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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Tuesday, March 11, 1890
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1 VOL. XXIX- OAKliAND, CALITOBNIA, TUESDAY, MAECH 11, 1890. !NO. 196. t M ftiL V MTTD TDXnP A First Class Steamsliip Serc-ice Recommended. 1SEI1EB YON TISZA RESIGNS AGAIN. of the Entombed English Mia-ers-The Portuguese Hold on Dctegot Bay. Washiwgtos, Marcli 11. At a meeting of tbe I'an-Amerijaii conference yesterday, a report was received from the committee to consider the best means of extending and improving the facilities for commercial, postal, and telegraphic communication between the countries that boi ler upon the Oalf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The committee says that the telegraph rate make it practically impossible to do business over tue present lines, and recocimend that steps be taken to Kcote sTmoderate scale 6f charges. This failing, barters should be granted to independent cable companies. The committee Rays, that a plan has been discussed by capitalists in this country fr the establishment of a rapid steamship service between Tam-pia. Florida, and Mobile, Alabama, and the ports ot Colon, Port TJmon in Costa Rica, and Greytown, Nicaragua. Such a fine would shorten the time of transporting maiis from New York or Chicago to Colon to tix and a half days. Similar lines connect'ng New Orleans with the Caribbean ports are suggested ti the com mittee. Hie committee, in eowkjion, recommended to all nations bordenugipr, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbesea tbe granting of Gov- crnmrat aid in the establishment Of a first class steamship service. THE HUNGARIAN CABINET. 1.. Tiaza It! succeeded by Szaparay as President. Pbtb, March 11. A conlerence was held today between tbe Emperor, Berr Von Ti -a a , and Count Von Szaparay to censoder the Ministerial situation, which resulted in Tisa definitely residing tbe office of Prime Minister, and the appointment of Szaparay to acceded him. No other channel -were made in the Cabinet. riCHTISU FOK OFFICE. Tw. SU Louts Officials Hare a Quarrel. St. Lecis, March 11. Emile Thomas yecen fly elected City Marshal at a special election, today took forcible possession of the office of the incttiu bent, Martin Neiser. Thomas was defeated at the regular election, bat could not qualify owing to legal dis abilities. Neiser claims that the special election was not legal, and steadily refused to vacate tbe office. The trouble is by no means ended. A STIFF CPFEK LIP. Jk. Pwtugaese Minister Out With a Big Bluff. Ixi ji no. March 10. The Lisbon correspondent of the Times says Ribiro, Minister of Foreign Anairs, in an interview with Director Magniac of the Dehv go bay railway, plainly declared that ttritber England nor America had any light to interfere in the railway matter. CftiWLED OVER DEAD HEN. fair f the Entombed Miners Make Their Escape. Ido, March 11. Four of the min ers entombed by tbe explosion yesterday in tbe Moras colliery at Glamor gan?hire, Wales, escaped without assistance. They crawled through a crevice between' the roof of the . mine and the debris. They passed Over dead Deo lying in heaps. Tney believe none of the? in the pit are alive. The fire which followed the explosion became eo fierce that the parties search ing for the dead were compelled to withdraw from the mine. BKLD lN TBE HIC.HE8T ESTEEM, Bat Be Signed the Firm's Name for 960,000. PrrrsBCSG, March 11. The affairs of the Raedt-r Glue Company, of New York aod Pittsburg, which failed several ays ago, are very much muddled. H R Kern, one of the New York partners, states that Louis C. Haughey, the Pittsburg member, acknowledges having obtained large sums on notes to which be signed the firm's name. The xaet amouat U not known, but Kern tfeoeght it would reach at least sixty thousand dollars. Haughey is a brother-in-law of General Lew Wallace, and has always been held in the highest esteem. ON THE SAN JOAQUIN. AWsIr Dam Goes Downward With the Flood. 8rocKToit, March 11. Parties from the wett side of the Ban Joaquin River, report that the weir dam at Paradise Cat has gone entirely, and there is more water going through the cut than down the river. About thirty-five feet of the work stood until yesterday, when the last of it went out, and the timbers floated down and lodged against the railroad bridge threatening its destrae tian. The railroad hands saved the bridge by cutting the limbers loose THE HOURS OF L.ABOK. Itori Salisbury Does Not favor Iegl Restrictions. Any Beans, March 1L The correspondence between Germany and Great Brit ain, relative to ths scope of the International Labor Conference is made public, Lord Salisbury -declined to favor any scheme looking to a legal restriction