The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York on June 15, 1925 · 5
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The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York · 5

Yonkers, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 15, 1925
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THE YONKERS HERALD MONDAY. JUNE 15.192J PAGE FIVE Todays Radio Program ' NCKAF New Tw 4:11 p. m. Xunlla Birrjr, soprano; Minnl Banxex piano. d:4ft 'klood Speech," Professor WII- 11am Tilly. 4:40 Waldorf-Astoria dinner muslX 7:40 Gene Lockhart, mnnoloslst. 7:14 Srrand Theatre muilx . . 1:14 Ralph Bcrkowltx piano. 1 :4ft Health talk. ' 4:44 Gy pay String Eneemble. ' 14:0ft Olnaeppd Dt Benedetto, tenor. 10:11 Vera Curtis, soprano. 14:60-Hntl Roosevelt' Orchestra. ' WT1C-Bnr Tertt ISO 4:14 p m. Market high spots. ' 7:44 Charleston Five. 7:14' Baneball results. 7 :l9--Polle alarms. 7:64' "Millions Saved In City-' Purchases, Mayer John T. Hylan. -7:10 Plano recital. 4:44 Rpth Morran. soprano. - ..4:16 Passerl's Band, direct from the ' Mall, Central Park.' 4:10 Dinner of the Knights Tern- Star. ' direct from Hotel .McAlpIn, tuart Walker "presiding; speak-' ere. Leo H. Smith, Cyrup L. BaS her. . - 14:14 Police alarms; weather. 14:14 Dinner resumed.- 1:40 p. m. Track, meat, Tale-Harvard, from New Haven. -4:14 To be -announced. -.-.4:10 Baseball scores. -4:1! Waldorf-Astoria tsa. music, -' 6:14 Baseball icorex 4: Market reporte: closing quofa-, '. tlona of the New Tork Stock Exchange; foreign exchange quota- . tlona - 4:4ft Baeebal! scorea - 7:4ft Piedmont Trio. .. .' 1:40 Baseball- igeerea 1:01 Financial review. . 1:14 Tale Glee and Banjo Club con-, cert, from Woolsey Hall,- New Haven. 14:44 Deauville'. Orchestra; - Clarks -. . Hawaliana . WGBft New Teefc SIS - 1:00 p. m -Interview with Helen MacKellar and Robert Rlakln. 1:14 Music School Settlement Quar-- teL' 1:14 Marlon Sutherland, reader.'-. 1:1ft Mualo School Settlement Quartet : . 0:40 Interview with Kenneth. Hag-' Gowan ahd Felton Elkins, ' 1:4ft Music 8chool Settlement Quar- tet 0:00 Unde Gtebee. .' 0:10 Aladdin Dance Orchestra.. . .7:00 Captain Archibald Viewpoint, Senator James W. Wadsworth. ' 7:10 Aladdin Dance Orchestra.-10:00 Music from . the New Tork Newspaper Women's. Club .Spring supper dance, direct from Waldorf-Astoria WMCA New York 41 1:00 p. m. Anna Tyndall, soprano; . 1:10 Schafer and Fisher, songs. ... 4:40 Laurel House Trio. - 0:10 Hotel McAlpIn Orchestra. ' 7:1ft Bob Emmerich, piano. 7:46 Health talk. ' 7:60 Bob Emmerich, piano. 1:00 Lecture on Christian Sdenos, by Richard J. Davis. f:0ft Phil Werner, piano; Amy Vas. soprano; Raymona Maher, . baritone. 10:0ft McAlpIn Radio Forum. . 10:40 Colony Theatre music. . WHY New York 441 : 1:46 p. m. Barnard Seaman, piano. 1:66 Congress of States program. 4 :06 F. V. Bowers, songs. -4:14 Laura Lee, songs. J:t4 E. E. Specie, piano. :14 Judith Roth, songs. 4:44 Sulgrave program, auspices cf Mrs. Alton Brooks Parker. -. i :00 Orchestra. . .1:1ft Palais D'Or Orchestra.-7:0ft--Murray Llndy, violin; - Llllah Teed, harp -7:10 Kathryns Connolly, soprano. . 7:46 C. Tobias, Henry Tobias, songs. 1:00 Storage Batteries." H. B. . Shonts. 1:04 Roseland Dance Orchestra. 0:16 Talk, H. W. Carlough. 1:40 W. & Krlgger. baritone. 0:60 Llttman's Orchestra. 0:10 North Country Community Hospital campaign. ' 0:1ft Evelyn Bchllllnger, soprano. 0:44 Rubey CoWan, songs. 11:40 Organ recital. 11:10 Silver Slipper Revue. 11:00 RIchman Entertainers. WFBH New York 474 ' 1:16 p m. 1 sab si Henderson, soprano. 1:1ft Radio Ramblers. 4:0ft Isabel Henderson, aopranp 4:14 Then Alban, tenor. 4:14 White Wav Entertainers 6:44 Miss Reeves son's 6:14 Hock and Jerome, songs . 4:44 Susanna Hsckctt, soprano. 