The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York on July 21, 1926 · 9
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The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York · 9

Yonkers, New York
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Wednesday, July 21, 1926
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WEDNESDAY. JULY 21. 1926 PAGE NINE jBusiness News of Interest ! ' (By J. C. ROYLE) Xew York, July 90. The curtailment of nw sugar production in CuUnn-dir government wjruUtion ha not born entirely effective or satiefactnrv to (!, gram. Th became evident today a. tbe ugar grilling in ,he ln.BTid drew to Sts dole. It Si certain tint Cuban production will txceftl 4,900,-nun long ton. In addition to the amount of lugar which Cuba mut rarry mcr i, t.i the next aeaion, there will be an aggn-gile carryover of standing cane eti-iti-d at 3.000,000 ton. cane weight. The Held of the iiland give indication, in addition, of another large crop in 1920-17. . With then facta in view, the Cuban grower will not lit idle., Already they 'e preparing to dump large quantities -of cheap lugar on the far eastern 'mark-iK Moreover, they. have by no mean ahumluiuMl thrir attrniptH to wun a wiring of th tarSu ban in the United State. It ii evident, however, that i ln-y will make no overt move in that direction until 'the Congressional elec linns, especially in the beet augar States, are over with and Congress has again rniiveneii. Knropean eonntriea which produce bert sugar have either advanced their import dutiea or have granted lionuxei or bountirs to domestic jiroducer to protect them against the low coat Cuban producer. Ibis lias cut the market i -u-i - -j mr Cuban augar and aided to maintain the price at stable IcvcU, jut aa tlie lnH t sugar production and the cane augar originating in this country, Iorto Rico and Hawaii have done in tho United State. . It i now rumored that the Cuban producer will consign 500,000 tons, to cs-tern countries. Thi would lie ralcufted to advance Hit- price of sugar in ilii. country, but it (loes not jibe with the Cuban effort for an increase of duty preferential, line it would mean almost giving augar away to eastern countries in order to get more from the United States. ' .. . Consumption in the 'United Stale has been diiappojnting so far. thi year. Thi ha been due largely to unacaaonable weather. Whether consumption' will exceed that of 1925 still depend largely on the Weather. The United State ami it bland possessions are counted on to turn out at least 2,400,000 tons and lo this must be added u carryover of 473,000 tuns. Cuba, it i estimated, will base available from thia crop 3,300,000 tuna whU'h is tagged for America. . Distribution of augur in the United States for the flrsl six month of thi year point to a total of 5 ,560,000 ton refined value, for the entire twelvemonth, animling to Facta About Sugar. The distribution for the first half year was illy slightly above that for the corresponding period of 1023. It was equal to tih'-j pound per person, ai compared with 5a V pouuds.for tbe eorrcsNinding lriod of 1925. Another atatialical source, Willett and Gray, deelarn consumption in the first half year showed a decrease of 92,028 tons, as compared with 1995. With limitation placed oh the production of raw sugar in Cuba, that BRUIs Vg ainDnaed I Hoover Writes To Friends Albemarle, X. C.P July 20 (Unitoli Pre). Discovery of new evidence by tbe Slate has prolonged tbe trial here of Xevin Cranford, former county chain gang boss, aa the number of convict death attributed by witnesses to his cruelties reached six. Cranford haa been accused of another death by Mr. and Mrs. Dave Teeter, who told on the witness stand Imw a convict named Carl Meadows, staggered to their home, suffering from a beating which ha said t lie chain gang lavs had administered.