of the hoars of labor. Prof. Gildernei.tcr, the noted Orient alist, died at Bonn. Banks in Brazil. - Ro Jaxkbio, March 1L Bocayuva, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has re -toraesl from his mission to Monte : 'Video and Buenos Ayres. An official decree has been issued establishing three banks in the northern provinces. . ( PUBLIC BUILDINGS f ; Ha Miner Towns w ita aa Expend! tare l.Uv.OOOV , - Wassusgtox, March U In "porsn- sws of tie arreement of J3atnoay, d -P publid' building -bills Jwhich .. that AtTWZps-iiGx Committee of the'Whole, came up this morning in the Houe with the previoua question ordered, ine bills passed. They provide for the erection of public buildings at various minor towns with an aggregate expenditure of $1,850,000 STANFORD' HORSES. A Great Shipment From Palo Alto to New York. Matfield. March 11. One hundred and three valuable horses from Senator Stanford's Palo Alto stables were ship ped by special train today to New Yort. Thirty-two are colts from Ihe famous stallion Electioneer, aud tbe entire lot is valued at $200,000. An English Hurdle Race. Losnox. At Croydon the grand in ternational hurdle race, about two miles and a quarter over nine hurdles. was won by Waterproof; Promoter, second; Brounie, third. There were nine starters. Investigating McCalla. .New Yokk, March 11. The Board of Inquiry to investigate the charges against Commander McCalla of the United States man-of-war Enterprise met today. The committee wilt decide whether or not to bold a court martial. A California Hiuo Dealer. New York. March 11. Adolph Eber-nieyer, a dealer in California wines, made an assignment today to Daniel North. Some Weather. Chicago, March 11. New York, 42 New Orleans. 04: St. Louis, 52; Cincin nati, 40; Chicago, 44; Winnipeg, 2. An Increase for Atchiaon. Boston, March 11. Toe Atchison gross earnings approximated for Feb ruary an iucrease of $42T.000. LOOK AT YOOR TICKETS. A Few Have Won, But tbe Many Hive Invested in Yain. The Bis Prizes at the Drawing- of. the Louisiana Lottery at New Orleans Today. Nkw Orleans, Marih 11. The regu lar monthly drawing of tbe Louisiana State Lottery took plack at 10 o'clock this morning at the Grand Opera House, in the presence o a large and excited crowd. The following are the official numbers that captured tbe principal prizes : 8,132 , $300,000 14,794 100,000 10,122 50,000 26,354 25,000 14,087 i .... 10,000 15,622 ... 5,000 17,306 5,000 20,882 . 5,000 52,577 5,000 98,188 '. 8,224 8,024 18,384 22,940 Kl HOT : 5,ooo 1,000 1.000 1,000 1.000 1,000 1,000 st-QI JtJI J 34,966 1,000 30.529.-. 1,000 50,412 1,000 48,542 1,000 81.800... 1,000 06,277 1,000 70,100 1,000 71,078 1,000 71,991 1,000 74,585 1,000 76,472 1,000 78,195 1,000 79.107 64,413 85,712 i 90,290 1.000 1.000 1,000 1,000 STOCKS AND STAPLES. Quotations at Noon on tbe Sew York Exchange. Prices of the Great Staples in the Chicago Markets Prices of Grain and Silver. New York, March 11. Stocks are dull and steady to firm at a small fraction better than opening prices. Money on call is easy at 4(g5 per cent. Noon. PonrDer cent coupons Pacific Sizes Central Pacific Chicago. Burlington & Quincy Denver & Rio Orande Northern Pacific Northern Pacific preferred .... Northwestern Northwestern preferred New York Central Oregon Navigation Oreeon Transcontinental 'Pacific Mail Chicago Bock Island St. Louis & jan Francisco St Paul & Omaha Texas Pacific 122 16 32 104 J, UK 30 73'4 109 107. MX 37 91 17 31 20 62 143 82'4 Union Pacific. . Wells. Fargo A Co.. Western Lnion Grain Markets. Saji Frascisco, March 11. Wheat inactive; buyer season, $1 '294; buyer "90, $1 36. Barley firm ; buyer season, 78 ; buyer, '90, 85. Chlcsao Markets. Chicgo, March 11, 1:15 p. m. Close; wheat firm and higher; March, 77; May, 73. Corn steady, March, 28; May, 295i. Oats steady; March, 20J4; May, 21. Barley nothing doing. Pork firm; March, $9 97; May, $10 15. Lard firm; March, $0 02!'; May, $0 10. Bar Silver. Nkw Yosk, March 11. Bar silver, 95. Kx pensive Work. From a credible source it is ascertained that tbe extension of the Broadway Cable road, from Seventh to First street, has involved an expenditure of $70,000. , Let Tarns Be Light. A number of citizens residing; in the vicinity of Eighteenths avenue and East Fourteenth -atreet, feave perk tioned the Council lo cause an electric light to foe placed at the junction of the said streets. - - CHDRCH AND STATE Petitions for a Constitutional Amendment. EX-CONGRESSMAN TAULBEE IS DEAD. The Landing; of Chinese Merchants- British Investments in the United States. Boston, March 11. A proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States bas been drawn no by lawyer V. A. Butler of New York, acting in consultation withex-Oovernor Long of Massachusetts, the object' of which