Orange County Observer from Hillsborough, North Carolina on January 16, 1908 · Page 4
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Orange County Observer from Hillsborough, North Carolina · Page 4

Hillsborough, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1908
Page 4
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II :4I i jihrv - m m W m'i ' - , , r, . - ... 11 . - ; , - XHSS-ANKIE .CATRON. CATARRH MADE LIFE A BURDEN TO ME; MISS ANNIE CATRON, 927 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio, writes: "As I have, found Peruna a bloesing for a severe case of catarrh of the head and throat which I suffered from for a number cf years. I am only too pleased to give it my personal endorsement. , "Catarrh, auch as I suffered from, made life a burden to me, my breath teas offensive, ttomach bad, and my head stopped up so that I was usually troubled with a headaehe,. and although I tried many so-called remedies, nothing gave. me permanent relief. I "was rather discouraged with all medicines ' when Peruna was sug-' gested to me. "However, I did buy a bottle, and before that was finished there was a marked change in my condition. Much encouraged I kept on until I, was completely cured in a month's time, and 1 find that my general health is also excellent." People who prefer solid medicines should try Peruna tablets. Each tablet represents one average dose, of Peruna. " Kai'.-a-lin r the Ideal Laxative. 4.8k Tour Druggist for Free JPeruna Almanac J or 1908 Peruna is sold by your local druggist Buy a bottle today. , . . . , -" . . . " - So. 2-'03. SIX ills besccras a man to vaunt arrogantly. Homer. ' ' Itch cured in 30 minutes by Woolfoid'j Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. At druggists. She is noblest being good Hobing-ton. Only One "Bromo Quinine'- - That is Laxative Eromo Quinine. Look for the signature of ET. Grove. Used the World over to Cure a Cold in One Day. 25c. : A man may be a . good fellow anf Ftill be not half bad. - FTTS,St. Vitus'DancerNervons Diseases per manently cured by Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. 13 trial bottle and treatise free. Dr. H.R. Kline, Ld.,931 Arckt., Phila., Pa. . ! r Simplicity forms a main ingredient in a noble nature Thucydides. Taylor'B CberokeeHemedy of Sweet Gum and Mullen is Natures great remedy on res Coughs, Colds, Croup and Consumption, and all throat and lung troubles. At druggists, 25a., 50c. and $1.C0 per bottle. To your son give good name and a trade Spanish. Mrs. Winsxow's Soothing Syrup for Children teething, sof tena thegxunsjreducesinflamma-tion, allays pain, cures wind colic, 25c a bottle Castles in the air cost a vast deal to keep up. Lytton. FOR RHEUMATISM, Neuralgia, and For Pain In Side and jBack We Have Used Min- PV aril's Liniment ' With excellent results, and I cannot say enough in favor of it. I would be pleased to distribute some samples among my fcienda if you wish to send them. Mrs. SL M. Saunders, 15 Erie. Place, Roxbury, Haas., Aug. 5." propose from time to time to let others tell why Minard'a Liniment is the most eflfectire and clean-to-use external We for all pains and aches, and to carry the case direct to youfcby inviting you to "write for a special free bottle,to prove that it dees all that is claimed for it,; Bend postal to Minard's Liniment Company outh Framingham, Mass, GREEN CUT BONE. One pound of cut bone for a dozap tens ; once a day, which should not lost over one cent a pound, will pro-fluce more eggs than five times as much grain, because the cut bone is complete in egg-making substances, While tihe grain is largely deficient in many respects. , Some persons afilrm that it does- not pay to procure a s bonecutter for ' small " flocks. That Is a. mistake. - Bone-cuttersj; are now cheaper than many ordinary garden -tools, ''and- are stroag, ; durable and , tfilclent; The cost of thg bone-cutter Is soon" regained in the increased number of eggs laid. : . It is -almost indispensable to success,'; no.v matter how small the flock, for noone should keep a flocjc unless fully determined to secure the largest, profit' possible. The; great saving ; of bones and meat , vn& l the utilization -cf . materials that could net ; be appropriated ' aa 'iood for' fowls r without:, thelr use' : have given -green : bone-cuttexs J a place toa all , well-regulated-' farms; Thej;: are wld at from $5 to ,$10, a price which places ' them within the reach ?ot alj. and. they haye added to the profits of pemttrymen farmers, butcners poultry t supply- housesv-j-MIrror and and farmer. Household ' Affairs, - , ' NTTT COOKIES. These may be made with any nuts preferred, r but hickory nuts are specially good. Rub ; together : one cup lard or butter and two cups of light brown sugar. Add : two well-beaten eggs; one - cupful sour- milk, a teaspoon! ul soda - dissolved in a very little of the milk, one cupful chopped nuts - and r flour added' little by little until the dough is the right consistency for rolling thin. -CutJin round or fancy shapes, place on greased pans and bake in quick oven for five or six minutes. Washington Star. FAIRY GINGERBREAD. - One cup of butter, two of suga. ne of milk, i four of flour, three-quarters of a teaspoonful of soda, one tablespoonful of ginger. - Beat the butter ta a cream, add the sugar gradually, and, when very . light, the ginger and milk, in which - the soda has been dissolved, and finally the flour. Turn your baking pans iijx-sl4e down and wipe the bottoms very clean. Butter them and spread the cake mixture very thin on them. Bake in moderate oven till brown. , -While still hot cut into squares or shapes, New York World. SIMPLE WEDDING CAKE. The following Ingredients will inake a medium-sized cake: Three-quarters of a pound of best flour, half a pound of castor sugar. Quarter of a pound each qf ground almonds, glace cherries, sultanas, currants, citron, orange and lemon peel; one teaspoonful of baking powder, five eggs and a little milk. Method: Beat butter and sugar to a cream, add eggs, well beaten; then beat all together until " the mixture looks like a stiff froth. "Ift flour and baking powder and add to mixture; beat well. Then, add all the fruit cherries should be cut. In halves -and the milk. Mix all together, pour into a well-larded, paper-linecT tin, and bake In a very moderate oven for three and a half to four hours. It i3 well to make the cake quite six wgeks before required longer, If possible and store in an airtight tin; It will get much richer. Icing For Bride's Cake. Three- quarters of a pound of sweet " almonds, half an ounce of butter, one pound of icing sugar, a teaspoonful of orange-flower water and two whites of eggs. Pound almonds to a fine dust, with the orange-flower water, mix in the sugar sifted and enough white of egg for a stiff paste, pounding it all together till quite smooth, and spread evenly, over cake. White Icing For Top of Cake. One and a half pounds of Icing sugar -sifted- juice of one lemon and two whites of eggs. Mix well all together till quite smooth with a wooden spoon; spread on cake after almond icing has set and use a large knife dipped in boiling water to make icing even. Decorate according to taste with little white candies, silver pillg and fondants. www -u To clean silver a little kerosene added to the cloth that is dry whitened will help wonderfully. Boil your clothes lines and pins occasionally and you will be able to make them serve a longer term. Stoves may look nice for some time by rubbing them thoroughly with a newspaper, every morning. Scalding hot milk is more effective in removing stains from linen or cotton fabrics than boiling water. Put a pinch of salt Into coal oil lamps for a more brilliant light. For a polish, rub the chimneys with fine salt. Wring a cloth from vinegar and wrap it several thicknesses around cheese to keep it from moulding or drying.