- Meadows died that night. .Although on trial for the murder of two negro convict, Cranford line heard vitnense aeeuae him of the dentil of four other a result of hi treatment. Coolidge Is Logical Choice Secretary Of Commerce Expresses Opinion That President Of the United States Should Be Nominated to Succeed Himself 2 Years Hence BIGGEST CLOCKS FOR BROADWAY New Paramount Building Where Shanleys Restaurant Once Stood In N. Y. JTo Have 26-Ft. Timepiece country naturally is anxious that thi step should not he nullified by increased production in other part of the world. Information s to the prospect of icr part of the world. Information s to the prospect future production is being gathered by Cuban officials, tirower in the island are seeking assurances from producers in the United States and island posse inn that they will not increase. their output. It is possible that .request to i his effect may be made officially. So far as tbe .American producer are concerned, in most instances,' a de-muul for lurh assurance ha met with immediate refusal. It wa for the very . niroe,' they say. of encouraging domestic consumption that the tariff was placed on augar. If they are to restrict their output ami drop back, the effect o' the tariff is at thoroughly nullified as though K were removed, Business News 6t. Paul, Minn., July 20 Minnesota's -tourist business, it I estimated, will yield the State approximately 71,009,909 this year, an Increase .of 111,000,090 over laat season. The ad-v.-rtlslna campaign ratting attention to Minnesota's 10.000 lake has been productive of splendid results. . at slightly lower pace 'than last month but demand far structural steel i good. Philadelphia, July 20 The savings deposits of the 10 banks In this Federal Reserve district have gained 11,-. 011,000 In tha lust month and now talnl Jilt, 114,000. The heaviest gains wert mads In the town of the nn-' ihradle field. - : Commodity Notes . Automobiles Detroit, July 20. The Durant Motor ( nmpany now is turning out Star ears st the rate -of 2011 a day aud. experts in-- producer 3.600 rare during July. Jt if" shipping as high as 2iK) car on . mr days and oales are running about 23 per cent, above tbutc of' last year at thi time.'. . Steel .. . Pittsburgh. July 20 Ultimate plurr the number nf idle' blast furuace ill Ihi district at 35 per cent, of the total. Xone of these idle furnace,, i , being prepared to be pill . in hlnst st present. Finishing mills are running Lumber . Virginia, Minn., July '20. 1 The Yir ginia and Rainy Lake ' Lumber Company owner nf some nf tile largeat while pine mills' in the country i ran ning il largest plant on two shifts. Slid smaller plant on one shift.' It is also doing Summer logging In some district a. ' . Fruit Portland, Ore.,. July 30. Apple in the northwest are o plentiful that early stock i' selling today at the lowest price in. many yean. Both apple and pear orchard are expected to pro dnee - record crop .in ' Washington, Idaho and .Oregon. Textile Boston.' July . 20. Curtailment - In southern production lias been follow eil by slight betterment in the textile situation in Xew England. Sales of the active doth constructions are a! most double those , of a, few mouth go. ... Packing House Product Chicago. -July 20. Packing Houae trade is holding fairly well. - Pork i going in moderate volume at (toady prices, lint beef haa not been so active and price in that product are easier, FIR ASOCIAL FINANCIAL EverybodysBank ARE YOU BUILDING? Bricks added to bricks make fine buildings. Dollars added to dollars make snug fortunes. We pay 4 interest, compounded quarterly. Deposit made on or before tha tenth buainesa ' day of January and July or tha third buaineia day of any other month draw intareat from' - tho flrat of that month. . $7,500 ia now the ' legal limit Intereat compounded quarterly on oil aum from $1.00 to $7,500. -14 SOUTH BROADWAY, GETTY SQUARE CHARTERED 1866 H He Can Who Thinks He Can It takes persistent effort to do the seemingly difficult things... ' Moat of the people who have accumulated money can trace its source to a determination to save persistently; ; You, too, can accumulate money if you think you can. i-Save If In A Savings Bank- Yonkers Savings Your Savings Institution . is SOUTH BROADWAY, GETTY SQUARE Bank Invest In First Mortgage Certificates Wi ; JSO, $100, $500, $1,000 KIM VfflaA-: w.dp.1 s itw.i i . V ill. : Guaranteed By 20 Vi GETTY SQUARE, YONKERS For yean hitting the big time" has meant doing business on Broadway. But in all tlie year gone by a really big timo piece ha never appeared on that afreet. The largest clock in