The North Wilkesboro Hustler from North Wilkesboro, North Carolina on September 7, 1906 · Page 1
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The North Wilkesboro Hustler from North Wilkesboro, North Carolina · Page 1

North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1906
Page 1
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lltlllklftiitm tl h IP F4 cjr i VOL. X. NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C. SEPTEMBER 7, J906. NO. 9. c h,, ,n ,--, -, Deposit & Savings finnl DEPOSITS, $70,000.00 ASSETS, $1)0,000.00 , that the expens,s 0f the government W. F. TROGDON, Pres. should be apportioned among the peo-M. O. ABSHER, Cashter. j pe jn proportion to their ability to Under conservative management, p.iy; he touched on the capital and wiiu it HiruiiK uoaru in interiors, 111 personal 'wealtU representing over half million dollars. The largest, safest and best built bank building in North Western North Carolina, with burglar proof safes ami vaults. Money guarded day and nipbt, and insured against los;s by a million dollar Insurance company. Th Deposit & Havings Rank re-cefres money subjpet to clieek and furnishes cbeek books free. Pays four per cent, compound interest on savings deposits and time certificates. Interest compounded or paid every three months. Boxes of valuable papers, or keepsakes, belonging to customers, stored in the tire proof vaults free of cost. It will lend your money for you, administer upon estates, act as executor of wills, have your life or property insured. AH money paid hack any day called for. lteposits more than doubled last year. It wi'l pay you to patronize this bank. Over one thousand people keep their money hi tlic Deposit & Savings Bank. This shows the eoetult nee in which it is held. Groceries! Groceries! We are adding daily to our line of groceries so our customers can liave the satisfaction of selecting from a stock that is fresh and up-to-date. We want to make special mention of our coffee -such a s Bakers Barington Hall, MoJava a n d Mountain Blend. We also carry a full hue of cereals, such as shredded wheat biscuit, wheat hearts, eggosee, force and grape nuts. You will always find Royal and Gumford baking powders fresh at our store. We also carry a full line of sours extracts. Fresh vegetables and fruits of all kind. Henry & Thompson Phone 58. PRANK D. I1ACKETT. AHomey-at-Law, NORTH WILKEsBORO, N. C. Practices in all the courts. Prompt and e&rtftil attention given to all business ofioe over Doughton's Drug Stbre. Synopsis of Bryan'g Speech. BlHti'svllle Mascot. Sopt. 8. Mr. Bryan's speech at Madison Square Garden in New York on Thursday night was up to the usual standard set by this great man. He is indeed a great man, for where in this country can you find a man who has been defeated twice for the high office of president thit can raise such a stir and draw such a crowd. We have in mind a getleman who has held the office twice and one whom many of our good Democratic friends swear by that could not raise half this crowd. Mr. liryan touched on nearly every question to be touched on but we have not space to give a review of the speech. He declared that our I'hilli-pine policy drew ridicule from the other nations of the world and he I thought we should give them their in dependence. He also declared for the election of United States Senators bv the people; for an income tax in order labor question and thinks that the people have a right to demand that differences should be settled by peaceful means as they suffered from the disturbances caused by these differences; he endsed the eight hour movement and kfid that it was an international question and would win in the end; he congratulated Roosevelt on bis success when he followed the Democratic platform in regard to trusts; he denned a trust and gave a remedy, which was the enforcement of the laws against the trust alike, not showing favors to some; he touched on the money question and said that if the gold standard people were satisfied the free silver people were; he contends that socialism is a theory and must be met with argument and not iibuse. It seems from the reports that the speech made a good impression on all, but of course there are many that the speech did not suit and seems to think that Mr. Hryan is off his base. It is not understood among free thinking people that Mr. liryan is the entire Democratic party but he certainly is the biggest man in that or any other par ty, not excepting "Thedor Ruzvelt." k l.hely Tnssle With that old enemy of the race, Constipation, often ends in Appen dicitis, lo avoid all serious trouble with Stomach, Liver and Bowels, take Dr. Kings Xew Life Tills. They per fectly regulate tnese organs, without pain or discomfort. 