The Carolina Mountaineer and Waynesville Courier from Waynesville, North Carolina on October 17, 1918 · Page 3
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The Carolina Mountaineer and Waynesville Courier from Waynesville, North Carolina · Page 3

Waynesville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1918
Page 3
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, . . - ... , . , , I ' sss, and w ayn e sville courier Volume IV. Number 48. . WaynesviUe, Haywood County, North Carolina, Thursday, October 17, 1918. $1.50 a Year in Advance LIBERTY LOAN HONOR ROLL. Many Red-Btooded Americans Sub scribe Haywood ' County Still Abont $140,000 Behind on AllotmentTime For All Patriots to Get Busy. The campaign for the Fourth Lib-. ertv Loan will close on Saturday next Only three more days remain in which to fulfill the expectations of our gov eminent by subscribing the loan in full. Ud to the nresent. something like 500 citizens of Haywood County have subscribed for bonds through WaynesviUe and Canton. This many ut of a population of 20,000 have shown their patriotism to date.' The total amount thus far subscribed is : about $160,000, while the allotment for our county is $300,000. Haywood county has as many boys on the firing line in Fiance in proportion ' to it's population as any county in North Carolina. Surely those who are per mitted to remain at home in security will back those boys to the last dollar. , No patriot should do less and no patriot will do less. EsDecially since the money is not donated, but simply loaned to the United States government at a good rate of interest and exempt from taxes while so loaned. The members of the committee having this matter in hand for our community are all busy men, but they have laid aside their personal uffairs for the time being to aid their country in this crisis. Every member of the committee, moreover, has subscribed for at least $500 worth of bonds, and some of them still more. If these men are willing to give their time to the cause and lend their money in addition, then the people of Haywood county who have money should back them to the limit There has been plenty of peace talk lately but the war is not yet over. And it won't be over until the victorious allies have driven the barbarous Hun back to Berlin and allowed him to taste some of his own medicine. To prosecute the war successfully our government needs money and more money. It has issued its clarion call and it will be heeded by every red-blooded American patriot. In next week's issue ol the Moun-tair.cei--Courier will be published a full list of subscribers and the amount subscribed. This list will be filed in the County Ccxi House for future reference. All who have not yet banded in their subscription are earn estly requested to do so without fur-; ther delay. t Following is t i'-t ;f uU who have subscribe.-! tkrmtsh Warne.nii'o to data: T. B.r.mktt, Mi?. C C. Capp.-, J. A. Hcn.y. !. C. Mekaifey, Jo.-. D. Green, Ithry Greer. ulr.-n C. Palm?-.-, Dairy Boyd, Jost-niiir; Thomas. J. Henry Allen. C. O. Logan, Messcr !i Carswell. C. IS. Atkinson. Mrs. V. C. Gai-riscn, John B Oanpbell J. H. No-land, S. G. Morrow, E. H. Howell, II . G. Owen, Asl.