is to prevent the nse of pubik- money in anv way for any private educational institutions under the control of any religious de nomination. Petitions, with the pro posed amendment accompanying them, ill be distributed throughout the State, with a preamble declaring for the non-union of Church and State. TACLKEB DEAD. The Kentucky Mountaineer Dies of Bis Wounds. Waihisgtox, March 11. Taulbee died this morning. As soon as the police were notified of the death of Taulbee, Kiucaid was rearrested. Ex-Congressman W. Preston Taulbee of Kentucky, shot in tbe head by Charles E. Kincaid a correspondent of the Louisville Times, in the House wing of the capitol on the af'ernoon of February 2Sth,died at 4:45 this morning at the Providence Hosoi al. Taul-hee bad been unconscious for some time before his death and the end was rainless. An autopsy will be hel l this afternoon, and the bull will bedelinitely located, and the progress of the wound traredSKiii-caid, who bas been out on bail, was ar rested a verv short while after TaulbueV deatb, and was locked up to await the action of the Court. Kincaid made no effort to escape while at liberty, and announced his iutention to surrender to the autLorities in caee the alliiir should result fatally. William Preston Taulbee, of Snylprs-ville. was born in Morean county, Kentucky, October 22, 151; was educated in private country schools; studied for the ministry from 1875 t 1S7S, and for the law frufu 1878 to 1881 ; was admitted to the bar in 1S81 ; was elected clerk of the Magoffin County Court in 1878 and re-elected in lS-'2. and was elected from the Tenth district of Ken-tuck v to the Forty-ninth Congress as a Democrat, receiving 16.1S4 votes against 1.5,878 votes for A. J. Auxier, Republican. He was re-elected to the Fiftieth Coneress, but not to the present body. He was shot iu tbe head about ten days ago in the Capitol at vva'hington by correspondent Kincaul of tbe Louisville Times, whose nose he had pulled because of a story wh cb Kincaid had printed concerning Taulbee'a relations with a" woman durir.R his stay at the national capitol. Taulbee was" a typical Kentucky mountaineer, over six fee', in height, aud gifted with a tremendous voice. FOREIGN CAPITAL. A Proposed Inquiry The Duty on Oran C". Washington, March 11. In the Senate the House amendment to the Sen-ale concurrent resolution, instructing tbe Senate and House Committee on Immigration to investigate the working of the various laws on immigra'.ion was taken up. It adds to tbe scope of the inquirv, the subject of tbe purchase of American industries by foreien capital. After some discussion, the matter went over without action. Among tbe petitions presented and referred was one from Florida, asking for a duty of one dollar a box on foreign oranges. ACQLITTEnTrUE LADY. She Leaves the Conrt Without a Stain i n Her Character. Lodo5, March 11. Tbe trial of Elizabeth Vincent, at Richmond, on a charge of attempting to in urder Lewis Henry Isaacs, a member of tbe Commune, began today. Isaacs testified that the paper which he refused to aim, which refusal led to the shooting, was a document admitting that he seduced the defendant by violence. He expreised a wish that the court would deal leniently with Mi?s Yiucent, and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. . CHINESB MERCHANTS Cannot Be Permitted to Land in This Country- W'AsniwoTOH, March 11. Acting upon the advice of the Attorney General, Secretary Windom hss deciled that I'mnerc mercDants :oming to this country for the Erst time, provided with cer-t'ficates, as precribed by section 6 of the a:t of July 5, 1884, cannot be permitted to land in the L'niUd States, notwithstanding the fact that they are not laborers. TO LABBADOK. A Line Which Would Shorten the Kwad to Europe. QriBKc, March 11. In the local Legiilature, jesterday afternoon, a resolution was passed in favor of the construction of a railway from Quebec to St. Charles bay, on the Labrador coast. This Hoc would reduce the distance to Europe 1332 miles. A BIO LOSS By a Fire la a Cincinnati Clothing- House. CtsciKKATt, March 11. Lart night's Sre in the big clothing bouse of Stein, Meyer Co. gutted the entire establishment. Tbe loss on stock is $300,000, and the budding cost $200,000. The total insurance is $250,000. A Summary Plan nf 'Refers. Lisbo5, March 11. The Government today . issued a decree dissolving the municipal government of this city and appointing a commission to administer its affairs, pending reforms which the Government Is considering. , Tsl tree sots Coming to tbe Bar -I WASHraoTOs'j! March 1L A telegram was received as the Navy : Department from Commander i3b6p,xr the United State steamer Iroquois, at Port To wn- eend, Wash.; eayin that, after he fcu taken iu coal ami provisions, he