Medicine Lodge Cresset from Medicine Lodge, Kansas on August 2, 1888 · Page 3
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Medicine Lodge Cresset from Medicine Lodge, Kansas · Page 3

Medicine Lodge, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1888
Page 3
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THE CRESSET THURSDAY". AUGUST 2. IHM. A. T. & S- F. RAILWAY. Arrival and Departure of the Trains. TRAIN'S. MS. I OKPAKT. I ACK1VKS. Express, I 33K p. m. I 13 .-25 p. M. I :45 A. M. f :I5p.M. Passeng'r A Freight, ""7 Subscribers noticing an X marked on 1 their paper will know that the time paid y for baa expired. For some time we bave 1 made no efforts to collect aubscriptions J aud consequently many are behind. Our 1 business demands tbat these accounts X jLbe settled or some understand! ng be had regarding the same. To this end we request ail persons receiving marked papers to either call and settle, or drop us a card or come in and let us know what they can do. CITY & COUNTY CULLlNCS. Republican primaries, Saturday, August lltb. 5 Xelt McClearey lias returned''' to Kansas City. Cunninghams want all the veakly inteukst loans they can get. 1-tf Grandma Chandler has returned from her visit east. J i:n Ebv and wife returned from Englewood last week. C. Ji. Mead and family liaye gone to Sehell City, Missouri. .Barber shop and bath rooms at Grand Hotel. Operator Tenny returned from his vitsit Tuesday and i3 again at the depot The Grand Hotel barber shop and bath rooms are again open. Morgan & Graham have money to loan. Call on Bronson & Ilouchin for farm loans. Go to Morgan & Graham for loans on farm property. See Ingraham & O'Briairs terms before placing your loan. Republican primaries, Saturday, August 11th. Uronsoii & Ilouchin give more priy iliges to liorrowers than any other loan company. If you are going to buy a Mowing Machine this year. Buy the Dkkkixo, for sale by 2s'oble & Nixon. The Cueskkt for one year and the Kansas City Journal until after the election for $1.50. F. O. Gates, of Sharon, planked down the cash for the Ciieskt until after the election. Mrs. John Nelson was taken quite Hick Monday night and is not entirely recovered yet. Abstracts and mortgage loans a .specialty; see Ingraham &0'Urian. The liaptist church people will giye a 1'rairie Queen social in Cook's block, this (Thursday) evening. Miss Jessie O'JJryau returned this week from a visit with friends in Nes-catuiiga and Coldwater. Mrs. II. A. lirown came in yester-kay trom McCook, Nebraska, to visit with relatives and friends. Republican convention, Saturday, August 18th. J. II. Wheat was in yesterday and said the republican state ticket was good enough for anybody. Mayor Ksmotiu s improving slowly. Mrs. Esmond was taken sick at church last Sunday, but is now well. Subject at the M. E. church next Sabbath morning : "Something better;" evening: "The choice of Moses." The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. L. Smith has been tiuite siek for several days, but is some better to-day. Ladies Aid Society pf M. E. Church meets Friday afternoon with Mrs. Scott Allen. Miss. lIorcmx,Sec'y If you wish to borrow money on improved property, call on Morgan & Graham the loan agents. A cood wind-mill and pump to trade for a good hoife. G. Moititis. Republican primaries, Saturday, August 11th. The brick formerly in the Medicine iodge House are for sale at $" per thousand. Call on '2i-'J& Mate Ui'dkgbaff. Money in abundance at reduced rates. Call at the otlice of Shannon & Shannon for terms. 21-tf Cash for hides at Central Meat Market, opposite 1st Nat. Bank. tf A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Martin on Wednesday morning, August 1st. Dr. Kociell in attendance. All floing well. Republican convention, Saturday, August 18th. Walstad & Taliaferro, the harness and saddle men, make a specialty of eood, solid, hand-made harness and sell them cheap for cash. . -tf . August Schmidt and J. II. Smythe are talking of purchasing Gaunt's butcher shop. Schmidt & Smythe will make a rythmical firm name. - Hie audience at the M. E. church last Sunday morning adjourned to the Presbyterian church te listen to Rev. McElroy's farewell sermon. Money loaned on liberal terms by Morgan & Graham. "- -Walstad & "paiiatetro sell harness, bjkUlles, saddles, etc., cheap for cash. Repairing neatly and promptly executed. Hand-made work a specialty. -tf Republican primaries, Saturday, August llrh. Choicest meat always on hand a kiiitral Market.opposite First National Rank. tf The Willing Workers will meet with Mrs. W. T. Rouse. Wednesday afternoon, August 8th. Miis. Walk ron Ciiask, Sec"y. $oO,000 to loan on improved farms at the lowest rates, from one to five vears, J. II. I'osey & Co. The Ckksssgt for one year' and the weekly Globe-Democrat until after the election for $ 1.70.' ;' The Willing Workers were very pleasantly entertained at; Mis. Jj. C. hqnspson 's at the last meeting, the hostess f urriisliinj ice crearri and cake'. '' iba'ti fail to see Cunninghams if you heed a farm loan. Read their new jyj. ' " 1-tf ' ' -Hepublicau convention, Saturday, August Ifeth. " Miller & llenedict received, a line, thoroughbred Inland China hog from Wellington on Monday. He will head the herd at the Medicine Lodge Stock Farm. L Now is the time to get clothing Cheap. 