The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York on May 26, 1925 · 5
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The Yonkers Herald from Yonkers, New York · 5

Yonkers, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1925
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. . ft , .1 TUESDAY. MAY 26. 1925 K THE YONKERS HERA'ED PAGE FIVE i I K Cortland.'S'. Y. Dr. Pierces Golden . Medical Discovery wei recommended to M by nr mother who nnc on a riait and found' mo almost' an invalid com pletely worn-down and mmly able to ' . more about to look after my four small ' . children., A heavy cold had settled on my lungs and the coughing at- night : bloke my rest, On her recommendation ' I began to take the-Discovery slid soon - felt- an improvement iA'.my condition. I took several bottles of this wonderful . ionic and I .can truthfully .say that to . it I owe my present good health; for all traces of bronchial weakness and poor . ; blood have disappearrd. ' ,1 am glad of , the opportunity to recommend the medicine which has done' so mm-h for me. i Mrs. Msrv A. Clirk, 23' Samson Street, .,' Obtain Dr. 'Pierre's Discovery pow In . tablets of liquid from, your neighbor. ..hood druggist.- Yon -will quickie feel the beneilrial effect." Write Dr, Pierce, President Invalids Hotel in Buffalo, X. - Y., for free mediml advice. Send 10c. if you wish a trial package of the Die- 'povery Tablets. Adv. BREAKS RECORD FOR HIGH PRICES ON PARK AVENUE . -', Xow here up- or down New Yorks .Park Avenue has any property hereto, fore sold brought anywhere near the figure that was paid last week by r . Vivian Grten for the Loreley apartment ' at the northwest corner of 56th -Street. Sir. Green is reputed to have paid $405,-.000 to gef this corner , in connection with adjoining properties.. It hu-kn 111 ' square feet of being a standard sized v city lot, and at the price quoted a hew ' high record of $169.53 a square foot is established. - CASHIER ENDS LIFE Manila. Fred W. Kenney, cashier of the . Philippine Trust Co., committed suicide here yesterday 'according to po-authorliies, following an alleged . plot to make it appear he wee responsible for a $50,000 shortage of which he b bound to have befen, innocent. '. EVERYBODY IS SEEING SHOWINGS ONLY AT THE BROADWAY SOUTH BROADWAT'NKAR - LAWRENCE STREET LAST TIMES THURSDAY HO INCREASE IH PRICES New York Theatre s sawYNix vraiVi Evm B:8I THE-GORILLA A CfeUllBS, Tfcrllliag. XIIIIb Mystery Otem Kilter FOUR FLUSHER inM I n Wait 4 Id gfraal ArUUU ltats. Wad aad I PLAYHOUSE I SHOW-OFF 41 at., X. af If. In. 1 11 lists. Wad. a lat. LM neoyD t a 1 iraw TORW Big COHkDT HIT. mttru CT HM- Ins . 39TH SI. Ml a lisa. Wed. Ill SI. Mia Wra . Wed- WHITE CARGO LOVE SONG Ufa aad Masts af Offaahaah. Cast af III ANNB HICHOLU yrsaeatl WHITE COLLARS A COHkDT OF amxhican Lira 0TWSAM H. HARRISwsd! .?d EMU, HARDKU'U WILLIAM lad MM WEKIt CAMEO THIATII I TELL . ltd Si a MTAT. 1 r t APIT0L DRU1SC1LLA WITH A MILLION" gsray Hot K Capllsl Oraad Ore. jUthatsi FraeeaUliaa Ussy's Oase" Mh CBAULM FURCBLb a Orsal Can A ThHIllaa Man pssnmsrt" O'Maura DESIRE VMDBU iks IMM MAH rauou hi Asa si Itih Os. vaa ML Mata Them sal Bab LIS REFUDUC V . af g y. ffea I II Mata WaA a Ml. I IS dd I MAE ANNS MicBOkv LAIKIHINO auucaaa ABIE'S IRISH ROSE S&.'iJ-CuetyS TELL ME MORE Mssisal Smash. lee liss.rv. Seals at II I 1 Ms I IS. Mela Wee. A net. 1 II a l o M A SOUTH SEAS "VArvr- The. W 41 gl. hires I II Mala. Wed. Nek Ml to Lyric ATTRACTIONS ;AT THE LOCAL THEATRES EXCELLENT BILL AT PROCTORS Exceptional Movie, Raffles,1 and Fine List of Acts in ; Store for Patrons During - First .Half of the Week . All .those wh6 have reaA that Intriguing tala of Hornungs about Raffles.