25c at The lirame Drug Co. druggist's. Ditto Here. Givenshoro Hc(ml. Thin from the Louisburg Times, is amusing: "It is more fun to see a man read a puff on himself in a newspaper than to see a fat man slip on a banana peel The narrow minded man reads it over seven or eight times and then goes around to appropriate what copies he can. The kind hearted man goes around to the office and pays what he owes. The successful business man who advertises regularly, and makes money by it, immediately starts out to find the editor and the two walk silently down the street and the business man takes sugar in his'n and they both eat a clove or two and life is sweeter and peace settles down on their hearts for moments. Such is the experience of the mustard seed that falls on different ground." All of which may be true, but the h jrt of .;t dcr.'t fit here. There is no chance to "take sugar." The truth is those who like a "small smidgeon" are happy if they can get it without sugar. Tort are By Savages. "Speaking of the torture to which some of the savage tribes in the Philippines subject their captives, reminds me of the intense suffering I endured for three months from inflammation of the Kidneys," says W. M. Sherman, of Cushing, Me., "iNothing helped me until I tried Electric Bitters, three bottles of which completely cured me." Cures Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Blood disorders and Malaria; and restores the weak and nervous to robust health. Guaranteed by The Brame Drug Co. druggist's. Price 50c. Watermelons at Henry & Thompson. Send or write to A. M. Church & Sons for ladies Home Journal Patterns 10 & 15 cts. Hundreds of patterns fresh each month for ladies, misses and children. YOI TH'S D.4RINM UK KB. Before Eyes of Horror-Stricken I'as-gpoirers He Rescue a Child. Hpeclnl to Ulinrlotte Observer. Hominy. Passengers who came to Asheville on No. 11 yesterday afternoon relate a thrilling incident that :-cured at Morganton as the train was pulling out of the station. When the train stopped at Morgan-ton a lady came aboard accompanied by two children the youngest a babe in amis - and a colored nurse girl. The nurse and the baby were not to take the proposed trip, however, and the stay of the belated train at the station was so short that when the nurse started to leave the car with the little one the fain was ! in a motion. I The mother stood in the vestibule ! as the nurse defended the steps. A number of the passengers, realizing J i i ! me uanger oi an enaeavor to leave;" ; the train, which was gaining 8peed and condemn the enme of lynching; with each revolution of the wheels, : i . . .1 .... ; ' cried out to the nurse that she should , not make the attempt, but these ! seemed unheard, and the next moment the walk in front of the station. The woman, clutching the baby tightly in her arms missed her foot ing and fell to the pavement. People on the platform were horrified to see the nurse and baby roll toward the wheels of the car and the passengers in the car heard the agonized shriek of the mother who had seen the fall. In the nick of time a youth on the station platform sprang to the aid of the nurse and babv and snatched them literally from the jaws of death. A passenger who sprang aboard after the accident brought the news that neither nurse nor child was injured by the hair-raising experience, and with this information it was sought to reassure the mother, who was wellnigh prostrated by the scene and the fear that there was some one hurt. This did not avail, however, and when the eastbound No. 30 passed No. 11 at the station west of Morganton the mother, and daughter were passen gers returning to their home. A Scientific Wonder. The cures that stand to its credit make Kucklen's Arnica Salve a scientific wonder. It cured E. R. Mulford, lecturer for the Patrons of Husbandry, Waynesboro, Pa., of a distressing case of Piles. It heals the worst Burns, Sores, Boils, Ulcers, Cuts, Wounds, Chilblains and Salt Rheum. Only 25c at I he lirame Drug Co s. drug store. It has been noted that the Emperor of China proposes to give his people a constitution as soon as they are ready for it. Speaker Joseph 0 Cannon says the Republican party will revise the tariff whenever it finds that it can be done without doing more harm than good. The Emperor of China and the Autocrat of the House mean the same. The Chinese will get a constitution when the Emperor geta ready and the time when tariff revision will do more good than harm must be left to the determination of the Republican party and the Speaker of the House. -Charlotte Observer. Hrdln On Trial In Federal Conrt. Greensboro, Sept. 4. Federal court convened this morning with Judge Boyd presiding. The case of I'nited States vs. R. H. Hardin was called, and after a motion to continue was overruled, the trial was commenced The defendant is charged with viola tion of section 31G9 of the I'nited States laws, in making false returns. TL i - - . l , ; umiimcu dt tlie morning session were Jackson Morris, Milton McNeill and A. P. Grace. There are a large number of witnesses and the case will consume several days, probably several weeks. ' The charge is the same as that in the case against G. W. Samuel, tried here last spring. The government is represented by District Attorney A. E. Holton and Assistant District Attorney A. L. Coble. The defensels represented Wy ex-Judge S. B. Adams, ex-Judge W. P. Bynum, Jr., J. W. McNeill and W. W. Barber. When two strong men come to blows, even if they are well matched, it is not a pleasing sight, but if the man who get the worst of it will use DeWitt's Witch Salve, he will look better and feel better in short order. Be sure you get DeWitt's. Good for everything a salve is used for including piles. Sold by The Brame Drug Co. and 'funwr & Taylor Drug On l.j nehlnif mid Other Crime. Atlanta. ( la., Aug. Si!.