The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1954 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1954
Page 6
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6-Alflona ((a,) Upper De* Maine* Tuesday, June V1954 Sexton Planning A Big Community Picnic, June 13 By The Village Gossip Sexton—A lot of the men folks ome out on the short end for ! hursday evening supper. Their i loks didn't feel much like cook- ing after the big lunch served by Mrs SoFen Dldrlksen and ^Mrs Leslie Huff Bt the Friendly dlub meeting. There was a discusslfili of centehnial plans and "voluri* teer"s" were found for all the parts on the Sexton float. There is promise of having some of .the men help with . the job. as the wives plan to ask each others husbands to help and there won't be so many refusals. The next Friendly Club meet- Gotia Problem? Have seme cheeks (Wttnt to deposit? Why not bank to our bank only" and put them in the them promptly and send you an acknowledgement of your deposit by return Sng is scheduled for Sunday June 13 with .a family dintier<at 12:30 at the Call. State, Park* Mr • and Mrs Martin Mimbach were asked to go in early to hold a tablti for the group so everybhe goittjj Should look for them. Each family is to bring a picnic dinner and their own dishes, ' Iowa State Bank Safe - Helpful - Friendly Member of F. D. I. C. Algona HAIL CAUSES RECORD CROP DAMAGE Iowa Claimi Curing Year 9 "Million* . Be Perfected! HAIL INSURANCE on GROWING CROPS... FIRE and LIGHTNING COVERAGE INCLUDED L. S. BOHANNON ...Jw&l Algona Iowa Phone 103 1010 HIGH srmrr DM MOINIft IOWA VOTE FOR WALTER CRAHAN DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR KOSSUTH SUPERVISOR —1st DISTRICT • Resident Riverdale Twp. 37 Years • 20 Years Farming Experience • Interested in Better County Roads Through Better Government. A VOTE FOR CRAHAN IS A VOTE AGAINST HIGH, NARROW ROADS WITH DEEP DITCHES All Votes Will Be Appreciated There won't be a vety long vacation as many of the Bibie schools ate starting next week; Mrs Merle Hoover will be ; a teacher at the Doan Church school with all day sessions from 9:00 to 3:30 June 1 to the 4th. There was good (reason for Fred JenrMngs to be working twice as hard the last few days. His helper, Mrs Jennings, has been at Rochester, Minn, hospital for a check-up. Club day was especially hectic for Mrs Everett Steven as she had papeV hangers to supervise and she was only, one Of the lo* cal mothers who were in the doghouse with their youngsters. It was centennial day for lower I grades in town school and their fwas a little disagreement as to 'what they should wear as it was raining in the morning and also whether or not they could take the family camera along. Many local residents - missed the scare of a big storm by attending Commencement exercises in Algona. Among those attending were Mr and Mrs Martin Seller and family, Mrs Joe Balk, Mrs Richard Balk, Mrs Max Stratton, Mrs Clarence Huff, Mrs P. Lowman and Mr and Mrs John Jennings. Mr and Mrs Bob Kelley and Elaine Holtorf are having a busy time besides' running the local lumber company. Bob's father, Louis Kelley, Jolley is moving to Ottosen to start a lumber yard and the younger generation is being drafted to help on the job. NOTICE OF HEARING ON HEPORT OF SALE OF HEAL ESTATE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY In the Matter of the Estate o£ Anna O. Cast, Deceased. TO ALL PERSONS ' INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF ANNA O. CAST, DECEASED, AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: ' You and each of you are hereby notified that there Is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa a Report of Sale of Real Estate of R. H. Miller, Executor of the Estate of Anna O. Gast.' deceased wherein said Executor reports that he has entered into a contract for the sale of the following real estate, situated in Kossuth County. Iowa, to-wlt: ' ' East Half (E',i) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'i) of Section 10; Southwest Quarter (SWV4) and the Southeast Quarter (SEtt) of the Northwest Quarter (NW>A) of Section 11 and the Northeast Quarter (NEU) of the Northeast Quarter (NEW) Of Section 15; and the North Half (N',b) of the Northwest . Quarter (NW'A) and the Southeast Quarter (SE»4) of the Northwest Quarter (NW«4) of Section 14, all in Township 98 North, Range 30 West of the 5th P. M.' Kossuth County, Iowa, containing 440 acres. To Lewis A. Breese and Karen Breese, husband and wife of Kossuth County, Iowa for the sum of $10,400.00 according to the terms and provisions of the said real estate contract attached to said Report, to which Report and Con- iract you are referred for further par-, ticulars. ' ' You are further notified that the learing on. said Report of Sale of Real Estate will be had at the Court House n Algona, Iowa on the 25th day of June, 1934 at la o'clock A. M. of said day, at which time higher and better offers will be received. You are further notified that un- ess higher or better offers be received hat the sale of said real estate to ;aid purchasers for the price above set 'orth will be approved and confirmed. R. H. MILLER Executor of the Estate of Anna O. Gast, Deceased. Published June 1 and June 8, 1954, n the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines (22-23) ent of Sewage Treatment Works af , the ,Cltjr ol Algona, who.,1s by, thi* drdlnaiK'fl delegated with the re. dpbfisibiiity of management and operation of the,.city sewage dis- '•'•1 