Record-Journal from Meriden, Connecticut on February 11, 1939 · 14
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Record-Journal from Meriden, Connecticut · 14

Meriden, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1939
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MEHIDEN RECOnn SATURDAY MORNING FEBRUARY if'TOT 14 Record Directory Loew-Poli theater Wet Main Street-Trade W’ihd” 2:52 0:19 and 9:10 p m ‘ Road Demon" 1:20 4:47 and 8:14 p m "Hawk of the Wildernesa" No 9 1:09 4:31 and 7:58 p m Capitol theater Grove afreet — "Say It In French” 1:15 4:05 7:00 and 9 45 p m “Off the Record" 2:30 5 20 and 8:30 p m r CITY ITEMS —The Ladies' auxiliary of the North Italian Home club will hold a dance this evening In the club house on Thorpe avenue A spaghetti supper will be served between 10 and 11 o'clock —Members of the Epworth league of the First Methodist church who plan to go on the hike this morn- DINE TODAY SUNDAY and MONDAY Mrs Heflin’s The Finest Food in New England Served Amongst Homelike Surroundings at Reasonable Prices FULL COURSE DINNERS 65c 75c 85c $1 Rememler — We W ill Be Open All Hay Monday Feb 13 JcpsonVHooUS’vr wjgapi v an cV-r-Tw- Greeting Card Center of Meriden NEXT i TUESDAY IS VALENTINE’S i DAY Have you forgotten anyone? We can help yon — lip SPECIAL Hendrik Van Item’s The ARTS Regular Price S395 FOR A LIMITED An TIME 5170 A Timely Suggestion Accident Insurance to pay you an Income If you are the victim of one of our dally headline accidents Information without obligation CALL 2474 Page & Pardee Est 1865 II COLONY 8T THE SATIN FINISH Beautiful care-free floor arc your witfi "61“ resistant to wear and water SAFE no! slippery! "61" floor require no attention for year other than ordinary cleamns Get tt at any stores three - The -J Lacourciere Co && Grove N Meriden Phone 822 I'M Outer hi ailing ford Tel 210 28 Mm i SI PUalnUle Phone 5? - HARD LEHIGH ANTHRACITE McWeeney&Donovan INC CROSS St TEL 7M lng ar asked to meet at the church at 11 o’clock —The Rev William V Alien new pastor of the Main Street Baptist church will preach his firm er-mon here a paetor tomorrow morning at 10:45 o'clock and will doubtless be greeted by a large congregation Hia subject will be "Source of Our Strength” — The St Hedwig society of St Stanislaus' church will meet Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock in the school hall —The board of vestry of St John's First Evangelical Lutheran church will meet Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at the church —The Rev Charles R Cooley the new minister of the First Congregational church will preach hi second sermon at the morning service tomorrow at 11 o’clock his subject being “You and Your Church” —The Albion club will hold a ladies' night program and social for members and friends this evening at 8 o'clock in the club room at 43 State street —The Junior Luther league will meet this afternoon at 2 o’clock in Immanuel Lutheran parish house —The Meriden Symphony orchestra will meet for rehearsal at 8 o’clock Monday evening at the City hall auditorium instead of at the Meriden High school —The Luther league of the Immanuel Lutheran church will bowl the Mancheater league thia evening in Manchester All members planning to go are requested to be at the parish house at 6:30 o'clock —Alton Weston will lead the Senior Luther league devotion to be held Sunday evening at the Immanuel Lutheran parish house The topic will be “The Worship Service’’ and promisee to be a most interesting one Members and friends are invited to attend the service which will begin promptly at 7:30 o'clock —An anniversary requiem mass will be celebrated at 8 o'clock this morning at St Joseph's Roman Catholic church for the late Mrs Margaret Smith formerly of 53 South Second street — Rachel Rebekah social will be held Monday at 2:30 o'clock In the afternoon in Odd Fellows' tall Broad street — The board of relief will not hold a session Monday from 10 a m till noon as stated in the public notice as the city hall office will be closed on account of the holiday —The Rev H R Jackson presiding elder will preach at 3:30 o’clock tomorrow afternoon in Parker A M E Zion church — The real estate and insurance office of Joseph DIPersio at 29 DEATH " M E CORNE CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE NEVER HAD stairs seemed so endless as to the four of us— we had left Didmore below administering to Minnie — climbed the back flight to the third floor On and on up and up we climbed At the second-story landing I paused for breath Della Craig ran out of her bedroom her hair a black cloud about her scantily draped shoulders "What Is it?" she whispered fearfully Her eyes