Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 21, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 5
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.,:,, Sjj, .,'•:' '•**• THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. 1944 Property Lists To Be Signed Soon Assessors Louis Comiskcy And John Broadrick Active On Outside Work pi'r.-ion.s to pay taxes borough »f tS'aupUuck aru ren-.iniled today that they must fil« (hi'ir tax lists starting October 1. j,, tiii' office of the assessors at tlie town hall. According trv the state law por- sniH lial'lc for taxes have 30 days in which to fill! tho same. Those M-l'.ii f:iil to t'iti' their lists after (Vtnlier 31. will have ten per cent uf the valuation added to their lists by the assessors. At', owners of automobiles must list their autos. and properly owners must fill 1 oach parcel of. real i-jitati 1 separately. Ex-service mon I'huminj: exemption must register with the- town clerk on or before Oi'fi>l>cr 31. N:iui>'atucU's assessors arc Louis Ccniiislvi'V and John .Kroadrick and thi'V are now actis'e on assessment work about the. borouc/h. The dates for signing the property U.its an.' expected to be an- nur.iH'eil soon. • —•. Charge Made In London Daily Mail Has Been Denied <».v Unifcul l»r<-wi) The London Daily Mull charfres that Allied supremo headquarters is allowing American businessmen to Kt> to Paris and establish valuable contacts — iilthoutrli British merchants are not Kranled the same privilege. The paper charges thut many of Americans are flown to Prance—wearing American military uniforms. And it tells ot one representative of n financial corporation who landed in France in the uniform of a Red Cross otllcor NAITGATUOK DAILY NEWS tind within -is hours nftor Allied entry into Paris — ho the had IVJJ.I, MAK1C -I Sr irfirtlvrd. Sept. L'l— (UP)— .Rp- li|it"|[i viri< - presidential candl- J"hn W. Brjckfr, is sched- tu niaUi 1 four speeches In ei-'irut Saturday. Governor linelie!' will stop to speak from ),n r!:<in platform at Xe%<.' Lon- ilnn. N-w Haven ami l-'rulRpport. anil will attend a, reception at busy with his clients. This charge Tias brought a quick lor.Ial from Harvey Gibson, the. director of the American Red Cross in the European theater. Gibson told the United Press that whatever in the charge. Gibson --•ays, he's been to Paris four or five there Is no foundation of fact times, but never in uniform, and his business has always been with the .Red Cross. The London Daily Mail article if. signed by Colin Bednall and carries an editor's note that tho newspaper knows it will b<.. assailed both in Britain and America I'oi Air-Borne Troops Carried Plenty Of Blasting Power Washington, Sept. 21. — (UP)— When the American nlr - borne troops landed in Holland, they carried plenty of blasting power, down to earth wilh •them.. Tho airborne solr!iers are loaded down with armament which includes 75-millimeter puck Howitzers, Si-millimeter Tnortnrs, light tanks of seven to ei^ht tons, 00- milllmetor mortars, 37-millimeter anti-aircraft: puns, ba/.ookas, antitank irrenades, and a variety of small arms. The soldiers who strike from the skies also have secret weapons, bulldozers, cranes, jeeps, and luilf-trucks. 79 Highland Ave.; John 108 CIUT St.; Matthew J. Grabowski, 28 School St.; .Hubert C?.'Broon; 1.20 Wnrd St.; Burton D: Noble,'TO'l South 'Main St.; Samuel W.' Harper, 20 Bccbo St.; IJ. Shi.- linskaM, 2 Molbourm.- Ct.; William J. Anp-iolillo, Ijjy South Mairi-'.St.; Thomas 'E.' McGuire/ Jr., ,17 Bingham St.; Emma Elizabeth .Urgltis, 92 Highland Avc.; demons I?lo-' trowslti, 399 North Main St.;. .[William 12. Davis, 18 Park PI., Thomas F. Daley, " • :; __•"«•,•; ''.-. • John Theodore Krulikosltl',. '•' 1GO Bridge St., Peter Zaiko, if Al-,, ma St.; Francis'J. Shea, pJS'.Chcr- ! ry St.; Clnyton V. Komncki,' '-.'formerly of Waterbury; Foster.', 1 .'A. Snydcr, 374 .HiUaidu Aye.; George '•Lester Wly'fc'lesworth,-Jr., Oak St.; John J, Zuccarclll, 512 South Main Si:; Pulp/: P...Rug7,'cri, -13 Coen St.; .Edwuril' W.' 