10 per cent, below cost at Wat-kins & Co. . . The Barber county delegation to Toneka returned last Friday with the exception ot iieorge "fcllis; who run over into' Illinois to see his wife and Xen per cent, below cost will get you a good, seryieable suit' of clothes at WatWns& Co, Republican cpnyentioji, gaturday, August istb." -r-There aris more Deering Mowers in use in Barber Co. than any other manufacture.'': Why? Because they are the i Tlraft and most durable Machine Made. Call and see tbeai J and get tties at Now- ixons. Taliaferro & DeLisIe want to buy fresh, well-broken milch cows. Call at their office or address them at Medicine Lodge, Kansas. , yi Honey in- abundauce at reduced rates.- Call at the office of Shannon & Shannon for terms. 21-tf - Money ia abundance at reduced rates. Call at the office of Shannon & Shannon for terms. 21-tf Republican convention, Saturday, August IStll. Republican primaries, Saturday August lltb. Uncle Ed. and Mrs. Youmans are at Englewood. Capt. J. D. Fair sjieaks to-morrow night at Sharon. Cement Floor l'ainl, a sple idid ar ticle, at Day & Records. Several interesting eommuti ications crowded out this week. Harrison and Morton club, of Min gona, meets to-niiht. Turn out and hear the truth. The Harper Sentinel had a full ac count of the death of Elder Embry's jack, which we have not room for this week. John McGragor was in Monday and said the republicans of El wool township were well pleased with all nomina tions so far. 4711, White Rose, Swiuton's Kn glish Primrose, are fine toilet soaps, in stock with many other fine brands at Day & Records. John McFadin and Oscar Throck morton passed through yesterday morn iug with two cars of cattle. They will drive to Wichita and if prices do not suit, will ship. The officers of the Willing Workers for the succeeding six months are: President, Mrs. Robt. Simpson : vice president, Mrs. Palmer ; secretary, Mrs. Waldron Chase ; treasurer, Mrs. O. T. Beesou. , Remember you can get tun Ckks-skt for one year and the St. Louis G lobe- Democrat until December 1st for $1.70 cents; or will giye you thi Cues-bet for six months and the Glolie-Dem-ocrat until December 1st for 93 cents. Frank L. Gordon came in Monday from a trip to his home in Missouri, to the Panhandle and over into New Mexico. He was south to sell bulls and to buy steers. He will make another trip to New Mexico. Hot enough now to drink something cool. Soda water at Day & Records. Clyde Otto, six months-old child of H. and E. II. Gahagen, died on Saturday, July 28th and was buried on Sunday morning at Furgason's grove. Rev. Sanderson conducted the services. Mr. and Mrs. Gahagen live north of this city. The republicans of Nippewalla township will meet at the Roundup school house this (Thursday) evening August 2nd, and form a Republican Club. The republicans of that township are reu.uest.ed to turn out. Speakers will be there. Elder Embry is making his sale of the prohibition party to the democracy too plain. At Sharon, on Saturday night, he.advised those who could not vote the prohibition ticket to vote the democratic ticket. "Vinegar doesn't catch humming birds." Republican convention, Saturday, August 18th. The following teachers will instruct the pupils of the public schools of this city the coming winter : Principal, O. T. Reeson ; A. grammar, Mrs. Mary DeLisle ; 1st intermediate, Jessie K. Uurgess ; 2nd intermediate, Jessie OTJtyan ; 1st primary, Lizzie 13. Mc-Xeal ; 2nd primary, Lucia Pnrcell. Fine line of Perfumery at Day & Records. Note the following novelties in fine goods just in : Eastmau's "Aloha," Atkinson's "White Rose." Col gate's "Cashmere Uoquet," Luiulborg's Edenia, Alpine Violet, Marcelul Neil Hose, Goya Lily, etc. These are all registered odors and are very line, at Day & Records. W. II. Harmon & Co., of Decatur, Alabama, have purchased the W. J. Milligan stock known far and wide as the Ramsy & Sheldon stock. Mr. Har mon is here taking the invoice, is a pleasant, business-like gentleman, and probably by next week will have completed invoicing the stock and will talk through the newrpapers. The Isabel base ball club of this county and the Cairo club of Kingman county played a match game on Satur day last the Isabel boys carried the day by a score of 28 to 17. After the ball game a foot race was arranged between a member of the Isabel club and the Cario club. Again Barber county walked off with the stake. R. L. Carter, of Lake City, was a visitor on Saturday. Mr. Carter de sires us to say that while he is very thankful to his many friends who have urged him to allow his name to go be fore the republican convention as a candidate for representative, that his business will not permit him to enter the race, or accept the nomination if tendered. If you want an abstract see Rron-son & Ilouchin. Prof. Julius II. Van NardrolT, of Rrooklyn, N. Y., has been looking our county over during the pst wek. The Prof, ha-s gvown" wealthy in his profession, that of music, and is highly cultured in the other sciences. This is his first visit to Kansas, and he comes for the purpose of investigating the resources pi Kansas, agriculturr'ly and otherwise. He reports Barber as the banner county for crops and is satisfied j that an analysis of her soil will show the highest per centage of ferti lity of any place he has visited in the state. We have heard that there are certain persons, not in attendance at the Normal Institute, traveling cner the county