Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 21, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. 1944 NAUOATTTOK DAILY NEWS Personal Social Fraternal Speaks To Legion Ethel Weber Appoints Legion Chairmen Mrs F.thi-1 Weber, president of I],,, AHUM ii'ii" f.i'gion auxiliary, .i;ipi>iiiti''l "'<• fnK-'Wing chairmen i:i'sl night to havo charge of the (•.•ii-inii.i ai-livitirs this year: Mrs IJ.i7.i- 1 (luniumd,; jlvsi. .M.-iinl.- I.i-wls, Child Welfare: Mrs. Tlirri's:i F.n;;l,'y, Comnumlf. S,.rvn-'-: Mrs. I' :II <TI Gorber, Co:i"- s:i:u'.ii'ti and By-Law*. Miss Anita Xoldo, Oistinguisltotl i;m-s!.<: Mr.*. Mar p.rodeur, .EtUi- Mil.>u cf Orphans of Voteruns; Mr.", Aiunist.'i Anderson, Vai>-Amer. ii-nii Siii'ly; MI-M. Ciithcrliu'^Di\i- nm.'.il. ' ; " hl I<;|: "' Mothi-r: Mrs. M:i!;;.ii''-: 1'assoek. Grave UegLitru- lluby Kivrman. Rick niul .Viss Anna- U'eaving, Leg: Mrs. Anna Morris. Men : Mm. Kthol Simmons. Mu- !'niiCruu-j; Mrs. Mru-LTit 1. Mi'iiuirinls: Mr;:.' Pcnrl •, Xiiionnl Neu-s; Mrs.'ii. Nutiunal Drfi-ns- Kutli U'ilcox, Past P'rcsl- !':irli'.v: Mrs. ICtln.i r,lad- i.|iiii.'.<; Mrs, Marie Duly, .-; .V. rs. Mary Van VluilrhaliililaUini: Mrs. Susnn i:mlio: Mrs. Emma Trcii- iijihirs aiul Awards. •r Janiclo, \\ r ar Ac- lC:i!l-.i-rine Radcliffe, .Mr,-!, Mnry Kaytlswlcfi, !•• Chairman; and Mrs. l r it::patrick. Post War f'.'.Vivn." bofwvn fho ngcs of i" :i!iil 7n in the i:. S. have almost .li.•:!.:.-il .-.-: fiiimhi-r in the period Birthday Party Held Wednesday By Judy Barratt The nth bii-lhcltiy of Judy Bnr- i-att. daughter ^of, Mr. un d Mrs. Mtirolcl N. Barratt of ID .Hillcrest avenue, way celebrated yesterday nflernoon with a ptu-ty at hoi- home. Attending were: Barbara and Dolores Kelsiey. .Bei-nice Ford, Ger- tru_cle Moeckel, Diane Spuclolu Mary Ttimmarello, Virginia Pur- elm and Httrold Clark B.-irrutl, Stylish- : Kitchen Wear plang Complete For Rally Day Of Church School Beck Circle Meeting- Held At Mrs. Dahlin's .Mrs. I- The September mccUnfr of thu Joolc Cifclo wan hold i-ucently at ho homo o!' Mra. Yrijjvu Dahllu of Gi-ovc street. At-nott V:ir.dei-lSui-Kh, chairman, prosJUotl at the mooiiii},' at which plans for the coming yuur woro cliscussec!. Mrs. Jess Covers will'be hostess to the club at the next session scheduled for October 'J2 at hor home. The subject of the cvoninj,- will bo "Hook Character Masquer- ado," The annual Rally Day of the Methodist church, school will take place next Sunday. Plans for the program' were made by Mr. and Mrs, Robert MacFarland. The .promotions will be in charge of. Raymond Yarrison, Members of the church school will participate in the service. The suasions or the school wll bo at 9;<10' u. m., as usual, with the special service of dedication and promotions at 11 a. m. • Patents and friends are invited to a L tend. Miss O'Donnell Feted Recently' A t Large Shower Daughter Born To Cpl.-Mrs. J. Monroe Jack Gormley, S 2-C, Visiting- With Parents JacUk Cormley, S. 2-C., who has complPtod hiK recruit Iraining at i- Naval Training Center, Sampson. X. Y.. _!.-! visiting with his party. Chief'John Cormley and Mrs. normloy of Enebo street. He will ivturn to Siii:i|).son Monday for ,is- ::ininnt to further duty. CHRISTMAS CARDS ARE READY NOW! Sweetheart 5 11TilCK j Friend Husband JJrothcr ioc $1.00 Pal Others SKI.;-:CT TIIKM NOW MAIL BEFORE OCTOBER 15TH . Tin- C-V.rd :ind Gift Simp SWEENEY'S s^oSv STORE PATTERN* NO. I«(HI8 This apron makes you part of your kitchen decorations. It's np- pliqucd flower pocket matches your potholdors—and youi- Curtains too, if you like. Pattern envelope contains tissue pattern pieces and full directions' for making the above. Over CO-page multicolored book of Needle Arts containing live free patterns, and many other suggestions for