Roanoke-Chowan Times from Rich Square, North Carolina on March 20, 1919 · 8
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Roanoke-Chowan Times from Rich Square, North Carolina · 8

Rich Square, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1919
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-4 f . i ' THE ROANOKlvCi IOWAN TIN'ES. THURSDAY, MARCH 20. 1919 The Alamo Tne Eaetrie Farm-Lighting Plant You Hav Boon Waiting For THE Alamo Un.'t is compact Ids Silent Engine, gi aerator, awitchbuurd and radiator are mounted on one base. No special foundation is required. No belts orchain connections ar6 used silent clearj itse If of carbon ; no springs, cams or rods to get out of adjustment. All the LfrLtAll the Power Vr.u f J TN? AVi -to E'erine U: it is Ivt W?-lf '' Ul .VC flji" (V3 'lH'i f I tlJ - ; ' .". I l.t". P. .wrt...- ' t ' pr-,o.' nirn;i. corn -act eketne -miil ( o.vcr plant ! Cv-c hi nr. J --a it Dealers Wanted In Eastern North Carolina WATERMAN-ENRIGHT CORP. 3009-3011 Granby Street, NORFOLK, VA. WANT COLUMN l-Cent A Word, Each Insertion--! Mammouth Yellow Soy Beans, selected seed, $1.85 bushel B. A. Fleetwood, Hertford, N. C. 2t FOK SALE 100 bbls of Corn, $8,00 per bbl. Fifty gallons of good home-made Molasses, $1.00 gallon, and 1 two-row Cultivator. $25.00; and 1 one-row Cultivator, $20.00 Both in first class condition. J. O. Gay, Garysburg, N C STRAYED I have at my house, on the Eagletown road, one heifer perhaps three years old this spring, marked in both ears, hs been with my cattle since last fall Owner will please come for her. C A. Dunning, Aulander, N. 2i WANTED One hundred pounds Peanuts. Variety-Tennessee Reds J. P. Weaver, Rich Square, N. 0. IiOST On Sunday, Feb'y 23, one open face gold watch, Hamilt n movement. Finder or purchaser will please return and receive reward. A. J. Conner, Rich Square, N. C. FOR SALE One thorughbred Holstein-Friesian bull, nearly two years old, gentle and easily managed. Price $100. J. C. Vautrh-an, The Gay Farm, Jackson, N.C. 112 WANTED Young lady desires position in store or office. Had experience in typewriting and book-keeping. Best of reference. Address "M " care of Times office WANTED A reliab;e young colored mao to attend to my Let and Garden, run Automobile am; look after my Premises. Good wages to right man. , Mrs. Alice V. Stancell, Marirarettsville, N C INDIAN MOTORCYCLE for -aale, twincylinder, new tire, in good' condition. A bargain at $100.00 cash. Address "Motorcycle" Box 54, Pendleton, N. C. EGGs FOR SALE-Rhode Island Reds 75c per setting of 15. Mrs. C..H. Ward, Rich Square, N. C, R. 1 112 Needs A Veterinary Surf eon. Dr. H. Calvin Rea of Char lotte, a graduate of the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Engineering srd Kenan? Veterinary College, i'b in Rich Square looking over the possibil ities, with a view to locating. There is a great need for i veterinary surgeon in this sectidn For the past vear or two stock raising has received an impetus that bids fair to increase to im portant proportion?. The auto mobile, the tractor nor nothing plan will ever take the 'place of the horee. ard tbey are being brought in in ever increasing numbers. We need a doctor for them. Another Feminine Industry. niria wanted for men's neckwear," reads the advertisement of a depart ment store. But we imagine tnai a man would be uncomfortable wearing a girl around his neck. New Orleans States. Report of the Condition of The Merchants and Farmers Bank at Garysburg in the Stete of North Carolina, at the close of busmecs March 4, 1919. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts . $92,403.28 Overdrafts unsecured 13,70 All other stocks, bonds, etc. 261.00 Banking houses 2,317.00; fur niture and fixtures $1,227.83 3,544 83 Due from National Banks 3,104.47 Due from State banks 37,634 60 Silver coin, etc. 274.62 Nat'l bank & other U. S. notes 1,610.00 Rev. Stamps 94 Total $138,647 34 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in $7 600 00 Surplus fund 6.00U.00 Undivided profits, less current expenses arid taxes paid 1,442 13 Deposits subject to check 101,742 78 Time certificates of deposit 400.00 Savings deposits 18.407.20 Cashier's checks outstanding 3,156.23 Total $138,647.34 State of North Carolina, County of Northampton, Mar. 12, 1919. I. J no, B. Collier, President of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Jno. B. Cou 1KB, President. Correct Attest : w. L. Reid, J. E. Suiter. R. U. Brown, Directors. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 12 day of Mar., 1919. R. E. Brown, Notary Public My commission expires May 15, 1920. Report of the condition of The Bank of Severn At Severn, in the State of North Carolina, at the close of business, March 4 1919. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $61,917 25 Overdrafts unsecured 376 18 U.S. Bonds and Liberty bonds 1,500 00 war Savings Stamps 414.00 Banking Houses $2,00J 00; fur niture and fixtures $1,699 34 3 699 34 Demand loans 7,000 (W0 Due from National Banks 25,844 17 Gold coin 162.60 Silver coin, etc 284.29 Nat'l bank & other U. S notes 1,528 0Q Revenue Stamps 25 00 FOR SALE-Mammauth Yellow Soy Beans. $1.95 bushel. W. M Howell, R -h Square, N O. 11 CORN FOR SALE-We have 283 bbls for sale on our farm near Galatia church. Price $8.00 bbl J E 'Taylor & Co., Con way. N C NOTICE Best va iety Cabbage plants, ready March 31. Book your order now. Wallace Johuson. Rich Square, N. C. 7 drove's Taateles chill Tonic vitality and eoerlr by parlfyini and ea ts blood, Yoa ess soon (eelks Strength Inrigoretiol Effect. Price 10c Total $102,740 73 LIABILITIBS Capital stock paid in $10,000 00 Suplui fund 3,000.00 Undivided profits less current expenses and taxes paid 347.57 Bills payable 10.000 00 j Deposits subject to check 65,462.08 Time certificates of deposit 3 650 00 1 Savings deposits 20. 157 82 Cashiers checks outstanding 223 26 Total $102,740.73 State of North Carolina, County of I Nortnampton, March 14, 1919 i I, J. B. Stephenson, President of tho above named bank, do rolemniv nweir that the above statement is rue to the : best of mv knowledge and belief. J. B. Stepnenson, President Correct- Attest. IX S. Barnej D. W. WATSON, R. M. Fleet woe D . .'(. ., Director Subscribed and sworn to before mv, this 14th day of March 1919. M. L. Martin, , Notary Public My commission expires March 7, 1921. .! Lots For Sale! Town On Satiudav, March 29, 1 9 19, at 3 o'clock P M, I will offer for sate at public auction Lots Nos. 1 , 2, 3 and 4 recently bought by me or the Garriss land. Said lots are the most desirable building sites of the entire tract. Place of sale; Conway. This March 17, 1919. W. LASSITER SAFE, GENTLE REMEDY BRINGS SURE RELIEF JNO. LmA- PVlr The Old Reliable Photographer, wiD be ' JallieS raiKeia in JACKSON, N. C h-ora Much 24 to April 7th to wait on all who want Photos made. Will go any where v in the County to make Photos of Residence, Schools, Mills and Family Groups. Cloudy days make no difference. Come and let me wait on you Yours Respectfully, JAMES PARKER The Knickerbocker Form-A-Tractor Works On Any Model Ford Cash if you have it rfXVto' Eight horse at drawbar $300.00 wilh Fifteen horse belt power if desired Credit if you want it Used exclusively by State Highway Commission. Liberal discount to Local Dealers Win. M. HOWELL, - RICH SQUARE, N. C Spring Millinery Now - Ready - For - Your - Inspection Miss M. Anna Brown is with me again this Season, and wi be glad to see her many friends. Yours very truly, C J. VAUGHAN - Woodland, North Carolina. en's Heavy Winter Shoes Winter is here and many will be in need of some real .good, heavy Shoes, and we wish to call your attention to our very complete line Our line of Ladies' and Children's Shoes is complete also. Our Shoes will please you both as to price;, and quality. , . .; COME TO SEE US. A Trial is all we ask. Parker Peek- 6c Company Rich Square North Carolina For SOS years OOUD MEDAL Haarlem Oil has anabled suffering; humanity to withstand attacks . of kidney, liver, bladder and stomach troubles and all diseases connected with the urinary organs and to build up and restore to health org-ans weakened by disease. These most Important organs must be watched, beoause. they filter and purify the blood; unless they do their work you are doomed. -- - ' i Weariness. sleeDleeaneaa. narvonaneea. despondency, backache, stomach trou! Die,, pains in tne 10ms ana lower ao-domen, a-ravel, difficulty when urinating;, rheumatlam, aolatioa and lumbago all warn you of trouble with your kid-eya. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cap- sules are the remedy ypu need.1 Take inree or- lour every- aay, TO. iwuins ' oil soaks Into the cells and lining of the kidneys and drives out the poisons. New life and health wM surely follow. When your normal vigor has been re-stored continue treatment for while to keep yourself tn oondltlon and pre- vent a return of the disease. Don't watt until you are Incapable of . fighting. Start taking GOU MEDAL. Haarlem Oil Capsules today. Tour drug Sat will cheerfully refund your money you are not satisfied with reaults. But be sure to get the original Imported GOLD MBDAL and accept no sub-stltutee. In three alsea. Sealed packages. At all drug stores. wKVwawew2w2w2Mw!BI ' Spring Op ening Never in my thirty-five years experience have I bad such display of Ladies Suits, Coats Mha .Dresses, fchirjt Waists and Skirts. My stock it not only complete but the largest that has ever been xhown in Nort' ampton Couutv. Nice Serges, Gabardine and Poplin Suits and Coats from $12.50 to $45 00, with the newest fashion Waist to nutch them I dou't claim to surpass hut I can equal b th in St.vle aud Quality and urpabS iu Prices any place that runs a retail husiness, so why smd your money off to those places that will clure you more than 1 and get less goods ? My line of Silk, atins. a.d all other d ess goods is full and up-to-date , Now Ladies this is a Department thtt you all are interested in Millinery I have with me Miss Naomie Severson, of Baltimore, who hs been design ng at d lrunming in thn best Department St r.s in the city for tome time, and witi all the goods anil shve .for. .vou to select from Sha can p ea-se the tiirls and ni ik ilin Old Maids-lo k young, so com out. Every day h oi ening d'iy with new tr ods ou exhibit each day. . Oxfords and White Shoes I am still in the lend iu the Shoe business, I have the same old Im-, the Browns,, which is still the highest class of Sho -s in all the cities My prices arc low aud shoes are moving out, fast so get yours before ht weather. I Mens and Boys Clothes Now friends hile Clothes are high and very scarce I have a real nice line of p-to due Clothes and will give you the prices as low as possible. Come early and get your cho ce and a nice Cap to go with them. Th'8 is en ugh to i-a.y. so I will corclude or saying that I only sell goods for cash and therefore yuu can save money by dealing iu a Cash Store, and I will guarantee to please you nd give you ,our money's worth in every Department You shall have my pers nal attention and with Miss Leah Grant to assist me in my Suit Departm nt and Mr. Kubin Burge s in my Shoe and Clothes Departments, I can please you all.. So come along aud get your goods early. Yours for Business, JOHN BAUGHAM Will meet all trains if you will call me up. Chas. R. Robertson C E. Steph nson Chas. R. Robertson Co. General Produce Commission Merchants 25 ROANOKE DOCK m ' Norfolk, Va.! All kinds of Stock. Alive and Drested Poultry, Eggs, Hides, Field Peas, Potatoes, Bacon or anything grown on the (arm. Cat load lots a specialty. '"; vow- -:.':- .o: '";," A WORD ABOUT CREDIT It is often needed in business and never more than NOW, It helps the business man and also the Bank. THIS BANK ALWAYS HAS AVAILABLE FNDS TO LOAN ITS DEPOSITORS OF GOOD STANDING It Encourages and gives Credit to deserving Merchants, Farmers, Firms, Individuals alike. T YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE APPRECIATED .''- . :'' .'''' .':,.,: - -:;,'".'-.''.'. HE PEOPLES BiVTTy A- ..f,,- not Safety First, But r SATTITTY AT. WAYS Murfreesboro, N. C. 1

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