endeavoring to enpags sioois. This is not rigut and the parties should not be given schools. The real teachers of the county attend the Institutes, join the Teachers' Associations and in every way ,and by contact v;,th their fellow teachers endeavor to fit themselves for their chosen, noble profession. In justice to the many bright teachers now attending our county Qrraal, w-3 hope itoRe'of oa- school boards 'will engage any of these scliool teacher pirates. -r-At the head of this pace will be noticed a large X. This to inform the recipient that this printing oflicn's ex-cheequev is low; that the families of the printers ami proprietor need grub and ask for what is due them in order to secure the same. Some subssribers are ahead, others only a short time behind and others considerably in arrears. Could we secure what should bo paid now in fact should have been raid some time ago we could tide over until srQw-ball; are rlpa and snovf-birds pleniy.' WewouUl like for 'all ?ih can to responti promptly with the caili,' and if you cannot do that, come in.UJk the matter over or drop us a postal card informing us when you can pay. Biisi-? uess Is business. We send the Cjies-ex for :L&: per yeac Cb advance; and if not paid in advance it is $2.Ql). Republican convention, S.a1urd,aj, August isth. To make room for New F " - will close out our Entire Stock ok Refrigerators, Water Coolers, And Gasoline Stoves AT CtJST. 3oittE & Nikoi. Republican primaries, Saturday, August lltb. . For Sale Cheap. A first-class organ, made by II. Shan-inger, .Yew Haven, Conn.' Mrs. S. lZ..V?Ays!,, 1 J miles east of Deer sead. GUNNING IN KIOWA. Tuesday morning about nine o'clock a shooting match occured in Kiowa which resulted in the wounding of Billy Wilson. The facts in the case are about as follows: Northtup runs a grocery store and refused Mrs. Wilson or the woman with which Wilson lives credit until their accouut was paid. She told Wilson and he went to Mr. Northrup's store with a double-barrelled shot gun, loaded with buck-shot, and opened fire on the proprietor. He fired both barrels at once at Northrup, but that gentleman was so active in dodging that he was not hit with a single bullet, though his face was powder-burned some. Wilson stopped to put cartriges in his gun and Northup opened his money drawer where a couple of revolvers were that had been left in pawn one o2 and one 38. He got the 38 first, but it refused to work ; then taking up the 32 he fired at Wilson just as he was pulling up the shot gun for a third shot. The bullet from Northup's revolver hit Wilson in the left arm and passed into his left side, well back. This caused Wilson's third shot to go wild among the canned goods. Wilson dropped the shot gun and started to run, when Northup shot again, striking him in the hip. At the door Wilson drew a revolver and fired twice, but both shots went wild, doing no damage further than ventilating wood-work. After firing three times the last shot not hitting Wilson Northup's gun refused to work and the battle ended. Wilson will get well ; Dr. Cloud says his wounds are not at all serious. He will probably have a charge of assault with intent to kill, to answer as soon as able to be out. Nothing will be done with Northup. He regrets the trouble very much. lie showed good nerve. Wilson is a professional gambler and bad man, and this is not the first shooting scrape he has been mixed up in. He has been shot several times before. Mr. Northup is one of Kiowa's best business men and came there about two years ago from somewhere in the south. The best citizens exonerate him. County Attorney Shannon, accompanied by T. A. AIcNeal, went down Wednesday morning to look after the case, returning Wednesday night. JUDGE EDWARDS Addresses the Logan Republican Cluu at the Court House to-morrow (Friday) night. Turn out and hear him. Burned to Death. Caxkma, Ks., July 31, 1888. On Sunday afternoon a three-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Sheddy, who lives on LiU tie Driftwoed, about four miles southwest of Canema, was burned so badly that it died on Monday evening. It was playing with a match that had been accidentally dropped on the ground, when the match was ignited, setting tire to the child's clothing, and although but a few moments elapsed from the time the child screamed until the rlames were extinguished, yet the effect proved fatal. It is thought the flames were inhaled by the child. The bereaved family have the sympathy of many kind neighbors, who did all in their power to stay the relentless hand of the Destroyer. "Verily, in the midst of life we are in death.'' Mother, weep not. For while the little one All silent lies in the embrace of death, Its spirit may e'en now be hovering near; So near, its angol winrs Might almost brush The tear-drop from thine oye. So far by death removed And yet perchance so near; Though not to mortal given to rend The vail that intervenes 'Twist mortal, frail, and immortality, Yet something whispers In the very air And tells us we shall meet beyond the tide. - Pilgrim. REPUBLICAN RALLY. At the republican rally at Sharon Friday evening July 27th, the meeting was called to order by J. D. Fair. E. C. Davis was elected president and J. O- Lumpkin secretary. The meeting was then addressed by-Judge Edwards, who spoke in his usual forcible and able manner, S. L. Overstreet was the next speaker, lie