-- The National Negro Rusinoss League today adopted resolutions defining its attitude on several important questions affecting the race in the I'nited States. Declaring that the league dues not concern itself with all the intersts of the race, the resolutions declare that it does not overlook the progress in all directions upon its only, educationally and politically. It affirms the belief that this race, like all other races, must depend for its progress j in all directions upon its own abilitv. IWardinir Ivnehimr. the fesnlnrion i - r n - declare: "We believe that the progi ..-.- nun n.l happiness of the two races in the outn art" 80 woven that whatever he,P8 the one hell,s the otlur' and whatever retards the progress of the one retards the progress of the other. Tn this nd wo psnerinllv ilittpniir.nrrp """"'" " ' " tnol ruling hj ii-iill ''. c f b ii rtfi imi I i.F "'" 00 "''' a11 the raccs aa eneniies to our l'ivili- zation; and we extend our thanks to the officials of the State that enforce the laws against lynching and evildoers generally." At to-day's session the National Negro Banking Association was formed, with W. R. Pettiford, of Birmingham, Ala., as president and J. H. Mc-Conieo, of Little Rock, Ark., secretary-treasurer. A committee was also appointed to consider the question if practical business co-operation imong these banks. Booker T. Washington was again elected president of the league. Few changes were made in the other of fices. When you have a cold it is well to be very careful about using anything that will cause constipation. Be particularly careful about preparations containing opiates. Use Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar, winch stops the cough and moves the bowels. Sold by The Brame Drug Co. and Turner & Taylor Drug Co. He isn't Coming Hack. Wci'kly Bulletin. "A woman rushed into the telegraph office the other day," says an exchange, "and informed the operator that her husband had gone to New York to get a banner for the Sunday School, but she had forgotttin to tell him the inscription and how large the banner was to be. She then wrote a telegram containing the needed information and handed it to the operator. It read; "My Dear Frank, Savoy Hotel, New York City: 'Unto us a child is born, eight feet long and two feet wide." The husband is still in the city. As a dressing for sores, bruises and burns, Chamberlain's Salve is all that can be desired. It is soothing and healing in its effect. Price 2." cents. For sale by The Brame Drug Co. Man's Inconsistencies. Atchlrtoh, Khs , 41olu'. Men are queer. Wouldn't there be a roar when they went home to their meals if they had to climb up on a high stool in front of a table on which there was no cloth and eat their meals in that fashion? Yet a majority of men when they go to a restaurant to eat will pick out the high stool and feed board with no cloth on it in preference to a comfortable chair and a cloth coYered table. A man will borrow a chew of tobacco and most -of them will set their teeth into the plug right over where some other man had inlawed out a chew. OfW him piece of pie at home from which his wife or one of the children had taken a bite and he would holler his head off. At home he will not drink out of a glass or cup from which someone of the family had been drinking. Call him into the back stall of a livery bam pull out a bottle and he will stick the neck of the bottle half way down his throat in order to get a swig after a half dozen other fellows have had the neck of the bottle in their mouths. Everybody loves our baby, rosy, sweet and warm, With kissy places on her neck and dimples on her arms. Once she was so thin ind cross, used to cry with pain - -Mother gave her Cascasweet, now she's well again. You know what you are giving yonr baby when yon use Cascasweet. The ingredients are on every bottle. Contains no opiates. For loss of sleep. A vegetable corrective for the bowels. Sold by The Brame Drug Co. and Turner & Taylor Drug Co. MATT Kits OF (iENKKAL I VmtKST- Miuiite rarairraphs front Localities entirely Sepemte. Engineer MoLendon, who was shot by some one in the assembly the night of the recent lynching at Salisbury, last Friday took an operation for the purpose of saving his life, but despite i il,;.. t, it,.., ... :.. i i , i. 1 till.