The Washington Gazette from Washington, North Carolina on September 27, 1894 · Page 2
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The Washington Gazette from Washington, North Carolina · Page 2

Washington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1894
Page 2
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WASHINGTON GAZETTE BY jH. A. LATHAM, Published Every Thursday BOLD. ONE YEAR, ONE DOLLAR, ENTERPRI8INQ, 1 IN ADVANCE. DEMOCRATIC I WRITS FOR ADVERTISING RATES. 'HiYweH'a Advertising Atrency places Tu e Hiirrri In the Dreierred list of good medi ums, being one of two thousand selected from sixteen thousand in the United States, and one of the thirteen chosen from more than two hundred in North Carolina. ' THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1894. HIGH WATER Actual Circulation 2352! I, Isaac T. Kinnin, Foreman of THE GAZETTE newspaper and Job Printing Rooms, do certify that the circulation of The Wash-ingtoh, N. C, Gazette is now 2352 copies per weeki I. T. KINNIN, Sept. 25, '91. DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES. The Ticket Tliat Will Win In November. FOR CHIEF JUSTICE: Jamca E. Fhipherd, of Beaufoit Coanty. FOR ASSOCIATE JUSTICES: Walter Clark, of Wake County. James C. MacUue, of Cumberland County. Armibteua tturwell, of Mecklenburg County. FOR EKPRESENTATIVK IN CONGRESS: : 1st. District W. A. B. Branch, of Beaufort Co. FOR SOLICITOR FIBS DISTRICT. ' W. M. Bond, of Cowan County.. FOB STATE SENATORS SECOND DISTRICT. John R. Rowe, W. R. Chesson SUPERIOR COURT JUDGES. Third District Jacob Battle, j jrourtn uiscrict wmiam it. Alien. Eighth District Benjamin F. LoDg. Ninth: District William N. Mebane. Tenth Distiict Wm. li. Council, Jr. Twelfth District H. Bascem Carter. BEAUFORT COUNTY TICKET. For Legislature F. B. Hooker. For Sheriff R. T. Hodges. I or Clerk G. Wilkens. For Register of Deeds O. K. Stilley. For Coroner Dr. Joshua Tayloe. For Surveyor M. L. Waters. 1YUAT CONGRESS HAS DONE. It , has made all money equally taxable, - - 1 It has restored confidence in our currency and finances. ' It has given to all our people the opportunity of living cheaper and better. ' It has placed the burden of taxa-tion upon the rich man's surplus as well as upon every man 's needs. It has restored the freedom of elections. It has placed transactions of the government and its methods of accounting upon a business basis.. It has greatly reduced the expenditures of the government. For one solid year it has maintained an unrelenting fight against the trusts and monopolies which protection had created. . 4 'It has fought the good fight, it has finished the course, it has kept the faith-" THE .TARIFF REDUCTION DISCOUNTED. (Extract from John Wanamaker's Advertisement.) 'Everything that free' 'wool and tariff influences can do to put prices on a low level has been much more j than discounted in the hand-some new dress stuffs that are crowd ing to; the counters every day. This fifty inch serge, for instance black and navy blue, worth 50 cents by any measure of dress goods value, never before .heard of at lessthe .. price is 37 1-2 cents. .- "This all wool camel's hair serges navy blue ,black, brown, modes only a little while ago we could barely meet the demand at 50 cents: the price is 25 cents." i It seems that women treasurers and cashiers, can be short in their cash just as well as men. There's ' do sex in honesty, any more than there is in morality. Congressman Morse won 'in the' suit Mrs. Helen Crougar brought, against him for damages caused by derogatory remarks .he made, but i IT. Slnsb-ln I I . I 4. 1 will not brag about it in public. Ohauncey Depcw knows a hawk from a handsaw. As soon as he landed, and observed the drift of things political, he began to talk about European mineral spiings in preference to New York politics. BRANCH SKINS THE SKlJi- . ami. - Col. Skinner the great orator and 8 p read eagle congressional candidate of the populists is now sorry that he did it. From private sources, we learn that Col. Skinner (so rumor has it), ent word to all thirdites to come to Elizabeth City and see him flay Branch the standard bearer. They came in large numbers, to see the mighty war horse of paternalism, the 'white plumed Harry" meet the