The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York on September 27, 1928 · 18
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The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York · 18

Yonkers, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1928
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J THURSDA?, SEPTEMBER 27. 1928 THE YONKERS HERALD :l THE YONKERS HERALD t of OmUIMI Owned and publlehed bp Xavier Brother. Trank X. Xaalar, Kdltor; fohn A. Brennan, Manager. Foil Offlea and Bualnaaa Office Addraaa. 4-1-1 WarburloB Avenue. Telephone Tonkara 770" all department. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 27, 1928 Iianad Every Weekday afternoon' from 4-1-1 Warbnrion Avenue. Editorial aad Contract Depart manta at aama addraaa. Offlea hours from I o'clock A. M., ustll a :lock P. M, excepting Sundaya ai and holidays. EDITORIAL PAGE Subscription price for Tha Herald: 111.00 a year, by point la the- United Statee or to any fortlitn port. Irregularity - - - - - - delivery should be reported to tha Publishing Offlea promptly. mall to any of ' National Advertising Representatives, Oeo. B. David Co 110 East 4 lad Bt.-eet, New York; 2080 Wrlglay Building, Chicago. Entered a rcond Hasp mall matter In tbs Post Offlea at Yonkara, Eaatchaatar County, R. I. . lb. HOW HOMES HAVE CHANGED Home building grows apace, and it changes almost .over Might. Modern homes incorporate the latest discoveries in architectural design and domestic convenience. -Beauty ;; demanded, but the interior arrangement must also be useful frnd practical fitting the family needs, and readily cleaned, Jcept in' order, and so oh. . . . .Take plumbing, for example. ; It once was rather simple, if it existed at all. Now plumbing is 'of prime importance j rVpr(pu.n. Ktcne, Mias F. Lillian Keene, Mr. and lln. William E. Feller, Mr. and Mn. . White ghriae Card Party 8L John'f Shrine, Order of the White Bhrlne of Jerusalem, held a ihort business meeting last evening with the Worthy High Priestess, Mrs. Marjorie E. Lee, an dthe Watchman of Shepherds, David Van Buren, presiding. Following the meeting s card party was held with Mrs. Carrie B. Ames and Mrs. Florence Collins the committee In charge. Brass dinner gongs were awarded as prises for high score at each tabl: and refreshments wen served at the close of the playing. Those present Included Mrs. Charles H. Bums, Mrs. E. A. Rapp, Miss A. Schaefer, Mrs. Edward Amundson, Mrs. A. Otto Diehl, Mrs. Alfred Bohm, Mrs. Frieda Schlobohm, Miss nq Schlobohm, Mrs. O. Z. Hopper, Mrs. T. Hogerson, Mrs. W. L. Harman, Mrs. H. Sweet, Mrs. N. L Phillips, Mrs. Oertrude Birfcz, Elmer . Miller, Harry Oalbraith, Miss Olive Dayton, Mrs. Anna Grossman Miss Merger-etha Orossman, Mrs. Leslie D. WaV don, Mrs. Norman E. De Lanoy, Mn. L 8tryker. Mrs. -E. Hansen, Mrs. E. Harless Miss E. Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. William M. Adams, Mr. and Mrs, August Mlel, Mrs. E. P. Archer, Mn. Nellie E. Onyans, Mrs. Roy T. Pollen, A Otto Diehl Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Lee, Mrs May Coopef, 'Mn. William E. Hunt, Mn. K. Olmsted, Mn. Florence Dalton, Mrs, Katherine Brabham,'. Mrs Carrie B. Ames, Mrs. Florence Col- MISS BROWN TO WED SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6 Miss Rita Isabel McGee To Wed Former Assemblyman Trahan On' October 6th To Enter Scidmore MISS CATHERINE BSOWN Invitations have been - Issued for the marriage of Miss Catherine L. Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Arthur O. Brown, 33 Rivervlew Place, and Colin Telford, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Telford, 69 Gian wood Avenue. Thq ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 6 in the Nepperhan Avenue Baptist Church, Nepperhan Avenue. Miss Brown has been' the guest of honor at two showers recently, one of which was given by the girls of the Yonkers Electric Light and Power Company where she la employed. enameled baths alone indicate the tremendous advance Itoward beauty plus utility. Yet once upon a time a plumber lvas only a worker in lead. No one would think of lead plumbing today 1 - ' Related . to the plumbing is the heating system. Many ; : Slid various are the possible methods hot air, steam, hot ' .Water, electricity, or gas. The furnace itself is a fairly recent thing in the history of home building, supplanting the old-jfaihioned hearth. Furnace, incidentally, is traceable to the Latin 'furnus," meaning oven.. . ' Upholstery changes perhaps as often