Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 20, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1944
Page 8
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NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER Bricker Plans To •Make Four Speeches In New England v (lly United rri'**) "• • Governor John W. Bricker of Ohio—«thc Republican vlce-prysl- "<lentlal nominee—will make four rimjor campaign "speeches In New • England Friday and Saturday. AH part of a whirlwind tour- of ' cfiHtern states, Bricker will speak ,ln Portland, Maine, 1'YUIciy noon and Bangor, Maine, Friday ..night. Minor appearances are scheduled ;it Lcwlston, Winllirop, Wutorviilc ami Plttsfield, Maine, Friday afternoon. Saturday morning, the GOP vice- presidential nominee' will address the Massachusetts Republican stale convention at Boston. And in the evening, Bricker.will speak in Nor- w-ulk, Connecticut—ll>e home of Congresswomnn Clare Booth Luce. FlltKM.KN' IlKSIGX South .Btirre, Mass., Sept. 20 — (U I 1 )—Nine South Barre firemen have resigned—leaving the department only one num. The fire department also has been without 'a chief for several months. "TalbofClubTo Meet Tonight At Lift-the-Latch Inn GALE'S WEEK-END SPECIAL Both Republicans and Democrats from the Sth congressional distric will nttond n dinner nnd orguniza- tion meeting of tho "Talbot-for Congress" club at Lift-the-Latch inn, Middlcbury, tonight. Plans for the campaign to reelect Cong. Joseph E. Talbot will be discussed. The campaign, Jack Henry, former secretary to Cong Tnlbot, snid, will be an intensive drive affecting all parts of the Dth district. Peter B, I-llgglns, of Tor- r.'ogton opposes the local man. , Cong, Talbot is expected to return from Washington, E>. C., this afternoon . and with Mrs.-- Talbot will b« a guest at the dinner, which will precede the meeting. The campaign to be waged by the "Talbot for Congress Committee" will bo independent of the personal campaign which will be conducted with Judge Thomas -R, Ncary of Naugatuck as political agent. High Sheriff Harry B. • Morse of of'Litchfield county and Austin L. rUluniH of Micidlcbury arc co-chair- Local Soldiers Meet On The 'Canal (Continued from Pngc 1) and a card. This book wll be -ol much value to me ua the one I had before waa ralhcr big, there-, fore it was rather difficult to car r ry on .one's person. Thanks a mil- men of the non-partisan committee and Mr. Henry, former secretary to Cong. Tulbot, is secretary-treasurer'. Shortage Of Material Holds Up Bandages lion for thoughtfulncss. Have been receiving the New from your cbtabliahment quite rej, uliirly arid this particular L-jldio certainly does appreciate the home town paper. In I his organlzaUo urc many fellows from Conncctl cut. Moat of us receive Conn, pa pers but no-two are • like, so w tucp changing around until every )ody has read everybody else' paper. Nothing likc ; the hometown iaper . to keep one's mind oecu )ied when there isn't anything do ng in the entertainment world. We have been getting some good novics latcriy. Perhaps they arc not new to you but here arc a cou- that I have ween lately: "Double Indemnity," "The FighLing Seabees," "Song of the Open Koad," "Up Jn Arriis," and "Christmas Holiday." Some time ago, "Bob" Hope and his troupe were here as was "Jack" Benny. Did not sec "Juck" Benny but I did have the good fortune in seeing ".bob" Hope. Yesterday I hud an unexpected pleasure. By thi;; I mean a j-.'jod' friend of mine dropned In to sec me.' As he is' a fellow from Nu.ugy I'm sure you would be interested in knowing wlio he is. His name is George Baylis. About two weeks ago I had another unexpected visitor in the person of "Bill" Ben- Storm Damage Vjery Light At The Glenridge Estates Classes in surgical dressings lave boon suspended nt the Red >oss chapter house until further son ' onc ° r our local Pre-war post- notice; Mrs. H. David Ward, chairman of the surgical dressing com mlttoo, said this morning. The in ivailabitity of materials was tho •cason given for the suspension: li was not stated whether more supplies wpre on their way. ,..Thomas Hurley, "head of the Glenridge Estates development of one-family houses off Park avenue, stated todny that after an cxhaus- .,Uv,n ; . survey had been completed