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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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To-day. ew To-ay JTew Today. CHOICE trlzJ vital qaestioM now commercial communities American; Pacific coast ia I our relations with Leaving oat all of fisheries- questions, plans and specifications for the con-1 trucuon of the sewer along the rail-J road track front Twenty-first to Nineteenth ayenuea. The Street Superintendent subail the following report for the week lag last Saturdays The work of injr, curbing, and macadamizi -Kif teenth atreet from Sir Nineteenth avenues has raenced. Notices for sirai) BLACK DEESS GOODS open or closed Behring sea, anJ jthe other easily settled trivialitiis connected with our rela trwtn- i T' k.

11. 'k -Pwrttto Ninth Aen fourteenth to Eighteenth; Un' Twelfth streets, xh.rH to oumm, from Or- Large Assortment of Standard late -AT PRICES I tions with Canada, this article will (real only on the main proposition pertinent with the question, and that PBOPERTY, raOKTIMO OH vi.ktK aivenue. HARRISON jfil fws. sail I earner ot Jar SLffZ? V-fS2 flxm -street -to 160 feet west lis British aeeression on American Corretponaenco uaw i 4acompleted -except remo SIMPSON AVENUE, cwterfc Timely JoeV plc and new trade transportation and industries. gma the pwlctee.

Correspondent The Canadian Pacific BaUway is a r7 jefil'cruarititv of sumlus earth houM euiuTM- r'l line across the Amen- imn" rf! replaced macadam, it rf3ele for the sewer contractors ste'roll back filling promptly, as witntwi ctxle. ana rememoer na i BETWKEK Telegraph Ave. and Grove A BOYCE St. We respectfully call the attention of Ladies desiring to select any Fabric-, of Black Material, to the Very Large Awortment carried by us, and offered at prices which we guarantee cannot be found lower iu San Francisco. ta newt 4o-dy my bin entirely loet He can continent, pa'allei, 01 course, ilue to-morrow, therefore be timely.

I AmeijcaI1 transcontinental lines. iKg ompanles to do this work for i JSSSS This road is subbed, ostensibly by name for the prirate tatisfaction FOR SALE ON EASY TERMS Ma "Sewer flusbina aas been done as fol end teel of the editor, aa anonymous communica lows: Adeline and part ot Eighth GROCERS, the Dominion Government, dui reality by Great Britain, which ur tion will meet with no attention. WE CARRY COMPLETE LINES OF THE FOLLOWING MAKES rstreet; Campbell and part of Eighth This is the choicest Residence it for a double purpose- vv. nkiand Dailr Tribane la the break down American commerr Property, at the prices asked, i i rnv 411 Twelfth Street, other, to establish a muity Bi BKILLIAMTINK ALPACA MOHtlK HKNRIKTTA CLOTHS DRAP H'ETS POULK CLOTHS CAHXEKK AMAZON CIOTH8 KtBGK HOYL CLOTHS TBICOT AKl KE 8ATEKX 0LEIL MkRIHO rOt'PB "TTMXAH C4VKL8 HAiR DRAP D'ALA FANCY. CLOTHS TKIPEP OOD now in tne marKei. re Ll'IKK HIKAH KEBAVTOPOL IIROAU1LOTH4 LADIKV OTHS 8A1EK D'ECHIaE ALRATROK KRO) HK BlSTI0 naval steamBhip and re jlroad -line from. Asia to England across the street Seventh end part oi wuuatn street; Pacilo, Atlantic and part of Campbell; Filbert and Linden, from Fourteenth street northerly to the Main Lake sewer. Fourteen eWe sewer connections were made. The wcrk of repairing manholes has been diligently prosecuted. In this connection it has been fonnd necessary to excavate for a new foundation and entirely rebuild the manhole at tbe corner of Nineteenth and Brush streets.

A private pewer in Third street, con City and County offlrlal paper AHC8KHCHTI TBI WHO. Oakland Cordelia's AsolraUona. BaXdwik Borneo and Juliet. CAUiouni-A Parlor Match. Aboaa The (teller Slave.