peoples' champion, Mr.B-anch. For two hours, Mr. Branch in a calm but vigorous manner discussed the issue of the day showing in ; his forcible, earnest way, why the Democratic party should be continued in power, then he devoted fifteen minutes to poor Harry, and ever since he has been wondering whether it. was a Kansas cyclone or a Montana blizzard that struck him. He has anxiously asked, "Where am I at?" and the thirdites, who heard the discussion, are . wondering why they nominated him. Alas for poor Harry, his white plumes have been made to trail in the dust, and he will hardly know on November the 6th, that he was a candidate, for many by this discussion have been brought to see the e: tor of thir' ways, and have returned to the old party . I'ic-Nic and Lawn Party at Athens. , A Box Picnic nda Lawn Party will be held at Athens Chapel Church, near Bath, on the 1st Thursday aft, October 4, beginning at 3 o'clock with an address on education 'by H. A, Latham. After the address the boxes will be sold, then the chancey dining begins and at n'-rht the Lawn party begins. Ev-e:yone yonag and old is invited, and each girl, young and old ladies, is expected to prepare and carry a small bos, (lunch), for two. In that box place your name and wrap the box, ntake a handle and decorate as you wish, and the gent; who purchases your box is to dine with you, whoever he may be. We think it will be very amusing indeed. The proceeds go to building an academy at Athens Chapel Church. Come one, come all, and enjoy it with us, rs we are expecting a grand time. ."COMMITTEE OF AERAGEMENTS! W. C. Oden, J. H. Oden, J. W. Oden, N. A. Whitley, J. F. Latham, G.. H. Elliott, F. P.Whitley, Dr. W. D. Bowen. , Gilead Items. Farmers are saving hay. It is very dry in this section ; too much so for late potatoes. Mis?es Lucretia and Katie Adams,, two of Blount Creek's charming young ladies, were the guests of Miss Sarah Warren last, Saturday night. Miss Mamie Woodard .returned to her home at liunyon Jast Saturday, accompanied by Miss Rosa Woolard, of this place. : Messrs. W. W. Ecklin, G. H. Wool-ard were' at Bunyou Sunday on a tender mission. Ye itemizer returns many thanks to Mr. H. H. Hill for offering us a horse to make a drive until ours gets well. Mr, Hill is a friend to the needy. Capt. Ross Cox says that the Barney and her crew are hustlers. - We believe it for 8he runs Uh and tows barges, vess Is and logs. Now, if the Captain will just keep the mate aboard while up Blount's Creek we will take off our hat to him. Gilead Democratic club organized last nday night. G. W. Hill was elected President and J. G. Latham, Secretary. A large crowd was present. Mr. VV. Bi Rodman addressed the club.-" Not a Pop was present. They can't show up when the Democrats are around. - The Giload Democratic Club will meet at Hon. W. A. B. Branch's on Friday, Cct ber 4th, 1894, at 2 o'clock v. m.- Mr. S. T. Beckwith of Wash ington, will be present. All are invi-'ted. Ye Pop must face the battle cr stop your racket. 11 you have the truth on your side and the Democrats are liars come out and prove it to us. Don't be cowards. One of our good Pop's says that the Democrats are the negro party, and that his had joined that party. He spent a half day trying to convert his brother, and by so doing made a stronger Democrat of him. Our Dem-ocrati c friends will look out tor the party. Long Acre'Linea. Mr. E. K. Gurganus. lost a valuable horse by staggers recently, and Mr. RLchaid Waters-Host one lately. Dr. J. T, Nicholson, of Bath.'isvery busy in his practice. He has .several ca es near here. He is very popular. We should say that $16 for a chart that would about wear out in one term of school is a pretty dear experiment; yet such is one instance at least,, and in that instance it seemed to be superfluous and was used but little. ' A Card From Mr. Chauncey. - To My Friends in Beaufort : I desire to thank Sincerely all my friends who supported me before I withdrew my name from the recent Democratic convention, as a caudidate for Register of deeds. I shall do all in my power for the el'-ction of the entire ticket, ana ask. my mends tnrougnouc the county to do th same. This is an important election, and Democracy must win. Yours for Victory. J, G. CHATJiiCBY. The breath of a chronic