the City nf Xcw York oinco 1909 ho been the huge , time-piece located in the Metropolitan Tower. In fact. thi cloek Ii been heralded as the largest clock in the world, though there are larger in America today. .The largeat dial in tlie world i located on the Colgate K" int iq Jersey City. Big Ben in the rliament Tower at London, long famous for it aixe and ailvertonrd voice, ha wince been dwarfed by ' American dock '. constructed . for okyaeraper towers, where 1he' extreme - height make sine of the utmost importance, say tlie X. Y. Evening World. Broadway ia at last to have one of these hugy clocks, and moat appropriate of all. the big time -pieeei ia going to be located in Xc York Big Time" theatrical district in Timea Square. The cloek will be installed in the tower of tlie Paramount Building, between 43rd and 44tb Streets end, according to the Seth Thomas Clock Company, will be the largeat lingle unit clock ever manufactured. It it known that hundred nf husi-ness men never carry watehe but keep their appointnfent by pet - clocks. Placed in a strange locality, they search around in eonfuaion for the comforting fare of the friendly timo-pieee. Others who rarry watches constantly seek out the neighborhood clock to verify their time. Clock Confused London Recently all London wee thrown into confusion because Big Ben" -the faithful. tlie symbol to all London of security and truth, failed. At: 4 lie struck five anil at 5 he proclaimed six. To superstitious London thi wsa the sign. of a catastrophe. Xeediesa to say he was promptly .repaired, though none could say what had happened, aa liis niaksro will tell you that Vhat happened waa theoretically impossible in the mechanism- used. - Xew York famous Metropolitan Tower dock is larger tlian Big Ben. i are oilier, clocks in America.' -ThoAgli Londoner will .tell you that that dnri not seem anything a Big Ben hai the power to ran a dock, with a face 40 fret in diameter. The Colgate dial is 32 feet in diameter, though there is only one face, while Big Ben has four. The faces of the Metropolitan clock an 26 feet in diameter. It ie located 346 feet above the street. The Paramount . dock, in Timea Square, will be 382 feet above Broadway. ' There will he two cloek dial, each 26 feet in diameter, one faring rest.' the other wrst. The faces will be of stone with numerals four fret high. These will be represented by 13 ptara, Back of each star will he mounted a 200-watt bimp for illumination. Minute mark will be defined by- 60 llghti of. 60-watt rapacity properly spared around each circumference. The hands will he made of aluminum, with itruis and bracing to withstand the tre mrndous wind pressure at this extreme height. ' They will be , outlined with lights placed aix inches apart on centre, using 60-watt bulb. The tipa of the two minute hand will travel together 250 miles per year. - Tlie face of the great dock will he visible for mile both day and night. At bight a nifique flasher will flash the quartan and the houra in huge dome to be mounted at the extreme top of the building 450 feet above the eide-weik. Tlie tower dock required to drive the diali will he the largest aingl unit . ever manufactured in America. Two automatic light awitehee will run off th light for hands and face, and flash the eignale from tho dome. ' On quarter hours red flashes will appeal', turning to white on the even hour. . The hour mark will be aix feet three inches apart around circumference, and tha minute mark little more than a foot. The minute hand will measure 17 feet in length and the hour henda 12 feet.' The clock will be automatically wound bv electricity. One hundred pound weight will be required to operate the mechanism end the pendulum weight rod will bo eight feet long with t 330-pound weight. . This will be the liret great dock on Broadway and tha only one in the Timei Square district. At first it waa thought : that chime' should he lasts lied, duplicates of those famoua chime In London, hut Xew York, it wa decided, doe not need ehimee to herald the fleeting houra. On each aide of the clock will he glasi ineloeed observation moms, the passage from north to south will pal over the greet shaft of the dock, end visitors may pause end observe the