Trvoiu Princes. Toto. rasroaasta BatUeeof Vlckor JtETRorourasr HALU-StereoptJoon Vasws. KtcBAMroV Pavmow-Mecbaalca' Fair. PICNICS American continent, of which two KAR CITY MARKET, AND maining Lots are offered at present prices for a limited time only.

The kind of improve thirds is in British po dsesstoa. To ac FOR DRESS MOURNINGS. complish this the railroad ana its accompanying Bt.eamHh.ip lines are N. E. Cor.

Fourteenth ments on this property is re subsidized in such a way as to 8hxu Hookd PK-anday. September 1st, bulc ana ool Drop Alma. Silk and Wool Henrietta, and Wool Bordered Veiling, irdered Wool Vellii g. guarantee thorn again6t loss, and uol Crepe Cloths, Courtaulds English Crepe, Deep Wool Henrietta, Priertly's Veillnes. stricted, so that buyers may be assured that the surroundings necting with the Linden street sewer has been known for some time past to hare been in a defective condition by reason of the Quantity of sand dis- AND TWENTY-THIRD bv the invasion of American terri WEDNESDAY 28.

1889 tory by rail and by sea part of which cbargedinto the main sewer, and more will be of the most desirable FRUITVALE Manner and Cnatoma ox Hatter in reality affects American Open until 8 P. M. for inspection of above. class. San Jose.

I coasting trade legitimate com pet i- recently by becoming eneciuauy cloeged. In conjunction with the 8anitary Inspector tbe Superintendent has succeeded in haviog this sewer The San Jose grocer whose plan of 1 tion on the part American roads is OAKLAND-- taken up andrelaid wfth new pipes. aecting debts by frightening the rendered well nigh impossible. This The wooden sewers in rsroaaway, bich has been a source of annovance debtors with a threat fc put their mjght not be so in such a great de- names in tliewindow writer that his vut a. Pickwickian threat.

This BEG for a number of years, ii now effectually closed. Several houses heretofore using it are now connected with the pipe sewer, and the discharge of sewage TO ANNOUNCE Old Patrons and is his letter, verbatim tt liUratum FOR PRICES ENQUIRE OF E. A. HERON, 1050 Broadway, Cor. Eleventh OAKLAND.

CAL, to our Reeine Your Editorial of Aug. 2d upon the streets has ceased. 1 be chain iRSfl mns Sav. You made a great mis gang has worked a daily average force Housekeepers of Oakland that of 9 men. Three crosswalks and two I i.

a take to compare me with the Burbank TJoRtor. I haw mv License to do, and rn rfrlahnnbwn rensired. leauinne wu ae ousi. iwcivi-u a iui gree were it not that our American roads are handicapped by Governmental restrictions, from which the Canadian road is free, and chief and most mischievous of these is the Interstate Commerce Act. However, it is not railroads alone which are suffering, but the commerce of every American Pacific Coast port is affected.

The Oriental trade is already largely diverted to the north orrv nn Business, as a tirocer and You 2718 feet of lumber: also some repair- i ii oiii ol ina ha been dnne mi iiiilewaiks around aUU CareiUUV OCieCieU OLULlV UI -acbtrald know that would or could not Carry out mv threat, aut let You know Pthe Phoonix engine house. Bids for supplies were received as "that some of mv Customers, of mo 8 Standing came to my Store and paid up, others Part of there account. Abe Balance I send into the "Board of follows: For hay and grain from tV. Sagehorn and Everts fe Co. and E.

B. ORDER BOSTOX' BROWS BREAD French; for cement walks, from Oray Brothers, W. D. ferine and J. Salter; Trade" of Man Jose of whom I am a ward of the British line, and member and if they do not Pay then I for coal, from Fisher Taylor.

