Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 21, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four i OTfje NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY; SEPTEMBER 21. Publl.shfid Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files- Of The News AT LEASE-LEND A HAND! Toli<|>liow» MM mill 238!»—Alt lli-imrlmoiiU Knit-roil UM n.icorul imiUi-f nl the post otflco in Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Puyablo In Advance ] month $ .75 6 months 3 month* J2.2S 1 ycur The United Press has the exclusive right to use for rcpublicntion In any form, nil news dispatches credited to this impel', It I* also exclusively entitled to use for rcpu.ulicn.tlon £ill the local and undated nuws published herein. ~" J'l.I'jmHC J'O TIIK FI_-\G—"I plwlKi; lilK'- AiniTlcil mill to Mm lCi'|«l!>Ho for which II •land*. Ono niitlon Indivisible, with JAlmrtf mid Justice for nil." SI'M'TKMIIKH 21, 20 Years Ago Ullinn Carlson anil Loc Barret ware marrlctl at Salem Lutheran cliurch by Rev. Hilmor Larson. Myrtle Anderson attondcil the bride, while Harold Carlson was bust man. The couple Intended reside in Fall. River after their wedding trip. o—O—o John 'Schimick defeated Poslrmislet- W. 13. Brown and Harris Whiltcmore, Jr., defeated William ROR- mcr to enter the finals of the local tennis tournament. ' ' ,.. o—O—o 30 Years Ago W. Evon featured in a double header baseball program between the Athletics and the Merry Willows. Ho hit two home runs and a triple, all told, in beh.-ilf of the Athletics, while Churchi looked good on third fin; the Widows. The A's won tile first game and the second was a tie. OUR PATRIOTIC DUTIES .Are you saving your waste piipei- for the enllecti'i's \vlio will [tick up the [Kipei 1 ycnip here next Muiulay and Tuesday? Jl' you read the newspapers, you must. IK- jiwaro of the i'act that there is an acute paper s'hnrUiifo and that' you arc lioing asked Ity your government to save waste paper and have it ready J'or the collectors when they call Monday, on the JJasi .side, and Tuesday on the West side. Yum' duty as a .if >rid and patriotic eit-i- •/eii in this matter is plain. 'Don't, nes'lecl it. And it' yon haven't as yet saved any paper, start saviny now, so that you can make at, least n small contribution to this -u'ortliy cause. Lost you foriret, wo are !iif,;iia remind- ini? vim tiiat tlit; salvage o!' tin cans and waste t'ats is also important, and that there will lie urgent need of it I'or man}' •weeks to come. 'It' you have any used clothing you don't want, save it. I'or those unfortunate people in .other lands -who have hut little to wear and l>y whom a Lrit'l of wearing apparel will be greatly appreciated and may save them from I'reeziny to death next winter. A drive for such clothing is now being conducted by the Catholic diocese uf .Hartford. Ami, speaking of- drives, wo mustn't forget that a new AVnr Fund campaign will be held I'rniii October S to November J.I, when, it is expected, a total sum of $2fj,:>8() will bo invested in U'nr .Bonds in this borough. Those o!' our residents who already liave been most generous in donating blood plasma will have another opportunity to give inoiv of that live-saving fluid on Thursday, October ]!), when the Mobile Blood Plasma (.'nit, will -pay its ninth visit to Xaugaluek. Local !Red Cross officials have announced that, a I'f'.H'isfTiitiiui of at least MOO will be required in order that Xai.igatuck's quota oi* 4 bel wci'ii '2'27> and :2."0 pints can be met. Ki'gisi rat ions are now being received at (lit: Koi'l Cross Chapter .House on Church street, So, if. will be seen from the above mentioned drives, our people will .have plenty of opportunity to do their part in helping our nation in its war effort. Around the Clock Maybe we ought tc tell you that since September 17, grocers were prohibited from making change with blue ration tokens. Consumers are still allowed to use the blue discs for purchases only in sets of ten. And after 'October 1, blue tokens will cease being valid ration currency. Better get rid of them now Well, we've been fighting the deadline with the composing room staff all day long so we might as well call it quits here and now with cur readers, too. . . Until tomorrow, of course. Just as we had made contacts for a scooter-tleal will: a big scooter and roller skate man I'or (ho benefit, of J.