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Salisbury Evening Sun from Salisbury, North Carolina • Page 4

Salisbury, North Carolina
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I For a quick remedy and one that is perfectly safe for children let us recommend One Minute Contributions. In response to the appeal made by the Daughters of the Confederacy for funds to assist in defraying Cough Cure. It is excellent for Aiiil oooooooooooooo croup, hoarseness," tickling in the throat and coughs. James irmin mer. OOOO i boys who wore ihe gray.and mad.

the ourstateana in history which BEST GOODS for the-LEAST MONEY. If is the pride of every trm' you will call at our store and carefully inspect North Carolinian we report tht our elegant new stock we think that you will be able to solve this problem. We feel sure that our goods and prices will BOTH PLEASE Not one child dies where ten formerly died from croup. People have learned the value of One severe lung and throat troubles. John S.

Henderson, Mrs YOU. YOUrS anXlOUS XO please, It im mediately stops coughing. US HI I It never fails. James Cain, Lieut. Richard Hen derson, 81.00; G.

Watson. S1.00; D. K. Julian Mrs. W.

II. Overman, $1.00. i Before the discovery of One Minute Cough Cure, ministers Phone No. 114. The name of contributors and amount contributed will be pub Never mind, ladies, we are going to have were greatly disturbed by cough lished as received.

excuse ior hot time in this old town in the sweet bye ing congregations. No and bve." and then vou 11 want some un- itDd James Piumn mer. Annual Meeting. to-date goods for an up-to-date, dress from CAPUDINE The annual meeting of the "Per an up-to-date store. petual Buildinor Loan Associa PI I DCC Neuralgia, Sick Headache; tion will be held at its office on VJ Itt grippe, Pains, Nervous 13th at 4 o'clock p.

m. b) HEADACHE. order of the Board pf Directors How Wc ffrc Tie F. J. MuiiDOCH, Sec.

Treas Every bottle guaranteed. i25c at all druggists. ffD' NO CURE-NO PAY That, is the wav all drtiB-Ert'stssoll 1 AMERICAN UNION TASTELESS CHILL, TONTfi for ri has a select stock of nice Chills and It is simulv Trnn iinr www tiuinine in a tasteless form. Children lov' It. Adults afer it to bitter, nauseating Tonics.

Price 50 cents. DIMITY, i Life Insurance Company, DKGANDIEy There is no secret in the method emn LAWN, J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo: conductor oyed Broadway, York. on electric street car line, write to Stimulate the growth of OUT Clothing busi-that his little daughter was very neSS. MADRAS, low witn croup, and her lite saved Ul-i- i SWISS, miji.

after all physicians had failed, onh Ai.Yri-!1 i i ictuie worKmansni I LINEN CRASH. 2 Floor Holmes! Bid. P. O. Block.

and COR bv usintr One Minute Wh perTeci Tit, courteous treatment using: One Minute Cousrh Cure. RECT PRICESthere you are I James Plummeri You are going to buy some goods oiithis kind, and you are going Salisbury, to buy them just where you find what yqu like; See the Suits we are offering this week at 5.yo, can be duplicated elsewhere for "TT ii 5 less than tjit.UU. Skin 1 to please you. you must give us and we will do our bes The Economy Clothing Store in 7 Givers Book We have just received a large lot of nice wide Embroidery with 1 openwork edges. Ladies, you, will like it and our prices will induce face JR- v'The World, his smilins: you to buy.

I i 4 Free bis: washed clean In tepid April showers, Drws on his Maytime coat of green 1 5 n. "All the latest and best Send your name and ad- conrmoiit 1UU UUUUUO 11, 11.11 11 with black handles is espe-- A beautiful line of these goods just shades-and handles. The line of blacks cially strong. I aress" on a postal card and we'll mail you our Sul- ume Book in if vnu'll No Chemicals are Allowed We will look for you the first brighq Then to the planets far and near, A -visiting he goes, Yours to please, in our laundry methods. We use i -w I r.

i i i i ii I una soua racts aoout tne nothing but the purest washing ma To show them, as we show you eid here, The proper style in clothes." care or your SKin. Sample cake (4 size) of or anything that will hurt the' titles fabric, Yodr shirts, collars, cuffs or anything sent here to be 5 Sulphume Soap sent fre by Sclpfaame 209 Marine Bldg Chlcafo. a 1 1 laundered will last as long as by home methods, and we do not fray A 11 Dressed We au preparations ror sale Dy EDWIN CUTIIRELL, DRUGGIST. 5 the edges of your or break the buttonholes, but send it home in its pristine beauty. 1 SALISBURY STEAM LAUNDRY.