As the Oakland industry has in the past, GROCER ES y- -nnt them on the Black List, if not fo; AND bid of Grav Brothers was not accom and as it should for all mv Good, but for mv Fellow members panied by an affidavit it will be re time, had a share in the if you insurer my Letter I shall send tou my Photo. jected. The board then adjourned until next moving and manipulating of this Tuesday evening for the purpose of We print the letter as furnishing interesting data for the study of the considering the bids. traffic. The prosperity of Oakland depends to a certain extent on the manners and customs of San Jose, 157, 459 and 461 THIRTEENTH First Store "West of Broadway.

Both Foreign and Domestic, al and incidentally, of course, with the of the Highest Standard Qual object of earning that "photo." prosperity of the railroad. Curtail the railroad's operations and in a proportionate degree you curtail the Oakland industries dependent on it. When Baby was sick, we gave her Castor! a. ity and Best Brands, which we THE UlNlON HOB KANGE, When she was a Child, she tried for Castoria, 7hen she became Miss, he clung to Castoria, offer to dispose of at the Under the auspices of the Chamber Indeed the manner and customs of Sam Jose are a delightful, if somewhat puzzling, Btudy to the simple people of the outside world. We are led to this remark not only by the of Commerce of San Francisco there When she had Children, ahe gave them Castoria THE BEST iS THE WORLD.

GUARANTEED FOR 50 TEARS. will tomorrow be held a conference of Pork and Beans IN ADVANCE, FOR SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AND NOT 3E DISAPPOINTED AT THE the commercial bodies of the Pacific VERY LOWEST! practices of the grocery trade of that catv. hot moreover by a story told QRaJSTITE or AGATE WAKE coast and its Congressional delegations to consider the pressing Habitual costive ess causes derange I in the Mercury and thus introduced: Cheaper Than. Any Place in Oakland. meiit of the entire system and begets The people of Ban Jose have read a rreatdeal aoouta man named A.

B. dineases that are hazardous to life. You Market Prices subject of Canadian (British) invasion of our commerce and industries, as well as other matters affecting the LUMBiNG, TINNING AND GASVITTING A SPECIALTY. will never be troubled thi3 wav if you McNeiL a confessed chicken poisoner. LOG CABIN BAKERY MANUFACTURER OF SHEET IRON, COPPER, AND TIN WARE use Uobb Little Vegetable rills.

If he bad auietly paid his fine and said nothing further about it, it would not interests of the Pacific coast. It will be a representative and most instruc B. S. Kcmyss or Milk Champsgnr is prescribed by leading physicians foe tive gathering, under the leadership have been necessary to give him any farther notoriety: but as A. B.

McNeil is a peculiar fellow, and as his methods are likewise peculiar, he chose to dem 2075 San Pablo Avenue AND stomach troubles. 234 Su'ter street. 1357 Telegrraph ATenue, Oakland. TEAS ul COFFEES of some of the most prominent men 473 ELEVENTH onstrate to the public that besides being of the coast in finance and trade, and apoisoner of chickens, be is an ass. we hope to see Oakland represented OAKLAND.

Why Cough, It appears that the San Jose gen by a strong delegation of her Board Our Specialties of Trade. NOTICE OF tleman, having paid his fine, proceeded to print a dodger headed with A WELL-BROKEN HORSE SUITABLE FOR FAMILY USE. KJ HEN a few doses of Ayer's Cherrj IN WASHINGTON TOWNSHI portrait of himself, and further I'ectoral will relieve you 7 Iryit Very gentle: would make a good business horse; stands any plaee without hitching Anyone wishing to purchase a sound, well-bred buggy horse can seethe same hy REMOVAL Keep it in the house. You are liable adorned with portraits of roosters, lie Fort Glimpses of Life in a Fat and calling on Country. .1.