-Iolon P.'islio. Hie young lady returned to Briarcliff Manor, X. Y.. to res n nu; her studies., "\\VII hold it I'or you 'Helen, until next: summer, . . . '. . Mr. and '.Mrs. Charles Arpiavia of Woodland avenue observed their 21st, wedding anniversary Tuesday. The couple have had five ch make life'ti! and happy, soms came out on a crab-apple Meadow street Tuesday, which tell us, somewhat- unusual. Or jelly has already been made. dreii to . . Blos,- ti'eo on is, they ;pple | Looking at Life | William Zguzinski, popular Spring street sportsman, caught 21 trout at Lake Quassapaug the other night, he says. The smallest was a pound and a half he added.' The catch limit on trout, however, is ten, and Bill might have exaggerated the number caught, we figure. Bill is going fishing again Friday night, and a large crowd is expected to be in attendance as he angles to witness his demonstration Jack Gormley, son of the police chief and his missus, is in the borough for a few days from Sampson Naval Training station. THE "GAS GHOST" Tf it had come around 'Halloween thno, tin.' widely circulated story of the "mad- Tnan 1 ' of Maltoon, I'll., would probably not have been taken so seriously. But in the sober month of September, and with a couple of big wars in progress, it was Tt is no sneering matter when fin ordinarily calm city is suddenly bedeviled by a mysterious night, prowler moving about in (he dark', and spreading a deadly gas whose fumes produce nausea rind temporary paralysis, But it. develops (hat there never was any such nocturnal madman. The whole trouble was the failure of highly imaginative citizens lo realix.e that the mysterious fumes in question were merely unpleasant, chemical i gases emanating from a couple of local war factories. .'It may be a good thing, however, that this scare occurred. For in abnonnnl f imes almost any kind of war scares may arise and start waves of hvsteria. "William .'John Peter of Marshall avenue, DOpular shipping room foreman of the K'isdon Mfg. Co., is wearing a glove on ids right hand these days, we hear tell. According to the story, Bill was introduced to Lowell Thomas, widely-known jiews commentator, during his visit to the local plant a short time ago. And so the only time the glove conies off is when he invites his many friends to shake the hand that, shook the hand of Lowell Thomas . Mir. and Mrs. Francis Calvin, Meadow street, will weekend in New York city to celebrate tiieir first wedding anniversary. They plan to take in a couple of plays and catch up cm activities along the Great While Wav. I.J.V F.IIICM Severa: friends have ro'.d me recently that '.hey had intended to Uuy homes, but lhal they :ire holding off because a.fter I he war [.here will he an entirely new type of Inimt: on the market. They are wailing for all ihoso new gadgel.s that arc semis' to make housekeeping so easy; they arc: waiting 'or those dream nkiccs Hull you put together in :i few hours and lake apai'l and niovu whenever you get tired of a They are wailing for Utopia, which they, expect 'to come next year, at the very latest. In view of all this oplimism I was inlcrested in a life company's magazine advertisement which was headed: "These are fundamental." l-Fore i.s how it read in par;: 'Homes and families; practical, .•l!':cifnt school*; church londnrship thai makes devotion to religion a spiritual inspiration; elimination of el.