plant, subject to'such; rules, ._ regulations as the City tfounen jay frotn time to time prescribe by resolution., ,,-, ,. . Contributor. Where the term "6>n* trlbutor" or the term ''Contributors" Is Deed in this ordinance, It refers to any person, firm or corpOr'attBri responsible for the production of domestic, commercial or industrial waste-.which is directly or indirectly discharged .into the sanitary sewer system of .the City. . .h , >f '. S«w« flahfat. Where tHe>: term "Sewer Rental" is used in this or/ dlnanCe, it refers to any j anil all itals , rates, charges, fees or ren against, and, payable by a contribut- levied sewage or Industf lal Waste has 'char- reason Held tmeansU'tuttenai, such the City polluted and/or ifl not dis«iattea ORDINANCE NO. 351 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE MANAGEMENT, OPERATION AND FINANCING OF MUNICIPAL SEWAGE TREATMENT WORKS. SETTING RATE OF SEWER RENTALS, -RESCRIBING PENALTIES, REPEALING ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT AND EXPRESSLY REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 314. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. Deiinlilont: In the construction of this ordinance the following definitions will apply. Sewage Treatment Works. Where the term "Sewage Treatment Works" is used in this ordinance, it refers to any and all units of the municipal sewage disposal plant now or hereafter owned and operated by the City of Algona, Iowa, Including the intercepting sewer system and appurtenances delivering sewage to the plant. Superintendent. Where the word "Superintendent" is used in this ordinance, it refers to the Superintend- , , or or contributors. , ,--, , . Section 2. Duties of Superintendent. The general duties of the Superintendent are -to have complete charge Of the operation Of the sewage treatment worlds of 'the City subject to such rules and regulations as the City Council may prescribe from time to, time by resolution. The City Engineer is here- ay designated the Superintendent of Sewage Treatment Works. ' , Section 3. Duties of Tt eaturer. All money received by the City Treasurer from any source on account of the sewage treatment works shall be kept in a separate and distinct : fund to be known as "Sewage Rental Fund" and shall be paid out by him upon legal warrants of the City. Section 4. Outlet of Clerk. The duties of the City Clerk will be as follows: Collection. The City Clerk shall collect or cause to be collected all sower rentals In accordance with the schedule certified to her by the Superintendent of Sewage Treatment Works and in accordance with the rates provided In Section 5 of this ordinance. Record!. The City Clerk will keep an accurate 'and complete record of such collections and shall turn OVer to the City Treasurer at least once each month all funds so collected. The Clerk shall report to the City Council at the end of each calendar, month a complete statement of collections made and funds turned over to the City Treasurer.- , Charges. The City Clerk shall have the responsibility for the collection of said sewer rentals but may however secure the cooperation of the Superintendent of Algona Municipal Utilities who collects the water bills, In connection with said collection of sewer rentals and said collections may be by means of the mechanics by which the water bills are collected and the City Clerk sihaU have the right to charge against- said sewage treatment works rental fund any ex- 'pense there may be In connection with said collections but said charge or charges shall be subject to ap- g roval of the City Council. ectlon 5. Sewage Rentals-General Rules. The following shall be the sew- ge rentals and the general rules goy- rnlng assessment and collection: (a) Expense. So much of the cost and expense of financing the construction and maintenance and the operation of the sewage treatment works as can be so paid shall be paid from a fund accruing from the collection of rentals hereinafter stipulated. (b) Payment by Contributor. Every person, firm or corporation, whose premises are served by a connection with the sanitary sewer system of the City either directly or indirectly, shall pay to the City rents, rates, or charges as hereinafter described for the purpose of contributing toward the costs of construction, maintenance and operation of. said sewage treatment works. -- (c) Rates. Except as hereinafter noted, each consumer of City water shall pay to the City Clerk or to such person as may be designated by ttie City Clerk at the City Hall, at the same time and In the same manner that payment for City water Is made and commencing with billings for City water consumed from and after July 18, 1954, an additional sum equivalent to seventy-five, per cent (75%) of each such water bill. The rate or charges shall be shown and designated on each contributor's water bill. Such seventy-five per tent, (75%) shall hot be applied any deposit fees or service fees. (d) Exception. The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall riot apply to contributors operating under special rates as described in the following paragraph: Special Ralei (e-1) Where, in the Judgment of the superintendent, special conditions surround the use of City water to the extent that the application of the' basic rentals provided in Par. 5 (c) hereof would be inequitable or unfair to either the City or Contributor, a special rate shall be established by the City. Such rates shall be subject to the approval