- tha . gentleman crook, will not want to miss scaing tka hero of tbs tala vlsuallssd'on tbs screen at Proctor's Theatre for tha first half of this week.'. Neither, will Proctor patrons want to piles the excellent hill of vaudeville . that accompanies . the Him and which adds seat and pep to the show ap a whole. Both together the movie and tha vaudeville acts go to males, np- what. "mag ha ' termed just a real good show.'-' The Lltfls Cottage la a vaudeville, bill that cornea. directly under tha title . of., headliner.'' - There- era two cease-in the act and five peraonn in the cant.. One of the scenes is realistic indeed.. If shown the mala wait'; lag room of .the Grand Central Ter-mnlaL .The other IS tha Interior, of a little cottage in flaw Hampshire.' The tory turns around a young man going away on.1 hU fumnur 1 vacation, and a budding', author who as yet has not blossomed. 'A Pretty young woman : lntervenaa . and cause's surprises and much' amusement.. A fine ketch! The- remainder of the-' vaudeville program Is full of color and trim.-Eddie Clayton and Prank Ustinia-, contribute to 'the fun-making with their 'A 80nda In "Londoii," Eddie and Frank '.have - a delicious concoction, well flavored and 'effervescent. . Tony Dont : Understand la another funny act la which Clark and Crosby circulate laugha by tha handful. While Tony profesaei hot to un-derstand. ha understands mors than he professes and his antics crests mqph amusement. Hie partner makes an excellent foil for his witticisms. Lauretta Rhodes and Ruth Watson provide an Interesting musical hit. Both arc accomplished in thalr respective fields and were accorded generoua applause for tholr work. Rensetta Duo provides a novelty- surprise and Irma, Dalmls and Hilo glva 'A Btudy In. Art." Raffles" la 'a foal thriller, a picture which no lover' of crook melodrama can well afford to miss. House Peters takes- the leading role and fllla it capably. In addition there la an all-star cast. NOVARRO AS DOT HAD LITTLE THEATRE lUmcm Novarro, -itar of "Thv Name rhen ho was Ii Woman," played actor wl little hoy. He eayst My parents were Spanish. 'but they wen living in Durango, Mexico, when I wii born. Eve when I wxa quite young;' I wee fond of the stage and of acting, and so wa built a little theatre to play in. We had inch good times therel . My sisters did not care so much for tha stage, but I would goal And, bribe .them all tha time, because someone hid. to play tha female parts It waa'themcist fun (or mo, because I made- up tha plays, and designed the eettingi - and was tha boas of the games. Novsrro's black eyes sparkled . at the memory of hie childhood, evidently e very happy one, and continued: - But it wnn not alwaya play, for me, been use I had to go to school, too. After I had finished with tha Marist School ia Durango, my parents sent me .tn thaMaseonwes College in Mexico-City; to specialize In tha fine arts. studied tha piano and singing and took part ia several concerts, but I was -not satisfied. Yon- know when then ia something which you want very much to (o, nothing can taka its place:- Aad I wauled to ba an actor. All movie patron know ho has mads good. V POISON WARFARE BAN Geneva. Germany is willing to sign an international treaty Mnding all nations to'ahandnn or outlaw all forma of ehemical warfare, her delegates to the Arms Traffic Control Conference announced yesterday. Tha German announcement earns In connection with a move by American delegates to prohibit exportation of poisonous weapons of welfare. A resolution to thin effect wai presented by Representative Theodora Burton, and tha German delegate! promptly supported it. A Beautiful $75 Bed Set will to' awarded kg tls Prays ry Ueyaetaaeaf of the