jfoLloSvIng.the hurricane last week, i)iut : u-vory small amount of damages .was done in 'that area. ' 'Mr. Hurley declared that • nome of the buildings that were not covered in were fioodyd by water driven 'in by. the 60-milc-an-hour wind, but that all buildings that had been more than partially completed, escaped without any damage whatever. Mr. Hurley was very proud of of the way the development withstood the fury of the hurricane and pointed out that this surely indicated the soundness of the construction work there. It was reported, without confirmation today, 'that 100 houses have already boon sold v-t Glcn- i-ldge Estates, and that buyers al- -cady have made inroads into the second 100 houses now placed on sale. All houses) will be raised and cov- British Are Taking The Shortest Route • i (Continued from Puge 1) thc airborne army nan beat of anything the Germans offer. Inside Germany, some 80-mile southeast of Nijmcgcn, the Amci loan First Army h.-is complete its encirclement of Anchon, ant its armored spearheads once ag.'iii are rolling toward Cologne on the Rhine against bitter Nazi 2-ewJst ancc. .. Further fighting is southwest of Cologne, under w;iy with othci cred in by November 1st, Mr. Hurey stated today. Lines Hill St. Sgt. fome After 4 Years FINKS IMPOSKD New Haven. Sept. 20—(UP)—The proprietors of four Bingo parlors have been fined a total of $800 for giving cash prizes instead of merchandise to winners. In Superior court, Vincent Anderson was fined SfiOO a n <l Mackcy Woiner .?200. Nineteen of Iheir employes were fined $5 each. men. To see a' follow from one's home town means more i-j 1'el- lows overseas than a dozen let- Icrs, well almost, anyway. Have stopped playing bull because of un arm injury which does A REPORT OF PROGRESS and a WORD OF THANKS to CONNECTICUT TELEPHONE USERS Practically all of the 51,200 Connecticut telelphones which were silenced by last Thursday's hurricane have been restored to service. By assigning everyone available to the work of restoration, we were able to double our normal repair forces to cope with damage which, though widespread and severe, was fortunately less devastating than the hurr.i- cane of 1938. Also, we were aided by subsequent good weather and the prompt clearance of roads and highways. s If yours is one of the few telephones which may not yet be in working order, please call this to our attention immediately. Arrangements are being made for appropriate adjustments in subscribers' accounts which vviJl be fully expained on future bills. To the telephone using public we want to express hearty thanks for your patience and understanding so generously given. Your, cooperative attitude has been of immeasurable help to telephone men and women in again meeting a major emergency with tradi- 'tional "Spirit of Service." E. P. BRADLEY Yic'O .r'lX'siik.'iit. Jiiu'l fionural Manager The Smitliurn Xuvr Kii^lam'l Telephone Company scum to want toheulfcWu hnvc :i wonderful basuball team. . Our record is one of the best on Lhc Islands. If I went • uhciid to suy in the South Pacific I do not think' 1 would be exiiKgernting- -tou much. Our record siuniia •!" wins afi-jiinst only Ihree defeats. These three de- IU;LLS cumc -ui the hands of the fame club. They for some reason or other arc our nemesis. In the four times that we have played llieni w have won only once and this wus by n 1-0 ••score. These contests provide more interest ihiiu any oilier two tcums on the Lsland. The opposing- pitcher has won something like -13 games'in succession. The time we beat them they had their second strintf IHtcner in there and he was darn good as the score 1 previously mentioned wia prove. We have on our team St. 