black as ink were filled with dread "I heard a shot—” “A shot!” Mac’s eyebrows went upward "Benson go down and get Didmore up here quick!” And he raced up the remaining stairs two at a time while Della and I united by a common fear clung together and panted behind him I do not know what it was that we expected to find but none of us myself included were prepared for the sight that met our eyes as we flew down the corridor that led to Mr Richard's room Grouped about the doorway were the members of the house party all talking and shouting at once And as we stared spellbound the group of it own accord divided itself in the center and down this lane came — Mr Horace! I think that I went momentarily hysterical at the sight orhim I know that my mouth fell open and that it remained open as the dead yet living man approached us And then the man spoke: "Don’t be alarmed” he said softly “It was only— only a flesh wound!” The light from the ceiling chandelier struck his body I saw the blood— the blood that had reduced Minnie to gibbering idiocy! The blood was on hia hands It glistened in scarlet mounds upon his clenched knuckles It was on his clothes The left length of his coat was splashed with blood I swallowed convulsively My mouth tasted of blood! I had bitten through my lip! "Father! Oh my God!” Daphne Witherspoon sped down the corridor She was in negligee and her shining hair fell in tousled disarray oier her forehead “What have they done to you?” she cried and rushed to his side “It’s all right Daffy” the wounded man murmured “A scratch—” He swayed he pitched forward “Where's that damned doctor?” shouted Mac He hoisted Mr Horace like a sack of meal across his shoulders "Gangway!” he ordered and he carried Mr Horace into Mr Richard's room and to the bed "I'm here” said a bored emotionless voice and Dr Didmore appeared with Phil at his heels ‘Get busy!” Mac commanded tersely "Fix him up!” The coroner opened his black satchel and got busy I looked away and kept on swallowing I must not be sick on Mr Richard's beautiful rug! I must not Be sick! Daphne grasped the detective's lapels "Will— will be die?" "No— no he won’t die” Mac replied slowly His eyes were narrow and wise They looked deep Into Daphne's eyes The girl jerked her hand behind her back her lips curled ever so slightly She moved away "Where were you when the shot was fired?" Chief Ellis demanded of her "Why— why I was in bed" she said quickly too quickly "I — I was asleep The noise you Colony street will be open as usual during his absence and will be In charge of his son Julius and his daughter Miss Marjorie DiPersio — £ Timberlake an evangelist will be the speaker at the Advent Christian Mission tomorrow after- j noon at 3 o'clock Hia topic will be ‘The Wall of Faith” Services will be held In the I C Lewis building I iwth the publtfc invited —Mrs Thomas E McKenue will entertain Unit No 3 of the First Methodist church at her home 147 Atkins street Monday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock As this will be the final meeting of the unit all envelopes are due at this time — The Ladies' Aid society of Trinity Methodist church will meet at 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon in the church parlors A public supper will be served at 6:15 O'clock with an attractive menu including baked corned-beef hash scalloped tomatoes molded salad rolls rye bread cake tea and coffee — The subject of the sermon by the Rev Herbert R Peterson at the Park Avenue Baptist church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock will be "Abundantly Satisfied” and his evening subject at 7:30 o'clock will be "An Opportunity to Live” —A meeting of the Connecticut Federation of Men's Bible classes will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock at the First Baptist church corner of Edwards and Livingston streets New Haven — The Ladies' Aid society of the First Methodist church will hold a business meeting Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock followed by a friendly tea sponsored by Mrs W H Stippich's un-lt during which the members will listen to the New Haven district broadcast from Station WELI New” Haven from 3 to 4 o'clock All the women of the church are invited —The orchestra of Trinity Methodist church will hold a rehearsal tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock —At the Children's church service at the Main street Baptist church tomorrow morning at 9:45 o’clock the Christian and United States flags will he saluted Jane Weartermeyer and Greta Lee will lead in prayers and Dallas Hunt will give the prayer response Jean Tierne will read the scripture and Phyllis Fowler will pronounce the benediction