PATERSON SILK STORE 33 North Broadway IW (ho Holder ef (fee tacky Crayon STRAND' THEATRE On Monday, Jane 1 will each yneehaee yen ora n filled to n raoyos Tho ohovo meoflooed eet may ho eoea la dleyloy at Well Fnraltnra . U, ia Mala SI. THE STRAND TODAY-LAST "The Roughneck With GEORGE O'BRIEN 'Lava, tha faatbaU af tvU-aUaded, Rsbert W. Service has devised aa lateeseiy dramatic remedy. Sea this Seuth Sea Iilaad play. Ale Larry Semea la TW TOMORROW TO RECOIL Slery af Americas adventures af Earepa pleasure grenade. Rex the acre aaslher groat matloa picture, a gripping diama ml true lave that wise eat against Ironies-deua edda. Nonna Talmadge In The Lady Filling South Yonkers: Theatre Every Day NORCA TALMADGE Tha Broadway is crowded every day for- Nonna Talmadge in her new play, show- Thc Lady, booked for Youkera ings only la the (South. Yonkers playhouse. - Today is the third -day for- it and only tomorrow and Thursday will ha left of tha . engagement after tonights showings. - Visa .Talmadge has Wallace" Mae-Donald leading ah hll star support,. . ' "A Hal Boaeh'Comedy, Grief ml Bagdad, ia one of the eeveral- specula iu added attractions, with Hope Hampton in McCall1 Feshibu -reel from Sunday last until and Including tomorrow. night. An . Iris Novelty Reel, Swimming and Swimmers," will be presented on Thursday.' Illustrated songa are well liked at. tbs' Broadway, with Mias Florence Blum at the organ luueal for them and for- the splendid, nr acrampanimenta - she has arranged for the Norma Talmadge picture; . The showings of The- Lady are at I, 3, S, 7 and 9 oclock. I . period of 1900 The night life of Monte Carlo, with ito gaming tables, iti beautiful wem-1, Its tragedies, amours, and bonej- h, moon romances. Lady. all figures For Normas new pietura' director, Former Orpheum Lessee Partner lit Ownership Of New 29-Story Buflding Work of elearlng the site for the 29-story building to be erected in Time Square, New -York, by the Famous PUyert-Latky Corporation, which will ba a towering temple to tha inotlon- pteture art, is adieduled to begin Mon- next, contracts for the demolition workfhaving already been awarded. -Jessa Laaky, a former Orphsum lessee here, le p member of the corporation. -The building, which will include many novelties, will occupy tha aits of tha Putnam Building ana Westover Court, extending along Broad sfay from 43rd Street to 44th 8treet for 200 feet and extending westward in 43rd and 44th Street for 207 feet. When tho structure in -completed Times Square, ones fringed by one or two story frame border of tall . . buildings, 1 will hare . - buildings. According to tho plane filed with the Manhattan Bureau of Buildings the motion-picture -corporation will make a total investment of $13,500,000 to improve tha site: - Work of raxing West-over Court, a bachelor residence built by the Actor estate, win start on Jnno 1, but tho demolition of tho Putman Building ia not scheduled to get under way until October 1. ' Designed fey Chicago Men ' The architect! of tha new building wen C. W. and George I Rapp of Chicago, designen of several Chicago lavhouses, and they were aided by R. all A Co., engineers, who have rep-Players -Lathy in con- resented Famous traction of Ha chain of theatres throughout tha country. Coast roction will be by tho Thompeon-Starrett Company. 