dressing up your home and yourself is now available. Send your request for this hook 10 the I address listed below, enclosing I twenty cents (20c.) in coin to cover f the cost and mailing charges... Send 15 cents (coin) i'or Pattern No, A200S to Nnusatuek Doily News. Needle Arts Dopt., P. O. Box 172, Station O, New York 3, N. Y, Please include your postal zone number. Corporal and Mrs. John A. Monroe announce the birth of a.daugh- ter, Lillian,Rhcta, this morning in the WaLurbui-y hospital. Cpl, Monroe of the -Headquarters Co. is stationed in India. Mrs. Monroe js the daughter ol r -Major and Airs. William Johnson •jf Cliff street. Fire Prevention Program At Grange Meeting Chan'es Jfessnuj', mnstcr of Beacon Valley grange, will preside at the meeting to bo held at S p. m Friday. A i'ii-e prevention program is planned with a'guest speaker talk. lo Charles F. Daly To Return Home Frances Braziel Enters St. Elizabeth College Miss Frances Erfixiel. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Brnxiel of City Hill street has entered the freshman class at St. Klizabeth col- lego. Convent Station, N. Y. She was graduated last June from Sacred Heart high school. Wator- burv. BUY WAR BOXDS ANT) STAMPS Borough Clerk Chnrlos P. Daly of Elm street is expected to return tomorrow from St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury, where he underwent an operation recently, Evergreen Chapter, 0. E. S-, Meets This Evening Mrs.'Margaret Mahan and Mrs. Margaret Bickerdlkc wore hostesses at a currency shower in ho'n- or of Miss Shirley O'Donnell of Walnut street, held recently in Hibernian hall. A delicious lunch was prepared by Mrs. Clara O'Shca of Beacon Falls. The guests were: Mrs. J. Mersy, Mrs. F. O'Donnell, Mrs. Ericson Schofield, Mrs! H.. O'Donnell, Mrs. 1 William Butler, Mrs, Mollie Schu• macber, Mrs.. Marcella Mahan, Mrs. Margaret : CJuinn, Mrs. George .Robertson, 'Mrs. Ro'.b.crt Me Dcrniott. Mrs. Harry Middendorf, Mrs, Ted West of Waterbury, Mrs. A McCann, Mrs. Donald Leary, Mrs, William .Newbol'd,'. Mrs. Ruth Quinn. Mrs. Stanley Janik, Mrs. Joseph Murlha, Mrs, K. Ernst. Mrs, Carl Shea Mrs. Albert Bup- sis 1 , Miss Helen Patterson, Mrs. Richard Morrisey, Sr., Mrs. Richard Mornssey, Jr., Mrs. John' McCurthy Mrs. Joseph Hanley. Mrs. Edward Hanley, Sr. and Mrs. Edward I-Ianl'cy Jr. Also,. Misses Jane and Betty Han- Icy,- Rose Hanley, Mrs. William Fleming, Mrs. John Hanley "Jr.. Miss Babe, Mrs. Charles Brennaii, .Misses Theresa Brennar., .ill.'an Ekbcrff, Marie and Hannah Boylan, Kathorine Bickerdike. Mrs. Elmer Ekberg, Mrs. Harold Ekbei-g, Mrs. Luke Nolan, Mrs. M. ;oylan. Miss Peggy' Cm-tin, Mrs. Kelsey, Mrs. F. Williams, Mrs. Anna Sorthty, Mrs. Datlcuk, Mrs. Mahan. Mrs. F. Yurlcsaitis,' Mrs. Stankiewioz, Misses Kathorine irooks and Mazic Callahan. Mrs. Dorothy Kramer, Mrs. Charles Fellows, Misses Dorothy Roberts; Annie Gannon, Bc'.ty Green and Frances Skelly. Miss O'Donnel! will be married to John Mahan on October 7; Democratic vIcc-prcHldentlal nominee, Sen. Harry S, Truman of Missouri, IK shown as lie ad- (Irt'wsed the American Legion convention in Chicago. He said Hint a great responsibility on the people of the O. S. to seu that discharged wa'r vlterann arc placed in hiiKincsK and industry. (International) experience. Now the entire class can take a. set'apart, repair it and even build their own sets. Several of the men plan to abandon their previous occupations o.nd open up repair shops. , , Aid l-'rom Civil service and companies with foreign holdings are assured trained veterans with new-found skills in foreign languages or advanced mathematics through these drives. To top-off the group instruction", individual help is jariven by members of the Hollywood writers mobilization to veterans interested