will take the vessel to San Francisco. TO ADMIT WYOMING. The House Takes I'p the Bill at Once. Wasuinotos, March 11. In the House Baker, from tbe Committee on Territories, reported the bill for the admission of Wyoming, and asked its immediate consideration. Springer opposed toe request, but by. a strict party vote, the House decided to consider the bill. THE MISSISSIPPI FLOODS. A More Hopeful Feeling Prevails Today. St. Lot is, March 11. A more hopeful leeling prevails today in regard to tbe flood. Probably successful efforts are being made to stop the Sabbington Hook crevasse near Arkansas City. The Mississippi river, from here to Cairo, is low. It is rainine, however, throughout the Mississippi Valley. Some of the railroads at Cairo are under water. To Be Pa master General. Va8Him;tos, March 11. Tne President has sent to the Senate the nomination of Lieutenant Colonel William S ruith. Deputy Paymaster General, to be Paymaster General, with the rank of Brigadier General. Phelps Dines Knendeckir. Beklin, March 11 Phelps, the American Minister, gave a dinr.er today to Eisendecker, formerly the German Minister at Washington. Warm and Dry. San Fkasiisco, March 11. Forecast for California, warmer and fair weithcr. A WARM DEBATE. Senator Edmunds Imputes tie Crime of Murder on Eustls. The Interpolations by Senator Call -Electing Senators by Direct Vote. Washington, March 11. In tbe Sen ate Mitchell introduced a joint resclu tion proposing an amendment to the Constitution providing for the election of Senators by the direct vote of the people. Mr. Morrill offered a resolution (agreed to), directing the Secretary of tbe Iuterior to report any information in the possession of his Department in relation to authorizing a lottery com pany by the Indian Territorial Govern ment of the Creek natiSn. Hoar called up the resolution reported by him yesterday for the exclusion from tbe Record of the sentences interpolated by Senator Call in tbe report of his remarks in the discussion with Chandler some weeks ago. Iu the course of the remarks on the controversy, Edmunds used an ex pression which Daniel, of Virginia, con-strned to impute the crime of murder to Eustis of Louisiana. Daniel demanded that tbe words of Edmunds be taken down, and the fur ther proceedings of tbe Senate were shs pended to allow the reporter to write out the objectionable words A FATAL SLIDE. Two Brothers Overwhelmed In tbe Trinity Mountains. A Mining Claim Wiped Out by the Unstable Earth-Finding tbe Dead and Burled. San Fhancisco. March 11. A dispatch from Weaverville gives the following additional details of the land slide, which occurred last Thursday, resulting in the death of John and James Sonden. For weeks a number of slides had occurred in the mountains doing a great deal of damage, and no one has felt safe in residing or work" ine where a slide was possible' but the- most shocking accl dent occurred here last Thursday just before noon. Tbe ditch of the Trinity Gold Mining Company patsss along the side of a mountain, where it can be viewed from tbe town, and one of tbe company noticed that a slide of immense proportions had occurred, cutting the two ditches belonging to tbe company, but the worst was not known until Saturday, when a messenger was sent to inquire about tbe safety of the Suudea brothers, who were operating a claim some distance below thf slide. On his return be reported that the two reservoirs about the claim had been completely obliterated and tbe claim robbed of its sluices, etc., by the immense quantity of water and earth that had swept over it, and neither of the two brothers could be found. . A large party of men at once left towu for the scene of the disaster to search for tbe bodies cf the men who it was supposed bad been buried alive. After a few hoars' search the bodies were found in the bed of the creek some distance below the claim, partially covered with debris and timber, nearly nude end in a horribly mangled condition. They were prob-aoly taken without a moment's warning by the rush of water and earth from the breaking of tbe reservoirs. Both were Odd Fellow and highly respected citizens. John Souden leaves a wife, but James was unmarried. BUSD3 ALL PAID. The Last of the Bonda of 1883 Redeemed. In 1383. Alameda county owed a floating indebtedness of $U'J,000. In order to run the county on a cash bs.?is, bonds were issued for the amount, to become due in 1S1 or before at the option of the Supervisors, at 6 per cent, per annum. Tbe last of tbeso bonds, amounting to $10,000, were redeemed by the treasurer today. . . . " Varrell Met Heegaa. , i Meegan, the pitcher of the Oakland nme, was nnable, at the last auoment, to proceed to Lot Angeles to join tbe nine, so Farrelt went on last night's train m substitute, " . -s