'J_'juis Cards, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis .Browns, and Cleveland Indians property. Enough said about this. une of the most conversed about topics is the American lenjruc pennant race. A I, . this writing the ifankce:; are in first place followed by the Timers and Browns who ;U'"e tied for second. I being- a loyal fan of the Tigers for ten years t-j think they will pull through. Compare their schedule with that of tnu Yanks and Browns and you will think so too. I think J. hiwc said enough for Ihis letter. If there should at any time be something new that is | Home for the first time after foiir years, Staff-Sg-t. Walter Kar- witcki, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph KarwiiCld, of Lines -Hil! street, said it was wonderful bciiur back. •l-Ic'-Juts been stationed in Hawaii most of the time. He was based near Pearl Harbor at the time of th« Jap attack. Prior to his entrance into the service, lie was employed us a plumber by Joseph Mancini. He will report to Fort Dcvens after he completes his furlough, and cx- pccta to be reassigned to Hawaii. First Army units battling for Stol erg and the nearby village of I Busbnch. To the south, on the American I Third Army front, United Press War Correspondent Robert Richards says French forces of the interior have joined Lieut. General Patton'K troops in a two-pronged drive for the German industrial Saar. Good progress is being made in the face of heavy opposition. The •Germans are staging'a lighting rn- treat through, the thick forest country cast of the Moselle. Fighting remains stiff around Mct7. American gains arc being made slowly—and painfully. ; DON'T GET INTO THE HABIT OF? NEGLECTING YOUR APPEARANCE^ OR YOUR CLOTHES. - J *• You can get by — or you can go right along- — in the fast tempo of this airplane age — first impressions and appearance count —the picture of- a well groomed applicant for a better position is retained after the fellow who looked like the last rose of summer is forgotten. Our label is a small thing to look f or — a big thing to find in your clothes. Rebekah Lodge Meets Tonight nappening around here and I am , band M ,. s E allowed to tc!l it, I shall write ur.other letter. Sincerely yours "Ed." His address is: Corporal K. W. Gesseck, 3128052B; 20th Station Hospital, A. P. O. 709, Care of Poslmaaier, San Francisco, Cat. Son Of Local Man Safe In England Columbian Rebekah lodge, IOOF, ••will meet tonight at Odd Fellows' hall at 8 o'clock, with Mrs, Emma Vagt, noble grand, presiding. A rehearsal for the Rebekah degree will follow the business meeting. All ofllcors. characters, and the choir are requested to attend, Harold E. Newman, degree master, said this morning. Neighbor's night meeting of Sylvan lodse, Seymour, was attended by '18 local members. Mrs. Myrtle Hotchkiss played .^ piano solo. Those attending were: Mrs Louise Voegcli. Mrs. Nellie Lawton, Mrs. Johanna White. Mrs Babbotte Anderson, Mrs. LorOIa Newman. Mrs. Hotchkiss, Mrs. Sully Robinson, Mrs. Vast, Mrs. Tonia Anderson, Mrs. JTnrion Jen- -'nc'S. Mrs. Lillinn J>>hnson. Mr.--. Eleanor Monroe, Mrs. Laura Peterson. .Mrs. Rosalie .Travcr. Mrs. Gcraldine Travcr. Mrs. Bertha Hu- .Gladding" and Mrs. Kate Hepp. Far to the west, meanwhile, all organized Nazi resistance has ond- •••d at Brest, the French Atlantic port. The battle of the Canadians for the channel port of Boulogne also is about finished. Bad weather threatens to hold up tHo Allied aerial offensive against Germany today. Allied bomber formations, presumably from Italy, are reported by the Germans over western Hungary. Last night RAF heavy bombers .struck a double blow at the German rail junctions that feed the Siegfried line— the cities of Mun- chcn-Gladbach and Rhcydt, both north of Aachen. Large .'Ires were started. The Nazis arc renewing their _ robot bomb assaults ngainst Lon- 'clon aod other parts of England, but in small doses. In London today n. newspaper says a noted French inventor, Georges Claude — who invented the Neon has been arrested at Nancy for helninpr the Germans develop ihc robot bomb. The Allies have scored further gains .-ill along Ihc Kalian front. -.orth of Florence. American fiftli army troops have cracked tho Gothic line in a sector six miles wide. To the cast, British and Indian units, behind the Gothic line, have reached the outskirts of I ho small republic of Sail Mnrino. And to the west .other fifth army columns have won a town six miles above tlie port of Viarcggio, securing- a road which connects to n. CJiista! highway thai leads to Genoa. Kccordsl Courteous Service Fine Selection Of Enamel ware SAUCE J'ANS TEMPLETON'S ~1 LOV1N*K KT-KCTRIC CO. 8 Church Street Summer Dance Program! For (Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evening* JO 1C IIOCK and Hi* HOCK and IlYK BOYS In Polkas and Modern