presented the principles of the republican party in a manner so fair and plain that all could understand. II. L. Shannon followed Mr, Ove--street. He was brief and to the point. Music by the Medicine Lodge Military Band was interspersed. The Military Band makes good music and it was thoroughly enjoyed, The fallen iug night the union labor party had a meeting here. One of their speakers had the brass to say : "The republican meeting was not a success." That gentleman was ne,t at Hits republican meettir,g, consequently we can say for that as we can for many of their arguments: They know not whereof they speak. SijAifoxn e. Sharon, Kansas, July SOth '88. Center View Items. Wanted a good rain immediately, to make our late corn. The heavy rain ti,at leii July 22nd, wi" make tuousandsof bushels of corn. We have lots of corn out this way that will make thirty-five to forty bushels per acre. Water mii;;a are ripe, hence, our auiail boys are happy. Considerable threshing has been done out this way. Mr. Garland l,s Mulshed a big lot of rye. Mr. M. Moore has some line alfalfa clover. He has mowed it twice, Come to our Sunday school. We have preaching each alternate Sunday. Dr. O. P. Pennypacker and wife, Mr. J. II. Corder and George Lyman, of Nescatunga, stopped at W. L. Mann's last week. They say crops are tine in Comanche, , Stories at e floating hither and thith-among local society gossipers, which cause a man to stop- dead still in his tracks and ask himself, "whither are we drifting," YouiG Blaknev. NormaTKoteSi - Enrollment for'third week viz Mrs. M. W- Shorty ef Crisfield " AUs Eila Iieyiiolds, Medicine .Lodge : iiiss Siol iiebtarkey, bbarbji ; Sliss Avie Conner, Kiowa; iUss Bessie Jiurjress, Kiowa; (ieo. W. fliers, Isabel ; y. M. Shell," Shartm: M. ' FV-Steward, lake City. Total enrollment up to the preseat time HO, . - . The normalites are enjoying themselves in spite of the hot weather. Supt. Landishas returned from ti.y recent republican stat convention. Profs. Cofc and Beeson seem to iiev-pV tire from their duties as instructors. ' We" find that" bujtgy-riding is extensively indulged in by a great many of the normalites in the evenings. Mr. Garrison, of Sharon, addresed the Normal Tuesday morning. Visitors are always welcome. Friends come and see us. t Uepuuiican August lltb. primaries. Saturday, i SHARON REPUBLICANS. A rousing republican meeting at Sharon on last Friday evening shows the determination and enthusiasm of republicans this year. About four hundred people were out to the meeting and listened attentivly to able addresses from J udge Edwards, S. L- Overstreet and H. L. Sannou. The Medicine Lodge Military Band furnished music. Altogether, thirty-two citizens of Medicine Lodge attended the rally. The Sharon republicans meet to-morrow (Friday) evening, and will perfect the organization of a Republican Club. All hail to the staunch republicans of Sharon. Deerhead Dots. I would like to know the amount of rainfall in other parts of the county. Here is the report from here since my last letter. This is near the center of section 10, township 32, range 14. July 18th, i inch rain last night; 21st, a shower at sunrise ; rained hard over an hour south-west of beret 22nd, -5-8 inch rain at 6 1. m.; 2th, sprinkle at sunrise. Rain south-east of here. The crops about here appear to be doing their best. T. A. Itailsback has 100 acres of corn and 20 of millet that are very good. Robt. Walters says he will have. more corn than he knows what to do with. He did not plow his ground, but furrowed it with a shovel plow and dropped his corn by hand and covered it. Mr. Gentry has some late planted corn that grew so fast that he did not get it plowed but once and it was shoulder high when he got it plowed that time. I think he had worked his other corn twice before he planted this it humped itself from the start. He has mowed one piece of his cane and will cut another crop off it in autumn. E. B. Pfost and a number of others here cut their millet and their first crop of cane. F. B. Eiklor shipped two cars of cattle last week that he bought of Mr. Stanley and Mr. Drury. Mr. Gentry took a lot to Kansas City a short time previous. Mr. Smalley brought a herd of cattle in here last week to graze. He came from Harper county, where he had been for two years. He had to pay for pasture there. He moved into Mr. Gar-ton's house. Several inquiries for hogs to sell. It was the other way last fall, buyers were wanted then. Cane is tasssling out and no one that we know of to make it into molasses. There will be quite a lot of it to make this year. T. A. Walton. She Tried and Knows, A leading chemist of New York savs : " No plasters of such merit as the Atli-lo-plio-ros Plastershaveever j before been prouueeu." iney are a novelty because they are not made eunply-to sell cheap, they are the best that science, skill and money can produce, and will do what is claimed for them. For sprains, aches, weakness, lameness, etc., they are uuequaled. 404 Fulton St., Sandusky.O., Nov. 21 87." The AthW'ilioro Flatter acted like maKi. It is the best I ever tried and I have us-d many kimlK. Our druKidbt said "plasters are all about the same " but I dou't think so now. I Bprsiiied my arm and Fhoulfler iu ,Tnly, and it has been fc-p.mfnl since, but it dmn not pain meat ail now. Mm, Willis Maghx. Send r mils for the hcautiftil colored pio-ture, " ?i(ri.