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The Daily Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina • Page 4

The Daily Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina • Page 4

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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THE DAILY TAR HEEL FOUR rustees ded th.nt m- Covering The Camp us (Continued from Page 1) particularly with respect to the differences between some of the faculty members and the administration, this committee has requested the Acting President of the University to make a detailed investigation and report concerning the problems that he finds existing at Woman's College, together with a recommended plan of action for the UNC Librarian Andrew Horn and his guests, Mrs. Jessica Valentine and Charles Foston, will discuss winners of national book awards tonight at 7:15 over WUNC-TV, the University's educational television, channel 4. The group also will highlight important books of 1955. William C. Friday, who takes over Thursday as Acting President of the Consolidated University, will undertake the investigation. Friday said "The Consolidated office will make its own inquiry into the situation." A suggestion was made to the committee to make a study of the experiment of educational television in order to show "a comparison of the costs as against the benefits, and that in the light of such report the Board of Trustees take such action as may be deemed advisable. The committee recommends that this study be made." The committee report presented a proposal "that cigarette vending machines be placed in the dormitories, with the profits to be used by the Interdormitory Council to studd and Cations made." appointment the fact that f0r thi school 'effective work ordination and phased tivity." 1 Victor Brv- chairman of th Ct Prosit has shown the annuaj University president $7500 to $10,000 2 Presidents state solution of such problems', and to make a report of such findings to this committee not later than the first of day of May, 1956." The problems to be investigated are "differences between some of the faculty members" of WC and Chancellor Edward Kidder Graham. A CLIMB PATTERN FOR TOMORROW Press Club Will Meet Tomght Reed A. Sarratt, executive editor of the Winston-Salem Journal and Twin City Sentinel, will be featured guest at the monthly meeting of the Press Club tonight. The informal meeting will be held at the home of Dr. N. N. Lux-on, dean of the School of Journalism, at 8 p.m. i Sarratt, a former editor of The Daily Tar1 Heel, will speak on the problems and methods of publishing a large daily. Tonight's meeting is open to Press Club members and all interested 'persons. Transportation to Dean Luxon's home will leave By-num Hall tonight at 7:45 p. m. Sylvia Porter Plans Talk To Press Girls Sylvia Porter, syndicated columnist and financial editor of the New York Poswill be principal speaker at the North Carolina Press Women's third annual Woman's- Page institute and spring meeting here March 17-18. 'The institute and meeting also will feature a readers' panel, a talk by Jean Mooney, director of women's services for NEA and the awarding, of the annual prizes for writing and makeup. A Treat for our Junior Friends YUSSUF THE OSTRICH By Emery Kelen On our last bargainhunting trip to New York, "we came -across these very handsome children's books and snatched them. Published to sell at $1.75 in the days when that was expensive, they have been unobtainable at any price since the war. OUR SPECIAL 89c The Intimate Bookshop 205 E. Franklin St. Open Till 10 P.M. Have You Thought About Yours? The affiliated divisions of the, VlCfC CHEMICAL COMpj VICK PRODUCTS DIVISION VICK INTERNATIONAL DIVISION VICK MANUFACTURING DIVISION THE WILLIAM S. MERRELL CO. ALFRED D. McKELVY CO. J. T. BAKER CHEMICAL CO. PRINCE MATCHABELLI, INC JENSEN-SALSBERY LABORATORIES, iNC. EXTRUDED PLASTICS, INC. HESS CLARK, INC. 1 'CELLIST HELGUERA uera In Recital At Hill Hall Hailed as one of Mexico's leading young musical artists, cellist Guillermo Helguera will be heard in a recital tonight at 8 o'clock in Hill Hall. His appearance will be part of the Tuesday Evening Series, open to the public, and will be broadcast over WUNC-FM, campus radio station, 91.5 megacycles. Helguera will open his concert with Boccherini's "Sonata in A Major" and will continue with the following woks: "Sonata in A Major, op. 69, no.3," Beethoven; Sona-tine (1924), Chavez; "Fantasy Pieces, op. 73," Schumann, and "Variations on- a Rococo Theme," Tschaikowsky. Helguera is founder and president of ACMAC, the Associacion de Concertistas Mexicanos, a concert management organized to promote the careers of gifted young Mexican virtuosi both in their native country and abroad. Helguera is touring the United States at this time