0:00 Ben Hur Orchestra. Lake Oscawana NEW YOU Water Front Plots Bungalow Sites Campsites an with Mil labs prlvUe Two iMrtf auto drlvo from Nw York PLOTS OF 4,000 SQUABS FEET .1200 TO $2500 BUNGALOWS Including Land $1800 TO $3600 Visit This Property (Nt bridges sr ferries to nose) Our rsproesnlallre will bs a ta pressrtf svvrr nalorHar and nun-SirM 14 roar auiomoMIs aod Mad iw boors driving to Ul Wswsoa. Aula BssW: Xw York to Fseksklll. th.B faquir tor Vs.liT l-ssuw Labs cweawsnfc v)l,r, yen can chluls lurwh, dinner nr ncrcmmndni kmn for wrnuhi. WrluorVall (ns Lnkn Uscswnaa is hcMns" WANAGBU REALTY CO. 41 West whm, K. 7- Tsl, 44 Flssa. Frnrerjr AbMs'a Casina. Osrawaao Laba. S. Y. Day" Lin i I mag." Be kk HedaeSL ftlesooftev Hoi -Hobart nibs. IkWIM CM Alkaar. Chasovey r Dally lertadla DAVUOHT SAYING TIME laeledleg hsHf-ni vyu, Srsk. tl'oeghheerstA at, issill. Hy4ee od ...iTiiwtlMx 'ieU k 'ft' ...m i - ..a eiaea a lo Near Mreel 44, xmirkaa'y had Atbsay Eeataetul. Siea deity, lertadlog . Soodsy !7s W'h Yer! Mw Ilrob'sirt '.Ktottirertb petal tajl Seejer1 stsomer V ackers. II A. H-IReisrs stssaisr same day from marked 1. Id' Goo-Dar Ooilngs Tech. Trt, Wrtbrt f. t I 0:10 Music. WBBX Mew Yi 0:04 p m. Edna Jot . Fanning, tenor: Ethel . soprano; Quean Clfy Four; H. Thomas baritone; Eleanor Van ' Der Kar. aopranp 14:14 Paradise Six Orchestrp 14:44 Eleanor Van Der Kar, soprano 11:4ft Paradise Six Orchestrp WISH-State Island 474 1:44 p m Syrian .Oriental . mnsIC; vocal . solos; news; Bible instruction. - WAHO Mlehawnd Hill 414 . 7:14 p m. Thornton Fisher,- sport review. 7:46 William -Morgan, planp 1:44 Horace Taylor, reader. 4:440. C. Jones baritone. Svnchmphese String Trip ; ' :??-Vlo1a Scherer, aopranp -JYllliani Mrgan and William : D-ff!n. songs J 4 O. C. Jones, baritone.-J:JS Syncbnphase String Trip . . I y'ola Scherer, aopranp Kentucky Ramblers I? .? I1' elgnale; weather reports 11:46 Kentucky Ramblers . . -WOH Newark Hi ' P- m. Relesstlon in'- Plano . Plsvlnr," Jacob Elsenborg. 11 Patrick. -J:llr-tliwl. Dudley, soprano. 4:44 Italian Renaissance, Wlljiam 4:11 Olnderella Orchestra. J:J Health talk. Benny Leonard. whey. . . 7.14 Elsie Feldman, planp- Learn to Swim, Frank Dnl-' ton. . , M2 Newark Phllharmonls Band. " Rranford Theatre music. 10:44 Berkley Cabaret Hotel Orchaa-trp 10:1ft Forest. Hill Symphony Orchestra , , nfl Ruseell. songs 11:10 Commanders Orchostrn. . WGCP Newark Ml :9 Readings; .vocal and instru mental solos; health talk;- news orchestra. .- ' " WAAH Newark Ski ' 7:04 p. m. Sports Major Tatp 7:16 Brown's OrcLestrp . 7:10 Tolk. Senator -Arthur Whltnsy. 7:46 Browna Drchsstra. 1:04 Schaffer and Fleher. songs :6 Oil Band. 1 :1ft Wilson's Entsrtslners " J 4:40 Anshnw Harmony Girls 10:10 Stabler and Hughes songs,. 10:40 Anshaw Harmony Olrls ' WRW Tnrrytswn 3TS 7:00 p. . m. -Stories baseball aeorei; music;. , :00 Police alarms ;46 G. Heald. clog danelng. ' 1:10 Anguaa Fraser, bagpipp 1:44 Elite Trip , 5:?0 G. Heald.. clog dancing: . i""1 Fraser, bagpipp 10:10 Dance Orchestrp WIH PkUadciphi :0i p. m. Dinner music. :44 Market reports- torF; roll-call; health talk. i WL1T Philadelphia ggg . 1:40 p m Orchestra; soloist; talk. 4:Cornerl,S" 1U,! HftSaaln 4:00 Educational talks oporu results 7:10 Dream Daddy. . J:4J Farm talk. 6:14 Arcadia Orchestrp I? Safety talk. J Pcnnsylvania Mals Quartet. Hvl,e Review, J. A. Naasau. ' Stanley -Theatre features A read 1 Orcheetrs 4:4 Elk1 Club Dance Orcheetrs WOO mile dolphin BOB . Ik m -Police reports 'i.S-or4,n- trumpotp 7:10 Adolphln Orchestra; polk police WEAF. ' ports. !:r? Program from 10 5r4n rscltal. Program from WEAF. nlnals: waathtr report 11:0 dylvanla Orcheatra. . .. WF4 PhOadelghto-m 1:40 p. m. "Flag Day. J. K, Hslma: JdfMI Kork, piano. :0 Baaoball scorea' - - -- ----- 1:44 Bellcyuo-gtratford Orchsstre. WTIC Hartford isn 1:04 p. m. Hotel Rond Trio; Flor-1 . npvsWoet, contralto. :5 gennhall acorcx T:90 Dinner music continued. -WPOwAtlantle Gltp4ll 1 i! Px . Bum ball scores. :4 Organ reclUl. . 7:00Dlnner concert. J:J2 r"? tsebali scores. e!:5? A mbs, a dor concert 10:00Trawmorc Orchestra. 11:4ft '-California Night Hawke.-WHAM AUoxtla CUywdTB J-IOp. m-gcaai- trla ' 4 concert crch sstra. 7:44 P. m. CsmtoltheatV Orchet- trs. !:!S l Cepltol Theatre a MargsrlU Howell. H. Ho well, baritone; Farlans tenor. to. reader- H. Yoong. taaod :I0 Market report 10 At tho Thoatrs, Wood. 10:40 Baseball results. 