- Ill' Wlt-lt lll.U MIO MIII ill I O ClOC K. j The ball took effect in his leg and since the night of the occurrence, : there has hardly been anv hope for' mm- What part he was playing will j probably never be known nor who shot him. I i Major Dreyfus is staving with his uaiimv in, ierne, fwuzer anil, w e... .1.. , ...... ere he will remain until September He says he will devote the rest of his life to his country and the education i of his children. icncral orders were issued bv the L. j War Department Saturday, under di- , m.tion (jf enlisted strength of the armv at ',:,. 1 i r t - m , Geo. Gcntk the man tried for oar- ticipating in the Salisbury lynching, was acquited Wednesday there not being sufficient evidence to convict. No doubt the only conviction of that mob has been accomplished. An exchange says: As you perhaps already know, the Green Park Hotel is situated at Blowing Rock at the place where the mountain waters divide themselves, one shed turning its waters into the Atlantic, and the other into the Gulf of Mexico. The recent heavy, rains in and around Blowing Rock have so flooded the hotel that the guests have been obliged to move out. The water lias gotten into the hotel and the guests fled to higher levels for safety. j A man at St, Mary's W. Va.. whoj desired to contribute to the Republican congressional campaign committee's dollar fund, stuck a postage stamp on the face of a standard silver dollar and addressed it plainly with rod ink to Congressman Sherman, chairman of the Republican congress ional comittee. The dollar through all right. went ; tl,.,t ! Advices received aiinoiinct Miss Lola Walker, the Asheville girl who recently figured in a sensational $")0,000 breach of promise suit at Union City, Tcnn., has been married to George 1). Liefernian, of Chicago, one of the witnesses for the plaintiff in her suit against Col. D. Edwards, of Union City. At the trial the jury found for Miss Walker to the amount of $21,000, but the judge decided that the amount was exorbitant and ordered a new trial. Mortars Arc Puzzled. The remarkable recovery of Kenneth M elver, of Vanceboro, Me., is the subject of much interest to the medical fraternity and a wide circle of friends. He savs of his case: Owing to severe inflaniation of the Throat and congestion of the Lungs, three doctors gave me up to die, when, as a last resort. 1 was induced to trv Dr. King's New- Discovery and I am happy to sav, it saved my life." Cures the worst Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis. Tonsili- tis, Weak Lungs, Hoarseness and La-Grippe, Guaranteed at The Brame Drug Cos. drug store. 50c and $1."H Trial bottle free. Kxpert Painter and Oeeorntor. Hangs Paper, Kalsomines and re-varnishes Furniture. It will pay you to call on me if you are thinking of doing any brush work. You get your work done best aud for the least money, satisfaction guaranteed, will be glad to hear from any one. J. R. Lykki.y, Wilkesboro, N. C. 52-(!mos. Have you seen Renfrew's hats? Subscribe for The Hustler, $1 a year See The E. L. Hart Co. for a good I toring Mower or Binder. I have just received a car load of cotten seed meal and hulls. - S. V. Tomlinson. Fresh bread at Henry & Thompson's on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays of each week. A. M. Church & Sons has the best stock and poultry food on the market. Just try it one time. Call and and examine our line of Misses and children shoes. Jarvis Bros. Shoe Co. If you want to get something nice for little money see us on Monday. G. V. Renfrow & Co. Notice: Those desiring cottage lots at the Lithia Springs would do well to see Dr. Moseley at once. Terms and prices in reach of all. 2 4t. A en Case of'M'nith Cure." Chiirlntli' Dlis.'i-vi-r. We have been much interested in long stories in the South Carolina papers of a most pitiful case which I developed ilt Anderson. S. t'., the; criminals concerned being a man and; "is of the "Holiness" cult, or be-! "overs in some similar nonsense. The ' K'!,-lmi.n.l V..,,- 1 .,.,.)..,. I,.,., ,..,ll.,.t i ... , , ..... , mi.., n tn' principal facts so well that vi- j h't ll tell the story: "A man by the name of Hayes, a ll'vi,le Healer evangelist, has a son o'even years old. The boy is sick and the doctors diagnose his case as ab- cess m the head, behind one of his ears. An operation is necessary, but! i., uie parents remse to permit it. 1 Ire i patient has become delirious and his sufferings evidently are intense. His shrieks of agor-y disturb the neighborhood day and night and have worked on tne nerves ot Ule people, tile Wo men IKI1W!!' V . t -.'It t l..' .1,.. i ready for violence. Yet nothintr can : The parents stolidly refuse j to accept metlieal assistance, dcclar- i "'K il 1,1 '"' Ux'ir religion, and : express their belief that by power of faith their son will be cured. The authorities have been appealed to and after searching the law, say they can do nothing. No statute gives the right to force medical assistance mi a minor against the will of its parents. No doctor lias the right to enter the home of persons supposed to be sane and force his service on them. Consequently, something very much like murder is being done in the very face of an indignant community and all hands are tied from interference." The News Leader recites the facts in the present tense, but since it wrote the