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Kansas City, Missouri
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2 THE KANSAS CITY STAR snmu January 15 1977 Ouvvwui- i Family Still Bitter Over Unsolved Slaying in Ozarks By Ly A Mem Member nn Cheatum of the Staff KANSAS VCITY the results indicated the man may at least have known who committed the murder Horton and Winfrey say Mayberry seems to have tried harder on the case than did Lamb Lamb was good at solving crimes Winfrey said but Mayberry did not have the law enforcement experience needed to crack the case Even so Winfrey reserved his harshest criticism for Lamb The detective believes Lamb wrong-ths frey said he had investigated several such cases and Mrs Blades was that Winfrey explained success vin0 fPimAc manv runnle in solving crimes: people SPRINGFIELD nixa A kindly deed is guaranteed to cheer a lonely heart Calendar Tonight as City Blues and the Ft 5 hockey Cit: Worth Kemper to keep on A sheriff has been voted out of partly because of the Blades case people say But now sheriff again facing the same unsolved case and a father who is still angry at investigators Horton insists that the investigation has been ineffective and he believes the case could have been solved long ago if his suggestions had been followed The family surmises that the killing was unplanned that their daughter surprised someone at the laundry who was doing something illegal LE (Buff) Lamb was sheriff when the crime was committed Some say his failure to bring the guilty to justice figured in his election defeat four It was a long wait before her fate was learned On Christmas Day 1970 a little more than a year after the disappearance the remains of Carol Blades were found in a rural area 12 miles southwest of Nixa A 3-foot piece of insulated wire was found in a cedar years ago by Joe Mayberry But Mayberry did not solve the case and Lamb defeated him by a wide margin last November Buff Lamb gives the impression of a big fighter you would want on your side in a brawl He seems to swagger while standing still his pot belly hanging over a huge belt buckle Lamb is quick to smile quick to frown In his first term Lamb was told by three young persons that they saw a man drive the Blades car past tlaem park beside the highway and run across a field toward the laundry shielding part of his face from view Despite that clue Mrs Horton said Lamb did not seem interested in using bloodhounds to follow the scent of the fleeing man begged him to have Mickey Owens (Greene County sheriff in Springfield) bring his dogs But he told me can run his county and I can run Horton said Lamb did not check the car for fingerprints until three days 02ark Louis and Geraldine Horton were making weekly trips from Oklahoma to the ancient courthouse in Ozark seven years ago in hbpes of learning good news about the search for their missing 20-year-old daughter Mrs Carol Blades A few months later they moved to their present home in Springfield Mo to eliminate the cost of travel Their lives revolved around the disappearance and its investigation Mrs Horton remembers a long Ehone call from her daughter the day efore she disappeared (Mrs Blades and her husband Larry) had a house full of baby things because they were going to adopt a baby She had a budget and she was paying $5 at a time to a lawyer She had just made the last payment for $100 Mrs Horton said The next day Larry Blades became worried when his wife had not returned home by nightfall after a trip to Nixa Mo 2 miles east of their home in Christian County to do her laundry and some Christmas shopping He called a cousin to check the self-service laundry in Nixa The cousin reported that clothes were in a washer and that the Blades car was abandoned nearby on US 160 Apparently the car had been driven hard Frank Farmer a veteran reporter for the Springfield newspapers recalled that oil was spattered on the back of the engine compartment and at least 8 gallons of gasoline had been used The missing parents followed the case closely collecting what has amounted to two scrapbooks full of newspaper clippings pictures copies of letters and other items relating to the investigation thicket nearby Apparently Mrs Blades had been dead many months Six Christmases have passed now and vestiges of bitterness remain The husband has since remarried because he said have Kansas Texans Arena Ted Nugent in concert 7:30 pm Municipal Auditorium in play 8 pm after it was found Meanwhile he said several persons had touched the vehicle While the Hortons were becoming impatient with investigation Lamb was