14:44 -Tim algnala; wasthor rsnorts. missing persona . WH AX Trey too ' Ji mi Comedy, Thooo Hun-bends of Ours. 9:44 Troy Grade gcknnl Orchestra. New York Amusements CRITERION BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK BWAY AT 44th IT. twice dally :S0 1:90 A Parsmsoat Plat we 39THST. CARGO LLOX GORDON ANNSNlCHOUl BPMMiti WHITE COLLARS RBAL HUMAN COMEDY NOW SAM H. HARRIS wei? lid Sal. ,AKT0L JKKVKii! , in SEIGE lat - Csynal Oraad OrrV Tkeelre. itih Si. ami nsy. Mata Wad. sad ftat. illie Howard in SKY HIGH WITH A GREAT cast Tfcrlillnf Human lyeimtat." O Nffiiu'a DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS COHAN Thee Hear A 4 Id gt. Mata. W4 and Sat. 1:4 IDISUtE onto. m. foi jKvm. 1:19. REPUBLIC"!"? z ... If H r. Evas 14 Mala Wrt. ft EsL US NIckaNr Lssghlag leceeaa ABIES IRISH ROSE 4th Yi Mr. A. Gaiety ftl. Wed ft Sal. I. IS TELL ME MORE ash. IS Reet nr Seals si 11.4 IDNGACREtUJ'm.u. Wrd. h Sat. Mercenary Mary Tho Mwinl KinMk ' HA Nil AIN M'NIIRR NATtsrl MaUnml. Hm,rtl25Ti'K ruin f GREATER ee Luna Park CONEY INLAND NOW OPEN WALLACKSTi; THE RIGHT TO LOVE jmiaiia or TO COLONIAL . V.r NinN HPW wgrretT rrtjriFffirl -Kb JOHNNY Ht'DoiNg . 11 rn-rua el CTOI.DNN Know S LUCKY SAMBO 94 iih JmiNMV a,.....- The Theatre on Broadway . (By ALVIN J. KAY TON) - An elaborate roof gardes handsomely- equipped, is to he the newest feature of the Ziegfeld Cosmooolitan Theatre where Flore as Ziegfeld la bow presenting Leu is the 14th. Actual work on the structure starts today under the direction of Joseph Urban, who has' made the designs' and -who will personally supervise their eom-pletioa. The garden wUl he opes e-coadiag to Mr. Ziegfeld. to patron of Louie the 14th. and there wiU be dancing there during the- -intermia-fiona and after the play. Special elevators are' alio being- constructed to earrj th' audience directly from the theatre to tho roof.- -. C. AllanOilbsrt. distluguished as a painter of beautiful girls haa been engaged to make n curtain for Komirs of 1923, tho . forthcoming Mulligan, Fischer and Trehiteeh- revue. '-. . Saturday's matinee at the George M Cohan was tho 273th performance of Eugeno ONeill' Desire Under the Elms In making this notable record Desire be played 71 performance at -the Greenwich Village Theatre, 188 performance at the &il -Carroll, and 18 at tha Georgs M. Cohan. But . a single . change has been' mad in ' tha east during ita lengthy run and A. L. Jones and Morris . Ones ill uptown managers announce ' that tBs present company,, headed . by Walter Huston, will be preserved Intact. when Desire goes on tour in September, ' Desire haft already far surpassed any other ONeill' play in duration of its -New York engagement. It la doubtful if any other tragedy ever prospered for so long a time In New York. . . Mia Eva Condon has been engaged for om of tho principle parts in the neW Owen Davis play sailed Fear which William A. Brady it to produce play Brad. out of town next week,. Earl Carrol haa completed the cast for hie third adition of Vanities announced to open at the Earl Carroll Theatre on Monday, dune 29th. The principal players art Ted and Betty Healy, Julius Tannen, Bobby Folsom, iby F Kathryn Bay, Jed Evans Atari Oscar Lorraine, Dooley, and And roe Paterson, Jack Norton. - Adel Neif, Dave Chosen, Adeline Seaman, Harold Yates M. Senia Gluck, Felicia Sorrl, Van Lowa, Vivian Hart, .The Three Whirlwinds, Jeanette Gilmore, Jessica Dragonette, Pearl Eaton and Celia Brans. Hortens ATden, the young actrras who has been ' appearing with much auceesd in a comedy role of "Tha Firebrand,. haa withdrawn from that play to accept an engagement with Henry W. Savage, Inc., in The School Mistress, in which Ana Harding will plav tha titls rola. ' 14:14 Cora Miller,, soprano; Mrs, O. W. Frsdsnhurg, alto. 1:! Hurlsg's Dane Orcheatra. 11:04 Benge,. -, 1:44 , Did . 9:44 Mews; market bam ball scores. 4:1ft Dinner music. . talk, H. A. Braes. 7:1ft Baaoball scores. 7:14 gootch music br Mrs. FI F. Elllaon, soprano; Jean Grar, contralto. J. B. Hampeon, tenor; W. K. Grey, baritone : Campbell Mse--Raa and Iaanc Riddel, bagjlpss. Addresses, Rev. D, Pa tea WJAI p. m. American d:M Legion pro ftram. 4 Vocal solos. 7:1.- 7:44 Dance muslo. 4:4ft Gypsy String Ensemble. WIA! 144 P. m. Band concert; Brown Unlvsrslty Promsnadt. 4:0ft Brown Vnlvereltir Senior Claes caerelaee; addressee; music. 4:1ft Dlnacr dance. 1:4ft Lamson sntartalnera 1:4ft Brown University Promenade; Senior Clare Dane. WCTft Worcester. 