greet mechanism at it work. This i another reaeon for eliminating the striking of belli in the tower, a the hammer of the striker would require blow from 200 to 400 pound, wnieh would bo deafening and- moat unpleasant to any one in the tower at the time. Workmen cleaning the face' of Big Ben in London have reported ' that when the 1.400 pound hammer strikes the bell 1m concussion ie like that of a bomb, and when the little bell join :n It resembles a series of explosions. . - Tower Clocks AUko - After all,-tower clocks have about . reached their growth, there ie very Ijttle. difference ia tha larger. clocks all .over, the rlrorkl to-day., Ueing Big Ben, at. an example herapsa it is "the most famous, we Arid that there is only A difference of three feet in th diameter of its dial and that of th lera-irnunt and Metropolitan docks, - and I Big Ben'' wax installed in 1058;'. The Paramount and Metropolitan clock are exsctlr th ifms lire aa to dial,, but Hr ntn i.tunKiKi Washington, July 2u. Herbert Hoover, Secretary of I'ommeree, lias written friends recently llisl lie lie-lirvea Calvin Cunlidg is Hie ineieal msn to succeed himself President iif the United Stales in tho election of 1924. , . Thi reply hss pone forth to several inquirers who had endeavored to interest Mr. Hoover ia the possibility of getting tliiuge started in hi behalf for the next Presidential election. Kery men of prominence and popularity iu public life has politically iiiimli'il friend who feel that two years ahead nf an election is none too early to start. The Secretary of I'nimnon-e,-- however, iius squelched all these effort and tiu-r is no oue in tlie 1mdidge ( sliinet who i more loyal to the President politically and otherwise. It ia known dial Mr. Hoover ha long deiired to maka a public statement of his belief in the necessity of nominating and electing Mr. lonlidge hut lie haa been embarrassed by the fart that Mr. Coolidge has preferred not to have anyone in his oliioinl family even dis-euaaing 1928 Iweause il might la- misconstrued a having been inspired bv him. So Mr.' Hisiver ha kept silent. And Ilia fact that lie wrote vernal letter to friend espousing tlie Coolidge cause waa not disclosed by him hut leaked out today through some nf those wito had learned of the letters after they were eent. . The peculiar importance of Mr. Ihoover'a pronouncement, however is that lie .) being accused .in political eireiei of haring an ere mi dm lirjfi In fi Presidential- nomination. Jn x.ongret especially, the Secretary of Commerce waa not aiway regarded a approving or disapproving measures widiniit a suggestion of political advantage nr disadvantage. Opponent nf wuue of Mr. Hoover' policies have not. omitted the opportunity to ascrilic ' hi limns a N-ing a hid for M:t ii-al aup-'puit fur hiiiiM-l(. AH this Iiun only irritated the Neere-lury of I'omnirree mid stiniulnlrd him to sentch the politics I angle mice and for all, This now has Jieen done in his enlmuiiiiicNliiiii lo friend-. It is a id (hut Presideiil I'oulidge knows of Mr. Iloovei's nt l it iiili. indeed dial lie bus known it for some time and that effort t caiife friction Mweru the While J louse ami Mr. limn rr on die ground that Mr. Hoover was planning hi own polidru! campaign have reused only amusement to those at th exeru- MRS. BUDLONG FILES BRIEF IN HER SUIT Nrwporl, R. I.. July 20 (United Press).--Mr. Jessie Margaret Budlong, wifo of Milton J. lludloiig. wealthy N'ew Yorker, filed in court her today her brief in connection with her husband' suit for divoree. Tlie 10 day allowed her by Judge Edward W. Blodgett for this artion did not stay at th ranrthuusa long enough to answer question from newspaper men. Jler husband lias until Saturday to fils hi brief, lint it waa reported here today he would not do ao. The court's decision is expected within- a few weeks, -Tbs rerent lludloiig divoree hearing attracted wide interest,- largely because of Mrs. BudUing's unexH-ctod action in diarharging her lawyer and aet-iug 2 her uwu counsel. IIKAL KSTATW AT AI'CTM KKAt, ESTATW AT ADCTIOW tive msiisiun who hate known tlie I truth. - Mr. Homer is in MiniH-asdil today making an impurtont simnhIi and u prohaldy will lie rnnsidered as a Nronal nli(icsl effort hilt it