eatarrb patient is often so offensive that he becomes an object of disgust . After a -time ulcerali6n sets in, the spongy bones are attacked, and frequently destroyed. A constant source of discomfort is the dripping of the puni- ' lent secretions into tbe threat, sometimes producing Inveterate bronchitis, which is usualy the txciting cause of pulmonary disease. The brilliant re suits by its xxse for years past properly designated Ely's Cream Balm as by far the be-t and only cure. Call upou jour dingiest for it. PRESS POLITiUAIi OPINIONS. Populism Is waning' In Virginia, as elsewhere. They will not poll more than 30,000 votes in that State. They poilsd 81,000 In 1892. Lynchburg News. ' , -'" "' - -' Congressman Settle? - failed to answer to the oil two hundred and fifty-Six (256) times. He has not been a success even as a bench-warmer. Reid8ville Review. - : . It was the largest and finest body of men ever assembled in Beaufort county and the most harmonious and enthu-siastic convention. Beaufort will give the biggest mnj nitv in years for the democracy. Cor. News-Observer. It is becoming evident that the best men who voted the Populist ticket two years ago cannot swallow this new concoction of (Populism and Radicalism compounded by Doctors Butler and Pritchard. Mirror. The lamentations . of the Populist press and speakers were aforetime on account of the misdeeds of the "two old parties." Since "co-operation" has come, however, the offending parties have been reduced by one. and the assault is now directed toward the Democratic party alone. Charlotte Observer. Butler, Kitchen and Skinner, managers of the new consolidated Rep-Pop aggregation of wonders will exhibit in North Carolina until November next. One ticket admits to the entire performance. Walk right in, gentlemen, and see the greatest ringstreaked and strip -ed wonder of th e nineteenth century. Ex. " : " The Pops are great friends of silver they say. : They denounced most bitterly the demonetization of silver by the Republicans in 1873. Now they have fused with the Republicans who would do the same thing again if they had the chance. Consistency, what a jewel! Smithfield Herald. How do Populists, who have always been Demqcrats, relish the idea of voting for rank Republicans for the highest office in the gift of the people this year? We know that there some dissatisfaction and think that the dissatisfaction will be greater before the election. Southerner. If we may judge by the backwardness of Republicans to seek places on the fusion tickets, or to accept nominations at the hands of the f unionists when offered, the prominent men of the former persuasion are not sanguine of the success of the movement aga'nst the Democracy in this S tate. If the Israelite who wanted to know whose.wife tbe woman who had been seven times married would be when she got to heaven should turn up in this part of the vineyard now he would doubtless be asking what party Linney would . belong: to if he got to Congress. And the man who said that no woman who had killed seven husbands could ever get to heaven would say and say truly that no man who had belonged to seven political parties cou'd ever get to Congress. If a man who .wants to do the safe thing this year, he should vote for th e Democratic nominee for- Congress. Why do that? Because the Democratic Congress has begun a series of reforms that will take another year to finish. It would, therefore, be unsafe to reverse the party just; now. Let the Democrats finish the reform that they have started, and if these reforms prove not beneficial, the party can tumble down quickly afterwards. We, can't see any reason for installing a party in power and then voting to turn them out before they had a chance to fulfill all their promises. Advance. The usual treatment of j catarrh is very unsatisfactory, as thousands can testify. Proper local tieatment is positively necessary to success, but many, if not most, of the remedies in general use afford but temporary relief. A Cure certainly cannot be expected from snuffs, powders, douches and washes. Ely's Cream Balm,, which is so highly commended, is a remedy which combines the important requisites of quick action, Bpecific curative power, with perfect safety and pleasentness to the