4:10 p. m. Chat, Nancy Paige. 4:44 Muele. 7:4ft Helene tolk, F. D. Aldrich. 7:14 Bedtime etory. -7:1ft Bapeball scorea 9 :4ft Concert. Wl 1:44 p. m. Musicals. -6:1ft Chaurs Souris Orchestra. 4:14 Big Brother Club meeting. 9:14 Lost and found; baseball scorea 1:44 Program from WEAF. WBAG Bssrso i 1:40 p. m Starling Inn Orcheatra. 4:44 Copley Plasa Trie. 4 : Children's storlsa mnsla 4:14 Dinner dance. 7:14 Copley Plaaa Orchestra. 1:4ft Play "You'll Pardos Ms. 4:44 American Orchestra. WHO WaaMagtsa n ' 2:94 p. m. Hotel Bhorsham Orchas-tra. 4:40 P. m. Flag Day Essrdaca, U. R. Army Band; mixed chorus of ltd roleas; sextet; Earl Cxrbaugh, barHonx 1:44 (I. . Nary Band. WrAP Wooklmrtou 449 4:16 'p. m. Bear ball seorex 1:14 Hasel Hughsx snpranx 1:46 Program from WEAF. 14:44 Thelma Rector, soprano; Margaret Tolaon. piano. 14:64 Imperial Mala Quartet. Secrets of the Movies Revealed Q. What famous star was once an army efflcei'a wife and was required le ge to work In th movie when she separated from her husband 7 A. Irens Rich was an army officer's wife before ehs entered the morlex She was located at fipokana, Wash., with har husband. At first tha glamor of tho Ilf thrilled her but aeon th thrill began to. wear off. Th pre-tone and monotony of It all got her nervex Tho meagre pay for an officer was not sufficient le keep up hilt th fast aat la army elrrlex fib derided to try the morlex Bhe went le Hollywood with her children. Mhe was very poor and often she would wonder where th next meal would eom from. But It did net take Iron Rich long te find herself. Playing bits In Important pictures she noon began lo attract attention. It wu not long before the road tp success was mad open to her. Q. Who plays th outcast In tha "Mansion of Aching Hrarlx la which Ethel Clayton reluraa to lb scroanT A. Cullen Landlx - , Q la Mary Brian brunelleT A Tex Q. Who gels th highest salary of any cowboy typo of ectorf A. Tom Mix. q Hnw old. la Roily Campion? A.'-Rh la about It, CHAT GREETING FOE PRINCE Ermslo, Transvaal, finiiih Africa, .funs 13. Th Prince of Wales had been mid he would hare a warm rereptiiiu from the high arid Boer when k reached th Transvaal, but he mild hardly hare experted quite ao medial a greeting as ha reealted at Ermelo Saturda. - ATTRACTIONS AT LOCAL 40 WINKS 7. REELS OF FUN IN STRAND BILL CAST Eleanor Butterworth. '. . .Viola ' Dana Lord Chnmlay...... Raymond Orilllth Adam Butterworth.. Theodor Roberts Gee per Le Page Cyril Chadwick Annabelle Wu. . . .Asna May Wong LL Garald Hugh ButtA-werth ; William Boyd ' The Famous Playrra'Laaky Corporation ls-'bicrresing the . Strand's 'popularity by sending to it plays Just out of ill Great White Way theatres. Here's Forty Winks, witk us .right from its Broadway lim, -and. a fine play it i for all who lika to aee-Viola liana',. Theodors Roberts and Raymond Griffith and for all who enjoy a real smart remedy, as it haft seven reels of fun. Mystery, dramn. act ion end laughs ' - That's the order of things in (he new' . Paramount - picture, Forty Winlte. . . The production, is an adaptation of the stage success. Lord Chumley, by David BeUaeo end Henry C- Demille feature - Viola . Dana. - - Theodore Roberta and Raymond Griffith in lead, ing role.'' . ' '' ., Ray Griffith plays Chumley, a titled English gentleman engaged to Eleanor Butterworth',' daughter, .-of . Rear Admiral Butterworth,' retired. 4'Viola Dana ."plays Eleanor and Mr, Robert is east, at the admiral. -'Cyril Chadwick has heavy" role of the-Butter-worth family lawyer, who is also after Eleanor: ' lie arrange with an oriental girl (Anna May Wongj to steal tom .Valuable plans from the girl brother- (William Boyd), a lieutenant in the Nary.. ,Then the lawyer tells Eleanor that with all hift wealth he can buy bark the plana easily enough but -it would he better for him to ao this as a member of tho family. The girl promises to. marry hint If 'ho wiU but reenvrr . the plan . end save her brother, from prison and diagraoe.