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The Valley Falls New Era from Valley Falls, Kansas • Page 1

The Valley Falls New Era from Valley Falls, Kansas • Page 1

Valley Falls, Kansas
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"5 T7 TT VOL. 14 VALLEY FALLS, JEFFERSON COUNTY, KANSAS, OCTOER 3, 1912. HO; 43 I I is 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 THE VALLEY FALL8 HEW ERA ESTABLISHED 1SS L. H. BURNETT, Editor and Proprietor.

Integrity In all our dealings with the public has been one of the guiding principles of this concern ever since its in I In the Past We have striven to win the confidence of this community, Its belief in us, its entire trust is the prize that of all others we aim to keep. Ml 98 1 (o) By Our Deeds And our words we seek to establish' this bond of confidence between the public and ourselves. To this end we have ever aimed to make our advertise- -ments in simple language impossible to misconstrue. at the postofflce in Valley Falls. for transmits km through thm mails as eoad clan matter.

PHONES tterlal Offlcat-Mutual 75-Iadapandamt EX Office: Mutual 46 todapaant XML ably" should have read, "reported on favorably." The change of this one letter to changed the meaning entirely. Isaac Booth, et al, through their attorney, H. T. Phinney, has filed suit in partition against L. R.

Booth, et al. Ileal Estate Transfers. James E. Gordon and wife to James M. Johnson, 4 acres in the nw qr of sec.

24, twp. 10, of range 18. Consideration, $1200. George W. Moody and wife to Fritz Brey, the half of the se qr of 'sec.

10, twp. 10, range 18. Consideration, $5000. George Kampman" and wife to the City of Meriden, the 5 feet of lot 1, block 1, in consideration of the build ing of a good and substantial five-foot stairway and maintaining same for ever. Maggie Davis, a widow, to John I.

Kirkpatrick, the 17 feet of the 35 feet of lot 7, block 6, in the original village of Winchester, as per the recorded plat thereof. Consideration, $375. The Board of Directors of Consoli dated District No. 19 to John G. Mar tin, lots 4, 6 and 8 of block 1, in the village of Rock Creek, as per the re corded plat thereof.

Consideration, $450. Maggie Davis, a widow, to Alice Kirkpatrick, et al, the W. 18 feet of the 35 feet of lot 7, block 6, In the orig inal village or Winchester, as per the recorded plat thereof. Consider- i atlon $425. Birney C.

Arnold, to G. H. Dawson and E.E. Dawson; parr -of lot; ,12 block 20, in the City of Valley Falls. $1 and other valuable considerations.

Republican Committee Meeting. The Republican County Committee will hold a meeting at the court house, Oskaloosa, on Monday, October 7 th, at 1 o'clock. Ed. Sure Travels Some. In a private letter from Ed.

Van Liew, one of the general salesmen for the Val Blatz Brewing says he is just home from a sixteen thousand mile trip over the southern and east ern states, thirty-two in number. He says crop conditions and the general business outlook is good except in the Eastern states where the manufactures are running half time the manufacturers claiming that the price of raw material is so high they cannot make expenses, but the gen eral impression is that they are only making this as an excuse for asking for a higher price. Ed has our thanks for a generous lot of post cards showing the differ ent places of interest on his travelc, Ed is another of the Valley Falls boys who has made good in his battle with the world, and while he is in the business of selling beer at wholesale and, is one of the very top notchers in the company, he is a total abstain er himself. Hurrah for Valley Falls. Nortonville News The Valley Falls Boosters came to town Thursday all blossomed out in Trust totmd tbe Items of Interest to Every Resident Courts and Offices at 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 Figures compiled at the office of the County Treasurer shows $1121.11 of the 1911 tax uncollected on September 3, the day of sale which is charged aeainst th various funds throughout i the county where such tax was levied.

The delinquent taxes in Jefferson county is less than one-half of one per cent, which is less than last year with a much larger tax levy. $1456.81 of delinquent tax prior to 1911 was collected, which is a credit to the various funds where such tax was levied. The amount of such tax which appears as a debit or credit to the different funds on the ledger is as follows: Total Un- Total col. 1911 col. prior to Dr.

State $129.00 County general 107.61 County poor 16.01 County brdg 74.18 County high school 49.40 Oskaloosa twp 54.18 Union twp 34 'Jefferson twp 2.40 Norton twp 3.95 Delaware twp 39.19 Rock Creek twp 7.20 Ozawkie twp 24.23 Fairview twp .76 Kaw twp 6.08 Kentucky twp 9.34 Rural twp 27.06 Sarcoxie twp. 55.85. Oskaloosa, city 50.05 McLouth, city 35 Winchester, city 1.10 Norton ville, city 7.11 Valley Falls, city 67.67 Meriden, city 4.90 Perry, city 12.44 Totals for school dist. 446.69 1911. Cr.