- Use adhesive plaster to fasten labels to cans or bottles. . It is dangerous to Jjeaye either .without being plainly labeled. An onion breath may be got rid of by swallowing a mouthful of vinegar or drinking a half cup of hot water in which a pinch of baking soda has been dissolved. ' , V . In using linen dollies on the highly polished table cut asbestos pieces to place beneath the mats, especially if there is any danger of the hot dishes marking the table top. . To prevent colored cotton garments from fading soak three or four hGurs In cold water, to every gallon of which has been added one tablespoon ful of strong turpentine. Add half a teaspoonful of salt to two quarts of water, or inthat . proportion to the lower compartment of double boilerr less time will be required to cook the - contents of the lower one. ':J-; n Chopped beef or pork, cracklings are good to use in Indian ;brread, which, is usually-served warm, ..or "they may be mixed with bread and mashed potato seasoned and fried like sausage. . '' - SaTelall the ends of candles, put them in a jar and melt them on:the etove, ml them with enough turpentine ; to make a soft paste, and you' will ' .have an excellent polishing materials for oil cloth, - linoleum, letc, which wUl" cost you hardly nothing. , UNKS AND DRAINS A FRE-. QUENT CAUSE,. OF TYPHOID ParlfThese and Sou Wfll'Bo Safe " Froid- Cdufagloa -l)llnfectlng - the Only Preventative Borax," a" Simple, Safe and Sure Method. . How to keep our homes clean, wfV nd -free from germ lnfluenceji a Question.-, - f " ; j-- Whtle thereMa no 'ocoaslon-'lot alarm; It 1 alwaya well B to be' fore armed on the theory that . An Ounce of Prevention Is Better Than a Pound of Cure," and no ounce of prevention has ytit been discovered that -Is more pimple; more ? direct and inore: efTeo' Uve, yet harmless to . the human system, than 3orar. - Borax has been known and used for generations as a purifier and preventive against epidemic influences originating from uncleanly conditions resulting - from unsanitary sinks . and drains, and when used as a hot'solu-tlon In the proportion of two table- spoonfula to, a gallon of hot . water flushed , through the . offending ; locations; removes every trace of disease germs and - renders, the J pipes clean and wholesome, " Borax in addition to. its hygienic qualities, Is a household -iiecessity,-and can be used for numberless do mestio purposes. It softens the water, makes" linen r dazzling white, will, cleanse every article in the kitchen cr dining room and make It bright, will prevent moths, soften and whiten the skin, remove dandruff and, cleanse the scalp, and for cleansing and sterilising baby's milk bottle and nipple has no equal. - Borax, unlike every other cleanser. and disinfectant, is absolutely harm less to the system, and is safe, simple, -economical, and can be purchased at any druggist or grocery. A dainty book in colors, called; the "Jingle Book," will be sent free to any Mother sending name and address of her baby and tops from two one-pound cartons -of "20-Mule Team" Borax, with 6c. in stamps. Address Pacific Coast Borax Co., New York, FARM NOTES. - The overgrown horse Is seldom a iurable one. - Eggs intended for hatching should not be kept over four weeks. They must be turned every day or two. It wiH require seven pound of skim milk to equal one pound of lean beet fbr flesh-forming qualities. ; - One dollar per head is the average cost of keeping a fowl a year, and the same amount is a fair estimate of the profits. Hens will, enjoy a change of diet and will do better in consequence, i To kee$ on kicking and grumbling la easy enough. There will always be something not quite right. But what's the use of spoiling, what is . good by spreading the bad over it The hen, that lays three eggs a week will pay double the prpfit of one that produces but two eggs. A dairy cow is a machine that turns teed into milk and cream. Give your birds plenty of green food In almost any form. They , like it and will tell you ,so by the egg basket and flavor jof eggs, also. Most of us are very particular about the source of our well and spring water for our own drinking. How about that consumed by the live stock? The community without a rural telephone service is decidedly behind tfie times. No investment pays better. Grain the ewes twice a day; v give hay In the morning, shredded fodder at noon, and feed-rack at night. . FOUND A WAY To Be Clear of the Coffee Troubles. "Husband and myself both had the coffee habit and finally his stomach and kidneys got in Buch a bad condition that he was . compelled to give up a good position that he had: held for years. He was too sick to work. His skin was yellow, and : I hardly think there was an organ In'his body that was not affected. ' - . . "I told him I felt sure his sickness was due to coffee, and after some discussion he decided to give It up. "It was a struggle, because of the powerful habit.