- -- But tht lawyer' had not counted on Chnmley in this little ache ms of hie and it develops that Lord Algernon Cholomomleley, of Course only - his mother ever relied him that, has quite a bit to say in tha matter. He throw over all Le Sage's cleverly laid plana, hands him an artistic trimming, take the girl . into hie . arms and but thats hot all there i to it by a long shot. As tho usual run of picture! go, Forty Winks should rnd right then and there with the clinch. But Iribe and Ursgn have given - the -' dosing scene a decidedly novel twist and thats what makes the picture different from anything youva seen before. There's rapid-fire Action in Forty Winks, love interest and all tha rest and it's clean as, a whistle. 'Only today and tomorrow are left for all who hava not enjoyed this nodal in photoplays, ' as Daddy's Gone a-Hunting, with Aik Joyce and Iercy Marmont, must tho Strand aereen whan trikes 1 on Wednesday, And " directly after 1 that Madame Sana Gene, a picture Yon kere would' not get for w year if the fortune of having' tha good Plftl management had 'not happened. That's why Gloria Swanson'a latest and greatest will come . to town on Saturday of this week and stay until and including Tuesday of next week. . Tell It to a Policeman" ia tho eur-mtomedy and Ben Turpin in "The Dare Devil will eom Wednesday. Famoue AIR MAIL THRILLS FOR HAMILTONIANS Many enjoyed a trip to tha cool and comfortable Hamilton, this week-end and saw a very fine pixy, "Tha Denial. Now today ' another special follows, nothing lees than Air Mail. Tha Mire little thought of air mail, now pioneering tho way in commercial ariation and demonstrating that It is practicable to oners ts 'eorgo carrying planea on schedule time over vast distances, day and night. Winter and Rummer, become s aereen thriller in Pars mounts the Air Mail, produced hy Irvin Willat from the original story by Byron Morgan, who wrote Code of the Sea" and others. Warner Baxter, Billie Dove, Mary Brian and DnughurtFairbanks, Jr., hare featured mire in the production, adapted for tho screen by James Shelley Hamilton. Gan you imagine anything mere f seriating or thrilling than the flights of tho fearless air mail pictured iLnen as they carry oa In all Hindi to bring th mail through on schedule time some even going re far ai to giro their Urea in tho service T Tho picture haa to do with Warner Bailor, in tho rola of Rare Xnno, matter, mind crook who beeomre ft mail rilot'to rob tho plane and winds U routing his former erodes am marrying a beautiful girl. of tha picture take place ( Rarrammto and Rena, two big ata tlona along the nlr route and la a do-nartad city where Bill Dove aad her father, victims of a poor real estate Heat, live. Kano la forced down pear Billols homo during a etorm. XI meets her, and from then oa they are th very beet of friends. Later, Kane ia "winged" hy taro bandit plana and vol planes to earth on tho ddaert, whore with Billie Dove and Fairbanks. Jrn ho give the crooks th fight of their lives. The picture comes to a does with tho arrival of sheriff's posse and capture of the riaying In support of tho leading player in the picture sr Georg Irving. Ouy Oliver, Dirk Tucker and lire Khumway. Wandering Wahtllnee ia tha new Mack Bennett Comedy that is part of the program and tho nw is Hamilton News, bests every time. The Top of tho World." with Jomea Kirkwood end Anno Q. Nilsson lending comes to the Hamilton on Friday. ' MIX BACK IN CALIFORNIA Tom Mix, seven gallon lid, with whits form-fitting trousers, while cost faced all around th pnrkrtx cuff and edges with Mack braid, high black . hoots stitched wilh a floral design in whitx striped belt end femoue diamond studded belt buckle, has arrived hack In Hollywood, Calif., (ram Europe witk Mr. Mix, Tony, hi horssi II dogs. Including a French sheep dog and a Belgian police dg, two owh, an angora ana a gnat I STOLEN CAR U FOUND 11. R. Moral, of I Aunnysido Drive, reported to the Police of tho Third Precinct that his automobile had been stolen from In front of hi housn Saturday night. Later tha rar was found by the polliw on Ludlow Hlreet near tlawthorne A Venus. They returned it to tho ADVBmiRFlS PROCTOR'S FUJI Jack Londons South Spi bland Thrills 1 Pictured Well-New BM of Vaude-- viHe Starts Tins Afternoon The feature picture at ' Proctor's Theatre for tho first part pf tha week "Adventure," was 'shown' for 'the first time at th performance in the local houso yesterday. Tho