-ery Howell. Janifl Love Soxton, Jcrcy I!. Leathevwood, L P. Marvin, L. M. Kiliian. Althea Biddix, J. W. Mull, D. F. Underwood, JeSse Buness, J. Dale Stents, Hyatt & Co., Howell Way, Mrs. Tempo H. Carrs- Jamcs E. Carraway, Nellie Frankiin Smith, Mrs. J. R. Boyd, A. Haight, R. O. Jctfeiies, J. T. Bridges, Hattle Siler, McCracken Clothing Co., J. D. Hyatt, Clem Smathers. Mrs. J. S. Mitchell, V. T. Lee, R. H. I'ioit, A. J. Carver, Alden Howell, Cerrie Lcnrlr Liner, W. B. West, S. C. Liner, Mrs. J. C. Fisher, Mrs. G. C. P'ctt, W. H. Liner, Sloan P'.ott Hd-.v. Co., S. L. Stringficld, J. X. Shooibred, Junaluska Leather Co., Robert Leonard, Mrs. H. 3. Atkins, J. M. Palmer, Mrs. Lela Noiand, Un-agusta Mfg. Co.. Annie F. Quinlan, Elizabeth Quinlan, Fredrica Quinian, David Gudger, Rufus Slier, J. P. Scates," Amelia MuFadyen, W. T. Me-haffey, W. T. Denton, Miss Marion Weil. Henrv Wei!. Joe Mormlno, Emma Snowden, J. F. Ens.-, S. C. ' Satterthwait, Jr., C. F. Morris, C. C Capps, V. A. Campbell, R. L Noiand, J. T. Ferguson, J. R, Rogers, E. H. Walker, Sara Avery Thojna3, J. B. Hedford, Edith Francis McCiure, Je.e Davis, Mrs. Liliie C. Harbeck, Mary R. Miller, D. C. Campbell, R. G. A. Campbell, Marshall Measer, J. F. Shelton, N. W. Carver, D. A. Janes., M. A T. H. Woolsev. Mrs. G. B. Hall, J..H. Smathers, W. P. Farmer. J. H.f Jones, Oliver Shelton, S. U uner, Maude McCulloch, Geo. McEbroy, J. B. Medford, James McLean, . Rebecca Boyd, Theodora H. Carraway, Juna-lnska Hotel Co, J. VL Way, Jr, John Jones, J. JL Boyd, Lillian Allen, D. B. Falmet, Ed. WeUs, L. T. Smith, J. 3. J way H Tipton, Mrs. W. C. Allen, Miss Sarah Hannah, Margaret Stringfield, Rector Moody, O. S. Sizemore, Hrs. W. H. Liner, Samuel Joseph Liner, David F. Underwood, Clara M. Fisher, Lt. E. Briggs Hiblet, Curtis Bros., Isa bella Blaylock, Miller Bros., Lloyd Pruett, Dowling Hall, Mrs. Maria Mitchell, H. B. Atkins, T. W. Fergu son, G. Dillyn Green, Chas. E. Quin lan, Janet Quinlan, Mary Quinlan, Alice Quinlan, Helen V. Rue, W. H McCiure, R. L. Prevost, J. M. Mc- Makin, Mrs. W. T. Crawford, Miss Hilda Weil, A. M. Simons, Hester Anne Withers, Dave Cagle, Mrs. A. C. Fouque, P. W. Davis, J. R. Morgan, John A. Plott, Fred Mull, Mrs, Addie Mull, W. M. Sikes, Addie A. Allen, Robt. V; Hawkins, Mrs. Lena B. Palmer, Russell Parris, Wm. Thomas Leatherwood, J. E. Bryson, J. L. Welch, J. A. Smith, Mrs. Mary E. Boone, Mrs, Anna C. Arnold,, Mrs. Anna C. Arnold, John W. West, J. M. Allison, J. W. Teague, A. T. Mc- Cracken, C. L. Leatherwood, R. B. Howell, Glen A. Boyd, D. J. Boyd, Capt. Patrick O'Brien, C. W. Mc Cracken, W. M. Clark, Mrs. Laura Y. Basden, G. B. Ferguson, W. T. Smathers, F. L. Leonard, Z. V. Rogers, J. E. Sentell, W. W. Davis, Mrs. D. R. No- land, W. B. Green, J. A. Parks, C. H. Ray, W. C. Morrow, J. R. Henry, T. J. Davis, R. N. Barber, J. M. Mock, D. Reeves Noiand, Virginia Jones Crary, L. E. Green, J. Francis, I. H. Thack- ston, R. A. Hyatt, Robt. C. Francis, W. M. Tate, Nobel Garrett, W. H. Nichols, F. C. Welch, Robt. Gaddy, Albert J. McCracken, Helen Rue, B. F. Smathers, W. E. Smith, F. II. Moody, Henry C. Love. R. L. Allen. Mrs. Mary H. McFadyen, C. H. McDowell, Sue W. Lindsley, C. A. Haynes, J. W. Wright, W. L. Harden, F. W. Miller, Wiley Franklin, C. H. OpiU, T. H, Deaver, A. J. Crutchfteld, J. M. Long, Mrs. Geo. W. Vandeibilt, Ida S. Green, C. H. Ray, C. B. Medford, Mrs. R. N. Barter, Sam Sussman, Kate P. Pegues, Hyatt & Bramjett, Clara E .Leatherwood, Cline Bramlett, W. P. Leatherwood, W. H. Luther, A. A. Moody, Robt. Boone, F. T. Thack- ston, Robt. W. Howell, J. A. Single ton, I. C. Franklin, S. L. Queen, Wiley Bolden, W. A. Messer, M. H. Allison, C. B. Medford, Mrs. Mary F. O'Brien, J. M. L. McCracken, W. R. Boyd, J. H. Allison, Mrs. Julia S. Lindsley, R. A. Sentell, H. H. Gainer, M. D. Kinsland, ::. M. Penland, G. W. Henry, James i.;ithbone, T. S. Trantham, Z. V. Ferguson, J. P. Morrow, B. Frank Ray, L. M. Welch, W. H. Xcl-on, R. L. Davisj Mrs. Dell Davis, J. W. Seavev. J. E. Massey, H. W. Hoffman. W. J,. Vhitm-i', IS. U. ilyalt. J. C. Tate. ion..r Davis. A. S. Mitchell, Flo:--i-:w ?,"l'.:u E.inr. '.McCracken. II. J. Si( i ii. .i. Sioiii, Haywood Electric po-.vcr Co., V. A. Graiil, J. T. Kirk-patviik, .Sioan-I'ictt H.lvv. Co.. An-se M. G'o -tr, Ila'iiey C. Lin.Uiey . S. A. ':-e.itor.. il. t.. Owen, V. L. Schulhofe?. J. C. I'. Lev;-, II L. Mti inlyen .1. L. WyVKor. J. D. oone. A. I.. L'lthtr.i. lv. ThiKpen, Chas. C. Frar.cii, S. C. Satterthwait, F. A. Bur.c!n, H. R. Maunty. Eflie Allen Lupo, T. F. Wells, Evonin Howell, C. E. Medford. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP Statement of ownership and, Oct. 1, il'lS, as lvqvurtd by act of congress, of the M.iuntaineer-Courier, a weekly new.-parxr vubli.-;'--cri nt Wsynesville, X. C: Eiiitor. managing editor anci pu'o-iishe:- J. I'. 3oor.e. Eufl.itss Manas ere J. O. Cii'.d Toijlaa Larson. Owr.ors 1. V. Boon:- and To::i:t3 Larson. Seearitv held.". Mrs. A. E. Eishoi.-. TOBIAS LAP.SOX. Business Manager. Sworn to and suaxribed before roc thi'. !2th day of October. 1918. E. L. WITHERS, Xotaiy Public. (My commission expires May 2, ;&19.) . The Spanish Flu May Get You, Too (By Jesse Daniel Boone.) This old world is 'in the lurch; For we cannot go to church; And the children cannot roam; For they now are kept at home; And they've put a good, strong ban On the moving picture man; Also made the lodges close, While we're in the awful throes Of the pest the doctors call the Spanish Flu. Yes, the preachers now can pray, While they nave their holiday; And the teachers have a rest, Which should give them punch and zest. But there's some folks, you can bet, Who are doing business, yet; Tis the undertaking man, , a And the doctor and his clan, With the help of all the druggists, fighting Flu. Many patents sell like cakes, While the sick man coughs and shakes, And attempts to make a cure That is certain and is sure, Without doctor or a nurse, Just to help his little purse, While the wise man telephones To his good friend, Dock Sawbones, For he fears he cannot cope with Spanish Flu. Some have toiled and sweat and hewn With their systems out of tune, Until now, when danger comes, Without bells, or horns, or drums, -They are seized and put to bed, Until countless scores are dead; For in piling up their wealth And neglecting self and health, They are numbered as sad victims of the Flu. It's a pity and it's sad That a woman, man or lad, With the warnings they've received, Disregarded, disbelieved, All the health boards had to say Of the best and only way To provide against disease That, is lurking in a sneeze From some person who has got this Spanish Flu. Once again, we say to you, That the best thing orie can do Is to get your system right For this fearful, bitter fight. "Preparation" was the word All this country lately heard When the war god seemed to threat; And it is a good word, yet, When we go against this demon, Spanish Flu. MR. BRYAN'S VISIT. About 1000 People Gathered On The Hillside at Suyeta Park Thursday to Hear Him. Introduced by Hon. Felix Alley. srC'CESSFl'L STOCK FARM. he s:r:i o.i .icnuti T !';'. tp.jcii1. . -.-:n is t'le ii: io',:r,:a ii 1-..-,, A leprcsemative of this i.aper spent vscesit Sunday, in company with friends, at tlte K. P. Ho.vci: i:n i veek. ;jajt J.o ora catt.t. Na'.u.i? never :: S'-5 far i", iir.'.ber the-re si stituis! pra a. In ow;n:; l!h :!it ti.ivjtr :s Miit'-ng vhe roil tints ;t on .t. rich soil strai LIVESTOCK SHOW POSTPONED. On account of the influenza epidemic now raging in all parts of the nunr.-y. t'.e live stock show which .. is tr have iiesn held at Clyde on laiv i.!p ! in: i.V f.nd Thurs ilnv next. h.u C; Vie. .2 1 : .ulii;.'