as any other single thing in home construction and decoration. Now it is heavy, then light, then in bright colors, or perhaps, as not so long Ego, dark and gloomy. . The upholsterer used to be simply a tradesman. He was tailed, first of all, an upholder a man who held goods up for ale, like an auctioneer. .The tradesman was not only interior decorator, but Undertaker, too as he is still in some, of the smaller towns ; pf our own day. The ame undertaker meant at first anyone wrho undertook any commission or business' contract, but it has" become rather restricted in popular meaning until today It means almost exclusively the man whose business it is to Superintend funerals. OO T - TAXES AND TASKS Taxes are regarded by most people as tasks, and so they Ire. Task and tax were once upon a time the same word, with Substantially the same meaning. -.Today the meanings arc j different, but since; no one pays taxes as lightly as he buys .candy or some other desired luxury, the feeling is the same. J ; Taxes and tasks are all burdens. A tax, properly speaking; is a levy, usually , financial, f Jtoade by society upon its component members the average i; person being such a member to defray the iexpenses of ! kl..A 1 : is: jthat social organization, including government, education, police, etc. ' ; More' precisely and succinctly, Websters New Intern lional Dictionary phrases it thus: A. forced contribution tof wealth to meet the public needs of a government. The same authority points out that the iord tax can be traced jto the Latin taxare, which means variously to feel, handle, ?! lvalue, and estimate. A tax is an estimated apportionment according to some standard, usually according to value an 4 E&essment. i The word task comes from the low Latin tasca, which i ; Js'also traceable to taxare, the source of tax. An obsolete . ! neaning of the word is a tax or impost. Subsequently the Robert O. Abercrombie, the Misses Edythe K. Field, Helen Foote, Bertha Reljrea, A. D. Fields, Mrs. J. Bauer, Mn. & M. Simpson, Mn. A. Miller, Mrs. Ruth Ha sen, Miss May Coogan, Mrs. Jonn Homung, Miss Jeanne Cooper, Richard Beresford Jr., Miss Eileen Cooper, Harry Lelpold, Mrs Fred Henry. Mrs. O. T. Jonasson, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis O. Custer, Mrs Gordon Bell, Mr. and Mrs Harry Reis, Mr. and Mrs W. Arc hard, Mrs L. B Cohraman. prise. Those present were Mrs Oeorge Hlllen brand, Mrs H. O. Hollo-peter, Mrs Edward Kelly, Mrs Mary Menger, Mn. Kerman Ludwigs, Mrs Francis J. Hillcnbrand, Mrs George Wilt Sr., and Sirs Margaret Crawford. Mrs narold Green Hostess Mrs Harold Green, Linn Avenue,, entertained today at a bridge-lunch- accepted by the House, and he was eon, for eight of her friends The given a farewell reception at the Fort guests Included Mrs Walter. Fancher, Orange Club at Albany. He was also Mrs Michael Corrigan, Mis Robert given a dinner by his local friends Hackett, Mrs Howard Cheney, Mrs before his departure for war service. Harold mSlth, Mrs Robert Pound, Following his entry Into the army, Mrs Phillip Thompson, Mrs Alex G. Gunn. Surprise Shower A surprize miscellaneous shower was tendered Miss Catherine L. Brown, 33 Rlverdale Place, last Friday night, py the Misses Nancy and Audrey Scoble at their home, S3 Maple Street. The bride-to-be received many beautiful and useful gifts Miss Peggy Kettles and Miss Anne Jones entertained at the piano and supper was served by the hostesses Others present were the Misses Dorothy Andrews, Evelyn Bennett, Hazel Conkey, Evelyn Con-key, Marjorie Dykes, Ethel Gatter, June Gatter. Flora Scoble, Edith Smith, Ines Wood and Marlon You-maiu, Mrs Albert Smith and Mrs E. D. Relyes e . Miss Brown will become the bride of Colin A. Telford, 65 Glen wood Avenue, on October 6. ! , , Cake Sale At Church The Womens Association of the I church will hold a cake sale on Saturday afternoon next at 3 o'clock at the church. Mrs E. 8. Torrence Is in charge. 