1 The plana for tha akvaonper call for a tower tin stories high aad set into tha face of it will bo the largest office building dock in New York. Tho dock will span three stories and a set of cfaimea, east ia Europe, will be Installed to sound tho tuna over 1 tho Time Square district just as the bells of tha Metropolitan Tower do over Madison Square. It ia planned to have stores on tha ground floor of tho structure, and to (tarots three floors to tho executive and other offices of tho Famous Flayen-Latky enterprises. Part of tho Paramount Building, whieh ia the name assigned to H by the MBS Broadway Corporation, owned by the corporation, will ba a: motion pic ture theatre, lavishly decorated and The designs for the having 4,000 seats. theatre, also to ba called Paramount, wer drawn after a three-year study 4f playhouses. Tho maia entrance to tho theatrs will ba in Broadway, but there will ba a carriage entrance hi 4ITh Street: A promenade around tha upper part of the theatre, reached by high-speed elevators, will ba a unique feature of tho playhouse. It was said to ha tha first effort at thia Coatiaeatal fixture lu the country. Thelafi also rail for a radio broad-easting alathm to put tlw theatre's musical program! ea tho airi a nursery for children aad tea and rest rooms far their mothrr. A block of seats TIMES Dam Docter FRIDAY la the cambllai hauali Beach has gives MaeDONALD' Frank Botxage, has ' ' combined real scenes taken in the Monagaaqua capital-with, studio reproduction of Monaco life.. Blade from photographs. The gambling rooms, the dance halla, .'suicide terrace aad other well known potn in Monta Chrlo all are shown with realintie fidelity-' 'The . Lady' 1 was - adapted to the screen from the famous stage play .by Martin . Brown. . Much of tha - action takes plaea in tha year 1900 and the gowue worn by tha chorus girls -and the fashionable womru seen in The Lady, were all designed from photographs taken in 1900.-,' The picture ii proving praticulerly interesting to- fathers and - mothers who remember back 20 Yean, as well as to the flapper and ehieks of 1924. The Lady la a First National attraction produced - by Joseph M Hfhrnck. The east include Wallace MacDonald, Norma's leading' man; Alt Gouiding,'. Brandon Hunt, Emily Fits- - - roy, ' Georgs Haekathorne, ' Walter P"ciim today Long, Mare MaeDermott, Dorris Lloyd, John Fox Jr., Paulette Duval, Edwin HubbelL Loro Bara, John . Herd man, Margaret - Bed don, Miles MeCarthey and Charles OMalley. on the mezzanine floor will be sold on reeervo tickets, ' further : departure from' the present policy of motion picture houses. To Have Prtvaft Theatre A private theatre win be - another point in tha building, t$ia being used to rehearse and test programs before presentation. On. tha stage of the Paramount Theatre itself water tank are called for, and, according to representatives pf the corporation, ice ballets will be staged in connection with pictures calling for that scenic treatment. A feature of the buDding, apart from the theatre, will ba a huge lobb: ibbj opening off tha Broadway entrance. . The lobby will be finished In marble and bronze, with unusual lighting effects. It win ba 109 feet long, 47 feet wide and will reach, upward for five stories, liko aa Interior court. Tho general effect of tho lobby will bo similar to that of tho Pari Opera. A motion pietura Hall of Fame will bo in the building, and will contain mementoes of famous cinema etara. Through document audi films the history of tho motion pietura will be shown. Tho netore and actresses and tha historical material to go iato tha film Hall of Famo will ba chosen on ystem after tho methods am-in filling niches in. tha Hall of me at New York University campus. DOCTOR URGES BAN ON RUM MEDICINES Atlantia City. Efforts to enforce Prohibition will ho ineffectual so long aa no effeort is made to suppress tha sale of pateqt medicines designed to furnish a thirsty public with bever age of alcoholic content. Dr. Arthur JT C! Cramp, Chios o, director American Medical Association bureau af investigation, informed delegate h ere yesterday. DIPLOMACY