tiring of the frequent inqui-ries by the Hortons The sheriff also was annoyed by about three weeks probing by James Winfrey a friend of Larry and Carol Blades Winfrey had had 10 years of law enforcement experience mother said she asked Lamb a question about the case one day and the sheriff responded by asking why a private investigator was hired She said Lamb warned her that Winfrey trying to bleed Horton alleges that the sheriff said he would not work on the case as long as the private investigator was in on it too Lamb denies that The Hortons have theories about how to solve their murder case never asked Buff Lamb to arrest Horton said I asked him to investigate a bunch One of Little Theater Avila College Sherrill Milnes in concert goW-Gano Hall William Jewell Collt William Jewell many owed him He indicated that Lamb relied on informers had a toehold on Christian County Every time there was a gas station robbery it was only 15 or 20 minutes before they (the robbers) were in Jail I know why he solve this one He tried to lay it on one kid an AWOL GI but later cleared Winfrey said Last November Christian County voters chose Lamb over Mayberry by a lopsided margin The mayor of Ozark Leon Fesper-man is as happy to see Mayberry leave as he is to see Lamb return to the third-floor office in the courthouse Fesperman said the police chiefs of the five cities in Christian County received little or no co-operation from Mayberry Gale Clinton who operates an ambulance service and Ted Green another man at the table at the East Side Cafe on the courthouse square in Ozark nodded in agreement Jack Savage who resigned as police chief in Nixa New Eve to become a deputy under Lamb said Mayberry treated him worse than the prisoners he took to jail Apparently there is no love lost between Lamb and Mayberry Mayberry took a parting shot at his successor Fesperman said by breaking the tradition of co-operation and withholding emergency equipment until midnight New Eve a sometimes troublesome time for law officers Once he was in office one of first interests was to check on the status of the files on the Carol Blades case Lamb said those files are missing but he remains optimistic that they will be found soon He plan to MRS CAROL BLADES dead seven years do a thing though until the files are in hand to have it (the file) before I can make a Lamb said Mayberry was loathe to say much about the Blades case when asked about it his last day in office can pack your duds if what you he tokTa re porter He turned away and admonished a photographer trying to take his picture after he declined comment Lamb acted surprised when told of defiant attitude but he said nothing to shed light on progress in the case So strong was community sentiment for a solution to the murder that the American Legion post in Nixa obtained 672 signatures on a petition calling for a grand jury The Nixa population is listed as 1636 A circuit court judge took the petition under advisement in 1970 but the grand jury was never summoned The mother said were a factor in the lack of response However the case is still alive people said Savage the former Nixa police chief Savage said Buff dark green Mercury will be prowling the paved and unpaved routes of Christian County-ana going to other counties and states if to pursue a solution to the case might give Savage said never give wnen asked hce 1 them failed the polygraph and Buff hurt anyone He never even had a traffic tick- 8 pm College 8:30 pm Resident Theater Jewish Community Center Dave Perryman 9 pm Paradise Club 2400 M-291 Harrisonville with show preceded by cocktails and dinner at 6:15 pm Waldo Astoria Dinner Playhouse (reservations) Do I with show preceded by cocktails and dinner at 6:15 pm Attic Dinner Playhouse (reservations) Tomorrow play 8 pm UMKC Playhouse 5100 Holmes with show preceded by cocktails and dinner at 12:45 and 6:15 pm Waldo Astoria Dinner Playhouse (reservations) Do I with show preceded by cocktails and dinner at 12:45 and 6:15 pm Attic Dinner Playhouse (reservations) Mrs Horton added: asked him if he had to get a traffic ticket before he could kill father said one man failed a polygraph test twice but investigated more closely afterward Horton said the lie test examiner told him Foxes Spared Police Kill Slayer of 4 Rainow England Police cornered and killed an escaped prisoner who fled across snow-covered moorlands holding a woman hostage at knifepoint after allegedly killing four ily spoi members of her family Police said the escapee Hui 30 was shot to Service of the Chicago Sun-Times Chicago An uproar from animal lovers and