patient. The druggists all sell it. MARRIED. At Swan Quarter, Sept., 5th, 1894, was witnessed one of the grandest oc casions of the season. Ihe handsome and popular Mr. A. B. Covineton was married to the highly accomplished and attractive Miss Ludie Bell, of Scranton, N . C, Mr. S. S. Barber officiating. Capt. Toler acted at, groom's best man, Miss Vera Warren as bride's maid. - The Gentlemen were handsomely dressed in becommiig suits of black, the ladies were attired in cream. The bride will ever be highly es teemed as one of Hyde's choicest gems We wish them a long successful and happy life. , T " Hon. Levi P. Morton is a good man; he wears a wig,, is short several toes, and is immensely rich. But he will never'be governor of New York. ; Senator Manderson knows that the next Senator from Nebraska will not be a republican ; hence his announcement that he was not a candidate for re-election. The republican-populist combine in Mississippi indicates a remarkable state of blindness upon the part Of those who know the result of jBimilar combines in Alabama and Arkansas. : The New York republicans who started out to down boss Piatt may find it interesting to study the sky, but to the public lying sprawling upon one's back in public is a somewhat ludicrous position for the would-be rivals of the boss to occupy; OUR STATE. ! Happenings of a Week Gleaned From our Exchanges. Franklin, Macon county, is to have a 89.000 hotel. Guilford county is working convicts on its public roads. Will Davis, colored, was killed by a train near Salisbury. ' The corn crop in Martin county is in . splendid condition. Frank Redding, of Randolph county, is 6 feet 9 inches toll. The tobacco crop in Rocky Mount section is very short. They are raising eleven-pound cabbages in Davidson county. A large catamount was recently killed in McDowell county . Dr. F. L. Beid, President of Greens-bo ro Female College, is dead. A colored man was run over and killed by a train near Morgajiton. Nine new cotton mills have been bu lit in tbe State within a year. A colored man had his right foot c ut off by one engine at Durham. An 18-year old lad was run over and killed by a freight train at Marion. Mrs. Rachel Mitchell, of Ashe Co., committeed suicide by drowning. The Presbyterian parsonage at Elm-wood, Iredell county, was burned. A 200 pound bear , was killed near trje Beaufort county line in Pitt Co.- It will take the Vance cotton mills until January to fill orders now In. A white man was shot and instantly killed by a darkey In Reckingham Co. Only 461 votes were polled in th Pop primaries in Mecklenburg county. Wilmington is making elaborate j preparations for her '-Welcome Week.'? Belle Boyd, the celebrated female Confedeiate spy. is lecturing in the State. ' Fifty thousand chickens have been shipped from Randolph county since January. Charles Gray, ot Norfolk, attempted to commit suicide with laudanum in Raleigh. Mr. Francis T. Fuller, for 38 years assistant sure-eon at the insane asylum, died in Raleigh. . A well dressed white infant was found on the steps of a colored man in Wilkes county. A child with 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot was born in Mecklenburg county. Horses and cows are dying from a strange disease in Halifax and Northampton counties. Dorey Cox, of Mecklenburg "county, had his right hand torn into shreds ;by the saws of a cotton gin. Gov. Carr has offered $200 reward for Robert Redfern, who . outraged a young white girl in Anson county. Clark Starnes, a white man, was found dead iu Catawba county. He had been drunk for a day or two. Boys set fire to a hornets nest in a gin house in Warren county. Of course the nest burned; so did the gin house. At an ex-Confederate reuuion at Morganton 500 old vets were present, 45 per cent, of whom had been wounded. ; A sailor fell from the smoke-stack to the deck of a British steamer lying at Wilmington and was instantly killed. i At Greensbot'e, twelve prominent citizens are on tial for forcing a pair of Morman missionaries to leave the county, . Miss Dominsha .Waggoner committed suicide by hanging her self from the thecei ling. Mental derangement the cause. H. M. Swain was poisened at Hot Springs by drinking a mixture of brandy and strychnine. Foul play is bus-pected. There