Visitors are welcome - The prudential committee of Center Congregational church will meet tomorrow noon at the close of the morning service —In observance of Boy Scout week Waited Euston of Middle-town will give an address at the Italian Baptist church tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock on the sub AT THE made running down the corridor awakened me” "What time did you go to bed ?” “Oh quite early! Miss Ritter was in my room until ten I retired soon after she left” She looked around at me for confirmation “That right?" he barked at me "That’s right” I said and stared hard and long at Daphne She met my gaze blandly and I let my eyes fall to the floor "Oh!" I cried and rubbed my Anger against my lip "Cut myself” 1 added hastily as Chief Ellis gave me a peculiar look I smiled in apology He went over to the bed "Bad cut?" Daphne came closer to me The concern in her voice did something strange to me Maybe she was sincere maybe she was sorry I had cut my lip But I knew how she could lie and— and the tips of her brown walking shoes showed beneath the lace of her negligee "You forgot to remove your ox fords when you came in” I said tonelessly "My oxfords!” she repeated blankly She glanced downward A wave of dull red flushed her forehead “I feel a little faint” she said weakly and dropped into a small rocker nearby drawing her negligee closely about her "Is Mr Horace badly hurt?” Della Craig poked her head inside the room She looked anxious yet relieved which when I came to think of it was funny considering that she did not know then that he was not dangerously wounded “A shoulder shot” McIntyre growled at her and she withdrew "I’m all right quite all right” said the victim himself as he sat up in the bed Dr Didmore had cut away his coat and had plastered his shoulder with gauze and ban-dgcaHc teQk4 iiiiie aaii nept of an topcoat drawn about the mouth but he smiled at us and the tension was somewhat relieved "Back to bed all of you!" ordered Mac but I sat where I was while he sent the others away Daphne too remained seated She appeared lost in thought When Mac banged the door she gave a nervous startled scream "The mirror!” she half-whispered "The mirror! It's— it’s shattered!” I followed the direction of her eyes The glass of the bureau in the corner was shattered “Bullet hit it eh?” commented Mac "See anything of it Ellis?” "Probably glanced off somewhere” said the chief and he began to examine the woodwork near the bureau "Got it!” he exclaimed presently and placed his finger upon a spot halfway between the floor and ceiling to the right of the dresser "Good!” Mac commended him "Better leave it there for the time being” He returned to the bed “Mr Witherspoon if you feel up to it we'd like to hear your story” "Of course" Mr Horace closed fflg eye and opened them again He said wearily: "I’m afraid that I can’t tell you very much It happened so suddenly” “You mean you didn’t see who fired the shot?" "No” Mr Horace shook his head “I didn’t sec or hear anyone" "Just what did happen?" persisted Mac struggling to overcome his disappointment Mr Horace coughed "I was bending over that drawdr” he began ppinting to the bureau "I was getting together a few of Richard's things to— to take to the jail to ject "The Contribution of the Boy Scouts to American Life” —The children's recreation period at Parker A M E Zion church will he held this afternoon from 2 to 5 o’clock at the church —The Immanuel Lutheran Brotherhood men’s chorus will sing at the 11 o'clock morning service in the Federated Church of Middle-field tomorrow under the direction of Oscar Olson The Rev Dr Charles S Robertson former pastor of the First Methodist church here is pastor of the Middlefield church —Meriden division Ancient Order of Hibernians will hold a bowling party this evening at Hobson's alleys in South Meriden — The weekly public social of Meriden lodge Royal Order of Moose will be held this evening at 8 o'clock in the club house at 138 Colony street — Women of the following churches will meet at the hospital afternoons next week to work on surgical dressings: Tuesday Lib erty Street Baptist church Wednesday Italian Baptist church Thursday St Stanislaus’ Roman Catholic church Friday Park Avenue Baptist church — A public social for persons over sixteen years- of age will he held this evening at 8:15 o'clock in Odd Fellows’ hall 535 Broad street TV Members of the boys’ department of the Y M C A have planned a hike for today leaving the association building at 10 o'clock this morning — A dance sponsored by the Children of Mary sodality and thp Holy Name society of St Rose's church will hr held this evening in St Rose's Community