-h Maiden." THE A THLOPHQROS CO. 112 Wall St. H. K DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP, Notice is hereby friven that the partnership heretofore existing between Steven (Jarrison and Andrew Anderson was dissolved July 4. 1 K. Mr. Anderson will retain possession of the shop, pay all debts of the firm and collect ail accounts due the Arm. Steve Gakkison, l!)-3t Anueew Andkhsos. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby (riven that the eo-partuer-ship heretofore exitin between B. T. Wood-HP I and D. P. Chapman, under the firm name of Woodard & Chupinan, has, this day, been dissolved by mutual consent. It. T. Woodard remains in business, collecting- all acpounts and puyinjr all icdobtednoss." Wit ness our bands, IS. T. Wgooabo. D. P. Cmap.m AM. Dated, July 13th, 1SS8. 2U-3t FOll sale: CHEAP, A TIMBER-CCLTCKE CLAIM IN A WELL WAT-EKED COLO It ADO V ALLEY". INQriUE AT THIS OFFICE. PUBLICATION NOTICE, 8TATR OF KANSAS, i , BAHBEU t'OL NTV, In the District Court In an4 fo- ;h ,.,,,.. aud state aforesaid. - tne tount Henry Fish-- and Frederk.k Kisher, co-part- iiei-, iituux- ousiiicss uaiier xne nrm name of Hunk of Hazelton, plaintiffs, vs. L. (1. Peck, Mary Peck. W. L. Peck, Sybil Peck, A. L. Hazelton, J. O. Ha.eUon. Noah It. Moore. Charles E. Busk. John M. Biarnneiri. Ceoi-jre H. Hunter, the St. touis. Ft. Scott & Wiuhtta liailroad Company, Charles B. Brown, Geo. W. Brown, Albert H. Hether- lnjrton, it. L. Nye, The I nion Trust Company of New York, John F. Dillon, Georg-e J. Gould, Wm. A. Wilson, H. R. Lewis and the I nion School Furniture Company, Defendants. The State of Kansas to A. L. Hazelton, the I nion Trust Company of New York, John F. Dillon, George J. Gould. Win. A. Wilson, H. K. Lewis and the Union School Furniture Company, defendants: Ycu will hereby take natioe that you have Iwen sued by the said plaintiffs in the above entitled aution in the said district court and ht you must answer the petition filed by said plaintiffs in said court on or before the l-"th day of September, 1 .., or said petition wil I be taken as true and judgment rendered accord inirly In said action in favor of said plaintiffs and ujraiust said defendants, L. G. Peck, Mary Peci;, Noah B. Moore, John M. Blampeid and Albert H. Hetherinirton, for tie Sum of thirteen hundred and fifty (fKViO) dollars with interest from December 12, at the rate of 12 per cent, per annum and for costs of suit; and a further judgment in favor of said plaintiffs and against all or said defendants for the fijectosure of a certain mort4rasre tuicua the following described real estato, Situated in the county of Barber and flute of Kansas, to-wit: Lots No. one 111, two (2) and three (3) in block No. one 1; Jots No. one(J, two (2 and three (3), in UJoek No. two (21; lot No. three (3) in bl&ik No. three (3); lot No. one (1) in bloc No. four (4); all of blocks No. tWi teen (13), thirty-ehr bt 3S. thir-tr-aiue . forty (40). forty-one (41 , forty-two (42), forty-three (43), forty-four (44), forty-live (451 and lots No. two (2). three (R), four (41 and (5) in block No. fifty (SO), all in Peek's addition to the town of Hazelton, as shown by the recorded plat tfaereof, and adjudsrinif that said plaintiffs have the first lien on said premises to the amount for which judgment will bo taken as aforesaid and orderhur said premises to be appraised and sold, and the proceeds applied to the payment of the said amount due plaintiffs and costs of suit, and forever barr-injr and foreclosing all of said defendants from ail right,, title, estate, interest, property and equity of redemption In ortwo said premises, or any part thereof. Attest: Edwards At Nubi.e, Frank Houies. Atfvg for Plaintiff. Clerk of the District Court. . 22-3 PUBLICATION NOTICE STATE OF KANSAS, I BARlifcK COCNTY, f- In the Bistrict Court in and for tho County and Stte aforesaid. - , Henry and Frederick Fifeher, co-partners do-. int business under the flrm name of Bank of Hazelton, Plaintiffs. vs. -L. G. Peck, Mary Peck, A. L. Haelton, i, iX Hazelton. M. B. Hooer, D. V. Kinsman and H. K. Le-ii, Dviendants. 'txc State f Kansas to A. L- Hazelton and ' H. It. Lewis, defendants: You win herebytaltfe notice thai, yon, ta been sued by the said plantWs In tne above entitled action in the said.Distriet Court, and that ycu must answer the petition Cied by iaid pliuntiffstn said court on ir .before the l,.th day of September, l.ssK, or said petition will he taken as true and judgment rendered accordingly in said action in favor of aid tiiaintlffs and ajrainst said defendants, S Peek and Mary Pook, for tho cf three bundrdpUarS i.