as representative artist in the first interchange of artists program between Mexico and our country. The 23-year-old artist made his formal debut in his native Mexico City in 1950 and since that time has performed in most of the large Mexican cities, and with several of Mexico's outstanding Symphonies. "Ne Plus Ultra 'Nothing more beyond. Meaning our selections for warm never were better. Just received shipment of white duck slacks in our ivy league narrows, perfect fir, professional or sportswear use 55.95. White duck bermuda shorts, Ivy cut; Dart River baby cord shorts both at lowest price tver $4.95., Clotting CCupboart offer you, today's graduates, planned executive developme programs individually ''tailored to the man' for progress in the important fields: ADVERTISING SALES MERCHANDISING PRODUCTION ENGINEERING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE SOCIAL PROBLEMS "Social Problems," a credit television course from N. C. State College, will be given over WUNC-TV, channel 4, tonight at 7:30. Dr. Elmer H. Johnson of the college's Dept. of Sociology will speak on "Three Ways to Explain Problems." PHYSICS "Physics in Your Life," a program about research being carried on at the nuclear reactor at N. C. State College in Raleigh, will be shown over educational television station WUNC-TV, channel 4, tonight at 8:30. BOOKS PEOPLE "Books and People," featuring Kanegson-- (Continued from Page 1) the first Johnny Appleseed folk festival in Mansfield, Ohio, has also been the folk-song special ist at folk dance camps throughout New England and in Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Dakota and Miami, Fla. INFORMAL Kanegson gave an informal touch to his repertoire of nearly. 30 songs and ballads. This effect was hightened by his quiet, soft manner. Throughout the program, he managed to achieve a touch of humor which was well received by the large audience, who participated in several songs. He started his program with a song of love in Hebrew. A very beautiful and haunting song, it was well appreciated by the audience. The next song, which he described as "a song for penny-less travelers," was an old United States song, "The Big Rock Candy Mountain." Kanegson continued in much the same manner, singing sim-alar songs from throughout the world. Among his songs were some from the United States, Mexico, South Africa, France, Canada and England as well as Yiddish and Israeli songs. He ended his program with the lively old folk song about a fox who went out on a chilly night and got himself a goose. After this spirited rendition, Kanegson held an informal meeting in one corner of the lounge, leading a group of interested people in more songs. BE SURE YOUR PRESCRIPTION BEARS OUR LABEL Eubanlc's Drug Co. 26. Large roofing slate 27. Piece out 29. Likely 30. Cold -wind of southern France lttrty'k Answer 41. Kant 32. Variety of chalcedon 35. The white poplar 26. A half note (nuns.) 37. Begone! 28. Wander 42. Pitcher 44. Short 4fj. Contend for 46. nh 45. repty Toftujsr jc la a me! 0 ft A THE Ajp A gjB i. It (S ft Prig. bf "vr Alt tfrllEElHlA QS BOA kj ft 1 LIE. 2.11 PjOjViE cEpsilvlElAiR For a limited number of highly qualified juniors, "Career Preview'' programs are also available for the summer months. Our representative will be at the University of North Carolina Debaters Make 5th In Fla.v The UNC Debate squad won fifth place in a field of 18 at the Florida Invitational Tournament at Tallahassee, last weekend. The University of Miami swept to the overall team championship for the seventh year in a row while Georgia finished with the best debating record. Teams from William and Mary, Georgia, Tu-lane and Georgia Tech highlighted the tournament. Carolina's team finished with a won-lost record of 5 and 7 that was good jenough to win fifth place. The Tar Heels affirmative team of Sonny Evans and Dave Iieberman had a 3-3 record and the negative team, Luke Corbett and Forbes Ramsey, finished with a 2-4' record. The next test for. the Carolina debaters is scheduled for this weekend in the South Atlantic Forensic meet at Hickory. The Debate is holding an important meeting this afternoon in the Grail Room of Graham Memorial at 4 p.m. MSA Movie Oh Travel Is Today The U. S. National Student Assn. will show a m-ie of one of its last year's tours tomorrow at 4 p. in the Rendezvous Room of Graham Memorial. The USNSA is a confederation of student body groups of over 300 American colleges and universities. The movie will be presented in conjunction with Educational Travel a non-profit student organization to promote better international relations through travel. Bob Martin, representing the national office of USNSA, and Ken Callander, the local campus travel director, will be present to answer questions about the tours. The place of the movie was previously