building with music by Harrington's New Englanders of Boston —The board of relief will hold morning sessions from 10 to 12 o'clock on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Saturday of next week — Edwin Hendrie manager of the Personal "Finance conyiany here will talk of personal finance companies will give an address before the Rotary club at the meeting next Tuesday noon at the Cabin Grill — All members attending the twenty-first anniversary banquet to he held by the Duchefosa D' Aosta society are asked to meet this evening at 7 o'clock at the Cabin Grill 27-29 Slate street — Meriden aerie of Eagles will hold a Yankee” night program this evening in the club house at 66 Cfown street —The Mutual Aid society of the New Departure division of the General Motors corporation will hold a modern and old-fashioned MANOR RELEASED BY CENTRAL PRESS ASSOCIATION morrow! had my hands filled with shirts I was turning around to place them on the chair when suddenly something hit me in the shoulder” He paused and drew a deep breath Presently he continued: "I whirled about to face the doorway The door was slowly closing I thought I saw a hand— and a gun” “Oh!” breathed Daphne leaning forward "Oh!" “Go on please!” directed Mac "My shoulder began to sting 1 rubbed it with my hand Blood came off on my fingers I went to the bed and lay down Then— then the door reopened and one of the maids looked in When she saw me she began to scream and she went running and screaming down the hall” "Yes?” "My dizziness passed and I arose and started to the door The next thing I knew people came running from all directions and— and that is all” “I see” Mac rubbed his chin thoughtfully “Was it a man's hand you saw holding the gun ?” "I— I don’t know As I say it happened so quickly I caught only a glimpse of the hand I seem to remember something dark and rough showing above the hand-something like the cuff of a man’s suit coat or — or a woman’s topcoat” ' "I see” said Mac again Something impelled me to turn and glance at Daphne She was staring as if mesmerized at her father her fingers clutched the sides of her rocker so tightly that the veins showed blue and swollen The sleeves of her negligee had fallen back from her wrists— her wrists that less than an hour ago had been encased in the sleeves of a woman's topcoat— a dark and rough worn- I sucked in my breath Had Daphne shot her father? Had she come directly from the woods to shoot her father? She had had the opportunity She had lied when she had said she had been in bed and asleep And she wore upon her feet the earth-stained oxfords I shook my -head If Daphne had fired the shot what had been her motive? Her next words answered my question so surely I scarcely could keep from screaming aloud She said eagerly "Mr Ellis this proves Richard's innocence! Ths murderer is still in the house!” "So!” The chief frowned Was he too wondering whether Daphne in her zeal and fury to free her brother had shot her father to prove the son guiltless? "Why yes! It docs prove the boy innocent!” Mr Horace flashed his daughter a look of awe and wonderment "Surely you will release my son?” "Have you forgotten the emeralds?" Mac reminded him dryly "Richard will explain that” Daphne assured him "When he knows that he is no longer suspected-uf murder he will explain everything Can’t you won't you release him at once?” Mac evaded the issue “I have no authority to release him at any time” "Won't you?’' She pleaded with Ellis The chief refused quite positively "He stays in jail until morning” "Another night in that horrible place! When you know he ie Innocent!” "Daphne!" said her father and she sighed and said no mors (To Be Continued) dance tbie evening in Turner ball with muic by the Connecticut Collegians —A new schedule for public socials has been adopted by Meriden chapter Disabled American War Veterans Beginning this evening the chapter will conduct social every Saturday and Wednesday evenings at 8 o'clock instead of 8:15 in its club rooms on Pratt street — Boy Scouts Troop No 6 will attend the morning service at Center Congregational church In a body at 10:45 o’clock tomorrow morning — Miss Elsie Hotchkiss will speak on "Abraham Lincoln” at the meeting of the Epworth league of Trinity Methodist church tomorrow evening at 6:30 o'clock —The Mena Bible class of the Park Avenue Baptist church will hold an important business meeting in the church Monday evening at 8 o'clock —The Epworth league of the First Methodist church will meet tomorrow evening at 6:30 o'clock As this is Boy Scout week Scout Executive John D Roberts will deliver an address and all the young people of the church are invited —At the young