--th iDtererstf rom June lth. it tDe rate j-j pe,- annum and fortbecos1! cf st ib4. further iud-nn in Mivor '-ot said plaintiffs and airumt all of said defendant, for the foreclosure of a ce'rtaia mortgage upoa the following deserilied real-estate situated in the cotinty o Barber and State of Kansas, to-w itt 1 e'S c. ua t-A r.,- A t'.nti tivr im. ir block SM. nley-eyen (07), in tne town of HawsHoa o s shown by the recorded plat thereof, ad ad- jud?1usr that said plaintiffs have the first lien I ou said premises to the amount for which! iritrtn- -tt-ui 1 tkn Ha afnrmaid- and or- F der-nsr said premises to be appraixed and Fold anil ike nmrwdi mnlif to the oavinent of the amount due plaintiffs and the costs of 1 suit, forever bnrrinjr and foreclosing said ric- l f endar.ts and all of them, from a'lripfct, t.lh,, j estate. In tenet, prooe.ty whl violiy cf ro-innu.: ioa. In or to Said premises, or any part , thereof. Euwabos 4e .noui.b, Atlorneys for Plitiaurt. Attist; Fx ask Hoi.xes. Clwk of tlie District Court. H PUBLICATION NOTICE. STATE OF KANSAS, i . Bahbib Cous-tv. i In District Court of Barber county. State of haasne. James A. Sargent, Plaintiff, vs. Ira E. Cole, Mary E. Cole and Wichita Mer cantile lompany, uetentapts. The State of Kansas to Ira E. Cole and Mary E. Cole, tlefendats. Ira E. Cole and Mary E. Cole defendant), will take notice that the Paid piaintiif. James A. Sargent, did on the 23rd day of July, 18--S. me nig petition in saia mgtrict court within and tor Harrier county. Mate or Kansas, against the said defendants, and that said Ira E.Cole and Mary Cole must answer said petition on or before the 6t h day of Sep tember, lSisx, or said petition win be taken as true and a Judgment rendered in eald action against said defendants for the gum of W.UO and Interest thereon at the rate of ten per cent, per annum from the fth day of May, 1887, and for costs of suit; and a further judgment against Raid defendants for the foreclosure of a certain mortraire upon the fol lowing dcnled real-estate, to-wit: la tl ro. eiifhK;, in bloek No. twenty-one (21) in the town of Hazelton, awordinir to the recorded plat thereof, lyinfr and situate m the county of Barber, State of Kansas, and ordering said oremises to be sold without appraisement and the proceeds applied to the payment of the amount due ptaintitf and costs of suit, and forever barring and foreclosing said de fendants troni ail rijrnt. title, interest and equity of redemption in saia premise or any part tnereot. kiiwahus ioiiu, Plaintiff s Attorneys Attest: Frank Holmes. Cierk of the District Court, 21 PUBLICATION NOTICE. STATE OF KANSAS, 1 JHAKBKK COt'KXY, I B8. In the District Court, Barber county, State of Kansas. W. Stone, Plaintiff, vs. Edwin E. Annis and Mary E. Aunis, Defendants. To the above named defendants, Edwin B Annis and Mary E. Annis: You are hereby notified that the said plain tiff. W. Stone, did on the 2."th day of July, A. D. 18S8, tile his petition airainst you in said court una tnat you must answer the said petition on or before the 5th day of September, IB-, or the allegations therein contained will be taken as true and judgment ill be render ed agrainst you for one hundred and twenty dollars, and interest thereon at the rate of 12 per cent. Der annum from the H'th dav of November, 1HK7, and costs of suit; and that you be loreelosed or all nsrht, title or equity of redemption in and to the north half of the north-east quarter and the north naif of the nortn-west quarter ol section twelve 1121 ; the west half of the south-east quarter the south-west ouarter of the north-eastnuarter. and lot two f2) in section one I, in township thirty-three 1331, south of raufre fifteen 15. west of (ith P. M. And that the said lairds be sold aecordmtr to law without appraisement and the proceeds applied on said judgmeiit. Dated this -.ita day ot J uiy, is.. Ccnxixoham Bros., Attys. for Plaintiff. Attest: Fb.vkk Hof.mbs, Cierk of the District Court. By S. L. Allen, Deputy. 2t-:;t SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION. STATE OF KANSAS, I Bakueh, Cocntv, ( &?' In the District Court of said county. II. C. Munger, Plaintiff. ' vs. Marsrret McCutehan, John It. McCutcban Lombard Investment Co. and W. H. Grove, Defendants, The defendants above named. Marfrret Mc Cutehan jotin n. McCutehan and W. H. Grove, wm iaKe notice tnat tney nave oeeu sued in the District Court of Barber eountv. Kansas. and that they must answer the petition of the piaiutiu. tl. c Munirer. men in thesaid action on or before the 15th day of September, IX, or judgment will be rendered ng-uinst them as follows, to-wit: Airainst the said W. II. Grove forever barring- him from havinjf or claiming any rij?ut, title or interest in or to the real-estate as described in the petition of the plaintiff, to-wit, to the north half of the southeast quarter and the east half of the southwest quarter of section twenty L21IJ, township thirty-one 31 ), south of ranjre ten 10, west west of the (ith P. M., in Barber county, Kansas, And afrainst the said defendants, nnr-pret McCutehan and John B. McCutehan, for the sum of T4.8S and interest thereon from the 1st day of May, 1-SK, at the rate of 12 per cent, per au num. and for costs of suit in this action and for the foreclosure of a certain real-estate mortjrajre upon the premises as above described, and for an order of sale for the same to satisfy the said debt, interest and costs, and a decree forever barring and f oreclosiuir all your rijfht, title and interest in and to the said laud. Dated at Medicine Lodg-e, Kansas, this 23rd day of July, Ihsk. Finch ,V Finch, Attorneys. Attest: Frank Holmes, Clerk Of District Court. 21 PUBLICATION NOTICE. STATE OF KANSAS, I Bah iikr County. ' In the District Court In and for the County aud State aforesaid. Mrs. J. S. Spring-, Plaintiff, vs. W. H. Hazelton, Jennie Hazelton, Benjaman F. Hazelton, Kmma S. Keiman and K. A. Keimun, her husband, Defendants. The State of K ansas to W. H, Hazelton, Jennie Hazeltou and Benjamin F. Hazelton, defendants: You will hereby tako notice that the s.iid plaintiff, Mrs. .1. S. Sprinjr, diij, ou the 23rd day of July, lsi8. suq you in g'aid court by tiling her petition iu the above entitled action, and that you and each of ycu must answer said petition tiled by the plaintiff on or before the 6th day of September, is.