really ia intended to sl.rengthrn tlie l oulidge adniiiiistration.. . . Mf. Hoover is one of the youngest men in Hililieal life and some Hay he ny lie isinsiileriol seriously for tlie Presidential iiuniinntion lint not in 10JH, linli. nf course,-. Mr, Coolidge should upset nil mini hit ion liy refusing to run again. Mr. Hoover will rumplete next Spring hi tenth con-Keculive year in puhlie life, heir, lie i one of the few men who rame lieie during the war and sorted in Isit Ii Democralie ami lirpuldiran ' adminis-trations in jmsitions of executive responsibility. He is popular among the correspondents here who recognise hi ability and if it were left to them some day to' i-Iiiuim1 a President on merit 2nd ahililv and not by the usual standards of politics they would mi-questionably pick him as eminently qualified.-. But-polities nowadays is'alj powerful ami especially organization work'. Mr! Hoover ha maintained hi Republican regularity ever sines hi first announcement in' (lie Spring of I92U but- it is unquestioned Hint he still retains a considerable support iu the Democratic party. Wlmt P.I32 may bring is one thing but. so far as'1928 HAS $13,000 FOR IM BED NAN Veterans Bureau Holding Money For Former. Soldier With An Arm And a Ixeg Amputated fight against certain kinds of foreign is concerned lie is for I alt in foolidgc DEAD HALT REE FOR WALE New Traffic Regulations To Become Effective In Neighboring; Village On The First Day Of August . Tha new traffic ordinance tn Scandals compelling all automoblllsts entering esrtsln designated highways from th slda strati to com' to a complete atop, unless otherwise directed by tha traffic officer or signal, will become effective ' August first, say the .White Plslne Reporter. The - atreete' suggested, as .main streets are White Plains Post road, Walworth Avenue, Crane Road, Fenl-more Road, East Parkway and Heatli-cote Road. Tho word atop" will bo painted In largo whits letters across tha side treats entering Into ths main (treats. . On account of the danger In stopping In traffic ths follow-lng exceptions are made: . AutomoblllstH are to go ahead In turning Into East Parkway from Pop-ham Road or from ' Bronx Parkway Drive, except ' When turning Into Popham Road front tha Now York Post Road. When turning Into Wayside - Lane from tho New York Post Road.'-"- When -turning '.into Crana- 1 Road from Bronx Parkway or from Woodland Place. When turning Into Fenlmore Road from the -How York Post Road and fro At the Bronx Parkway ' Drive. When turning Into Walworth .Avenue at tha intaraectlon of Fenlmore Road. Any person violating any provision of this article la to be liable to a penalty not exceeding 125. 1 this would lie too aad a rite for one man to perforin and ao the tule was changed so that the last two' men would drink together a' toast lo their comrades. And tomorrow- th'era-. will -lie only three; one has died since last year. -Tho three present tomorrow: .John B. Gaff, fit. Paul; Charles Ijockwood, Chamberlain, B. D., and Tatar Hall, Atwater, Allnn.. will sit around a table with all 3i chair lit place. Thirty of .tlie rhalra will b laden with flower; one will be draped In hlark In memory of Emil Graff, fit. Cloud, Florida, who died lines last year's meeting; and In tlie three remaining chairs wlll'ilt the-three living members of Company B. Year by year a the members pass'd on. the meeting of the "Last Man's Club" hava been growing more tragic. The survivors no-, longer appear to talebrale. Their conversations are In liuehed voice. . ... Tomorrow's meeting may ba tha last before that noleinn meeting when only , two ere left and the bottle of Burgundy will ba opened. Washington, I). l Th United St ale Veterans' Bureau ha announced that the Bureau' Central IHHi-s in Washington i holding mom titan $13,-DIM in eomiienRUthm nnd automatio insurance due Frank Vincent, a disabled veteran at tha World War, beraua they have not been able to lor! him. Mr. Vincent, formerly nf Riverton, Xeb., was last heard of from Kana City, Mo October 13. 