are now growing around Southern Pines no less than 6,000 peach trees, besides large quantities of other fruit and nut bearing trees. v A CARD Owing to rumors current on the street that Major R. H. Braxton, Superintendent of the Carolina Military Academy, has left the city with the intention, of not returning, and as such rumors are Injuring the Academy and ourselves, we deem it expedients to make an explanation of our position to the public. We accepted the offers made to us by Maj. Braxton, in response to our replies to his advertisement, in good faith. Until then, we had never heard of him, and we supposed that his testimonials were genuine. We learn that such is not the case. W hope that the patrons and friends of the school will not hold us In anywise responsible for his misconduct. We are here aLd intend to continue the school independent of Major Braxton, if we can have the co-operation of the community. We have testimonials and diplomas which we are prepared, and would be glad, to show to any one interested enough to examine them. The school will resume Monday and we would be glad to welcome any who desire to enter. We do not wish to sail under false colors, are prepared to prove that our testimonials ere genuine and much regret this unfortunate occurrence which places us in false light before the peopled . D. J. Barton, (Grad. Univ. of Va.) W. B. Hekry, (V. M. I.) We, the undersigned, have seen the, testimonials of the gentlemen above,, and have no hesitancy in commending them to the confidence of the community. R. J. Moorman, Pastor M. E. Church. W. P. Baugham, Merchant. Seth Bridgman, President Bank Qf . Washington. Thos. J. Latham, Cashier, Bank of Washington. Ai M, Dtjmay, Cashier Beaufort i County Bank. Geo. R. LrppuY, Vice-President Beau- i f fort County Bank. S. T. Nicholson, Physician. Nathaniel Harding, ' Rector St. Peter's Church. i Washington, N. C, Sept. 22, 1894. ;- POSITIONS GUARANTEED under reasonable conditions. Our FRSE 96 paga catalogue wiU explain why we can afford it. Dragon's Practical Easiness College, NASHVILLE, TENN,. ( Write for catalogue. ) Book keeping, Shorthand, Penmanship and Telegraphy. We spend more money in the interest ot our Employ m.entDepartment than half the Business Colleges take in as tuition. 4 weeks by our method teaching book-keeping is equal to 1 2 weeks by tbe old plan. 1 1 teachers, COO students past year, no vacation; enter any time. Cheat Boad. we hare recently prepared books specially adapted to HOME STUDY. " Sent oa 60 day trial. Write na as & explain "yoar wants." N. B.-We pay $5, cashforafl vacancies as book-keepers, stenographers, teachers, clerks, etc.. reported to na, provided we fill aaaM $100 .Dollar Rward $100. The readers of thiB paper will be pleased to learn that there are at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that ia Catarrh. Hairs catarrn Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease. requires a constiiuiiouai urauueuu. Haii'a Catarrh Care is taken inter nally, acting directly upon the blood aud mucous services of the system, thereby destroying tile foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength ty Duiiaing up toe cousnuu-tion and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have; so much faith in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Sea1 for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O. 4-Sold by all druggists, 75c. GREAT SPECIAL 'SALE -AT- GRAYS ypllinery jmporium ON NEXT MONDAY, THE 1st Day of October, '94. I will sell on Monday, Octobar 1. all of the best Brands and Make of Calico, including Wm. Simpson & Son's, for 5c per yard. You all kuow that Wm. Simpson & Son's Calicoes are the very best made!, This price of 5c per yard is for MONDAY ONLY. I will also sell on same day, Monday, October 1, the well-known R. & G. Corset, for 65c. Ladies' Monday, October 2, will be a great day for you at GRAY'S. Just thuk of buying Simpson's Calico for 5c a yard, and the R & G. Corset for 65c. Gray will sell them at above named price on Monday oily. Do not forget the day and place, at Gray's on Monday, October 1. All the best Cal'coes for 5c per yard . The R. & G. Corset for 65c. MRS. J. M. GRAY, WASHINGTON, N. C. . I Am Kow Prepared To GIN ; COTTON FOR THE PUBLIC. My Gin is in