people's service tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock at Center Congregational church Miss Elaine Porter will lead the worship service and a Lincoln day program will be conducted by Robert Sorenson —The Senior Luther League of the Immanuel- Lutheran church will hold the regular devotional meeting Sunday evening at 7:36 o'clock Alton Weston will be the leader and his topic will be Worship” — "Leaders of the Life to Sovereign” will be the topic of the Sunday morning worship service in the Center Congregational church at 10:45 o’clock The Rev Clayton D Boothby pastor will preach the sermon and all members of Troop No 6 will attend in a body —Ladies’ auxiliary of St John's church will hold a public card parly' on Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock Those wishing to make up tables are requested to phone 278 Players are akedto furnish cards - The Disabled American Veterans wilf hold’ a public social tonight at 8:15 o’clock in the club rooms at 73 Pratt street — The Saturday Night Revelers will hdld a meeting tomorrow afternoon in Horrigan's hall Following the business meeting a social period will be enjoyed with Art Webster and his boys having charge ‘ —The Political Equality club will meet Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the I C Lewis building A report on the juvenile court bill and a round table discussion on the merit system will be given dognote MV? °w Billy owned by Dr Toxey Hall superintendent of the Mississippi Charity Hospital at Jackson has a glass eye in fact this is Billy’s third glass eye The dog was struck by an automobile and the accident hopelessly blinded his right optic Dr Hall put the suffering Billy under an anesthetic carefully removed the injured eyeball and substituted a black marble The dog was soon up and around again but the new eye did not look just right Kind-hearted friends began to offer suggestions and one donated an artificial eye which Dr Hall substituted for the marble This too failed to achieve a normal appearance so nurses and attendants at the hospital subscribed to a fund and secured an especially made canine glass eye for Billy Many letters have reached me asking whether or not dogs suffer from cold weather and if It is advisable to keep them in an unheated building A dog can stand almost any amount of cold weather provided he is not subjected to drafts It is perfectly all right to keep your pet In an unheated building if he is given a box of straw or a heavy blanket to sleep on and if his bed is not placed in a draft I Here M a tale of a dog who hit his master and received unqualified praise for his unruly action Mr W V Milligan Jr of Chattanooga Tennessee was walking along a narrow path with his Shepherd dog McCooJ The dog running ahead noticed a pile of brush anil came to a dead stop He barked Mire returned te a position In front of his master and sat down Mijjigan tried to urge his dog on but the animal wouldn't budge He attempted to shove the dog out of the way and pass by him but a he did so "Mac” tugged at his trouser leg ' Milligan finally shook the dog off and started ahead As he ap- proaojljed the pile of brush the dog ran up alongside of him and this time actually bit his leg Milligan turned to punish the dog but as he did so he heard a slight commotion ahead Glancing towards the pile of brush he saw a large rattlesnake emerge and slink across the path Into the woods on the other side "Mac" had succeeded In the only way he knew of warning his master of impending danger If your dog bites at Its paws see whether there are marked skin disturbances between the toes If so GIVE YOUB DOG THE BEST DOG FOOD We Carry the Well Known OLD TRUSTY and GAINES Meriden Grain and Coal "o 41 S Colony St Phone 44 St Stanislaus A A Outlines Schedule At Gymnasium Wide Range Of Activities In Sports And Social Affairs Offered Announcement was made last evening thaU-the St Stanislaus’ A A club will conduct activities on a daily schedule in the new gymnasium in the recreation building on -Akrtfn street Only members of the club are eligible to join the classes in athletic and social activities A membership campaign will begin immediately and will continue to the end of March Anyone interested to join may do so by attending the meetings on the first and third Mondays of each month or by giving their names to a member of the club The club which meets in the St Stanislaus’ Community building is divided into three groups Seniors Juniors and Midgets and special activities have been devised for each group No expense has been spared to make the gymnasium a pleasant one for the club's members to spend their spare time Varying equipment has been