if she does her shopping at Need not necessarily be expensively dressi thatV it exactly wo show THE iMFER STYLE, are care- ful of our stock and of the values we show. VeM rather sell you NOTHING than to sell "you some- WILL EXHIBIT AT Sat. April 15 i thin A little inoney goes a great distance at this popular place'. "Woman is God's hncf rThQ tii-m Tl tv i cVi ri ilH Vio ti 1 wore A ornoo i aa cVia id tnr orl To if" poor. We are writing a fc-'VO VA VC4 blVU, C4.

A lAi Oil UiU XA. A UJJUU1 UO CUV lO A lllVVl 1- till to all human eyes. We assist you in doing this with our stylish Millinery, Tlie Famous beautiful Waists and all other articles of app; arel without taxing your purse short "ad." this time because wo were RUSHED so Saturday that we didn't have time to write. toany extent. This week will be a WEEK PfUl prices will be smashed to smithereens, all competitors will look, aghast at manner in which we are going to sell, He are a few call and find i hundreds of others: mm 25 stylishly trimmed model Hats, actually worth from $4.98 to $6.50, your Reason is Plai The Choice $3.75.

ting lining, nice large flounce, 10 doz. Wrappers, neatly trimmed, tight fi worth $1.00, our price 59c. 20 doz. Ladies Shirt Waists, newest patterns, detachable collars, value 75c, THE ONLY EXH1B1T10K OF THE TRULY EMINENT MEXICAN SPECTACLE. LN AMERICA.

A TRUE REPRESENTATION OF MEXICO'S 1 NATIONAL SPORT, our price 39c I 25 doz. Ladies fast black drop stick Hose, We wait on every customer, with PERFECT courtesy and they lie kind, our price 10c. pair. Hundreds of other bargains Call early ari( often and get your share of love to come back again. Then, too, our store is CROWDED with bargains at the popular store, values.

3Elit. Introducing Genuine Mexican Matadors, Espadas, Toreros, Picadores, i Derillerois, Capeadores, in thrilling and exciting exhibibibps of Under Opera House, Main St. skill and daring exploits with GENUINE MEXICAN BULLS direct from the pastures of Jalisco, Mexico. SALISBURY N. C.

Clothing ClotliiugJ The Grreatest iXoxictri "pi 3 TVlTp "F3 mL vy ll ill A Caudrilla of Rougli Riders, Cow Boys, Sharp Shooters, Bucking Bronchos. For Men, -Boys aud Children "till Shirts Huts Un-Jose Trigo's Educated Performing Bull, an ExempliUcation of Animal' -ri ji Tr-iinimr dervvear, buspenders, Grloves, in endless variety. Every thin The Roval Mexican Band, a Musical Organization of Mexican Soloists. fwi-aoo xrom a ten cent Millar to a dollar-and-a-half pair of A Grand and Gorgeous SpcctaclcyHhe Enflre Caudrilla 'Make Their Daily oILK- HUbE. Paseo (or Parade.) A big: line of JAPAN MATTINGS.

PERFORMANCE COMMENCING AT 8 P. M. Bought direct from tlie importer. Will 25 Cents. less than can tie DM ISSI be sold at 25 per cent.

be sold anywhere, poh't miss this Xrcadlng Clothiers. chance. I Iia wife i Bell Block, Granite Building, Cor. Main and Fisher Salisbury, N. C.

EEAL A GAINS. often by being persuaded to choose foods that are not. high grade, be-cause she lacks experience. Those i Also a large line of Carpets from 25 to 60c per worth 50 per cent more. who are not expert judges of Veal, Bef or Pork should always Our new Spring daily.

The newest in JbtocK arriving all lines. money saving go to a reliable market. We keep nothing but the primest and Don't forget, your friend, best. IF YOU CAN'T KEEP DP WITH THE BELL, COW Gallop the Gang. Try Brown for fine' Rye Whiskey, OldTaylor, I.

W. Harper's Canadian Club, Canadian Jule, Old Henry Old Gorden, and many other fine Whiskeys. 1 keep a good stock of Beers, Draft and Exports. a trial. Yours to serve, Pone53 W.

BROWN. Victor. WalDace- M. arm llays. ffWill have more to sy in a few.

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