THE GR1SMRR ENGAGEMENT. A Week of Good Theatrical Performances at the Oakland 1 heater. Joseph R. Grismer, the accomplished actor, and his wife, known on tbe stsge as Miss Pboete Davis, made a long tour of tbe Eastern States during tbe past winter, and everywhere were received bv large audiences and favor. Tbev will soon leave this countrv for a tour of the theaters in Australia. Their last performances before taking stt-amer for tbeir long trip are in Oakland, this week, and at tbe Alcazar Theater, Sn Francisco. The week's engagement at the Oakland Theater began last evening, when a cbaroiing performance of Thomas' drama. The Burglar, founded upon the s:ory for children, "Editha's Burglar," was given. The little girl, trained by Mr. Grismer for tbN plav, gives a perfectly natural performance of her part. I he plav is psthetis and vet not lack ing in the comedy element. Both Mr. and Mrs. Grismer sbine in the leading roles. This evening The Burglar will be repeated. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the plav will be The Tuiress. a dramatization by Ramsay Korris of bis own novel, "Crucify Her." Friday evening, tbe Grisrners will play Clay JM. Greene's picturesque drama, Furgive, in which L. R. Stock-well will play tbe Liart' of "Denver Dan." Saturday night, the modern melodrama. The lt'ui tf Against Her, will be played. MORE TALES OF CRIME. Suspicions Characters Jailed Police Detectives. by the Some of the Reported Thefts ot Credited by the Authorities-The c Wst Burslary. In connection with the many bur glanes that are disturbing the peace nf the city, a couple of suspicious charac te.-s were arrested this morning by th police and the me.i irere imprisoned as suspects, no charge being entered against them. In their possession was found a quantity of clothes, mostly new, and. on being interrogated as to where they obtained them, they stated that they bt-gaed tbem at different residences about the city. This story seems lame, however, as Ihe clothes have evidently not been worn, and people are not in the habit of giving away ptopertv of much value. In connection with the affair, the i olice say that if tbe people desire to give away clothes they should give them to the Associated Cliarites, wbitber all applications should be referred. Another tale of burglary has been poured into the ears of tbe police, the report bting made by William J. Bradford, a foreman carp'enter, residing at 111 Hannah street. Bradford states that on Thursday last his residence was entered, during his absence, and $100 tbat he had placed for safe keeping in his trunk was taken. The police say, however, that nothing about the room appears to have been disturbed, aud that no one but Bradford knew of the money btinsr in the trunk. So it is not likely tbat a thief would be inspired to go directly to the place where the money was hidden. The statement of the robbing of tbe man in front of Franke's pickle factory is rejected by the police. In connection with the attempted burglary at the Wf st residence, on Friday last, tbe facts of which were printed exclusively in The Tribvse, W. G. Miller, who resides on Webster street, immediately opposite the West residence, is in possession of facts cor-rdtoraiive 6? tG ZlZZZ tC tT l'S!?r printed in these columns. He stated that, on the evening the attempt was made, he noticed two younc men about the street, one of whom he describes as a short young fellow of about 25 years of age. with a round, pleasant face, and dressed rather neatly ; at the other he could not get a' good look. The individual described is the one who called at the West house and examined the rear under the pretext of obtaining something to eat, and who is therefore believed to be connected with the burglarious call later on m the evening. TRAINS ARRIVED. The Central Overland Clear Again. Koute The delayed overland trains of the Central route were liberated from the snow last night, and all ot them arrived at the pier before daylight. Tbe trains were made np in three sections at Sacramento, tbe first arrived at 2 03 a.m., the second at 5.05 and the third section came iu at 6.07. The overland trains of today are late and will not arrive until about 7 r. u. Tbe Oregon route is open again and train No. 10 was four hours late, arriving shortly before noon. Tbe 10 o'clock Berkeley train was delayed near Alcatraz station, this morning, over an hour by tbe breaking of one of tbe engine trucks. Tbe wrecking train went ent, under the direction of J. O. Wilder, and the disabled engine wss taken to the shops. THE GHASTLY MUMMERY. Only Undertakers' Assistants Present at tbe Shocking Banquet. Undertakers engaged in business in this city explain tbat they bad no 'part in the hideous and disgusting mummery at the banquet in