$215.41 179.70 26.93 123.76 82.74 27.82 18.06 3.83 3.77 27.03 24.70 22.51 29.72 10.00 13.90 97.74 35.06 16.91 5.66 15.45 2.80 27.62 370.59 Totals $1121.11 $1456.81 According to-the, above figures -the total amount of delinquent tax (general) is $1121.11 and the total amount collected prior to 1911 is $1456.81. County Clerk Bliss received a communication Wednesday from Representative Turnbull In regards to a bill he had introduced in the United States House of Representatives, providing for a national commission to investigate and report to Congress on the establishment of permanent exhibits at Washington of the natural, industrial and educational resources of "each state in the Union; and asking for his opinion on the matter. Mr. Bliss says he believes it would be a good thing as "It would be of Vital interest to all, especially the foreign element, who could see the many advantages of a state, from an unprejudiced viewpoint." The states will spend vast amounts of money for an exhibit at a Fair," said Mr. Bliss, "and it does only temporary duty, while an exhibit of this kind would be a continuous advertisement for each state; I am in favor of it." County Commissioners Renfro, Metzger and Kimmel and County Surveyor Clark went out Monday to look over the road prayed for in the Asa O.

Judy which was filed in January and which was reported on by Viewers R. C. M. F. Lloyd and J.

Harding, on March 11th. A delay has been caused in passing on the road owing to the fact that some of the land. owners were not notified, and a Mr. Constance had objected to Vj Li Is the soul of We wish our every statement, be taken literally. In them we say only wKat we mean and what we can liberally fulfill It will pay you to read carefully every one of our advertisements.

A 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 Court of Jefferson County, Gleaned From the County Capital. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i it passing through his farm at the place asked for. He asks for $1000 damages, as it now is, and has advised the commissioners that his damages will be much less if they will run it a little east of the present survey. Herman S. Martin, father of Robert A.

Martin, minor, appeared before the court and relinquished all his right to his minor child, whose mother died April 18, 1912, to Robert C. Patterson and Lou Patterson, his wife, who were desirous of adopting him as their own. The court being satisfied that the consent was voluntary, declared the minor child as the child and heir. of Robt. Patterson and wife, and henceforth to bear the name of Robert A.

Martin Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson were the grandparents of the child and live in Valley Falls. The petition of Nancy J.

Martin, representing that she is the mother of Ruth W. Eason, minor heir of James F. Eason, deceased, and that the minor is the owner in fee simple of lands situated in Meade county, Kansas; and that it is necessary that a guardian be appointed. Upon Mrs. Martin filing her bond for $500 and oath the court issued her letters of guardianship.

Returns were made this week to the probate court showing that David K. Dick and Maud W. Williams were married on the 18th at McLouth, by Elijah Jones; and that Charles Mayo and Mary Kunnick were married at Tonganoxie on the 28th, by Rev. J. A.

Budrean. Inventory and appraisal of the estate of Laverne Hosier, minor, was filed by Eva Hosier, guardian, show ing a 1 -10th interest in a note for $8000, belonging to the estate. -Mary E. Torrance administratrix of the estate of J. A.

Torrence, de ceased, filed inventory and appraise ment of the estate, showing property belonging to the estate in the sum of $8013.30. The claim of G. P. Werts for $105.30 against the estate of J. A.

Torrence, was heard and allowed. County Attorney Worswick was in Holton Friday on legal business. Following is a letter received by Probate Judge Teetor this week. It "was turned over to Clerk of the Court Larkins for answer. No comment is necessary, as it speaks for itself: Probat Juge, Osklosa, Kans.

From Mrs a widow did get devorse in 1909, in march abot the 20. what I wish to no is the mater setled. He had no grounds but I let it go as he had no Bussiness With any Woman had no hoMe for a Wife had to many swetharts. Plese let Me here if I am free WoMan I would like to no it. a widow.

Sheriff McCain finished summoning the jurors for the November term of court this week. In the item in this column last week in regard to the report of the viewers of the road prayed for in the Kathan petitions the words "reported unf avor- CHINAS 1:00 o'clock p. m. 18 SOWS! four and one-half miles fSJ Meriden, Kansas 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 (o) if un i Frank Stewart was at Kansas City on business Thursday. Mrs.

Marion Brown has purchased the Perry Brown place of the heirs and will occupy it for her home. Elmer Hiatt and wife have secured rooms in the Wood's house with Will Bragg, and with new furniture moved in Wednesday. c. W. Kelly and B.

F. Bragg went to Lyon county Wednesday to dispose of a lot of cattle and horses. They 1 will be gone about a week. McGinty's are coming to town from the and E. N.

Boatman's, who lived in their house, will move into the McCartney house on Frazier ave. Joe Hill and wife and his mother, Denison, visited at Dr. I. E. Foster's, Mrs.

Joe Hill's parents, the first of the week. p. Newman and family are at Atchison todav. Fridav. Uncle Vince says he went shopping while his folks went tQ gee the flower parade and carnival fun Grandma Potter, who makes her home here with her daughter, Mrs.