1920, when h wrote tu hi mother, Mre. BainanUta J. Vincent, that he was leaving Kansas City; but failed to tell her where hr -was gding: '. According tu tha Bureau, Mr. Vincent bad been selling lead pencils on ths street .nf Kansas City, Mo., and any one who would have sera him there, it waa stated, would have untrd him from his crippled condition,- hi right forearm and leg having been anmltatrd and a peglrg of - wood trapped to hi thigh over his clothing. According to record of tlie Bureau. Mr. Vincent was injured April 21, 1917. when, a a member of tlm Wyoming Xalionsl Guard,, lie' was shut in lb.1 right foot liy tho accidental discharge of his rifle at Crystal lathe, Wyo. The bullet ahatlered' several bone:, blood poison followed and (lie leg wa aiiipu:. tated below tlie knee. Finally, a'ccord-lug tn medical record of tlie Bureau, the poison wa communicated in Ids right arm, necessitating amputation of the forearm, and he wae discharged August 15, 1917, -on- a surgeon's certificate of disahilitv- Aid Refused Ia 1918 When ha applied to tha Veterans Bureau for aid early in 1918, it waa said, Ilia liureau wa compelled to disallow his claim, aa. tlm laws at that lima governing tlie- -operation of the bureau made compensation payable only for injuries incurred after October 6, 1917. After tlia act of August 9,. 1931, had amended thia law- making eompsnaation payable for injuries incurred on or after April A,. 1917, th bureau ia said to have mad an effort to communicate tld fact tn Mr. Via-cent and did nPtually send to bis last financial financial LAST MAN CLUB MEETS ONCE MORE Stillwater, Minnesota, July. 10. (United Presa) Three tottering veterans of ths Civil War, last surviving members of Company B., Minnesota, will gather tomorrow around a bottle of rare old Burgundy a boltla of wine that is to bo consumed when only two of tha veterans are left. . It will be tha meeting of Minnesota's famous Last Man's .Club" organised more . than 40 years ago, by tha 34 survivors of Company It. At that first masting they . agreed - lo gather each ' succeeding year until death had claimed them all. . At tha second mooting held July 31, 1138, Louis lloapoa brought tho bottle of raro Burgundy and placed It In th center of tho tabte. - It waa agreed that . tha bottla would occupy 11 tha sama position at each . succeeding meeting to ba opened when only ona was left This laat surviving veteran wae to drink a toast ., to . bis fallen comrades. But recently It waa decided that the .Metropolitan Jia four face.' Thia doe not mean anything as to size, however, aa all two additional faeei require 1 the imtallation of another unit, exactly tha lama- at the flrat. Thera I a scale to follow, whirh provide ths aie of the clock. - For instance, tho face of the dock ahould measure one foot for every 10 fret of elevation. Bn you Me the higher the tower the more the problem of -eon-trurtion increase. . Thi 1 not- followed too elotely, however, though it i ths proper formula to assure desired visibility. - - ' -. ' . The only rlork larger that the Metropolitan or Paramount ' i located in Philadelphia. ' True, the Colgate rloeks. both the ona la Jersey City with the 50 -foot dial, anti the ona at their plant in Jeffersonville, Ind., with $ 38-foot dial, are larger, but these clocks are really dials, not erected in tower but on a auge skeleton frame work, forming a great electrical display. Clock hava a certain homines about them, whether in the secluded room nf a ..homo er In a neighborhood... I'iicy add. that- touch- of- -warmth -deal ried.In g. home or in the. city. Practically every county .Mat in America, haa its Court House dock, without whirh Main Street would appear enld indeed.- In fait the clocks and watches of America are Mt by great, tower clock in the country's Tuan llalle and Court Douses. ' Capital, Surplus & Undivided Profits ! $1,350,000 OFFICERS RICHARD EDIE JR. . . . v . .President GEORGE S. EDIE Vice-President JAMES W. SHAUGHNESSEY. . Treasurer HORACE P. ALLEN, .... .. .. .... . .Secretary I. OLIVET KIPP. ; .Trust Officer DIRECTORS Daniel S. Sen mu J. Maybew Wainwrieht Richard Edit Jr. : , . Benjamin W. Stilwell ' W. Palmer East ' George S. Edia ' Elijah H. Yerka Jam E. Howes . V' ,, . . William J. Wallia Arthur Land .. William B. Edia : ' F. J,. Tompkint Jama W. Shaugbnasaw - Horae P. Allan - : . .- Thom Ewing Jr.. Richard Edia 3rd . Depository for r NEW YORK STATE FUNDS ; WESTCHESTER COUNTY FUNDS CITY OF YONKERS FUNDS COURT AND TRUST FUNDS .'