product ion is a thriller' of tho South Seas and it haa been truthfully said that' beside its entertainment value it tuggasta a problem hi flhnathematire. . Take -a couple of savage 8outh Sea islands and add one brave and fearless white man;, multiply that hy several hundred head -bunting cannibals; then add one wemsn soldier of fortune and two unscrupulous moneylender ; divid the sum total by -ons romance and at least a doaeu dynamic thrill and the answer i-! ' There can he only one correct answer - and . that i "Adventure, tha titio - of: this latost dramatic play, which Victor. Flaming produced trom Jack London's famous novel of tho same noma.-Here io a story so crowded within eidaota aad action, so replete with surprising developments - and unexpected turns that not for n moment doe it fail to hold tho attention and grip the in terse t of tho spectator. Tho romantic mad lore elements are subtly blend -d and lend n softening influence to the melodramatic action of tha plot. . Adventure gives us a vivid realistic picture of life it actually Is on tho isolated islands of tha South Seas. Heretofore most pictures hare painted that little known eorner of tho earth as a faeelnating land Of sunshine and play. In this -photoplay wo too it as an enchanted and torriblo land, where area tha tomtoms of cannibal feasts echo In the midnight jungles and the whit mania head is still a coveted trophy.. Victor Fleming, tho . director, ' has many suecsssful pictures to his credit, but - Adventure qutihinei thsm alL Photographically, the picture is flawless and scenically It leaves nothing to bo desired. ' Tha east is one of the finest and Includes soma of moviedomi topnotrh favoritex - Tom Moore, Pauline Starke, Wallace Berry and Raymond Hatton hava featured roles and their individual performances are worthy of tha highest pretax Jerry and her Bxby Grands ' is the set that leads tha Inrealon of a new bill of vnudevillo at the house today. The act QonsisU of four pretty girls at four pianox One girl sings, one whistles and then is enough music for variety. Their offering ia not confined to classic music at all, but runs along popular linex There ie an abundance of fins eostumep, settings and effect to girehe act tha toueh that is needed by a dyed ia th wool headliner. .Jerry is but another name for the directress of this tho only piano quartet ia vender illx She is Miss Geraldine Valliare and her lister musicians are tho Misses Mary Bum-rill. Mollis Klinger and Genevieve Herbert. Th four piano they t art all white Premier baby grand instruments Each member of th act received her musical training in one of the best known musical colleges of the nation, and all hare played before various organisations as aoloistx Combined they preeent an act that seems to he the something different that vaudeville hae demanded and sought for yrarx There hava been plenty Of piano aria before but none like thie one. There is no comedy, just music, no jasx, yet popular and peppy enough to bo ai ured of eurress acre. Fulton and Parker come to (he local tags with a new comedy akit based on an old story. Their act was written by 'Paul Girard Smith, which guarantee its having many funny linaa, E humorous pint. The title is I Want My Rib. Tho rib referred to we think, ia tho one said to have been taken from the first man to make tho first woman. An old story with t new angle ia thia skit of Fulton and Parker. Both are entertainers who hare pleased audience everywhere, their present vehicle is said to be among th beet they hare ever offered. The ether art ere all ef tha first order. Thorn is the comedy bit by Stoart aad Lash railed Rtranga People." According to the advance notice this art ia a veritable knockout. . It ia based on th strange people w meet every day but fail to notice until they are pointed out to ux Clever costumes, clever aongs and new stories make the art n perfect offering. The Primrose Four, one of th best known quartet In tho country today ia billed her until Wednesday. They era sometime railed a thousand pounds of harmony beeauao of tho six of tho men and tho vnluma of their reins. All are tremendously big fellow and their ability to harmonise la Just as big. Th opening art le a bird novelty railed the Pigeon Cabaret." THE STRAND TODAY AND TOMORROW 40 Win Paramauat'a "Now Sa - From th famaua cesady stsgh ouwss Lard Chnmlay" hy David Balaae aid Baary C. IcMillx . . Wllh Viola Dona, Theodor Roberts and Raymond Griffith. Ala Tail It to a PnUoamsa" and Nwq DADDY'S CONE A HUNTING" WEDNESDAY WIU ALICE JOYCE THEATRES BLANCHESWEET PLAY AND TYPHOON AT BWAY . CAET'- Carla King ......... Blanche gweet John Douglas Ronald Coleman Bara Deepiag .' Jan Wlnton Bstty King, Carla's mother . Belle Besnett Harry Avon Cvrll Chadwick .Adrian , ...... ......I..