in a writing career, while a group of talented and famous artists ai-e instructed in sketching, painting and drawing. These are just a few of the classes, which include a variety of subjects and trades, such as theatrical make-up, radio script writing, airport management, voice instruction, aircraft assembly and construction, and modified engineering'. Union Cityite Given 30-Day Sentence In borough court' this morning, Michael Snctforwicz, 1-1 Lines Hill titreel, Union City, was sentenced to 30 days in jail -on .a breach of j>eace charge, and fined J2B on a charge of intoxication by'Judgo Thomas Ncary. £ The Union City man wmi arrent- ed last night by Patrolman Raymond Carlson and George Population of Sofia, capital Bulgaria, is about .300,000. of An average American housewife, living on a farm, washes, dries and handles o.ich year esli- malcd to weigh slightly more than six tons. It's Not Always Your Weight! RUSKIK CORSET SHOP :<;;Sn. M:iln SI., Wlliy. T«-l. X-.'i2l Army Therapy Leads Wounded In New Careers A ceremonial in honor of Robert Morris, founder of the Order of E.-istorn Stai-, wiil be presented at the mooting of Evergreen chapter this evening in Masonic temple. All member.-; are requested to be present. Cpl. William Connole Completes Furlough Corporal William R. Conno'iC of the Oth Weather Squadron has returned to San Juan, Puerto Rico, i at'ler spending a three-weeks' fur-' lough, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John .1. Connole of North -Main street. Newport Residents . Visiting Mrs. G. Hoadley Mr. and Mrs. Laster Ycaton Newport, R. I., .'ire visiting Mrs. Yeaton's mother, Mrs. George Hoadley of Scott street. Young Idea MEATS - FISH - &ROCERIES - FRUITS-AND VEGETABLES These Foods Are Plentiful BUY ALL YOU WANT! WEEK END FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SALE! CJtyPQEN!.A SUNKIST .GRANGES DOZ. 35' KasIiJ-Scsh APPLES Q ««.. CAf.rr'OKN'IA SUNKJST ."DCi's ORANGES •"« do. E!faer*a"pEACHES 2 i'w 25^ T;. S. Xo. 1 NATIVE POTATOES . NEW NATIVE CABBAGE . SELECTED YELLOW ONIONS Ibs Ihs SAVE ON THESE QUALITY GROCERY DEPT. SPECIALS Tliy ISI.I;K HIOON qHEESE SPREADS .M'.ix\vr:i,r, nousu COFFEE ........ nrvL MO.VJTi <m DICED BEETS. , . A DR.', MONTH fit D2CED CARROTS^ i)i-:r,rcror;y o JELLO PUDDINGS 6 HAKF.U'S Vaniite EXTRACT. . MtlSr.lK'S FKKSII APPLE PIE ....... '1 07. 2 07, TOMATO SOUP KMI> V.TNfJ GRAPE JELLY ..... KKt) U'l.VG ?EACH PRESERVES CIKJIHKU'S STItAINKI) BABY FOODS . . . C'-KItBEU'S CJ!O1'1'EI> FOODS, DRY CKKEAL or 1 Ib 1 lb r.crhcr's OATMEAL all kinds glass jars all kinds plass Jnrs ft 13c C1 FANCY GAKOEN SWEET PEAS. HONEY DROP GOLDEN CORN DELICIOUS CORN NIBLETS IIONEVDROP SUCCOTASH No, 2 tl can 12 oz can Xo. 2 tl can 2 No. 2 ...... CAMPBELL'S 10 « PORK & BEANS CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE SOUP can. FRIEND'S .28-oz. , Oven Baked BEANS can . K. & R. tall . CHICKEN BROTH can ; B. & M. BRICK OVEN 18 07 . BAKED BEANS. . J*- . PHILLIPS' (DELICIOUS No. 2 . STRING BEANS . . "»» CANNON'S . Picnic { ASPARAGUS TIPS «» i SUN'SWEET It. 4 PRUNE JUICE MI. i BKOOK MAID OR MOTT'S Beg. 29c f CITRUS MARMALADE "Mar t WELCH'S lb t GRAPELADE >' .* Card Party At ... MilMIIe Library ' A card party under the auspices or the Milivillc Library .associ.ilion will be hold tomorrow evening at S:30 o'clock in Library hall. There will be tables for bridge, pinochle and setback, and refreshments will be sers-od. "I PRIDE MYSELF on my own corn muffins but truly this quick way (Flakorn) is 100 per cent perfect" writes a lady from New England. And most housewives have the same experience. , FIRST STEP IN EASY WALKING- SEALECT EVAPORATED MILK 1 Red Point A Can Q tmi «7c O vnns *l 1 V OTMW STYtfS Luxor \ Norwash Shoe Store i By HAZEL JIARTZOG (United 1'ress StalT Correspondent) Van Kuys, Cal..