-iss hatred and resumption of mutual confidence and inlurest in each other; employment fa:.' all who want k and independence for everyone who will work for these arc-, fundamental for normal and continued prosperity, "Helicopters, ultra- su-cn.tnlir.ed molor on I'M. liousehold conveniences ale in lo mnjjic.. .may be highly desirable, many of them doubtless attainable.. .but. the pursuit of Hint happiness which is Riin.rnr.lcod to every citizen by our Constitution rests on simpler, more fundamental things." Yes, I agree, happiness is noi "•on by gadgets but hy the simple, fundumen'tnl things. ' As I lold you some time ago, we are moving lo a now home. We looked al ncarjy a hundred places, mostly in Connecticut because that happens lo -be our favorite state. • The real estate agents showed us nil kinds of houses, many of I hem filled with chromium conveniences, electrical innovations, air-conditioning, push buttons, and lots of other time and labor savers. None of them registered, although \vc considered several. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-to-Coast Trnde M.irk Rupislercd. Copyright, 19-M. Dnily Mir: XOTliS OF A NEWSFAVKIJMAN AX UNRELIABLE SOURCE in IX'a/.iland reports thnt Hitler, beaten and crushed in spirit, called a conference of his top men the other day. "Gentlemen," he said, "we arc licked. We haven't a chance, With forged passport I have made plans to tie smuggled through Argentina into the United States as citizen! Don'L try to keep mo here, I'm leaving!". "Are you mad?" exploded Goering, ^'in the United States you know as well as 1 do that your life won't be worth a nickel!" "I know, I know," said Hitler ciojeclcdly, "but before I die I have made up my mind to do one more thing for the Fatherland." "Oh, fergoodncssfikos, Adolf! 1 ' pleaded Hermann. "What on earth '. ol 'ican you do for the Fatherland in ll ; I the United Slaies?" 'T'!l go to the newsreols and boo the Koosovelts!" was not of local interest. . .1 don't intend to give away free publicity to any organization seeking to promote peace on it_s own. Our Gov crnmcnt is well equipped to do that!' " Not of local interest; "OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND: Dear Wa.'lcr: You make the same mistake as so many sporting writers do in referring to favorites. You quote FDR as a three to one favorite when you should refer to him as a one to three favorite. Meaning 1C you put up 3,000 you win .1,000—F. Hoen." -Mr, Hoen means if you put $1,000 on Dewey you will lose it. A LOCAL . and a Republican were arguing. The latter summed up; "You may know your music, son, but as far as politics go you're still dry behind the cars!" "I'd rather be dry behind the ears," punned the wag, "than Dewcy between them!" IT ISN'T OFTEN that the Saturday Evening Post tears its edi- torinl prints, but It .ripped them in described as "DEAR MR. WIXCHELL: Rof erence is here made to your column,--New-_" Mirror, Friday Ju'ly 21st,' headed 'Anccdoui Presi- dentia.' The fourth paragraph beginning; "Theodore Roosevelt had this legend on his White House desk,' could not he true fo I nm the author, and I was :ioi even writing for a living in if when Roosevelt's second term expired. "Now this is a small mailer, for the piece in queslion has no importance whatever. But the foremost columnist in the world should remember one ihing. The fame- of his column justifies a desire for idenUficni'ion by those who Eel inio it. You, who scatter brilliants like rice at a wedding, for- gei that most of us labor like n mountain to bring forth a mouse. When 'Lucid Interval' was published in 103S, .1 hundred lines were quoted in ihe reviews. But you, with Unerring discernment, picked Ihe bosi line in vho book: 'A plagiarist is one who gives birth 10 nn adopled child.' The source, however, was listed as 'Anon.' And, fra.nkly. I didn't mind ihe omission then and I don't mind tli new omission now (not much!) "The truth is, I