-.. Ned ftRnrks Musva. Nlclc de Rule South Vonkrrs- care .not ' how the hot. wlnds may blow' now.. All at the Broadway theatre-on .Saturday :'. ami yesterday know one spot where the refreshing brreie always will he on tap. The new.Typhoq fag was started go; ing on Saturday, .taking put the heated air Id tha afternoon and sending '.in delightful -wafts of the coal air that Invades tho upper.-regions of the air when th .sun .goes 'down., it's something - new -. and - it's something fine. Make it, -a point to sit 'hr and enjoy Typhoon breesei as something novel in town.- And of course the Broadway shows sr good; very. good.. Some of the bookings nr only (or the .Broadway; that is, yon are' not going to-' see them at uptown theatres here. .One of these is the current one,. His Supreme Moment," And-Blanche -Sweet, holds' the leading role, with Ronald' Iolinan, .the man of the aupreme mnmc'nl,-.:.Itl had tart yesterday to an attendance that showed . folk appreciate - what'.'ft' fine booking it is, and lit stays' until end including Wednesday night. . :. ; - Other attractions iui-ludc a gem-of the screen entitled Shakespeare." ami lglng the Wife, a comedy of com; diet with . Florence Blum introducing th new aongs and playing splendid accompaniments for the feature picture and tha other specials in moviex" "On Thin Ice will ton Thursdays bill, with Friday and Saturday for Corinne Griffith's latest picture, -Declasse.".. Sunday is to start a four-day run in town, only at the Broad-' way, of Norgui Talmadges new picture, The Only Woman." . Dixie" will be the Chronicle bn Frli day and Baturilay. A beautiful- and luxury-loving New York aetreea falls in love with a young mining engineer and proposes that they tpeiM a year in South America as brother and lister before making their ffnal decision. Faced with the hardship of tho primitive life, the girl-Jose beauty, and her love for the man U submerged. Yet when he is attsek-ed by rebellions native miners, she V W Hf in a spectacular fight which ends In tha burning of the mine buildlngx' York, the man yields to too blandishments of a young heiress . . WM tfumental In financing his mining venture, and who aided in mak-iqg tha trial marriage a failure. - That'i part of tho story of His Supremo Moment." ELINOR GLYN HIS HOUR. AT ORPHEUM TODAY Today starts another procession of big piny oa the Orphcum screen. John nd Gilbert are two words that when used together lure many to the playhouses now, for John Gilbert always assures all some very fine acting. Elinor Glyn is a ns ms that always means something snappy In depicting domestic Ufa today, what going -on among married folk. And today at the Orphenm the program haa an Elinor Glyn play, "Hie Hour," and John Gilbert and Ailren Pringle lead in it. Today also the Orpheum starts np Tha Pse makers," Lbs new H. C. Witoer seriaL It -shows just what's happening to high school girl and boy and tha youth that (her grow up into It's author was a Yonkers man, marrying the daughter of one of Yonkers must prominent 'riliaena and residing in North Yonkers until his contract with Mg weeklies and the movies compelled him to get nearer to his work. An extra attraction today ia n Century Comedy, Puulrd hy Cmaawonb1." It will have you in stiirhee of laughter every moment. Tomorrow the Orpheum shows May-time." from- the eelebrsled muairal comedy and wilh Harrison Ford and Clara Bow leading. Hollywood1' 12 most beautiful girls are featured in it. Another Playing the Ponies" comes to town tomorrow, and Putting on Airs" will he the Century. Buster Kenton is on I lie book for Saturday, with his Navigator, and the