San Francisco last Saturday evening. Tbe banquet was given by the Undertakers' AiuMants'1 Association, of which owners ot unuerracers businesses are not members r.eputaoie undertakers are justly incensed at tbe ghastly jokes on death circulated about the table, and may, in consequence, try to abolish the association of assistants. At the disgraceful banquet on Saturday evening last, but tiro Oakland men were nresent to nartake of the tnnono a la Morgue and the chicken embalmed. Two Children Lost. Two children were reported as lost at tbe police station this afternoon. One is a little boy wear.ng a red cloak, black broad brimmed straw hat, and the other is a little icirl attired in a chi ck diess with a red hood. Tbey are each anouto years cm, ana were playing togethei on Twenty-seventh street this morning. They were seen by the neighbors to start off together down town and nothing is known of them since.' Will Fay the Tax. Of the taxes for 18&i of tbe San Pablo and Tulare Railroad Company, which the Supreme Court bas just decided were hot legally impssed. $248 07 were elaiaied to be due Alameda county, As promised by the company, ths taxes will be paid the counties notwithstanding ths decision in Us favor. " . t- - - WHOAWOE! Prophet Erickson Will Go to Jail. HE IS CHARGED fO BE INSANE. The Calamitous Predictions of the Chief of the Doom-sealers. The Tumnltnoua Gatherincrs on the Streets are Likely to be stopped Peremptorily. The-re will be woe in the ranks of the woe proclamiers. for at 11 o'clock this morning, at the instance of H. Myers, a warrant was issued for the arrest of their prophet and leader, George A. Erickson. When the officers went to serve it at Erickson's residence, 091 Pine street, tbey were temporarily foiled, for the prophet was out ai the Watts' tract, but they laid their plans so as to arrest him immediately on his return. He will be awarded quarters in the county jail, where his liberty wilt be restrained, not as a result necessarily of the desire to break up the street-meetings, but because it is alleged that Erickson is insane. Tbe proofs of his mental derangement are said to be contained in tbe prophecies issued by him (the articles of faith of the doom-sealers), which have been condensed into pamphlet fof-m and will be offered iu evidence against him. The fo'lowing is the full text of hi remarkable statements, which, as it will be seen, will necesitate the selection of another site for the World's Fair: Till". DOOM OF THE CITIES. wok! woe! woe! I, George A. Erection, of Fredrikshold. Norway, being in tbe .Spirit on the 21th, 2Mb.. 2i"th, and 27th of January, ls:0. aud shown by the Loid the coming destruction of the following cities: On the 24th I saw the destruction, bv eartbqu&ke, nf Pau Francisco and Oakland the waves of the ocean corr iug aleo and covering them over, aud the great ships on the bay being foundered. On Saturday, the 25th, I saw again the destruction of Ban Francisco and Oakland, with that of Alameda. The Lord then, also revcvled to me the date of deduction, viz., eighty days from that day Saturday, January i'.th, 1S90. On Sunday. January 2t'.th, in the morn-ills', I arose and made my morning prayer, and was again in the power of the spirit. Then Uod revealed to me that Chicago would he destroyed on the same date as San Francisco, Oakland, aud Alameda. Sunday afternoon nao a vision anoui the Lord showe world, in five di rope, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Then the Lord showed me the five wounds in his body, where he was pierced and suffered for each of these parts of the world. He pointed to the wounds in K,a In-A Kamte q n . 1 liri faal 11 . hla sirf. with blood runn ine out. for these five parts of tbe world. The blood was able to save tbem all. God showed me a terrible pestilence iu Ainca. r ranee starts war with Russia, and England shall be in the war also. Knssia t-ball win at lest, but France shall do great damase before that. In China, there will be a great famine and many thousands die. Floods and great heat in Australia. In North America, there will he a great earthquake. On the 27th of January God showed me agaiu the destruction of San Francisco, Oakland, ; Alameda and Milwaukee. Then the Lord thowed me all the ships around San Francisco on the bay and Oakland and Alameda and their piers and ferryboats Bg ihovod me. that there would be a great" vortex aud swallow them all up. Then Be showed me the great city 6r Chicago and its railways, and that it would sink in the earthquake, and the waters of Lake Michigan would flow over it. It would appear no more. There should be heard no more whistle of the cars therein: no more voice of man: the name of Chlcaeo even should be beard no more. The Lord then showed me the line of the Northwestern