Mrs Roger visited severs! months in their daughter's home in Nicholasville, Ky. Mrs Hannah Joransen of Chicago has arrived to visit her sisters Mrs Harry Christensen, LuVerne and Mrs A. T. Sko w at Humboldt., The Rev Fred Meier of King- mqn, Ariz visited Thursday at the home of his sister-in-law Mrs Matie Meier and his brother the late Eddie Meier. He was en- route to North Dakota. Mrs Matie Meier visited from Monday to Thursday with her sisters Mrs William Landsman ac Bushnell and Mrs L. Chidester at Brookings, South Dakota. Mr and Mrs Hazen Matthews of Rapid City, spent the past weekend visiting her mother Mrs Norma E. McClaran. They were enroute to Ohio on a vacation trip. Mrs Norma E. McClaran has returned from Sioux City where she spent some time With her mother Mrs Florence Flunsburg, W. S. Kehrer of Boise Idaho, visited recently at the home of his sister-in-law Mrs Ella Woitp. Mr and Mrs Durwood Burtis and daughter Peggy Lee arrived Wednesday from' Detroit, and will visit her parents and sister Mr and Mrs Fred Baumgartner, Mr and Mrs Wayne Sanford and Connie. A/2C Neal Jensen arrived for a 40 day leave at the home of his parents Mr and Mrs Nels Jensen. Neal just returned from a year's service in Alaska. Mrs Edward Dehnert visited the past week in Fredericksburg with her sister. Mrs Adrian Goehring, children Craig, Dennis, Janice and Susan of Des Moines are at the home of her mother Mrs Thelma Miller. Mrs Goehring is convalescing from recent surgery. Mrs Minnie Hanselman of West Bend came Wednesday to visit in the home of her sister-in-law and brother Mr and Mrs Fred Hintz and the Charles Hanselman, and Mrs Anna Hanselman homes. Terry, young son of Mr and Mrs Merle Chamberlain of Algona is visiting his maternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Harry Christensen. Esther Merkle, accompanied by her nephew Marlin Hefti of Britt left for the Twin Cities Wednesday. On Thursday they were accompanied by their sister and aunt Mrs James Paulson and children of Minneapolis for Bismarck, N.D. where they attended the wedding of their nephew and cousin Pvt. Wayne Marty. IS 92 At Sumner, Hiram Lease recently observed his 92nd birthday. He's one of the oldest reis- dents of that vicinity.

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