Great Civil War play. The War-rena of Virginia" will be the great Sunday attraction. LAYS INSANITY TO DRY LAW Raftiftinre, Md.. June IS. Prohibition ia responsible for increase in insanity and crime, declared Dr. Arthur Herring, Director of Mental Hygiene in Maryland, In an address at a public health conference Saturday. The sub-titutes for good liquor had a harmful effect on the nerve centre, he said. On a recent visit to Rellevua Hospital in New York. Dr. Herring ea'd, k was told by the authorities tliere that before tho Prohibition i jiw tho patients suffering from alcoholism were usually discharged within n few dayx Now. however, a large proportion nf alcoholic rases had lo tw sent to hospitals for the Insane. . OPEN NEW CONET THEATRE Coney 'a new 42.000,0110 iheqRro named after the tele nf Fun, will he formally opened Wednesday. One nf the letew elrenJt, the new house Is located Surf and Stillwell Avenue. THE HAMILTON TODAY TO Air Ralf A Piramount Melodramatic Thriller Hero th biggret and awiftret tkrUl-pictur vat mad I A amashing nmaaca-nutadiama af th daring plicts af U mad planax Wsrnrr Ihitrr, Rillif Dove, Msry llrlin, Douglas Fairbanks Jr AIn Waadcrlag Waist liara," a Mack Snnrit aad Hawn AlnAidnM 8tatt Suf de - !nA Am dm . Si fM&aaiacti . m a bAMmeM-Kptlt:hi fht BWIltk. ' A pfomhsfwl yfcy nkeiaa Ha After Everr DIFFERENT FLAVORS SamHi0i HOWARD MACDONALD TO BROADCAST LECTURE - Howard - Brenton MacDonald, - 171 Ravine Avenue, wfll-known Yonkers world traveler and lecturer, will h on .lie air again Monday night nt 10:13, broadcasting a short travel talk on Iceland and the Vikingn, from station WMCA, Hotel McAlpIn. Thia i Mr. MacDonald second appearance over th radio. Two week ego he presented a combination travel talk and ukulele recital from the same station, which waa well received everywhere. Monday's talk should b heard by a large Yonkers audlenea, du to the fact that station WMCA has improved tiirir transmitting outfit, making it on nf the most powerful in th city. Mr. MacDonald talk will eom on of the feature of tho weekly radio forum, popular half-hour conducted every Monday evening by Mr. O . G. Van ITS ALWAYS COOL AND A VxNaW TO-DAY 1:M to U:l RROGTORS A JOY FEST OF MIRTH AND MELODY PRESENTING AMERICAS PREMIER PIANO QUARTETTE JERRY K BABY GRANDS AND 1IE11 IN BITS 0 FULTON & PARKER in rat i. oiHAKim iaich suit, "i want ni rib" STEWART & LASH STXAM1K TEOrUC" THE PRIMROSE FOUR ONE THOIOAND TOI NIM OF EEAL HARMONY PATRE HIWS THURSDAY Mail WiU si innswy - -- And Mather said ; , may get a package af Wrigteys ioo Msemothen she rewards tie litfe errand rmmer with something; ' delicious , lcpig-. lasting and hen- . eficial. Happy healthy children with Wrigley's -and best of . all the cost Is smaUI Meal Clampra, who ia Mr. MacDonald's instructor in public- speaking.' -It ia that Many Yonkers ixdio fans listen to this talk. " BALLOON FISH XT WHO EAT LLS lTIT TWO MEN Honolulu, Hawaii June . jsr-Eating a poisonous variety of balloon fish, known among the Hawaiian as.oopu- hue, rained the death of two Chlneae ia this city recently. The men succumbed within 20 minute from th tiato they had partaken of the fish, - SCARSDAU REALTY BUYERS Tho Stanley B. Kirk Company boa old for th Blackwood Realty Cbr-. poration tho eorner plot at Gaylor Street and Sprague Aren us, Beared!, to Mrs. Pearl W Cban, of New York (Sty. Tho Khk organization alto sold to Mrs. Coon n new English typo houso oo Gaylor Street for Ncls Anderson, of Pelham. COMFORTABLE AT PROCTOR'S VAUDEVILLE, PHOTOPLAfS DREAM MUSIC - -PIGEON CABARET . A KIND NOVELTY JACK LONDON'S most famous novel ef adventure ii now a colorful, rupcr-thrilling picture! With . TOM MOORE, -PAULINE STARKE, -WALLACE BEERY . TOPICS OF THE DAY THE BROADWAY TUDAV, TOMftREOW AND WEDNESDAY . BLANCHE SWEET IN , HIS SUPREME MOMENT lOilf th Rnslsir) Alas firm 1 IK lows, OMiksofarx 44 Faatao n Wits ENJOY THE NEW TYPHOON BREEZES THE ORPHEUM TODAY KLIMOR GLYN S Ills HOUR Witk JOHN GILBERT and AILREN PRINGLE AIw First K pi sod of Pacemakers" aad Pufilsd By Cress woids TOMORROW Harrison Ford and Clara Row In "MAYTIME" PUyiag th PnM ("Fast Tracks") dad "Putting On Aus i -V.

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