am not here thinking solely of myself, but of olhcrs who flutter for an ephemeral instant into that unique orbit only to. have the distinction ruined for lack of n local habitation and name. What shall it profit a man to be anointed and anonymous at the same time? A hero 'has been man who dies on the field of baule for the ye tei lages. It. stands in a grove trees. There are lilacs of maple and wis- A COM! miner or ;i steeplejack luis a dangerous ,jol>, lint nowhere near so clnn- #crons as lieinu; it German icuneral uiulcr Hitler. "U'ull, the d mi!,* 11 hoys are no\v inside Germany and, in "Winston Churchill's t-lo^aTit plirnse, "ft'cttiifc' at the soft nn-. derbellv ol' the Axis." " Andy Anderson, who was taking care of the chowder at the Alembic outing Sunday at Linden park, was an answer to a mother's prayer, as he heated up milk in bottles for the youngsters who were still a little too young to help themselves that were at the outing', and then tested the milk by licking- a couple of drops off his forearm, before returning' the bottle to a grateful mother, Our beaten lid g'oes off to Mr. Anderson Capt, Anthony Malone of the police force returned to work yesterday after a very brief illness Bill Baxter of the opposition was terrifically worried about pedestrians during the recent lightless evenings and now that the lights are on again, William is breathing easily We along with everybody else feel that The Column lacks a bit in dignity, thanks to our uncultured, and un-erudite grammar, and vocabu-' lary. Maybe a stay in Helen Dinneny's English class up on the hill would be a help, 'as someone suggested to us., an old well and an old red barn, a grape arbor and climbing | roses, and wide-buard floors—and j a hundred yn.irs of living and I tr.'idition and New England sturdi- noss and honesty and simplicity in thai house and Ihe acres that go with it. The moment we set foot in that house both my wife and I said: "That's our home." Oh, the plumbing 1 isn't all that it should be, and it's ,1 bit far from a bus line, and the wrnlcrs will be cold. ' But we don't care; we know we will be happy in that house, bc- ! cause it has Ihe things for which we have always been looking—and "These are fundamental." (Copyright, 19'U, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Cosmopolitan in an article by Clark Lee. The title was "The Story Behind Italy's Surrender"... To make it worse the Post ran an editor's note in the Sept. 16 issue, stating that a thorough check had been made find showed that the story of Italy's surrender had never been published in the U. S. wishes, believe me, sincerely yours Frank Fletcher." FOILED Watertown. Mass.;. Sept. 21 — (UP)—Taxi .Driver Harry Shuster of Roxbury can be a regular automobile stun. 1 , man when need arises. Shuster leaped from his moving taxi and dodged away from a revolver shot after three .men passengers attempted to hold him up. He was driving his fares on Cool- idgrc avenue onroute to Watcrtown Arsenal when one of them struck him on Ihe head and demanded money. Without a word,- Shuster opened the taxi .-door 'and ran for his life. He- suffered head .laccra- NUNNALLY JOHNSON, the author of "Casanova Brown" and other films, suffers considerably from hangovers when he drinks. A newspaperman recalled the "morning after" when he was plying Johnson with bromos, citro- carbonate, aspirins, etc., 'and started giving him advice about a cure ...To which Johnson groaned: "Would yon talk to-Noun about what big rainstorms "YOU'VE been the most given a up THE WRITER'S WAR BOARD devised a subway and trolley car card showing- babies (of all color) which read: "Must They Die in World War III?"...The text con.tinues: "Yes! Unless you work now 'for lasting peace after victory"... The cards arc distributed ' by Americans United for World Or- ganisation, Inc. .'