566" Club to Meet The Senior Five Hundred' Club of Bryn Mawr Park will hold Its opening MeGRATH FOLEY mi Elisabeth Foley, daughter of social at the home of Mrs Edward I Thomas Foley, 65 Vineyard Avenue, Gower, Fortfleld Avenue, this eve- was married last Tuesday to Thomas nlng at B oclock. . McGrath, son of Mr. and Mrs Thom- " " 1 as McGrath Sr., 239 Orchard Street, W. C. T. U. TO OBSERVE la St. Joseph's Roman Catholic HATH A TUVIVUDO A PV 1 Church, Ashburton Avenue. The atrl 11 AN N IV CiivsAK X I ceremony was performed by the Rev. Charles F. McCarthy, assistant rector Birthday Party Robert Sabolyk, son of Mr. and Mrs Michael Sabolyk, celebrated his tenth birthday anniversary on Mon day last with a party at hla home. . Games were played and prizes for the pumpkin game were awarded to Maxine Palmer and Charles Peterson; prises for the potato race were won by Gerald Blum and Miss Ruth Evans '. A beautiful table with decorations of orange and white was arranged tor the refreshments A large Jack Horner . pie waa made of green with orange streamers The birthday cake was of white with yellow candles Those present were: Robert Her-wlts, Charles Peterson. Newton Palmer, Gerald Blum, Wllmer Wilson, Marguerite Keddle, Maxine Palmer, Marion Caddo, Scott Newman, Ruth Evans Julia Sabolyk and Robert 8a bolyk. . A special meeting of the Woman's of the church. Christian .Temperance -Union was Miss Bessie Dee,. cousin of the held yesterday afternoon at Temper- bride, was the bridesmaid, and James ance Hall, North Broadway. The McGrath, a brother of the bride-president, Miss Mary Louise Powles groom, was best man. presided. The bride won orchid colored chlf- Plans wen made for a lajrge dele- Ion with a picture hat to match. She gallon to attend the County Conven- carried a bouquet of bride rose Her tion of the W. C. T. U. which Is being attendant wore tan georgette with a held today In the War . Memorial hat of the same shade to match. Her Building, Eighth Avenue and Second bouquet was of tea rose Street, Mount Vernon. Mias Louise On their .return from a wedding Powles,, county president, will preside, trip to Canada, the couple will reside Mlsa Powles will leave on Monday at 65 Vineyard Avenue, next to attend the State Convention which win be held at Saratoga, N. Y. The other delegates from the local union will leave Wednesday morning. They are Mr Lydia Worrell, vice-president; Mr James Frasier, cor- WonKRJS nl- Unerle shower idge l i . 1(. , frvprd ha come to. mean: Labor or, study imposed by an- fcther, often in a definite' quantity -in short, work! The i ; similarity to tax is"apparent ' " -oo- WOOD SOUND RESISTING Party for Mbs Illlger .. Miss Elsie Offeney,' 31 Dunwoodie 8treet, gave a surprise party on Tuesday evening for Miss' MargaretU Schmlncke, 139 Warburton Avenue, and Mlsa Emma Hilger, 73 Yonkers Avenue, who will sail on October on the steamship Orizaba of the Ward Line tor a trip to the West Indie Bridge was played and prises awarded to the Misses Margarctte Schmlncke and Louise Hilger, Mr Charles Schaefer and Mr Henry C. Credo.. Following the playing, refreshments were served by Mr Louis Offeney, mother of the hostea Although not particularly interested in American Motion Pictures, scientists of the Swedish Royal Institute of Indus- Itrial Research have brought to light important information lot that rapidly - advancing branch . of the - industry, the i Talkies. . ' In the production of talking pictures it is of vital ' importance that the sound of the voices, often accompanied by J the full volume of an orchestra, be confined to the chamber . In which they are produced. . Experiments lately conducted it ;i by, the Royal Institute in the sound insulating qualities of i; different building materials have given Talkie producers k kldw mil AI4 9lMl6tS!aa& J? S X? i jpdw and authoritative cues on studio construction ' The tests, based oii new methods of sound transmission H niesureent! by Professor H. Kreuger of the Royal Tech-i ; ucal University of Stockholm, have divided numerous build-j t lnlf materials and methods of construction into seven classes t ; ccorIlnK t their sound proofness, the best being designated ii by class one and the poorest by class seven. But one type of the partitions tested fell into class one . Emmet Connell Card Parly The Young Emmet Council. A. A. R. L R, will hold a euchre and bridge party on Saturday evening next In Odd Fellowi ,Hall. 73 North Broadway.. The committee In charge reports a large sale of ticket Mr James McCann to chairman Mlsi Catherin Barron to secretary, assisted by Mr. and Mr Patrick Maher, Mr. and Mia. Peter Gotmely, Mr. and Mr Patrick Egan, Mr Martin Kenny; Mr John McCann, Mr M. Boy lan and Donald Rice. There will be prises for high score In bridge and euchre, also for nonplayer A good time to assured all who attend. l.fThi was a combination of wood, air space, building paper ,knd lime plaster, the total thickness of the wood being 4y& Inthes. , Two types fell into class two, and one of these con-tj gained 4 inches of wood. It was substantially the same