-, or the petition will lie taken as true and judgment rendered aecording-ly afrainst said defendants W. II. Hazelton and Jennie Hazelton for the sum of Sfti!t4.fl!i, with interest at the rate of 12 percent, per annum from March tst,lw8, and for the further sum of J21.e with interest n the rate of 12 per cent, per pnn::m i rota September 2nd, I?, &nii for the 'further sum of 3.uo with interest at the rate of 7 per cent, per annum from July 12, 18ss, and for costs of suit, and a further judgment against ail of said defendants, W. H. Hazelton, Jennie IZazelton, Benjamin F. Hazelton, ISiuma S. BIman and E. A. tot tho foreclosure of a certain mortgage upon the following buunded and "0 eti real estate, situate and lying in Barber county, State of Kansas, to-wit: Beginning at the north-west corner of the south-east quarter of section flt'teor" -n township thrirty-four (4) inu"- f JJi !'t, " (10) w est of tho th prl""- , -, ? rane ten ruiinlnireai"- pal meridian: thence th " ro'8: thence south 11 rods to .ctuon line; thence west along- said section line 0 rods to the south-west corner of said south-east quarter of section'l; thence north alonir the half section line 1W rods to the place of beKinninjr, containing 60 acres more or less; and adjudg-injr tnat said plaintiff have the first lien on said premises, to the amount, for which judsrment will be taken as aforesaid, aud ordering said ("remises to be sold without appraisement, and the proceeds applied to the payment of tho amount due plaintiff and cost of suit, and forever barrinjr and foreclosing said defendants and each of them trom all rijrht, title, estate, interest, property and equity of redemption In or to said premises. Edwards & Noble, Attest: Att ys for Plaintiff. I'aiKK Holmes. Clerk of District Court. 21 PUBLICATION NOTICE. First published July Situ, lbS-i.l The State of Kansas to Joseph Pan- and Wm. H. lirownback, greeting: You are hereby notified that you have been sued by I. B. Gilmorc ; this notice is to require you to answer the petition filed by the said pluintlff in the clerk s office of the District Court of Barber county. Kansas, on or before the 7th day of, September. 1HKK, or said petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered for the foreclosure of a certain inortfraro, executed February Slrd. !,-, by the said Joseph Parr to William H. Brown-back, and by him assigned to plaintiff. Said mortraire having- been intended by the parties tbreto to mortfrajre and convey the fol-lowiiur property situated in the county of Barber and State of Kansas, towit : The east half of the south-west quarter and south-west quarter of the south-west quarter of section thirty-four t-'SJ, and the south-east quarter of the south-east quarter, of section thirty-three l-Vi, all .in township thirty-four ii). south ranre fifteen 1 1" west, containing- one hundred and sixty acres more or less, to secure the payment of the sum of live hundred dollars $-VK)1, with interest at 12 per cent, per annum, and recorded in tbeoliice of the Kejrister of Deeds, of Barber county, Kansas, in book 11 of Mortjraires, at pare224. The prayer of said petition is, that said mortjrajre be reformed so as to describe tho above mentioned property, there having- been a mutual mistake in the description contained in said mortgage; that the defendants, and each of them, and all persons claimino- under them, be forever barred and foreclosed of all riirht and equity of redemption in said lands, aud that eald lauds may be sold according to law without appraisement and the proceeds applied: First, To the payment of the cost and aeeruiwr costs of this action: Second, The claim of the p'.aintitl with the accruiiur interest thereon, and for such other relief a. may be just and equitable. Witness iny hand and the seal of said court at my office in the city of Medicine Lodtre. in said County and State, this 2Jth day of July, ltv. l. s. ank HOLMKc, fjlt rk of the District Court-Bami-lb & Long, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 21 PUBLICATION NOTICEj. iFtr.'t publication July lath Vm. Reuben (1. Hazlett will take notice that J. B. Watkins a? plaintiff did, on t haeleventh day of NQTesnbcr, 1887, file his petition ia the Distriof ?ourt. In and for Barter county, State of Kansas, ascainst Reu!n a. Hazlett and John Moffett as defendants settinir forth that said Reuben (. Hazlett jrave a mortgaire to thesaid plaintiff, on the following described lands situated in the county of Barber and State of Kansas, viat: The north-west quarter of the south-east quarter and the sooth east quarter of the north-west qna-te.-, mt theeart half of the soutt- quarter at section thirteen (13), u vom4hp thirty-four (3t), of Tin; UUoffli iWii, to secure the pay- ini t the Bua of 3S.4 aeeorujng- to certain aotes referred to in said morta-ae, and pravinjr judgment a-aint said. Ft,i,W.n - Ot Haz'ett for the sum of 2H.4S. nor.- ciliated id be due and uopai-i, ih utecest at li per eec?. pur annuiw, f ewn the 1st day c-J IsssS, ? that said pteusisea n-a? fe ekt to pay the sf.iue, . . Wow eald defe-hdant ISeuben G. Hazk-tt hereby notiffed that they must, appear and answer said petition on or before the irta day of September, l.sfwf or said petition will be taken as true ajrainst them and each of them; and a judirmnt for said amount, and a deere forever barring them of any right, tit! yi interest in and to ai:I lan", ..Uer the s.