erroneously reported as being the Audio-Visual Aids Room of the Library. However, the moyie will be shown at the Rendezvous Room. -Changes- (Continued from Page 1) Kenan professor, School of Education. Dr. Walter H. Hartung will retire as professor in the School of as of August 31, and Dr. Arthur S. Winsor, as professor in the Dept. of Mathematics on Sept. 1. Three associate prof essors are resigning from their University positions: Miss Esther K. Sump, School of Nursing, as of Feb. 15, 1956; Dr. Kerro Knox, Dept. of. Chemistry, as of Sept. 1, and "Dr. John Andrako, School of Pharmacy, as of Aug. 31. In addition, Chancellor House announced that Dr. Huse is relinquishing his position as Comparative Literature chairman, but is continuing as professor in the Dept. of Romance Languages. All the passion and suspense of the gripping best-seller! paul Gregory f)tKti ROBERT SHELLEY MlTCHUM -Wl NTERS OlIICIM 1 i- 1 on March 1 and 2. placement office. For further information, please inquire at your BUDGET All campus organizations interested in being placed on the Student Government Budget for 1956-57 are to submit their requests to Jim Martin, student body treasurer, in the student government offices no later than March 2. 1 ENGLISH GRADUATE STUDY A meeting will be held today at noon in 108 Bingham for students interested in doing graduate work in English here at the University or elsewhere. WUNC Today's schedule for WUNC, University's FM radio, 91.5 megacycles: 7:00 Intermezzo 7:15 Visitas of Isreal 7:30 Music in the Making 7:45 Review of the British Weeklies 8:00 Hill Hall Concert 9:30 Our Unfinished Business 10:00 The News at Ten 10:10 Program Review 10:15 Evening Masterwork WUNC-TV Today's schedule for WUNC-TV, University's educational television, channel 4: 12:45 News, Weather, Sports 1:00 Today On Farm 1:30 Music in Air 2:00 Play Period 6:00 Magic Lantern 6:30 News Weather 6:45 Sports 7:00 Resource Round-Up 7:15 People 7:30 Hometown Tournament 8:00 El. School Science 8:30 Frontier To Space 845 Incabloc Seventeen (Continued from Page 1) with Willie as well as the feature number, "Reciprocity." Bob Andrews of Durham and Ethel Casey of Raleigh will appear in the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, Willie's parents. They will sing a duet, "A Headache and a Heartache." Carol Jenzano, a fourth-grader of Chapel Hill, plays the precocious younger sister of In her role of Jane she is an oft-time "thorn in the flesh." Emily Selden of Chapel Hill and Ken Lowry of Troy, Ohio, who was the Deputy File in 'The Rainmaker," portray the parents of May Parcher, with whom Lola is staying for the Martha Dow of Wellesley Hills, and David Small, of More-head City, play the roles of May Parcher and her boyfriend, Joe; they sing the romantic duet, "After All It's Spring." Gene Williams will play the part of Genesis, the yard boy of the Baxter family. UNC students are reminded that reduced-rate tickets for student couples are on sale for $1 each, half the regular price, at 214 Abernethy Hall, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and at the Y-Court 8:30 a', m. to 12:30 p.m. each day. TOiVERiKG Above All Others! if Warner BrosT MESENT Cinemascope and warnerColor- urnn ROSSANA PODESTA-JACK SERNAS SIR CEDRIC HARDVV1CKE r5i STANLEY BAKER MAIL MacGlNNiS ROBERT DOUGLAS T0RIS THATCHER Screenplay by JOHN TWIST and HUGH GRAY Directed by ROBERT WISE musk mr MAX TCtNC 3 DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS Infants Device to 3. Beneath 4. Conger 5. 'Steamship (abbr.) 6. Defraud 7. Loiter 8. Unit of work 9. Macaws 10. Novice 14. Wild pig 16. Hawaiian garlands 19. Estimator 20. Greeting 21. Hole in a needle 22. Astern 23. Body of water 1. hold rope, as on a ar 11: S-shaped moldings 12. 13. Harass Soothe Mendicant 14. 15. Sign of Zodiac 1C. Larva of 17. Therefore 18. Encircle 21. Uke 24. Ventilate 25. Journey v. L-i 1 rKx4t4Mwoc4M in circuit 23. Deeds 23. Dismal 31. What stock quotations are printed on 22. Lubricate 33v Earth as a goddess 4. Window over a door 27. Senior abbr.) 19 Secondary 40. Anger 4li. Opposite of concave 4G. Chow 17. Benefit 48. Artless 19 Conical tent Am. I.nd.) 56. Ear shell DOWN 1. Cotton pod (Bot.) 2. Chills ndfvr KING SIZE jp zfew i i 1 i "11 1 1 mr 111 i. SUPERIOR TASTE si 2. SUPERIOR FILTER So quick on the draw! Yes, the flavor comes clean through all white Miracle Tip. Pure white inside, pure white outside for smoking. So good to your taste because of superior tobaccos. Richer, tastier especially selected for filter smoking. For the 'flavor you want, here the filter you need. LILLIAN GlSH CHARLES LAUGHTON ftfM0 thru UNITED MTlSTS TODAY ONLY! FILTERS LIGGETT 1 MYRS TOBACCO CO LAST TIMES TODAY arsify- "letteb to AX WIT MAKE TODAY gjQ GVaotn A.Misu Toaa Co. ML RED

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