-""- One day we - heard about Postum and concluded to try it, and then it was easy to leave oft oof-fee.- " - - "His fearful "headaches grew less frequent, his complexion began to clear, kidneys gew better until at last he was a new, man altogether, as a result of leaving off coffee and tak ing up Fcstuni. Then I began to drink it, too. . - . "Although I was neyer as bad off as my husband, I was "always very nervous and never at any time very strong, only weighing 95 lbs. before I began to use Postum. Now I weigh 11S lbs. and can do as much:work as any one my size, I thinki - 'Many do not use Postum" because they have not taken the trouble to make it right. rI -: have successfully fooled a great; many "persons who have drunk It at -my - table. ': They would: remark, 'Ton must buy a high graae oi -couee.- : une ; young mani who clerked in- a grocery store was yery' enthusiastic about my 'coffee.' When I told him what it was he said, Why, I've sold Postum for four years but I Jiad no Idea it iraa like- thla ThlkIUrdrlnk"Postunv hereafter.' .'. Name given' by Postum Co.,J Battle Creek, Mich. "Read"TheItoad to Well. "riJlV la pk6a.r4'jherft,fa Iteasou.n: Pe-rt-na Atomao in8.000f000 Homes The" Penm Lucky "Day 'A1"; become-afixture in over eight -fdhoa pecomo stained from all drns no. ir to inauire early. The Sig5a f A Break. "George .must lo'veyouV l Keeps comings to "see you witbl Christmaa looming np.,rr . "Yes but he's getting-very. qura relsdme.,,'- " ---.:. -Cc Beware of Ointments For Catarrb - That Contain MercaiT . - as mercury will surely destroy the sense of im-11 and completely derange thewhole system when entering it through- the raucous surf acer. Such.jirtrcies should never be used except bn prescriptions from reputable phv-. SSs, as&e damage theywiU do utenfold to the good you-can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Carer manufactured by F. J. Cheney A Co.;Toiedora;.ontams no mercury, and is Uken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of theiystem. In tayingHall's Catarrh Cure .nr. vrm tret the is taken mr t ternally and made in Toledo. qhioby. Jf, J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. cola dt lruggwisi i'1: "-f. Taka Hall's fojq Almanac is already published, and tbe Sppjy wU? soon be exhWed Donot gij JtoS, : Speak for one tc-day, - - r v - amuy. rills for constipatioa,6pent" - ' , - -c. f-cNovMatter;;':--'F-fv 5 'I They I claimf hat?. Shakespeare didn t; write the plays. ' ' liHidtthe press humorist. "4f ter I 'm goae I s.,poserthey,H say I didn 't ofiginato these joke3. Well, if. they want to4et 'em. . Why Sloan's Liniment and Veterln-ary Remedies Are; the Best to Use. Let me : tell you why Sloan's Liniment -arid Veterinary Remedies are the safest and most practical o.n the, market today In the first place. Dr. Earl S. Sloan , ia the son of a veterinary surgeoxi, and from his earliest infancy he was associated with horses.. : He r- bought .and: sold horses while ! yet very young- He practised as a veterinary for - twenty -years, and has battled successfully - with ?every disease to which that animal Is subject.' , VA1I his remedies are . the result-of experiments made to save life or relieve suffering while he was practising his profession. Any reader, by writing to Dr. Earl S. Sloan,: 615 , Albany street,. Boston, Mass will receive "Sloan's Treatise on the Horse," free.-This book tells how to treat horses, cattle, hogs, and poultry. Gambling has been prohibited In Texas. But this, it must be remembered, warns the Pittsburg Dispatch, is vastly different from preventing it. ...... VIRGINIA MERCHAK T RID OP VERY BIG GRAVTiL STONE. Another Remarkable Cure of Serious y, .:.v Kidney Trouble. of Fentress, Norfolk Co.. Va..