— (UP)—Spark!i:i(T lilra actress Jinx Falkenberg tilted her head and the pencils raced over drawing boards as more of j than a score of convalescent sol dlers turned their thoughts frbn' the battlefield to the peaceful ar of portrait pa.'ntinjf. The scene was the Army's Bir minfrhnm Genera! in pic turosque Sun Fernando Valley where hundreds of Southern' Cali fornia soldiers ave recuperating from war wounds—and learning a pe;iceli:i:e trade a!, the same time The art class is -only one of many types of cl.'tsses in which veterans arc training themselves for new jobs and rehabilitating- themselves for old ones. Lejirn Radio Repair Men who were shoe clerks before the war -will open their own radio rcpoii- shops because they have learned how to build a radio sot while still in a wheelchair. Others, who drove trucks ,in civilian life, will emerge fi-om the hospkals as ivpisis, oii'ering dra-s- tic changes in their occupational potentialities. When the primary purpose of such therapy is to provide the war wounded patients with self-conf)- ilunce. the results hnve fcir exceeded the original motive, hospila] a't- tcndants reported. Typins 1 Opens Fields In the typewriting group more than lw patients havo learned the keyboard uud havo become moderately fast typists since the cln^s began Ihree months ago. One patient, with a head injury which paralyzed his side, is learning to type to regain the use of his hand. Bui the majority have expressed the desire to make typing an integral pnrt of their postwar work. Ar.d so il is in the other fields. In the radio repair class only one patient in a group of 30 had had any previous technical radio ] LET IT RAIN... LET IT SHINE . . . you'll chvays be smavtly attired in this'all- weather "STATION-WAGON" Coat. They're tops with the coke crowd, from coast to coast. In Natural -and Red for girls. Water repellent and plaid lined. SIZES 10 TO 20 SIZES 1 to 10 $rr.98 PATTKUN NO. 1235 We can't think -of a gayer version of the suspender skirt than this one, can you? The liltle pockets marching clown the suspenders and bright bands of contrast make it something the young crowd will 'go" for! Malcc it in warm winter colors, to be worn with the dainty blouse pictured. Barbara Bel) Patlern No. 123D' i designed *or sizes 11, 32, 13, 1-1, 3 and IS, Size 12, jumper, require 2 7-S yards of 39-inch material; the ,ong-slecvcd bloouse, 2 yards. Plan your fall clothes now! The new full and winter pattern bool: 'Passing in Review" is now readj. —contains 32 pages ot the top hits n clothes the boys in uniform admire—"Date" frocks, street wear •sportswear, clol.hes to wear on the iome front—snappy school clothes or junioi-s and children. Price 10 cents. For this pattern, send 20 cents n coins, your name, address, pa.t- ern number and size wanted to Barbara Bell, Naugatuck Daily 'fcws, Post Office Box 99, Station New York 19, N. Y. GOOD MIXERS (Released by The Bell Inc.) Syndicate, WORKERS FAVOR APT. ' Groton| Conn., Sept. 21—(UP)— Members of the Independent Shipbuilders and- Marine Engineers union at the Electric Boat company have voted to affiliate with the American Federation or Labor rather than the C-I-O. Qf. the 3700 votes cast, at the submaVinc plant, the-'A'-F : Ia*'received'2200 and the C-I-O 1500. •• FOR "TEENERS' Sweaters 'n Skirts 'n Jackets SWEATERS ... 100%. Wool Pullover r.nd Cardigan styles—in many new high shndcs. 2.98 to 5.98 SKIRTS . . . Smart oil wool Glen nr.d Clan Pladcls In. many color combinations . . . Flannels In grey. na\Y, brown and red. 3.98 to 7.98 CORDUROY JACKETS Popular man tailored sty!e in fine corduroy. Natural, tan, brown and olive, 13.95 BLOUSES... To complete the outfit. 1.98 to 3.98

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