provided for the numerous activities There ate billiard tables ping-pong tables shuffle boards indoor horseshoe games handball courts basketball courts volley ball courts and indoor tennis courts to name a lew SteVc and Benny Carr local boxing brothers have been enraged to give lessons in the manly art of self defense and wrestling also will be taught by the popular Brothers Carr Miss Stephanie Swedock who possesses a wide knowledge of the dancing art will give lessons to club members in toe tap character ballroom and folk dancing A sewing class will be formed ‘for gwl members to give the younger girls thtfc opportunity to learn the highly technical skill In crocheting tatting knitting fancy handiwork and dressmaking For the week beginning Monday the following schedule has been drawn up: Monday Wednesday and Thursday Midget Boys 4 to 7 p m 4-5— -Gymnastics 5-6 — Boxing 6-7— Games Seniors— 7-10 p m 7-8— Optional the pet Is suffering from acidosis which is quite common in dogs Exclude all cereals and milk from his diet and substitute a liberal amount of ripe tomatoes mixed with lean raw meat as a basic menu This treatment usually effects a cure Acidosis is caused by the dog’s inability to digest fat matter One of the latest strikes to be recorded in the press is that of ten-year old Nathan Hoffman o? Chicago Illinois Young Nathan lost his dog To further the efforts of his family and friends in searching for the animal Nathan decided that an eating and sleeping strike would be effective For two days Nathan refused to cat or sleep but at the end of that time the strike was settled— his dog found and returned Question: At what age should puppies be weaned and what should they be given to eat?— S M Answer: They should be weaned between the fifth and seventh weeks Minced raw meat and bread soaked in gravy is a healthful diet for puppies when they are first taken from their mother Question: What is the largest amount of money a dog has ever won at a dog show?— S M Answer: The $1835 award to the Cocker Spaniel Ch My Own Brucie at the Saratoga Springs dog show for being best In the show Copyright— McClure Newspaper Syndicate tt rss3gst — '-sarir&w- Make Your Building SAFE The Home Rank Is Ready TO MAKE REPAIR and IMPROVEMENT LOANS CONFORM WITH THE Building Code PROVIDE FIRE ESCAPES ADDITIONAL STAIRWAYS EXITS ETC W are ready and willing to make such loans to financially responsible owners THE HOME NATIONAL BANK 18 COLONY 8T Member Federal Deposit Ina Corp 8-9— Boxing and gymnastics 9-19 — Optional Tuesday and Thursday Midget — Girl? 4 to 7 p m 4-5 — Gymnastics 5-8 — Dancing 6-7 — Games Juniors— Boys and Girls— 7 9:30 p m 7 -8— Gymnastics 8-9— Games and basketball Saturday- afternoon— 1-6 Senior Boys and Girls basket ball Midget Girls — Optional Eastford Game Warden On Trail Of Glawackus Scotland Conn Feb 10 (API— Deputy Game Warden George H Willis of Eastford ‘ told a story today of trailing a large animal for two and one-half hours in the woods here in the belief that it might be the now famed Glawackus— the galloping ghost of Glastonbury Willis said he came upon tracks in the snow the hind ones measuring five and one half inches by four and the forepaws measuring three by four inches The animal had a stride of 36 inches the deputy warden said Vienna Baking Co 211 PRATT STREET MERIDEN'S LEADING BAKERY WEEK END WHITE MOUNTAIN LAYER CAKE — made with whites of egg DATE AND Nt T FILLED COFFEE CAKE CREAM FILLED CHOCOLATE COVERED DOUGHNUTS CALL 304 And Get a I oaf of Our Potato — It Is Delicious MONDAY - THURSDAY SATl Islt our store — Our store Is open day and night for your con enience When you have finished your visit nr have seen a show drive over to 211 PRATT ST and get your Hot Baked Good SPRY 50c : 19c S lb can RINSO 8 is LIFEBUOY SOAP 4 25c ANOTHER CARMELCRISP CREATION! PECAN BUTTER CRUNCH (Made with Milk Chocolate) (Worth 60c a Pound) SATURDAY ONLY lb (Stock Guaranteed To 6 P M) Make VALENTINE HEADQUARTERS We have a large assortment of bpxf of chocolates in heart shape forms as well us a variety of novelties Place your order today “ See It Made” AT MERIDEN’S ONLY CANDY SHOP CARMELCRISP SHOP A TOMKWVICZ 89 W' MAIN STREET and was either a lynx or a large timber wolf If he had the exact measurement of Qlawackus It would hava helped the warden said AVOID THE ICY CLUTCH OF WINTER W ITH OLD COMPANY’S LEHIGH COAL AUGUST ESTABLISH D m 10 COOPER ST-PHONE 175 Use RECORD Want Ads PIIONE 304 SPECIALS ac 5U VAC jU Bread KDAY Whipped ( ream Pies CHOCOLATE BANANA PINEAPPLE 35 WALDORF TISSUE 4 17c SCOTT TISSUE 3 rolls 23c SCOTT TOWELS With Holder 29 For Both This Your TEL 4659 I 31

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