I. UULAIt, 17 i f.Lri BTKEKT, CITT MARKET; DEPOT FOR THE have a cough at an; time, and no othei remedy is so effectivt Irving ton Express presumably his victims, supplemen ted by letter press reviling bis ene mies, of whom he considers the edi TOO MUCH FESTIVITY as this world We have heard of "business before pleas THE MILLINERY AND PANCY i 5 1 nre but our ladies change it around. A tor of the Mercury the most prominent. All this is remarkable enough, renowned preparation. No household.

lunch and boating party, in addition to the DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT OF coming Mies sale, was too much, so the with young children bat we learn further that it is danger Sewing Society was quietly but ftrmly should be without it ous to lay out poisoned grain in San THAT THE MARKET PRODUCES. postponed until next weekThursday Scores of lives art JONES' BAZAR! MR. OSGOOD'S LIBERALITY Jose lest the inhabitants of that ex saved everv rear bv Some time this week some oue entered 4 its timely use. Mr. L.

E. Osgood's yard and appropriated a inordinary to a scramble for it among the chickens. This we learn from the statement of an indignant Amanda B. Jenner, Northampton, wheel from his lumber wagon, Mr. Os HAS BEKN REMOVED 1161 Washington good desires us to say that if the party who SOLE AGENTS writes Common gratitude impels me to acknowledge the great bene neighbor of the chicken poisoner, as took it will take the trouble to call agaiu fits I have derived for my children from the use of Ayer's most excellent Cherry related in the Mercury Iv I preBeni thof there mma nnitutnhlm.i nnt Pectoral.

I had lost two aear chiiaren from croup and consumption, and had the ereatest fear of losing my only re Sear FOURTEENTH, iere we shall show a Larpe Variety of FALL GOODS at Our USUAL LOW PRICES. OPENING DAY SATURDAY, S0OUC II ail a J'lii tuo THE LADY'S SURPRISE. wheat put out. Well, suppose there D.D.ffilder'sDair) Butter We have given our deliehtfal railroad that was enough to am naii ine town. station quite a rest of late, thinking it might be shamed by our silence in mak Luckily the chickens got there fore the inhabitants discovered the maining daughter and son, as they were delicate.

Happily, I find that by giving them Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, on the first symptoms of throat or lung trouble, they are relieved from danger, and are be AUGUST 24th. ing way with itself. The other day, how FORMERLY MOWK AS ever, we were passing that way, and notic a 1 coming robust, healthy children." ing a small excrescence beside tbe track TY FUiG THU FAMOUS L. K. BALDWIN'S! we crossed the road to ascertain its nature To our pain and surprise we discovered Chinese and Japanese Faney Goods that the old station was still there.

"In the winter of 1885 I took a bad cold which, in spite of every known remedy, grew worse, so that the family physician considered me incurable, supposing me to be in consumption. As a last resort I tried Ayer's Cherry Pecto A LIBERAL MINDED CAT. 905 WASHINGTON STREET Some time ago Mrs. W. B.

Sturgis took We Will Meet All Honest Competitioa pity on a half starved specimen at cat Between Eighth and Ninth streets Oakland. hood that came about the house, and di ral, and, in a short time, the cure was complete. Since then I have never been without this medicine. I am fifty years of age, weigh over 180 pounds, and at rected it to be fed. Fussy, appreciating 8.

SCHWARTZ, the fact that she had found a good place to least and so a wholesale tragedy was averted. San Jose was one half saved. Still the story goes on full of San Jose life and color. It is related by the complaining witness how an attempt was made to, settle the case out of court: Then McNeil's sister came over and offered to pay my wife 1 for each of the fifteen chickens that be poisoned if ire would settle. 6he said her brother was crazy and that bis Irish spunk broke out.

May be she thought we would let him off it she said be was Irish. My wife said McNeil was not Irish, but he might be half Irish and half Scotch, and I thought to myself, Well, it's so much the worse when they're mixed." be, went away for a short time, and pres tribute my good health to the use Quality, Quantity and Weight Practical Merchant Tailor ently returned with hei family, consisting Ayer's Cherry Pectoral." G.W.Youker, of three kittens and a very young chicken 5aiem, jn. J. 479 NINTH STREET, She seems to think as much of the feath GUARANTEED. door from cor.