AT NEWPORT Newport- Newport may ba the Summer headquarters for Italian, Austrian, Russian and German Embassies. D FLESH THE HAMILTON TODAY TO THURSDAY THE BANDOLERO Remaacc ia sM Seville-black-eyed afaeiitaa, dariag pleaders aad aa satis, chief. AO tha glamor ef Spanish love, all the thrill efa real bullfight, with PEDRO CORDOBA and RENEE ADOREE ALSO BUSY BUDDIES". AND NEWS COMING FRIDAY FOR FOUR DAYS VIOLA DANA -IN- THE BEAUTY PRIZE ORPHEUM FILM Ramon Novarro and Barbara La Marr in Stirring Photoplay Doublr First Run Program for Tomorrow Tha Orpheum Theatre has a regular succession of Mg photoplay just now, with Kamnu. Novarro and. Barbara La Thy Name U Mare leading today in Woman. 'His lore' spurned by the'- exotie Gjie'rits (Barbara La Marr), Cap- Koderigo- ( Wallace . 5 fact Ion- :ld) inform ' ' the- Commandant e Robert Kdeann.) - of. tha' Hpaniali port in the Pyronrsa' (hat iluer-. itaa huslmnd. l'nlro the' Fox fWil-', lianv V. Moiig), Is a smuggler, :-'.A dashing young soldier of the ' post, Juan Ricqrrio " (Begum ' No-', varro), sho la 'hived by the Com- jnandante'a daughter, (Edith Rob-. ' ertal, ia .ordered to -vial Ouerita and bv jiassionatc ln4e'-making .id:' dues .here- to hetray - tha . biding.-place of her huabanda contraban-. . Forewarned of the purpose iif bta. . visit by- her husband, Ouerita al . ,. lows 1 Juad to make, love without -betraying her husband, but as hie :. . visits continue she grows to InYt -hipr and .he 1 become ', infatuated,-, with her. One dsv, confessing his -deceit to her.JUuerita is sq unselfish ' -Jn lier love for him that she plana to be't.ray the vinugglci. As IVdro sees what it happening, he confesaea in a freny to the L'opi- " ; mandantc. 'and to prove "Juan was .'unfaithful to hip trust, shows the . Cominrnndan'te. a piece, of lore.'- .' ' - .- Juan Induce Uuerita to flee with . him. '"... . ' Mora exeiting eitusliOn develop, all for the enjnynient of ell at the - Or- A special' added attraction today is a. two-reel animal drama, ami an-.Ar-. thur Stone Comedy and new .news round -out' tha bill. , . Tomorrow Is to be the' day for a double feature program of 'first run in Yonkers . plays. Carlyle Blackwell in Tha Beloved vagabond abd ltangcr Bill Miller in Guilty," Rubbing the Ruby will le the Lightning Comedy. . Mae Busch and Pat O'Malley will star in Bread"' on Thursday. ' ' ' Never so much in fine photoplays at o little coat to tha buyers of seals ia tho Orpheum motto, anti it seems to bo especially true, just now. v BANDOLERO 3 DAYS HAMILTON FEATURE The Christie Comedy of the program-entitled Busy Buddies and' has Neal Burns aa the fun leader. Viola Dana in Tha Beauty Prize will open nn engagement on Friday that will last through the holiday and until and Including Monday night. Lauretta Taylor in One Night in Roma has been booked for Tuesds Wednesday end .Thursday of next wee Tho Hamilton has the new show in town tonight, The Bandolero. Pedro' do Cordoba has tha title role of Dorando, tha Bandolero, or brigand rhief, who is a Spanish version of RoMa Hood. Ho has been driven to outlawry by his discovery that the Marques da Is Torre (Gustav von Seyf -fertitx) la making unwelcome love to hie wife, who ia killed in tho fight that follows. Dorando sends sendh hie daughter (Renee Adores) nway U be brought up by n servant. Then, aa tha ia nis i flrst step nape tho Marquees son 'Ramon (Manuel Grarado) whom ho hides away the mountains but not so far from his daughters retreat that the young persona do not meet and fall iu love with one another. Then tha hatred of tho fathers and tha love of their children work to a dramatic climax. Tha making of this picture by Mr. Terriaa and his company was almost aa exeiting