as ; the partition which fell into class one, but with the omission j ibfthe air space. i: At the other end of . the line, in classes six and seven, ;l types which offered little or no resistance to1 the passage of St md, were the masonry types of partition, both with and J i without air spaces between. ii ; . Hollywood and New York Talkie studios have already M been constructed of wood on previous information, supplied j bf experiments of the U. S. Bureau of Standards and other t laboratories in the1 country, but the Swedish tests give much ' Elided and more detailed information for future, building : i; The National Lumber Manufacturers Association draws tg conclusion from the shove that little has been found t6 (excel the product of the timberlands. '. . ' 0-0 ' Hostea At Cards Mr Robert Fentenon of 450 Bellevue Road, was hostess yesterday afternoon at a luncheon and afternoon bridge to the ladies of the Swastika Club. Mr Harold Lofthouse won the highest score for the afternoon. The members will enjoy a theatre party next Wednesday In New York Instead of their regular afternoon of bridge. Those present were Mr William Adam Mr Percy Htocock. Mr Robert Ferine, Mr James Scott, Mr B. L. Denault, Mr Harold Lofthouse and Mr Penterson. -. t ' E , -i-.: -1 .'-It doesn't require . , gnat deal of! It probably always hu been true Ckignttve genius for a man to make that one generation thought the nnt fool of. himself, . . . lone waa going to tbe bad. ; Cards at Dedrlck Home Mrs. D. R. Dedrlck, 333 Palmer Avenue, entertained friends at bridge last Tuesday evening. Priaei were awarded to Mr Charles A. Irwin, Mr Guitate H. Howe and Mr John Hartwell, other players were Mr Edward Gower, Mr Harry Flynn, Mr Henry A. Mayer, Mrs. Constance Y. Bartlett, Mr. Arthur Mlmiuugh, Mr Richard R. Flower. Mr Thomas Loudon, Mr Joseph Catozella, Mr Romeo Roberto, Mr Alfred C. Ben-achof, Mrs. Raymond Waite and Mi William J. Mill iyr - Bridge Party.' Mi Elizabeth OBrien, 173 Winfred Avenue, Sherwood Park, entertained the members of the Social Bridge Club at her home yesterday afternoon. Prises were received by the following: Mr George Hlllenbrand, first Prize; Mr Edward Kelly, second prise 1 and Mr Francis J. HlUenbrand, third Miss Rita Isabel McGee, a former teacher In Public School 9, Falrvlew Street, will become the bride of former Assemblyman Mitchell A. Trahan of II Momlngslde Avenue, on Saturday, Oct. 6 next. The marriage will be solemnized at 5:30 oclock at the Monastery of the Sacred Heart, Bhon-nard Place. They are both well known In Noth Yonkers, where Mr. Trahan has been prominent In Republican politic Their future home will be at 84 Waring Place. Miss McGee, a daughter of John J. McOee, 103 Momlngalde Avenue, has been a resident of Yonkers since girlhood. She was bom In Connecticut, but her parents moved to this city and she was educated In Public School 6, the Yonkers High School and the Yonkers Training School for Teachers. Following her graduation from the latter Institution she onto assigned as a teacher to School 6. She resigned her position during the past Slimmer. Mr. Trahan, one of the recognised Republican leaden of the Sixth Ward, hu attained considerable prominence In politic Active u a worker before he reached hto majority, he was elected to the. State Assembly from the Fourth District, which takes in North Yonken and Greenburgh, at the age of 33. This wu In the Fall of 1917, and during the following session he won considerable fame u the "Baby of the Legislature. The Red Book, published by tbe State, that .year said that he wu one of the three youngest Americans ever elected to State legislative poyt the other both former president being Abraham Lincoln, who served In the Illinois State Legislature at the age of 33, and Col. Theodore Roosevelt, who wu elected to the New York Aesemby at the same age. The nation wu at war when the Legislature opened the 1911 cession, end the Baby" toon resigned to follow the color Hto resignation wu he wu assigned to Cornell University, where he took a course of aerial photography, at the conclusion which he went overseu with the Air Corp He uw active service until the close of the war and made burn rou flights over tbe German line He returned from France In 1919, but before hto arrival Charles Vexln, who had aucceeded him in the Legislative post on Mr. Trahan's endorsement, had been nominated for the following term. The next year, however, Mr. Trahan wu again a candidate and he won the nomination after a primary