- was sunenng some months ago with f re quent attacks of hard pain In the back, kidneys and bladder and -the kidney secretions wero irregularly scanty, or profuse. Medical treatment failed to cure him. "At last." says Mr. Wood, "I began using Doan's Kidney Pills, and before one box was gone, I went through four days of intense pain, finally passing a stone, one-half by five-siiteenths of an Inch in diameter. I haven't had a sign of kidney trouble since." Sold by all dealers, 50 cents a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. - Disconsolate. "Hard luck. Wife ran away with chauffeur I'll never get such a good man again." J, - nn M And We liir:Send Free, ta Prove ! -That it is. the Most Effective. External. Cure for. Rheumatic :;Pains and Aches, a Large v- " ; BOTTLE OF Confident : that " it - will r do -. far vnn what it :has dons for others and thatiJ w usotw a w praise wr as aoes - the writer ot the following grateful letter: "With muscular rheumatism I suffered to the extent that even to '--control --the", pen held in -my right hand - was : impossible at times;. On one such day I first used-Minard'a liniment. ; No, indorsement could come from a worse sufferer or more; grateful heart 'than . mine. Q. W. iyVys, Cambridge, Mass." Send a postal to Minard'i Liniment Co. So. Frarningham, Mass.' - - - - boetatan rU mml peettloa wtntm tor . lrliiill MM rr inrvn a KR1r7 rijsajSJBM M - aj U UNI U J C,.V w- . . 1 '"nHmi, T Martin's Pc4nt. 8. C. . its Bfetaei Bbm. rww '. ; w. ! ' 'PertiueritLPaxagrftphs. ""Co-operation is the name of one-of the. high roads - to success.' Hany i businesshas goneltq the wall for no other reasou-ilianCthat!air the parties eoriwraed7aHdjno common - end. Co-operation means Uuccess.JThe ,laek of 'itbut medio cre worked possibly failurej -There are , two trite old" sayings whieh exemplify, the 'difference between;. 4he two -ways; VIn union", there Z is strength; that 'a- co-operation and divided ' asrairist itself must- fall, ' 'thuts lack of ,co- operation andrf ailure. If you-' are '"going to succeed, 5you must economize;: .Economy , does -not meanv miserliness 'nor oes " itVjneau an unwise desire -to save. J False, economy is worse thanr none at all. A greats many merchants have failed simply because they have ."refused to spends a dollar where goocT business management - demanded that it Je living-is Lirh, but we have to have DOCTOR SAID "USE CUTICURA1 It For Bad Case of Eczema on:C3hlld- - Disease Had Reached a Fearful Stated-Order. Resulted in ! y "When I wa small I was -troubled with, eczema for about thrt montlxa. It waj all over my iace and covered, nearly; all. of my head. It reached such a state .that it wM just a large scab all over, and thf pain" and itching were terrible. I doctored with an able physician for some time and was then advised by him to ue the Cuticura Ilem-edies, which ! did and I was entirely cured.1 I have not been bothered with it since. I used Cuticura Soap and Cnticura- Ointment,' but do . not know exactly , how- much -was -used -to complete "the "cure Misa Anabtel WiJabhNorth "Branch, Mich Oct. 20, '97." Conscience; is - a .God to all men. Greek. ' '' . : , '' " SV0 t Days. Pazo Ointments guaranteed to cure any . case of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14'daySor money refunded. ; 5Qq A A undminu; in Eatiri: . a sound body Af g f RJ &b It removes tb cause. . A J frCa soothes the nerres &od ..w-im relievesthe aches and . COLDS AND GRIPPEHHi hadaelics and Neuralgia also.- No bad r effects, - 10c. 25c and 50o bottles. (Liquid.) CIMPKINS' PROLIFIC COTTON. 1 Let s book your order now for your planttajr mJ teed rext yar. Hakes fromn to three b"ais per acre.: Earjl st and most; pro 111c cotton -In tbe Boatn. x leras 40 pnuna per iuu &t (in. uiic Kagd Ta.HTrir.Tln1 Turrit hx1 on itniHftttf-n- - A. war nrsc rremium as js. (.'.tst&eo aur, ltfUb an i wr AWiraea on Best stalks. Best Seed, Best Acre and Best Bale. Pr ce $L50 per Brunei; r iv Bushels or more Tor 1.00 W. AYflIMFKIKS, 6rowr & Introducer -- Kural Route Hm. S, Balelsrlk, X. C. TERMS: cash with order. Satisfaction uoar&nteed. THE BESiro.NsT$20. 