Washington. Oakland. Ca erea cnna ot adoption as or ner own "Last winter I contracted a severe cold, which by repeated exposure, became quite obstinate. I was much troubled with hoarseness and bronchial Formerly of bi second Ban Francisco. proper offspring, and is bringing them Ul NO IMITATION COOQS I up with strict impartiality.

Irritation. After trx-ing various medi SUITS MADE to ORDEK cines, without relief, I at last purchased NO COUNTERFEIT LABELS I BOARD OF WORKS. a bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. On Prices of Ready-Hade Clothing, NO REFILLED PACKACES I It appears that in San Jose a mixed taking this medicine, my cough ceased almost immediately, and I have been well ever since." Rev. Thos.

B. Russell, Secretary Holston Conference and P. E. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO Eisrhth Street Bridge Declared Aud a Perfect Fit Guaranteed. Orders called for and delivered to any ancestry is regarded as an aggravat ing circumstance.

"What an interesting people jf the Greenville District, M. E. Unsafe for Travel. part of the city. ionesboro, lenn.

SOHMEK Mr. Playter was late at the meeting 15: arethelt Congress will probably be called Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, of tbe Board ot Public Works last night, in extra session early in November, BESPECTFILLY, 1 BYRON MAUZY FKKFAKXTJ BT but before the board bad eot under full headway, Mr. Playter dropped into bis eat and the business went monoton to give time for organization before the Tegular session begins. There Bole Agent, Dr. J.

C. Ayer Lowell, Mass. 308 to 314 ously on. HARRISON BOYCE was some fear that the Republicans lokl by mil Drag-gUts. Price CI; tlx botUeai.

Post San Fr'ncisco might have difficulty in organizing the House, as their majority is but It is our mission to enlighten the public as to what is and what is not Honest Clothing. By the terra honest, we don't mean clothing that won't lie, or steal, or stuff a ballot-box but clothing that is what we claim for it, a'really serviceable article, which will do us credit in the selling andjthe customer service in the wear. Some of our competitors don't seem to like our sharp analysis of some of the trash offered for sale, nor our allusions to the vari ous and questionable methods of business in vogue. The seem to regard with fear and i trembling the general education of the public on this subject as some frail craft, tempest ssed, fears the gathering breakers that rush and toss about it But, as for us, we stand like the Defiant Lighthouse, and, while the sea of competition washes around our base, we still continue-to pour a Hood of lighton matters pertaining to our business. A notable example of Honest Clothing is found in those Pants we now offer at $5.

True, you can buy pants all around at S3, but they are not what we are showing. We've got 'em at 50, if you want a low priced article, and can furnish that sort of article as well asanybody, and give you better value every time. Same is true of the Suits, we offer at $10 Suits are daily advertised a few cents lower than $10, an endeavor, we suppose, to break the force of the immediate success of our popular sale. But don't immagine that the goods are at all alike. There's- a bigger difference in quality than there is in price, and it's in our favor.

Those Scarfs at 25c are another illustration of the marvelous -bargains we are at times able to offer you. Have you seen them If you have" nuf ced" If not, we only ask you to look at bay fast enough. ELECTRIC BELT FRANZ KUCKEIN, M.D., two. and efforts were making by the On 60 DAYS' TRIAL, xTo show our confidence in this Physician and Surgeon FW Belt and buspensory (Price a), and to introdnce Democrats to induce one or more of the southern Republicans to stay out of the caucus. In the present state The most important step taken by the board was the declaring of the Eighth street bridge unsafe.