conservationists has forced an American Legion post in the down-state hamlet of Royal 111 to cancel a planned for today More than 500 hunters armed with clubs baseball bats and guns had been expected to participate in the mass killing of foxes and coyotes Word of the event elicited outrage from the American Humane Association based in Denver and from scores of citizens Go James office was besieged yesterday with telephone calls from persons urging him to intervene David Gilbert the press secretary said received at least 30 calls The message was Thompson don't let this slaughter happen terrible Do something to stop Thompson directed the Conservation Department to look for a way to avert the bloodletting Conservation officials in turn told Legion officials that the department primarily for safety reasons disapproves of large groups rounding up and killing wild game legally or otherwise shackled apparently with their own handcuffs Hughes then burst into Mrs home on the outskirts of Chesterfield police said Mrs Moran managed to get word to her neighbors who telephoned police Officers sped to the house but Hughes got away in a family car taking Mrs Moran and threatening to kill her if his escape was blocked In the house police found the bodies of Mrs husband Richard their 10-year-old daughter Sarah and her parents Arthur and Amy Minton both in their 70s All had been stabbed to death From Chesterfield Hughes then drove 30 miles to Rainow with police in pursuit As car neared Rainow about 17 miles south of Manchester normally unarmed in Britain-collected shotguns from villagers and set up a roadblock with a bus and other obstructions William death last night after the stolen car he was driving crashed into a wall at a police roadblock Policemen earlier had to arm themselves with shotguns borrowed from residents of this village in central England Hughes made an effort to attack his hostage Mrs Gill Moran 35 as officers tried to persuade him to release her police said According to police Hughes escaped Wednesday while two prison guards were taking him from Leicester to a court in Chesterfield to face charges of rape and inflicting grievous bodily harm The escorts were found in the car with nonfatal stab wounds and cafe amidst greetings from several tables before sitting at a table with Gale Clinton (left) an ambulance service operator (Staff photo by Fred Blocher) Sheriff LE (Buff) Lamb (right) Sheriff shares a joke with Ted Green a (standing) at a table on the East Again SideCafe on the courthouse square in Ozark Mo Lamb walked into the 22 Die in Plane Crash northwest of downtown Stockholm about 9 am when it plummeted almost vertically to the ground No one was hurt on the ground police said although the parking lot was only 20 yards from the nearest home in the residential neighborhood Aboard the plane were 19 passengers and three crew members All were believed to be Swedes The flight Stockholm A Swedish domestic airliner crashed exploded and burned today in a Stockholm parking lot falling just 100 yards from an apartment building authorities said All 22 persons aboard were killed Witnesses reported that the 4-engine British Viscount chartered by the Swedish Linjeflyg airline was ap-proching Bromma Airport 6 miles originated at Kristianstad in southern Sweden with stops at Vaxjo and Jon-koping 12 Dead in Canada Terrace Canada A twin-engine passenger plane crashed in a snowstorm 2 miles south of the Terrace airport last night killing all 12 persons aboard Names of the three crew members and nine passengers were not immediately released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police We're Wise about Frames We fit your present lenses in new frames while you wait We have hundreds of styles to choose from Glasses We fill prescriptions for ey? glasses and sun glasses Sun Sensed or photo sun single vision or bifocals Optical Downtown phone 842-9564 Daoud Says He'd Let Germans Try Him January 15 1977 Vol 97 No 120 The Kansas City Star is published six evenings a week and Sunday Subscriptions to The Kansas City Star and Times (13 issues a week) are available either by home delivery or by mall By mall postage prepaid morning evening and Sunday (13 issues a week) in Missouri Kansas $120 a week elsewhere in the United States and United States possessions $135 a week in mi i 1 ef aaL fvintiAnr Subscriptions foreign countries $175 a week Jo morn ins nmnnn and Sunday or evening and Sunday editions (7 Issues a week) are available either by jti ii mbII Miana nra Iivna iwvrj a -r mail home delivery or by mall By postage prepaid morning and Sunday or evening and