No. 1 order and con- anion ana x cau Gin Your Cotton at Short Notice. Bagging and Ties Furnished at Reasonable prices. SEED COTTON BOUGHT And highest Market price paid. I also BUY COTTON SEED or exchange for meal. jThanking my "many patrons for past work I ask a continuance of the same. H. B. MAYO, Water - - - Street. E. R. MIX0N Wholesale Dealer In TINWARE! WOODENWARE, Cutlery, Paper Bags, WRAPPING PAPER, STATIONERY ! FLOUR, KEROSENE OILS, Cakes, Crackers, &c. Also Manafacturers of -Plain And Fancy-- ; Any one needing any goods in the above line will do well to get My Prices Before Purchasing. CORRESPONDENCE ? SOLICITED. Yours Truly, E. R. MIX0N. CRUMPLfR i!!D BROVll General mmi ftps, WASHINGTON N. O. The best of Companies represented.' -i We guarantee to give our patrons the best rates and plape their risks in safe Companies. . - , We ask the kindly cof nisTatioTi of the publicjwho" may dei.i?3 Insurance. Respectfully. W. J. Ceumpleb. C. M. Brown. NEW PLACE! SPECIAL SALE OF Boots and Shoes, CHEAP as they can be sold. All kinds of ladies fe men's Shoes at AT R. ROSENBLOTS. h Next to Union Alley, Main St. Call at the Big Shoe Sign. THE- New fork Work (TWICE A WEEK,) For O nly $ 1 A Year. Almost'a N. Y. Daily paper for you. You can get all the news half a week earlier than by any weekly paper, and at the same price. You will want news this winter from the National Capital while it is fresh. Subscribe at once through W. D. BUCKMAN, Man'gr. Wash. News Agency. Orders taken for Rubber Stamps. J. R. WYNNE, & CO. Wholesale Fish and Oyster DEALERS, Washington, North Carolina- The oldest and largest Fish dealers in Washington. Our facilities are better for shipping fresh fish than ever before. We have-our own nets and seines and are therefore prepared to fill all orders daily with the freshest fish of all varieties that inhabit these waters. All orders received either by wire or letter will receive prompt attention. Orders filled within., two hours after being received at our'office. The CONTINENTAL, M. C. Cutler & Co., PROPRIETORS, Where you can be accommodated to the best Bar, Restaurant, and Sleeping Rooms. All under one management at the stand of the old Continental on Water street, Washington, N. C. 500,000 Best Quality. Hard Finish Brick. 25,000 Tile. We are determined tp supply the demand and have reduced our prices accordingly. Examine before purchasing elsewhere. Address, f PAMLICO BRICK & TILE CO. W. A. Blount, Treasurer, Washi ngton, N. C. Hard Times si To meet the present I ard will sell to farmers direct, tat cash. Good Fertilizers at the Lowest VV b ileaalt Prices. vtr Um. 'iiiiHM on inrieri. w Fertilizers. tor Corn. Ootton and Peairata. at S 1 3.50 Trucking- Uropa and Potatoes 1 4.0O Oats, Tobacco and Fruits 15.H) Alao Muriate of Potash, Kainit, Sulphate Potash, Bone Slack, Nitrate Soda, in large and small quantities, bend wo 2 stamp for circ'a. y. S. POWELL & CO., Fartiliier Manafacturers, Baltimore Aid. 110 MORE EYE-GLASSES, yo rLl5ZzS Weak Store Eyes! IIITCHELL'S A Certain Safe and Eflectlva Remarfv far BRICK. TU SORE, WEAK and INFLAMED EYES,' Mtoring the Sight of the out. Cures Tear Drops, Granulation, Stye Tumors, Red Eyes, Hatted Eye Lashes, AND PRODUCING QUICK BELIEF , AND PERMANENT CUBE. Also, equally efficacious wben os4l In tlner maladies, onrli a .Uleersu Fevrr Sores, Tnmon, Salt Rnenm, Barns, Piles, or wberever Inflammation exists. HITCHEtX'S SALVE may be us U advantage. , . w 9QU Y AM. DRUGGISTS AT 25 CENTS. 1 Batches, clocks litiiBii Jewelry, Silverware and Spectacles. Careful attention to all Repairing and as cheap as consistent with good work. BELL, The Jeweler. Mitchell & General. Agents Famous PALMER'S ELASTIC JAPAN PAINTS It is a perfect protector for tin, iron and shingle roofs, iron fences, suiuac siuuiia, auu an uuiaiuc uuu num. j.u 10 naici jjiuui cum 111c proof. It contains no acids or chemicals that will injure, and will not crack or blister. It is the best paint known, arid very cheap. It has Deen usea wiin great saiisiaciion on co s store ana otner places in me town, it nas oeen useu also on iu,uuu roofs in the Unifedi States, :With entire satisfaction. For estimates and fnrt.Vior nart.lnlnra'spp n '"'' T?.psnpft,f nil v. - Proprietors of the neatest and best ington, N. C, near