-ilo tbcrpff, wi'l If t. nuerua utr.iIOM them, aud errGsrsatd-Iaufls b W stM to satisfy aqr dim loand lobbUuuthe pmsug? ut-jii atd notes and uiorttrazr, W. J. P ITT'HSniT. M. M A(lt-H KlllKKlllll,3iri. Ciers of the District Court. By S. h, Allen Deputy. go BADGER LUMBER CO. La umber, Lime, Buildin YARDS ON FIRST AVE. THE OIL, o -a x GEMTS' FURNISHINGS, -LASilES' LIGHT CNDERWEAll. Dissolution of Partnership. L -------a o .i ibhi ioe co-panner- ship heretofore existinir letT-een us under the tlrm name of Morris Brothers, is thin day uiuntu y milium mDHcfli, ui'Hnviue JWor-ris buyiujrout the interest of M. T. Morris, and assuming aii debt ami liabilities of said firm ana ctiniinuingr in the business at the same place. Dated June 2atb, 1K8. GKANV1LLK MOKUI8, M.Y.MdlilUS. Witness; A. Al.l.EK. -FAT f rsi- I will pay the Highest CASH MARKET PRICE! FJIi FAT COWS. C. C. SPARKS, lH-tf Medicine Iodjre, Ks. PUBLICATION NOTICE. STATE OF KANSAS. .. Bahbkk Cocntv. ( BB-In the District Court of Barber County, State of Kansas. Marion B. Bradley. 1 Plaintiff, vs. Nathan L. Bradley. I Defendant. I The State of Kansas to Nathan L. Bradley, said defendant: Nathan L. Bradley, said defendant, will take notice that he has been sued in the above named court by the said plaintiff. Marion I!. Bradley, and that he must answer the peti-tiou tiled by said plaintiff, on or before the th dav of September. A. D. or said petition will be taken as true and B judgment rendered in said action airaiust him the said defendant, Nathan L. Bradley, divorcing he and said plaintiff, and awardimr said plaintiff the care and custody of their three children, yiz: Fred Ieroy, Margaret Lucenia and James Bradley; and allowing the plaintiff such reasonable alimony as to the court shall seem just, not exceeding two thousand dollars, and that said defendant be required to pay a reasonable fee to plaintiff's attorney for prose-cuttuir this suit, not exceeding one hundred dollars l$l(Xi and the costs of said action. S. It. OVEBSTREET. Attkkt: Att'y for Plaintiff. Frank Holnpa District Clerk. I First pu blished July 2titb. 1 PUBLICATION NOTICE. STATE OF KANSAS, ) BAIiBKH COl'BTV. j In the District Court within aaJ for said County and State. Moses Gimbel. Jacob W. Gunnel and Horace B. Gimliel. oai.-tii.ors us M. Gimlicl At Sons, Plaintiff 4, vs. Jacob Viner and Simon Shaffer, partners aa Viner Jc HhatTer. Defendants. The State of Kansas to the above named defendant: Said defendants will take notice that they have been sued in the above named court by the above named plaintiffs, upon an account for goods, wares and merchandise sold and delivered them by said plaintiffs, and must answer the petition ff led therein by said plaintiffs on or before the th day of September a D. isss, or said petition will be taken .i (mo and judgment will bo rendered U.:fj--m for plaintiffs in the sum of seven hundred and Ave dollars and nine cent (JViiUbj. with seven per cent. Interest t'jwott froth the l:tth day of July. SMd defendants will Uo take notice iilh the above entitled otion the ff".wBirdescri.i)ed real estate, actuate in. Vrr tef county In the State e.; Kansas, and . owned bv said defendant J.i.ob Viner. to-wit i ' The oorth-east fOsuter of section twenty- fourteen tii, and the south-oast quarter of the ortii-eaet quarter ot geotloB tweotj-Hbreo iZl), ad the souta-weat quarter of the north-Wtlft quarter od the north-west quarter of the soutfe-west urter of seel ion twaty-f our (31, ami the south-east quarter of the northeast t and the east half of the south-east quar. ter and the south-west quarter of the soui-east quarter of section twenty-sevi all In township thirty-four :jr. rft1?. fourttn (UK and lota one tl. twq isi c,d tire (8) in section seven f7i. tc-warhip tiirty-fonr iJMt, range thirteen ( Vti. and the south-east quarter ipf i'as "itrth-oasf quarter of section wviv flifl. in towpiship thirty-four :m range TourtecB (HJ, haa been attached, and if they fail to. appear to said action, judgment wjU be rendered therein sustaining said V-. tehment and an order of sale will be mfitlc by the court for the sale of said attacUw prop-ly. 8. V. DvsrtsTiiKKT. Attest: Attornojr to Plaintiffs. lHASK HOf.MKK. Clerk of the lii'jwi yourt of Barber County, Kansas. 21 First pubii8hei July feJ, 1S.8.J Lis Witci ! r -DEALERS IN KANSAS, COLORADO CALL. AND r. WEST, MEDICINE LODGE. EXCLUSIVE DRY GOODS HOU8E IN TO WW 2 a , U:--r'i' t r- ' ; Sibil ,t; ' . A ' jli , & 'AvxuW ;UM l ArH " - EAST SIDE MAIN STREET, MEDICINE LUD(JE. HF.NKV MOKGAN, Notary 1'ubliu. Real Estate, low. FARM LOANS We represent the .strongest Loan South-West. OUR OPTION PLAN. Any payment of $1(X) or more can lie applied on principal at any time, provided a notice of sixty days is given. DRUGS! On Q. MORI nardwars Quick Meal AND AND ANTHRACITE GET ESTIMATES. H. LOGAN, mm k AND ABSTRACTING . Main FOR -AND- i ..ctv- in n nd New Davis Gasoline Stoves. COAL! Rksidejst Pakinkh and Manauku. taa (raj r -i I'UKO. V. G1CA HAM. anee Brokers. A SPECIALTY. Company in the Offick, St., between the two bunks, MEDICINE LODGE, KAN. n!; n immS MEDICINES! ill l xf CbJ I Lm

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