'Schrull, Cherry St.; .Raymond A. Kralis, 197,High St.; Raymond W. Fredericks, 3.1 Phco- nix Avc.;' ; Frank Gruher, Cherry St. Ext.: John Michael Binkoslci, IM School St.; Leo C. Magas.R adnor Avc.; Robert J. Dowlingk, 3-1 North Woadley St.; Stanley F. Suvoski, 1G3 Spring St.; Benedict Jr. Pup- sta, Pond..Hill; John C. Donovan, 202 Ma'pie St. ' Philip Robinson, Jr., 289 Hillside Avh.; Waldemar V. W. Radesic, 33 Carroll St.; Stephen Tug-amirio, ft St.; Samuel 13. Meyers, 229 May St.; Mabol Gertrude Lutze, 49 Neagle . St.;. Stanley. Joseph Widuch, 8D Spi'injr Et.; William F. Ernst, Jr., 3815 Hillside Ave.; Howard K. Hubbell, Jr.,. r70 Pleasant Ave,; John T. Go.rl.ind, 33 Lewis St.; Frank Madden, 34 Cocn St.; S. Louis Salafla, 34 Gorman St.; j Joseph Dumonski, Brocltett Hill ' St.; Joseph Silva, 155 South Main St.; Harold E. Chittcndcn, .Jr., 24 Fail-view Avc,; Chester T. Oldakowski, f)9 Galpin Si,.; Martin W. ,Schluenscn, PortTjr Avc. Local selectmen arc Mrs. Catherine Nardcllo. Mrs. Elizabeth Bie- and Casimir Galcskl, and the refiriatrars arc Henry Zwickl and Cyrill Tuohy. I G LET US HELP, Whatever your gift -probler.i -ouri| ei-t stylist, MJss Mnnzo. .can -helpi .solve' it. The K irt collection nt _ conveniently located dyne's, h«.V " been thoughtfully assemble:! tor- 'i meet every need. . ..* * • '.Fust a few item 29 Harrison Av*. THIi CLTTME, GLAc/l/* ^HOP from Exchange Ft.' • Fine Meeting Of 'Talbot" Club (Continued from Pnpo that this year due . to the Hatch act he can spend only ,$:>,500, which must Include radio time newspaper advertising and other charges. The' local resident stated that his job is not only to be re-elected but * It T' * .u > I »wl. v.,t.y \.\J wu 1 VJ-t-I^^LUU tJ IIL , it. .but the Mail adds: "We I to aid in tho election of all other feel that only fwd can Ije clone by briniriiiK into- the open a subject which already has caused serioun damaKe to AnKlo-Ameriean relations," Bednall claims that he learned from one soursu that the British Chamber of Commerce was one of first British to t HOOKKKKIMXG . .UTOfNTl.VG KVKMNG CLASSKS -Mtiiv Hall Course. .>Ji»n. ;m<l VVril. I'lnrtill ru>\v, J'llitlli- .I-M772 Post Junior College ask permission to return to their Paris ollic<\ permission, says Bed- nnll. was denied by supreme head- uirters. Bednall adds that the supreme 'adcflUarti'rK organisation is such the question of permits to enter Franc,; rests almost entirely on the decisinn and frood will of American olllcers. In the same article Bednall charges that American's diversion of resources and manpower to war purposes is far less than Britain's in proportion to total resources. He writes: "Almost every week tho world is told in the form of olllcial United States PVopfi(.'anda of some ITJW Amorican product which is bain;; prepared now for commercial profit after the war." GOING TO I.ATKST MDIIKI, SII.KX COI--KIOK MAKKU \Vashir.ftton, Sept. 21 — (UP)— Another United States congressman tonight for a visit in war!in;e Jin^land. Ho is representative A. 1.. Miller of Nebraska. Con- Krrssman Driller is also a physician, and he says he wants to investigate fno n e w I y developed met.h-.ids of treating wounded and shirll-shoeked servicemen. The Nebraska n'prf-xor.tat.ivo will also study the operation of England's C. O. P, congressmen, and to see that about seven other Republicans are elected in order that the GOP may control the house of representatives which has power over governmental expenditures, Congressman Talbot indicated that by next Juno the nation will be 2no billions of dollars in the red. which mean a debt of $2.200 ayainst every person in the United States including tlie boys in the service. Austin Adams of Middlehury, former Naugatuek resident, and Harry Morse of Litchfiold were elected co-chairmen of the committee which is tn enroll other members throughout the nth con- grcssionnl district in • sii|-; ort of Conp. Talbot's candidacy. Jack Henry, formerly Con*,'. Talbot '4. secretary, was chairman ot th moctinff. N'ciiifjatuck residents who attended tho dinner included Mrs. Grace E. Talbot, wife o[ Congressman Talbot, Republican Town Chairman Charles Rodenbach, JUidolph -M. Hennick. publisher of The News and Ferdinand Montanari. Christian .Heiss and William B. Bradley of Beacon Falls were .'Lttendanco. state-sponsored medical insurance Board Swears In 167 New Voters (Continued from Page 3) V£5J Beiiufiful AH-Wools-Or Juvely Chatham all-wool, : be<iu'tios arc back in stock again, just waiting to j,'o on your bed and in your ]inen closet. In four smart colors, bound with matching rayon satin —at a thrifty price! "~ ' ' You'll find nil the facts you need on thin Chatham label Chofliom "Woolwich"! The MILLER & PECK Co. WATERBURY — CHESHIRE Also Gloyn Bower, Marion S. Kc'/.el, Dorothy Clark, A^nes Bar- bioro, Mary Napicrkowslu. Anna Hiioeh. Emily, Bui-bee Sophiu .'