story has closed. The child is ileao. iieiore it died a motherly neighbor, who was a visitor, sought to give it, furtively, to modify its suffering, a narcotic, under pretense of giving it a drink of water, but the human and altogether praiseworthy deception was discovered before it could be accomplished and the good neighbor woman was practically driven from the house. Strange as it is that no law to cover this case could be found while the child liv it is found stranger still that one v, as when it was too late; found after the child died; and under it the fanatical father has been arrested and locked up. This is one case. How many chil-dron and grown people, too, die annually in this country through the operation of one fantistic form of religion or another, which scouts the application to the patient of medical or surgical or any other rational science, htere are no moans of telling. Pain from a Hum Promptly Krlii'fl by ChaiiilirrlHiii' Pain Halm. A little child of Micheal Strauss, of Vernon, Conn., was recently in great pain from a bum on the band, and as ! cold applications only increased the inflammation. Mr. Strauss came to Mr. lames N. Nichols, a local merchant. for something to stop the pain. Mr. Nichols says: "1 advised him to use Chamberlain's Pain Halm, and the first application drew out the inflammation ami gave immediate relief. 1 have used this liniment myself and recommend it very often for cuts, burns, strains and have never known it to disappoint." For sale by The Brame Drug Co. "Oh, it's so easy to pick out a girl that would make a good wife." "Per haps; but you don't generally do it until after you've married some one else.'' Philadelphia Ledger. The laxative effect of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets is so agreeable and so natural you can hardly realize that it is produced by a medicine These tablets also cure indigestion and biliousness. Price 25 cents. Samples free at The Brame Drug Go's, drug store. The olilor a man becomes the fewer fool friends he has. WAS A VERY SICK BOY. But Cured lij liamWlin' Colic, Cholera unit Diarrhoea Rented'. "When niv boy was two vears old he had a very severe attack of bowel complaint, but by the use of Chamber-1 Iain's Colic, cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy we brought him out all right,'" says Maggie Hickox, of Midland, Mich. This remedy can be depended upon in the most severe cases. Even cholera infantum is cured by it. Follow the plain printed directions a cure is ce tain. For sale bv The lirame Drug Co. Sec The E. L. Hart Co. for a good Geiser thrashing machine. .,i Down to Zero in North Carolina. What? The E. L. Hart Co. 's Prices. They have just received a ear of barbed wire, a car t'Ut and wire nails, a ear of realtors, mowers and rakes, a ear of drills and narrows, a cur ol genuine IM1YL' I Milled IMOWS, il Car Ol sinojie itlld (lOUUie DIOWS. .1 ' t ii ii i ' a ear of seam pipe and tibng:. 2 ears of fruit jars, a care of coal, a ear of cement, a car of linie a ear of plaster, a ear of powder, a car of cook stoves ami ranees all those are solid cars and you can readily see why they can sell so cheap. They buy in large quantities and can sell cheaper than any one else and will always do so. When in North Wilkesboro be sure and see their large stock. Thev have the largest stock of hardware in "Western North Carolina. They have two large store rooms, two basements and two warehouses and they are all filled and if you want the lowest ju ices come or write Tlie E. L Hart Co. Established 1892 Bank of North Wilkesboro North WilKesboro, N. C. Capital Stock, 25,000 00 Surplus fund, 12,000 00 Assets, over. 225,000 00 Comparative statement showing growth of bank during past ton years: jn.v :ilsT ls1!. Surplus profits $ 1,401 SI Deposits 37,046 52 Total resources 59,133 40 Jl'l.V 3 1st Surplus and profits $ 3,629 00 Dopoposits 82,009 05 Total resources 115,402 40 Jt i.Y 31 st 1906. Surplns and profits $ 13,753 46 Deposits, 188,178 53 Total resources 252,161 76 Thi bntik is cod net rd along conservative linrs, itini i prepared tomurnluti literal ac-eoinniKintioiis to customers. We conlinlly invito you to open an account with us. J. K. Fintey, Pn's; A. A. Finley, Yioe-Pres: R. V. Gwyn, Cashier. Chamberlain's Almost every family has need of a reliable remedy for colic or diarrhea at lonte lime during the year. This remedy b recommended by dealers who have sold it for many years and know its value. It has received thousands of testimonials from grateful people. It has been prescribed by physicians with the mcut satisfactory results. h has often saved life before medicine could have been sent for or a physician summoned. It only costs quarter. Can you afford to risk so much for to J little? BUY IT NOW. DK. W. A. TAYLOR. Surgeon Dentist NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C. Office over Absher, Hayes, Blackburn & Co. Crown and Bridg Work a specialty. Careful attention given to all work. DolVitt's im CdYcT For Pi',9, Eumti SsrtSa 1 (

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