Washington Bank. BLISS SCHOOL OF ELECTRICITY. WASraiSTGTOIT, ID. O. If you want to know what electricity doing ior the world, if you want to hecome a practical electrician or electrical engineer, enter this school, the only one of its kind. Laboratory completely equipped for demonstration and practical Work. Students learn the construction of instruments and machines! by taking apart and reconstructing them, their theory from lectures presented in popular form and t&eir practical use from experienced instructors. Graduates are competent to install wiring, dynamos, etc., and to manage railways and lighting plants. Lectures by the Principal, who has had extensive experience in installation; and by E. P. Lewis Professor of Physic, and Electrical Engineering in Columbian University. Session begins Oct. 1, 1894. Terms for complete coarse last 8 months, $50, payable, 820 on registeiing, 15 Dec. 1, and f 15 Feb. 1. For further information address, : - . L. D. BLISS, Principal. jqSt BECKiyiTfj'S SELECT SCHOOL iron YOUNG LADIES, Fall Term Begins September 24th, 1894. 7-ANNOUNCEMENT For want of space im rooms formerly1 occupied by the class of young ladies under my instruction, I have procured the Washington Academy. A School of Music conducted by a young lady highly accomplished and with experience as an instructress in Musjc iu a prominent school in this State. - . ;j A Collegiate course pf instruction will be given to young ladies only. Connected with this school will be a Primary Department to which boys under fourteen years of age, as well as girls, will be admitted. Board will be procured for young ladies desiring tuition, not resid ing in town. MUS. S. T. BECK WITH, Principal. School For Girls. Misses Lida Hodman and 'Mary Blount will open a school for girls arid boys at the residence of Miss Rodman, on Main street, SEPTEMBER 24, 1894. i Pupils will have the advantage of .Latin and French as well as Higher English Branches SALE OF LAND. By ytrtue of a decree of the Superior Court of Beaufort county, made at Spring Term, 1894 In a cause therein pending, entitled "John R. hen against Geo. w. Ashen and wile, C. V. Ashen." the undersigned, as a Commissioner, appointed by said Court, will offer for sale, on Monday, 1st day of October, 1894, at noon, forcash. to the -highest bidder, at public auction, at the' Court House door, in me town 01 wasmngton, N. C , thj following property, to-wit: A tract of land lying on the north side of Pamlico river and west side of North creek in Bath Township, Beaufort county, N. C; Beginning at an oyster shell bank at the mouth of a gut, and running up said gut to W. H. Hardison s line; thence with his Une a northward course to the John Herrington line; thence an eastward course to the creek; thence down said creek to the first station; containing 140 acres more or less. TMb 28th day of August, 1894. JOHN H. SMALL, Com'r. . Refrigerators AND Ice Boxes! Our new stock of these goods has just been receiv-ed. With ice as low as it is. the cost of running a lie- frigevator or Ice Box is very .little. You cannot all'ar.l , be without one. Ten to '20 pounds of ice will keep con-. , tents cool. Outs and prices maiieJ on application. BO Y ALL & BOKI) LIS, FURNTTURE DEALERS, .. Goldsboro, N. C. te JL sL I I I ULJ D Bergeron East CarolnaTfor the - me iiuuoison iioiei, npencer nros. A. J. MITCHELL &CO,, filled bar in town, Main street, Wash DAN KELLY, The; Wild Horse Shoer, SHOES FROM THE TAMEST TO THE VVILPEST. , Ship-smithing and shoeing on Water Street, John Smith's old stand. All work warranted and guaranteed, and donb in a workman-like naauner. WANTED. Live, energetic men to Canvass, sell Machines and Collect, in Craven, Jonis, Carteret, Pamlico Beaufort, Hyde a..d Oare counties. We furnish a nice litht running Wagon, agent to fut- .11 1. .. .....I mulri a tilMI K. 1 1 1 1 1 t' oflfer a splendid salary or commission coutract, Olie uUQcr wutuu nu vjucigbxv v, . ... and save money. Men of good make-up do we i with this company, for if successful they will hA Timmoted to positions of greater trust and ire- spousibility. Address, THE tsiNGER M'F'G Co., J. F. Norman. Dis't Agt., J. H. Hueley, M'g'r., New Bern, N. C; Washington, N. C. uuo

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