/. Scrnnton, Ccnuviccc G. Smith, .Dorothy Ilice, Alice Honors Stadt- lor, Elna DuoreJI and Dorothy O'Toole. And Julia Suehenslti, Francos V e n V'essen. Dolores Halloway, Emma J. Kurd. Sylvia Varuolo. Hose SalaCia. Nellie J. Enfrlo, Marion Tomaski. Pliyllis Flcniinfr, Veronica TrusiewiCK, Hanoi German, Eleanor M. Neely, and Maria Gra- xia Biffarolla. Also Margaret Shepard, Irene Krulikoski, Henriette Lanfroll, Alia E. Ardry, Reale, Helen J. Whipkey, Ida Burke, Doris Valentine. Janice Welch, Wladyslowa Skowronska, Paulino Skoronski, Hazul Stoufrhton, Jeannetlc Has- Itins, Helen .Damiody. Elizabeth Carn, Elizabeth Carr, Winifred H Worrell, Alice K. Rc'illy. Also Joanne Snitkey Molly Cob- bol, Liliian Moore. Men: Gregory Phalon, George Van Vesscn, William Fellman, Thomas Damiani, George Stadtler, John Fit-/srerald Jr., Carl Schrull, Basil Palaman Attllio Valentin!, Antonio Aires, Stanley Kulpa, George H. Rice nnd LoKoy Wood. And Michael Comito, Elmer T. Person. Charles Frueh, E m i 1 Schrull Anthony Battiste, Robert J. Khoads, Raymond Brecn. Arnold Paulk, Ross W. Learner Frank J. Hroch. Philip Eower Georfre Glas- BOW, Arnold L, Rodde, Stephen Suchenski and Franklin B. Molen, Also Paul Suba, Frank German, Antonio Varnuolo, David M. Neely, Victor M, Swanowicz, Jr., Alfred C. Greene, Laugh!In Anfrtis MacDonald, August Pistarclli, Joao Dini'/, William J. Curtin, Charles F. Welch, Joseph Areis, Louis E. Stouphton, Richard F. Darmody and Rocco DonCrio. And Anthony C. Sinkavich, Allen D. Trash, Ealvador R. .Mcndcs, J. Earl Burke. George Moruska, John Johnson, Everett Hale Whipkey, Carl F. Snitkey, Henry B. Haskins, Thomas P. Darmody, and John J. Carr. Service men and women made voters at Wednesday's session wore: Edward J. Gi-illlth, 204 South Main St.; Robert H. Nixon, LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This Is to prive notice that I, Mary M. Reynolds of 71 Prospect street, Naufi-atuck, have filed an application dated September 21st, 19'H, with the Liquor Control Commission for n Restaurant Pull Liquor (or the sale of alcoholic liquor on t.he premises ^119 North Main street, Naupatuck. The business Is owned by Mnry M. Reynolds of 71 Prospect street, Naupatuck, and will bo conducted by Mary M. Reynolds of 71 Prospect street, Naugatuck, ns permittee. MARY REYNOLDS Dated September 21, 1DJ4. 90 BANK ST. Unttfotitt LOOK LDVEltER WITH CREAM DEODORANT YM CAN USE EVERY DAY! «SOAP BERKELEY grPlndct Slops perspiration safely 1-3 dan» Won't irrilole skin or harm clothing Quickly aFfectiv 2 DXS. Mpklrn. 1 . Stops moiilure odor BOB HOPE Says: MEN! GUARANTEE* HO RAZOR BURH PALMOLIVE BRUSHLESS SHAVE FACE POWDER . . $1. ROUGE 5O< LIPSTICK ..... 50< 1000 IMCf G!7t» TuSrous lilt to your :w". Keeps loose 'ends »nd wan- boring w''SP s in .place. 1 Pu fe -; h«tmles*. Look lovelier and let tho vibrant tones of Evening in Paris make-up enhance your beauty. You'll love this make-up that'goes on so easily and lasts so much longer. All three in harmonizing shades . . . for your complexion type. Pcpsodent Tooth Posts, U/se Pepsodent Tooth Powder, oq c laviM,** 5 OZr JAR Regular Quality Lead Pencils Pepsodent Antiseptic, OQ C **** PRE-WAR RED ERASER BRASS TIP SANITARY NAPKINS 2 dozen for 25c 25c GOLDEN GLINT HINSE OR SHAMPOO $1.00 TURF SHAVE BOWL &£8$*. 79c HOT WATER BOTTLE WILLIAMS BRILLIANTINE CUP /IUX Z/PWX UTILITY KIT V'CTORV COPFEE NO (WB6IW A handsome, purpose kit... Made to hold all essential RISTL Complete wffh Bulb and^attsrics MILITARY UGHTIR FLUID TOBACCO POOCH Beautiful Onyx or C«t«lin Base rcmp with Pastel Colored Prince Albert;'..',:! ^vvl"'flflc Bip Ben .:.-,. ..GOc Georffc Washinston,-;-:57c Grander ....:.'.. .•::. : ;..G,9c Model ,..........•':''. ;.C9c" Bond Street B9c fountain H«taBm To Match. .. Ideal For H6m«,School or Office J

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