. Koliir.: o'.il.I lie i". it one Mr .in - . ' it:l Howeil believes ; ;v.; sod ns soon u , le.iiovo.! without Uls-' Plowing the sjiI or.iy ! V1V icinei! until Weilnesday 7;v. Xover.ibe? 1" and 11. The! ;i . was advised by z'iv. ' in' Health, and th!.. paper 'i' -i'ove .he advice is good, j the crovrd ami; have bocn small and tlte danger (ji.'iit fciv spvcadV.g a danjrerou. epidemic. Secretary Horace S?nte:l: ef C'yiie ! Informs us that hi is uiii'Iiii1 nnt i to tne tea and tne piemium lists and be g tu nir-.ery .-hallow. On,n:sh them to anyone interest''!. The this farm there is splendid pasture on Southern Railway has awi to ship formerly bare timber groutid sowed tJji look free one way for this cai'ii! i n. era3S last May. The stock which has Let us hope th;.t by ths (hue ;i'-!i-giaiied on this nu unta.'n !an.l poivarsjcat;-.! the influenza v .11 have ran as :his summer i.s fat r.:s butter. In the !,.o;r. and by havirifr more time for wilier till.; stock goes it the -'i!-n ! ;;: ni.iTtio'i vJtc t th' evert will drc .v ".'re'c under puoj . r,t!i.ei th'yire peopie to -ce it and a'.nact ino.i fiorn the silo and l ay j-orri the 1 arr. jox", i';i:oi s thi.n if Mil ar first ad-loft. They ro lack to pasture i -. tlie ve. tlsed. Talk i! up a.v.l arranjee to i;;rlii.; i.i i i'.,ou cindltion us v.ii'f. . .e , n ha-.u November !:J and 14. uken CiT pasture in the fall. , Last Thursday on very short notice about 1000 persons gathered on the hillside of the Suyeta Park lawn for the purpose of hearing an address by the great Commoner, Hon. William Jennings Bryan, one of the greatest speakers in this or any other country, and one of the leading statesmen of America. The committee on arrange ments had a speaker's stand built at the foot of the hill and it was suitably decorated with Old Glory and the flags of our allies. The speaking was to have begun at 2 o'clock but as soon as our distin guished visitor could lunch at the Suyeta he hurried to the army hospital and delivered a short speech to the soldiers from his automobile. During this interval the WaynesviUe Cornet band furnished splendid music and the situation was explained by Mayor John M. Queen, who introduced Mr. O'Dell, the personal representative of Secretary McAdoo, who made a telling and burning speech in behalf of the Fourth Liberty loan. Mr. O'Dell is from Mr. Bryan's home town, Lincoln, Nebraska, but is now head of the regional land bank at Omaha, which has loaned fifteen million dol lars to the farmers of its district. He was heartily applauded and his ad dress and earnestness proved that Secretary McAdoo knows how to pick good campaigners for bond selling. Well before three o'clock Mr. Bryan arrived and Mayor Queen designated Hon. Felix Alley as the one to intro duce the speaker, after an eloquent prayer was offered by Dr. J. D. Arnold. Mr. Alley sustained his well earned reputation as a speaker and orator in a brief speech which recounted the eloquence and deserved world-reputation of Mr. Bryan, in part as follows: Ladies and Gentlemen: With uncovered heads and hearts overflowing with love and admiration and pride, we welcome to our county today the most distinguished private citizen on this continent. For more than a quarter of a century his eloquent voice lias been uplifted constantly in behalf of progressive reforms, civic righteousness, and the universal brotherhood of man. Ho has been more fortunate than mo-1 reformers. His theories have at times been bitterly assailed in certain i quarters and by certain groups of mm; nut. vindication oi ins posiuon ur.on the oub'iic questions of his day ' oeserved the honors won. Wealth has brought Ieasting renown to those who honestly earned it and wisely and justly used it for humanity's