in spots a the story they were depicting. Once, for instance, Mr. Terris was surrounded by a herd of bulla ha waa looking over in order to find a good one fur tlw bullfight which ia on of the important episodes. Every on else ran when tlw bulla got curious, but Mr. Terriaa stood ton still, and let them sniff at him until reinforcements arrived and drove tha bulls away. Manuel Cranado, a young Argentine, makes hie screen debut in Tlw Band-olero. Mr. Terriaa, who personally elected him for the juvenile lead, has aid that ha believe Mr. Uranado is HEVER SO MUCH AT SEAT PRICES SO SHAM. BIG BILLS THIS WEEK Today, Ramon Novarro and Barbara La Marr THY NAME IS WOMAN Tomorrow, The Vagabond and Guilty Thursday, Mae Busch in Bread ALL THESE AT ' THE ORPHEUM - (NO INCREASE IN USUAL PRICES) THE BROADWAY Also The Grief of Bagdad" HOPE HAMPTON FASHION REEL ORPHEUM TIDAY SECOND OF BIO WEEK BILLS Ramon , Novarro and Barbara La Marr Thy Name Is Woman Also Tws-Act Animal Drama aad Arthur Stea Caned y TOMORROW Both Features Fret Rua la Yankees CARLYLE BLACKWELL ia "THE BELOVED VAGABOND ad RANGER BILL MILLER ia GUILTY, A 1m Lightning Comtdy. k REC0IL TO FOLLOW RqUGHNFCK., STRAND Miss Ottilie Christman.. 31 Cowles Avenue, you the Chevrolet auto, disposed of at the Strand Theatre last night, the number of the seat ticket coupon was B293. Tha playhouse was crowded last night when Manager Georgr Walsh- called a little girl from the auditorium lo'.pirk 10. coufras.' from the box, the 10th .one to have tha name and address of the winner. "The Yonkers Motor ComHMiyr presented this cat to the Strand for disposal in this way and turned I lie car out of the lobby end' into Miss.- Christman's possession today;.-'.. 'v .... v. v-: Ths crowded house 'at the-Strand hut night also enjoyed seeing the new Robert TV. Service play; The Roughneck." tarring George O'Brien, and ' Billie Dove,-with Harry Tv Morey also. in. tha ent. "Tha . Roughneck is tho . story ' of a man who had been abandoned in in-ncy through the machinations of an evil admirer of ' hie mother and who in hi early manhood became a fugitive, from' justice ss result of a prizefight iu which he participated' to right- a wrong and not only defeated hit opponent. but.'-according to the police, killed him with a fist blow. Upon the advice of hi lifc-lung protector, '' a Frisro dock clerk, the young man became stoMswsy nn an Outgoing ship nd thus, after many', most thrilling adventures. landed pn Txliiti. where- he became a principal' in one of the most remarkable' love affair ever .filmed, .It if said. ' - Tomorrow-1 will -bethe first ;of-Re- eoir day at Mbs Kt rand.' , There will he three of them and it. . in expected that Ttrx Beach, the popular' ' author, who with his family 'is a. frequent visitor at the Yonkers- Strand, will, lie among those present one of the nights of-the showings '-of his new 'picture here. .. '' ' - Direeto Read took hi company to Franre to film the sequences in the locations where the action is supposed to take place.' lie engaged T. llayos Hunter to direct the picture anil 'Betty Blythe and Mahlnn Hamilton tn play the leading roles. Other parte are played - by ('lire ' llrqok, Fred Paul and Ernest Hilliard. : ; Soma of tlie thiwt important scenes were photographed at Deauville, the famous- French bathing resort; others at the Casino and Monte Carlo and yet nt hem in Paris. .The entire, picture was made abroad. The story is a njelodrama filled with stirring art ion.- Gordon Kent, a modern Croesus, wm mads his fortune in South Amrrifa, falls in love at ))eau-ville with a"jiennileiH American -girl who lives by her wit. They are married after i whirlwind courtship.