battel with Lieutenant Colonel Charles M. Butler and wu successful in the election following. In all he served three tenns in tha Assembly, retiring to "private life in 1923. Mr. Trahan to a veteran of many successful primary contest A member iff the Republican organisation, he wu unsuccessfully opposed each year that he secured the . Assembly nomination. He wu successful In a fight for delegates to tbs Judicial convention which nominated Supreme Court Justice George H. Taylor, Jr for hto present office, and also emerged the victor from numerous contests waged for district leadership. He hu been the Republican leader of the Third District of the Sixth Ward for about 10 years and served u leader of the ward for four year He resigned the latter position voluntarily, however, because of the pressure at hto business affair He still retains the post of leader of the district. For 10 years also he hu been president of 4he Sixth Ward Republican Organisation Club, In, and trill probably be the unanimous choice for return to that position at a meeting to be held on October 15th next After hto retirement from the Legislature, Mr. Trahan served for two years u an investigator for the New York 8tate Department of Fermi and Market Subsequently he entered the building business and he la now en gaud u superintendent of construction by one of the large New York building concern He to a member of an old Yonkers family and a graduate of Public School No. 3, the Yonken High School and the Packard Commercial Institute of New York. TO CONDUCT JOINT DANCING CLASSES The daughter of Mr. and Mr Walter W. Wallin of 181 Stone Ave, and niece of former Mayor William Wallin, Jus left for Saratoga Spring! to enter Bcldmore College. graduate at Roosevelt High School last June, Miss Wallin will take the course in. secretarial science Skidmore. - . .. 1 Sixth Ward Democratic Organization Stages 1st Of A Series Of Card Par- LOCAL ENGINEERS FATHER DIES HERE ,, Samuel & Thompson, father at. ties In Clubhouse Tonight Perry Thompson, engineer In charge The first of a series of euchre wSrBureiLu dtodvMtr and bridge parties to be held season by the Chippewa Club wiu take place this evening at the dub- house 116-118 Late Avenue. Play will Staatha1 was ' commence at 8:30 o'clock, and the JJ. ,M more fortunate will have their choice taluahla Mil Huful anti. I . IMlfllDl MN Wedding SHOWER-BRIDGE FOR MISS MILDRED SMITH SHOWER GIVEN FOR MISS BLACKBURN Mr Marshall Van Houten Stotel 335 Park Hill Avenue, was hostea at a miscellaneous shower given for Mtoe Gertrude Blackburn last Tuesday evening. . Spending a quiet evening with Mr Slctels, Mtoe Blackburn was surprised to be greeted by a number of lriends and find waiting her a large white wedding bell to which wi fastened many mysterious looking package they contained many beau tiful and useful gift Bupper waa served at a table decorated in pink and with a representation of a wed' ding party at the attar forming the centerpiece de luxe. ' Mia Blackburn to the daughter of Mr. and Mr Walter Blackburn, 630 North Broadway, and her marriage to Harold Bogart Simon ton, of Paterson, N. J, will take place tbe evening of October 6 In SL Pauls Church, North Broadway. Mr 81eketo4wlll matron of honor at the wedding. The guests at the shower Included 11 Constance Bennett of New Palt to be the maid iff honor; Miss Ethel Peene and Mtoe Mildred Street, of this city; Mr Howard Perry, of Ossining, and Mr William Templeton, of Paterson, N. J who an to be brides . Mr Harold A. Smith, of Cassllto erlck, house treasurer and Mr Martha Dedrlck. Plans were discussed last night for P1? M0 hMiM Tnvrlet I Tuckahbe. who will become the .bride held early inNDvem.MiM Powlm 0 Horktlo y. yurt Rosedale. L. ited a committee iff one to T . viiw mn wu Saturday afternoon at her home In honor of Mtoe Mildred & Smith, of Bronx River Road, Fleetwood Hill fannerly a resident of Clifford Park, waa appointed Inquire as to rate etc., for a banquet There will be a number of speaker L, In October. . Yellow and green waa the color scheme used for the very attractive decoration The prises at IVBltBre naanuuui. XUC "! were won by Mr D. de Haven, CTi I first and Miss F. Xavier, second. Fol 5?iUn iinriWirTitfnr manv lowing thi refreshments wen served, Union and Its president for many Those who attended were Mr Betty Neuer, of Bronxvllle; Mr D. de year mittu 'and I Walter Roger of rmwJhTn tahSSmr nuus Chert wood; Mr. Walter McClure, of meetlM AtocTSn Tuckahoe; the Misses Margaret WU K