Superintendent Wall, in his report, said be did not think it advisable to pare that structure with bitumen at the present time, for several reasons. First, it would be necest ary to replank before laying the bitumen, and the planking should stand through a summer in order to become well seasoned. Tbe wear in tbe meantime would not weaken it materially and would leave a rough surface favorable to holding tbe bitu it wiidiy. we will fteoa it or man in rM a- nlin wr.r,nrB Sixty Vara' Trial Graduate of the Medical University of Munich, late of Berlin, Residence, 779 Eighth Street. TELEPHONE 73.

on receipt of only B3, and if not oily CURED within time inwififl. no more need he naid OFVICC, l06 Broadway (Blake of parties a single defection from the Tie publican ranks would deadlock House. The assurance is now Electricity cores all Private Weakness of Men and Chronio Diseases ef both sexes. Give it a trial Addren California Electric Belt Box Heffitt Ballding), Booms 34 sod 35. Office hoars, 1 to 3, and 6.

SO to 7.30 p. M. pan Francisco, Cal. oAgenU Wanted Bondays IS to 11 a. m.

riven that the effort to break the CAPITOL HOCSK SALOON. COTTAGE SALOON -NEW YORK 663 Broadway Oakland tanks of the party has failed, and the Republicans will go on and organize isosra and Lodgi by the day, week or month. Table supplied with the brat that the men place. Again, the use of bitumen on bridges is an experiment and it is not known as yet whether or not it wilt prove effective, and finally, he is told that planking covered with 553 Broadway, Oakland the House. This means a great deal, Fire Proof Paint una anoraa.

ujto. I. LiAr Lht'HK, Proprietor. because there are a great many eon l. O.

OARO Proprietor. Ditumen wiu rot in a very short time. tARtod seats, and under the rule of AMERICAN BAKERY SIXTH 8T, bet. Broadway A Franklin This was read over br the members of the board several times and then COMPANY. the Democratic majority in the past lialf dozen years it has been useless Bread a specialty.

they put their beads together over the little green table and consulted. Mr. Playter wanted to protect the city from BOARD AND LODGING, S4.50 Pbb Whk, Tha Beat Board for a Working Han la thla CJtT. C. JAEN1CKE, Proprietor, lor a Republican claimant to attempt 815 BROADWAY, between 5th and 6th, a damage suit in case ot accident, but there was some doubt as to how badly the bridge repairs.

He suggested that notices be posted on the to unseat a Democrat, no matter how strong might be the evidence. The most flagrant and disgraceful exam-nUnf this iniustice was the famous California Linon Seltzer RXOB efts T-TTTTJQ, BtaUa t.i.aada. mu-Tlliott contest. which ran CITY MARKET VULAN, i SOTERIA i Ajn Roofing Paint. -j For eaUIoxtxea of prices and colon call at offica ol the companj, 471Em STREET.

Wholesale aad Betail Daaiera ta Beat Qoalitl oridge warning peoue that it was unsafe. Deputy Superintendent Fontain said that the bridge was causing Mr. Wall much anxiety, and finallr he was authorized to dote the bridge if ha saw The Secretary was authorised to advertise for bids for doing the advertising for the Board of Education. i. go; 924 to 928 MARKET m.

WTmn ataate oa nana eyery ear atsaOaoMtof a' Uasl. Bottled Daily at Sprlnra. Identical with the Imported Seltzer. A FIinE 1.AXAT1VK. Splendid for the Kidneya, Blood, Stomach and Liver.

a wnx'KAv is a turrr man i through, the whole of the Fiftieth Congress. Jbcoxa the politicians is considered as certain that tbe results of the recent Republican State Convention in Iowa assures the re-election of Senator Allison. The bid of K. B. French for tradinc THE NOVELTY BAZAAR H.

lomjer, SIS WisUstoa St.OikI'd lWOITIt AKS PUUIH Crockery, Glaas, Tla aad AraUn'srt and 19 cent Goods Speciabr! MTMU fh ltMt HoanMhartd fTltla Harrison rejected as ex- square was AnWATT THBOUGH TO XX.U8.M rBAsrczace cesiTe BCOTIL1VK CO Pacific Ceeat 1 C. A City Engineer Morgan submitted roiTorrzoB box ini..

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