- I'n-happiness. rcHiilta and the woman soon leaves him for Marrlmiont, ill reality famous crook who lmd been follow.-ing her almut. Kent decrees that the two ahall live together forever and employs hia great wealth to see that his orders are carried, nut. It turns out that tho girl's Imsland ia not dead as lie. has aiipmaed, but is living ini New York. 1 . 1 The last night of Ileeoil will stage another Beauty Context. - These' trials fw Atlantic City are attracting more competitors weekly, all knowing that they have a ehanee to compete not only in the early ones, hut in the later June and July, contest if they dont win nut in May and early June. Elinor Glyna latest, Man and Maid" will come to the Strand on Saturday for tho holidays and until and including Tuesday. Tonight the -Strand will have last showings of "The Roughneck and of I jury demon 4 new one, Tho Dome Doctor. The tomorrow to Friday comedy will he a Mack Bennett, The Lion's Whiskers." Q. What are prop ia motion pietura etudiosT' A. Propel This little word, shouted out fluently during tha making (of pietura bewilders several t'.udlo visitors and they ask: Who is thia men, Irops'!" ' They were informed that propa' wai an abbreviation of the term properties which designate all things used for, by, with, and around tba acton who make up a Irene for a motion picture. Properties ere divided into three group decorative, hand and action at the beginning of a career ia pictures. Others in (he east ere Gordon Begg, Dorothy Ruth, Arthur Donaldson, Maria Valray and Jose Rued. It I a Mctro-Guldwyu picture. Mr. Terries wrote tlw adeition from Paul C Wynne's famous novel. TODAY TO THURSDAY NORMA TALMADGE In The Lady standards Every New York Central man takes , pride in his pail in main- taining the high standards of public service set by. this railroad. :It is the loyalty, intelligence and 'enthusiasm, and, often the self-'. sacrifice ;of . the rank arid file of i: New York Central men that have made possiblethe Century, the Empire, the Southwestern Limited and hundreds of other, : passenger and freight, and: mail and express trains that move every . day over these lines. Dependable service, day after day, year, after year, on thousands of miles rif lines serving your community and more than 2,000 others is the achievement 'of men who are' proud to tie members of the New York Central organization. . " " " props.' AH articles used to enhance the beauty of a scene or to givd it rhararler, such vases, statuary, pie- first tures and tha like .come under tlw head. It i difficult to draw a. sharp line of demarcation between set drawing and decorative props but usually furniture, jianging and draperies 1 reqnired to completely furnish lfc An- VxwiisiramTITliTTSr TO-DAY 1:30 TO U:U P. X. PROCTORS FEATURE PHOTOPLAY PETERS ip Tonr or tub r rm xxwa COM1MU THIOKDAT GUS EDWARDS 1925 SONG REVUE ritolXTIXO -THK rOUffTAlff or VODTH-wrm a uw nor or edwabdw rooritoi voxdeu Tumfo QassificflGori 19 in.todayja cf service 'O . ..'1 e come in the first category and smaller articles of decoration coma under tha second. When the interior of a drag store, drygoods slim or any type of shop, fe, is saloon, factory, pool room or liown, the hand prop departmapt ia 2 BIG SHOWS 1 ADMISSION VAUDEVILLE Frank Sinclair ASD Mildred KeatS I THE LITTLE COTTAGE" WITH CHFD ntXEBOBW XA1UOM HAMH.TOff A J.IM3IU Ainu EDDIE CLAYTON AXB V FRANK LENNIE nr a nmu iff 10x11011 CLARK & CROSBY rr BOR raDHOTAffD RENZETTA DU0 xoteltt nimia o" RHODES & WATSON A nrncAL mkxit IRMA, DALMUS and MILO A KTl'DT Iff AO carpenter -.r canenijso(k buildinggaraes ( frying 'floors yzsctxcn lnlwin3xnos , A-B-C GLASS IKIED! .SECTION t .!f j r I ' f ; "J i I il r i t; J T r

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