Railway, from Chicago to Milwaukee. He showed me that Milwaukee would sink like Chicsgo, In the same great earthquake, aud that Lake Michigan would cover it the same ai Chicago. Then God showed me F.urope again an oer wars. He showed me tbat Eutrland would itSS. Ed Siveden'-woufd Tola this war. Thentiod showed me that England for this war. i nea boa showed me Eneland was the first best nation, then Norway, second-best, and Sweden, third- best, not in wealth or political importance, uui nimiuc; u.i uuuc lur r.uguu than any o'ber part cf the world. Norway, 1 also, has done much for the size of tbe couutry, as has also Sweden. The countries having' most Catholics in them would bave the heaviest judgment. Tbe cities of .San Francisco. Oakland and Alameda will sink by the earthquake in four minutes. People goto the mountains. You will be saved if you get to the mountains. The mountains will shake a little, but 11 will be saved who are on the tops of the mountains. God told me that tbe people should leave for the mountains seven days before the earthquake. Those who have money should take it all with them and just clothes enough to get along with, aud food for about three weeks. Then God showed me how the poor should do. Oh, poor, go to m (Hit. t .i ... if i n Ham nnh a hti f I raiiM on the mnnntAins the rir.h will hr.lt. the poor. When they see the distress of these cities they shall all come down to one level, God shall melt the hearts of the rich. They shall get tbeir tents and lire in tents on the mountains. After three weeks thev shall scatter and go to tbe Eastern States. God will preserve the railways, that they may go hast on them. Tbe rich will help the poor to flee away. God told me tbat there would be a new city built on the mountain aide, near the Golden Gate, called "San Kranciseo Fall." He showed me there shall be no more Oak-ladd or Berkeley, but a place called "San Fablo oa-vee.-' Chicago will never be rebuilt We are too ncartbe end of the world, which will come in 18. Xn both sides of the engulfmeot small cities will be built, "Lake Michigan Destroyed" on the western side, and on the New York side "Lake Michigan." Each city iro to about 2.1.000 inhabitant. War in Europe, after it has begun, will lastnutil Jesus comes. There will be no war in America, but a hard time pestilence, wind, and storms. f City Attorney Johnon was asked this morning what he thinks about the passage of an ordinance to restrain the street Fathering. He said: "I atn of opinion that one can be framed that will meet tbe case, for, notwithstanding the clause in the Constitution giving to everv one an independent risht for mib- l lie worship, it evident that this can- j noi be so sweeping as to mean that the ' liberties and rights of cities are to be nullified tberebv. I tbink personally j that evervthinu"should be done to stop the nuifance, wnica 13 becoming posit- j iveiy unoearaoie." air. Jonnson tnen reierren nis inter- roaator to Deputy District Attoriuy L auren ior u interpretation ot i ne renal coie on tne auDiect. bection 370 deals with public nuisances, and de tones them ss follows : Anything which Is Ininrious to health. AV la tnfftfc A AtTMltlv. M lh. mnmam A . an obstruction to the free nse of property, so as to interfere with the comfortable en- joyneu si un or property vj an enure community or neighborhood, or by any considerable number of persons, or unlawfully obstructs the free passage ot wse, in the customary manner f any navigable lake or river, bay, stream, canal, or basis, .oeingsuii ai nome. i of t. sbscriDtions tnese tour cities, i nen 1 . , . il me also a map of tbe V vUinnd of America. Kn- , Oi lies and iron rails I I or any public square, street or highway, is a ptiDiic uuisiace. Speaking of the matter, Mr. Church said: "These street gsthering. whether for religious purioses or not, undoubtedly obstruct the free passage of public thoroughfares and are in my opinion a direct violation of the penal code, and. tderefore. those who cause them are subject to conviction." Meantime the petition asking for the passage of a prohibitory ordinance is ciaking tbe round' of the business establishments of Pro.idway, and will probably le presented at tbe next meeting cf the Council. THAT AWFl'L DAY. The Doom-Sealers Given Tad a Notoriety. The predicrionists and doom-sealers, led by Ienne!t, tbe bicyclist, Dr. Smith, ami Rice, tbe begging boy evangelist, continue tbeir antics upon the street, corners. They can always draw crowd of the curious, just as other' fakirs and itinerants do, but tbe impression which an alarmist San Francisco paper seems to desire to create, tbat there i- any general alarm in the city at the wild vaporing of the intellectual lightweights, has absolutely no foundation. That a few of