--'I No Account Too Large None .Too Small The Summer Season j-TTgnwn. Now is the time to place jew- IfT elry, securities and other val- uables in a safe deposit box. While you are bn your yaca-.. tion,. your mind. will be. easier to know that such articles are safe from fire and theft. Even while you are at home, windows and doors will be open and your valuables more or less exposed. -r TherFirst-NationaLBank of .Yonkers. y.' : MAIN OFFICE .10 Getty. Square SOUTH YONKERS OFFICE '435 South Broadway cfyjJh. ln Business Comers, Apartments, Dwellings Mount Vernon, N.Y. Public Auction Wednesday Eve., July 28th 7:30 P. M. IN THE MOUNT VERNON TURN VERE1N North 10th and Stevens Avenues, Mount Vernon, N. 'Y. S. W. Cor. ROOSEVELT SQUARE WEST & VALENTINE ST. 18 AND 20 ROOSEVELT SQUARE WEST Two 4-slory and cellar brick apartment: ' 81 lOOillS E.S. SOUTH FOURTH AYE. S. E. COR. SOUTH FOURTH AVE. AND E. 5TH ST. A twn-Rtnry and cellar frame rtw riling. 8tie tOSxliO. With one-car frame garage. N.E. COR. SOUTH 4TH AVE. AND E. 6TH ST. Yalimble Vacant Buainesa Corner. Hlae tOixIOO.. Only remaining vai-ant plot on B. 8. of South tth Ave. In this -blork. 81s lOaxlOL. . . N.W. COR. SOUTH FULTON AVE. AND E. 4TH ST. Valuable Varant Buelneo Coraer. - 8lae 11 x 10 q Irreg. S. W. COR. SOUTH FULTON AVE. AND E. 4TH ST. Valuable varant buelnre corner, fils 188 x 14 x Irrea. HON. JAdOB BERNSTEIN, Atty., Mosat Varsoa; N. Y. . . SEND FOR CIRCULAR - - $7 Liberty Street ! lolophow , Hew York City Cartlaadt 0744 Aoellwieer , low known addre appliratinn blank for roinMBatioii. Brrord allow the bureau Irttara were all returned unclaimed, .aa were automatic insurance rlmrka which war--mailed, him. and in tlu -aurraoling fivn year, all effort by the bureau and hi family to locate tha m'malng man hava proved unavailing, it -wa Mid. s . In the moantimr, according to infor-mniinn rceclvod at the bureau, Almond Vincent, father of the mining man, died, and hi mother, now paat 80 year of ag and crippled from paraly-ala, lire alternately with daughter! or eon in Xebraakn and Colorado, The htiuau ia unable to assist her as, under the law, no award ran ba mad to her while tha whereabouta of her aon are unknown. ' May Ba Declared Legally Dead . Mr. Vincent ia daieribad 4 being five, feet aeven inchei In1 height, with dark brown hair, blim eye and fair complexion, - and if living he would, be 37 rear old. In another year, it waa said at tha bureau, it will be powible and may become neceaaary to have tha veteran officially declared dead, aa ha will then have been missing, seven years. If such artion is taken tha bureau will than be enabled to aid hi mother.- Officials at the bureau said Mr. Vin cent may hava beeoma inasna - add been incarcerated In some inatitutiow without, having been identified, and a general appeal ia Mnt' out by tie bureau to phi in his search and reg- - T tne ' ional officers and flald hoapUale ofth bureau hava -beau . reqnaated, it was said, to endeavor to scour any IwMr-matioa concerning hi paat movemaaiU with a view to locating him. . ; ' COOLIDGE FISH TO BE ON EXHIBITION . Albany, X. Y., July SO. Threa great northern pika eaught by Pramdgpt Coolidge in OngoodCaka in the Ad iron -dacha and preeented to Govarnor Smuh on tha occasion of tha latteri visit la th President last weak arrived in ifl- : Uny today. . ; , - J, ; . Instead of eating tha Pro idea tie 1 fish,, th Governor daeided to hava H mounted . and . plaead in tha BtaiU. Muiaum. Th fish waa received .by George Grave, Govarnor Bmithi Sacra- .. tary and- was turned aver by him to . Arthur Paladin, taxidermist of the Stat Museum. -' . ; . Paladin said tha flah weald not 5 mounted and ready for axkibitiaa before about three month. - 'A COMMON BRICK ? We Have TKem LAWRENCE BROS., Inc. 44 Warburton Avenue Ludlow Dock CHESTER W. NEWMAN Company INSURANCE 67 WARBURTON AVENUE Eiiimaies furnished 9 n printing work of any sit or style will be done with satisfaction to you, both as to quality and to price, by leaving it at the : : . Herald Printing Plant HERALD BLDG'iW-10 WARBURTON, AVB t . i i: i ' " ' . r'; : .-.V -.- f j ' - i " '' , . : f x .

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