how to use the voting machine dale; MraFn.nd theMb They will also do personal work urg- W and Doretly MUy. lug women to cast their ballot at the Mr T. F. ReUlV. of Port coming Election. Richmond, L. L; Mr Louis Archam- Mr John H. Rose, was appointed b.ult hmont; Mlmj My to arrange for a day with the Wo- of Mount - Vernon, Mtos Frances men's Society of the South Yonkers Xavier, of Yonken; Mr ' Andrew KyS church for a date oJsmith. of Fam; MiM JuUaHoover which a mass meeting with speakers of New York; Mr F. Oporta, of from the Lew Enforcement Committee might be held. ' At the next regular meeting, on Wednesday afternoon. October 3rd, Mn. William Hartley and Mi M. J. Olbbons wlU preside. Brooklyn; Mi Elizabeth Smith and Mlsa Irene Smith, iff Fleetwood Hill FLAN CAKE BALE The Women's Association of Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church will hold e cate sale on Saturday after- r ii n T D PI vrTin V noon at the church at 3:00 o'clock. . L 11 U 1 K JiLJiiLllUI'l Mr K S. Torrence to chairman In IN SHERWOOD PARK charge c: the sale. prim to the highut scorer at each (Telegraph Company in New York . .. ' . City-He retired many yean ago. The card parties of the dub were I Mr. Thompson was bora in Bos-rtuted on a somewhat smaU scrte I ton. Mas, in 1344 the son of Samuel las, year. It was the Intention of the md Harriet Feck Thompson, and re-rctortolnment cmnmlttee of the clublMled hiB educatioE As . to hold one at stated intervale more I young man he left Poston and remov-; or les. u a nelghbmhood event with ciosler where he remained un-aU the members at their club and til wwning to this city. In Strouds-': their friends In the Sixth Ward tak- burTperSia he wu Carried to Miss fogpart The affairs become so pop- Houch. Mr Thompson died ular, however, that at the end of the here a year ago. season it waa a city-wide event with Hto fraternal included . residents from aU over, town a tend-1 the cluster Lodge of F. and A. M. The other guests Tiesday were Mr Edward Helm of Brooklyn, Mtoe Clara Engel, Mtoe Marion Ridgeway, Mtos Dorothy Manning, Mr Lester Dem-Inf, Miss Adelaide Peene, Mlsa Lou-ella Hillock, Mr James DeNlke, Mtos Doris Jens Mtos Ruth Walter Mtos Elizabeth Schult lb Frank Steadman JT, Mr Norman Hempstead Orr. Mtos Anns Wheatley, aU iff this city Miss Irene O'Brien of New York City, Miu Melva Messenger of East Orange, N. J, Miss Marion Sicketo of Bronx-ville, and Mr. and lb Walter Blackburn and Mr. and Mr Bkrty Farring ton of this city. PARENT-TEACHERS OF SCHOOL 1 TO MEET The first meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association at School No. will be held on Thursday, October 13 Instead of the regular date, October 11th. At an executive meeting held recently the home of tbe president Mr Forrest E. Haver, of 464 Marlborough Road, the change wu decided upon. Plane for the year were discussed and arranged. There win be a speaker on dtlaen-ship at the first meeting of the dub, also a musical program. A reception for the teachers both aid and new will be held and a general membership drive begun. AU members end friends of the neighborhood are Invited to be present I Colonel Frederick V. Abbot Famed Engineer Of The Worid War, Is Deac Church, tion of o Ulcers last evening in the Parish Hall iff the church. . following are the officers elected to serve: George Scheele Jr, president; John Pease Jr, secretary; Clyde De Mott, Washington. Sept 36. Colonel treasurer; Stuyvesant Gibson, llbrar- Frederick Vaughan Abbott retired, of lan, and the Rev. Van Rensselaer Gib-1 2J1B Tracey Place, Washington, a son and George Scheele Sr, advisory distinguished officer of the Engineers board. Mlsa Madeline Graham, or- Corps of the army, died at hto Bum-gantot to the leader of the choir. Imer home at Nonqultt, Mam., today A business meeting will be held after brief Hines on the second Wednesday of each He left a wife, a son, Henry Demonth. The choir meets for practice bon Abbot of Boston, end two daugh-every Wednesday evening. Mr. Ed-ter Mtoe Marion Beatrice Abbot and ward Secor has offered to take care Mtoe Elinor Russel Abbot The fu-of the choir vestment - ' Ineral will he held from St Johns On Sunday the service will be espe- church, Cambridge, Mam, Thurs-c tolly for the young people. The Rev. day, sept 27. .Interment will be at Gibson has selected as hto topic for Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, this service, Can the Bible and Re-1 ppmi Abbot to the man who put llglon Stand the Test of Reason, in the light