cause. But more enduring than brass or marble is the citadel of the fame of the distinguished guest of this occasion, for it is built upon the rock of eternal truth' and righteousness; its broad foundations rest upon the hearts of the people, for whom he has accomplished more than any other living man. The honor and the privilege have been given me to present to the people of my county the best loved citizen in all this land, and the most eloquent orator on earth, the Honorable William Jennings Bryan, who will now address you. WAYNESV1LLE AND PITAL. THE HOS- WayriesviHe, with her beautiful sit uation, wonderful climate, generous and hospitable people can well be proud of the things she has accomplished. The paved streets and fine system of water works and lights, the graded school building and WaynesviUe hospital can compare more than favorably with any small town of its size in the Union. WaynesviUe Hospital, though own ed by stockholders, can attribute its success to' WaynesviUe people and Haywood county for their people's sake much has been done. The Hos pital now can pay the superintendent $100 a month, room and board, and also board and room for a son, and still meet all immediate obligations. Our townsman, Mr. J. P. Swift, gives his valuable time and expense as secretary and treasurer free to the WaynesviUe Hospital. WaynesviUe is not stingy or purse tied only tired of giving giving by this continual begging, when she knows her county needs every dollar for "over there" WaynesviUe wants to give her all. for the flag and her heart is in making this Fourth Liberty Loan a success to the limit that old Haywood shall ring with honor in the giving. ONE OF THE GIVERS. WILLIS LEADS THE WAY. . F. Willis, Formerly of WaynesviUe, Leads in Fourth Liberty Lonn in Atlanta Took $30,000 nrth. has followed vindication, anil ) i"i ;;. nit! io.i ic live to is. I rio.3 re.-uit .n n't'.. : A subscription of 330,000 to the Fourth Liberty Loan was announced Tuesday by the campaign committee. It was made by G. F. Willis. Mr. Willis ban 'ived only , a few ;.car3 in Atian;t.. .ir.a A er l'Eit p:.'inct;,!ti .ii itri opted by j or . UlUCll: nu:;! r; .ut has become ree-tbc c Ity's iiio-t pro-I ' 'viz-" . Ha has I: I-;:- :.-:ai tment :e :..;i-n a tnue. and !H:r:y if ttrr-st-d :cr i-ti-t: ;7ie )vrysy.:rcu- Haywood county rr.ei ii f the future will as the mori. raiser with barn krge enaagh to Ii-m! all the hay as well a ; 3b !.t?r'ns t'v: hor.-ts aiiii caUlo; with silo3 to ur.i- y.e all the fjod value of the corn and oti'CV louoer; Witn every sire or a'.a -ai-le timber land pasture so used; un-l a substitution of hicrli grade stock for scrub?. Th Jonathan creek section has ' some rich volley land growin;; tcel- lent corn and hay. John Henry but u TCES- corn field which, he believes, will aver-( age oO bushel to the a,cr. His wheat I averaged 28 1-2 'bushels to the acre. Pro?. W. Williem.i," who has . All in all, farmers should have a charge of Mr. Hitchcock's Cedar, prosperous year. 0pi are good and Creek farms at Aiken, S. C, shipped j frequent rains have maintained the 14 car loads of cattle from here Tues- jbest of pastures, day to that place, after grazing them j We greatly enjoyed the hospitality through the summer on lands near (of the B. P. Howell family and the here. There were put about 35 head ; opportunity to go "chestnuting" in his ir. each car. ' ! timberland. This is an annual event a these. Sl'NDAV CANVASS. ... nr.n.lcr of commit;''. spent Sun ay in a canvass or c BIG CATTLE SHIPMENT DAY. people have been grazing n Haywood lands for several summers. Next Spring their stock and eattl will be sent back to our famous grass lands. Our friend Jo Davis goes and comes as one of Prof. Williams' main lieutenants. ..... Everybody reads the Mountaineer-Courier. Remember, fellows, if you buy Liberty Bonds, the boys over there raa knock pie Kaiser so flat that we can play him on a phonograph. It'ii for t'-e Fourth Tho folluwing were :;rd destinations: l.oi.duff and Lov er Oul'tree Vtn. S. II. Eushne'l. K. ii. Era nv" James E. Ca'rawry. ripcon--!'