Sunday (7 issues a week) in Missouri and Kansas $100 a week elsewhere in the United States and United States possessions $120 a week In foreign countries $150 a week Second class es-tage paid at Kansas City Mo Publication office 1729 Grand Avenue Kansas City Mo 44108 Mail or Phone Your STAR WANT ADS EARLY! dial 221-6000 (TWO-TWO-ONE-StX-THOUSANO) Direct Line to Ad Tekerm MAIL TO: THE KANSAS CITY STAR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 1729 GRAND AVE KANSAS CITY MO 64108 invented by the Israelis and the Daoud said want to go to Germany to show the world I am innocent Hut first the German government must promise me that I will receive protection It must also make the arrangements through the Palestine Liberation they have a justice thing like the French German police officials have said they have proof that Daoud was at the hotel used by the Palestinian raiders just before the massacre The arrest warrant that led to seizure in France Jan 7 was based on this evi-dence The Palestine Liberation Organization has no official representation in West Germany demand that any appearance before a West German court be arranged through the PLO appeared to be an attempt at aining West recognition lowever tacit of the group This requirement seemed to minimize the boldness of his offer By David Zimmerman Associated Press Writer Abu Daoud suspected plotter of the Munich Olympics massacre of 11 Israeli athletes said today he is willing to appear before a West German court to prove his innocence would go I would Asked whether he was confident a West German court would find him innocent of any role in the 1972 massacre Daoud said: I am sure I would be acquitted because I had nothing to do with it I am innocent I will be found innocent That is if they have a just system If take the first he said in a tele- fhone interview with the Associated 'ress Daoud was contacted at the Algiers headquarters of A1 Fatah a Palestinian guerrilla group He was flown to Algeria Tuesday after a French court ordered him released from a Paris jail am innocent and I think the charges against me are a fabrication DEADLINES: TIMES 11 NdON Day 12 oz This price good today only SKAGGS "Dung CeWeu Bafora PM Day Bafora PM Friday STAR SUNDAY Weather Picture Missouri falls under a weather system that is expected to bring below normal precipitation to most of the northern half of the nation for the next 30 days according to the National Weather Service Temperatures are expected to be below normal The average high for the period will be 38 degrees and the average low 21 Average precipitation for the period is expected to be 125 inches (Wirephoto) i Judges Named to State Court Panel A Kansas City appellate judge mag- Court judge and municipal judge istrfete Mount Moriah Cemetery Lot Owners AND Mount Moriah Funeral Trust Plan Owners We are in the process of putting our interment records and ownership files on a microfilm system It is imperative that we have your current address to complete our records prior to going on the system PLEASE send us your current address whether or not you think we already have it We will be most grateful for your cooperation The new system will enable us to serve you better and faster when you need information NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE as we do not have enough phone lines to accommodate this number of colls Phone Lines Open MONDAY thru FRIDAY 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM SATURDAYS 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM SUNDAYS 4 HOLIDAYS 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Canoai let tons and copy changes accepted on Sundays and Holidays by telephone from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Dial 221-6000 and ask for Want Ad Service Desk a a Corrections of typographies enters and canosUattons of running copy (not bafora inasrtion) will be aooepted on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM for the Sunday Star PIANOS ORGANS INSTRUCTIONS EXPERT HAMMOND SERVICE HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIO 4646 Nichols Ptcwy 142 have been appointed to a planning committee charged with establishing priorities for the improvement of Mis- souri courts Judge Robert Seiler chief justice of the Missouri Supreme Court has included on the 12-member committee the following Kansas Citians: Judge Ronald Somerville of the Missouri YJNirt of Appeals Kansas City Dis- Jackson County Magistrate Rob-Barney HI and Judge Thomas i of the Kansas City Municipal BRING COUPON WrthoCooponJ 99 ea.

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