1 How a Small Investment may bring you a Large Income. Address AMERICAN TOST COMPANY, Bloomfleld, Indiana. - Cur PlanU OF SEED WE r without lnjnry. NO MORE MUSTARD ; THE SCIENTIFICX AND MODERN m V i i riii,rtti I f . axil ' " . Capsicum-Vasdmc. EXTRACT OF THE , CAYENNE PEPPER '.PLANT TAKEN v DIRECTLY IN VASELINE v""1 "TJON'TJWAIT; COMIDtJ-KEEP - ' L9,Vr?) liPy5 READY CURE FOR PAIN. PRICE 15c. nFAIRoklBES ADE OF PURE TIN AT ALL' DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS, OR BY- MAIL .ON .RECEIPT: OF 15c IN POSTAGE STAMPS. A substitute for; and superior to mustard or'any other plaster and will net - blister the fnost elicatelsJqn.,The pain-allaying tod curative qualities of the article are wonderful: It wjUstop-tho toothache at once, and relieve Headache and Sciatica;: n We recommend it as the best and safest external counter-I!J owr ako a an external remedy for pains in vhe chest and stomach and all Rheumatic Neuralgic apd Gouty complaints. A trial will prove what ve claim for it, and it will be found to b1nvaluable in the household and for children. Once used no family will be without it. Many people say " it is tne pest of all your preparations." , Accept no-preparation of vaseline unless : the same carries our label, as otherwise it Isiiot genuine. ; Send your addresa and we will malf bur Vaseline l3ookIet describing our Preparations which villi Interest vbu. nsutot. CHESEBROUGH MFG. CO. New York qjr -t s - - - - ----- -- vr-,- - r,, e5 J-AJSPTJ THAT WIU. Ear'yJersej Wakefield Charleston Henderson's : rypeWak. I am located on one hf ihd &r feiZ ' vomts verv law :rITA.s Zrlf.rr? 'm- COT Mcei i.OOO to SJXSO .oveau pnees ca large lots Send your order, to r.i-.t .w-? .TOWli32S: Ploaaer Plant Grower , , J nwrrrrrT J2j!!J , -r3 WflAllD TELCGrUPn "Truth and tiaiitjr appeal to the Well-informed in walk' of life and are essential to p,mZ auccess and creditable standing, a ingTyi it is not claimed that Syrun and Elixir of Senna is the only rerned J why it is the best of personal and fa i laxatives is the fact that it clea ? sweetens and relieves the internal orga on which it acts without any debilitaf after effects and without having to increa the quantity from time to time. It acts pleasantly and naturally and truly as a laxative, and its component parts , are known 'to and approved by physicians, as it is, free from all objection, able substances. To get its beneficial effects always purchase" ' the genuine-manufactured by the California Fig gyr Co.Vonly, and far Sale by all leading drug-gists. , Xfs Grown from pure bred seeds. B - Quality and satisfaction iruaranteed. xariy jersey wateneid; Charleston Larg-e Type Wakefield; Early Fk DutchfXate Flat Dutch. ;l,(XXrto 5,000 at $1. 50 per 1,000 5,000 to 10.000 at $1.25 per 1,000 10,000 to 20,000 at $1.00 per 1,000 20,000 or over at special rates. I guarantee delivery in good condition. ,; it. B. -1 1 .make a specialty of a crat? of cabbaee plants containing 100 each cf the f cur varieties, delivered at any Southern -Express Office for $1.00. I ARTHUR W. PERRY z , Vounss Island, S. C. John Whtte&Co. Louisville, Ky. -r EstabUslied 1S37. Highest market price paid i or Kavtr - FURS and HIDES Wool en . Commliitgn LATH AND SHINSLE MACHINES, SAWS AND SUPPLIES, STEAM AN 0 GASOLINE ENGINES. Side and Cectri Q Crank Engines Crank LARGE STOCK AT ' FMufy Hschine ind Boiler Worka and Sufply Sbn, AUGUSTA. GA. So. 2-'08. If afflicted vlth weak Thompson's Eyelieier eyes..'; use Lipl SA W MILLS Atl AGE PLANTS We are again ready to fill your Orders for CABBAGE and BEET PLANTS. are all OliOWN FHOM THE SAME GRADE BET OUR CROP FBOM. W have all or the Loading-Varieties E ABLY JERSEY WAKEFIELD, very early, CHARLESTON- WAKEFIELD, about teu days later. Ia flat varieties w have Succession, a Medium Early, and Short-Stem Late Flat tutcc.' Prices a follows: 1,000 to 5,000. $1.50 5,000 to O.OOO. $1.25: 10.000 and UDwards 81.00 These .plants are all crown near salt water and will stand severe cold TUB CASS-CARLTON CO., Mej?Rett,8.0 : If So, Send Your Orders to TO WtE,i Yoins Island, S. C. . By maH. telegraph or telephone 4 , Prices: . 1.000 to 4,000 at $1.50 per 1,000 6.000 to 000 at $15 per 1.000 - v : 9,000 and over at $1.00 per 1.000 Special prices to those using larger quantities. " " Satisfaction and good count guaranteed. Plants ready for shipment from Dec 1st to April 1st SS5SS PLASTERS TO BLISTER EXTERNAL COUNTER-IRRITANT. ,fl"" ' ticiv the pain - A TIJBE HANDY ' MAKE Early WinniaarStatdt Summer iahrnL jima is mil sansraaum or money repmaea. i oo. t i.n. yi nW - 1 10.000 and over t V . V T t-oatk.. Twtfi Urea Bowe2. BCHOOI4 . KEIVNAN, OA- A 1 ff . - . j f

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