Dun* MuMc Sunday Dancing 5 to 9 P. H White* Eagh Restaurant BRIDaE STREET Mcml>cr of Connecticut Ilottuurunt Association ~ FIKKMKN : QUORUM. Lights On Again On Boro Streets Reported missinf,' after a flight over France March 27 Sfrt. Raymond A. Walsh of Woonsocket, R. I., has informed his father Leo A. Walsh, 'of 3G-1 North Main street, that he was sate and in England after being aided by the French underground after his mishap. He stated that he and three other members of the bomber crew ere saved by the French underground and hidden until they were liberated by Allied forces recently. He said that tho French treated them well. St. Francis Club To Meet Thursday All members of the St. Francis' club who nre interested in the proposed colt tourney and outdoor roast for next Sunday, arc asked to attend the meeting to be held on Thursday night at 8 o'clock at the ofllcc of the Naugatuck Daily News. The mecing will be in charge of the program chairman of the club, Ernest Allen. Among those expected to attend the meeting on Thursday arc Thomas Lynch, B. J. Sullivan, J, F. Smith. Edward Bronna, • Alfred Fratcsi, John Fitzgerald and Paul Buckmillcr. t Street lights went on again yesterday in N .1 n g a t u c k • after live days of darkness, thanks to..the hurricane of last Thursday night. Pedestrians car. now once more walk through the coo!, dark fall evenings without fear of hit- tin^j a pole or a fence, or not stepping high enough for a curb and thus ];indir.£- 011 one's ear. The restoring of street lights just about completes Ihc work of rehabilitation for the borough's electrical conveniences, and the over-worked repairmen and maintenance men of the Connecticut Light and Power Co. can breath a Natick. Mass., Sept. 20—(UP) — Firemen aren't always Called In fighi fires. Twenty-five members of the Natick department wcro re- cruiled to attend town mof.'ling ;^nd fill out the necessary quorum of 100 persons. Recreation Unit Parley Tonight The Recreation Committee of the Service For Veterans will meet to- niprht at the olllce of the organisa- tion at 2!). 1 ; Church street. Mrs. Ford Wulfock, administrative secretary of the organization will be chairman of the meeting. All members arc asked to be present. O -O SENT TO I'RISON Hartford, Sept, 20— (UP)— Plead- K guilty to embezzling $fi,300 from a bank where he was employed as a bookkeeper, Francis W. McLaughlin of New Britain B been sentenced to prison for onc to five years. McLaughlin is said to have talcon the money 'rom the accounts of four depos- tors io help support his family. The defalcations covered a period of seven years. The Palace of Fine Arts- In Mcx- co City, completed -'in 1900, has settled into tho ground an eati- natcd five feet, Weather Report Rhode Island—Cloudy tonight, becoming- party cloudy tomorrow. Forr.nlong tho coast tonlg-ht and early tomorrow. Some'what higher temperatures tomorrow. Connecticut—Cloudy tonight cloudy tomorrow Little change in temperature to-' night, somewhat higher temperatures tomorrow. ''Eastport to' Block Island — No small nriift or storm warnings. BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMTS Cash Waiting FOR YOUR USED ! MACHINERY . Table Saws, Jointers, Band. Saws, Metal Lnthes, Motors, and Electrical Appliances Phone 3r5030 WATEUBURY Ask for MR, ANDREWS Buy More War Bond* The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenitag-s Only After 9 P. M. GOLDSMITH'S FOOTBALLS and BASKET BALLS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE lir BUILDING Tel. 5212 BUYING A NEW HOME: Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naug-atuck Is Serving All Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn . LATEST MODKL SI LEX COFFKE MAKER ** CBIDIT JfW!l.E*$ «^ LAWNS Tho hot:, dry weather has ruined many of Xaup.-Uuck's beautiful l.-uvns. Before the fall rains set in it would help to apply a generous amount of Driconuvc. This ii peat innss :ind cow manure— treated to remove weed seeds. This is an excellent fertilizer and ground conditioner for new and old lawns. We Have IMcnty In Stock. — Also — Turn in your fuel oil coupons and have your tank filled now— this is important. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St phone 5236 ..

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