of a Recent- Questionnaire? MIS 8 GKEIG TO WED the engineers across" during the Worid War. On October 13, 1917, he wu summoned to . Washington to serve u the principal assistant to the Chief Mtoe Agnes Grelg, daughter of Mi of Engineer with the rank of Briga-Agnes Grelg, of 117 Convent Place, I diei General, remaining on this as-wboae marriage to Raymond Herman I zignment until hto retirement Hto Peter of Jersey City, N. J, will take I most important duty u Chief of the place In Immanuel Chapel, Nepper- Division of Operations In the office hen Avenue mi Saturday afternoon at of the Chief of Engineers wu that 5 o'clock will have u her attendant of supervising the enlistment organl-her sister, Mtos Margaret 'A. Grelg. I utton, training, equipment end for-Mr. Peters will have u hto beet warding of' over 300.000 engineer man, William Hllklne, iff Jersey City. troops for - war service. He a! The ushers will . be George A. Grelg. served 1 u commanding officer . of brother of the bride; David J. Davies Washington Barrack D. C.; com-Jr, of this city, and Walter Schleman, masdant of the Engineer School and of New York City. .. " . . .. I acted as Chief of Engineen on many The ceremony will be performed by occaeton the Rev. Dale DeWltl pastor of the as a result iff hto services during Chapel the World War he was awtrded the Distinguished - Service Medal the Uad THE vwwei-n WANT ADS. I citation reading u follows: For ex ceptionally meritorious and distinguished services in the organisation of engineer troops and the procurement of enlisted men for the service In. the war. Hto seal wu untiring and hto success of hto efforts marked. Colonel 1 Abbot wu bora at (torn bridge, Mass, on March 4, 1866, at an' Old army family.. He wu the son of the late Brig. Gen. Henry Abbot graduated from the United Statu Military Academy In 1879 the head of hto clam and wu commissioned a Second Lieutenant the Corps of Engineer ; :. In May, 1910, then a Colonel wu assigned fb duty at Boston, and wu in charge of the improvement of rivers and harbors In Ma chusett Vermont and New Hampshire, end in charge iff works of defense for Boston Harbor and Late Champlain, N. Y, senior member of the Boston.. Harbor Lina Board and In temporary charge the Newport Engineer District 1 Run June, 1913, to October, 1917, be wu on duty at New York City u Division Engineer of tha Northeastern Division and in charge the Third New York Engineers District and later . the Second New York District During this detail he wu also assigned u member of the New York Harbor Line Board, the board to revise projects for the land defense of New York City, and the Board of Engineen for riven and baibon. MISS ISABEL E. WALLIN Two wen known local dancing in-itructon, Mtos Grace Hoffman and Leo Gannon, have amalgamated and hereafter will conduct their dancing classes at the studio located in the . Burke Building, South Broadway. Iftos Hoffman conducted tha Hoffman Dancing School at tha South Broadway address for a number iff yean and gained a citywide repute- tion u a competent teacher. She hu appeared In a number of Broadway musical productions and concert While on a European tour this jrur he visited Italy, France, Spain, .Algiers and Holland, studying the various dance methods in these countries. Beeldei being a dancer, Mtoe Hoffman to an accomplished musician. Mr. Gannon, who to well known for hto managing of the local nltes" at tbs Proctor Theatre, Is also an ac- compltohed tap dancer. Hto dancing . in hto act.Oannoni Dandy Doaen," which appeared at the local Proctor Theatre a few months ago, wu commented upon favorably. . The combination of Mlsa Hoffman, and Mr. Gannon should give the local public an opportunity of obtaining the highest standard In an brandies ' of dancing. REV. N. DARE ACCEPTS rt I PASTORATE IN CONN. QDPPnCUlB m HOLD EUCHRE The Rev. Norman P. Dare, curate of St Andrew! Memorial Church, win conduct bis tort services here Sunday evening, after which he will go to Southington, Conn, to take up I hto duties as rector of St Pauls Episcopal Church there. The Rev. Mr. Dare, who to native Yonken, hu been associated with St Andrew's Church since June, 1926. ing. This year special features are befog arranged to make the parties even more enjoyable than In the past Needless to say refreshments win be served this evening. -The . commltee in charge of arrangements Includes . Mr Catherine Griffin, Mr Mary Madden, Mr Thomu A. Brogan, Mr Edward J. Murray, Mr John F. Torpey, Mr F. Pennell Mr Vera