..Transit companies in Severn! cities arc dis- 'playing thorn. . .Mayor LaGuardia hoped our subway trains'would do the same...In reporting the rc : fusal of John H. Dolancy (chairman of tho Board of Transportation) the N. Y. Times said in part: "Mr. Dclaney says, he turned down this particular jrostcr 'because it THE NEWSPAPERS in New York probably didn't get this over their teletypes. We got' it from Washington readers. It is' the story by Lloyd Gregory, a correspondent covering a Texas convention of Democrats from Dallas... The article alleged that Martin Dies "received one of stinging rebukes ever Texan in public life. . .Dies got to speak, but never got further than 'Ladies and Gentlemen.' for he was howled down".,.Adds the reporter: "He first smiled indulgently at the hecklers. Ho figured the pro-Roosevelt boys and girls would soon be out of wind. But the longer Dies stood there, the louder the yells of condemnation They considered his appearance on a* pro-Roosevelt platform a deadly insult. 'Send the stooge' home!' they cried. 'Throw him out." "For several minutes, have seemed there. His __, _ x _ changed to grim seriousness'" his face lurncd red, .and on his face hurt and incredulity were registered. No man could take such punishment for long-. With a gcslurc of resignation, Dies' turned from the microphones and walked from the platform back to his scat." Death rale of white babies under one year has decreased from 9S oer 1.000 in Mir, lo as low as -17.1 e • 1,000 in 1939. ' it must years, Dies stood affable smile slowly *&?1^&%3 £•*> f* r<? , k Kprfu®5^*^|.|^,Ji/ [/ &^ : mmm£^£t' : '?',^ You're Telling Me! WIIJ-IAM KITT (CX-Hlral THE AUTUMN LEA! 1 ', writes .a r>or>i., i.s o>v of jiiHurf'H most, beautiful linndiworlts. Not. j;ror,.ns 5i.i- .Jof( .Diimlcopf, when ii by 10,000,000 times. In Antwerp Nazi oollnbor.'itlon- Jind wore confined in Uio cily KOO. AT'or, no doubt, lQ .-jpoloKios h:nJ ly:':n mode lo the permanent occupant* •* i place. . ."it SJMVVC gorms Iravfl , ;it, u SP«VM| of loo milnx No windnr »<onio. folk* havi'J rihlr- »ime dfKlginjr a col.l.. , to work in war plant, J e C<y>bbe:s Bl)o1 ,] " <7 Those Ccrmnn school York in • Onkol Choo ;tn npplo foi the old Chicago model. HUY WAU BOXOS AM7s TA)|H B)o1 , d ;tn npplo for tc.ichBr— a jvir.e *„? Ppl( ' Shop Earjy—A&P Supermarkets in Naugatuck do* Saturday at 6 p. ra.—Open Friday Until 9 p. m. USE your Ql-UE TOKENS NOW . . . between Sept. 17 -incJ Sept. 30 Blue Tokens wi'K be v.ijid only in multiples of 10 ... Blue Tokens cannot be unco Mtrtr Scr>t. 30. BLUE: STAMPS! will continue to be 1 worth 10 poi:." ~ each. ' HOW • NOT JAMS • jru.II} ntuir Burruti BAKED SCANS TOMATO SAUCt ' CANNED SOUPS BABY FOODS CANNED. HAS ASPARAGUS • CO*N BEANS - PUMPKIN SQUASH • MIKI& VEGETABLES ANN PACE BEANS w,™ PORK BAKED BEANS WITH PORK YANKEE NIBLETS « H .K£ CORN CAMPBELL'S PRESERVES GRAPE JELLY SPAGHETTI * TOMATO SOUP SULTANA Pincap,-'e-ApDle ANN PACE PURE DINNER-CHEF BOY-AR-DEE PKG CALIFORNIA SWEET JUICY-SIZE 288's-252's ORANGES MclNTOSH EATING APPLES 29 m CALIFORNIA ICEBERG LETTUCE SWEET POTATOES 1S S 4 ^ 23 e 2 LGL 4 QC 3CHS I «) CALIFORNI TENDER S\V££T WHITE CELERY WESTERN EARTLETT FAKCVCA™«! tolS 0 2 LGE one BCHS£«f dexo 1007o Pure Vegetable Shortening 22' 163 C , Sunnybrook Native Grade "A" FRESH EGGS 53 c Tcf33° YOUR BEST EGG BUY! MED NATIVE N'ATIVE-U. S. NO. 1 Onions 4 tnl 17 C . . • ^rtL TRY OUR FEATURE THIS WEEK! CHOCOLATE GOLD LAYER CAKE HALF AQC 16 OZ Z«f DATED DONUTS PLAIN or 0 PLAIN—6 SUGAR CHICKENS FA7MCY NATIVE, MILK-FED FOR BROILING or FRYING 2]X TO 4 POUND SIZES HAMBURG URGE FOWL FRANKFORTS LAMB LIVER LEAN, FRESHLY GROUND NO POINTS FANCY NATIVE MILK-FED FANCY SKINLESS HADDOCK FILLETS «» ,„Fillets fS^gg 29° Maekerel'g^, 14' =^^~^~ m ~*i i •••^^——„ "-^^^•••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^ SUPER SUDS OF SUDS" FANCY SLICED ftnilW bRAX POUND PACKAGE BUY WAR

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