. M. Miller and Ii. J. :oan. 'oiUvUn C;ce':: J. P. 3oyd and J. .'.I. UnS. I li.s.s desk J. I). Sten Mock. Upper C-.abtree W. T. Shelton and C. A. Haynes. I'.y Hill Kev. V. . West and U E. Atkins. East Fork S. C. Satterthwait, Jr., and Wallace Blackwell. There was no definite report Tuesday as to amount they raised nor of the total subscribed for the county. However, it was estimated that about half of the county's quota of $300,000 had been pledged. te r II ;ii'iv ev . O! 1 the own J! Jil and of a ti l'i around the world he v.,.; ici aired in the Courts of K:ncs the crowned heads of the gr.-ule:-. tiorf. of the :ii ih ildiichted t; Mm !.or.s . i V. : ;: u; Ucut i ll Uuvo yt vs. s j a half :i,:":...i loyal A".-.-vicar, n.. . -. vilt the: - cars and K-.v-ts 1 1 ec io thv r -ntchless mus'c of e.o- 1 , , , L ,1 1 ..... - untry comaiun-! qi-enre. VP yuvuy toiioweu .. e. M.r :m i hr-pn to can lit tr.e iorum of p-j!i!:c-; and today lie is cvr y- u-.Ved i ! .r. -t iciiiie'-s of tl. j . - . , k'e!'.-c.tuntty .tt :r...tir .i" coiut mis hr.ii liiiiir.i'' i1 ii. :i:e citizen of t!.: roun.ry Liven homired. With the i' r,a:i foy his thene, n'--- -v.- Y-world, couniic-ss itiiHiov.s a: and oher lands have nun lilies i.tLciv-ion on his dormer, i:.iVissionc.l woids. In the orrrr cn in . Hr ; .ho Con-si i. Ti- r am it- .v,.-. enter- an m-y Loan in can-In was of -c-.l laigc also. n.LUIA IMJLI.AiJ CAMPAIGN. Ti e i!nyv.))ci county c i? I STATE 3APTU- I Liberty Loan. lie committees I '-!rc; 1- -.)! .It I.I OJ. ) r :e - a . TiiJ?afy IV Ml th.i 1 ? 1.1 ..-.ll'lll' , ?:ace for manK.r.u. He whs three times the unnriri.u. (choice of his paity for the prirdvfl?;: ie:-ec--l that he shoalJ not te our p-.esl-j,," i .1 li -l Buvt.;?: lie coun -tl-p. iv trj-:- .ir.itiees of In-.-.'i pci: 22nd U S and .- ..h:p the . then of - kind of "f.E . that rv. .1 Amer-rv.iicn. rasters nr.d n'l workers in are a asJ rci attend this" Vrll! Hayv.-oorf 'at: behind? Is '1.000. PUBLICITY COM. I'O'l : tan VATiOri i.iv' C "I.';.' v, '! I- '") "r:fr?p our hr u ".!' "CKn'lSTIAN and J. M. dent. But he deserves the everh. st ir,;: giatitude of this nation and thei ... . i i .1 i . ' a lea na.tors oi me nunu, l'whu.-c hi - Is due to his wonderful influence that' ELECTRIC LIGHT SYSTEM ; In this dark hour in the history of) I Or. TOWN OF II AaT.L WOOD ' mankind, the destiny of oui nation is j being guided by the master band and i Kazetwood is to nave e ect-rx Jignis, . It pays to pay cash. the matchless brain of WToodrow Wil- i eon, Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States. War hss given its heroes to the world, and when their cause was Just the laurel wreath of glory fitly marks their tombs. - Poets have achieved world wide fame, and when their lines conveyed messages of truth and right they well the power to be supplied by B. J. Sloan. Tci street lierhts have been installed and about three-fourths of the residence wired. Hyatt k Robin-rcn rave ben doinr tie w:rlng. The tannery has in tailed a 75-horse power rr.o'cr for motive power to supplement their present power plant driven by a steam engine. It is expected Mm csrrent will bt turned on this woekt V l4 8 B a DOHD DDTMT

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