Will Mitchell, went to.Easton Thurs day to visit a few days with her sons, O. J. and Belie Potter. Dr. Gephart was in Atchison Tues day evening on business and said that Commercial street looked like a state fairi The Parker Carnival Co.

is there this week on account of the Corn Carni vaL After nearly a week at Topeka, Brose-Aitken. At the home of Frank Brose, the bride's brother, at Topeka, Wednes day, October 2, 1912, at 2 o'clock, Miss Emma Brose and Dr. William K. Aitken of Valley Falls, were united in marriage by Probate Judge Schoch, in the presence of members of the families. After congratulations an elaborate lunch was served.

Those present from Valley Falls were, the sister of the bride, Mrs. Ben Reihle, the parents of the groom, Dr. and Mrs. T. K.

Aitken, brother-in-law and sister of the groom. Dr. and Mrs. F. P.

Mann. Miss Amanda Gwartney of Oskaloosa and other relatives of the bride from McLouth were present. The bride wore a brown traveling suit and the groom the conventional black. The decorations including roses were red, white and green. The conveyance accommodations about the city were In Dr.

Goodwin's car, his son at the wheel. The groom was in the employ of Dr. Goodwin fifteen years ago. The bride and groom are expected home today where they will be at home to friends on south Oak street, already prepared for them. We join in congratulations and best wishes.

Wilson At Topeka. Gov. Woodrow Wilson will be in To peka next Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 and speak at the Auditorium. Persons can attend this meeting from this part of the county and get home the same evening. Jacob DeFrees is back from Oklahoma where, near Tulsa he spent four months carpentering.

He says crops are poor' theref and nearly everybody has the "ager." He wilL work for Duncanson again. HOTEL' STEVENS A first class hotel with modern conveniences Dry Goods Comp arc M. A. Guynn, the well known Winchester produce man, was in Leavenworth yesterday visiting friends. In addition to being a business man, Guynn finds time on the side for athletics of which he is an ardent fan.

There is scarcely an athletic sport in tne annals of which he is not well versed. One of his hobbies is horseshoe pitching and he is an expert exponent of the art of tosing ringers and learners. "No, we did not have a regular horseshoe pitching team this year, for the reason that most of our spare time was centered in baseball' said Guynn. "Of course, we had games among ourselves, but did not tackle any outside teams. We are going to have a good basketball team this winter, but we are having trouble in securing a hall suitable for playing purposes." Guynn said that he was going to stop off at Easton last, night and take in the Smith-Rogers bout Leavenworth Times.

to Water Consumers. After, the 10th of October the accounts of all water consumers may be round at the office of the city clerk, where payments may be made, and receipts "will bo issued. August Kroll, of Leavenworth. Is here visiting his children, Mrs. Jos.

Knler, Mrs. John Bros a an Henry Kroll. He is a well-to-do farmer In Salt Creek Valley. He was a village blacksmith here more than forty years ago. John Decker returned Thursday morning from Jewel City where he had been to lcose a trade for the; Kimball farm east of Ozawkie.

McCIenny gets the farm, valued at $70. an acre, for his stock of hardware etc Mrs. W. H. Patterson of Mound City; is here visiting her daughter, Mrs.

J. J. Harman. their Street Fair colors. Lou Haucklwith George Hill in his Overland, of vy IU 52 Mastodon and Long's Wonder led the procession in his new Abbott Detroit car and carried the band which gave us a couple of selections while At.

x. j. a me uuosiers uurnea arouna ana scattered Carnival literature. They made the round of the county towns ana every vish le me people Know inai vauey rails is 10 nave a carni val September 24. 25.

and 26. They also left the impression that Valley Falls is very much alive and hustling for business to the extent that real ef- forts which' cost mone'y being put forth to bring people to Valley Falls. Will McCoy Dead. Will McCoy died at his home at Nortonville Wednesday night, aged 74 years. His immediate death was not! expected.

His son Will B. McCoy of New Mexico arrived in time to see.his father before he passed away. I 1 I I PC LA ND Commencing at ROAPS At the lions: Farm, southeast of fi 11 lip son George McCoy and wife werelwnere at Christ hospital he was op- oldlerated on for piles last Wednesday, i present William McCoy was an resident cf the county and well and favorably known in the northeast part of the state. The funeral will be I held Saturday afternoon. Hauck's Birth- day Partyi is Oct.

16. to Help I W1H Van Liew returned home Wednes- I day evening and hopes to soon be out I and at work again. His wife went over to the city in the morning to accompany him home. Ed. Geiger says that the first winter he spent in Colorado he learned that lambs were" kept from.

dying with cold by giving them a drink ot gin as an eye-opener in the morning. Neil. Mc- Leod, who knows all about sheep, says FREE LUNCH AT NOON HOTEL UAIDEAU Mra Geo. Digham, Prop. Under Hew T.l end ferric r.l W.

LONQf Bresdeir'r guests this is the -zt remedy ever even.

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