Mrs. Woodworth's adherents will leave for tbe high ground, on before April 7th, is reasonably cer tain, but they will very ad vactageonsly be missed. If there were any way to keep them from coming back, steps would probably be taken for its adoption. Some of thedoomers have said that thev were selling out their worldly possessions at a sacrifice Probably most any of tbe junk dealers could bnj them all up without a great financial strain, but if any of them own realty of appreciable value they can be accommodated in tbeir desire to sell at most any of tbe rea' estate offices. Tnere are plenty of capitalists willing to risk a few dollars on tbe subsidence) of things material, if a small profit on tbe transaction is possible. The colored evangelists have ceased their efforts at Ceuter-street station, at least, temporarily. WITHIN SIX MONTHS. The Electric Road to Be Poshed to Completion. , James Gamble Klerted General Man aser and Contracts Awarded for Ties aod Kails. The projectors of Ihe electric street railroad, which is to connect this city with Berkeley, by way of Grove street, say that tbey are going right ahead with tbe work of construction, and, that they expect to bave the entire road, from the corner of Second street and Broadway to Berkeley, in operation inside of six months. Yeterdav, at a the directors, five per cent were ordered paid about $20,000 wor ib were awarded. It is expected to begin work on the roadbed, at the corner of Thirteenth j and Franklin streets, within ten days, i extending tbe work westerlv alone Thirteenth street, to Grove. Within sixty days, it is believed by tbe company. that the roadbed will be completed to j the city limits. The bituminous rock on 1' ranklm utreet will not be torn nr until tbe companv is ready to posh its track through in the speediest manner possible. It has been definilely determined tbat the overhead system of propul-ion will be adopted, though the patent under which the electricity will be applied has not been selected. Yesterday James Gamble was elected general manager of the company's affairs, and he is to bave immediate charge of the construction of tbe road. The work will probably be done "by the day," and many laborers will be given employment. The anticipated cost of tbe road is $25,000 per mile. THE BRITISH "UNKNOWN." He Will Stay at Marysvllle for Some) Time to Come. The bold Briton, whose confidence? operations in this city some three years ago and who?e recent, arrest at isjVs , I ville for similar Work were chronicled , in yesterday's Tribune, was tried Vasv LTT B T charges of obtaining money ander ,als pretenses. Betore going court tbe defendant stated tbat as be ! had only borrowed the money from tbe individuals mentioned be could not be proceeded again -t criminallv. but when ca led upon to plead in court he offered no defense. He recetved punishment for every charge, his total sentence being imprisonment for aix months and fifteen days. LOCaL brevities. Mrs. S. P. Meads, wife of the vice-principal of the High school, is in very low ttate. .She has been suffering from consumption for a longtime past and it is feared tbat the end is nigh. Mrs. Hoffman of 516 Sixth street found a package of letters at tbe corner of Fourteenth and Brush streets last night. Frank Parker was sentenced tbia morring to serve thirty days for stealing tbe package of coffee from H. Meyer's store. It being shown in Justice Henxhaw court this morning that Joe Kelley is a professional beggar, that lndinduani was sentenced to forty days in the) chain gang. Tom Maloney, an escape from the) Boys and Girls'' Aid 8ocierv, was arrested last ntgbt by Officer Howlett. Jadgtnent for Iafringenseat. The case of H. S. Keith, tbe inventor, vs. the Oakland Electric Light and Motor Company, which has occupied -the attention of a jury in the United .States Circuit Court fur two weeks, was was decided yesterday. Keith was . awarded damages in the sum of $1400. The suit was to recover $10,000 dam' ' ages for an infringement of a patent on an electric dynamo. A New Saloon. -. ,. Joseph Simons has made application ' to the Council to conduct a saloon a 879 Washington street, add has filed a' bond in the sum of $f009r guaranteed 5 by Goatave Beckert and himself. Two If erses Missing;. A Strunz, of St. Charles street tad Eing's avenne. report -d to the Police f n I irrl t f, i 4 mArntnff thfl InjM if mak. ! mare with white leet and also a roan , f mare. A Complete Oatnt.,- ; " A horse and cart were found this: . morning outside of ths Kelsey1 r Hon seJ - and are deposited in the stable at that :piaee . ;BIU .Wye: Here;-' . . ' i Bill Nye arrived this morning, arid will loctnre this evening in the First. Methodist Cbnirctu a ; -.- t meeting ot

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