L. McGee, Mr Arthur D. Keller, Alderman Edward J. Murray, Thomu A. Brogan, Deputy Commissioner of Public 8afety John M. Reagan, Supervision J. J. Whalen, Commissioner of Public Work! John F. Torpey, James McGarran, A. F. PenneU end Joseph Power and the Yonkers Commandery. Knights Templar. Besides hto eon Perry, a brother Timothy Thompson . of Pasadena, Calif, survive . " . Died MRS. ROLAND PARKER LEADS CHURCH FOLK The first organization meeting of I'lYVXOR On Tuesday, aspt IS, 1ISI. Charles. F. Connor, ago IT ysara Funeral service at tha Havey Funeral Home. 1S7 North Broadway, Thursday aftarnoon at 1:11 o'clock. ' the Evening Missionary Group lor the women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer wu held last Tuesday evening at the church on Elliott Avenue. Mr Red Burkhaidt, president of tha Women's rotation, of which this group to a part, presided. Officers for the Group I were elected. Mr Roland Parker was name dthe leader and She to assisted for Mi N. Hart wig, secretary, and MI A. O. Heldeman, treasurer. It wu decided to hold the monthly meeting of the Group on the fourth Sunday of every month at the church. On the fourth Sunday evening In October, the subject to be iHsnimwl will be Present Problem in the west Indies" which have been brought about by the recent hurricane. An Illustrated lecture wlU ba given for a speaker whou name will he announced later. This afteraon, the Afternoon Group of tha Missionary Interests of the Women' Association will organise In a similar manner in their first meeting at tha church. Wednesday, Bent ' IS, Harty (nee Ifshoaer). . Fu ll ARTY On 1921, Mary beloved wife of John Hsrty. neral will ba held from hsr lata rail, dence, 45 Harriot Street, on Saturday, Sept. U at S o'clock. Solemn Maas of Requiem In St. Harya Church at :2S o'clock. Intermant St Joaeph'a Cemetery. MKXKIX In New York City on Wed-raday, Sept. II, 1121, Solomon Hen-kin. Funeral aervlcea at hla late reeldenca, ill Kaat 28th Street. Fri-, day morning,. Sept. 22. HRHAK In this City on Thuraday, RepL 27, 122 Loulaa Kama, be loved wife of Benjamin Rehak. neral- from hla lata reeldenca, ii Persona Street on Saturday, Bapt 21. 1122, at 2:45 a. m.. High Maas of Requiem In SL Bartholomew's Church at 14 oclock. Interment family plot St' Joaaphs Cemetery. Card of Thanks STATE WATERWAYS MEETING OCT. 26 & 27 The family of tha late Ellaabetb La Roceo wieh to thank thalr many frlenda and relatlvea for tha klndneee and aympathy ahown to thorn la thalr lata bareavement HUBBAND AND FAMILY. Rochester, N. Y, Sept 27 (UP). Waterway matters vitally Important to various sections of the State will be considered at the 19th annual convention of the New York State Waterway Association, which will be held here October 36 and 27. Foremost of the subjects to be presented, according to Henry W. Hill, president the suggmted All-American Ship canal the St. Lawrence River Ship Canal and power project and the activities of the State and Federal Water Power Com- Obituary MBS. CATHERINE BRENNAN Mr Catherine Brennan,' wife of the late -William Brennan, died suddenly this morning at her residence 136 Ashburton Avenue. Death was caused by ah eart allmynt Mr Brennan waa a resident iff this city for 36 yes i Surviving are, , five daughter Mr May Carrol of New York City; the Misses . Elizabeth, Catherine and Nan Brennan, and Mr J. E. Birmingham, all of this city; also three son Michael Brennan, Of Mount Vernon, and Daniel and WUllam Brennan, both members of the New York City Police Department Complete Funeral 1 a ISO DOLLARS and npwxrds' TELEPHONE Yonkers THE HAVEY -FUNERAL HOME 107 North Broadway SOLOMON MENKIN Solomon Menkln, 90. father of John C. Menkln of 31 Purser Place, I dlde last night In hto residence, ill Eart 96th Street . New York City. Death waa attributed to old age. . Mr. Menkln wae a native of Russia and received hto education then.' . Be-1 Ides hto eon mentioned above, hto wife, Mr Hannah Menkln, whom he married In Russia, four, other sons and a daughter surviv WM. H. HEALY &SON Funeral Home 271 WARBURTON AVL Nepperhan 545 BRENNAN In thli elty ' Thuraday. Mept. 27, 1922, Catherine, widow of the late. William Brennan. Funeral Baturday, Bapt. 21, from her. late home, 11S Aehburton Avenue, at 1:1s ' a. m. Solemn High Hail of Requiem In 8t Joaeph'a Cnurch at If o'clock. Interment Brewater, N. T. . . OAKLAND CBMBTEKY Offlea ftwna HOLLAND DU1LDUO 1 WABNUBTOH AYKNED t 1 1 - i h ' I 1 a 3 - f V.6. v ", '

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