by resolution of the City Council. Such rates may include among other the following cases: (1) Where nature of the use of City water Is such in the opinion of the Superintendent that the resulting STORM DAMAGE! We Have Materials To Repair Storm Damage . . , Rough Lumber, Dimension Lumber, Roof- ing, Felt, Blocks, etc. Let Us Fill Your Needs. itito or docs rtrtt reach the sanltafy sewer, systeitt. „- , ,(e-2) Special rates shall also be Wade in all cases -Where privately produced water supplies are discharged directly or indirectly fhtq the sanitary sewer system. Such rates or rentals shall be on an equal basis, as nearly as may be, with the rates which would apply to an equal quantity and character of waste .originating through the Use of city, water, such rates or rentals Shall be stfbject to the approval of the CItjP' . Council. It shall be the duty of every person, firm or corporation resppn: slble for the production of sdch private water supply to report forthwith to the Superintendent .and •'•'• further to cooperate with said Sup* erintendent in the determination of the quantity and character of the Waste originating from' such respective private water supply and resulting sewage flow, which meter or other means of measurement shall be Installed by and at the expense of the Contributor upon Written oix der of the Superintendent. ; ' (e-3) No sewage or Industrial waste having characteristics pending In the opinion of the Superintendent to jeopardize the successful and/or continued • operation Of the sewage treatment plant or any of Its .units Including sanitary sewers leading to the same shall be discharged into the sanitary sewer system. Such waste may be pretreated by the Contributor at his -own expense and discharged into said -system,' but said Contributor shall ' demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Superintendent that such pretreatment is adequate and dependable to the extent that the sewage or waste discharged into the City sanitary system does riot jeopardize the successful and/or continued operation of the sewage treatment Works. Section 6. Failure io Pay Reniali. Where the contributor Is a consumer of City Water the sewage rentals, rates or charges shall be and are hereby designated as subject to the same rules of delinquency and suspension of service as relate to" consumption, of City Water and as are provided for by the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities. In addition to the -rules of delinquency and suspension Of service heretofore mentioned, the City shall have a lien upon the property served by such sanitary utility for all delinquent rate or rental payments In accordance with the Code of Iowa. The City Clerk shall certify for taxation purposes and for the establishing of said property lien, to the County Auditor all delinquent rent, rate or rental payments. For the purpose of said certification and for no other purpose whatsoever, rate or rental payments shall be designated as delinquent when the same are shown and appear on the books carrying rate or rental payments to have been unpaid for a period of six months 'following their due date. Where the contributor Is' an operator of a, private water supply, failure to pay rentals shall be _ subject- to similar rules as to delinquency and suspension of service, property lien, certification of delinquency and definition of delinquency as set out in the paragraph last above. Section 7. Effect of Ordinance. If any section, subsection, sentence, clause or phrase of this Ordinance is for any , ns of * thi .ia fta*e passed each secti6n, ; suBsi inaftcs. acteristlca making,. It. more^ot .less oisioH ahaX no> affect the Validity,j8f " " " ' " Ts Ordi ^" ,i»i ^«jrf The.City'Cbtincil hereb*.. . a _. ,..- 1 .JrtlOtt i OI If .tn-rtlilS it»<M niMBrt 1<1 water consuhied difficult to treat than ordinary domestic household waste; ,, (2) Wherl a majog p^r6pdrtlott»tf e citv water consuhied Is net Use and phrase • thefgei. of tha'fact tpat tony otie o?,more lions, s»H«p«loris. sehteHces, clauses of phrases be declared uncon&tltutlon'. al. , S/»"'i 0 « 9, Penttilei, Any violation Of this Ordinance shall constitute a misdemeanor and be punishable by a fine not ta exceed One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) or by imprisonment not pKftf 'b? .erdifianeg* ift |< : >«S t | ln ^?l > .with ar« jfiflf by^epealed. aftd ,0™'*; ._ice N pealed — .... i(t lien thefes* Sttilon ift anfce"be"n/"deBln'ed"ufgent and necessary for the- immediate preservation of public health,- peace and fftetXJ^f" * •• full forte, and' effect afftt its be in* !vy 6. . A. 0. 198*. ; . Mfrs, tterace fl* fciatf , (, The foretfotrtg Ordinance No. 351 la hereby .duly authenticated day at May. A. D., 1994. Mayor . this 27th Horace 'i3. Clapsaddtc Ivy D, ScufTham .City Clerk; of Id* Published June 1. 1884 in the Algona VOTE FOR Carl L S wanson Democratic Candidate For Veteran World War I Active In Community Affairs Owns and Successfully Operates Sherman Twp. Farm Life-Long Resident Kossuth County Carl is regarded highly by all.those who know him. His sound judgment/ honesty, and sincere open mindedness will-qualify him for your support. ' * .'••-..... (• • ' ••••'•. . .'•-''' , , THIS AD PAID FOR BY FRIENDS .OF CARL SWANSO& BUY YOUR PAINT HERE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Outside White PAINT \ .» • - * • Here's your chance fo get the BEST COMBINE DEAL IN TOWN! 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